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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 18

The Evening Newsi
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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PAGE EIGHTEEN THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1921 OBITUARY .1 Dance Postponed The T. H. S. '22 Club dance which was scheduled for last night at Win-terdale Hall has been indefinitely postponed. Home Play Work School Study Sports The School Evening News (For the Elementary Grades) Elitcfl by MARCATtET E.

WILSON and JOHN H-MILLAR children also survive! Miss Anne Schaner, of Llngrlestown, and Dr. C. chaner and Miss Ruth Geyer, of this city. Funeral services will be held afternoon at 2 o'clock at Union Chapel, Llngleutown. Burial will be in Willow Grove Cemetery.

ISAAC WILLIAMS The. Patriot-News NO. 141 EVERY DAY Advertising- in slls the goods. TUESDAY, MAY 3, 1921 ILInglestown, FLORENCE FREESK HEADS CLASS la ins rtkuun wnw ibUid DOGST0B5ES When the 1 monthly reports were given out last weok In Miss "TViETEACHEn THAT WENT cramis ITCHY HUB Eshenower's room Shimmell School; Funeral services for Isaac Williams, 89 years, old, a lifelong resident of Lykens, who died yesterday afternoon at the home of his daughter, Mrs. William L.

Daniels, 1738 North Fifth street, were held this afternoon at 4 o'clock, at Mrs. Daniels' home. The Rev. Dorsey N. Miller, pastor of Fifth Street1 Methodist Episcopal Church, officiated.

Further services will be held on Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the home of his grandson, Albert Williams, Lykens. Burial will be In the Lykens Cemetery. Mr. Williams, who was a blacksmith at the Lykens mines for more than forty years, is survived by four daughters, Mrs. John M.

Richards, Pittsburgh; Mrs. W. L. Daniels, of this city, and Mrs. Anthony Hill, and Mrs.

Annie Chapman, of Tacoma, Wash. Eleven grandchildren and great-grandchildren also was found that Flor ence Freese stood first MRS. MARY KENNEDY Funeral services for Mrs. Mary E. Kennedy, 41 years old, wife of Elijah Kennedy, who died Saturday evening at her home, 820 Cowden street, will be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock In the Asbury Methodist Church, Herr street, with the Rev, R.

F. Bedford officiating. Burial will be in Lincoln Cemetery. Besides her husband, ehe Is survived by two daughters, Elizabeth and Alma; three brothers, Arthur and Daniel of this city, and Harry Washington, of New York, and an aunt, Mrs. Luther Brown, of this In class standing.

The reports were all good with Carleton Stover standing second; Ame 11a Roth, third; Mar garet Douglas, fourth. HENRY FORD IS NOWAiLLER DETROIT, May 3. Henry Ford has become a miller for his own employes. He'la making flour from wheat he raided on his own land and selling it in his own stores. He sells twenty-five pounds for ninety-eight cents and a barrel for $7.80.

Other stores here charge $1.26 to $1.45 for twenty-five pounds and $12.50 to $14.50 a. barrel. Mr. Ford has thousands of bushels of wheat that he raised on his own estate stored in his elevator. It is being run through his mill which is the la'test in His farm work is done with Ford tractors.

Form Co-operative Buying Association Farmers in the Williams Valley, numbering thirty-seven and representing Dauphin and Schuylkill Counties, have formed a Co-operative Buying Association whereby they hope to be able to economize In the buying of feeds, seeds, fertilizer nd other farm needs. The officers are Henry Snyder, Odis Zimmerman, vice president; Charles Mlnnlch, secretary, and Oscar Herb, treasurer. Those four with Charles Kessler constitute the first board of directors. The farm bureaus of Dauphin and Schuylkill Counties arranged the and George Shank fifth. Florence Is a mem ber of the school pres club.

sings to her, and then Midge sings too. Last week my grandmother was upstairs, and my (uncle had a basket of baby chicks In the kitchen, and one fell into the- coal bucket. Midge went up and down the stairs harking-; and pulling my grandmother's skirts with her teeth, and at last grandmother went down stairs, and followed Midge to the coal bucket, where- she found the chick. Midge was given to my uncle by a family who moved to an apartment and could not keep her, but my uncle wants to give her away. By Harold Fifth Grade, Melrose School.

