Valley Times from North Hollywood, California on October 19, 1960 · 8
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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California · 8

North Hollywood, California
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Wednesday, October 19, 1960
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oiotoa , 14iF PA. Westrn it $artre Monica HO. 731117. Park Prim CONNOLLY'S COLUMN MacDonald Carey Set For 'Alcatraz' By MIKE CONNOLLY ' Producer Sam Bronston has been having "woman trouble" with "El Cid," Charlton Heston's new picture. Alia Gardner was all set to play Heston's woman in the picture but bowed out at the last minutes when she de. , , , ,,,,, , ,, cided his part was bigger than hers. ' Then director Tony Mann suggested , his spouse, Santa Montiel for the role. ; Bronston refused, Heston backed him : ? r upso now it looks like Sophia Loren. But Mann is pouting. 1 it ' ,' 1,,,, Macdonald ld Care takes to the light- ' oHnea,s ' i''i:''.:4-4 man of Alcatraz" with Burt Lancaster. 1!. -7i 1 1 4 and-airy. Joining the cast of "Bird- The saga of Richard Cromwell, who died five weeks to the day after he learned be had cancer, was one of great courage and fortitude and . ' Connolly , also of a "typically actorish" philoso , phy. Cromwell, a fine actor who hit his peak in Paramount's "Tol'able David" and Colum bias "Lives of a Bengal Lancer," told his doctor, "I never wanted to live long anywayI hate the thought of being an old man!" 1 Joe Mankiewicz has high hopes for '"Justine," which Will combine all four of the Laurence Durrell novels in one screenplay, His "dream cast": Liz Taylor as Justine, Simone Signoret as Leila, and Laurence Olivier, Bill Holden, Laurence Harvey and Charles Laughton as gleir four leading men. , producers Sam Spiegel and J. Arthur Rank are at WAR In London. They are both poised to shoot identical pictures about the late adventurer, T. E. Lawrence. Sam has already sunk almost $500,000 into preparing "Law. rence of Arabia," with a script by Michael Wilson and David Loan, and claims it would be shooting now if Marlon Brand would give him a yes or no about starring. Rank is ready, too, with "Ross," based on the same character, with Larry Harvey as star. Harvey, 1 might add, is quite an adventurer himself. He has fooled us all by posing as an Englishman all these years. lie's really Lithuanian. And he's REALLY going to marry Joan Cohn, it seems. Her divorce from Harry Karl will be final Nov. 6. , John Wayne and Shirley MacLaine signed up to play "cameo" parts In Metro's Big One for 1961. "How the West Was Won." Clark Gable, Debbie Reynolds and Glenn Ford will also aprear In the star-studded salute to the Early West. - A pal asked Bob Hope if he would attend the openings of those rival Emperors of Insult, Don Rickles and Jack E. Leonard, on the same night. "Nope," said Bob, 4.1111 stay home with the wife and kids and get insulted." ts,A LI BRIGITTE BARDOT plays the lead in "Come Dance With Me" now playing at the Vogue, El Portal, Fox Van Nuys theaters. 'THE NUDIST STORY , TOSHIRO MIFUNE IN! AooNutcrs,, 40 "0 ( Winderspieli Unusual Play By ED REES "Kinderspiel" is the current attraction at the, Stage Society Theater and a strangely disturbing drama it is. This production marks a West Coast premiere for the piece, but John Harding's script was produced in Boston by the Ford Foundation sometime ago. Writer Harding has also directed his drama, and he has employed a carefully chosen cast of players to bring it to life. Perhaps the most disturbing element of "Kinderspiel" is that one can only feel that the basic dramatic premise of the play is never quite brought to full fruition in the playing. , , Harding's plot tells of a mass walk-out of all the children of the world be. cause they feel that they will never live to grow up because of nuclear warfare. Their parents and teachers, the police and even the Federal Governs ment try to stop them but in vain. In the end, Harding tells the audience, that there Is little hope left except in prayer. The story is told by one of the fathers whose children desert him, and this character also works as the narrator for the play. Russell Johnson plays the role with deep sympathy and virtually flawless acting technique. Anne Barton is seen as his wife and she, too, brings a professional touch to her performance that is most ingratiating. Paul Bryar is seen as a kindly policeman and Helena Nash turns in her usual top-notch performance as a confused school teacher. More than half of the large cast is made up of children , and since they were all equally excellent I shall men-lion them in the order that they appeared. They were ,Cecil Williams, Bob Slade, Cheryl Anderson, Eddie Le1 ,Grassa, Diana Reese, Fred Sloan, Rikl MarcellioMichael and Robbie Fresco and Elizabeth Fabian. The lighting is Credited to Robert McKinney and the I sound ot Shelley Mitchell. Unite 830 Seats Nowt et Houtifice, So. Cal. Musk Cso All Mutual Armin SMACK THI KNtrr ) KNIrr le PROM HE 3rd SMASH WEEK! wr "raw it Iti ATI N t it a cAl iY I THE PICTURE ABOUT SEE A POL194"" ALTOGETHERNESS SHOW "1 ;: TECHNICOLOR t TOMTEI ,0,;:,7 PM Amu