Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 1, 1952 · Page 10
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 10

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 10
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TEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Chest Elects Buchanan As Top Officer The board of directors of tile Cumberland Community Chest last night elected George L. Buchanan. Buchanan, who was general chairman of the 1951 drive, succeeds Earl C. Robertson, who had headed the Chest for two years. Lynn C. Lashley was elected vice president to succeed Clarence E. Gehr. James W. Bishop and Mrs. Emma Everstine were re-elected secretary and treasurer, respectively. In addition to the new officers, the nine-member executive committee will include Robertson, Frederic W. Eiler, Mrs. H. W. Eliason, Roy W. Eves and Henry C. Swear- In gen. Board members, under a new system of selection, determined the lengths of their terms by drawing jGta tiller tuc CicCtiGn. Three-year members are Mrs. Morris Barnes, WiHiam H. Buchholtz, Edward L. Ewald and Henry S. Swearingen, Directors for two years are Buchanan, Lashley, Bishop and Edgar D. Vandegrifr. One-year members are Mrs. H. W. Eliason, Roy W. Eves, L. Leslie Helmer and Robertson. The 12-tnember board was elected last week at the annual meeting and 25th anniversary celebration of the Chest. Under the new board system, terms of four directors will expire each year. The vacancies will be filled in the annual election. TheyH Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo CHILDREN TROUBLE FTER TWERRST BY ARRIVES, THE KN0W-IT-v4LL , A LITTLE BKCTWEK |sT TO PLAY /IDWSE IHAT HE H-4VE A BROTHER OR SISTER FOR COMBW PURIN6 MIS H/APPX CHILDHOOD 04/5 — NOW WO OF THEM /KCMRUNNIM6 WR <5OiN6 ON ALL THE TIME. 'TIP OF WE HAT TO 1529 TOfffiWNCE. Pupils Gassed On School Bus HAVEE DE GRACE, OP) — Six children were treated for nausea and headaches at Harford Memorial Hospital here yesterday after a leaky exhaust pipe in a school bus had subjected them to carbon monoxide fumes. They were released after treatment, hospital officials said. The bus was taking the Harford County children to the negro consolidated school at Hickory in Harford County. When the children began showing signs of illness, Driver Stanford Hill, of Bel Air, stopped the bus on Route 135'about a quarter of a mile from Creswell and summoned State Police. About 12 children showed some signs of illness, but only six were ill enough to require hospital treatment. . Wrong-Way Book Browsers Legion LINCOLN, Neb.— (IP) —Are you one of those library browsers who picks up a book or magazine and leaf through it—from back to front? If you are, you're not alone. Frank A. Lundy, director of the University of Nebraska libraries, says a surprising number of people do it. Lundy says he used to try to figure out what was wrong with people who look through books and magazines backwards. "And then," he explains, "I found myself doing it and so I decided that the trouble could be with the publications and not the readers." Lundy wonders if some enterprising publisher might not do well to produce a book or magazine whose beginning is where the end usually is. Near Venezuela's Caroni River is an. open mine, begun sending Tjnited States. El Pao, which has iron ore to the SEE ... MOSKIN'S FOR ... CLOTHING ON ... CREDIT 82 BALTIMORE ST. Mary Hatvorth*s Mail LOOK TO 18 N. Centre Street FOR SPRING GOATS & DRESSES Editor's Note: Mother of three sons, college graduates, asks how they can meet serious young women. DEAR MARY HAWORTH: I am the mother of three sons, all college graduates—two doing postgraduate studies, one serving in the armed forces. And I wish you would list a few co-ed social organizations where serious young men could meet serious young women. "Up to this time, such young ladies as my sons have met seem to fall into two categories: 1. Those who wish to be swept off their feet by infatuation, and courted and married in about three months, by some gay blade of great wit, who knows all the answers, and all the best spots in town. 2. The other type is the prideful career woman, who proclaims her competence and independence at first meeting, as if to say "I am not in need of a mate to take care of me." Is it any wonder that serious minded ambitious young men become discouraged; or that our divorce courts are overcrowded? Is it any wonder there are so many frustrated old women snapping at us in the business world? Apparently young women have lost their sense of values. A man who is serious mindea enough to want to provide weil for his family, and to be a pal to only one woman, his wife, is a Godgiven gift. Thank God I have such a husband; and he was serious minded as a boy of 16, and has been through the years. I would appreciate your comment on the modern phenomenon I have described. C. B. Pride In Sons Has Been Hurt DEAR C. B.: Another way to classify these young ladies of whom you disapprove would be to say: 1. Those who buoyantly expect a lot of quality in their beaux—charm, gaiety, savoir faire, a disposition to love and be loved, and a readiness to marry, if the notion strikes. 