DOG STOIUES My uncle liad a little white and brown spotted dog. Her name is Midge. Every day she comes to our. house and sings at our back door until we leave her In and give her some meat. She la very funny about what she eats.

She smells what we give her, and if It Isn't meat, she walks out and goes home. Sometimes, the boys and girls get her to sing on the street. One day my. grandmother had her sing for the baker at the front door. My little sister is a year and a half old.

She hugs and, pats Midge and DATE FOR DFOROE HEARING James Jackson, master in divorce In the case of Effle vs. Mark F. Clouser, has decided to hear the case in his 218 Commonwealth Trust Building, on May 12, at 11 a. m. The little ball on the WEEKLY EROGRAM Pleasing The pupils at the Steele School greatly enjoyed the weekly entertainment given In the school auditorium last Thursday morning.

The program follows: Story, "The Legend of Arbutus," Ruth Gastrock; song, "My Mammy," by Helen McCurdy and Mildred Reitzel; story, "How We Come to Have Umbrellas," Mercedes Beshore, At the close of the program, a yell was given by the entire school for the newly organized orchestra. The cheer leaders were Ben Hoffstot and William who led the yell: Two! Four; Six Eight! Who do we appreciate? Orchestra! Orchestral -ORCHESTRA! NEWS OF YOUR CLUB want it for this Write up each Include an announcement: of the next, and send it all in. Let us have your news "while It's case, Our seventh grade caught after a chase, On Face and Hands. Very Hard and Large. Face Disfigured.

"Pimples affected my face and hands. They were very hard and large and itched and burned 80 that I could not sleep, and my face became disflgured. The trouble lasted about three weeks. "I tried many remedies but nothing helped me. I read an advertisement for Cutlcura Soap and Ointment and sent for a free sample.

I purchased more, and when I had used six cakes of Cuticura Soap and two large boxes of Cutlcura Ointment I was completely healed." (Signed) Harry Etken, 520 McClellan Philadelphia, Pa. Use Cuticura for every-day toilet purposes. Bathe with Soap, soothe with Ointment, dust with Talcum. 1U Iwk Fmkr Mull. A iimt: "CiUmt lib-nutte, D.t.

H.kaidtfi Sold whrreHop Sc. 01 ntmtnt 26 nd Se. Talcum e. Cuticura Soap din without raut ICS Mamma laughed to see TH1 I HOW XtWEftT OVI.R us run, And baby died from the A Contributed by the Seventh grade, St MRS. REBECCA BAKER Mrs.

Rebecca Baker, 80 years old, widow of G. W. Baker, of Llnglea-town, widely known In that section of the county, died Sunday at her home, after a lingering illness due to the infirmities of old age. Mrs. Baker was a member of Mt.

Zlon Reformed Church, and to the time of her death, manifested an unusual interest in the general welfare of the community In which she resided. She is survived by the fol lowing children: Miss Minnie Baker, at home; Dr. John N. Baker, of Lykens; Dr. William F.

Baker, of Philadelphia and Mrs. John R. Geyer, of Harrisburg. The following grand- Dioabatr. HUSBAND AND WIFE BOTH SICK Mr.

and Mrs. Andrew Comer, Shenandoah. were both 1U. He writes: "Rheumatism and bladder trouble, was our trouble. My wife had rheumatism In her arms so she could not use them, She has had no trouble since taking Foley Kidney Pills.