Ava, NOW I le atJAPANS Z. GUAT6s11 't 0.V 11:11, Venire Film Aortal y h ids ram-, co, THE Ol,"1-t1 THREEPENNY OPERA MUSIC BOX PILATE 1401sywood It LOOMMOo 0-137 3 NOW LIMITED INGAGEMEITI SPOKEN DRAMA tailliglid W.' W. C. FIELDS In his hilarious comely "MI FATAL MASS OF WU k Dir. by Mu Senn hobi as GRAND PRIZE, Venice film Iostival OTH MONTH OF : GO 11. ttiest-r. "CARRY ON NURSE PulmciAL 'UNITE 'PURITAN IN - ADDED AT1RAGTI " , ON MAR OPEATEN THAN ad) MI TENDER tCSIASY OP RASHONION'l VOW LOVE' uritmAlz u ...D. RIR WINIM flANS INN illtiWPIA -LARSEN & ItOtLINCR Ts mAgye PNESIWT STM ANNUAL ! $EEON STAGEIN PERSON INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN STARS of MAGIC I PUN NIASSIN 110XtlY 4 MACS WPM FUNS" I C111101IS outrr , INIE KINSRS SILLY fAcCOMS YOUS HOST AV SAILER AND GUTT SSAASS SIANNINO AMAI SNEATEST MAUCIAN DLAcnsToria VAN DIVANS I NM 21 met Emu 11.- .--, ,e,,,,,,,,,, .; r 7 --",irt, ' .1,, tA f r -- : -14.:.:,,c "11 ----- ,,,, '', I j xii,s,::,, 0 k,,' - ' , ' f s,-,-- ::4,4; ' St 4, - , , ,.ii ,-- 1,it 3 --''' .,,y).4 co), . p Imo; llommimodumnikw;b0:1N4j4F 4 ' ' PREMIERE OF SPARTACUS is tonight ot the Pant:nes. This scene from the $12 million production sees Sir Laurence Olivier attempting to gain favor from Jean Simmons by presenting her with a priceless necklace. 8 '7'. SCREEN : DRAMA MUSIC By' JERRY PAM, Editor ffintIO,W,ft Wed., Oct. 19, 1960 VALLEY TIMES TODAY TEENAGE IDOLS GETTING OLD A recent poll of the nation's younger set indicates such teen-age idols as Elvis Presley, Fabian and Pat Boone already are old by teen standards. 'Teen Magazine announced today its nationwide poll turned up a list of entertainers unheard of by many of today's older generation. Leaders were Brenda Lee, The Everlys, Dodie Stevens, The Corcotans and .loanie Sommers, with Presley, Fabian, Boone far back In the list, according to the magazine. 'Amour' Pic History Is Interesting The widely discussed provocative French film, 'Hiroshima, Mon Amour," now having a long run engagement at the Beverly Canon Theater, nearly missed its showing at the Cannes Film Festival. Two hours before the showing someone in the French foreign office decided that it would prove harmful to Franco-American relations and sought to stop its exhibition. Finally , the matter was cleared and the film was shown. It won the Critic's Prize. New Act For Winter Al Martin is writing special material for a night club act starring David Winter, which will open at the Little Club, San Francisco. Freshmen Concert Slated The Four Freshmen, topping the Concerts, Mc. all-jazz show in Santa Monica Auditorium Nov. 5, came from the obscurity of a Dayton, Ohio lounge to the big time in one long Jump. Bandleader Stan Kenton dropped in the lounge after a touring date, and was so impressed with the local talent that he "sold" the quartet to Capitol Records by telephone next morning. Their first disc was a hit, and the Freshmen havc been one of the 'big" acts in show business ever since. Co-starring on the Concerts, Inc. bill are the Ramse'y ler Lew Is Trio, I"pure Chien - , go" In style, and the new 44,,,, Arthur. Lyman 1 PI , , Group, expo- ., L , nents of an N.140. , "exotic jazz" '"-..".. . a developed In Joante Hawaii, based on Polynesian themes. Joanle Sommers, the Venice high school 18- year-old song stylist who recently hit the big time, guest stars on the program. Tickets for the concert are on sale at the Southern California Music Co., all Mutual Agencies and the Santa Monica Civic box office. Composers Re-Team Ned Washington and Dimitri Tiomkin, Oscar winners for their song "High Noon," have teamed again for "Pretty Little Girl," featured song in the Kirk Douglas film, "Day of the Gun," soon to be released PACIFICIDRIVSINITHEATRES1 SHOW STARIS AI DOE,K CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE , LUREL Nam! Van . Owen Allen, J Mennen itM23111 COLLEGE CONEIDENT1 ting';',, Plus SHAKEDOWN PICKWICK 0. Se lehtV. Stevens.' STUDS LONIGAN ' TH23721 fr ginstraO. SOW Sent Aimed. W. Vietory NOT AS A STRANGER RESEDA Pf137411g.TIR116AviC.1 DI315511 ianies Va :too HOUNTAIN ROAD SAN VAL I OTT IINI3TARS ItcsItrt upnt S F. " it MAN ON A SIRING wimma ENCINO amine ST44233 RESEDA Rego da 01481$3 IPACIFICITHEATRES1 'Viol Irmo :IHO Milton Heston helms A. altoIt. De Carle 14233 10 COMMANDMENTS Soto CISSat. I Sus. tt SO 0 inn I:ISSat. 11 :30-1102. 12 :St 74T? The race S. LannoterI. itimanfi ELMER GANTRY P. NyanO Ani ICE PALACE SEPULVEDA C. Kftleht11. Stemma STUDS LANIGAN ST445211 Ir. SinatraO. DoNsvi Ilind SVII:lusiiyil. .1 NOT AS A STRANGER VAN NUYS Curt tu I AIM AT THE rrtssTARS S14751111 Ertilit Boone Soo "ratruditu ' MAN ON A STRING VICTORY Henry Fe"' ink Lommo 1174421 MR. ROBERTS """ Goldin Wayne HONDO CANOGA PK E E CO DENT ' CUM am GI. van NfElliron , S. Allen.). Meadows 01111211 Samos Avo. tot. SHAKEDOWN Satiesy 41, Russo CORNELL I AIM AT tirniTARS eurbant Ermst Seining TH44211 HAN ON A STRING 00611 iliSet a Sun. It la CALIFORNIA 4:11,"LI!"Iti "b." Hs. RUBIS "1.14" J. Wayne HONDO ow 130.-liat. A. Sun. WS TIIIST NM 0 ,ON f.r...p- I into spaet! 