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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California • Page 14

Valley Times from North Hollywood, California • Page 14

Valley Timesi
North Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Extracted Article Text (OCR)

14 Aug. 10, 1962 Valley Time TODAY i i isSTi TV FOR TODAY AND TOMOIUIOW 1 v- (warniMm iisi KLAC. mi Kfl. KMPC. Ill ABIC.


130i KALI, I4M, KBLA. Kill KPOL, 1941; KDAY. ISM; KIEV. 171. TO HAYS IHLST BETS BIG Block Cottoo ond FHforoR Jaz, 4.00 o.rtu KGBS Overfuro.

4 tm; IG Conte mporo'V Potftrns, 44 m. KHJ Wolter 0'Kft 12. IS to 3 KGBS Corovon, 3 .7 m.t Koledesrapo, 4 3D o.m., Mon. thru FrL; KGIL Volley Vorltnti hl to 12 noon; KGBS Matinee, 3 m.i KGBS Stoeedoor, to om i POL Commuters Carousel, to 4 P.m; KGAC Interlude in Stereo, 1 to m.j KBIG Swmt Softly Mil Sundown, 7:04 p.m.; KLAC Jackson Whooler, ID P.m. SPOUTS MAVS KABC Honk Weovor, S-4S pm.

KMPC Bob Kelley, 4 pm; KRKD Roc Results, 4 p.m. i KNX Tom Harmon 4 3D p.m. KWKW All Oodter Games in spar sfi with Jo Goroa. (P'S Allen Rich P' I Space Reporters Latest TV Breed TV-RADIO EDITOR a This modern age has spawned a new breed of television newsmen. These prefer to be known as acro-snace correspondent, according to Roy Neal who was NBC News anchorman at Cape Canaveral for the orbit of Astronaut John Glenn Jr.

and has been covering space developments at" the Cape for his networks news department for the past four years. He is also host-producer of KRCAs very interesting Survey in Space show, which is seen every fourth Monday from 7:30 to 8. Neal, as facile of speech as he is knowledgeable, is a reformed baseball announcer. I used to do the play-by-Dlav of the old Philadelphia Athletics and Phillies games back in the 1940s and if DISC KEYS KNXT (2) KRCA (4) KTLA (5) KABC (7) KHJ (9) KTTV(ll) KCOP (13) (C) Indicates Color Indicates Movie Title A Paid Advertisement FRIDAY Time Ch Show 3:00 2 Secret Storm 4 Hoover Birthday 5 Make-Up Tips 7 Queen fora Day 11 Gallant Bess" 13 Felix the Cat 5 Dorothy Gardiner 2 Edge of Night 4 Highway Holiday 5 Skipper Frank 7 Who Do You Trust? i 2 Amos Andy 4 Lady on aTrain 7 American Bandstand 9 Birthday Express 2 The Life of Riley 9 Uncle Johnny 4:30 7 Newsstand 4:33 11 Myron Bennett KGBS Duko Norton, 4 m.4 John Fritz, 4 m. i m.

Duke Norton, ID c.m.-U noon; John FreiU, 12 noon-2 Bill Barnard, 2 -4 m. KMPC Dick WhittmthiU, 4 to ID a Ira Cook, 14 fl m. to 1 Roper Carroll, 1 to 3 p.m.; Johnny Grant, 3 to 4 Jerry Dexter, 4 p.m. to 12 KLAC Ai lohman Jr 3:34 o.m. to a Stan Warwick, 9 a.m.

to II to 334 a.m. noon Ray Briem, 12 noon to Dick Whittington, I m. to 130 Carl Mclnhro, 4:13 am. to Red Mcilvame. 12 midnight KFW8 Gary Owens.

