Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1954 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1954
Page 19
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Member of The Associated Press, 5c Per Copy. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Section 2 Pages 17-28 3 Godfrey Polls Cast 564 Demo, 336 GOP Ballots RepublicansPredotninate In Only One of Three Polling Places GODFREY — Democrat vol. prs predominated at the polls in Godfrey township's primary election Tuesday for the first time in several years. Usually a Republican stronghold, only 336 ballots were cast by GOP partisans while 564 Democrats turned out. Republicans gained an edge in only one precinct, the Godfrey twon hall, where 200 Republicans showed up to 102 Democrats. In Precincts 2 and 3 the Democrats had nearly a four to one edge. Only 21 GOP followers cast ballots in precinct 2 to 240 Democrats and in Precinct 3, 115 Republicans voted to 222 Democrats. In the County races on the Democrat ticket, Anthony Daly, Democrat, seeking nomination as county judge, bested Michael Kmney incumbent, 285 to 215. , Ciillalmn Favored James Callahan, seeking the nomination for treasurer on the Democrat ticket, piled up a commanding lead over Willard Iter- zing 324 tr> 153. In the four-way race for nomination as sheriff on the Democratic ticket, Raymond Galloway had nearly a two to one lead over Kenneth Ogle, 319 to 185. John Moss and Eugene Ellberg trailed with 41 and 39 votes respectively. Dale Hilt led his opponent, Marvin McClelland, for the Democratic nomination as clnrk of the probate court, 245 to 145. For representative in the generals assembly, Leland J. Kennedy, Democrat, piled up a 100 vote lead over Paul Simon, 5931,2 1o 493 ] /2. Lloyd Harris ran third with 238Vz votes. James O. Monroe, CoUinsville publisher, attempting to gain the state senators seat again, swamp- fed is opponent, Fred Craycraft, 351 to 96. Staten Far Alieail For stale central committeeman, Ben Sftaten, Mp.dison County coroneF.'fart' away from Alvin Fields, 353 to .125. Other Democratic candidates with no opposition, and the complimentary vote they received were: Paul Douglas for U.S. senator, 458; David Mallett for state treasurer, 372; Mark Peterman for superintendent of public in- structin, 360; Melvin Price for representative in congress, 474; Eulalia HoU for county clerk', 466; Joseph Barr for probate judge, 397; and George T. Wilkins for county superintendent of schools, 341. Precinct committeemen elected in the township were: Robert Glazebrook, -Paul Hawkins 'and Carl Needham. In the only two contests on the Republican ballot for nominations to county offices, W. J. Emde led Dallas Harrell for sheriff, 173 to 11.1. and Charles Jungels was favored in the contest for nomination as county treasurer, 24S to Everett Ing's 130, and Fred Johanntoseltel's IOS. Edward D. Groshong, Republican incumbent, piled up 519 votes for representative in the general assembly to Ralph Smith's 333. However both will be nominated as there were no other candidates on the ballot. Mork Lend* Joseph T. Meek with 97 votes on the Republican ballot led the list of candidates for nomination as U.S. senator. Park Livingston polled 56 volos. John Crane, 62. and Edward Hayes ffl. Warren Wright, Republican with 141 votes led the way in the contest for nomination as state treasurer. Conrad Becker polled 75 votes- and Robert Brason GS. Milton Mueller received a complimentary vote of 256 for state senator; Vernon Nickell, 235, for superintendent of public instruction; R. \V. Griffith, 248, for county jud^e; Erwin H. Isenberg, 237, for