Valley Times from North Hollywood, California on April 23, 1963 · 4
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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California · 4

North Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 23, 1963
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DAVE HOLLAND. Editor 4 'Tues., Apr. 23, 1963 Valley Times TODAY Filming At Fox Resumes Today JAMES STEWART, SANDRA DEE CO-STAR "Take" Fox's first in nine months. Hope Springs Again In Hollywood With Good Films Drawing PACIFICDRIVE-INITHEATRESI Show starts at Dusk at All Driva-Ins CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE II , 1 LAUREL ilr Laurel CY& i EM P4.:251118451 PICK WICK Mamas 114.2.5723 W. Victory RESEDA Reseda at Vomits 01.3.5550 SAN VAL 114.2.1177 S.F. Rd. at Winona ENCINO :714111233 1 ic RESEDA Reseda DI40151 Alfrsd HltehrocICS THE BIRDS I SEPULVEDA Plus 8I46520 MYSTERY SUBMARINE tn1;.,1" Alfred H itcheorit's THE BIRDS P lus MYSTERY SUBMARINE THE BIRDS Plus MYSTERY SUBMARINE D. 141;(t .mia40,1:1i;Broon COME FLY WITH ME Pivi TIME BOMB TODAY ONLY! Vivid Heritaso Series test. Frees I 1SS P.M. "THE 600D ARTr D. Hart H. 0 Droon K. lialdis COME FLY MTN ME N. Mitchum S. MicLaine Two for The Seesaw VAN NUYS ST .64510 Retro' at Sepulveda Alfred Hitchcock'. I VICTORY PO-3-5511 V leery at Goldwater CANOGA PK DI11-6211 Canoga Ave. Bet isticoy & Roscoe IPACIFICITHEATRES1 TN 4.5251 CORNELL Burbank Sono 12.30 Sot., So. cont. From LP M. CALIFORNIA Burbank TH51507 The last nine months were probably the longest "preg nant pause" that 20th Century-Fox has ever experienced, but today, a new production program was born. Early this morning, producer-director Henry Roster set up his first shot on "Take Her, She's Mine," the first film Fox has exposed on its home lot since last July 26 when Jerry Wald's "The Stripper" wound. JULY 26 WAS ALSO the day Darryl F. Zanuck was elected president of the floundering studio which today stood up on its "last legs" and started running again. "Take Her, She's Mine," starring James Stewart and Sandra Dee, is the first of the 14 pictures announced by Zanuck last month. An hilarious family comedy, it's an adaptation of the play now on view at the Biltmore Theater with Tom Ewell. Next Fox feature will roll May 7. It's Aaron Rosen-berg's "Move Over, Darling," the property originally titled "Something's Got To Give." Doris Day and James Garner will star. By BOB THOMAS AP Movie Writer The swallows have come back to Capistrano, and Spring also has brought the Sweet Bird of Optimism to Hollywood. After years of pessimism, it doesn't take much to make the movie world seek hope for the future. That hope seems to have some substantiality these days, with audiences all over the country flocking to see "The Birds," "Bye Bye Birdie," "To Kill A Mockingbird" and other less avian attractions such as "Lawrence of Arabia," "How The West Was Won," "Mutiny on the Bounty," "Days of Wine and Roses," etc. The oldest saw in Hollywood is: "There's nothing wrong with the movie business that good pictures won't cure." It is getting above-average use during this period of post-Oscar euphoria. THE GOOD FEELING that pervades the movie capital Is not diminished by the oceans of red ink that have swept over two of the