Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 10, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 10, 1969
Page 2
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2 - /Monday, Fab. 10, 1969 Redlmds Doitr Fads Snow sf orin ties up New York, traffic halts (Coatmiied torn Page 1) said. "We've been t(U flMt moit indies. Bridgqwrt, Conn. U of the Festauraots are out or| inches. Hartford, Conn., ITifbod. People are lyia( around inches. ion benches trying to deep, or! OEBcials at Kennedy said theijust wandering around aimless- airport wiD not be open ftr air ly (taring out the mdows.' traffic until Tuesday at the Some airlines issued food and eariiest Iblankets to the stranded passeo- At least ax deaths were gers— many of them cbildi «D— N.Y.Sfoeks NEW YORK (UPI)—The. Newj York Stock Exdiange. wasj deaed today beeanse el the! Mowstonn. a and no attributed to the storm in N( England including three per* sons who suffered fatal heart B2 bombers Mt targets near Saigon (Continued fiuui Page l) end even opened op some of the Vietnamese troops eo miles airplanes to show movies. "This is one hell of a mess,' atucks while shovding snow.jsaid Bob Cullen, a supervisor Traffic accideots in New York] for Mohawk Airlines at JFK. and Pennsylvania took three ["They're sleeping everywhere— conveyor bdts, tables, desk lives. The liong on Island Ban Boad. and counter tops, on the fknr. the nation's largest commuter on the baggage platforms, line carrying 90,000 subur-: wherever there's any space." banit^ daily into New Yoiic City from Long Island, cancded an trains "until further notice." northwest of Saigoo included dozens of rardy used but powerfifl 240mm rockets the Communists had pot in an underground tunnel complex. Tbe cache, weighing about 10 tons. al«> cootained 2,000 North Vietnamese army uniforas, SOO back packs, 9.000 pounds of Tbt Penn Central, nsnally theioccored in many areas due to cairier for thousands from! broken pswer Imes. Service was Connecticut and Westchester cancelled on the Long Island county, was running «iien it could, with little regard for schedule. New Jersey roads. During the night the tempera the pathways for the buses tures fell into the 20t and at which carry most of the New times wind gusts approached 50 YoHc workers from that state, miles an hour, causmg deep were choked in normal commut- drills that added to the misery ing hours. ,af city readents. In Manhattan, many holds Sections of New York, Long reported long lines of frantic,Island, Westchester and Rock- Public transportation' in Newlrice. 33S rifles, 15 antiaircraft York City suffered delays and m^dime pm, a mmiK nmos shutdowns and power failures! a"*"! numerous other arms and mOitaiy officials munitioos. said. _ Another armored patrol locat trainsiRaa Boad, the Ww"s bua'iS «^ • J??**''? commuter line. 1 north*««t of Saigaa that mdud- ed 72 mixed rocket rounds, 45 82mm mortars. 33 rodcet- grenades, m pound* of explosives and seven cases of Chinese-made hand grenades, spokesmen reported. Hifh-noUng U.S. latdligenee sources said they expect the —•' North VietnanlMe anl Viet commuters vying for rooms to land counUes.-and Newark and co „a to , «wral spend the night in midtowTL Jersey Gt>-. NJ.. were pUcedj^ewlve fa Ite area luorad A massive power failure under snow emergeoey condi- saigoo prior to the three-day struck the Boston metropolitan tions because of the drifting TJIMP aew year holiday area. ,snow. beginning Feb. 17. An airline spokesman at New! A huge power failure struck< The hUdcn weapons found York aty 's John F. Kennedyjthe Boston metropolitan area,!dose to Saigon apparently are International Airport estimated affecting nearly all of the 40 1 part of an elaborate secret 6,000 persons were stranded