111AZLItti Cart Jurgen ttl, ; Victoria Shavi frmost eorgninl); CORNELL THEATRE 'MAK OK A STOW Vans Nuys & San Val DrIveIns 111.131 RAMIS NM tiai setliMOTEN CQiLE Cri:IMMUITIP- sskatscAuREL DitivE.INsrev,1 CANOGA- PARK & 444(441-4444444-4tAt AT MUSIC BOX 'Threepenny Opera' Is, Spectacular Success !t-o:c---- By JERRY PAM "Threepenny Opera" has become a legend in its own time. And last night's star studded audience knew why the moment the curtain at the Music Box went up and Tige Andrews, the Cockney streetsinger, gave his rendition of one of the most popular ballads of this era, "Mack the Knife." macK ine Based on John Gay's "The Begger's Opera," this three act excursion back into merrie olde England of two centuries ago casts an enchanting spell seldom experienced in modern day theater. Poet-dramatist Bert Brecht and famed composer Kurt Weill had an instant success on their hands at the premiere of this work in 1928,1 but it was not until 1954 that U.S. audiences witnessed Marc Blitzstein's English adaptation of the work under the inspired staging of Carmen Capalbo. The results are now history. The satisfying blend of the striking libretto coupled with Weill's memorable music makes this a rare theatrical treat, ' al-, though there are some shock values in "Three. penny" which might startle some theatergoers who are unfamiliar, with Gay's robust view of Dhgland in the 18th century. The 'presence of Lotte Lenya ' (Weill's widow) as Jenny was nostalgia personified. This remarkable actress played the role in the original stage and movie version. As the discarded young mistress of Mac-Heath, who eventually betrays him, she is somewhat miscast but nobody will complain too vociferously in this regard. There are many of the original off-Broadway veterans also in the cast headed. by Scott Merrill, the original MacHeath. He is virile, dramatically exciting and a Joy to behold. Estelle Parsons, as Mrs. Peacham, is both a great actress and Allvl AT TFIE YOUR NCI? I.11. FICWOOD la 74641 IPROILI CAPITOL titre 3.4211 MM. pANK WARNER IV 541914 loolutwoos HAWAII OM WWI Pk Siket.1 ACADEMY MU MOS CORNELL of 2 R51 VAN Null VAN NUYS ONN141 ST47511 DUMAN SAIIVAL PRIM TH MIMI MKS IA REINA nt S3986 mwat a MONTE Emn P4??. SAST L.16 FLORAL "MA AN MN LiL Stn." $OI toS AFICOLtS BALDWIN A1117114 rt4s ,rft OAST LA. GOLOEN GATE MOM W. COVINA CIS ID IS ID CIS COMMON COMPTON tam t1( 54961 TONRANCI TORRANCE owl ft sun lIi1b NOW! KIRK DOUGLASLAURENCE OLIVIER JEAN SIMMONStHARIES LAUGHTON PETER USTINOV JOHN GAVIN nd TONI CURTIS As Antomnus : -11 :,: ...x wo, ri ,,,,s1 ' I f V. '1 :. AV 1; , .., ., '., Id. .'';'-,.....,,: ...S; 3CA1A IfinkY i' 1' '' O''''''''" i from be 31,1M-Ilvy WI fite!!Mt V Ittilflk Kis iftvl V ; 1 1 4 i I, I, "wol tei lir worm A UOSNINCSIOE PRODUCTION ; :. Let , , ,, , ia ta"."1"Pitta 0. 2nz:6 SRIAreOMPAMONWPINNINI 1 ii-,::711 MAN ONA STRING '1 TAVIS; 11001AVAAWP IICAPAiNCIA I.AMIS If MAOISM A UN PIACtitiklAi A ASAWAISA1,1011LANAIIONAL MUM 1W9T AT 8:00 singer and is perfectly cast. Grace Lee Whitney as Lucy Brown, stopped the show with her rendition of "Barbara-Song." She is a fine singer and most pleasing to watch. Tige Andrews, Jo Wilder, Richard Verney, Frederic Downs, Josip Elk and Donald El-son all contribute magnificently to round out this masterpiece of musical history. "Mac the Knife" may be the most publicized ballad of the show (Bobby Darin's recording has passed the three million mark) but such ditties as "Army Song," "Jealousy Duet" and the aforementioned "Barbara-Song" are minor classics in their own right. The decorative sets and costumes are the product of William Pitkin and reflect a skillful approach to the milieu. Samuel Matlovsky wielded the baton for the small orchestra and captured the definitive beat of the period. Carmen Ca p a I bo Sand Stanley Chase have made a pleasurable evening for theater goers. Let us hope their hard work will be rewarded. 'Tartars' To Roll Sobri ZAGREB, YugoslaviaDirector Richard Thorpe, following two months of preparations and rehearsals, this week will begin filming spectacular battle scenes in the historic valley of Grobenicke Polje for the MetroGoldwyn-Mayer r el ea s e, "The Tartars." Nearly 20,000 will taki part in the scenes, including 1,000 Tartar and Viking horsemen, and stars Victor Mature and Orson Welles. Highly trained Yugoslav cavalry troops, colorfully garbed as the ancient Vikings and Tartars, have been rehearsing the scenes as part of their actual army maneuvers. aimn, 1RNEST BORGNINi KERWIN MATHEWS COLUmem PICTURE AN RDORPRODuCtiOS RESERVED SEATS OMNI feet. SVOIIIIIM R 80, 82 20 I,,,. Tr., ht., Nets. 83 50, $2 80 Sat, Sec I MIL, $2,50, $2.00 Mite. Mid. $2.00, 8100 Hail Orders Promptly Fillet Tickets bled en Sale al Se. Cbl. Mum CM. bed all Mutual been. cies. Ph. MA 720 Fie Group Ila lot tail HO 9-2211 NO 4-1663. PREMIERE PERFORMANCE BENEFIT WOMEN'S GUILD, CEDARS OF Lamm HOSPITAL ' ovum ctt itol I 1111 COFT PArgleliti in Magratficint SteroophonicSoun4 The story of ,... al FRANZ , 0 LISZT! ', . , ) -,;,0a31 11:10:1, 1 I - 1 ' CAPLICIN k - - CAPLICIN imitwif paw ,cHow roce COLOISCOPE how COLON amostottoll , 2XCLUS11,2 ENGAGEMENT 3rd BIG WEEK! STANLEYWARNErt THEATRE, BEVERLY HILLS 404 MORRIE IIOULEVARD St CANON DRIVE CR14121 DR 2-0794 CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES: Feature starts at 2:20450-7:20 9:45 AoP41-4J441.411, TICKETS NOW FOR LAST 2 WEEKS! , tor g knaT t JE,11,- TECHNICOLOR ,. ' '44 6t 1 4)0p4, ley, 2 SHOWS TODAY 2: 8.30 4 44 V Nrat COMING WED.,NOV.2nd :;4-7.:-IIIICINORAPIIA GI ' IT DE S'll N ---- ATTRACTION -- REGULAR PERFORMANCES START INURS., NON. 31, 1130 P.M. ' OPINING WOW SOte Otl WORLDS GREATEST ATTRACIION -look WV nV.n1:kigC et, t643 wanimioR1 1103-68911. at CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT plays the title role in "Studs Lanigan" opening a multiple engagement today at the Hollywood, Guild, and Pickwick and Sepulveda Drive-ins. "NO" .1 utlowe eutspo .0 0 limos 1 u THEITEEKAGE REBEL. Toddleg ; ' shocking Story oi .""1"""" l tooto Soma be LFARRELL ms,YORDAN PING LERNER UNITEDCIARTISTS , , , .yistmotYsr wonnocrms:Nntarsomnotainnefty., i Plus 2nd Hit: except Orpheet, see director), O"HER KNIGHT -''" VENETIA JAY C. nm CHM ST P 6' NUN STEVENSONFLIPPEN tom akin 'TRUE Ralt PnNG IINITEDITIARTISTS "1.11-nsw twriNER 4.:1 e-eirrimi- it ORPHEUM ...., ..' IAA 41212 Aff .i, -IMAM.. uP.,., 1 MMUS IIIITED ARTISTS 211 montommonom PNOaMON00 IMMO suite P02421 ism son SOWN GATE Dins CON 10 41137 SAWS WHINED DilVEIN SI 64520 Merl PON VINELAND DIIVI-161 10 WWI PO IYMITTIER DIIIVIIN elltilgi PA 14)11 ttu Slutt $AN GABRIEL Ditivi01 t1134111Atilei OVIIIIIMI PICK WICK OPIUM T$ A4723 FOP( Witt SOW INCIMi MeRrolse N,01 elft VOLLYW000 I cuLvER 31371 O. NI NO, I VE114124 iot svsw to sdi illAMMITON WIC CALIFORNIA Lii 74111 'Studs loniganIfivVIORTANACSEts 41 FIFA loolsonom went OUNDALE CSI 00-111 - INOTIASIKSTRANGER I....seem de HAVILLAND.Noter MI1CTRAWA4, SINATRA. , ; .stoomORANAMEsloomet CRAWIORDDNAD BICKFORD PACIFIC 01Y 101M0811 I so:77 COMER VERMONT DIIVIIN otivioN , Col 41144 DA 34056 TURNS DETECTIVE;.. uncovers her cluesand gets her man! C ill. OME WITHME! f' .. IENRI MAI: DAM MUMS ausisAck i MOSIMIIMPOION011 NI lik 'MISBEGOTTEN' TO PREMIERE SOON Janus Productions Is pleased to announce that their third show at the Horseshoe Stage Tqater will be the Los Angeles premiere of Eugene O'Neill's "A Moon For The Misbegotten." The play will be directed by Patricia Lavin and will open in November. Theater parties are currently being scheduled. Collette For Ebell Buddy Collette, whose exciting music is heard on TV every week during the Groucho Marx show, wilt bring his well-known quintet to the stage of the WilshireEbell Theatre at 8:30 p.m. Sunday, October 23. 0:740Witte,0 Pont Reveal the Ending.. T,..v Or it might 1.-kx '14 our and FIATVRIL CALL THEATRE or U R. 2-02eS C. 4-0411 t tston Ali N L E IRE I iN hi .1".) ...the way they speak out about Level Da "kit raw gni Stairs pRENN lfur "''"6"" Kliwitto.two,,,,, TeCtflocot ow wawa!, imes m , ...-fl weit11 HO 41111 cit1 13 ON 2 92i1 - JAI ' I 4 NORTH HOLLYWOOD 3, elittnotelletas1 Ni. Hellswea Adifrill 9 EL PORTAL 11:), TR72983 Como Dante WMo Open 12:15 OSCAN WILDS , GUILD Snlent Stevenson lontNonp.11. STUDS LONIGAN r::), P0-22272 Om 11.45 INItentent Sinatra Not As A Stranno, 4 STUDIO CITY I 177), STUDIO CITY Marilyn Monroe Yves Mentend 4 rkT11.14977 tot's ?Asks Levi Otto $AS K. Nero SI STEPS r) TOP:Z.16175 let's Make Levi K. Km 31 STEPS r.. , 4 BEVERLY HILLS4, WILSHIRE AdeLttorttionisit , WILSHIRE Adult otortolommt rioltto lardet UM) within' Como Donee W MO OL31403 OSCAN WILDE OSCAN WILDE t. Traver Novara FINE ARTS min Etwasoll 6151 WIMIltr Mary Ufa Ir41,213JI SONS I, LOVERS 4WILSHIRE AREA 4, 4 Starts Ott. 27 Carthay arci t "IFIE ALM,104 , ...iv.. , N..... N., la 1.6,810 EL REY En Othea et m Mutat' A,. , t:: M. Detest. K. MWMI IMF W Malt Ej0 WE-11161 ' Strangers Whse Vie MOO . Moos ill It torts. is Ntio SHERMAN oriri U REINA 11133981 Om MO Curt Jurgen At The Stare Ernest lorenim Mu On A Atrial 4 VAN NUYS 4 FOX rig Adult oUrtalmeset Nun Nuys Orititt Bardet $T.5.2731 Cam. Danes W,M11 01 leo 1245 ,OSCAN WILDi CAPRI Van Ming $TI3911 Upon ;45 Ammo Woodoord 1111 The Tomos Itionotot Worm Room At The To, HOLLYWOOD CHINESE Robin Prottoo Dorothy loGotro 11044111 THE DARK AT 0 nI II ;41 TOP OF STAIRS HOLLYWOOD NO-641371 Cent. 12.3 to. IRIS ' W(1.11111 as. System Pk. 12.41 Knight Stemeas STUDS IONIGAN mitehom INF tot,1 Not Al A Crania? Matiiyo Monne 'veil Seldom! Les Make love K. Moro 3 9 Pops essloy33H.ovit. et. cams wmo VOGUE 4V,11,:7,7"Blift:" ,x OSCAN WILDE ' 1 I ( I C 1 1 t 1 fl a I a ti ti II 11 I 1 1 1 Is E . ostRoled toRtik REVIRty 11 FeeNlowte itit "OSCAR nor vatssiat LOS ANGELES I3L 3 8" MS 145,44 Rerommmitd let AOIIITS ONIY ROBERT MORLEY , 2-1303 PniTtV000 No H 1.,w ot 0 vAN owes CI 4oat,g kowc, AEX CRITERION VOGUE, 04(11 6ba GR, 7.2487 IR. 1-2983 $T. 5 Cu. 5152s U. 5 1462 BRUIN EL PORTAL FOX L twatodon 1.01,400 pAufw.4 TA TO wo.. PARK Sth AVE STRAND CROWN H ow pl.. 9 FHA 2 FOR SNOW to. 4441 O rR A 8 644 1100 , ,,,31 TIMES 'CONNOL Mac et i ' Producer Sac trouble" with "El Alia Gardner was picture but bowed , , ; 4 , tt 0 :1 - I , ,,,, r. A. , ....,,,, 4hk,,,,, .1, , : Connolly his peak In Para bias. "Lives of o ' never wanted to of being an old n Joe Mankiewicz 1 hopes for ' "Justir Will combine all I Laurence Durrell , one screenplay. II cast": Liz Taylor Simone Signoret and Laurence 01 Holden, Laurenc and Charles Lai gleir four leading , Producers Sam ! I. Arthur Rank a ' in London. They poised to shoot idi ' tures about the I turer, T. E. Lam 0 has already sin 9500,000 into prepa rence of Arabia, script by Michael David Loan, and I would be shooth 1 Marlon Brand 1 t him a yes or no , ring. I 11' Rank is ready, I "Rdss." based or I character. with I i vey as star. Harv add, is quite an himself. He has ft by posing as an 1 all these years. Lithuanian. And I LY going to ni Cohn, it seems. I from Harry Karl nal Nov. 6. 