Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 31, 1952 · Page 25
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 25

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 25
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker 1 —Professional Services GLASSES muds .or repaired, 30 year» experience. Thomts Hubbs, Optician. 58 S _ Centre. Phone 10I6-W. EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD. THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 1952 Display Classified INCOME TAX Payroll—Audits -^ Auto Papers Notary Public—D. F. Salesky. Room 509. Liberty Trust Bld^. Cumberland Md. I Pcone Office 1026. residence 4301-M. 43—Piano Tuning Piano Tuning and Repairing Laurence Griffith Fhone 5441 ROBXRT W. MOREUIKD. Ualter Orafti- »»n 01 American Socle-.y ol PlMo Teehaleiani. Phone 46—Radios, Service RADIO HOSPITAL — 3ALES SERVICE PICKUP. DEUVERY 11 N. OEOROg ST. PHOXE 282 GENERAL RADIO SERVICE REPAIB ANY MAKE. PICKUP. DELIVERY 515 PATTERSON AVE. PHONE 5675. FRESH FRUITS &VEGETABLES Dependable Qurditi at Low Prices! HAGER'S SUPER FRUIT MARKET At Lover's Leap PRICES SLASHED Tankar Oft AC 90100 THE HUB Army Bomber winter locket* ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court ol Allegany County, Maryland, letters of Administration on the estate of James R.. Van Telt late of Allegany County, Maryland, deceased. All persons, having j claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the • vouchers thereof duly authenticated, to i the subscriber on or before the 22nd day I; of July, 1952. They may otherwise by law be excluded fcrom all benefit ol the said estate. All persons knowing themselves indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 22nd day of January, 1952. HAROLD V. VAN PELT, Administrator, my-Navy Good 19 N. CENTRE ST. 47—Real Estate for Sale SUBURBAN HOME—AT POTOMAC PARK Attractive two story, flight room dweil- injj, in good state of repair. All modern city conveniences. Can he used as dwelling or 2 four room apartments. Hot air heat, gas furnace. Full basemen: with garage. Lot 80x120. It wcr.'t cost you a dime to inspect this attractive home. triced 51,500.00 for immediate sale. 315 Oldtovn Road. Two story, fram* with brick siding, composition roof, 6 room dwelling. First floor has large kitchen, dining room and living room. Second flocr. large hall, three good «te« bed rooms with bath. Concrete basement, hand Jired furnace with hot air heat register In each room. Lot 112 x 212 — Alley on »id». Th:s property is In good state of repair. Will qualify for G. I. Loan. By Apoofntment Only CARL F. SCHMUTZ INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE Becong Floor Phone 1130 Corner Bal.imorc i South Liberty streets 8 room modern brick home, north side ol Route- 220. Bedford Ruad. "/a miles north o.' N?,ves Crossroads. Gas fired furnace. tiouble garage, lot 135x210. Priced to sejl Double r-palr garage with hoist machine •hop, lathe, drill press, electric charger tool*. 2 gas pumps. Store room. 4 nice rooms for living quarters. 2nd floor. Bath •team heat. 3 garages. Possession .'t once. Grocery store, gas station, living,quarters. Forced hot air heat. 200 ft. front. Route 28, 6 allies from Ridgeley. Modern 4-room bungalow, Cresaptown 15,250, Modern 5 room Perms. Stone bungalow, «&r*ge in basement. Knobley St. Ridgeley. Vacant. C. A. JEWELL, Realtor Ridgeiey, w. Va. • Phone 1545 Genuine Port* Guoranfeed Repair Service Cumberland Maytag 31-35 N. Mechanic St. Fhcnit 26/2 Only On* D«ol*r .ALES HUDSON Jenkins & Schriver Motor Co. 133 S. Mechanic St Phone 12 Boys' Quartet Enters Event The boys quartet of Allegany High School will enter the junior division of the National Federation Festival March 29 at Fort Hill High School auditorium. Members of the quartet are Kenneth McGraw, second bass; Carl Slemmer, first bass; Leon Annen- trout, second tenor, and Davisson Ayers, first tenor. According to entrance rules, the members of the quartet must be under 18 years of age. The quartet has chosen the vocal ensemble in which they plan to ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Allesany County, Maryland, letters of Administration on the estate of I sing "I Passed by Your Window" by James*-R. Long late of Allegany County, I „ , »»*uuuw uy Maryland, deceased. All persons having [ ±sranms claims against the deceased are hereb; warned to exhibit the same, with th' vouchers thereof duly authenticated, t Ifce subscriber on or before the 15th day of July. 1952. They may otherwise b; law be excluded from all benefit of th £ estate. All persons knowing themselves indebted to said estate are requested rr.ake immediate payment. Given under my hand this 15th day January. 