Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 9, 1973 · Page 25
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 25

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1973
Page 25
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Mrs. Rolx'rt Morris (ians Family Living Today Candlelight Vows Unite Couple * LUDELLEBRANNON ^ Women's Editor A 6 p.m. candloliKht cei'emony in the First United Metiiodist Cliurcii of Montgomery, Ala. was the setting when Elizabeth Spidle Meriwether and Keith Brooks Sti'ickland repeated vows uniting them in marriage Thursday, Aug. 16. Dr. Paul Dufley officiated the wedding cei'emony. Mrs. Dorothy Gari'ell presented the nuptial music. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mis. Lee Wilkerson Meriwether, .Jr., 2172 Fernway Drive, Montgomery, Ala. and parents of the bridegroom are Mrs. Edward McKinnoii .Strickland and the lale Mr.. E d vv a r d M c K i n n o n Strickland, of Panama City. The bride was given in marriage by her father, Lee W. Meriwether ,Jr. She wore a formal gown of i\'ory organza over taffeta featuring a scalloped neckline, empire Ijodice and c a p s I e e \' e s . rie-emhroidered allover alencon lace with seed jjcarls and crystals enhanced the bodice. The front of the skirt f(>atin'ed a |)anel of smocking edged in ;ilencon lace. She wore a cathedral length veil of candlelight tulle and alencon lace, and carried a cascade b()U(|Uel of stephanotis, white and lily of the valley. Mrs. ,)ack Parks of Montgomery, Ala. .served as matron of honor. Others attending were Miss Carroll Chandler and Belh Chandler of Montgomery; Miss Mel King of Andalusia; Miss Tina Cummings of Nashville, Tenn.; and Ba r ba ra Buzze11 of Pensacola. Th(^ honor allendants wore gowns of i\'ory P'nglish galloon lace fe;iluring high necklines edged with a ruffle of lace and seed pearls. Satin bullous lined Ihe front of the empire bodice, long sleeves had deep culls and the skirt gathered ,n the sides and acros.^ Ihe back had scalloi)ed hemline. They carried casc;ides of lalismaii, li'opicana I 'oses and small yellow lilies. Mr. Robert Turner Leigh of, Ala.; ser\'ed the bridegroom as best man. Clroomsmen and ushei's included Mr. Bill Leigh, .Jack Leigh, both of Tuscaloosa; Edward M. Strickland, Atlanta; Russell .Jinks, r^anania City; Don Ev;ins; .John Barnett, Moiiroeville, Al;i. Tim I"iK|ua of .Nashville, Tenn. .'ind Rick Long of I^'orl Walton Beach. Following the cenMiiony a reception was held in the Montgomery, Country Club hosted by parents of the bride. The coupli will lesi.le in" Fleming Gans Wed .\iilied brass c;indclal)ra Willi biiiniiig lapers tl;uiked* by c a I li ed r;i I brass candelabra eiilwiiied wilh Fnglisli ivy formed Ihe altar background for \dws spoki'ii by Miss Maxie l''leniiiig and itobert Morris ('..•ins In .a doubli' ring ceremony Saturday, Se|)i. H ,ii ;i p.iii. The iie\'. l)e\\('\' l'"leming, cousin of llie bride offici.aled Ihe service in Ihe l'"irst Methodist Church. Fan shajx'd arraiigemeiils in l)rass slJiiidards of white a g a p a n I li ii s , y e 11 o w carnations, gypsopliilia and sprengerii fern highlighted the s.ancliiary and church foyer. Magnolia leases wilh l)urning t;ii)ers accenled the window recesses. The liride is Ihe daiighler of Mr. ;md Mrs. .Vla.N Fleming, 211 ilollis Ave., and p.arenls of Ihe liridegrooin are Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Cans, 2507 Clemson l)ri\'e. Mrs. .Jerry Ilollis, organist, jirovided . Ihe nuptial music. The bride, given