4 a m. to a Elliot Field, 9 m. to 12 noon; Joe Yokum, noon to 3 Gene Weed, 3 m. to 4 B. Mitchell Reed, m.

to 9 p.m Bobby Dole, 9 o.m. to 12 midnight; Roger Christian, 12 midnight to 4 o.m. KFI George Dvorak 3:13 to m.i David Starting, 2:13 to 14 Chuck Cecil, 14 o.m. to I m.i Bob Kerr, 1 to 3 p.m.; Chuck Cecil, 3 to p.m.; KFI Bandstond, 3 to 7 p.m.; Bill Haworth, to II p.m.; Lorry Chatterton, It to 1 M. KHJ Robert O.

Lewis, 430 to 19 u.m.; Lucky Pierre 14:13 a.m. to 12 noon; Waiter O'Keefe, 3:13 to 3 p.m. Perry Allen, 9:13 to i Mil Pout Compton, 4 34 to 14 John Fritz, 4 to 10 Duko Norton, 14 o.m. to 1 o.m.; John Fritz, I p.m. to p.m.; Bill Barnord, 9 p.m.

to 7 KBLA Jim Amecho, 1 p.m.4 p.m.; Fred May, 4 p.nvll p.m. KNX Bob Crane, 4 to 10 o.m. you know the As and Phillies you will understand why I had to turn to something else in self defense," he quipped. HOW DOES one get to be a space correspondent?" I wanted to know. TJie first requisite, explained Neal, is an interest too, have one characteristic in common they are intensely masculine.

I hated to leave the fascinating world of launching pads, missiles and astronauts, but like all of the new breed of aero-space correspondents Neal never lights for very long in one place and I am grateful MAYS 5:0 KFI, KABC, KNX On th hour KHJ On the hour and half hour, with f0 mmute weekday afternoon final at 4 KMPC, KLAC, KFWB On the hour and haf hour EM TODAY 'RAWHIDE iiv the subject. Most begin asor the time was t0 reporters. Those aspiring to me. 2 Night of Jan. 16 5 Popeye Cartoons 7 Love That Bob! 1 1 Superman 13 Thaxtons Hop 7 Soupy Salts 9 Lone Ranger 11 Casper 4 News Almanac 4 Jack Latham (C) 5 Bozo the Clown 7 News, Gigi Perreau, center, and Aenes Moorrhead express thanks to Clint Eastwood after he helps them save the money with which they plan to build a church on Rawhide, Friday at 7:30 p.m.

over Ch. 2, 5:30 5:53 4:00 KPFK, 0 KVFM, 4); KRHM, f4 KFMU. 7.1; KDUO, 7 KNOB, 4, KCBH 1.7; KDWC, 4.3; KHOF, 9 KMLA, 100 3, KUTE, 101., KGLA. 113 S. KBAC.

I05.1r KGMS, 105; KBIQ. 104 1 KHOF The Quiet Time, noon, KBMS Luncheo. Musical. I am; KHOF Request Hour, 7 KBMS Showcase serenade, 9 pm; KFAC-Musual Master Pieces, 4 p.m.; KMLA Award Showcase, 4 KPFK Children Hour, 5 p.m.; KRHM Strictly from Dixie, 5 p.m..; KHOF Twilight Melodies, KPFK Readings or Humor, 4 p.m.; KNOB Dinner Jazr, 4 P.m.; KVFM Smatro at Seven, 7 p.m.; KHOF Family Bible Hour, "HRM Les Ctoypooi Show, I KPFK Feature Show, I KMLA Faraway Places, I p.m.; KHOF Starlight Rhapsody, 9 p.m.; KRHN This Is Steve Allen, 9 p.m; KNOB-BaMads and Blues. 14 KBMS-Serenodo in thp Night, 11 p.m KPFK Modern Jarr, 10-30 p.m.; KBCA Jazz, 11 M.

FD NOTE: The following AM stofions also broadcast over FM KFAC, (97.3) KNX (93 I). KPOL (97.3), KABC (95 5). KRKD (6 3). KHJ (101.1), KHOF features religious erogrammlng and KNOB lazz, KBCA (104) oil classical. (Ed.

