Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 1, 1952 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 7
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, BID., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1952 SEVEN The Worry Clinic By Dr. George W. Crane Editor's Halt: Do you know how to detect a 24-carat. pure sold, type o! husband versus the glided Imitation? You Can do thlj even during couruhip « you'll keep your wits about you. But don'l be deluded by his joclal etiquette and tianclog finesse. CASE C-359: Louise B., aged 22, is the talented secretary In » t?nk. She is seriously considering marriage, but has a number of worries that make hur hesitate. So she asked me a series of questions. For example, she wonders if men don't turn on a lot of extra showmanship and social salesmanship during the courtship. They do, and fio do the girls, too. She asks if husbands lose some of their gallantry a year or two based on a steady input of meat j and potatoes! Does he respect womanhood in general, in addition to you? Is he fair and a good sport? This includes giving you an adequate allowance or letting you have the whole pay check if you wish to run your home on a budget. Does he let you drive the automobile, realizing that you own half of it, as the home 50 per cent of your marriage corporation? Does he know the modern medico- psychological facts about marital technique so he satisfies you in this intimate realm? Does he like children? Dogs and cats? Or does he tease and torture after the wedding ceremony. They i W eak creatures? • Is he reasonably liberal in contributing to religious and moral causes? Does he attend church regularly? Will he be likely to equip you with Oh, they may still turn on their politeness when out in public, or •when they know people are looking en. Then they will again usher their bride into the right front seat of the car, after which they trot a- .round dutifully to the far side to slide behind the steering wheel. - But when they are alone, they realize that their wives are healthy, able-bodied women, so it is silly to indulge in such "play acting." Besides, women don't appreciate gallantry if they get too steady a diet thereof. And as long as their husbands can show off in public so that the neighbors see they have married cultured men, that is the main thing. 24-Carat Husbands It isn't the story-book gallantry which makes a 24-carat husband. Even the gilded imitations can show off during courtship. If you wish to pick a man who Is the real McCoy and who will keep you happy through your Golden Wedding Day, then consider these marks of a pure gold (24-carat) husband: Does he bring home a pay check regularly? Does he study on the side to improve his earning capacity? Remember, permanent love is Weather-Insured Pleasure-Insured ST. THOMAS, V. I.—(INS) —Something has been added to nhe certainty of death and taxes — the weathsr, of all things. Where? At the Virgin Isle Hotel, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. In co-operation with Lloyds of London, the Virgin Isle Hotel guarantees that if, on any day. the mean temperature as published by the U. S. Department of Commerce Weather Bureau Station, is less than 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the guest's room charge for that day will be waived. Famous for "firsts" in hotel history — special honeymoon and divorce rates, for example —the Virgin Isle is the first hotel to offer such a. weather- insured, pleasure-insured vacation. 'Assignment: America' loiva Young GOP Fights Old Guard, Both Realize Battle Looms In '52 (Reg. U. S. Pit. Off.) Br INEZ ROB8 CEDAR RAPIDS, la. (INS) — All, voter — in sufficient number — is conversations here begin with the|s oin S to support him. weather and wind up with the great I'm neutral. But I can report , in one thing: At least Republicans have Eggs, Prunes Are Abundant NEW YORK. — (INS) — Winter doesn't -discourage the Nation's hens, which lay increasing quantities of eggs during the cold weather, llius eggs pp. one of the features on the U. S. Department of Agriculture's list of plentiful foods for February. Other featured items on the February plentifuls list are nourishing dried prunes and appetizing honey. Another sweet and useful food on debate. Nor is the great debate "M shopped £houting .. lVa a shoo . in; this neck of the woods concerned j it's a walk-over, it's a cinch" — the with the puny issues of foreign' battle cries that have surely con-' the February list is raisins, produc-' policy or with mere domestic issues j trlbuted to defeat in previous led in abundance from last season's of this year of crisis. i el l c 5 on , S : . J record Bra P e cr °P- msil oran ^ es i ! elections. Whether "I like Ike" The debate is entirely concerned! about Taft," labor saving devices in your home,! j[ 'IVO Eci$'Y"S6WSl esDeciallv the kitchen and laundrv J especially the kitchen and laundry Does he apoligize after a quarrel Or does he pout and sulk? Does he have faith in you? Doe he pay you compliments with a fai degree of regularity? Does he have enough sense o humor to laugh occasionally at Joke on himself. (Don't expect thi too often, please!) Does he remember anniversarie and birthdays? Does he surprise yoi occasionally with an unexpectei gift? Or a movie date? Does he help you with the dishe or other housework? And do hi bit toward looking after the babies (Copyright by the Hopkins Syndicate Inc. Saigon In Indochina Has Large Air Travel SAIGON, Indochina— (IP) —Thi, capital city of Vietnam is handling lot of traffic by air. Almost every day, there are abou 500 plane passengers arriving and departing. Air freight handled about 400,000 pounds per week, exclusive of passenger baggage and airmail. CONTINUES Groups of DRESSES and HATS Price and Less! SUITS pflAio Dirniinni buAld KtUUCtD -u^ouv^wUT)' (j T ^ / *(. 