biggest companies. Twentieth Century-Fox reported a stunning $39,796,094 loss for 1962, reflecting a season of bad product and bum budgeting on "Cleopatra.!' But the more sanguine observers argue that Fox has nowhere to go but up. The company will reap some tax advantages from its monumental loss. It has pared expenses to the bone and is preparing for a return to production with some promising projects. "The Longest Day" has been a good moneymaker. THE BEST HOPE FOR FOX, of cOurse, is "Cleo." The troubled queen has already helped put the company on the road toward solvency by cash advances from theaters eager to play the film. Payments may reach $25 million before the June premiere in New York. MGM was hit by an $3,716,000 deficit for the 28 weeks ending March 14. The loss was blamed on "Mutiny on the Bounty," which has been drawing well, but not enough to offset its $19.3 million cost. But once again, there is a possible golden lining. Revenue will continue coming from "Mutiny" and the smash "How The West Was Won." The company has no more high-cost epics to plunder the treasury, and some of the fat has been trimmed from the studio operation. A big factor in holding down overhead is the fact that MGM will have six shows on television next year. 8. Hayward J. Olivia BACK STREET Plus PORTRAIT IN BLACK D. Hart H. o'srm COME ILI' 14111 ME TI14.10M1 1 IT 11A7 PPErg AT THE WOBLD'S FAIR Phi' FOLLOW THE BOYS Bob Naos L. Ball CRITICS CHOU R. Pretnn B. hoe MUSIC MAN Academy Award Cline Anna Bancroft THE MIRACLE WORKER Sweet Bird of Youth TODAY ONLY, World Horitado SIFiPi Cont. prom I .00 P.M. "DAVID COPPERFIELD" iners' Habits Give d 1 is Characters If one Sid Caesar is good, seven are better. On any given night in New York, people who are lucky enough to have tickets can see seven different versions of Sid Caesar in the smash Broadway musical, "Little Me," and still not have scratched the number of characterizations he can come up with on the spur of the moment. IN "LITTLE ME," Caesar appears successively as a World War I dogface; an 88- year-old banker; a World War I aviator; a French vaudeville star; Prince Charley; eager young Noble Egglestrom; and as an old timer who constantly nips from the bottle. On his recent television special, he essayed six other characterizations. IN HIS examination of Americans who have suddenly become conscious of their need for physical fitness he portrays a weight lifter; a hiker on a 50-mile trek; a skier; a Karate expert; a husband who loses sleep when his wife insists on taking early morning TV instruction from a physical training expert; and a poor idealistic poet. IN PAST years he has also been a juke box and a slot, machine. Once he even played a fly that buzzed by la can of DDT and remarked "Ah, there's a lotta hate in this world." It seems that Sid can be just about anything. Later this year, be will be seen as a somewhat wacky dentist who, accompanied by his dumb blonde wife (played by Edie Adams), joins in a mad, mad chase for $350,000 in Stanley Kramer's "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," IT IS A constant source of amazement to fellow performers that Sid has been able to assume all these different characterizations and appear so believable, as well as devastatingly funny, during 