Note: Roy Neals next Survey in Space" program will be seen over Ch. 4 on Sept. 3 at 7:30 p.m.) 12:43 2 TimeOut for Sports 12:33 11 Baseball: Dodgers vs. Giants 2 Political Primer 4 They Made Me a Criminal 13 Bowling 9 News 2 L.A. Report 13 "So Soon to Die 2 Teen-Age Trials 5 Captain Fury 9 Jamaica Run 2 Girl from Scotland Yard 4 KRCA Playhouse Dodgers On Air; Beauty Special RICHS DAILY DOUBLE: Dodgers ond San Francisco Giants in first of a three-gome series from Candlestick Park.

Vince Scully and Jerry Doggett do the play by play commencing at 8:10 p.m. over Ch. 1 1 Purex continues its series of specials with a dramatized documentary concerning the American woman's attitude toward beauty and glamour, Ch. 4 at 9.30 m. dist Church.

Mr. Bouckou is survived by Beulah Bouckou, his Baxter Ward 9 News 11 Highway Patrol 13 News, Johns 4 Weather: Sports (C) 4 Huntley-Brinkley 7 News 13 Weather, Sports 9 Junior All Stars 2 Dunphy; Stratton 4 Curt Massey (C) 5 Clete Roberts 7 Hong Kong 11 Space Angel 13 Waterfront 6:33 11 Dick Tracy 6:43 4 Jack Latham (C) 11 News 4-Wh, plash 5 Dragnet 9 Science Fiction Theater 11 Deputy Dawg 13 Northwest Passage (C) 7:13 2 News 7:30 2 Rawhide 4 International Showtime 5 Beat The Odds 7 Margie 9 Riders to the Stars" 11 Best of Groucho 13 Cameo Theater (C) 7:30 11 Dodger Warmup 8:00 5 Speedway International 7 The Hathaways 1 1 DODGERS-GIANTS A Live NEXT WEEK, COLGATE THEATER: PEOPLE AGAINST OHARA TV 1st 8:30 2 Route 66 4 The Detectives 5 Thunder Over Arizona" 7 The Flintstones 13 Danger Is My Business (C) 9:00 7 77 Sunset Strip 9 Jamaica Run" (C) 13 Johnny Midnight 9:30 2 Father of the Bride 4 Special for Women (Special) 13-Call Mr. D. 10.00 2 Twilight Zone 5 Clete Roberts 7 Target: TheCorruptors 13 Mike Hammer 10:30 2 Eyewitness 4 Chet Huntley 5 Steve Allen 13 Mike Stokey 10:43 11 Dodger Scoreboard 10:30 9 News 11:00 2 erry Dunphy 4 News (C) 5 News 7 News 11 News 11:10 7-News 9 Golf Tips 11:13 2 Wilson 4 Tonight (C) 9 ACTION WESTERN COPPER SKY 11:23 7 eather Report 11:30 7 San Francisco Beat 11 Paul Coates 12:00 5 FORREST TUCKER In THE LAST BANDIT 7 DAVID NIVEN Escapes On A BROKEN JOURNEY 11 Tom Duggan 13 Massacre at Sand Creek" 12:20 7 MYSTERY IN CUBA DICK POWELL THE ROOM 12:43 9 Down Three Dark Streets" 1:00 2 "Madame Racketeer" 4 One O'Clock Curtain 7 POWERFUL DRAMA DAVID NIVEN TINALE 1:30 11 "The Earl of Chicago 2:00 13 Meditation sister. Actor Buck Bucko Dies; Final Services Pending Services were pending to- so a member of the Metho-day for Rudolph Hunter Bouckou, a 7l-year-old character actor known as Buck Bucko, who died in Yakima, Monday.

Mr. Bouckou, Hollywood, began his career at Paramount Studios in 1921 and has had many character roles in film and television. His most recent appearance was on a Bonanza" television show. He was a life member of the Screen Extra's Guild, the Screen Actors Guild, and the Chuck Wagon Trailers organization. He was al- (V.illcy Times TODAY 817S2I NOT11E OE IRISH ES SA1.E T.O.

