Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 17, 1957 · Page 7
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 7

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 7
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PA *4600 for « WANT AD Tkker HIT BY FI.OOi)S-Ovcrnight rains of nearly 12 inches flooded the northwestern Oklahoma cities of Enid and Dover, (underlined.) AP Photo/ax i Jacohy i On Bridge Errors Make Bad Contract By OSWALD JACOBY Writttn lor NEA Service The best thai can be said about North's opening bid is thai it was; » minimum. Me would have liked .to drop South's two no-trumph. , response but the bid is an abso- ' h f ritlcd his no-trump. NO*TR <D>* H * A 10863 T>vo Projects Will Bolster Gas Supplies LaVale, North End Will Be Affected By Slimmer Work LaVale and North End will be affected by two projects planned ,t>V the Ct-A Gas Company this summer. i Federal Power Commission approval /or a 12-inch, mile-long •transmission line at LaVale will ;be asked, and the northern pipeline feed into the Cumberland area will be bolstered. Cumberland and Allegheny Gas Company reported the LaVale job is estimated at $64,900. Improving the C. i A: state line connection north of LaVale will run about $25.000. It won't require FPC sanclion. The two projects will continue a long term construction pro- grarn here by C. t A.,-according lo G. C. Robbins, district manager. The new transmission line, together with the upgrading of 4U miles of line feeding it from the north, is geared to meet increasing natural gas requirements of J3.000 consumers in this area. Maximum daily deliverie: through the utility's feeder lini from the north now are 17 mil lion cubic feet. New construction will biVe this to 20 million cubic fer-t. The present line al LaVale wil. •be used as a distribution pipeline •for the community's 1,126 con sumers, Robbins said. He pointed out Cumberland i.arra requirements have shot up 100 per cent since 1945. Heating customers have skyrocketed over 20 times. Meeting this challenge of tre * 85< WtST' CAST V 63 « KJ 1093 *ASJ . » J 108 SI « Q7 * J 10 7 J EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND. MD., FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1957 SEVEN FLOODED WHEAT CITV - The view above of Enid, Okla sftous the wheat cenier partially covered by flood waters after i • . Your Horoscope 10 inches of rain fell overnight. The picture shows the industrial part of the cily. (Ap p hotofai , blrthtjjy comet and iicd whit your outlook ii, according to the tun. Far Silurdij, M», ]|, 1817 MARCH 21 io APBIL 29 (Aries) — You mxy have to trj' h»rd (<j iop patt elforti on this cot entirely encouraging day. You can master situations if you k to iure methods add maintain a hopeful attitude, however. APRIL 21 io MAY 21 (Tiunii) — Your Vetuii i» mildly atpected but the Moon, JtjpSler and the Sun, in texy lavorable poiiifons, fncourtge your best efforts, tromlse good opportunities for mttl lhe "»««p»ci«d »w»-. avoid hi North 1 A 3 N.T. sotrtH AK92 V A9< * A62 +.Q986 vulnerable Eul South Piss . 2 N.T. Pas Pass Opening lead— + J here were many earlier construction projects, Robbins listed the more important as: (1> The Kcyser-to-Cumherland supply line built in 1952-53 at a cost of $7W,000; (2) A south side feeder pipe- IJIinc into Cumberland and Pills- burgh Plate Glass 1 new plant from the Keyser-Cumberland line, W54.000;; West | Pass | (3) Renewing 80 per cent ol Piss 'itha extensive belt system /or Cumberland, $100,000; line Key$79.- JUNE n io JULY 35 icancw) — AIJ Kocthvhile activiliei scheduled for ad- [vancement. Be teaiiy to acl deriiivety. JULY 2* to AUGUST 23 (Leal'-- A 'period for courage, etwd uiil, Great accompliihment possible. Some unusual -.