in marriage liy lier father, wore a Balene crciition fe;ituring a filled bodice fashioned on empire lines of white silk organza. Alencon lace appliciues wilh pe;irls enhanced the bodice and full sleeves. The lace neckline formed an original mandarin look at Ihe liigli rise collar line and seed pearls outlining a V-neckline affect accented Ihe bodice front. Matching lace bordered the and the edge of the cathedral veil of silk illusion. She carried a cre.sceni of |)halaenopisis orchids, lily of the valley, yellow roses, English ivy and gypsopliilia. Maidens of honor were Kay and Miss Kim Fleming, sisters of the liride. Bridesmaids were Miss Betly Hunt, Mary Lynn Baltaglia,,Jan Mclnish, and Miss .Judy doodson. Tli(> honor attendants vsore halter dresses of yellow, and green floral chiffon oNcr green and carried formal nosegays of yellow with sjirengerii fern. Their headpieces were circlets of small oncidium orchids. The bridesmaids were altircMl in companion ensembles lo Ihe honor attendant's atlire fealuring yellow linings lo their coslumes. They wore halo head|)ieces of yellow miniature oncidium orchids, and carried formal nosegays of yellow roses wilh Spriiigerii fern. Jeaiiie and Julie .Johnson, cousins of the bride, wearing long yellow empire dresses .ser\'ed as flowergirls. Tliey carried baskets trimiiicd with lace and edged with rosebuds conlainiiig yellow rose petals to .scatter before the bride. ,Jay Moody served as ringbearer. ,J()hi; ' Jheesliiig served the brideginoni as best man. Ushers v.ere Phil Craves, Luther Lewis, Bill Bennett, Ceorge P'leniing, brother of the bride ;uid Rusty (Jans, brother of ihe bridegroom. The ino'.her of Ihe bride w ;is .iltired in a geranium |)ink Moor lenglh chiffon, wi'l il-covered bultoiis ,ii . .Miliug the front of her J o\\ n. She carried a minialiire nosegay of white roses and gy|)sophili;i. The mother' of the bridegroom wore a long gown of green chiffon fealuring ;i smocked bodice and cuffs with a full skirl. She carried a miniature iiosega>' of while roses and yellow g\|)sophilia. Mrs. (;. M. Fleming, grandmother of llie bride wore ;i white cynibidiiim d r c h i d c o r s ji g e complenienl.iry lo her ensemble. A receplidii w;is held iiinnediaii'ly following Ihe ceremon>' in Ihe liome of the bride, 21 i Ilollis Aw, The receplion ;ire;i \\;is inviliiig wilh .1 Di;miie fount.aiii cenlering Ihe circiiliir dri\'esuri'niiiided bv y e I I o w M ,1 n d ;i I a .v chry.saiitlieiiiiuii plants .ind white ca l.'idiuins. The drivew.'iy eiilr.ance roped off by g;iii;mds of sprengerii f( I 'll was coiuiecled lis' sciilpliired clierubslalues, The eiitrmice was graO'cd by I wo boNWood lopiary Irees, yidlow mandalas' cliry.sanllieiiium planis JIIMI cal.'uliiims. Floating in Ihe pool were vellow roses on M ;\V .S -in;r{.Vr,f ),l'iiniii..a(i(y.Mii..SiirMliiy..Se|)(emlMT!). I!»7:{ I'uge IC Camellia Society Opens Season 'riorida's l-aircsl Of The Fair* Miss Bastendorf Weds Harold Wright Bell Jr. In beams' ;ind serenljy Miss Sli.'iron Ami Bastendorf became the bride of Harold Wright Bell, .Jr. The ceremony was held al 7 p.m. Saturday Sejil. 