14 triumphant years as a star without the crutch of a joke file, without stock gags. "Before I went into show OVERHEARD ON THE TOWN In his first "live" appearance in L.A. in nearly three years, Dot recording star Jimmie Rodgers opens a three-week engagement at Doug Weston's Troubadour, 9083 Santa Monica Blvd,. France Nuyan is one of Fred Zinnemann's t o p choices for a starring spot in "Hawaii" Next picture for The Three Stooges, who are running out of places to go, will be "The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze." it STATE "PARIS ISMS" At EL REY, IRIS, BRUIN LA REINA Sunland and Edwards DriveIna M PARADISE. CALIFORNIA, WILSHIRE, liTWO FOR THE SEESAW" WHITTIER, NERAITA end All PACIFIC DRIVE-INS except EDWARDS Drive-IN At CROWN "DUEL OF THE TITANS" MILAIllegra ILAAILIM "MUSIC MAN"' AiCA--P-ITOL''A Gill BAWD TABUN)" At STRAND "WHATEVER MAPPENS' TO BABY JANET" , aLE.. n11111v"::;00 PASMKNA MM. 'CANOGA PARK , I clOWN P ABADISt STUDIO crry CLARA Mt MUM F., PAtOK PRO .M1... CUtVrit CI Ty CANOGA PARK STUDIO CANORA PAH .,,,,,,, . ,.... Ex. 8 87S0 Of, 6 6211 cAt4 ?PRIAM .07,1:.4 01. oflve,110. EDWARDS 10,1 SNOW ten, A Ilan HI. ;1171 .1, ATE to,. 7wr, OA. 44271 NO. 311114 Ooem 12'15 1131.000 BRUIN G. 1 b117 trim TA. 3 1960 P0-64577 .AN Open 6 45 m.0.4CLI t Ciky w. I1101 SANTA MONICA WILSOIRE ILL $4113 Ott DONDO FL 2130 SP. 24611 pooasso n Coto i:oo THE RAVEH Plus NoevmtutALT, I i TOgoal 142811 CALL TtlEATRE OR BR. 2-9261 CR. 4-0411 CUMIN HOLLYWOOD 3 Alfred n; tchcock's El Portal THE Lankershlm BIRDS ,. Academy Award (.8) Guild mrniuct.41 mmells P02-2272 MANCHURIAN MAIU.5.81i."' CANDIDATE 2 STUDIO CITY II 11', rus. In Technicolor! ea Studio 1,1111 We Disney's WM Ventura .PO-tr: FANTASIA 14.1-4.1 JEZI BEVERLY HILLS 1:3 GI Wilshire Aci.d4r.Ar:, prminll.or 1 a11440 Vii 'shirt 01.-8-08S1 . ...-.-......... Acad. Award Winnorl Groom.), Poet TO RILL A MOCKINGBIRD Acad. Winging Pod Fine Arts .Happy Anniversary 11556 Witshlre Plug Own I :41 DAVID AND LISA 0 L21331 SID CAESAR More The Merrier. business," says Sid, "I used to hang around my parents' restaurant in Yonkers, N.Y. We catered primarily to workmen from the neighboring elevator works, the sugar factory and the telephone company. "They talked every imaginable language: Greek, Italian, Armenian, Russian, Slav and Polish. I used to listen to them constantly. Little Theater 'Kickbacks' Are Denied Reports of "kickbacks" in local little theater operations have been stoutly denied by Actors Equity president Ralph Bellamy and west coast Equity Representative T,ee Harris. Both officials were commenting on a recent New York report which said such practices still exist. While Bellamy and Harris admitted that such activities did flourish in recent years where actors would either pay to do a role or return salaries or parts of salaries to producers the problem has now "been cleaned up" and is believed to have "stopped completely." The executives stressed that they are "sorry some producers are labeled with this when they are totally not guilty." To point up how , things ARE being run these days, Bellamy and Harris cited Stan Seiden and Zev Bufman, saying "They run a fully honest organization according to Equity rules." - They are the largest local little theater producers. And Seiden noted that of the 47 actors they employ at the present time, only six are working at scale. i IQ shol e riAtoggrAlwAy 5 20dvia stissicomtvy , N iallOilew .,,,eeNt. ,o: .1 To 741 b""" ?i. , ........ '...... wr M""AMIV"IIELL TORN LAassINYIS. BACKUS eytdiep DON MIS W, Prolwal bl RAW P. ROSENBEK key by JA0( SHER. No te star potot IRA LEVIN pkinistorTECHNICOLOr Pfttrild OVARNER BRO,S "AMMO 51151.550- 00 art SUNLAND IR m Nowt OIL 52712 ss:ota, I "1"11 0 VAN NUYS LI fox Oil V N. Blvd. ST 14731 Open lI3O 14621 Ventura $T-41141 Open 6:43 Iris H0321114 35e firtim Pk. Olnit e2:11 Vogue efin '4hwit. SL H026621 Owes 11.1i wiifwi . OX. 9 5791 tolawl FOOTHILL 11., tO 44,763 AMA Hittboock'l THE BIRDS Pin Five Miles to Midnight Andemy Award CaPri Winmet detrgiiss MIRACLE WO V.N. Blvd. Phis 8T519111 MANCHURIAN open SAS CANDIDATE ct SHERMAN OAKS Li La Edna cailBE locavH661cE TWO FOR THE SEESAW HOLLYWOOD CRIITCRS'HMICE TWO FOR THE SEESAW FOR ADULTS ONLY! "MONDO CANE" "I LEARNED you can tell!, 'a person's character from' the way they eat. The meticulousness with which a person handles a knife and fork reflects the way they are in life, too. It's like judging character handwriting." "It was during this period that I picked up the little things peculiar to different ethnic groups. At least the most obvious ones that everyone recognizes. This also follows with the different types of people." HOW DOES Sid feel about doing all of these roles in "Little Me," an obviously exerting experience? "Well it's like doing a two-hour TV show every night. You just repeat the show. each night continually perfecting your performance. It's much more enjoyable than I ever imagined," he says. Things were not always so rosy with "Little Me," however. "Transferring the book to the stage was sometimes frustrating and painful," Sid continues. "I went through periods of grave insecurity. "YOU SEE, you don't know until the show has opened in New York whether it's any good or not. You're pretty sure. You think you've got it. You think, there it is, right in there, but you don't really know." On opening nigh t, his throat closed up so tight, he thought he could not go on. "You pace up and down,1 you feel like a fighter before a bout. Suddenly you can't swallow, so you take a little water, and you can't swallow that, so you take a stick of gum and it sticks to the roof of your mouth, and you think, oh boy, the words aren't going to come out. I won't make it above a whisper. "YOU'D LIKE to turn and run but there's nothing to do but go out there. Once you're on stage, a miracle happens. You feel great. "T h a t applause comes back and hits you in the stomach, and then you wait for the papers and, oh boy, wow, what a thrill. There's nothing like it. I was in a daze opening nigh t. I couldn't realize what was happening. "I don't know how long it will take for me to really believe what has happened. I suppose it never seems truly real." through fabulous RECORDS 00 IN 'JUMBO' Stephen Boyd and Doris Day co-star in Metro's circus musical, "Jumbo," which will share the bill with "Courtship of Eddie's Father" at the remodeled Lankershim Theater, re-opening Friday. Orr Does Warners' 'Camelot' Wilburn T. Orr, the former TV production chief for Warner Bros. recently switched to theatricals, has been named to produce "Camelot," Jack Warner has announced. Being sought to star in the filmization of the musical now at the Philharmonic are Elizabeth Taylor and Broadway cast originals Richard Burton and Robert Goulet. Warner also said the Alan Jay Lerner-Frederick Loewe hit is slated to follow another Lerner and Loewe smash, "My Fair Lady," on the Burbank lot. 