I don't have to get up at night so much since taking Foley Kidney Pills, nor have I a weak back." Backache, sore, swollen or stiff muscles or joints, tired languid feelings yield quickly to Foley Kidney Pills. Sold everywhere. Lawrence School. SCHOOL YELL A-D-A-M-Al sage I In fact, I not walling. That's the way we spell it.

Here's the way we yell plunk: (A Dingbat.) If there's anything I like i About late Spring and I Summer it's It ADAMS AVENUE SCHOOL! By Vernon Mitchell Sixth grade, Adams Ave. School, Tyrone Baseball. I don't know why, but Baseball always lias been my favorite I've -Got a catcher's mlt of My own and It's Plunking. For two weeks now. John S.

I Why are dingbats? To give us something to read and something to write. You read them do you right them? They're as easy to make up eating, pie or easier. Try one and send It In. POMEROY STEWART DIVES, 929 Norwood Mel rose School, age IS. Esther M.

Clelam 315 Buckthorn St. i outdoor Sport. Gosh 1 can't wait till I hear The old ball plunking, i Snugly In the catcher's mlt. TODAY IS THE BIRTHDAY OF Edith M. Bock, 232 S.

Thirteenth Webster; School, age 10. James M. Guthrie, 2100 Swatara Melrose School, age 13. Oscar Heffleflnger, Webster' School, age 12. Yesterday, May 2 Harry 1 R.

McClain, ORGANIZE BALL. TEAM Boys of the Relly School have organized a baseball team -and have announced that they will be glad to play any ether grammar school team In the city, and will make engagements for-any day except Sunday. i -The team' line-iip and substitutes include: H. D. -Jones, J.

Russ, Ensig, L. Carol, Gottlieb, H. Rhine, C. Rice, Wimer and G. Murry.

TODAY'S GREAT Person May 3 Your: Birth-, tgo ry C. Meigs, an American general, who, as first lieutenant of engineers, built many Important United States forts. He "was born Friday, May 3, 1816,. In Georgia, and died In 1892. MAKING! GARDENS Making gardens Js popular among the pupils of the Vernon School, as a look at the lots and vacant ground around the school, to the rear and at the side of the building will show.

The' ground has been turned over, and half a hundred garden plots are under cultivation by the energetic boys and girls' who spend much of their leisure and recess period In caring for theif gardens. If ground was, available, It 'is said'there' would be an even-larger number of gar-' dens, for many of the pupils, who have not made gardens would do; so, if more ground was procurable near the school. YEP r- "How. much time did you spend on -this lesson last "About "two hours." "Sitting on it?" Marietta, age 16. A Sale of Silk Dresses, Georgette, Taffeta and Satin at $12.

75 NUTS TO CRACK and Jim were on a hiking1 trip. They arrived 'at a stone wall, which' they had to climb over. On. reaching the top they stopped a minute to catch their breath. Said Jim to John, "When is a' stone Wall like a Ash?" (Yesterday's: "Why Is the letter 'A' like a honeysuckle?" Because, a bee follows It.) A FAMILIAR QUOTATION (Who wrote It.) The better the day, i the better the deed.

Yesterday: "Hit the nail on the head." I John Fletcher "Love's Cure." i DEW TELL! "When the rain falls, I does it ever rise I again?" "Sure." 1 "When?" "In dew time." TILE BIRTHDAY CLUB Fill out this coupon and mail it to THE SCHOOL EVENING NEWS, Patriot Building, Harrisburg. Your name will be placed on our membership roll and will be published on your birthday. Name 'Address School -Age. Birthday MAKE A GARDEN SHORT AND QUICK Ash haulers raised their rates five cents a barrel or fifty cents a load at Hazleton. The Zlon Lutheran; congregation Earlier Prices of These Garments Were $25 and $39.50 The material alone in these dresses cost pretty close to what the finished dresses are selling for in this greatly reduced offering.