8 al Ihe Cove Baptist Church. Parents of tlij^ newly wedded cou|)le are Mr', and Mrs. Donald 1). Baslendorf, Mrs. Thelma F. Bell and Ihe late Harold Wright Bell, Sr. Entering ihe saiicluary to the traditional wedding march played by Mrs. William Caiitrell, organist, the l)ride proceeded down Ihe aisle e.scorled by her fat h e r . P a u sing momentarily liy her mother and again before her groom's inolher she liresented each of them a white rosebud selected from her bridal bouquet. She then joined her groom at the altar where solemn, wedding vows were exchanged. The Rev. iJav'.d Southerland officiated ;it Ihe doulile ring ceremony. Soft candlelight cast a warm glow on Ihe altar banked with polished greeners' and uhilc hrid.'il flowers as Ihe e<iuple knell. "The Wedding Prayer" was sung by .Mr, and Mrs, KenI Taylor of .Vlancheslei-, C.'i. I'rior lo thepioeessioiiid Mr. ;nid .Mrs. Taylor sang "Oh Perfect Los'c" and "Wliilher Thou CJoest". Attending the bride as matron of honor svas .Vhs. Marlene Poller. Miss Nancee Boden, cousin of Ihe brifle, svas in;nd of honor. Other bridesmaids svere Mrs. Dianiie Olson, sister of the groom, ;in(l Mrs. ,'\nn Adams. Alteiiding Ihe groom as best man ssas Ralph Porter ,Jr. Other groomsmen svere Frank Dyer,Jr., ,John Olson, brother-in-lass' of the groom, Doug Baslendorf, brother of the bride and Dan Boden, cousin of the bride. Liltle Miss Kri.sta Ol.son, niece of the groom, and liltle Miss Karla Armstrong svere flosver girls. Masters ScotI and Sieve Pepniiller. cousins of the bride, svei'e ring beai'ers. The bride, radiant in a .Mrs. llaroldWriKlit Hell Jr. Audubons Plan Eventful Year Mrs. Kcilli ItroolisSlrUIJaiid (•aiis I>a^(>;{-(') l!a>' CouiilS' ;\udubon Sociely's limili'd sununer schedule \sill expand iiilo full a c I i s' i I y on M o ii d a s', September III, .'ll (llllf CoasI Commiinily College. This first iiieeling of the I!l7.'i-7I year ssill be held ill Room 12(1 (if Ihe l'"iiie Ai'ls Building ,il 7:011 p.m. This e;irlier hour will eii.'ible meiiihei's to hold a business meelilig lo be followed al 7:,'tll p.m. wilh Ihe s ll o w i II g (I f a college-sponsored film, "The I'lverglades." Subsei|ueiil meetings ss'ill he held Ihe second Monday of each moiilli al 7:.'!(l p.m. ,'il Ihe Paiiam.'i Cilv (lardeii Ceiiier. .\ll liii'dlosci's and conseis .11 loiiisis arc insiled lo be gllcsls. The schedule of llic new season's .Aiiiluboii Wildlife l'"ilm Series, a iioii profil .iclisily lias bccdiiie a f ;i S' o r i I e eil ilea I i oii.'i 1 recriM I Ion of I ';i ii.'i ma Cili.'iiis and sisilors, is as fnllosss acconlini; lo Ll Thomas Prancis, ;ii'ea Nalur.'ilisls, who is licadiiiji lliisactis'ity:()cl.22('lias.T. Ilolclikiss, l''iliii: "(.^ueeii ol llie'ides" Ml, Isaiiier Nalioii.'il Park --• I )i'c. .'1 Tom S I e r I i n g , " T\S' e ii I i e I li Ceiiliii'S' Wilderness" The Wilderness of our ('(niiiliy (SCO .Vn »nU)NS, Page'J(') formal novs'ii of ssliile, carried ;i while bible, a gifl f r o rii ll e r m a I e r n a 1 grandmollier. Her cascade boiif|ueI of while ssveetliearl loses ss '.'is lopped ssilli .'i white orchid. Her wedding gossii svas f.'ishioned on eniiiire lines which fell gracefully forming its osvn calheii'al Iriiiii. Made of silk organza posed over peau de sole, the dress was reembroideried svith alencon lace. The full length veil of French illusion svas allached to a Canielol he.