Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 1, 1952 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 5
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY I, 1952 FIVE Hotel Interest Poll Planned In Annapolis ANNAPOLIS 6<P)—Residents of Annapolis and Anne Arunde! County j will be polled to determine local interest in the construction of a one million dollar, 100-room hotel here. George W. Velenovsky. president of the Annapolis and Anne Arunciel County Chamber of Commerce, appointed a five-man committee to conduct the poll at ? meeting last night in the Senate chamber of the State House. A list of about 75 citizens, who had been previously contacted on the hotel proposal, was turned over to the committee heaaed by Harry T. Krause, Annapolis businessman. Krause said he would assign each committee member a group of persons to contact. If there is a good response, he said, those contacted would be invited to a meeting to discuss the hotel plan and decide on future action. Myron Hocke-ibury, president of the Hockenbury system, who made a survey of the city's hotel needs at the chamber's request,, had recommended construction of the hotel earlier this month. ' Hockenbury said the building would' cost $730,000. An aditional $150,000 would have to be spent for furnishing and equipment, $75,000 for the site, and $50,000 for financing and other charges. Sales of common stock or other junior securities could raise $635,000 of the $1,055,000 total, Hockenbury said, and'the rest would be obtained through a mortgage. STUDENTS TOUR POWER PLANT—This group of Allegany High School students above are pictured in front of two huge boilers in the River Plant of the Potomac Edison Company here as they toured the power unit. Standing in front of the boilers on the cat walk are, The MATURE PARENT It's Big Day When Child Shows Trust In Our Rule By MURIEL LAWRENCE When Ginny comes home from her first evening with her attrac- •was read to the small gathering of 10 persons at last night's meeting, Hockenbury said that his organization was "more optimistic in Annapolis having a hotel than any other community we have studied." Hockenbury warned that action on his proposal should "not be delayed too long." Another round of Inflation is likely when restrictions on building are relaxed, he said, and "we will look back to 1952 as a time when costs were relatively low." Society Lauded The Western Maryland Section of the American Chemical Society was recently commended for its successful celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of the American Chemical Society. Nearly 100 persons played an active part in the celebration by the society. Today the desert reaches to the sea in Libya. /or jt.'/tc»t-*»»OO<A titim 'all I After w beauty baft ... 1 Silque Beauty Lotion. Smooth it on revti '» its Knitting knoryi perfumed.' as when she left. She sits on the edge of our bed In the dark and says, "Mother, do She has made, they say, an "identification" with us. not as kindly, understanding, parents to whom she is emotionally attached, but as fellow human beings whose standards make some sense. you remember saying that what you | Nobody has forced Ginny to this sudden recognition of her mother can't have with self-respect, you can never really enjoy?" She does not wait for an answer, but continues, half - absently as as a person who has had to formulate rules because like Ginny, she too has felt temptation, weakness though she were thinking out loud, land fear. Nobody knows exactly "That means If I have to give Up the first man I've really gone for because" I don't believe in necking on a first date, I have to let him go . . ." Into the darkness we say, "Darling, he may come back and if he doesn't . . ." She leans to kiss us, says briskly, "I know. I have to stand by whatever he does . . ." and goes to her room. Ginny has just given us one of parenthood's Pulitzer Prizes. She has incorporated a, rule in her parents' set of values into her own Bet. She is struggling to solve a problem by tills rule, not because we believe in it, not because she wants our praise, but because she thinks It is a good rule that will work out her problem. By putting this rule of ours into use for herself, the experts tell us when the rule stopped being just words to Ginny and were suddenly there in her mind like a rod and strong staff in her hand. Her trust of the rules was involved with the past—with the afternoon we went back with her to the little girl's house with the toy she had taken without asking; with the cool, still peace following feverish defense of a lie; with the sound of relief in a father's "Well, I've done it" the day he turned down a big fee frcm the client whose business looked shady. So it was there tonight when our child wanted to take what fine could not, enjoy with self-respect. She flew blind on our rule just as a flyer flies blind on the beam without knowing the man who manipulates it. Sometimes older children do not achieve this trust of the rules, but that our daughter has just passed | j ns i s t on trusting us, instead. That's one of the test points in her maturing independence. I Or»g Starts £»«nrirter« l! FORD T S DRUG STORES Cumberland - Frostburg DO YOUR BANKING WHERE PARKING IS NO PROBLEM! CUMBERLAND SAVINGS BANK "M«mb*r of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.