These garments are fashioned of those wonderfully popular fabrics: Georgette, taffeta and satin, and the colors are those most favored by fashion this sea-' son Navy, copen, grey, brown, black and rose. Sizes 16 to 42. This is an unusually fine showing of distinctive dresses and the price has been lowered to a surprisingly low level considering the quality of the garments. at Sunbury is planning to erect $180,000 church edifice. Celebrating May Day, 1000 miners at Wilkes-Barre, who had been on 'strike, returned to work.

The Mennonites of Eastern Penn sylvania are convening in a confer ence in Reading this week. Bethlehem will promote a com Attractive Voile and Gingham Frocks Offered at a Tempting Low Price Range munity chest campaign for $125,000 this year for local charities. An overdose of headache tablets yesterday caused the collapse of Miss Harriet Snyder, bank clerk, at Ches ter. 195 to $30.00 Joe Hirst, 'a former well-known pugilist, in Philadelphia yesterday from wounds received when he was shot in a hold-up. Posing as revenue agents, thieves got possession of eight barrels of whisky from the farm of Christ Thoughts now turn quite naturally to more Sum-( mery attire, for the warm weather demands a generous! supply of frocks for the numerous outdoor Fortunately this year the problem of augmenting one's wardrobe is so much simplified because of the moderate! prices on pretty ready made, Summer Dresses.

Keiser at Summit Hill. Thomas Neary and Earl Snyder were buried beneath a rush of mud and water at Richard's Colliery, Mt. Carmel. They were rescued. Joseph Blakely, 34 years old, per ished in the burning house from which his wife and four children escaped at Chester yesterday.

Voile frocks the coming season are particularly lovely, not alone because of the delightful fabric itself but because such splendid style has been put into them. Cool comfortable and fashionable, these dresses will add a wonderfully distinctive touch to any woman's Summer attire. Women jurors saved the day at I'ottsviue by responding for service when only one-half of the grand jury men turned put for court yesterday. The Rev. Dr.

F. K. Huntzlnger, of Reading, who died yesterday, may Dives, Pomeroy Stewart, Second Floor. Wash Goods of Quality and Dependability Very Attractively Low Priced Percale, neat figures and stripes on white ground. Special, yard.

45c Beach Cloth, 36 inches wide; solid shades. Per yard. 49c Wash Suiting; extra fine 'cloth for youth's suits and rompers and for house dresses. Per 40c Plissie Crepe in pink with Blue Bird design. Per yard, 25c 29c Percale, 36 inches wide; neat stripes and figures.

Per yard 19c 29c Gingham, cheviot finish, suitable for work shirts and dresses. Per yard 50c Pongee silk finish; neat and fancy stripes; fast colors. Per yard 35c Dress neat plaids for children's dresses. Per yard Dives, Pomeroy Street Floor. be aptly termed the marrying par son," having tied the knot for 4277 Gingham frocks, too, are unusually becoming and the range of styles is wide enough to satisfy every mood and fancy.

Dives, Pomeroy Stewart, Second Floor. couples. Lancaster is the scene of two Lutheran Synods this week. The Har risburg Conference and the Lancas tV' ffiaS grik ike ter Conference are both holding ses sions there. Attempts to amend the emergency 1 mL, WMIM-' immigration bill failed in the Senate at Washington yesterday, but delayed a finel vote.

Leaders said the bill 'pi would pass Three Cents will keep one human beinp; alive for one day in a part of the world where humans are dying as flies die here in the Summer time. China Life Saving Stamps are being sold at a special booth on the Street Floor. As a result of a war among the Greek shoe shine parlors at Union town, "shines" have dropped again to five cents, or 800 per cent, within toe last few days. John D'Orazlo, paying teller of the American Bank and Trust Com Plain pany, Philadelphia, has been charged with embezzling $20,000.. D'Orazio advanced from office boy to teller in five years.