6UH A^C-^v ot^fciX , v TWO main pattern pieces for Iress! Two main pattern pieces for ape! Mother, did you ever see such an adorable, outfit? Make this for a pring ensemble! Dress has another 'ersion with smart Peter Pan col- ar ,and embroidery. Pattern 4864: Children's Sizes 2, 6. 8, 10, Size 6 dress, 2 yards 35nch: cape, 1VS yards 54-Inch," Em- roidery transfer included. This pattern easy to use, simple o sew, is tested to fit. Has complete lustrated instructions. with the man who — will head the Republican ticket in the '52 election. Even the Democrats, who operate on a franchise in Iowa, get into the act since they operate on the old eight' ball theory that it will either be President .Truman in '52 or a candidate hand-picked by him. The debaters divide nearly into two categories: There is the "I like Ike" category and the "I'm daft about Taft" school. Semi-occasionally some one mentions Gov. Ear Warren for second placa on the Eisenhower ticket. But so far, the name Stassen has nofc intruded in the conversation. I have eavesdropped a lot, and it would not surprise me if what I have heard pretty,well forms a pattern for the do-or-die struggle within the Republican Party between the Eisenhower and Taft factions. At the moment, the intra-party tussle in Iowa boils down to a struggle between the old or rear guard faction of the party and the insurgent young Republicans. ("Young Republican" is used In or "I'm daft lov/a factions know that the party will have to fight every inch of the way in '52. - fc Shuck Promoted In National Guard its loose or colloquial meaning. As near as I can make out, it is any member of the party under ninety who believes in Santa Claus and the United Nations.) The old guard believes there is only one GOP and Bob Taft is its only prophet. It's daft about Taft and no foolin'. I lunched with one member of the old guard who declared that he and his kind would rather go down to defeat in '52 with Bob Taft than win with Gen. Eisenhower. Before such devotion, one can only bow her head and remove her atest Sally Victor hat in a moment <f silent tribute, not too much to VIr. Taft as to the old guard. At the moment, it is only fair to eport that the Taft lads seem sure f themselves. But the young Re iublicans like Ike. As impartial : political observer .as I have founc n this community tells me the Ike ospel is spreading like a prairie fire hrough the young and insurgent anks. "Some political commentators re ently have been unable to see an> isible ground swell for Eisenhower, 1 aid the impartial observer. "But liink it is really beginning here in owa. The young Republicans are etermined to wrest tn= reins from he old guard. The national party truggle is epitomized in the struggle ere." I think I caught a glimpse of lat ground swell at a. ladies' lunch- William E. Shuck, of La Vale, has been promoted from second to first lieutenant in the Maryland National Guard. Lt. Shuck is executive officer of Company C, First Battalion, of the 115th Infantry Regiment, which has headquarters in the State Armory. A veteran of World War II, Lt, Shuck was inducted into the Army in June, 1944, and was assigned to Camp Wheeler, Ga., for infantry basic training. He left for the European Theater in November of 1944 and was assigned as a replacement to the 90th Infantry Division of General .Patton's Third Army. During his year in European service, Lt. Shuck earned the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and three battle stars on his ETO Ribbon. He also was awarded the Combat Infantryman's Badge. When he was discharged at Camp Gordon, Ga., he held a staff sergeant's rating. In December, 1947, Shuck enlisted as a private in the local rifle company and served as rifleman, squad leader and platoon sergeant Before receiving his commission as weapons platoon leader. He was commisisoned January, 1950, as a second lieutenant. Send THIRTY cents in coins for On ;^ 0me , n , arc ^ u j tlniate his pattern to ANNE ADAMS, care f The Evening Times. 42 Pattern Dept.. 243 West 17th St., New York 1. N. Y. Print plainly NAME, ADRESS with ZONE, TYLE NUMBER. SIZE, and 'ire Drive MANILA, p. i.- rsenio Lacson. in a general clean- in this world, and that seems to hold true for Republican women as well as the other varieties. None of the Republican women at the luncheon were professional politicians but it was obvious that the girls had all put in a good bit of thought about the party problem. "We have to face the fact that we are a minority party," said one forthright woman. "We now repre- P drive to rid Manila of v , CCi .scnt only aboiit 31 par cent of the ,_ __„ j ,, .'