-& may accrur from extra ttfoit. TerwinBl, Kfceral mallei* boiii /aiorfd. AUGUST 24 lo SEPTEMBER 23 (Virsol — Make IhU a diy of altaln- metilal work. per*on»l matter*. dilficult and laboilous taiks — ir you don't dwell on " minute annoyance*. HJodle «v«rythtnr lercnely. without SEPTEMBKR 1* to OCTOBER 2J fUbra) — Heed Taurus: tr>' to top preriouj xaod records. It should cot be such a struggle. There are many friendly influences to* encourage your efforts. Avoid friction: fee ralm. OCTOBER 2* to NOVEMBER 22 (Scorpio* — Mars' w; Blind College Man Addresses Gob Here Stanley Greenberg, 21-year-old blind youth from Passaic, N f . J. r IU £?h f nd a Eenior at Western Mary- jland College, addressed the Cum- NOVEMBER 33 to DECEMBER ai.berland Kiwanis Club vcsterda i2*i(lariU*l — RP thrift v anrf lnr*..<:.I ryt.. . - ^ S..XJH uiveiiess, Usual dally impreuive undertaking! d. suive h*r<j, but Ladies Shrine Elects Ohioan BALTIMORE IB _ Mrs. C. H Abbott of Toledo, Ohio, yesterday , was elected to the bottom rung of !e alert to opportunity, evaluate ajl lo FEBRUARY 19 Is no day in which Purs Kers carefully, but don't b« indeel siv*. JANUARY 21 • Aqiiarlun — Thl lo tjjnor* jjood irit___ purposefully; mate them bring you credits. You can achieve in a MB way in eith«r unusual or everyday Tnatteri. FEBRl'ARVSO lo MARCH 20 (Pisets) be confounded by either t or voluble, boastful per- difficult *v,,r. LIE ten, but >!&o uie your u~*t> sound judgment zad intuition- You can lake excellent headway. Cultivate orthuhlle frit orfshj ps. YOU BORN* TODAY are steady, tnfhuiitstic: ttn b« eloquent fa ipttcfi. You do Ibi&gi with meaning, are farseeing In your aims. You have a iriety of talents, are often T* silt si, but Innately dependable ind loyal. AvoM wo/ry. Be phiiOiopfaica], You do well fn an artistic, literary or athletic career; could become a •killed ttUsiQUt marJiematician. IVort ntly toward yoar toils. f Features Syndicate, Inc.) Didn't Sec The Light s NORFOLK. Va. to-No wonder (he court dismissed a charge o( running through a stop light at Granby and High streets against Roy Thompson, 31. There isn't any stop light at Granby and High. Barn owls are excellent rat -R 22 ca tcners; make their raids only ~a*P*ct at night. South's 13 point l*o'no-trump!. ( *' A West si(Ie feeder was a minimum also and thei >n!o Cumberland from (he ; combination should have W oundj scr ' CumberIaod supply Uns, .up in the soup but fortunately {or!* 3 ^ 'and r .declarer East and West were inl ,-, , n ,. Mhcre pitching and they combined! ' c f ue " n .«' on •If lei him make the contract. ,- , , wtuc . h • . Things starled out badly enough {"f n ,, ™ dra « « S« into for declarer. Wesl opened khe « .1 . r ° m , gm ' •"'Jack of diamonds. Then East' 50 "' 1 ™"' supply "ur«s. Cum- narte the first mistake. He played 'low! South ducked ' been silly to win the first lesd of j in*ii suit. ], N'ow West came through with* a real mistake. He continued with the ten of diamonds. Kast played the queen and South duck- ,cd again. East shifted to the aeuce of clubs and West won «ilh the ace. He led the king ol diamonds but it was too late. Smith look his ace and played the king and nine of spades." West played low and East was in with Uie queen. . Since East had no more dia- junnds declarer claimed the bal' ance of the tricks and hij contract. West had no excuse for not leading'the king of diamonds at trick two His opening lead had clearly'shown that he held the (en also and he should have allowed for the possibility that his partner had played low with queen,and one. , If West had made this play he Would have established his dia-: rnonds before his ace of clubs could be knocked out and South would have been down at least one trick. C} — The bidding has been: i -North Eist Sooth West '• 1 * Pass I ¥ Pass I N.T. Pass 2 N.T. Pass ! 3V Pass 3 N.T. Double Pasi Pass ; .< You, South, holti: *876 VKJS5 « K3S< +AI What do you do? A— Paw. There b no rcuoo to run out or to redouble. TODAY'S QUESTION" You hold the same hand. The bidding has been: North Eut South Wnt With FPC approval on lh« La- Vzle Job. Robbins said, cort- II would have strucd'on will srarl in July. Comi is sel for August. FLASH Special Prices On Yellow and White Onion Sets Bliss Certified Seed Potatoes Bag Lots Only Monarch Finer Foods 184 Baltimore St. Phone PA 2-7890 by representatives of shrine courts from throughout the United States Canada and Hawaii. Mrs. Mabel C. Herche of Baltimore, was named to the top job oJ grand high priestess, automatically