No. On Thursday. Aupust .10, 1W2. at 1100 AM, TIT I INSURANCE A NTT HOST COMPANY, as duly appointed Tuislee under and pui-suunt to Deed ol Trust dated feb. luuiy 6.

llol, executed by ED. WARD W. JENKINS and JANE L. JENKINS, husband and wile, and lecoiclid Mai eh 9, 11, book 11702. pape oil, of Oflieial Recouls in the otfice ol the County Re.

eurder ol I os Angeles Conntr, Califoiniu, MILE SELL AT PUB. IIC AUCTION TO HIGHEST BIDDER FOR CASH (payable at time of sale in law ml money of the United Slates) in the lobby of the mam entraiue of Title Iiisuiame Building, 4,13 South Spung Street, Los Angeles. Calduima, all right, title and intei est conveyed to find now In Id by it under said Deed of Trust Channel Chuckles Taylor Detectives Miss Stevens Route 66 Sullivan Twilight Zone Sports On Radio 2:30 2 News 2:33 2 Give Us This Day SATURDAY Morning, Afternoon 7:13 4 Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer" 7:20 2-Give Us This Day 7:25 2 News 7:30 2 On the Barrier Reef 7:43 11 The Christophers 8:00 9 Gardening Hints 11 Fugitive Sheriff 8:23 13 Waiting Churches 8:30 2 Sky King 4 Pip the Piper (C) 5 Design foi Learning 9 Movie (Spanish) 13 Sacred Heart 8:33 13 Lifeline 2 Captain Kangaroo 4 Shari Lewis (C) 5 The Savage Horde 7-William Tell 11 Navy Blue and Gold" 13 PANORAMA LATINO Special! ORIGINAL SPANISH REVUE Marilyn Monroe History 9:30 4 King Leonardo (C) 2 Alvin 4 Fury 7 Movies 10:30 2 Mighty Mouse 4 Make Room for Daddy 5 Make Haste to Live 9 One Minute to Zero" 11:00 2 Allakazam 4 Mr. Wizard 11 TimeOut for Beauty 13 Vaneaades 11:30 2 Roy Rogers 4 A Dispatch from Reuters" 11 Susie 12:00 2-Sky King 5 JubileeTrail 7 Bugs Bunny 9 Jamaica Run (C) 11 Topper 13-TV Hour of Stars 12:23 1 1 DODGER DUGOUT Pres. By Glendale Fed.

Savings 12:30 2-News 7 Movies 12:40 11 Dodger Warmup TODAY Angels: vs. Giants: Minnesuta p.m., KMPC Dodgers p.m Tomorrow Giants: Dodgers vs. the propeity situated County and State desmhod Those portions ot Lois 1)2 and U3 ol Ihe Hillhaten Tract, in the City of Los Angeles, as per map lecofded in Book 72, page. 48 and 41) of Maps, Ihe otiue of the Countv Her Older ol said County, desenbed as follows: Beginning at the ninth, east coiner of said Lot 12. lliei-cr North 75 41' West 17 54 feet on the northeily line of aid lot; theme South 88 10 West along noitheily line 73 23 feel to a point distant eastcilv tin icon 06 37 fer-t Horn Ihe noithwtsierlv coiner of said Lot 02' Ihence South 21 13 00" East 104 06 feet, mine or le-s.