1952. Mary V. Long. Administra- trix. 620 Montreal Ave., Cumberland, Md Adv. T—Jan. 17-24-31—Feb. 7. Venetian Blind Laundry Cleaning - Repairing: John E. Sharp & Co. 401 N. Mechanic St. Phone 6177 ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Allegany County. Maryland, letters of Administration on the estate of Katherine M. O'Nell late of Allefjany County, Maryland, deceased. All persons naving claims against the deceased are icreby warned to exhibit the same, with the \ouchers thereof duly authenticated. the subscriber on or before the 22nd day of July. 1952. They may otherwise )y law be excluded from all benefit of .he said estate. All persons knowing them- ielvcs indebted to satd estate are requested ,o make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 22nd day of January, 1852. MARY D. PELTEN. * Administratrix. 150 Polk St.. Cumberland. Md. Adv.—T-Jan. 24-31-Feb. 7-14 La Vale—5 room bungalow, bath, iurr.ace. Very cute. *1750. Opie Annan 3669. J-ROOM Semi-Bungalow. Electric, running ffmer. 12 miles north of Flin:stone. 39 Acres sui'.able lor farming. Excellent hunting lodge location Mrs. ^Simon Ruby, Star Rou'.e, Everett, Penna. MODERATE PRICED HOMES CRESAPTOWN; Just a plain good buy— fiv* room modern fr hint oungnlow with finished a'.tic room, paved street, city water. In good condition. Only $5250 FLINTSTONS SECTION: Located on the Flmtstone-Chaneyvillf! Road is this mcd- *rn six room .se in 1-bungalow w:lh 1C acres of land. (Two rooms partially finished) ; paved road, running water thru property. Reasonable priced at S5500. HOWARD M. 8PIK3R Realtor-Insurance 30 SOOTH CENTRE STREET PHONE 5576 MAYBURV-POLAND REALTY AGENCY REAL ESTATE BROKERS PHONE PIEDMONT 6011. THKZTS STORY home, 8 rooms, 2 baths. Sto;ie-faced concrete bicck. ' All con- T(f"'*nces. Apply 212 Cecelia fit. Personal Says: "Yes!" $30 For 30 Days TOTAL COST 90c Personal Finance Co. Phon» 711 201 libtrty tin* GUARANTEED BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Hrinj- your appliance und heatinj problems to u.i. Our factory trained service men jive you quick, efficient service. FISHER Gas & Appliances Harmon St. phone 4«8 EXECUTOR'S NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court or Allegany _ County, Maryland, letters Testamentary on the estate of Patrick L. Peeney late of AKegar.y County. Maryland, deceased. All persons having claims against the deceased are hereb; warned to exhibit the aame, with th vouchers thereof duly authenticated, t the subscriber on or before the 15th da, of July, 1952r They may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. All perscns- knowing themselves In debted to said estate are requested to make Immediate payment. Given under my hand this 15th day .ranuary. 1952. James P. Peeney. Executor 8521 Chestnut Oak Road. Towson 4, Md. Adv. T—Jan. 17-24-31—Feb. 7. Mogt Charming Stocking Wearers To Be Sought FRANKFURT, Germany.—(./P)—A high Intelligence rating, shapely legs and good looks are the essential requirements for a new kind of German diplomat who will soon tour foreign countries. The selection program, is now underway in 20 big cities to choose "Germany's most charming stock- ng' wearers" who are to represent a leading Wuerttemberg hosiery company as roving "leg-ambassadors." It's the same firm which discovered last year, after surveying 50,000 hausfraus and fraeuleins, that lerman women average bigger feet, tucker salves and fatter thighs than >efore the war. TWENTY-FIVE 1 "•' Obituary -•- WISHING e«iit«rtd U. S. Patent Office. S M C 5 C 3'" U C R 4 L 7 S £ S O E T 3 C M 6 N 3 D C 8 P 4 C 8 I 6 E 2 A 5 F 4 G 5 A •T~ D I 5 L 5 O 7 I 8 E 6 E H O E 8 S 4 N t> B 0 S 2 D 5 H 4 A E 7 P 2 R 7 A 8 R 3 J 6 T B 3 O 8 T 6 L 4 T 2 L 5 I 6 M 5 F 7 A 2 U 7 A 6 R 7 A S T S A 4 I -5- I t> B 7 T 8 T 7 N 2 P 5 T 7' R 3 B 5 R 6 K 4 L 7 R 3 r> 8 R •7" N 8 F 2 \r ~5~ L, 6 O 7 • L ' 4 H 5 L ~3 E 7 T ~ 7 T H ERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every day. It is a numerical puzzle'designed to spell out your fortune Count the letters in your first name. It the number.of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. If the number is less than «, add 3. The result is your key number. Start at the upper left-hand corner cf the rectangle and check every one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the message the letters under the checked figures give you. Owrlfht. 