moving up from grand prill- A walrus has no external ears. Delaware Methodists ' Vote To Keep College ( DOVER, Del. w _ The annual Peninsula Conference of the Methodist Church 'has voted not only to keep open Wesley College, the only Methodist junior college in Delaware, but approved a $1,500,000 improvement plan. Under a plan presented yesterday, the conference will appropriate $750,000, the board of trustees of the college is to raise $230,000 and the .alumni an additional $500,000, of which more than $400,000 already has been collected. • The money is designed to make the college a first-rate Methodist institution. The decision lo keep the college open and initiate the improvement program was unanimous among tho various groups, a turnabout from last year when there was debate over the issue. The money is to be used for a new administrative building at a cost of 5750,000, a dormitory for woman, $350,000. payment of a $200.000 debt and purchase of ad- ditional property estimated "at 5200,000. It was disclosed today th'at W$l- ,|ler S. Carpenter, chairman bit fie Aboard of the Du Pont Co., a mem. odisl layman who already bad donated $50,000, had contribu'ferf an. other $22.000 toward the college fund. „'.""" The 84-year-old college^ Is attended by some 225 students. TERMITES SWARMING? INSPECTION y°»P'S lABOtst PIST comVot CB, " Phone PA 2-0345 Dozen Reasons TUCSON, Ariz, tn - Henry! Amado didn't have to do much talking to persuade the Cityi Board of Adjustment to grant' him a permit to build another; bedroom on his home. Ail he said was: "I have 12 children." LOT OWNERS Gplden Key Homes Ar Less Cos! On Completed Hornet S% Down lo Vileroni JOHN A. KELLY total 702 Kll!loj> Or. PAAvitw 3.2322 NEW STAG AFTER-SHAVE LOTION Adds a bracing final touch to shaving. 1-00 plusfax FORDS Drug Stores Cumberland and Frost-burg - ••-• Amazing New Beauty Discovery! DOVE creams your skill •«•£• while you bathe J t » Pa.^s 1 1 2 » Pass ? ' Whit do you do? Amwtr Tomorrow Fasi In 1900 the U. S. ediicatiODal tjEtcm accommodated only 11.5 per cent of eligible studenls. To- '<iay it handles more than 80 per cent. ; Lyricist Oscar Hammerslein 2d Was born in New York Cily. But. this Manhattan boy wrote the words for the western musical "Oklahoma." PAINTS for every purpoie Get Our Special Offer On "DUCO" National Stores 1*-1« Wlneow St, SMART SHOPPERS SAVE MORE MONEY AT ALBERT'S NABISCO Graham Crecktn Honey or Regular 1 1 35c 20 off on Vi Gallon Johnson's Hard Gloii GLO-GOAT You Pay $f Only 1. Swonsdown Cake Mixes DWIl'S FOOB — WKITt - YEU.OW 2 20 ° 63c 20 off en Liquid KING SIZE YOU PAY 7Q. ONLY .... /W Luzianne TEA BAGS PACKAGE OF 48 ... \ PACKAGE OF 16 ... Swift's "OZ" Peanut Butter ...... n ," '35c Swiftening Shortening 3cabn 79c Swift's Pard Dog Food 3 canj 43c Swift's Prem ean 39c Swift'. Meat for Babies 2 fer 45c Swift'i Corned Beef ........" e- T-39c Canned Chicken 4 J bn 1.19 Swift's Premium PRIME RIB ROAST 5Sc 7-INCH CUT .. Ib. Largi Juicy LEMONS Swift's Premium CHUCK ROAST 3S™..45c U.S. No. 1 New White POTATOES New bath and toilet bar is one-quarter cleansing crearn O RDINARY toilet soap dries your skin. But DOVE, the sensational new bath and toilet bar, is different. It actual!} 1 creams your Skin while you bathe. You use DOVE just like soap—in your shower, bathtub and wash basin. But DOVE is & completely nciu formula. It makes soap old-fashioned. Rich cleonsina cream One-quarter of every bar of DOVB is rich cleansing cream. That's why DOVE makes your skin feel so soft and smoothr-wilh none, of that dry, tight feeling you get from using soap. DOVE is good for your skin. You can feel the rich cleansing cream in DOVE. You c»n actually smell its creamy, luxurious fragrance. DOVE lathers instantly —even in hardest water. And it leaves no bathtub ring. DOVE looks difTereni, too. H has a fascinating new shape— sculptured to fit'the hand. Lever Brothers unconditionally guarantees that DOVE is better for your face, your hands, your who!e body, than any toilet soap. Ifyou don't agree—we'll give you back every penny you paid. $ *•

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