* Virginia Av«. al 2nd St. left to right, Henry W. Price, Cumberland District PE manager, Miss Mary E. Murray, social science teacher at Allegany High, and George M. Hitchcock, city smoke abatement engineer. The students were given a demonstration of the fly ash arresters installed at the plant. Parking Location Sought Downtown A central downtown parking lot is being considered by the Better Businessmen's Association and the group voted at last night's meeting to investigate the matter and report at the next session Thursday at 8 p. m. in the City Hall. Such a location is available on a long-term lease basis, the group reported, adding that the committee will continue studying all of the possibilities of the proposal, including plans for financing it. Much of last night's meeting was devoted to plans for an active membership campaign. Twenty-three merchants have already joined the group which was formed several weeks ago to work together for the improvement of the business and industrial life of the community. Members also discussed the possibilities of obtaining a number of smaller lots which would alleviate parking problems for the immediate area in which they are located. Hyde May File For Seat In Congress State Senator DeWitt S. Hyde, of Bethesda, here this week, said he expects to file as a Republican nominee for Congress from the Sixth Maryland District within the next ten days. Senator Hyde was accompanied by George C. Warner, a- member of the Republican State Central Committee from Montgomery county. Suppose Your Child Needs Aspirin In The Middle Of The Night? Advertlppment TODAY ... SEE- not so good, since we are imperfect and often disobey our own rules. Most of us have known of children who have suffered disillusion and even moral breakdown by suddenly discovering that the parent they How i°°<| <° •»", s !' 1°*™*! . . . ' , .. Children h»ndy for insUnt me I Approved by have trusted IS weafe and faulty. thousands of doctori. Your child will like H« Social workers With delinquent | orange flaw—you'll like not hiring ta breik children watch carefully for this | ° r . CU 'J|»bieti—each i«'/«;.dull dose. Don't . , ,.,, .. „ , . _ „. . .„ I wait, be prepared—buy St. Joseph Aspirin "identification" evidence. The big F or-Chi]dr«n today. 50 tablet bottle 39c. jday of a successful social worker is not the day that Joe says to him, I "I didn't hit him back because I knew you wouldn't want me to." iThough this is an important day for aggressive Joe, it's not the one for the celebration. The day for that is the day Joe says to his social worker, "I didn't hit him back because I remembered Ihe's just had his tonsils out and I could have laid him out too easy." 'That's the big day—the one that ; tells his friend that Joe has not I : been motivated by the desire to j | please a beloved human being, but ; by trust, in an impersonal principle 'of fair play. ; Il.'s our biff day, too, when our :boy.s and girls do not hesitate to take off blind on a flight because I1 hey trust our rule, our beam to i bring them safely in. Nurses' Census Being Conducted Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are needed for the County Civil Defense seiup, Dr. Leslie E. Daugherty, medical director, reports. A census of all nurses in Two County Delegations Urge College Improvement The Allesjany and Gatrett County delegations to the General Assembly have written a letter to the Mary- theiland State Planning Commission county js underway and Dr. Dau?h- i urging the completion of ihe pro- erty is mailing questionnaires to them asking for their services in the event of an emergency. Dr. Daugherty said posed improvement program at Frostburg State Teachers College., The communication was from that if [ Delegate 1 Charles M. See, chairman any nurse has not received a ques- of the Allepany County delegation tionnaire, "the oversight means that your name and address are not known. It is essential that every nurse who has not received the questionnaire request it." A joint committee on resources to meet military and civil nursing needs has been appointed by three nursing groups. They are: The Maryland State Nurses Association; the Maryland League of Nursing Education and the State Organization for Public Health Nursing. Short Gap Girl Has Rheumatic Fever The little Short Gap girl, Leona Mac Dixon. 