lo in ang leioint in the southerly line of said Lot S3, thence North 56" 33' East 41 78 feet, on Ihe soulheasterlv line of said lot; theme North 12 17' East 73 08 ftet, along the easterly lines of Lots H3 and 82 to the point of beginning. Said sale will be made, but with, out covenant or wanantv, expiess nr implied, regarding title, possesion, ur encumbrances, to pay the leinammg pi mcipal sum of the note -ecured bv said Deed of Trust, to-wit: $1,558 80, with lnteieit from December 15, 1061, as in said note provided advances, if any, under Ihe terms of said Deed of Tiust, fees, rheigcs and expenses of the TiuMce and ot the trusts cieated by said Deed of Trust The benehefpry under said Deed of Tiust, by reason of a breath or default In the obligations secured thciebv, heietotore exeiuted and delivered to the undersigned a written Declaration of Default and Demand for Sale, and written dice of bleach and of election tn cause Ihe undersigned to sell said pinpertv to satisfy said obligation and thereafter on Apt II 27 Pin? Ihe umlpt signed laused said notice of briarh and of election to be lecnined in book M1000, page 907. of Hid Official Records. Du ted July 30 12 1 III ANrE AND TRLST COMPANY a Tni'tro. By DAfF DYKEMA. Secrelaiy August 2, 0 Ifi. )2 12:53 TVs killing me, Pete. The late movies beginning to run right into the early morning farm p.m., KFI. wyrk in this field should have a background of physical sciences and most of all a lively curiosity about what is to come. Following his baseball experience with the two drab Philadelphia teams Neals interest in science was frequent visits to the Franklin institute, a museum of the sciences, which is to WPTZ-TV where he was working at the time.

It was from that amateur start that Neal developed into a present-day space expert, although he denies that there are any real experts yet. THE SUBJECT is so complex that all you can do is study project by project. If you are in this field you have to do a tremendous amount of research and reading and youve got to do it every night in the week. In fact, so much so, that a catch phrase among space correspondents and scientists is Have you done your homework yet? That is often how they greet each other." The profession also calls for-a very great amount of traveling among the plants, installations and bases. Neal, generally on the road, was in town just for th day and I think this is the first interview he has granted in Hollywood if only for reasons of time.

WHATS IN store for TV viewers so far as space is concerned now that Telstar has proven successful? 1 asked. He said that sometime after January 1 Probes" (instrument packages) will be sent to the moon. The project, encompassing Rangers No. 6-7-8 and 9, will provide live TV back to earth. Well see closeups of the moon on our sets, trans mitted from 200 miles and closer.

The Surveyor will be next at bat after the Rangers; It Will land on the moon and send back live pictures of. the actual terrain, craters or whatever is to be found on the lunar surface Wjll Telstar be the ulti mate in world-wide televi sion? Probably not. Scientists are now working on the Syn com System. This provides for three semi permanent satellites being launched to fixed positions at 22,300 miles in such manner that they will always be in position to beam pictures anywhere. When will Syncom be ready? Soon.

WHATS THE difference between flying an aircraft and a space craft? Neal gave me the answer as told to him by Astronaut Walter Schirra, who will make the next orbital mission In Mercury Atlas No. 8 late this summer or early in the fall. Said Schirra On a space craft you have to learn to forget what you learned to do with your feet qn a normal plane." Ip his capacity Neal has met all of our astronauts I What manner of men are hey and what are the qualifications? 1 asked. Each," he began, has bud a minimum of 1500 botirs as a jet pilot and they 411 are test pilots. They iiCst have a college degree, jiKl a new requirement to fit long-range plans is they cannot be over 30 years fijJ, tCol.

Glenn is 42.) iIE ADDED from first lwnd observation that all fjven of our astronauts, and itussian Cosmonaut Titov, 7:30 P.M. MARGIE Ch. 7-When Nora and Harvey Clayton go out of town for a few days, Margie becomes the lady of the house. So she decides to throw a party. The results are not happy.

7:30 P.M. RAWHIDE Ch. 2-Rowdy Yates is unhorsed by a landslide, then accused of murdering a priest. 7:30 P.M. INTERNATIONAL SHOWTIME Ch.

4-Presents Circus From Germany, taped in Munich especially for this broadcast. 8:30 P.M. ROUTE 66 Ch. 2 Inger Stevens and Beulah Bondi are seen in the story of a matriarch who believes her sons young widow to be a conniving woman. 8:30 P.M.-TAYLORS DETECTIVES-Ch.

4-Detective Ballard is heckled by a fellow who says anyone can commit murder and get away with it." But we know better, dont we? 9:00 P.M.-77 SUNSET STRIP-Ch. 7-A spy group tries to draw a bead on a Navy electronic computer. Jeff Spencer will foil em. 10:00 P.M. TWILIGHT ZONE-Ch.