dties and to*-ns served by the there, unable to fly because of Boston Edison Co.. wfaldi runways clogged by snow and ice. They also were unable to dedared a "major emergency." Power was knocked out to the travd back into the city | entire town of Peabody. Mass.. because of roads made impassa-.induding the police station, ble by drifting snow. I where tiie desk officer went "Ihings are looking pretty j about his duties with a grim right now." the spokesman'flashlight Russo tells of seeing Shaw discussing Kennedy plot (Continued from Page 1) ibeen placed under hypnosis by had at Shaw's preliminary! Garrison's investigatM^ three hearing in 1967—(hat Oswald times before the hearing, was also there. { His tzstimony in Shaw's trial Oswald, the presidential as-iin criminal district court here sassin according to the Warrm Commission, is named along with Ferrie as a "conspirator.' Both Oswold and Ferrie are now dead. Coavictioo would bring Shaw one to 20 years in jaiL He has bam free on $10,000 bond once his arrest in Mardi. 1M7. Busso gave his origmal tertimanr on Maick 14. 1967. The next day be said be had buildup by the Communists for such an attack. Several of the caches were discovered by allied patrols heeiM up around Uie capital to prevent any offensive frtNn beginning. U.S. infantrymen Sunday discovered two other sizeable stores of weapons, faduding rockets and eqdosives. One cache, uncovered 24 mDes north of the dty. contahied 122mm and I07mm rockets. 24 boxes of explosives and a ease of Communist Chinese-made hand grenades. The other, located 15 miles southwest of Saigon, mduded ,517 rocket-grenades, 62.100 rounds of small arms ammunition, 590 pounds of explosives U11. fouow that Of a ^•Sr ^^1^ vet «02er ^^^^ possibly SO or «, times" ov« a f^^^^lur uT^^ cnZ northern coast And 15-year period. lliat witness. Charles I. Spiesd, a New Yoric accountant and tax consultant, took the jury, at the defenw's request. near the Cambodian border 59 miles northwest of! Saigon U.S. Army Air Cavalry men located 20 tons of rice and ABOUT GMSWOirS S^*siSJ3f v S more than a ton of salt hidden the French QMiterSatiBday mj j„ j^^j^^ The rice, in sMTch of Oe apartment he bags, coold feed 1,000 men ! testified he visited m June, 1963.' " . There, be testified, be beard about 10 men, incfaiding Shaw and Ferrie. discussing ways to kill the President He said Sbaw The first nka Suntha rains, iSWOLD^ aaf • «td an a nan-haMay Sunday. 0»arL •ry viritort stappM n and had oHhar brMk- fast ar dimar wMi in. Yav can «Mn Ima- had la hMfla arwNidlBkaaplhafcad caminf out I* MM taMe. Tha bahMy «aU VS Ih^^ SSnt 9fl9T tolhadMn hMidrads af laavas af pasfrias MM and •ut af faad and •very- ana aft haarfy and was OMit fcrgat iWs Fri. day niflM, brinfl ValanNna la dinm MENU OF THE WEEK MONDAY, FtB. 19 CMdM and OwnpHnt* TUISOAV, FIB. II Raaat Fofk HMitarian CMilash WCONtSDAY, FIB. 12 FrMOiidHn Baaf fciftandy THUftSOAY. FIB. tt RaatI Toffcay « Piaaaku Vaal FRIDAY. FIB. M SATURDAY, FIB. M RNStTwfcay* BraiiadBaerTipB SUNDAY. FIB. W monUi. U.S. './..PONT so. MOTHER/ I'M 9URE HE PiPNT M£>W ID OFFEND YOU/ Sirhan trial becoming contest over punishment LOS ANGELES (UPI)-The trial of Sirhan B. Sirhan for Uie slayhig of Sen. Bobert F. Kennedy is shaping bito a contest over iba severity of! punishment rather than a questkm of innocence or guilt The defense has admitted that it does not expect an acquittal, although Sh-han's attorneys re trying to screen out prospective jurors who indicate fixed bdiefs about his guilt The prosecution has challenged persons who oppose the death penalty. Deftese counsd have conceded most of the points normally contested in a murder trial, hot they still hope to save Siitan from the gas chamber. The complete jury still