Marble, Light Fruit After months of wrangling, Allen town City Couucll adopted an ordi A Satisfying List of Grocery Savings for Wednesday nance shearing the city engineer of amn Savings Up to 50 Feature This May Offering of Notions mid Sewing Needfuls! Folks who are planning fresh new Summer attire have been quick to take advantage of this May Sale of potions and the minutiae of things needed for sewing. A wonderfully complete, stock greets you on the Market street, aisle table and thrifty dressmakers amateur and professional will find that the prices have been lowered to an extent that really, notable savings are offered. all his The council wants speedier work on house sewerage and street paving. By order of the city superintend ent of schools, exercises along the lines of Americanism and flag-raisings werecdnducted in all the Lancaster public schools yesterday. It will be an annual May Day event -WRAPPED IN- Sugar Cured Boneless Bacon, Sliced 22c .25 -A- Judge Bechtel, of Schuylkill County, yesterday imposed sentences totaling 200 years on defendants.

The charges were mostly of theft, and the stiff sentences were Glasine Paper imposed to end the prime wave in the county. Flavo Flour--A good pastry and; bread flour, 12-lb. sack. Leslie's Household Ammonia, large, bottle'. 21o; Major General Peter C.

Harris, ad jutant general of the army, declared himself responsible for the release of Grover Bergdoll. the millionaire draft-dodger, before the House In Tomato Tin Cushions. 7c IJngm-le Tape, white and flesh; bolt 5o 15o Shoulder Strap Tape, white and flesh; yard Nos. 25 to 87 White Rlc-Rac Braid, bolt .12 25c and 30o Best QnaUty Cameo Embroidery Edging, white, pink, bine, copen, red, lavender; bolt I 19c and 21c Embroidery Edging, white, pink, blue and red; J. and P.

Coats Spool Cotton, Rpool 7o 125 yards spool Bclding Darning Silk, spool 5c Celluloid Thimbles. 10c White Metal Thimbles. Crescent Darning Needles, assorted, 4-8 paper. 15c and 20c English Pins, paper, 10c 10c DeLong Press Buttons, 3 cards for 10c DeLong Hook and Eyes. 3 cards for 25c 25c DeLong Hook and Eye Tape, yard 20c Star Mercerized Darning Cotton, ball 5c 15c and 20c Wire Hair Pin Cabinets 10c Gem Hair Nets, cap shape, dozen 49o 25o and 50o Mounted Ear Combs 15c SUk Sew-on Hose Supporters, pair 85o Sew-on Hose Supporters, white and flesh; pair .190 8-yard Tubular and Flat Corset Lawrs, white and flesh.

6o Children's Sockets, white, pink, blue; pair 8c Kotex Destructible Sanltay Napkins, dozen 49c 59c Hickory Baby Pants. 60c Lawn Dress Linings. 45c 75o Net Dress Linings. 6o $1.25 Silk Dress Linings. 10c Shoe Trees, Jo vestigating Committee at Washington, yesterday.

8HAMOKXV VET I1V 40 CIVIL Bartlett Pears, large can, 27e: 1 dozen $3.15 Del Monte Sliced Pineapple, per can, 27c; dozen cans. $3.00 Karo Syrup, red and blue labels. 2 cans for Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk, 4 cans $1.39 Gluten Casein Cake Flour, 2-lb. sack Ceresota Flour. 12-lh.

WAR BATTLES DIES AT 81 SHAMOKIN, May 3. James D. Har WHEN LEAVING THE OVEN AND PACKED IN Odor-Proof Sealed Packctges ris, 81 years old, a of the Civil War, and retired anthracite coai miner, died at his home here of complications. He wks a member of the 131st 10c cards Kohl nor Snap Fasteners, 4 cards for 10c cards Tinco Snap Fasteners, card 5o 5c Swan Snap Fasteners, 3 cards for 10c Pennsylvania Infantry, a famous fighting crew that during the Eagle Brand Asparagus, largA cans 29oj Dives, Pomeroy r'; basement, Battle of Antletam was reduced to twelve men. He was also In forty jothar battles.

Ives Alain-Floor,.

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