13, who was admitted to Memorial Hospital Wednesday night has rheumatic fever, an attending physician reports/ Her condition is "improved," according to the physician. She is the daughter of William L. Dixon, Short Gap. Her mother, Mrs. Carrie B. Dixon, 33, left home sometime September 14 with a cousin and has not been heard from since. Video Shops To Open An occupancy permit for a radio- television shop was issued by the city engineers office to William Poling and Kenneth B. Shafer at 110 Frederick Street. in behalf of both defecations, to I. Alvin Pasarew, commission director. Miss Lillian C. Compton. president of Frostburg State Teachers College, will be in Baltimore today to make a personal plea ir> behalf of the nine-point $1,320,900 program recommended by the State Board of Education for tue Frostburg campus. The college president had the nine delegates from Allefany and Garrett Counties at the college for dinner Thursday, January 24, and at that time received a pledge of support from the legislators. Delegate See's letter, addressed to Director Pasarew, read: "In further reference to our telephone conversation of January 25 regarding Frostburg State Teachers College, may I state the following facts to be presented to the Mary- land State Planning Commission when the body meets on Friday. February 1, to consider building improvements for state teachers' colleges. "I have been authorized to speak for both Allegany and Garrett County delegations. We legislators have seen the urgent need for buildings on the campus of Frostburg State Teachers College. This is the only college located in Western Maryland and is serving a real need. It is doing an excellent job despite meager facilities and crowded conditions. Every passible inch of space and every hour of each day are being utilized at Frostburg Stat« Teachers College. This institution has served more than half & century and is accredited. It merits the improvements being requested by the State Board of Education. "We urgently request your favorable consideration of the building program for Frostburg State Teachers College. Please Include ths amount requested for the college in the capital improvements bond Issue which you will submit to th» governor." First Semester Ends For County Schools The first semester ended yesterday for Allegany county public schools and the second semester began today. Elementary school pupils will receive their reports Monday while high school reports will be given out when they are ready next week. Two holidays will be on the second semester calendar. The Easter vacation starts at 1 p. m. April 10 and ends at 9 a, m. April 17. The other holiday is on Memorial Day, May 30. June 13 is the final day of school. An eager French fisherman hauled up the first submarine cable across the English Channel the day] after it was laid in August, 1350. He thought it was an eel. Saturday Feature Pineapple Cream Cake 95c APPLE KOOKEM 45c CLINEBELL'S CAKE BOX 33 N. Cintre St. Phon« 6357 GOOD GOODS COME IN LITTLE PACKAGES Birthstone Rings For February REDUCED . . . ^ _ J Jus; in time for your birthday and for birthday giving S. T. Little's is reducing 25'-. in price a selected aroup n( Amethyst Rina (birthstone runs for Frbnnry'i. Thr AmPtiiy>t •,:• no! nniy popular as a hi: throne b!K ha* a l.ircf lol!<w;r,5 ot ;.!in?r \\-\\r\ ndm;;T ;hr -tonr fny i;.= colorful pi;;-plr hr.iuty. Come in tod,U' and s-rlrct you;-.- H; ;!i??o Rrrntly reduced prices. Regularly Priced from £12.00 to $50.00 OPEN A CHARGE OR BUDGET ACCOUNT the BIG NEW 5 52 FORD now on display at the St. George Motor Co. Cumberland's "Friendly Ford Dealer for over a Quarter of a Century" LOOKING FOR A BUYER? FOR THAT USEABLE USED CAR (1) Describe It Fui!y (2) Price It Right Then your Buyer is in sight! A Times-News Ad's Ail you'll need To tie-up the deal At Full Speed . . . JUST CALL THE TIMES-NEWS WANT ADS 7 S. Mechanic St. Telephone 4600 8IGVOWM£, LOW PROFIT POUCY8KIMGS YOUR k CRISCO 3 CAN 89* KINGNUT OLEO V 2 Mb. eort. 43C Fancy Alaska SALMON £ 45c Our Leader COFFEE 71c , b . Early June PEAS 2 «. 25c Armour's Milk 6 cans 79c Domino Sugar 10 Ibs. 93c Tomato Juice 46-oz. eon 29c Pink Salmon Ib. con 57c Oil Sardines 2 cans 21c Keyko Oleo Ib. 29c Hunt's Catsup 2Jge. bf-ls. 39c Roast Beef 12-oz. can 59c Corned Beef 12-oz. can 43c Potted Meats 3 cans 20c SNOW CAP PURE LARD 2 '* 39c SWIFT'S Swiftning 3-lfa. Can Vienna Sausage can 17c Pure Fruit Preserves ....... Ib. jar 23c Dill or Sour Pickles qt. jar 29c Tomato Paste 2 cans 19c Lik 'Em Peanut Butter Ib. jar 43c Apple Butter 28-oz. jar 19c Whole Strawberry Preserves 12-oz. 34c Del Monte G'fruit Juice 46-oz. can 25e Perk Washing Powder . . . Ige. box 23e Assorted Candies Ib. 19c GREEN CUT BEANS 2 N * 25c Public Pride SALAD DRESSING 43c 2; 2 JruitJ PRODUCE 25c 23c 19c 25c 25c LARGE HEAD LETTUCE FANCY SLICING TOMATOES NEW OR OLD CABBAGE 2 for Ib. Ibs, YELLOW COOKING FANCY EATING or COOKING APPLES 0 |bs. 3 Ibt. HONEY BRAND COOKED PICNICS 39c „ HONEY BRAND WHOLK HAMS 53c I: ARMOUR'S CRESCENT SLICED BACON 29c ,„. • FULL DREST • YOUNG ROASTERS LB. CHUCK ROAST . . .Lb. JUICY SIRIOIN STEAK Lb 59c STANDING RIB ROAST Lb. 53c PORK CASING SAUSAGE Lb. IEAN PORK CHOPS All MEAT MINCED LUNCHEON ..... Lb. SKINIESS FRANKS ....... Lb. All PORK SAUSAGE 39c PRESH GROUND UAMBL'RC; Lb WRSON'S SMOKED SAUSAGE

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