Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 1, 1952 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1952
Page 3
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, 'CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 1, 1952 THREE • JACOBY ON BRIDGE The Jones Boys: Dogfaces In Double-Breasted Suits Don't Trust Luck At Bridge Table BY OSWALD JACOBV Written (or NEA Service "The bidding and play of this hand took, about five minutes," reports a Scarsdale correspondent, "but the discussion with my partner has lasted five days. "West opened the six of hearts, and dummy won with the king. I had twelve tricks in top cards, and had to decide whether to set up a club or ruff a heart in dummy. "If clubs -were 5-2, they could not be set up. If the hearts were 5-2, it was still possible that the player with only two hearts could not over-ruff dummy's ten of spades, "On this reasoning, I cashed the ace of hearts and led the eight of trumps to my ace. This was stilJ another chance; the jack of spades might fall on this trick. "Then I led a heart from my own hand, and West naturally stepped up with the jack 'of spades to set the contract. "Was my line of play correct but Unlucky, or incorrect and unlucky?" Incorrect, I am sorry to say. The best play is to run four rounds of trumps at, once, discard- Ing low diamonds from the dummy. This beginning gives the opponents some light chance to make «, mistake. NORTH rt» 4108 »AK AJ72 1 VQI0985 4Q9S43 B»sl ' SaaOl"- West i>ass 14 .. Pass fass 8 4 South then cashes the top clubs and ruffs * club, hoping for a 4-3 break. If the clubs are 4-3, he can set up a long club in dummy. If the clubs fail to break, South leads a heart to dummy's ace, hoping that the queen will drop. If this break fails to materalize. South ruffs another low club and then leads his last trump in the hope of developing a squeeze. As the cards lie, with all suits breaking badly, South still makes '*nls "grand slam. When the last trump Is led,' West has the high club and two diamonds. He must keep the club, so he discards a diamond. Dummy can then discard the six of clubs, keeping ace-jack of diamonds. This puts tt up to East, who has the queen of hearts and two diamonds. If he discards the queen of hearts, South's jack wins a trick. If he discards a diamond, dummy's are clears the suit, and the jack of diamonds wins the last trick. Social Hall, must be made before j Wednesday. In Cumberland reservations may be made with Lewis, Miss Flaville INTERVIEW with a king finds Paul of Greece peering into the Jones boys' camera while Gene Jones explains why brother Charlie , swiped the batteries from the king'g Cadillac. Ten days later they were in Alaska. "We couldn't get right to the Pole because it was restricted By WADE (No Relation) JONES NEA Staff Correspondent NEW YORK boy twins left When the Jones their newspaper photographer jobs in Washington, D. C., about a year and a half ago to shoot TV movies of the Korean War, somebody decided to give themj or something," Gene says, "but we borrowed a helicopter off'n a admiral and came right down on top of a polar bear. Wonderful stuff." Shortly after the twins got back ""• •""""- — J " '., „• • from Korea, NBC decided to send a farewell party. That was a mis-, , ' ,., ,, them to Europe, as if Europe didn t have enough trouble the way It was. take. With characteristic enterprise, thej Joneses rigged up a time bomb to! In Greece, when the twins rigged go off shortly after they had left j up their e i ectrieal movie apparatus, the office party for the airport. The j they blew every fuse Jn the pa]ace resulting blast smashed a chair to .. charlie had to swipe ^ e batteries smithereens, upset a desk, and re- Qufc of the king , s CadillaCi .. Gene duced an assistant editor to near j relates _ .. But it was OK T made hysteria, i him put 'em back." A trail of such explosions—sometime figurative, often literal—seems to follow the hair-brained, 26-year- In Norway. Gene had Crown Prince Olav helping him roll up about 100 feet of electrical wiring. olds wherever they go. Recently Asked how Gene en ] isted the royal that's included the Far East, the 1 • - — Middle East, Europe, Africa, and Alaska. ONCE A MARINE, always a Marine, appiies to the Jones twins, here in action in Korea, where Charles (left) dropped his cameras to help a wounded soldier who died before they could get him to safety. Brother Gene was in there fighting, too. Last summer