2. Tnose who get a kick out of their work, and are vividly self- reliant in the first flush of Job- success; and who think to themselves, when your sons approach "Surely I can do better than that." It is my surmise that you are ventilating offended pride, thinly disguised, in making a case against all the sought-after girls your sons have met—and failed to interest. I gather you are stung by the unexpected discovery that you don't have to stand guard to help your boys cope with predatory battalions of attractive, mate-seeking females. It strikes me that your sons are pretty dull company, from the viewpoint of the selective young modern. Since you ask my comment, I am sorry to say that it's probably your overly protective influence that causes your boys .to be social duds, elbowed aside by the happy people. No doubt they are earnest, passive, self-deprecating fellows up to now, committed to study or other introspective routine—a carry-over from childhood habit of being no trouble to you. The fact that you are trying to give them, in adult age, a road map of sorts to use in hunting a suitable wife, indicates that you are still doing the backseat driving of their life; and males thus throttled have no charm for spirited girls. Rather, they are .vaguely embarrassed by (and for) them. Time To Treat. Sony As Adults In effect you are charging modern young women with -having "lost their sense of values" simply because they don't care for your sons —don't pay them attention, don't appreciate their single-track minds && you do, etc. Judging by the college-age and working girls I know, there is little foundation in fact for your implication (or assumption) that the modern miss is for the most part either career-mad or romance-crazy. In the main they are sensible, wholesome and adaptive in their approach to life and boy-girl relationships, seeking true lover partnership rather than pampering. But in the dating situation they tend to wear frivolity like a mask at first—as a way oJ being friendly without waiving reserve. By the law of averages, there are always a few headaches around; but they don't personify the good majority, the Grade-A girls whom your sons would like to court. Where to find them? They are everywhere; but it is axiomatic that water seeks its own level, and birds of a feather flock together. My advice is, mentally release your sons and let them do their own mate-finding. M. H. (Copyright, by the Washington Post) (Distributed by King Features Syndicate) In 1951 Carroll County, Ky., had its first ouiJoor fair in 30 years. CURLS CAMERA SHOP 20 N. Centre St. U. S. Imports Goods From Delhi Airports NEW DELHI — OT — The Tjnited States was tne largest importer of goods from the Delhi airports during: October-November. Out of a total export of 4179,000, America's share totaled about 32 per cent, with Japan and the Tjnited Kingdom ranking next. America mostly obtained through)I Delhi living animals, textiles, ivory j| manufactures and boots while it sent agricultural tractor parts, drugs and medicines, .wearing apparel and radio tubes. Early Bird Special 100 HATS FIELD'S 67 Baltimore St. APPLIANCE DEALERS! You Are Cordially Invited To The LINCOLN SALES GIANT 1952 APPLIANCE CARNIVAL featuring the famoui NORGE HOME APPLIANCES AMERICAN ALL STEEL KITCHENS Hallieraflert RADIO and TV MITCHELL ROOM AtK CONDITIONERS EVANS HOME HEATERS Sun. Feb. 3 — 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. Men, F«b. 4 — TO A.M. to 9 P.M. Tu». Feb. 5 — 10 A.M. to 9 P.M. Regardless of tHa brands you are now selling, it will pay you to seo this showing. Buffet luncheon and Supper. R, S. V. P. LINCOLN SALES Corp. 1307 SI. Paul Street Baltimore 2, Md. Write Your Own Checks As You Need T'icni. Open A Special Checking Account YOU BUY 15 CHECKS FOR No Charst tor Dcpastta No .Minimum Balance RcQulrcA The Commercial Savings Bank City Hall Sq. — Cumberland, Md. Member Fed. Deposit Insurance Corp. 1.00 Remember that your foot comfort is dependent on the shape of ycur feet and not on the size of your imagination. "four fe«t will be fitted RIGHT in SHOES FOR WOMEN aAtiroof fdCiDOM HI TOBB SHOU TAKE YOUR FOOT TROUBLES TO YOUR FOOT DOCTOR, BRING YOUR SHOE TROUBLES TO US 61 BALTIMORE ST. ANN PAGE TOMATO KETCHUP 2 £T 39c ANN PAGE GRAPE JAM 2 'fr 49c ANN PAGE SALAD DRESSING 49c ot. Jar ANN PAGE SPARKLE PUDDINGS White Hous* Evaporated Milk 95c Mutiny Colored Oleo Golden Quartftr 2 '» 43c DEXO VEGETABLE Shortening ........... 3 u>. «n 83c ANN PAGE Tomato Soup ...... 2 iovi-<«. cam 21c LUCKY LEAF Apple Sauce ...... 2 NO. 303 «™ 23c SUNNYFIEID Enriched Flour .... 10 "> ^ 75c SPARKLE Gelatin Desserts 25c SULTANA Peanut Butter ....... 24 «. \<« 57c OUR OWN Tea Bags pkg. of 100 bagi 78C Ched-O-Bit Cheese Food 97c Jane Parker Potato Chips \ £. 59c IONA Tomato Juice 46 «• « n 27c ANN PAGE Spaghetti T 7 m ™*. 2 «*•«- «™ 25c SUUANA Butter Beans NO 2 con I5c IONA Sweet Peas .... , No. 303 can J.2C ANN PAGE Elbow Macaroni 2 ">• 35c IONA YELLOW CLING Sliced Peachep •• NO. 2"j con 3ic SPAM, PREM or 7REET Lunch Meat 12 <>*• «•* 48c Jana Porker Blueberry Muffins 6 " 30c Mfld Creamy tonghorn Cheese ib. 57c Jane Porker Pecan Rolls •*•• 29c Sharp Cheddar Cheese <b 63c Jane Parker MJIfc Choc. Combination Layer Cake «. 59c Broch'i Heart* and Darts Candy "- 29c Jane Parker Glazed - Round Donuts «« 29c Campfrre Marshmailows ib. pk g . 32c Fancv Freslt Produce FRESH Roasted Peanuts *• 39c 29c IB. 29c 2 - 29c t«k. 5c 8 <b. b= g 45c b03 55c FANCY Calif. Carrots 2 FRESH Green Peas ICEBERG Head Lettuce . RED BUTTON Radishes FLORIDA Oranges FLORIDA Grapefruit 8 FRESH Green Peppers «* 39c Super Right Meats FRESH Frying Chickens * 63c RIB E?;o Pork Loin Roast »> 39c READY-TO-EAT M^imC — WKoiV or Sha.ik Hoff . . R ff O •••J SKINIESS Werners ° r sha.-t H ° !f ........ '". 59c * 69c '". 97c ° r Hn!f S - A ...... *• 37c SUNNYFIEID Sliced Bacon ..... .... ...... <*. 49c SIRLOIN Steak SlftB Bacon - PENN BEST Turkeys ">• 65c Satur the Last »l trade-in our VJ-

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