Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1954 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1954
Page 24
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ALT(|)N EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 1954 fflfc »AI?lt THE RftRKYS IAOT65 , TU68V TRIPP BRiN&WG *3U THE WSISTAtfte WIU PftW TWE CUffttUK WO REV6AITM6 CORRECT SOLUTION I KNEW fD GET INVOLVED WELL, t Gl/BSfD RIGHT, ANYWAY CHRIS WELKIN, Ptatietetf OEE. UNCA DONAL0) LEFT HEI?E A By RUM WfnterboffiAm sro(?> TELL HIM By Carl Anderson MINUTE 5 LATE LETS HAVE" THE EXCUSE.. AND IT HAD... AAlNUtfeS LATE! I'LL TELL BOOTS AND HKR BUDDIES By Bdgar Martin CARNIVAL Bjy nick Turner Antwer io Previous Tree Tops ACROSS 1 Small tree 5 Tree-top home 9 Shade tree 12 German king 13 Medley 14 Born 15 Making a suit 5 Neither 6 Ran together 7 Function in trigonometry 8 Roman garments 9 Attractive MLV2AC MfVftVA I VVl i?Ke? e d° Ved "page 1 " 18 " 0 MrSdnT "&£* MOr-pan 22 Flowers swords 47 Regrets 24 Behave 24 Pla y in S cards 35 Dress 48 Meadow 27 Bows sllehtlv ^ Sleeveless 40 Pared a tree's mouse 29 Shin's garment fruit 50 Upon comnanv 26 Musical 43 Former 51 Stupor », ronrfi " instruments Siamese coin 52 Allowance ,4 ;„£:.„ 28 Sluggard 45 Denomina- for waste 36 Heroic poem 30Alway« lions 35 Meadow 37 Made amends THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrp. George Smith 1 •PICW<3N*' 38 Dotted (her.) 39 Rod for 41 Grams (ab.) 42 Wager 44 Ancient Greek city 46 Eating away 49 Respond 53 Trees shade Television you from this S4 Hobbyist 56 Observe 57 Toward the sheltered side 58 Large volume 59 Worm 60 Helen of K«y Chunnfli: KSO-TV (B)i HACK (14) KSTM (ail)! WTVI (84)' I "Delighted to have you folks! Matter of fact, I enjoyed the home-cooked meal myself!" By V. T. Hamliu Troy's mothef. WHV, OUR CHIEF, OF COURSE,.. Y ALL P\ YOU SEE.WE'ReACOMMUNim RIGHT, ' KNOW ALL ABOUT J AND 'lOU'RE AWFUL ...BUT WHY DO YOU W~ ilAa *fZ I** * — . . -»->—__h_ 1 J? J VOLJ...YOU'RE COOLA./ SORRY TC>U HAD TO t HAVE SUCH ORD6SS, A i!b.^.PP p 'S&RL I DO IT, BUT ORDERS/! ,OF QUIET, PEACF.-LNG ICAN VQ YOU LONG -NOSED , „ FRIEND, AN' THAT ARE ORDERS. /^ HY6NA? WHO GIVES CRITTER I HAULED MX) OFF OF IS HIS PET DINNY. * ' THEM TO YOU? OCR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOIl 1IOOPLE OUT OUIl >VAY By J. R. William • I'D LIKE TO DOMATE THl* FIDDLE TO ^ClEMCe, UMCLE AMOS/-— ;GAD,ALV!M/IDEAS IFF6CT6 ARE gLOOWIN6 TOO =AST FOR W FlMGERS TO KEEP PACE.'-~fHl6 OrtE IS A HORSE 6ALLOPIM6, MADE WITH ACTUAL 6HO&S/SIMPLY THIS PAD CHAM6ES A PAVE- TOA PASTURE OR CHIRPING, A f?U5iy 6ATS- AM' ALL 6TUFF/ VOD CAM TAKE IT APART IF.Y£>O aw***?* THAT'LL 6SJD-MV MUSIC CAREER f CIEMCE 6ALLOP6 FKECKIJCS AND IDS FRIENDS By Merrill RlosM> 1 WOM MP(? IM A BEFORE CONTEST L WAS AW IMPOVERISHED ST/ PATPR MB-TOUR. , so DECIDED TO POP OVER,SAV HELLO. AND Be OFF A JO6 AROUND. COUNTRY/ -i-. _ __ ^^—~x VYVOI HCK IN A T ar^^ 1 ? S£*J? I REBUS CONTEST, A_BiTOFALLR(eaTT I UMCLE . BOY/ yai LUCIUS/ CAPTAIN EASV By Leslie Turner ENOUGH,..IHORE 60 B;00 P. 6:13 P. 8:30 P 6:45 P 7:00 P, 7:30 P. 8:00 P. 8:30 P. 8:00 P. 9:30 P. 0:45 P. 10:00 P M—(Si Wrangleri Club (B4) Serial Theater M—(SI Duckeye Four (36) Sundown Ranch M.—(Si Sporlj View. Weather (54) Captain Video M—(9i INS Telenew« (301 Sports Review (S4| Movie Quick Quli M.—15) Arthur Murray (30) M. J. B. Newi (54) News; Sports M—(51 Dotlye Bennett (30) John Only (84) Morse & Jeff M.