4 , John Wayne a , MacLaine signed "cameo" parts Big One for 1961, West Was Won." ble, Debbie Re3 Glenn Ford wit I year In the it salute to the Ea . - 4 t A pal asked Bol Would attend the those rival Empt suit, Don Ricklel E. Leonard, on night. "Nope," 4:1111 stay home w , 11,1 I: Mc anti oat Iry , veal Ending.. r it might '1 : be Your tlt . , ILEY , f , $.0.,:.$ riis t II 1.1262 4 ikon. I i' DWI I 1 IIIIMIllii r,, r I I g I's ; . , - f Fell:5 , I ''.i')'..,..1 lures, The Stare lorenim A Stria, - C $ l 57-1. rE I kJ ortaimmeet I , Byttet les 11,mo 11 i WILDS $ ... ....---.. t Woodword 1 I Totroto ( 111rve1 . The Top i ' Presto', PileGetre I.RK AT 1 STAIRS 1,b - , 7 tittypneos ONIGAN Sermon , transit Monne leutend t Ike love 3'P Stip ------ I Ifilifillital Sir ttOt ,. it. WMO a WILDS I .., i , , . OKIUI I I C aroci-Ju i piays flolgo Nara 'II. MAK.' ..--1 ......'"' 1 IP 0 vi jll , s, ins. F, Sa., NOM l the lead in "Come Dance THREEPENNY 1 ..t t sAti yit Curt Furlong Mamie Vaa Deem PETER USTINOV JOHN $3,50, $210 HIMI, Vit., Sac I i With Me" now playing at -- I AIM AT THE STARS CANOGA PK, s. Allen.). Meadows Slit, S2,50, $2.00 tHelroiw aa , INsairt 01.1.1211 COLLEGE CONFIDENT'L endIONI CURTIS As antimfi Matt. Wtd. the Vogue, El Portal, Fox OPERA MUSIC SOX PILATE . " Utast Boreal uro $2.00, 8110 , Van Nuys theaters. 14oilywood at Leers. MX MAN ON A SUING I, riiKti A Plus SHAKEDOWN Mail Orders .,... 11.1373 , A . , ) Promptly Fillet ..p , .4 t t T , , . GAVIN M , 3rd SMASH WEEK! IPACIFICITHEATRES1 ' Tickets also on Salo ' ELDS am 1 , mom!, soll licommot:n;,11floo too WHIRR II So, Cbl. Music Co., . THE NUDIST STOSTORY" -I. nm".4 ENCINO cZlit::"H".:.. CORNELL AIM , Curt Joints STARS A 1110W ?MONA A obillAZAA Oi SNADONALIELIOSE tad all Mutual Agee. cies. Ph. MA 7.120 FI I AT THE it ' "-trrirmTrr-irrity THE PICTURE ABOUT I his 1 to , hilrtus BT411"21; ' lAo. cliativItiDDtECHariles lawbane runt Seining ' Group Sait . tali HO II-22116 SEE A PoLIQAd . ALTOGETHERNESS '0-Y n't , OMMA M I'm" MAN ON A STRING TONIGHT FATAL MASS ItKO PA TAGES . NO 4-1663. SHOW X.-V.7Z. 'TEC HNICOLOR OF Ittlit" Otto itorr t. I Sun., ISM 00611 11:iiSer. a Sue. It:St AT 8:00 1 : P M TONITEI : 7. -, r ao." Dir. Sy AD4Arti MAU NOW I me. Senn RESEDA s' irgirilarm CALIFORNIA HOPI, fend , PREMIERE PERFORMANCE BENEFIT WOMEN'S GUILD, CEDARS OF LEBANON HOSPITAL lark Ituunom fa . JAPAN'S Z otgAusr -, ,N 0.War,! LIMITED INGAGEMEItt Iwo" R. ItyanD tents Owbull MR. RORUITS , ow venice Fibs Aortal y Ira. 0 L 11,0 DI.4.8113 ICE PALACE tH.1.15" J. Wayne HONDO 0, tom Irilion ,-, A itoi I lim COFT NI1111011 in Magnificent Steroophonic. . Sound , lk 11" . , Otte 111-1161. 111:30-4ult. i210 , Ooto 830-41at. a Sun. i2S1 i Zig stitalli 1 COI-$:314 gasiohml . C ON The story of . . TOSHIRO , . GRAND PRIZE c IN EmA Hwrr;;;srttz,k: Vfinic film 'wind, ' MIFUNE 1 ... 4 ' 'ffiAo iv I' I whIE SrABIRS f t rust I it"1-7.7 ITH.O , , , ) : :. FRANZ ,, lv LISZT! 4k; 04. MIN"' . , , lc CTr, REST A 1 t)W 1 Ao0tIV t 1 1 SHERMAN S I APISEN STM At 1 I:1i , i . . , , , . . ,. N...., 7 IN , , AT 'MUSIC BOX 1.7" , 'MISBEGOTTEN' TO 3--77) c,,,,, A I ,- -: , , . I , I PREMIERE SOON Carey c ,- . , :-.---1) Threepenny Opera' Is -4,-,!,,, Janus Productions Is k7) v -,, . , ' ' 4 1! I Spectacular Success It-,;,----- that , atraz --::: 4 pleased to announce f ! , , their third show at the .,, ,., - 11'" 1 .1.' By JERRY PAM singer and Is perfectly cast. - . Horseshoe Stage Thater I' -,, r f , ,,, "Threepenny Opera" has Grace Lee Whitney as "... till - , ' will be the Los Angeles 1 having "woman I ''',,... r, become a legend in its own Lucy Brown, stopped the ' , ,, ,,, premiere of Eugene ton's new picture. ;',," , ': 0,0 ig time. And last night's star show with her rendition of illp,, 4 , m's woman in the , , fr 4----14 .r-'4 i '-'44,, studded audience knew why "Barbara-Song." She Is a - 7.t.' ,,,.1 O'N'elli's "A Moon For Jtes when she de. ' '''''''' I' 7 r: ' -tik,' d.,1!1 ' the moment the curtain at fine singer and most pleas- 11 14., ,, . The Misbegotten." The bigger than hers. ,o r ,. - , --1.,, 'f, t, the Music Box went up and kg to watch. Tige An- '''''''' play will be directed by Mann suggested --- , 1 , J 14 : '-k,t, 1 Tige Andrews, the Cockney drews, Jo Wilder, Richard , , Patricia Lavin and will ,. . P l' - 1 I the role. k , . , ' i his d i D i.).4 streetsnger, gave s reni- Verney, Frederic owns, . , e , f -7 , 4$ .,-.- . ., open in November. Tina- ntielfor ' I ' " ter parties are currently ston backed him - like Sophia Loren. sI , 4, ,,.4 .. l ballads f tion of one of the most pop- Josip Elk and Donald El- . - . ' f - t uar aas o this era, son all contribute magniti- ,r- , ; , ,1 being scheduled. , .. 