2-Franchot Tone, in the role of a millionaire, bets a young fellow (Liam Sullivan) $500,000 he cant remain silent for one year. 10:00 P.M. -TARGET THE CORRUPTORS CH. 7 Crusading newsman Paul Marino, appalled at the overcrowded conditions at a women's prison, is particularly concerned over the plight of a college girl, a first offender, who has been jailed on a robbery charge. 10:30 P.M.

EYEWITNESS Ch. 2 Special report on the life and times of Marilyn Monroe, including inter views with her close friends, 11:15 P.M. WILSON Ch. 2 Historical drama depicting the political and personal life of President Woodrow Wilson. Stars Alexander Knox, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Charles Coburn, Thomas Mitchell.

(Not respons'blo for lost-minut changes by th Motion! or sW Only morning nonstop jets to allrv Times TODAY) NOTH Ol IMI-MIH) SAIE Notre is heichy given that Ted Steneei, Vendor, whose address is 11115 Hartsnnk Street, Ninth Holh. wood in the City of Angeles, County ot Los Angeles, of California, intends to sell to Francis l.emm, Vendee, whose addless is 1011 Puleimn Drive, Santa Bar. bara, thp City of Santa Barbnia, Cnimtv or Santa Bathaia State of iHldornia the following described peisonal property, to-wlt-All stuik trade, fixtmes, equipment and good will of a reitaln Auto Farts business known os I1AC.0 BROS Atno FARTS and located at 1 1 050 Magnolia Boulevard, N'nilli ilollvwood, Ihe City of Los Angeles, County of Los An. golfs Slate nf Calilnrmn, and Hint sale tiansfer and assignment of the ame will be made and the lonsicieution theieinr will he paid on or alter Friday the 31st day of Auciivt 12 through Escrow No, nf the (iow depart inent of the Noith Hollywood Biniuh of eturitv Fird N.dionnl Hank at YiOl ankei slum Houle-vut Nut th Ilollvwood in the iitv of os Angelo Countv of Los An. fitdr of Crtlifm ma DAI LD Aueust fi 7 FD STENGFP ini HITY MUST NATION LnUr' BANK.

O. Itnv 16 North Hollywood filitomu, I srrow No. 1 7-4 5 Fuji Aug in Fa, I (Adley Times TOD AA I NOTH Ol lllssol 1 TIOV OF All I Nt IISIIIP rolhe is heieln guru (hat (he pattnorship hetelofoie existing be. lv ecu Be 111 l.p Si oil John Fear--on and Haiiiv Ilium lining bu-1-ites, undir hr linn name anil rule Ilf Prill ps( Kiln Co, at 10815 Van Owen stnet, Cllv of Ins Angeles, Mate nf Cahlni ma has been ril-nhed bv ifhe vltlutrawal nf) Be. ntilir Si nit John A Featson li mn tl tu ni the main igned will not he re.

-mm-ihle tor i ch Ids liabilities null" ilium lliiuilld nmt I said fun, uue or by am, pei eon or ni i. "ill I dual mg until i nrl nin name ulli th. if ile of dissolution Ihb 7th day of Augu-I, JOHN A PFARsrvr PEA Bit Pwb Aug 10, ol PETER GRAVES stars as American who ran stagecoach during Australia's 1850 gold rush.Tune in for action down under! Lv 9:00 AM PDT Ar 12:55 PMCST For reservations, see your Travel Agent or call MA 0-1810. In Long Beach, call.NE 8-0358; Van NuysBeverly Hills, ST 6-5950; Burbank, TH 5-7618; Pasadena, SY 5-5975. Orange County area, JE 4-7245.

Ticket offices: Biltmore Hotel; in Long Beach, 114 E. Ocean in Hollywood, 6203 Sunset Blvd. -A ax rtL2 NATI NAb AIRLINE OF THE STARS 2SILVERTONE Akh FRIDAY 7PIUIKRCA Shop at Sean and aave. Me iBcrifk at qaality pin ear CHANNEL.

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