Gene married af ~~ ~ ~~~~ pretty lass who is connected with | IVe^ Drink-Ware the news show the twins shoot their • made 1 NEW YORK—(INS)—There's a inew set of frosty drinkware avail stuff for. The alliance has everybody happy. The three of them were attend-| able _ This one js UUed ,, I( ., S Later ing a big hooptido recently at which | ^ Thjnk ,, and ^ s the twins were receiving a top: camera award. The master-of-cere- have a clock desl e 71 ' The firm monies slipped up and referred to! to bring out a line of matching Natalie as Charlie's wife. !trays. Two new plate designs offer Unaware of R microphone near; a choice of round or square shapes, him, Charlie rasped out, "Wish to i featuring identical pine-cone motifs hell she was." At least he says he! j n the center. The pine-cone ap- didn't know the mike was there, j pears slightly off-center for an unusual effect. Colors are blue and light brown on a white background. The crowd loved it. Anti-Communists Receive New Name All I know is I heard Gene tell the Prince, 'Damn, Prince, there NBC hired the twins, Gene and, sure js a ]ot ol wire around here> Charlie, on the basis of their World| a j n ' t there?'" War II experience as Marines, to ....,, . v--. a Gene sums up their experiences shoot the up-front war m Korea. ..... _T n. •,-, -n. •m,,,,, .„* nJ „,„„<„, =11 .i-rht .^ I with kings and the like with a They sot the movies, all right, and in return got -shot. * * * Forty minutes after going in with the first wave of Marines at In- chon, Gene was hit in the stomach by motor fragments. Seriously cryptic, "Aw, hell, you know how kings are." Lest you get the idea the Joneses are dummies, be disabused. They're not. What they are is a couple of very sincere, earnest guys trying to wounded, he managed to crawl 5001 do a job the best- w=y they know yards down the beach and persuade i now - They hate sham and pretense a Marine to deliver his precious i to such an extent that they seem to confuse good grammar with af- Nine days later Charlie was hit in the left knee while inching his way with the infantry into embat- fection. They wrote the 25,000-word text for their book, "The Face of War," tied Seoul. They pressed their luck | in f °u r days a "d nights in a hotel further by lumping behind enemy room in Frankfurt, Germany. The lines with the paratroopers. publishers touched hardly a word Now they've written a book with!* il ' n ' s as powerful and vivid and pictures on the Korean war, andi honest as «">yn»ing that ever came it's n pip. Harry, how the money; rolls in! lout of a war. It makes your skin crawl. It makes you want to go out and give a pint of blood or some- But once r. Marine, always a Ma-: fhing . to help (hf)se poori miscrablei rine, and ihelr love of loves is the jfrozen Joes wflo are fiphling our infantry. They are still just dog-j war , Qr us _ faces in double-breasted suits. They are afraid of nothing that walks, talks or breathes and that includes their boss, Frank McCall. ROME— t/P)— Five years after the big split hi the party, the mair) force of the anti-Communists have adopted their third name. The group originally adopted the nsme "Italian Socialist Labor Party". The initials by which the party became known here "PSLI". The Italian pronunciation of "PSLI" was close to "Piselli", Italian for "little peas". This was the popular name given the first group. A year ago the PSLI and another anti - Communist Socialist splinter group, joined forces. The | newly formed party was named "Socialist Party — Italian Section of Socialist International". Now the first annual congress of the party has adopted a new name — "Italian Socialist Democrat Party." 100% French Imported ANGORA Scarlet • Yellow Dark Green • Blue Pink C White • Royal Blue FREE INSTRUCTION BOOKS FAY'S ART AND GIFT SHOP Open Eveningi 215 S. tee St. Phone 873 \For QUICK RELIEF of SORE THROAT DUE TO COLDS DEPEND ON TONSILINE To Super Special! « Make Room For New Stock, All Our Regular Greeting Cards thot sold for TOc each, now Assorted) 12 to a Package They are a REAL Bargain Ave Maria Shop » 37 Frederick Street « Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 1 Heart Pass 1 Spade 2 Clubs 7 You, South hold; Spades 9-7-52, Heart.«, A-K-9-4-2, Diamonds K-Q-8. Club 4. What rio you do? A—Bid two spades. This shows ulijrhtly morn thnn A minimum opening hid and four-rard support for spades, If you fail to show your support whilr It is rhrap to do so, you may tirvrr Cfl an inexpensive chance lairr on. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the samp as in the question just answered. You. South, hold: Spades: Q-7-5-2. Hearts A-K-9-4-2. Diamonds A-Q-8. Club 4. What do you do? Answer Tomorrow One day last Summer they confronted McCall in hi* office. "We want to go to the Pole," Gene announced. McCall groaned and slid down in his chair. "Which one?" he asked. "North,' 1 said Gene. "Why?" "Cause we ain't ever been there." "Oh." Smoke Talk Set j The January smokr abatement; program of local railroads will br discussed at a Cumbrrland Terminal meetinK Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. in t.hp City Hall. NOW SAVE 1387 On These Two Famous KENMORE CLEANERS Suffocating "Hot Flashes" stopped or strikingly relieved in 63-80%* of cases in doctors' tests! • Are you going through "change of life" . . . suffering the "hot flashes." nervous tension, irritability. weakness and other types of functionally-caused distress of this difficult time? Then . . . here's hope for you! *In tests by doctors. Lydia Pinkham's Compound and Tablets pave relief from such distress... in K3 and S0'> (respectively) of the cases tested. Complete or striking relief! Surely you know t hat L\ dia Pinkham's is scientifically modern in action! Surely you know what it has done for others! But do you know what u will do (or vox' Not if vou haven't rxpertencrcl the mltrf of tension, -'flashes' nr.rt irritability it so often briars at. such times' Before another d»v bas pnssecl. t.ry Lvclia pmkhanrc . . . the Vegetnblf Compound. or ne*', improved Tablet* with added Iron . »nd cU^- <~over how much r(i".(" vour "ehange of life" m."'V h"' su'ferlnc from :n:u-t inn.Vi pntn.« and rtlMres* of nirn- <ar-,i n t ion --' inrl PI n k h^ n'. '«= pniTi-rtrnnVinnp ri't/cv' Reservation Deadline Set For Lincoln Dinner Edgar M. Lewis, ticket chairman, announced yesterday that reservations for the annual Lincoln Day dinner, Friday, February 8, at the in the Court House, or Jemniah T. [Jljrarv Theft Solved. Defibaugh. Others who will accept ; reservations are Marsha 11 VanMrter, ' HELENA, y.ont. — <A>) —Police Cresaptowa; Thomas EHas and Ma-j scouts -'potted three teen-age make- gistrate James Carter, both Frost- 1 believe Indians wearing war bonnets burg : Okey Michael, Wfts ,. firnpoi: t. | and a theft from the Montana Hl»and fhp Innaronini? Rpnnhlirnn : turical Library was solved. The boys Lonacomng Republican, and *'*> l° JUD - b lon offlcws to 'jtt-as recovered, including relics from the 1864 Bridge;- Trail Massacre. Ravenna and Adria, once great) Italian seaports, «re now stranded! in marshy ground because of silt-j The Arctic, tern nests as far Percy, librarian at the law library'ing and shifting coastal sands. | north as there is land. Do every cleaning job more thoroughly with one of these famous Kenmore cleaners. Tank model for above the floor cleaning, featuring self- lubricating motor and dust straining air filter. Upright model has strong suction for better cleaning . . , dome light that sees into dark corners. SEE U FIRST ,.,. -.,... '' Purchdtei Totnling ' $50 Or More Con Be Mode On ^, SEARS EASY PAYMENT PLAN GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCE SERVICE 'fjcioRV-Tiiij«fo Also Serricc Headquarters for Any Type' Appliance Cumberland Electric Co. Virginia Ave. at Second St. Phone 619 PHONE S100 tor free HOME DEMONSTRATION or moil this coupon for FREE LITERATURE. 5EAPS. ROtRIICK nnH CO T?t Rollimrtf Si. C'imlirrlnnH. W-l l( -n.-t .•>•<• fiirthn tnfn M A '.' I ?F>T O? 179 Baltimore St, Cumberland, Md. Shop Saturday Til 6 osenbautris A TRI-STATE INSTITUTION SINCE 1848 Valentine Gifis from Heartsville, U. S. A. Nip & Tuck Top News Nylon Jewel Neckline by nacmi jean 598 Sweetheart at a blouse with the perennial basic jewel neckline; cap sleeves. Of 40 denier nylon in white, magnolia, pink, powder, nile, navy, 32-38. In rayon tissue faille. 32-38, 3.98: sues 40-44, rayon tissue faille, 4.98, Sports Angle Second Floor proportioned-fo-fif skirts by sponeens Whether she's short, average or fnll, these skirts fit as though I hey were made especially for her! Straight skirt with kickplent in navy, block, beiga or arey worsted royon. Heartbeat matchmate for the basis blouse. Sports Angle . . . Second Floor QUANTITY SIZE IENI1TH C.-,O» r nicr c^. Srnci to 'N.tror C::v M\ Nnrrv srci Artriiv rr,o c i rniO' tr,:- con «

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