1 - i ,t; . "Mack the Knife." cently to round out this or?! j 4 , t " ," ,:. '.,- takes to the light- i I ' ' l' o i 4 , T Based on John Gay's "The masterpiece of musical I ' Begger's Opera," this three history. Buddy Collette, whose ex- Collette For e Ebll : the cast of "Bird- ., g i .3 ' . ' , ii 1.,,. 1 i, act excursion back into mer- "Mac the Knife" may be CIHRISTOPHER KNIGHT It Mir I tor 4 P., ,, ; A f , 1 A - 1 I - - I . .. .. , , p oys the title role in citing music. is heard on TV . iikkidgeffnams....oreoi ( WA'S Lives en a uengal Lancer, ono nix uwaurf, - I 10Lonrird" w Lintlivi Ai but it was not until 1954 that The decorative sets and never wanted to live long anyway-1 hate the thought Y 'a' a 11' as U.S. audiences witnessed costumes are the product of . of being an old man!" f T Marc Blitzstein's English t William Pitkin and reflect a . , , Tsla KEY 743 MI w '';' snare ordellil t, Joe Mankiewice has high Km ' derspiel mrj s l c adaptation of the work un- der the inspired staging of skillful approach to the ' ' lik' ., t um st ae l hopes for '"Justine," which Carmen Capalbo. The re- milieu. Samuel Matlovsky r C .. . . h. Toros! ,, wielded the baton for the e . --'' tit, .4,.. rir. Will combine all four of the Unusual Play By IERRY PAM, Editor - suits are now history. Laurence Durrell novels in The satisfying blend of small orchestra a ad cap- 1 i ' '':.. -N.., .,-1.0t, o ' - 7.'''I. . By ED REES 8 Wed., Oct. 19, 1960 VALLEY TIMES TODAY tured the definitive beat of . . one screenplay. His "dream the striking libretto cou- th id LAWS! cast": Liz Taylor as Justine, "Kinderspiel" is the cur- pled with Weill's memor- e pero. ' carmen Ca p al bo and 011011 e I 'Epos 1 al- pleasurable evening for the- . , utowe HE BROKE ALL 1HE - , RE.: Simone Signoret as Leila, rent attraction at the, Stage TEENAGE IDOLS Freshmen able music makes this a Stanley Chase have made a and Laurence Olivier, Bill Society Theater and a rare theatrical treat, ' . '' ' rs... I liolden, Laurence Harvey strangely disturbing drama GETTING OLD though there are some , 'p i nr l i dm ,., DCBEL ater goers. Let us hope their : g ' L H-AGE .- and Charles Laughton as i is, . Concert , shock values in "Three- hard work will be rewarded . jot ..... THEVEE al: 9 r A t " .1 . ' thin . wa 4c r . Alre.' their four leading men. ''' 1 Ini 3 C production ier for tion's younger set iuction marks A recent poll of the na- penny which might star- , Producers Sam Spiegel and a West ile piece, oast preme John Hardings ndi- r ar- cates such teen-age idols Slated tie some theatergoers who 'Tartars' To A , la Ba 4 '''''.,,, 4. Arthur Rank are at WAR t but ' ZuriaduMfD 1. c as Elvis Presley, Fabian are unfamiliar, with Gay's In London. They are both script was produced in Bos- and Pat Boone already The Four Fres'rmen, top; robust view of Ettgland in Tartars vvI. ". NO MI lo . l ,I poised to shoot identical plc- ton by the Ford Foundation are old by teen stand- ping the Concerts, roc. all- the 18th century. i .. , .,1 , tures about the late adven- sometime ago. Writer Hard- ards. ' jazz show in Santa Monica The 'presence of Lotte Roll Soon Attrt , t Y44 Ao 1 turer, T. E. Lawrence. Sam ing has also directed his 'Teen Magazine an- Auditorium Nov. 5, c a m e Lenya ' (Weill's widow) as ZAGREB, Yugoslavi . aDi- Arill!:1 Pa&lb,, , 1 has already sunk almost drama, and he has employed flounced today its nation- from the obscurity of a Day- Jenny was nostalgia person- rector Richard Thorpe, to!- - :':. $500,000 into preparing "Law- a carefully chosen cast of wide Poll turned up a list ton, Ohio lounge to the big ified. This remarkable ac- lowing two months of pre- --',.,,, itti, ,,, ,. rence of Arabia," with a players to bring it to life. of entertainers unheard time in one long jump. tress played the role in the parations and rehearsals, - Perhas the most disturb of by many of today's Bandleader Stan Kenton original stage and movie this week will begin filming , r ' , ' ,?-.' 0, 4,-.17-4 . ., . , , . script by Michael Wilson and -., $.1., Kw lvm'-- ,, - , ,,..., , . - otos - t David Loan, and claims it older generation. Lead- dropped in the lounge after version, A discarded spectacular battle scenes in ''''' -'i ) , ,''444:-:: - would be shooting now if in el p ement of "Kindersniel" s the , g - ers were Brenda Lee, a touring date, and was so young mistress of Mac- the historic valley of Gro- 4 ' , 11,14 ' I ,, ,I . Marlon Brand would give is that one can only feel that The Everlys, Dodie Ste- impressed with the local tat- Heath, who eventually be- benicke Polje for the Metro- ,r''.,' , ImN'Ar A 3- o, " ,, ,-0-- .., him a yes or no about star- the basic dramatic premise yens, The Corcotans and ent that he "sold" the quar- trays him, she is somewhat Goldwyn-Mayer r e l e a s e , ..- ,,,,; ,), '' ro , ring. of the play is never quite Joanie Sommers, with tet to Capitol Records by miscast but nobody will corn- "The Tartars." 04- .