Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 10, 1969 · Page 5
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 5

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1969
Page 5
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New (x>mmittee encounters problems before meeting Editor's Note: When HepuUi- from two of the fi>-e Neero As- can Attembljnnan Bobert T.itembljr memberi wfaea be loU Mooafan became speaker of tbe oevsmen be bad (a*ored eilber AsKmbiy latt nKwtb be created'repeal or revisioa of tbe Btua Sign AssemblyinaB Leon Raljli. a Democrat rcpresesl- ing • larfe mJMrity area of Lot Anfelcf. aaU it was as nn- 1 new GOffloittf* to deal with ford Open Housias Lav •hen attics for WOton to chair a Flight fesf tbe maidco tbe jmUems of big citiM and that isns was befdre tbe iegis- fwmtttre dcaDag wiib arbaaiffiiM of tbe 747. the world's minorities. But before titt com-,Uture tm> years ago. adnUnoritjr problems u it;laigest commercial JetliDer. mtttec conM bold its first meet- WTison said be now considers wouVI bave been for Ralpb to ing a series of coatroverstestbe open boosing Uw a "dead bead tbe agriedtwt committee, tbrc^lened to limit iu effccUve- issue" because the stale and "If I bad been appointed tbe ness.) Engineers check wing finp on 747 jefiiner EVERETT. Wash. (CPl)-?the flight that be termed the Boeing Co. cngiam today j jumbo jetliner a "two-finser" tevesUgatad a minor wing Il'Piiin>bne that files "like a cteat p«ble« that cut. short tbely^ .^^j^. fbing. be meant the craft's control systems are so wdl iategrated they can be operated lecflands DoiV Facte AAondoy, Fab. 10, 1969 -5 Patricia Reilly Hitt all ready to stir things up in new job otberwiw successful Boeiag bad hoped to fly its biggest bird for two hours „iu, tw> fingers. Sunday. But when flight en-. . aui ««v "•»*"• Boeing has more than Jaoo L 5 Suoreme Courts have ruled chai.-man of the Agriculture Wallach observed mjon invested in 747 number By CRAIC A. PALMBR WASHINCTON (UPI)-At time when the emphasis seems to be against making waves. Pat HiU wanU to stir things np. Among the natioo's women, that is. Patricia ReOly HiU was the first woman named by Pres- tcommittee has been alerted ta;said. "I could spaak bar ^r a'be ready to go to work. i holding up the party Ilka this A committee of about 150 past! for a picture of the cake.' But national ofBcers of volunteer | then she's such a seatimeBtal- organiiations of all types, itiist." At the party markiag her Slst birthday. Mrs. Hitt eztendcd a represents 24 million women, i she said. "I would hope that this.lwarm. strong right hand to ident Nixon to a major position in his Administratioc. As a greatly expanded, would be the weD-wisbers. groups." white suburban San Diego dis- of opinion. But befors the committee's ""ict and the fact that the Both agrceu Monagan asked first meeiing: >-outhful legUIator is only enter- Ralph if he wouM be "inlerest- —IU new chairman was se- >°8 nis second two-year term in ed" in the vice chairmanship verdy criticized by members of tbe Assemb!>'. of the committee and Ralph Assembly minority groups; —Its vice chairman quit: —A breakdown in communications led to a misunderstanding between Monagan and a Negro assemblyman. Assembl}-man Pete Wilson. R- San Diego, named by 3iIonagan to chair the Cedgling commit' said "no I However. Ralph said he con- sUered that a firm offer by Slooagan. but Monagan saU be was Just exploring the posdbll- ities for a vice chairman. ' "Tbe vice chairmanship of that committee is a snbseivleat BOMBAY. India (UPI)-Po-^le.'' Ralpb tM a Police clomp curfew in Bombay tee ran mto open oppoaUoo lice clamped a curfew on the 'j^^^SfiiTr'A^niif^'::, sprawlmg city of Bombay today ^7 JiSS?,,^?'''^ in the wake of th«e days of ^Thi'^fS^ wlence that has taka the lives /^'ifriS! S^iJ^J ^^ll of at least 17 oersons |ierea ihe wee chairmanship but 71 .0 JXw uSSeffect " ^>."i<^f effect until The ,«ond spot on the com-PUshed. He jokingly added that •nw. '«n,.Z^t. t^-. .u 2!^ «s«to«« to test control usuaUy asks for The gotcmment alerted the Mexican - American Awembb- -three times more than TO can During a post flight conference. Waddell saU the trouble which occurred when hydraulic systems during the test "With tbe loss of one system. nudeus for finding ways mi Dr. Inabel B. Lindsay Intro- working out programs in which duced herself to Mrs. Hitt and Nixon supporter and campaign-,^'ohmteers. particulaiiy women, said. "I'm your sodal services er during virtually all his pubb'cicouU participate." I adviser, m case you didn't know career (she was co^halrman of i Mrs. HiU describes herself as lit" his campaign last fall), she is a close friend of Uie new HEW' Mrs. Hitt confessed she didnt eager to carry out one of his Secretary. Robert B. Finch, a i know it and ap^^giied. campaign hopes. fellow Californian (she is from ' Mrs. Hitt was named assist-. Orange County). She has The ranking woman in HEW ant secretary for community I worked frequently in the past is a mother of two sons by a and field services m the: with Finch m political cam-previous marriage—John Hamil- Uie flaps were set at a normal!we couldn't even detect it. and; 