-idpiece of satin le.'ivesand jietals. Brifiesmaids ssere g^isvned in formal dresses of iiesv blue. Their modified empire design svas enhanced svitli natural lace. They wore headpieces of ness' blue floss ers and ribbon ami carried nosegays of pastel blossoms. The little flosver girls wore long dresses of the iiesv blue and rilibon streamers in tlieir hair. They carried baskets of p(>tals in jiastcd colois — pink, orchid, pale l)luean(lsvhile. The groom wore dark tuxedo svith tails and a pale blue shirt. The grooms-men wore traditional dark tuxedos ssitli j)ale blue shii'ts. The ring l)eai'ers svere dressed identically to the groomsmen and carried the rings on white satin pillosvs. Mrs. Baslendorf chose a light iilue formal gown for her daughler's ss'eddiiig. It svas simjily designed svilh a natural ssai.stline and full accordian jilealed skirl. She ss'ore matching accessories and an orchid corsage. Mrs. Bell, mother of the groom, was attired in a gosvii of pale pink. Formal in design, it featured a jess'cl neckline, long sheer sleeves and princess lines. She ss'ore niatching.'iccessories and an orchid corsage. Follossiiig the ceremony a i'ec(>plioii U'.'is hold in Ihe cliui'cdi Fellowship Hall hosted by the brides parents. The pastel colors of the bridesmaids houciuets svere c a r r i e d out in Ih e decorations of the hall. The bride's table, the groom's table, Ihe punch fountain table and Ihe lable for Ihe iiride's hook svere covered with pastel clollis — i)iiik, (H'cliid, light blue and ss'liile. .After Ihe iiiilial culling of Ihe cake, guests svere si'i'S'cd bs' I be follossiiig hostesses; .Mrs, De,s,so F.'iile. Mrs. Boh Bs'i'd, .Mrs. ,Joi' Tui'iiin of (llllf Breeze, Fla., Mrs. (lena Sparks, Mrs. Sharon Comerford, .Miss Barb.ira Bcissden, Miss Candy Allen, .uul ,l;inet Mc Neil. Miss .le.'iiiiie Myers kepi Ihe brides book and Miss Nancs' B\l'd presellled Ihe rice b.'igs. Fur lias'eling Ihe bride chose ;i lliree-piecc paiils suit. The deep Cuffed baggies of lighl blue and ss'iiie plaid ss;is lopped ssilli layered sss'caters of lighl blue llalian knit. She \s lire ssiiie accesoi'ies and Ihe orchid lifted fi'oiii her bridal boilqllel, .After a lioiieyiiuioii Irip lo the Smokey Mounliiins Ihe S'oiuig couple will be al home ill I'aiiaiiia Cily. Ki :in;vi <.s \r .iMNM :i{ .•\ relieai'.sal dinner for Ihe Basleiidinf l)(dl wedding was held al Ihe l''our Winds Tlmrsday prior lo the ,Sepl. S cereiiiony, Mrs. Thelma I''. Bidl, mollier of ilie groom ssas luisless for the occasion. The Camellia Sor'iely of Pan.ima Cils' cxieiid.s ;iii , nisil;ilion lo ,iiiy ni >sscomcis 10 Ihis .11 1 'O Id |(iiii Ihc chill III an ;i hsorbi',!_' Iiobbs nl caiiii 'llia t.'i OSS in^'. A holiliy IS yoiii lasoiilc as 'ocalloii or discisioii ol llial ssliicli dis 'cris or relaxes fU' aiiiiises. or .'I paslimi- Or recieaiion acc(Mdint; lo Wehsler, Aci'ordiii^' lo h'r .'iiik I luebscliei , presideill ol Ihe Camellia Society, llie lioliby of (.'ross iii!_' camellias is mosi rew.iiding III I'aii.ima Cils' since llies are iiidiiienous lo Ibis ;ire;i, .iiid are one ot Ihe III (I s I p I o I I li c a II (I s;ilisf;icloi y bloomers s\illi year round greeners. The door is opfMi especially to relirees or young couples planning on a ness hoiiie ss iih (danlings of camellias in their landscaping. The club furnishes man\' sell-helps in plaining, pi'opag;ilion ;iiid care of c;imelli;is. nature's peifeclioii floss'cr. "Did sou kiios\ lli;il Camellias are gown in the I'^lizabrMhan (laidens on R o a II o k e I s I ;i ti d i ii 11 0 r t ll e ;i s I e r 11 .