was bdng sdected today, but already the defense has admitted Sirhan fired the sboto that cut down Kennedy last June 5. Opening arguments in the case may begm before the end for nearly a spokesmen said. j In ground fighting Sundaj-.; American soldiers reported' ,. a., . ^ Wning 20 North Vietnamese 'seemef to be amused'at tlie;„iu, 3^^,^ .ear l»iang Ngai convereaton. Gamsoo bad aaidjsig northeast of Saigon, m his openmg tbat the -j^j^ U.S. casualties testimony would be "Shaw|f«,orted as Americal Division suggested Uiat Uie man doing d, blasted North Vietnamese •.he shooting would probably be ,p,troU moving Uirough rice UUed before he could make hisiJJdSw. In the air. U.S. B52s psunded suspected guerrilla base camps and supply sites 28 miles southwest of Da Nang, on Uie northern coast and 33 milesi northwest of KOntum City, in Uie central highlands. Sunda}- Key member of Red team flytoHanoi (Continuod beta Page 1) his predecessor. L>iidon Jobn- soo," he said. "Ibcfefotc. Ibcre has been no progreK." I Tho added that for movement m Uie talks, ttie United States must withdraw its troops from Soua Xletnam. He was seen off at the airport by his ddegatiott. beaded by Minister of State Xuan Thny. members of the National Liberation Front ddegaiion including dsputy leader Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh. and Soviet embassador to Paris, Valerian Zorin. Tho's departure also coincided Seven injured inFortOrd movie blast FORT ORD, Calil fuPI)- FBI and Army investigators today searched for clues in the terrorist-style bombing which injured seven servicemen m the movie theater at this sprawling Army post One soldier, Pvt Curtis Chiang, 24. Peari City, Hawau, was hospitalized in serious condition with the heel of his left foot blown off. The other victims were rdeased after treatment for minor cuts. j The bomb exploded during ai Friday night showuig of the! movie, "Get Yourself a College i Girl." An eyewitness said there; «:as a "tremendous explosion, a: bis flash and Uien Uie Uieaterj (iUed nith smoke." I The theater, open only to; serxncemen and their dependents, was filled with about 400 persons when Uie bomb went off. There wis no fire and Army officials said damage was minor. of Uils week if the defense and prosecution can agree on sa alternate jurors. That son times tedious process resumed today. Six alternates tenUUvdy have been seated but they can be dismissed without specific cause by peremptory challettges from the defense or prosecutkm. The altematea will hear Uie case and be locked up nighUy along wiUi Uie regular 12 jurors and will replace any who become ill or drop out Itar other reasons. "We do not expect a not guflly verdiet," said chief defense -attorney Grant B. Cooptr last week during his questioning of a prospective alternate. A guilty verdict. Cooper said, could mean murder fa the first degree, m Uie second degree or manslaughter. None of Uie verdicts carries a mandatory death sentence. The same jury Uiat brought m Uie verdict win determme the penalty m a separate proceeding. Cooper saki he hopes to save the 24-year-old Arab from the gas chamber by argufag he was inteUecUially meapable of plo^ ting the assassination—ttiat his "diminidwd capadty" did not make him fully responsible for his actions. Begin sixth week Lawmakers still deliberating on electoral college change SACRAMENTO (UPl)— Uw-'instead of President Nbcon. I makers be^ thdr sixUi wedc) Tbe Legislature also has be- of deliberations today wiUi Eiec- fore it a rival resolution au- toral College changes, a $2 mil-: thored by Assemblyman Wilton .appropriatian to help state eoUesea haodk an faflux of stu-| denU and San Frandseo's transit trottblea hitfi on ttie week's The Assembly Rules Committee ii acbadoled tf