—(51 Eddie Fisher (30i Know Your Home (54) News M.—151 News Caravan (54) Perry Comn M—(5i I Married Joan MO) The Mask 1541 Amnk n' Andy M—I5i Burns and Allen (54) Jack Pnrr M.—<5i TV Theater (3fl> RlK Picture M.—(30i Wrestling (34) Dufly's Tavern M—I5i Boxing (54) Music Show M—(51 Four Questions M.—(51 Sports Spotlluhl M (5i I Led Three Lives (34) Movie Showcase 10:30 P M.—(Si Playhouse ot Stara 11:00 P. M.—I5) News 11:15 P. M.—IS) Medallion Theater 11:43 P, M.—(Si Feature film 1:20 A. M.—(5) Lester Morrla 1:30 A. M.—151—Weather THURSDAY (541 Morning Musical — 131 Dave Garrsway (54i Morning Show .—(Si Arthur Godfrey (54) Morning Movie —(5i Arthur Godfrey .—( S) Home -I5i Valiant Lady .—(Si Love ol Life — (5i Search lor Tomorrow —15> Guiding Light i— (5i To the Ladlea .—( 5) Garry Moore -i5i Strike IV Rich (54) Music Capers (541 Phono Quiz -(5i Home Making (541 Cares vs. Bravea -(Si Double or Nothing —(Si Kate Smith .—( 5) Bob Crosby — (5» Welcome Traveler! 8:35 A.M.— 7:00 A. M. 9:00 A. M. !):30 A. M 10:00 A. M. 11:00 A. M. U:1S A. M. 11:30 A. M. 11:45 A. M. 12:PO Noon 12:30 P. M. 1:00 P. M. 1:15 P. M. 1:30 P. M. 3:00 P M. 2:30 P M. 3:43 P. M. 3-00 P M (381 Ed Brown 3:30 P. M. —I5i House Party (38) Kay Morton 4:00 P. M.—(5) Music Vartetlea (3Ui Penny Wise snow (54) Diamond Dollars 4:30 P. M.—(31 Howfly Doody (361 TV Auction (541 Splce-O-Llfe 4:45 P. M.—(381 Westward Hoi Keds Have Seized 621 .lap Boats TOKYO If— A total of 621 Japanese fishing boats manned by 6,981 have been seized at sen since the end of \V«rld War II by Soviet Russia, South Korea, Communist China and Nationalist China, the newspaper Tokyo Shimbun reported today. The paper said 3=15 boats and 6,301 crewmen have been released or returned home. A divorced person cannot be married in the Church of England. 61 Gaiter DOWN 1 Cattle disease 2 Western state 3 Agitate 4 Cavities Coin Machine Firm Asks $340,000 in Suit CHICAGO IP— A coin machine distributor in St. Louis asks $340,000 damages from two Chicago manufacturcers he claims conspired to wreck his business by price cutting. Jack Rosenfeld and his J. Rosenfeld Co., St. Louis, filed suit in U. S. .District Court Monday for the damages. Named as defendants were the Bally Mfg. Co. and Lion Mfg. Co., Chicago; Amusement Supply Co., East St. Louis, 111., and seven officials of the two firms. Rosenfeld stated he contracted with the Bally firm t8 be the sole distributor of its amusement machines in southern Illinois, eastern Missouri and western Kentucky. The suit said the Bally company set up the Amusement Supply Co. and sold devices at lower prices. William C. Geiger, an official of the East St. Louis Firm, was among the seven .officials named. The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart r KSD (NBC) 850 KC .30 ,48 6 ,00 .» JO .49 7 .1* JO .41 « MI .11 3 9 (A .U JO .4* M M I ^ iM m 111 e fWI S iS 7 An i 8 AA M •jS .41 9 .M IS JO .« I 11 JS I • .4* .