\ o r I ll C;i roll na ' s coast la ml'.' Conslriiclion of this garden SS'.'IS stalled on Ihe day Ihe (Jueen Kliz .ibelh II was crossned (^ueen of iMigl.'iiid on land <'lairiied for her ancestor, C ^uecm I-'li/.abelh L in 15R') by ihe firsi of Sir Waller Raleigh's colonists lo rejich Ihe .N 'esv World and Ihe des'eloperl garden svas formally opened in HKiO. The ceremony look place on Ihe 'M'.'iyi] anniversary of Virginia Dare, the first child of English |)arentage born in America. Many dedicat(,-d svomeii of the C.arden Club of North Carolina. Inc. conceived Ihe inspired vision of a garden typifying the finest of the Elizfibethan E]ra on hallosved LM -ound of the first Euiilish sci'ilemeiil MMiiir cDiinii s, To m.'ike il one of Ainei'ic 'i 's iiiosi sigiiific 'iiil and f;mioiis L'.irdens u'.'is llieir ambitions pro v. r ;i in — Ihe mosI f ,'i b u Ions project es'er .icliiesed by a garden club oigaiiizalioii. If ('.'imellias c;ni be grossii ,'il liu' birlliplaceof Ihe U,S,A why don't sou try by enb.'incnii; s'oiir l;mdscapiiig ss'illi lilts iosely floss'cr',' .Mans' s'isilois lo our areii svere so impressed by the be.'iul S' of Camellia l)lossoms that they built greenhouses lo eiijos' (,'amellias in llie wiiiterlime. Right here in Paii.'ima City vs'e can Jilso enjoy Ibis ouldoor beauty by growing Camelli;! plants in our ossn gardens. This can by a nearh' year around project lo enjoy. There are many early, III id-season, and late sarielies of (,'amellias for you lo grow. There svill he Camellia exhibits and shosvs starting in November in man>' southern locations. The annual show of the local society will h(.' the first ss'eek-end in ./an. on tlie.')aiid G at Ihe Municipal Auditorium in downtosvn Panama City. This is llie time svhen you can pick out your choice of fhnver lo gross' in your garden. The first Fall meeting of the Camellia Society of r ^anama City will be on Tuesd;iy evening Sept. 11, "•.'•'•0 p.m. al the Panama City Garden Club on Gai'den Club Drive. Any visitors or nesvcomers are cordially invited to attend and any Camellia information ss'ill be gladly given. President Frank S. Huebscher also extends an invitation for you to call him at 7f;.'M 269 for any informalion -"Mrs. Crystal \. Huebscher, Sec.-Treas. .Mrs. William IMc Stumme-Pyle Nuptials Told Wedding sows imiliiig Miss Mars' Sliiiume .ind Mr, Willi.'im I'yic were spoken in a double liii;,; cerciiioiis Auu. 2 i al 7:,'i(l m Ihc esi'iiing in Ihe (lien Biirnie B.ipiisi ('lunch, (lien Biirnie Aid, \'ows ssci'e excll.l llt^eil betoic Ihc .'lll.ll' .icciilled SS illl b.'iskcls of svliile III idal tlowt'is and arched caiuielabra liolding b^.'liled l.'l|)ei 'S, l''.'imils pews Wi 'le m.'irked with \shite satin ribbons. The bride is the d.'lll;.;lllel of .Mr, ;iiid .Mrs. h'red Iv Stunune of ( Hen Buriiie, Md. T ll e p a rents of the III idegrooiii ;ire ,Mr, .iiiii Mrs. W,i;, Pyleof M.'irylaiid. T h e I) I I d e IS t h e graiidilaiightei' of .Mrs. ;\.( 1. /\ppe|berg .111(1 the lale M',. .Appelberg of Panama Cily, Mrs, M;ii'y .\l. Moore, organist, presenteil llie i\ ll |) I i a I ill 11 s i c a n d (si'v Sdimiiu'r>i(' .'iccompaiiied .Mr. Philip L. .Siiapp as he s.u.g "We'se Onl>' .lusl Begun," .A liiiie l ''(ir Lose" and "Speak Soflls' .M >• Lose" ,'iiid "The Wedding Pras'cr" ;il the close of the sers'ice. The bride giscn in m.'ii 1 iaye liy her 1,'itlier sMirc a floor lenglh (.lossii ol peau (|e sole and cli.'inlills' lace recmbroidei'iMl wilh seed pea lis. The gossii ss.'is designed and iii.ide by her mother. The bride carried a bridal l)oiii|iiel (d .svliile loses, b.ihs mums, d.'iisies .'ind biiby's lireat h, .Miss .liids' Keeiiaii of'iiii.'i CitS' SS'.'IS maid of honor. Slie wore ,1 floor leiig.lli dress of green silk org;iii/.a willi flocked daisies ,'iiid c.'iiiied a nosegay of green-lipped carnalioiis, while roses and baby's breath. Miss Marcia Siiiminc, Vows rancli-C)

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