--. , - 41v.,.:4- "' t themes. emes. Joanie Sommers, -' Rank is ready, too, with brought to full fruition in the Presley, Fabian, Boone telephone next morning. plain too vociferously in this Nearly 20,000 will take part - . ' - ,: .t 14;tk A,,:t., -' , , "Rôss," in the scenes including 1 000 based on the same playing. , far back in the list, ac- Their first disc was a hit, regard. . 111 .1. ' , , . , ' il. character. with Larry liar- Harding's plot tells of a cording to the magazine. and the Freshmen hairy been There are many of the Tartar and Viking horsemen, 1 -:. vey as star. Harvey, I might mass walk-out of all the one of the 'big" acts in original off-Broadway vet- and stars Victor Mature and ' -, , , , , , , add, is quite an adventurer children of the world be. , 1 a show business ever since. erans also in the cast head- Orson Welles. Highly trained , - - - ',,, . . ,. . g ., himself. He has fooled us all cause they feel that they 'Amour P1C Co-starring on the Con- ed. , . by Scott Merrill, the Yugoslav cavalry troops, -"-' -.. , ,, ,, ,,, ' '' swy of Tad"'- out o s '',,,. by posing as an Englishman will never live to grow up certs, Inc. bill are the original MacHeath. He is colorfully garbed as the an- ' "' ''''''' . The Shot cking thing kith cro . 9 novell all these years. H He's really because of nuclear war- - le to Ye d blisterin 4- Led Vier sit's banned on á withhungers . Lithuanian. And he's REAL- fare. Their parents and H story I R a m a e 'y virile, dramatically exciting cient Vikings and Tartars, s pl I. e. a w 1 s Trio, and a Joy to behold. Estelle have been rehearsing the , .i. t' ; idnilot tOrr OrVIIICIbUrn ; Mt ' h. 9 leen" belling 09c1 LY going to marry Joan teachers, the police and f ' ." :.-: "pure Chica- Parsons, as Mrs. Peacham, scenes as part of their ac- ,,,,, "." , oedoriond. , , ,, s r niCidel Cohn, it seems. Her divorce even the Federal Govern- :' , ,. becoulan from Harry Karl will be fi- ment try to stop them I t eresting ,.... go" In style, is both a great actress and tual army maneuvers. n "4. -"'" and the new , ,..'z. , a war -0--:. , ..- .-: t-lsori'n.r.l.c,,-.:rw,----- nal Nov. 6 ' but in vain. In the end, . . -,4' A MIN twomett,tc Neon ... ' Harding t th ells the audience, - The widely discussed pro- 1. AIRN 44SIS Arur. , Lyman ri i i lgal hn that there Is little hope left vocative French film, Him fil : - lam , 1.1 INDICK VENETIA JAY C. , Jo Wayne and Shirley 44 - , nents p, Grou expo- of an itt St ,. - . .. , ,.. , ; . cuRisTopm NIG II .. IRAN. STEVENSOPELIPPEN 0 totsmil '' , , MacLaine signed up to play except in prayer. shima, Mon Amour," now N14 .4g '-'0.-.4',,',V1,?-44,,',',', : - , s; '''. :" . l', - ',,,',1 Imd anent ti 4110140,C' ' "exotic jazz" ': '' ''' -'''''''' - . , --'-'"----""-- . SIAM 44d ono et 1.,tott et 1.....m. ' CURT A "cameo" parts in Metro's The story is told by one of having a long run engage- 'it , a developed In ETNA ' '''''' . . t tuts LFARRELLitt R YORDAN . PING LERNER . !JAIME! ARTISTS tttRABIA - Big One for 1961, "How the the fathers whose children ment at the Beverly Canon , Joanie Hawaii, based , pictURES Ns .AN vtli, !, , 4 A 4e, ,. -,, - VIII1VINrwAIIklirMirgonf"VillgII..tiiMMI, 1 West Was Won." Clark Ga- desert him, and this charac- , ,, A --, . , ' Pius 2nd Mitt except OfilliellM, S141 d ;.tor ble, Debbie Reynolds and ter also works as the narra- y Theater, nearly missed its on Polynesian r , ,.. tef'. , , .. , 1344311$11 SOAR 303,4444 1 - Sr 1- I k 1 ' ' ' S Glenn Ford will also ap- tor for the play. Russell showing at the Cannes Firm the Venice high school 18. 1 'N' . v ' 111 r I IS TRANGERs ,,,, 1.,-,,,1.44. s,,- ' L. 4 - NOVAS L 411- ö 1,' I rear in the star-studded Johnson plays the role with Festiva l . ' a year old song stylist who '' .4 I . - ' a,. ' ,4. -.- de HAVILLAND.teent MITSINAWAtto SINATRA. I . salute to the Early West. deep sympathy and virtually Two hours before the show- recently hit the big time, , ,; ' '''''''''" StssPt 4to" GRAHAMEmooneK CRAWIORDvous BICKFORD r ; O'''. ,, '' ::':' . . . . s,s,P,S,DOSSf.,424 ' ,S,,,e, e.smoS guest stars on the pro- s44431,4e x ' . ' flawless acting technique. ing someone in the French I ; rIlt 1"1 PADIFIC DIDISINS i if' AT, TPIE ' 8. if' 'i , :,"I.7 Pill 42i , 116M4(111 LIMN ' 0- A pal asked Bob Hope if he Anne Barton Is seen as his foreign office decided that gram. , -,. A 4 6272 1 ed , COMER VERMONT to 4, :Ye 0 Z.'. Am 1 1 43 4s DIISSIN DRIVIIN Would attend the openings of wife and she, too, brings a it would prove harmful to , s , s Tickets for the concert , - ' .,',40 ' ' l' 0. 1 - ' ''"--214-' m 4 3144 DA 340511 those rival Emperors of In- professional touch to her per- Franco-American are on sale r . y , ; , le at the Southern -14 -, - 1 root win PAU MIMS'. l;;;; , It suit, Don Rickles and Jack formance that is most ingra- and sought to stop its exhi- California Music Co., all Mu- 41:' -,---, ' - '''-' tis' I - , ' , inrywma"" tem 1. 