county clerk; Dale Hyle. 239. for probate judge and Charles Papp, 231, for clerk of the probate court. Sam Lindley won the precinct commitleeman post in Precinct No. 1, defeating Harold Horsley incumbent, 140 to 56. William Meyers and Darrell Fowler won the committeman posts in the other two precincts. Mary Topped Ann in 1053 Mary has ousted Ann as the most popular name for girls in Britain. J. W. Leaver, who annually compiles lists based • on birth notices, says Mary was first in 1953, Ann or Anne second, and Eli/aheth third. The top three boys' names, John, David and Richard, were unchanged from 1952. In the North of England, the most favored names were Susan and Stephen. WH«r EVEN CIRUIIQOLO MOW UNIT SICKENING MONINOf Here's real news for all women and girls who suffer the tortures of "bad days" ot functionally-caused menstrual pain —headaches, backaches, "dragged- out" feelings! In doctors', tests, Lydia PlnkhanVi Compound or Tablets gave complete or striking relief of such distress to 3 out of 4 women ... often even on first day of period! Grand for functional hot flashes of "change of Ufe", too. Get a bottle todayl T Am*her Jonathan Logan " * with Egyptim fot»t,u«. Notice the •MJtrtrting color which ontlirM* the iy icooped 7 to 15 •12.95 OUi«r Co«on»—Complete Unt ef Floral PrinU, Cords, Nylon* Prietd .. 17 Jlunior — — HaU Slje$ ALTON, ILL., WED^fESDAY, APRIL 14, 1954 Brighton Class Plans Bake Sale BRIGHTON - The Builders Class of the Evangelical and rr- formed Sunday School will have a bake sale Saturday morning, beginning at 10 a. m. in the Brighton Mercantile stoic. Since this is the day before Easter. Ihey are going to have a supply of Easter eggs for sale; also, potato salad in addition to cakes, pies, coffee cakes and the usual good thinps to be found at a pastrv sale. Good l'>ldn.v Srrvlrrn BRIGHTON - Good Friday services at the St. Alphonsus Church will he from 1:30 p. ni. to 3 p. m. The Rev. Philip Newman will deliver the sermon on the "Seven Last Words and the Way of the Cross". At the St. John Evangelical and Reformed Church, the candlelight communion service will he at 7:30 p. m. The Rev. Kenneth G. Bower will preach on"The Breaking Darkness 1 ' «t the 7:30 p. m. service in the Presbyterian Church. To Sell Arrpage Ncnr Godfrey BRIGHTON - J. W. Long", auctioneer, will sell at public auction on Saturday 2 p. m., the property of the late Elmer Kruse, located on North Humbert Rd., south of the Mason School. The tract contained three acres and is improved with a four room modern frame house, garage and chioken house. Cla** of Hvf Confirmed q BRIGHTON - A class of five were received into church mem-' rership ,m Palm Sunday at the ' St. John Evangelical and Reformed Church. Thev were El-; len Kay Hansen, Rarhara Got-! ter. Caroly.i W a t s o n. Leona Dauderman a:*d Bobtv, Jones. Established Jan. IS, 1836. BRIGHTON Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Voorhees and children,! Linda and Janice, arrived Saturday morning from MarysviJJe. Calif., where they have been living while Voohees was in service. He has received his discharge from the Army. Mrs. Robert McKenna of San Diego. Calif., arrived Friday evening for a visit with her parents. Mr. am) Mrs. August Oner- lander. Mr Oberlamler is quite ill and confined to his bed. Mrs. Delmar Unverzagt entered St. Joseph's Hospital Saturday for medical treatment. In the United States, only about one-tenth of men under 65 years of age who work are self-employed, but about a fourth of those over 75 years old who work are self-employed. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally! Frith Bakod Goods Daily Hirthday-Wedding Cakei Our Specialty. Ample Parking Available. DUKE BAKERY Corner Otb and Henry Street! Barleff Quality Man's Weaar the Mafic of 55% DACRON' blended with 45% Worsted A new concept THISI SMC tills WKKK'S Saturday Evening Pott Hardware Week Social! POST •MNI-0-MATIC rUMI ATTAOMKIIIIT FINEST QUALITY MASTIR TORCH r»g. $8,90 vofu* CASTER IT'S t|ddsfau/mi DM matter torch for iold«rlng, thawing plpct, iw*allna RHIngi, filing guttcn ana gtntrol hotiM and ihop rtpalrt. 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It «lw»y» Hoi flit • nd »pmy« upward only, witer- Ing rnotiiiiguiiir areai up to SO x 20 foot with iientlc even "raln- Ull." Anil NO HARMFUL DOWN. WAHD JETS that w««t« wal*r *nd nmy wn»h out your Uwn. Ail •xvallcnt nonk«r tool. ^fl-fnot lentth I«JU» <,'nvtr« til "o. H. ** All-rant Inulh.. fC'<* Comri 1,001) iq. II. 9 HEDGE SHEARS k»IUr. Shapi namtc king* fc»l» m»t mut «*••'! w«fk !••»•. ADD LOW-COST COMFORT AND BEAUTY TO ANY DWELLING ... . WITH ALUMINUM AWNINGS GENERAL ELECTRIC MOTORS BEAT THE HEAT THIS SUMMER WITH A 20-INCH TURN-ABOUT FAN fUUER SCtttWDRIVIR SET SAVE 40' SIZES TO FIT ALL WINDOWS As Low At 1 .15 '49 .95 Complete Only ___ -^mi— , The miracle flhric Uacron, P I U8 f lne wor.led, is blended to give you * 'Warner suit you've always wanted - MJRACON even during hot humid weaiher > ' it will keep you cool and maintain its appearance .,, give, you a lightness thai means comfort aud ea oe -. Crease* stay in even in Uie rain And over J JO years of tailoring "know^how" by CJothciaft 8Murw you Made of hravy KinijfB chemic»Ily treated aluminum with »iak«l enamel finishc* 3n H choice of color comblnatlaiiM. There IK a Ktandanl «i/.e nliiminuin awning; for every home requirement for both »ai,h and casement lype window*. To tiik.' ktifllnic hot ulr out — to hring nlKht-cnnl nir In, 'J'he*« "liininlmiit" /IIIIH cun be turned In iiny direction to tult your iMU'ilK. Also wry cffi'cllve JIN n clrntdatlnij; fun — KRir- Mnvpii 3,500 cu- ft. of uir per minute. Three «|ieml* chronin Kinird coin|ili'lc,ly mirrounds Itliide. Quiet — lifi'liino lubricutlon, i'ortiiblc. $1.90«f!«r April 24 NOW • . J^»«rgaln Sptclal for • •" Hardware W M k«nly Six cadmium itcel Krewdriven in a 'hindy box — Pocket (with clip),* Cabinet, All-Purpose, .ElecUiciin, Mechanic, Stubby. Lifelong construe* lion. Unbreakable amber handlei. Blitier-proof domes so ladies can use 'em too! Fully guaranteed. Made by the world's largest manufacturer of unbreakable amber handle tooli. MODEL 71 'No.HI204 BENCH PLANE Just |l|hl |«r 5m»illilnj loordi Stnljht mi (Inn "GUIDE MASTER" ELECTRIC SAW ^ . Only ' 50 Coroplett With Bladt Seven-Inch blude —2%-lneh cutting capacity, Ideal balance, lightweight deilgn — greater maneuverability and non- tiring operation in any petition. An outttanding taw value, Most horn* landing U VERTICAL The Svncro No. (04 If Idtil (or itndlng trim, dry waif cupboirdt. wood ptnelipg. tic. Light -powerful-)i(t ot ownerthip guiran* t**. Every home •houW own • Syn- cro. YANKEE HANDYMAN Drills small holes, drives and and draws screws. 20.FT, 24.FT, 28-FT, \ neopiitill.v around the home. ConMructiul of ktur- dy hardwood — ktrongly made and braced. HOMESTEAD LADDERS 3-Ft. . . $1.89 4-Ft. . . $3,75 5-Ft. . . $4,65 6-Ft. . . $$.$9 EXTENSION LADDERS . . $18,60 30-FT, , , . . $23,35 32-FT, , , . . $25,95 36-FT, , , 40-FT, , , , $38,80 $27,90 $31,04 $34,95 FRIDAY NIGHT DIAL 35568 Gt.Q»,r Alton', Quulily StoTt J^M,« am) Y«UM HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO FREE PARKING ON OUR LOT J

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