30 degree '«'M *i''g podtion dkl *>th the simulated loss of two. not appear during tesU after bydrauUc systems, we sUn had| the plane had landed. * very flyable idane." he said.; He said the problem did not' 'Hie huge plane. wiUi its Uil; bother tbe plane's handling udi stretching taller than a six-story; added that if a similar incident>i>U^8< ^ *i> awesome sight! occurred during a regnlarl «'* rolled down the runway for commercial flight H would takeoft probably go undetected. The' However. Uie four Pratt and jumbo will seat up to 490'Whitney engines which produced Department of HealUi, Education and Welfare. She feels too, 37, who is married, and ^0,. I Patrick "Rick" Hamilton, 22, a gently I senfor at the University of paigns. , "My great love is she's in just the right slot to|paigns," she said. „ ^ follow up Nixon's campaign lOngering a strand of pearls, "j; Southern Califonua. Her hus- hope of involving the "volunteer Uunk everybody has some kind Robert Hitt. 54. partner sector" of the public hi solving of a niche. I've always been aii° ^ public relations and pressing social problems. person wiUi a tremendous [""^nagement consulting firm An activist by nature, she told'amount of energy and drive." 5 ,*?^<l"a«^"d in SanU Ana. UPI in an interview Uiat shej It was for this reason, she wants to get the woman of the;added, that she diose the HEW up to do Airmcm sonfencod for domons I i 4i 11119 HAMILTON AFB. Calif, army io stand by as teaswn man Alex P. Garcia. D-Los An- do. persons. It is expected to go into commercial use in about a year. Tbe pQot said about 50 per cent of the objectives of tbe maiden flight were accom- about 39,000 pounds ot thrust each—more Uian twice the power of present jetliners- whispered rather than roared as the plane nosed into the sky. "I can't get over how quiet it is," one airline representative said. Quiet though it may be, the 747 demonstrated its tremen- country stirred something. "I am tremendously interest-'it,' ed in and mtrigued by the whole concept Mr. Nixon expressed during his campaign." she said. "I hope to be very much involved in that. position over other ofliers. "I wanted a challenge and I got she explamcd. They threw a surprise birthday party for Jlrs. Hitt the other day at her HEW office, and she was so struck by the She believes she may have colorfully decorated cake a staff (UPI)-Airman Midud R. spread through U>e dty. igeles. a freshman le^slator. Loda. 25. of San Jose. Calif., Life was almost at a But the next day Garcia re- hu been seateoced to a year at*standstill in Uie city center,!signed from Uie post and issued hard labor by an Air Force with offices and Aops closed a blast at Monagan sayhig his Court Martial JSoard fbr partid- and transportaUon lialted. There appohtment was "nothing less Itating in antiwar demoastra- was uncontrolled kwting by both than an afterthoughL" tions in unifomL adults and children. In many] Garda said bis resignation The seven-officer board hand- cases police stood bdplessly by. was "based on Uie firm coovic- ed down Uie sentence Saturday, '(raid to take acUon for fear of: Uon Uut Mexican-Americans after finding Locks guilty of two sparicing fresh violeBe*. lean no longer consUer posi' eounts of disobeying orders. The! The rioting was sparked oft tions previously rejected by board also sentenced him to aby separatist Shiv Sena activists' bad conduct discbarge, reduc-jand has been going on for Uiree tion in rank and forfeiture of'days. PoUce said Uie rioting. pay. was now being carried out by I which has a Democratk majori- lAcks, caned to active duty "antisocial elements" raUier ty inchiding Brown. Ralph and •s a reservist, helped organize Uian Uie activisu. They said Negro Acsembiymaa Bill Greene a GI and veterans march for they have arrested more thanD-Los Angdes. peace in San Francisco last: 1,000 persons since Friday. i Greene was the only one of October. He marched in uni- poUce daimed Uie trouble Uie five Negro assembly Demo- form and also appeared oo spots were confined to one craU who toW newsmen be television in his military garb— square mile ai«a of tbe city, both violations of orders. ! Mum'cipal auUioritics sakl rioters burned 20 buses. dam- Fads Classified Ads aged more Uian 175 and have Can Sell Aaythiag • smashed over 4.000 street Can -mva l Umps. Waddell was so pleased with dous power last week. the luicleus for such involve­ ment'by women in the Women for Nixon National Advisory Committee which she set up member had baked for her that she refused to cut it until someone took a picture. While someone went looking I during the campaign. The i for a photographer, a secretary Calif. Having a wife in Uie public eye is nothing new for her husband. Mrs. Hitt sakl. "He's kind of used to it because I've been involved politically for a long time." When Uie woman m Uie public eye takes a day or a weekend off. she likes to goU (she plays m Uie high 90's or low lOOs). "loves to garden" and enjoys sightseeing. SELL IT TOMORROW WiUi low-cost (Hassified Ads honorable men." Garcia asked keep him on the to committee wouU have accepted the v i e e chafamanship. 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