take up atj iU Ttaeatay meetlig a resofai- tion by Anemblyman Jess M. Unmfa, D • Ingkwood, urgfag Congress to abolish Uie Electoral CoOese. The minority leader 's resoln- lian to Congre« urges it to submit to the states for ratifica-| tkm a coortitotional amendment repealfag the Electovri CoOege. M woukl eaU lor direct dectkM of the prerideot and vice prat-j dent natiooal popular vote. Tbe mfaority leader's reaohi- lion to Oanctcw uffea it to snb-j mtt to the alataa lor iviificn- tion a censtitiitianal amcBdnM rqiaaltai the Eleetonl College. It would far direct electkin of tha picaldrat and vice pren- deot by national popular vote. Unn4i has pofatad out tbat| Oie three-way 1969 prcsMeniial election coold bavn been thrown bito Uie Houso of Represeato' tives had one major state like Califtanda sane to Demoeratie contender Albert H. Hoinphrey San Juan jet liijaeiced near Miami MIA&II (UPI)—A passenger pulled a gun on a stewardess today and skyjacked an Eastern .Airlmes jet to Cuba as it flew from San Juan. P. R. to Miami \kith 119 persons aboard. It was Uie year's 14Ui successful hijacking to Cuba and Uie seventh of an Eastern Airlines plane. Iliere also were two unsuccessful attempts. The DCS "stretehjet". which landed at Havana's Jose Marti Airport at 11 a. m. EST, carried 111 passengers and a crew of eight The plane. Eastern's Flight 9S0, had been scheduled to Und fa Bliami at 10:40 a. m. Santa Fe train derails in iiiineis CHnXICOTHE. m. (UPI )-A Santo Fe Chicafo-t»Califomla passenger trafa earryfag 89 persons derailed sue miles west of here Sunday, injuring 17 persons. None of those injured was listed fa serious condition and most passengers were allowed to continue their journey on a later train. Witnesses said one of Uie two diesel units was partially derailed and all six cars were off the tracks, two lying Uidr side. Railroad officials said Uie cause of tbe accident was not immediately determined, but that the 40-fbot embankment on which Uie train was traveling might have been weakened by Uiawtog and heavy rains. StiidMts Qflssid NISHDfOMIYA. Japan (OTI)!'"^'*'^.' ^'^f^ liam T. Bagley, R-San Rafael. Uiat would reform Uie doctoral system but not abolish it Bagley's proposal to Congress is Uiat dectots be abolished but eadi state retafa its quota of electoral votes. The dectord vote would be bound to ttie candidate who reedved a popular vote majority fa Uie state. Ba^ said direct popular electkin of a presilent and vice president would encourage bloc voting and bossism and promote Johnson vetoes rescue plan for Pueblo NEW YORK (UPI)-President Johnson vetoed a plan for Uie fordUe recapture of ttie mtelligence shqi Puebki eariy last year because be "didn't want another war." according to Time Magazine. Thne reported this week Uiat Rear Admr. George L. Cassdl, former operations officer of Uie Pacific Fleet, toM Uie Pueblo faquiry that the destroyers Truxtoo and Higbee were ordered to Wonsan soon after Uie Communists seized the Pueblo and took it to Uiat NorUi Korean port. The magazine said Cassdl tdd a dosed session of the inquiry m Coronado, Calif., that ttie Higbee, under heavy air cover and backed by a U.S. ultimatum to North Korea, was to sail fato Uie harbor and escort Uie Pueblo to safety. Cassell said Uie plan was vetoed by "higher auUiorily' and lime said the higher authority was Johnson. The magazine said the destroyers were already en route to Wonsan when the President called a conference of his top military and fordgn affairs advisers to review the plan. "The advice Johnson recdved was simply: "Don't do it.' Time said. "Johnson wholeheartedly concurred. SaU he: 'I don't want another war.' The magazfae quoted one participant in the conference as sayfag Uiere was no disagree- —Riot police