*» a^ nn 121 at Am 9AA i *w I rcews; sports Tonn. Ernie News Songs of Today News: Weather Sports Dally Morgan Beatty 3n\ Man's Family Walk a Mile SUdersleeve Groucho Marx Big Story McGee & Molly News Capitol Keys News Man on the Go Platter Parade News Platter Parade Midnight Melodies •l««_H«>i>KMHilV KXOK (ARC) 630 KC Ed Ronner News; Bonner Bill Stern Sports Digest News 1 one Ranger News i-Cltv Byline Vandercook Sammy Kaye News Airport Mystery Theater News Guest Star Music Hour News Stars Muilo Palmer House News: Sports Goodwill Top Tunes News WEW 770 KG Close of Day ' • Wednesday KFUO KMOX (CBS) ~ 850 KO 1180 KO Allan Jacksoa News; Hlnes Sports Reel Curt Massey Serenade News; Thomae Chorallers Bob Burnea Ed Murrow family Worship list Precinct Travelog Crime Classic* News Guest Book Open Bible Musio Mart Sunshine Sue News Record* Abide With Me KWK (MBS) 1SSO KO News: First Fiv* First Fiv* First Five Wild BUI Eddie Fischer Perry Como Root. Hurleigh Squad Room Frank Edwards Day* Allen Sport*; Allen News; Allen IT. N. New* WtL 1430 KO News; Record Record Report Sports Extra Chuck Normaa \ Newt; Bandstand News; Bandstand New*; Bandstand Bandstand Dawn Patrol New*; Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol 1 WOKZ 1570 KO News; Sports Artist of Day. Club 1570 News Club 157» Sign Off Thursday News Chapel I'lme & Tempoe Vews World News Weather; Tempos Timetable Vews World New* Sport* News rime A Tempo* Welcome Traveler Bob Hop* Break the Bank Strike It Rich Phrase That Pays Second Chance News: Weather Hour of ftsrs News •layhous* New* In Stores Pauline rr*d*rlrk* ludy It Jan* Uf* Beautiful Ro»d of Uff P«PP*r Voung Right to H*ppln*w 3*,cklt*g« Wit* Stella Dal!*i Widder Browa n My Home Plain Bill P*rr*ll •xirenxo Jontt jtorriq* P*7* Markets; Weather Practical Land Use Kentucky Jets Markets News; Breakfast Bruce Barrlngton Breakfast on 8:30 Breakfast Club frue Story Whispering Streets Slrl Marries Modern Romances Ub«race Coffee Break News Martha Lane Jack Berch Uartha Lane Bruce Barrtnggton fon« * O*no* France Laux Cards vs. Braves Ed Bonder News and Weather Concert New* and Weather Concert Sacred Heart News Melody Mafle News High Masa Symphony New* Melody luit for Women Si Louis News Concert New* rhe Common Good Vie Damon* Piano Portrait Sscred Heart Native in Ton* Progr»oi Cor Vou News atojnaota alastan U IIIM»»« ^ 9*V*«9«lf N*w» Ch*mb*r Musio "all Country Jr.; Market* Sunrise Salute Farm it Home Jr. News Weather Meditation World New* Hymns News: Rex D*y|* Music Reveille Weather Chapel Window Records News; Salute World News Clock Watcher New* Varieties World News Freedom Story Arthur Godfrey Market Basket Still Waters Theme* oi Age* Musio of Masters ' " Jrain Report Make Dp Your Mind Open Bible Rosemary Woman'* World Warren: New* New* Aunt Jenny • Concert Tim* Helen Trent 3ur Gal Sunday «inut* Uasterwork* \* w »; Davi* Bepos* ala (Perkins . , Or Malon* Market*. New* Ho«d of Utt Music Houf Ind Mrs. Burton Perry Mason Nor* Drake Brighter Par Ask M* AAOtkM Hilltop Hou«« ' M«rs»t« Uout* Pgrtv Hat* Wizard at Odd* News Curt H«y Penny Trio Quidiag Light Kitcteo Clul) (MdiBM cifcto ysftl Tom D*il*» New* Tom Dalley News; F Moegl* Ed Wilton: New* Cd Wilson Bandstcnd R*wt Recalllt *nd Win Curt Mas*ejr Cap Commentarf Queen (or a Dor Tom Dalley News; Wilion ' News; Wilspo firtt « B*vu* New*; Breakfast Club New*; Breakfast Club New*; Breakfast Club Gabriel Heatter Disc ft Data New* Disc If DaU New* Make Mln* Musio N»w* U»k* Win* Mud* N*w»; Other Sid* Other Sid,* News; Other Sid* ' " Nftra; 8*c«r4( News; Record* sla^ord fiflfue*. ^^^"^mm wwiww* New* Dwight Gordon New* Dwight Oordo*) News; Gordon OK bandstand News OK Band»t*nd New* Dwight Cordon Woman's Vl*w N»w* Market N*w* Blng Cro*by News Record Shop OK Ballroom New* " PK B^nrntnin news O*Q. Mart* M«w.

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