'Cognac' For Him Marty Inge Is signed as a co-star in Universal's "Monsieur Cognac." ENCINO THEATRE 16342 VENTURA BLVD. STato 4-8880 TODAY ONLY Cali Or Write For Free Heritage Series Program Learn These Exciting Languages EACH (tIIoho 1114 isles tu and Emu) plus six coupons from the Talley Times TODAY Learn-A-Language coupons will appear each day, Monday through Saturday, in the Valley Times TODAY. When you have six coupons, (see below) fill out the 'upon order blank below and indicate the language and the record lesson you want. Mail to the address listed in the coupon order blank. Enclose $1 in cash, money order or check with your six coupons. All records - will be mailed directly to Of":111:chot th". Ts you. The dollar includes postage, sales tax and Valley Times handling. Order as many TODAY records and lessons as you teanaanguage wish, but include six cou pans plus the dollar for COUPON each record. CotPions I Order) I 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111411111111111111111111111111111 Leorn-A-tangusge Record Course Valley Times TODAY 11109 Magnolia Ilea. North Hollywood. Calif. .41 Enciond are six coupons from the Valley Times :JDAY. plus ono dollar (cash dieck or money order) for EACH Learn-A-Language 11 Record checked below. De sure to check both the lenguage and the record Mason you Went (l I 3 Ot 4). 1 II CHECK ONE1 'Spanish 0 french 0 Italian 0 Russian 0 German 0 Japanese 0 Hebrew 0 Better English 0 Check which record lesson you wantt No. I 0 No. 2 El No. 3 0 No. 4 0 1 ADDRESS (please check) I am now a sub Start delivery of the Yaf ley Times TODAY to my scriber to the Yaf home at ONLY ley Times TODAY month $135 per 'NAME .ww,.. 'Good Earth' First Of flew Encino Series In response to the many patrons attending the recent "Golden Operetta" series of MGM musicals, the management of the Encino Theater is starting a new series of "World Heritage Films" today. The initial presentation is Pearl S. Buck's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "The Good Earth," starring Paul Muni and Luise Rainer in the role which won her an Academy Award. Today's is the first in a series of memorable film classics adapted from renowned books. Each film will be shown on Tuesdays only. NEXT Tuesday, April 30, Charles Dickens' "A Tale of Two Cities" starring Ronald Colman will be shown. On following Tuesdays, William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" and Rudyard Kip ling's classic adventure story, "Kim," will be screened. Each of the four pictures will be shown on a continuous performance policy with matinees starting at 1 p.m. Free series programs are available by writing or calling the Encino Theater. Another Nomination? Robert Vaughn, former Oscar nominee, will next be seen in United Artists' "The Caretakers," the Robert Stack-Joan Crawford starrer. Curtis Home Hers Constance Tower s, who stars in Allied Artists' "The Long Corridor," has purchased the Tony Curtis home next door to Picklair. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,m.,?.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,i,,rxg,,,:,z,,:n, w ti VALLEY ::., .CORBINIB TONIGHT FAMILY NIGHT SEATS 50c Children Under 12 Free When Accompanied by Parents A Ventura Blvd. at Corbin DIS22U open Daily & Sat. OSSun. Jack Summon Sao Remick !II "DAYS Of WINE AND g ROSES" , lia lys 114111 ,.a La...Ill." 11111111., '1; li A 214 N. Maclay, S. E. EM.1.67;11 fA Om Daily a 4SSot. & SUM 12;11 ft til ELVIS PRESLEY . t 1 "IT HAPPENED AT THE W x, ORLD'S FAIR" ,.., , t 7522 Lankorshilp Blvd. 'PO53932") !; THE NEW AND BEAUTIFUL Pi, LANKERSHIM THEATRE WILL 4 REOPEN ON FRI., THE 26TH K: iq THE PROGRAM WILL SE: 1 "The Courtship of Eddie's father" plus k 1 "JUMBO.' THEATRE GUIDE lettere Mitchum - Shirley Mactains "TWO FOR THE SEESAW" t Connie Francis Paula Prentise "FOLLOW THE BOYS" 0 M'AIA R ;511,i,srk7,, 111 n, el.,. . ,. -.4 ,At......a -. '''' a A 310 S. Sin Fernand Blvd. TH 117033 open asSS Daily Sat., Sun. 100 st z.s., '1 WEST SIDE STORY" A plus... S'': i$1 "WORLD BY HIGHT" ''. .: (IN COLOR) NI, 4403 W. 00411010 00131004, ST44004 Sat. & Sun. Open 101 "COME FLY WITH ME" tile Van WorsPorhingIM2 Dolores Hort Hugh Mon Karl Million "COME FLY WITH ME" till Holden Trevor Howard "THE LION" l'!USHERMAN k till Holden Trevor Howerd THE LION" VALLEY WEST plus "A GIRL NAMED TAMIKO" fr6, 4 P 'ANORAMA tile Van Nur ParhingIM21167 Datum Hart Hugh Olden Karl Malisus "COME FLY WITH ME" tif 1SOS2 Ventra Ivd. ST44211 414 LAST 4 DAYS EXCLUSIVE VALLEY SHOWING ADULTS PLEAS 2 FEATURES I Cont. Sit. Sim.-2 Militia Mormon Anthony Perkins to Vs Nene ki hotly Forbin Rif Vela, "PHAEDRA" TERRY THOMAS LAUGH RIM "A MATTER OF WHO" 5 AhibIZZ2.114011:41' .....1010.i.a TOIMI19. Blvd DI 7434 4 i Daily S.45 a. Sat. SS Sum I:4$ '0 LAURENCE OLIVIER IN SHAMPFAIM't LAURENCE OLIVIER IN SHAKESPEARE'S mo "RICHARD III" Also Hold Ovot 9 "BLACK ORPHEUS" ;Z:Z7LEZZOMMiZZOIMITIIITS1 Valley Times TODAY 11109 Magnolia BL North Hollywood Ticket Office Open WEEKDAYS 8 a.m.-5:45 p.m. SATURDAYS 8 a.m-11:45 a.m. Gel your Dodger and Angel Tickets at the Valley Times TODAY veimitone'dia..1.0. 1 -Ce .... 4.-- 1.-9 -.. e'114 .. 0 01 4,4 50 ., I. ., ,0 . , ,,,." , I 1 ;. .. .34 -- B. ..vb 41..........,.......7 - , .,. : .... .....:..,....... . 3:::::;":::,:::::"::::,:::::::1::::::::,::,,t:,: :,. .1:,.::-:,:::::..::.,,,,:". ::::,,,,,,,. ::::::,,:::::.:.:::..::::',:!:::.!!:,,i1 ,:" , ' ' :,,,:,i::.:;.:,,,:::,;:,,,; :::::::,::,:::: EL : :::,,:s.:,.,,:::::.,:,:,:,,,,,:,,..,, .,.::..,........K......,, '' . , . ........, ,.,.:.: .....,. ...,.. DODGERS:- .......,,,, - ... ..........., ............: :,.,,. :!...,: :'':-:::' ," ,.,, .....'....'".;.................'.....'....''....AMI:::.::-" . :::,.,:::.:.,....;.,..,.;,,f;,,,..,....;, ,;. ,,..,...."..,....,,,,:,....,,:...,:. ...,:.,.......... :,.,,.,...,........... ,, .. .......11omE",.. um,: ...ANGELs:,::.:7,; x.,...,. ! ,,, ,,""..,,,,,,...,..........,,,,....;,::..,,,..:. ,....,... ,.... c..,:. .,...... . ., . ..,, : ;,;;., ,; .......,.,"..,... ....... ........ ....,.......,..,...,:,::. .. . ..,..,,...,.., S :.,,-,TICKET.,..::.,::.:,.. ". ,........,:i,.....,:......:. ' - - ",i.:..,.,,,,,..:...,;,.,;.,...,! ............ ... ,. ,,, ..... ...........?....,..., ..:,..,,,.,.,.,..,.,,....... ,....:.,,,,...,..,:.:,.,.; . . .... .....w.... ..,..:if,............,......:.... ..........;...,.......... ... 7 ,...,,,..,;,...;... ,..:,., , ,.,,,,,,f..,;, ,,,, .. .....,..... ...........:........................,,....,,,,.........,, Al. i:::::..:1,. .,...e,::::I:.4,:f.:.:4...,...:,:::.: 0 : ''.):::.;;.:;': ; .: ;:. 1 .::::.;'. . . .,:: ..::,. :::.,::::::::::::: : :, ::,::,,.:: :A. .... . , . . - :. ::.. :.: :,. ,,:i..., ,., , .- - --;4,411?-tu',.; ..- --v., ' - rtit'410t -,-,;,., . :,-$, ir'. Y t6 ,k 7 , A, 4' ps, Ic.'', ' ...'!;'..r ' : It Ai ' k r a )4 I 4 '.6. C -t ,:. : . , 't t ;''. :4$ ,, 1 'e''..-.' :' '' ;C' .t, 0 1 wy, .00..11 , .,,,,,rN-,,wpt-,,,,, r , ,, ,,,.,,,;.:..,,4 . ,,,,,, , ,,,. 4,,,,., ,,, , , ,, , I . , , c ,:!8 -, ,.,..: ! -,itf,-.,,ft il; i - . -- .- 4 ',,,-kkik , f . -,,,,4c,S,4 , i- : , . . : - -0,Y k, , j "TWO FOR THE SEESAW" g, TONIGHT 1 FAMILY NIGHT 14 SEATS 50c Children Under 12 Free When A Accompanied by Parents ,t ,,,,.; , m 214 N. Matiov, S. F. ES114208 '' CO RB Nnit. . , ' , C A, m 1,'.,',SPAtilS11;',..tit', 4,-'.,1 irt'a ';:! ,r,7,;,,FRESCH?,7:, ',!:,,::','',! ( v 4IP- , ,.., -- ,I,, ,,,, , , ,- l( ''1:44'',",.;:: RUSSIAN' ',;:i-i4-1''' k 4'"I'.,,,'-,.,,AAP4N:,,:,,,,,,,.,GE.R. M. ANESE , ,t;',;,,!''',,:;,:i ( ( ,VM ,.1, k'''''' -, , -,,.. -(, , ,, ,,,..,,,., ,, :,.,,.., ,,,I, ,,,,,, 6.-a.. :,,, , . -,,- 116- ,i 4, '', 4'-' HCIOntli .1 1 ,,i',!' --'.- s ' .1 Betiii Eigitili'::'' v ,,,:, ., -... , .,,,...,, n it,...... . 4. ,t ,:...,..... . A.,,,,,,:.. ., . .,. ,,.2" 1,!'d - . . . . .. .. :-' . ..--; - . .. 1. .,. '.... ( .,,- '-.. 1..' ..' 410.0.010' d,r- , 5,-v,-- t :. .-. , : , i'i,i' :- . ,,. ,-.... , .. .: -4., ,... .,, 1:-..:,,,,..,,,,,,, -- .., . -,. 4,.::,-;.-y., -4,-,.. f ' . , c ,...,;:, ,,:: ':.:....., i i, '''' .: : - ' -i 40) ..4- t ' fF :41cP",4;::, 4....., ) '. ,1,14.. ,. "gi,'''', :,:;- :......, ":.. :, :. ... 0:.:'.'t . .. V .' ., ..0 . ,. f ..i'4:-FY ::., !. .. . ,. . . 1 . ...... i ,, :. 4 s ' e , , . ,. ,y ic..:, ; : ... ' ,; 0,-;41 rg .,- , AA,,;N'i'l, ''':: VLI. :', ot::,1".,.,,,,:!1;-,.. ,i,ste A ,A : i.::1',;;4.1t. ;ye 1 . Atiti:::..::'144: 'S C NM EN , 111 ' :.. . . ' ,o,... ..'" I 0,, 4 .,:t A 4., 1 elt,tit, E e ,.. e, .....,.,,, ,,, bak 4 70 t" is, 1 ' A 311 t' 131. s It ' g) A 4 , -1.'.:z,-' - t . . t . l o'd,.' I - ' ' 1 '.. '-' - .1 4 ,4 thrl: ' i 1 I ... .4; pi M Itil S , - -- . 'I. 4 ' C ;; t TN1? 44: t FOTOTICOgintir.N4eatreS CORPORATtON M CALL TtlEATRE OR BR. 2-9261 CR. 4-0411 1 I CZ z I: , txm I f,:. 0..4 v 1 0',. .,,:k , ,-,nr,.?..,,,,,,,-.,-,,-.,7,--. .,,,,,,1:,,,Ji: 11 ., , 7.i:, a ::.,.. .,.., .,..... . . . ::.:,: 4 'or iks . ekj 11 :,.,,,4101 j 111 Iw Sri , 411v ;t: 4 4,.'$ MAGNOLIAS ,, ,k r BOB S B1.171.11wit LUCILLE hOPE r ri S 0 a11) tii70012"9 2001alt1 fiali e gtiPlpfeSICOMPIrr N f;teSC''' --- Noel MAXWELL. TO.IiN LAassINYIS. BACKUS &Jeep DON MIS VI Prolwal RAW P. ROSENBEK key by JA0( SHER. rem te star poty by IRA LEVIN pkinistorTECHNICOLOr Pftirdid OVARNER BRO,S n 1 LS M'AVA FIT 1(14 Tli EA( t.,,,,i., end Es plus six cou from the Yi Times TODA - a I I4 10"11 , 1101iitt, fiGhtlYn4400P 9Pictilre '''101:Surt.4H.:47.4t,RMt -e mrri Si

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