'ti $017rart right Urania .,;. , - i ' v,-, 7,-,-1;;;1- CULVER Ainsis ogiviaN DIDVSIN DlivISNI , , E. Leonard, on the same dating. Paul Bryar is seen bition. - 264, NI 344 n 133224 ell MU Le 4.11j7 eltilgi PA 14111 Di 331341 mei tual Agencies and the Santa 04 ; ;IT mot Ross .c.,1, , i '4 ; 04' i,1 '5 .......... , night "Nope," said Bob, as a kindly policeman and Finally , the matter was Monica Civic box office. ,, , 4:1111 stay home with the wife Helena Nash turns in her cleared and the film was CAllt10MiJAIY ik "t to - mere me ern ette et , ,?.. , t rim" "11 " al "um" VINELAND SEPULVEDA PICKWICK , , s, , ;. ; , , d CALITORMA DUNDALK GUILD It DIIVI-114 DIIVEIN DIM IN and kids and get insulted." usual topnotch performance shown. won the Critic's IA, 74111 04 woos Po; lea to prop SI 60520 TS 24723 . Composers Be - Team 1 ts 1,-..".0..0,Gc.,,,. ,'"g9 min. i ? IN i .1, I -. as a confused school teacher. Prize. "woo ta in Ammo A UNNINCSIOE PRODUCTION ; , Let - , kv,, li iltABDIEreNB I More than half of the large , Ned Washington and Diml- e, .,, 2tret SRO:4r CONAWNONOlantoni , if New c For ,,,,,,,, , N At F W cast is made up of children tri Tioinkin, Oscar winners t &Gip() , and since they were all for their song "High Noon," i MAN ON A STRING 'Studs loniganie" er - i , , Al Martin is writing spe- have teamed again for '.:. t ; ;TUT HASGERA" Ai am &fin equally excellent I shall men- , stattma a, IF, ,, 0, , It At , It , - s,, lion them in the order that cial material for a night club "Pretty Little Girl," featured t act starring David Winter, song in the Kirk Douglas ' ll IRNEST BORGNINE KERWIN MATHEWS . ' N, i they appeared. They were which will open at the Little film, "Day of the Gun," soon ' It'd It COLUMBIA PICTURE NI RDONPRODUCHON 2 ' it Cecil Williams, Bob Slade, a "I Club, San Francisco. to be released t 1.....,...egt LyziEpt. i N n r' . Cheryl Anderson, Eddie La- . ' s ----,,: ,4 1 ,,t Grasse, , Diana Reese, Fred -A--A-314-intotticktirkirkiricklit,,k. 'i 1111.15,1AA Trim, WV i a. VAN "" ""A" W "" A 1 al000... 0 ' ( IN' t ',:,, Sloan, Rikl MarcellioMichael - ' loTiis PICWOOD BAN NUS SAN VAL TOD ,,, V -,,,,k1 ,r 1 and Robbie Fresco - iPACIFICIDRIVE:INITHEATRES1 ' . P.04 1 1'1 7244I ;No III' 11;11 101114 ' 464 ) A 'abeth Fabian and Eliz . "v7L'ilit'T 7Z 1 st ;;;;;;tri1E'Dirr , ket stiitt cecIP:riNa ET Br Uo.isi:. SHOW STARIS At DUSK CHILDREN UNDER 12 FREE ma .;;tteiCiTs I::: iicc.. a , 1,:..,,, ,,,,:,-,a i , ,, The lighting Is credited to soma 11111114? 1 ,,,,,,,,, 14801 It S3986 8, o o4 ? MUM 0( 65961 ,. ' , . ,o. - !Robert, McKinney and the atamla Van Noon A Allen, Meadows LAUREL ) SnE1411,11EDA c Kni,11. Stemma OS APICOLtS ant a a. IVIIII LC T uncovers her clues and gets her man! .. - ;t, n ,;,,,i Z , IL ' sound Shelley Mitchell a , S , 'soun oy ice. ta .9251111 Lew. ay& COLLEGE CONFIDENT't F eSiTn12.S. 0L. 0 oNel NG itivNi 1 is n d rpmat litz;le we ow ion e ' Et CORNELL Az 3.71,, COIOEN GATE BALDWIN ILYMC 10.RnCE :.,,.0 4 4.1 N. oao New Seoul. IL of via,,, ER eth"34211 ""41 1"talg " "1" 1111" -4 A.74001 ,j, ' '.. , .' A , ,, i Tonite 8:30 Seats Now PIUS SHAKEDOWN NOT AS A STRANG t ' , , '.,,, , i et Ileetifiee, curt iuroons PICKWICK c.slatoNIG"A'N"11 VAN NUYS 1 AIM AT THE STARS , I '''''' t the Ending.. sc cot. mu cs WITH'VIEF , T.,.., or it might 1 ' TH.3.8728 114.7518 AN Mutual A lmed It Sinstre.O. StIleellteed ud , fr.-n a Aseestes W. loom NOT AS A STRANGER LI - MAIrig rSTRING BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! ILNRI MAL DAWN ADDAMS ausliort 116-,-,,,; Yours! ' MACK TH11 i MOSIM rPoomi Olt Itilik ill e- ' .'- a 11-dFTEkraft a KNtrrd , RESEDA P' Plewmen I. Wmowerd Henry FeMe int RESERVED . Ns.. .,,k. t.,. FROM THE TERRACE VICTORY ink Le . ., 0...A IL SEATS OMNI , OSCAR witor BRIGITTE BARDOT plays THE . HO I , NE !PLY It 11 000iNTO PI mai. 'aim ,.e4.441.4411t11. to room '''N. 801.3.18811 88I1814161E 1.08 ANGELES 1 , :1":" es 7NIAlsirtalaAD t 'Til:',.:7:1::' SIMMONS CHARLES LAUGHTON ...... an aetittl bet. too,notro l R 80, 82 20 Int TH., Sat., Mod. 81-.10 as 14,44 tpromm ihuN tot VMS DO ROBERT MORLEY ), I.111111 a. y ROBERTS I in Wayne Hi oi i "IN DS 0 JEAN KIRK DOUGLAS LAURENCE I I R (?..:!,,,,,:tp,'."'"1.1:77::,,,,,.,0,,son..17,ti::::rtte legSAIAR .1P1IT. II Ow THE TENDER ICSIASY OP I I. I lk 1""" " - 1 t 1 E.; 1,1!) 111f ii;tioaLsvpace it ON I -1 - IPM...1 Curt Jurgen , al BOGARD lijoal! ; 4 - 'AIN , rictotis Shay 4-Nk. i CAPLICIN Rotaninol. CORNELL THEATRE ;; , N."..". . 4 ---1:,,,A It r-Lit,:,1 . ,.., , Z.' ' ' ' irlfs-10'1" - I , " log SEPULVEDA & n IL 2 -La- LI 1,'. I 1 i r'ill-itaritt TICKETS IV .2 afi------- - i ' -;;-- 1 ..---t -- NOW FOR TECHNICOLO , immook' 41 Au: VOIR ealevillYCILAT - STANLEYWARNER THEATRE, BEVERLY HILLS 2404 WILIP1122 SOULEVAND st CANON DRIVE CI114121 DA 24794 CONTINUOUS PERFORMANCES: Feature starts at 2:20450-7:20 -9.45 ,,,040.1144411 owaumomAgek . CINERAIIIN .k,' ' , klieg0 iiNgrW 1. el.,- ' LA ST '771144,,,, . R ' I PICKWICK DRIVEINS t sTRAINIouR , WEEKS! iff TODAY 2: 8.30 1 . , AIIIIMMIIIMW 2, 2 SHOWS ; tiku v 11211 AILM attiolls lama wig-twos 11 , -1----N COMING WED., NOV.2nd I WL CO: Ctl aFM:ErtriEen) rev-----1- . CANOGA- PARK It- -.' 6' -.11-k--tiCINORAPIIA A F--,..E.,..r i,....8.,;,c.);-:?--- -- - LAUREL DRIVE INS I ; ---, REGULAR PERIOTA!Na.0 a WORLD'S GREATEST TTRACTION 11! 444 1111111111111MommonnomiendollIMA. I a".1 It It It It It It It It It lit i .; . ;IC MEP'S, RESERVED .75 .10 1 .00i 5 onto A 1 i wiOtt 11 qt LARSEN en STM t ;:3I ASADE ( AU' OREE - ATAGAR I 141ri,41

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