used tear gas and On this one there were no water Smion today to subdue "awks or^^ doves. It was extreme leftist students who stoned them from aotp a build' ing at Kwansd Gakuin University. The students earlier occu- unanimous'." he was quoted as saying. Time said that beside the risk of war, "it was obvious to the pied several huiWings to protest! President and his advisers Uiat against higher tuition fees. JUie rescue attempt would almost certainly result fa the SELL IT TOMORROW I immediate death of Pueblo's WiUi tow-cost aassified Ads crew." formation of spUnter parties. Ihe San Rafad Repobliean ia expected to be named chairman of tiie Revenue and Taxation Committee when ito lareseot chairman, Assembiyman John G. Veneman. R - Modesto, resigns to become UnderaecreUry of Heatth. Education and Wd- fare. Veneman's departure will cost the GOP its working margin m Uie tower house where it will have 40 seats to 39 for Uie Democrato wiUi a minimum of 41 votes needed to pans legislation. In addition to possible loss Of control of the Assembly, Gov. RonaU Reagan wont derive too much comfort from Bagley succeeding Veneman as cboirms of Uie important fiscal committee. Bagley, like Veneman, sup- jMrts withholding of income taxes m opposition to tbe governor's ffat stand against wiUi- bddfag. Tiie Senate is expected to be­ gm aetkm this wedc on an emergency $2 miBian appropriation already aiqsoved by tbt Assembly for ttie State CoUega System, llie money would be used to handle an unexpected facrease fa Uie number of students registerfag fbr the spring semester. Before passfag ttia measure by Assemblyman Pete Wilson, R - San Diego, the Assembly raised Uie appropriation to $2 million from its oritfnd $575,000. Efforts may be made fa the Senate to trim back tbe appropriation from tbe AssemUy fig^ re. Tbe Senate Traos porta tioa Committee win open bearings Wednesday on a measure backed by Reagan to rescue the financially troubled Bay Area Rapid TransH (BART) district llie measure by Sen. Lewis F. Sherman. R-Berkeley. would authorize BART 'S board of directors to levy an extra V& cent sales tax m the BART counties of San Francisco, Alameda and Contra Costo. Proceeds from tbe added M cent tax wouU be used to nnka up a $146 million defidt and en- aWe ttie district to compile Uie partially buflt 75-mile ral system. UNLIMITED SOFT WATER CHECK OUR LOW PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY' THE (SERVISOFT) Call 793-2359 Redlands 612 Texas St. TUESDAY NIGHT FAMILY DINNER SPECIAL wiUi mtei^ve preparatioas fa Paris for U.S. Presklent Nfacon's Feb. 38 visit during which he plans to take a firsttiand took at I be peace talks and possibly issue new instructions to bis deiegaiioo. ! Allied dijdomatic sources saidi that Tho's previous two trip* to | Hanoi had foreshadowed major brcskthrsughs fa the often dsttfiocksd negotiations. TREASURE HOUSt | VosT unused fumitnra or ap , pliinces wS\ find a ready mar M throojdi Classified Ads. Beef Shish Kebabs PLUMBFR rUzSPSOiSSS ^, VCU'JSE, ! JOBSMAKEi tCNTyUSej COMPUTE DINNER. Batf Shiih Kebebi^ Chetoa of soup or lolad. Sage's hot bread and butter. Sage's evm rice, vegetobi*. Sage's spoool celce for denart ALACARH, Baef Shiih Kebabs, Soge't own rice, bread and butter. CHtOI »rS DINNER, forogesdto 12. M.79 '1.39 _ .99 TODDLERS' PLATE, children under 6, REE Dmmstnnd 4:30to9pjn. ^ Friendfy Salesladies To Serve You COFFEE SHOP AlMMyBniWT ^nitClff S Nns Tues. Feb. 11 PORTRAITS BY ATfENNEYSi Miy fcraS 'xl Mwwad to yM k Mr alan . . . INm ...YMT WMISnMS* .Y. lath addilieMl rari 1.49 2.98 iNi ranr meieounan HOWSt TUtS. m. 1I-.VJ0 to 5-JO W». FU. 1Z-f:30 to SJO THUIB, m. n.fM to *30 ra. FO. 14.— MO to 5M »kT, m. to 4M

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