• electorate, and if we are f.o win we lamped a ban on .peep-show; rcades and lewd-movie houses, i* { lac*,,, ordered six.moving picture J^ w|(h a nod nt ^ .. Wfi hgvc machines and 15 rolls of immoral 1ms confiscated. No Chance For Error NEW YORK — (fP) ~ L. W. Churchill, farmer near Westmoreland. N. H., hunters report, made doubly sure this season that, his cows would not be mistaken for a deer or .some other wild animal. He painted "C-O-W" in large letter? on their fides. : to pick the candidate who can win i millions of independent votes as well ; as cnrry the Republican vote. "That's our problem, Dr. Anthony," she continued, "nnd I think the independent voter is going to like Ike. The Republicans will vote for Taft, but I don't think the independent How To Relieve Bronchitis Creomulsion relieves promptly because it gees right to the scat of the trouble to help loosen and expel germ laden phlegm and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Guaranteed to please you or money refunded. Creomulsion has stood the test of millions of users. CREOMUKfSION nlicvis Coucki, Cb«t Cold*, Acutt BronchltU ' 77 BALTIMORE ST. LEGS CAN LOOK PRETTY EVEN WITH VARICOSE VEINS Our Bauer & Black Elastic Stockings are practically invisible under regular hose. Authentic fashioning, 2 way stretch, withstand repeated launderlngs. Try them today for comfortable renef nom pain of surface varicose veins. BAUER Vlarriage Licenses Albert Hamilton, Bloomington, and Lillian Riggleman, Moorefield, W. Va. and canned and frozen organge juice will be plentiful during February, offering consumers many ways to enjoy this vitamin C-rich fruit. Plentiful from the dair;' will include cottage cheese, buttermilk, and non-fat dry milk solids. Lots of pork will be found at the February meat counter and canned tuna will be an easy-to-find item on grocery shelves. The 1951 record rice crop mean plenty of this rib-sticking grain fo February shoppers. Abundant dr beans will include na«y or pea bean and baby limas, with pintos in goo supply in the Southwest. Pecan and almonds round out the list o nourishing foods expected to b plentiful during February. Modern Homes NEW YORK—(INS)—Home mod ernization and remodeling, rathe than new home building, promise to take the limelight in the con struction field during 1952. Roy W Schweiker, chairman of the Tile Council of America, pointed out tha the uncertain outlook for new home construction is turning sales effort increasingly to repair and modernization work. Cover Up NEW YORK--(INS)—The new clothes for spring and formal wear are going to be more covered up ;han you've been in the past severa seasons. That's the -word, at least from one of the top New York dress designers—Fira Benenson, Miss Benenson recently showed her spring collection of day .afternoon and evening dresses, and almost all of them were covered across the shoulders Valentine Heart l U5 BOXED CHOCOLATES 8,50 l*T t Cumberland's finest GEORGE'S y"*f' M Confectionery /•$£• 223 Bedford Si. Phon« 2077 Make Your Own Clothes At Really Wonderful Savings! ENROLL NOW! COMPLETE COURSE only. ... 15 Men ond ELASTIC STOCKINGS AVAILABLE AT YOUR NEARBY INDEPENDENT GROCERY! -Walsh-McCagh- 101 Pharmacy Maryland's Leading Prescription Store N, Centre St. Tel. 3646 or 943 your SINGER SEEING CENTER and enroll lorlay. In no time at all — in fact, while you are takinp the course.— yoi/ trill nrtiinHy mnke ynur •"•,',rn rlri>m! Our worlfl famous 5HVGER sewing experts will teach you: ^ pnltrrn and fabric xplortion V how to iisn and niter patterns V how to rut, assemble nnd construct a rlrrss '•' now to apply professional-looking finishing lourliP?. Yr=. at SIXOFR you will learn In make the warrlrrthp you nf nj — often at savings up to onp- lialf of vnur normal clothing hnrlgrl. TTonip IVcnratine Course al«o av.-iiUIiIe at $15.00 SPECIAL COURSE for $ TEEN AGERS Phonf or sinp in nt your SINGER SEWING CENTER 79 N. Centre St. Phone 394 ... PESKIN'S Build Your Child's Health From the FEET Up Edward's Famous Corrective Shoes KEEPS THEM STRAIGHT . . . STRONG . . . HEALTHY THRU CHILDHOOD. PRONATION (ankling in). A common children's foot defect. fduiards i^» -r i Edwards invented the famous broad sole construction with plenty of wriggle-room for active toes, firm arches, ond long counters for proper support, snug heels for strong ankles ... all scientifically sized to the last quarter inch to give your child the proper support that is the keynote to proper foot development. Bring your children here — we'll help you choose shoes with the right hcalthlasts . . . we'll fit them with the proper shoes. Edward's Famous Corrective Shoes cost no more than ordinary shoes TO AAA to EE priced according- [o size No wonder doctors and mothers agree ... it makes sense to buy Edwards famous corrective shoes ... NIZED HEADQUARTERS FOR CORRECTIVE SHOES Sr>id on!;/ !K/ ,v? in Ciimbaland

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