1832.. by Willi.m J. Mllltr, Dlttribuud br Klo« Future. Inc. I"31 i ROOM BRICK residence; excellent 2 apartment possibilities; double garage- mitractlve yard. Apply 824 Shriver Ave. LOTS. VOCKE DRIVE. 10x125, 3 «t J-100. 3 at $250 PHONE 3877. t ROOM house, covered with a-hHe asbestos Bhingles, hot air furnace. lull basement, gas and electric, water In home. Fhone 6160-M. Wiley Ford, w. Va. Real Estate Bought and Sold Florrt P. Grace Phone 868-J-4 « ROOM HOUSE, water. elrctr;c. 4 ar.d 3 room apartments, redecorated, sell or rent. Charles ileavner, Wiley Fora, w. Va. Genuine Imported Holland Herring 9-lb. Keg S2.29 Milkers $2.49 Kline's Market FREE DELIVERY 700 N. Mechanic Phone EXKCtTOR'S NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber has obtained from the Orphans Court of Allegany County. Maryland, letters Testamentary on the estate George J. Ternent late of Aliegany County. Maryland, deceased. All persona having claims against the deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the .same, with the vouchers thereof duly authenticated, •-he subscriber on or before the 15th day of July, 1352. They may otherwise by law he excluded from all benefit of the said esta'e. All persons knowing themselves Indented to said estate are requested to make Immediate payrr.ent. Given ur.rirr my hand rhis 15th day of January, 1952. Alvln H. Ternent, Esecuto.-. Lonaconlng, Md. Adv. T—Jan. 17-24-31—Feb. 7. LISTINGS WANTED! On Homes and Income Properties Have Buyers! Lazarus <fc Trieber 28 N. Liberty Phone 3270 BUY pour home while paying rent. 6 roorr desirable home, furnace heat, bath. Rldgeley. 20 River Drive. s.'.'OO. $700 down, $50 month Not Interested in \ lentlnj. Hager'i Print Market at Lover's I CAN SELL YOUR PROPERTY OPIE ANNAN PHONE 3669 JOHNSON HEIGHTS SECTION — 5 room bungalow. t,atlj. K.V. furnace i6,800 Ople Annan. Phone jd63. 48—Roofing, Spouting NEW ROOFINO. GOTTEH8. CONDUCTORS U«t«l Work all types. Roof Painting ii Jit, tin. ALEX ^CHDTE. Call 235» 50—Upholstering Recovering & Spring Repair Charlu C. Brode, S55 Greece at. Phone BBS UPHOLSTERING. SPRINGS. Farnlturo Repairs. Truck-Auto and Kitchen chairs recovered. Cushions refillec. GEOP.GE BRAOO. PHONE 6045-J. REPAIRING - OPHOLSTERINa ~~~ furniture Wnrlc OimrarUeed PoBAfllt'i. 131 Frederic* St Phone 1868-W AtJTO ll COMMERCIAL DPHOLSTERrNU furntturt RccOkcretl, Modern Plattlei Oeo. a. W»mtr, 1323 Va,. Avs. P>i. 3i5fl-M L, BERNSTEIN WAREHOUSE 152 UNION ST. New and Used • Bedroom Furniture • Diningroom Furniture • Lmngroom Furniture • Kitchen Furniture • Gas Ranges • Electric Refrigerators EASY CREDIT! Law Offices of James Alfred Avirett. ORDER OF PUBLICATION Stella Catherine Zlmmerly vs. Wlnfield Scolt Zlmmprly. No. 22536 En'.ilty, In the Circuit Court for Allegany Counly, Maiy- iftnd. The object of this suit Is to obtain ft ; divorce A VINCULO MATHIMONII between • Stella Catherine Zimmerly and WInflrld ! Scott Z:mmerly. and to obtain the custody j of the P:.iintif."s minor son. I The Bill recites Ihat the parties were ; marned 0,1 Pebrunri 28. 1930. In the City ' of Cumberland, Maryland; that the plaln- , tiff has been a resident of Allcgany County, Maryland. lor more than one year past. : and the Defendant U a non-resident; that i two children wt-re btirr. as a result of this 1 marriage; and tha; the Defendant, without Just c;uise or reit.son, deserted and aban doned the Plaintiff on or about March 15 1950, and that said dea :rtton and abandonment has continued uninterruptedly fo more than eighteen '18l months. Is deliberate and final ar.d beyond any reasonable hope or expectation of reconciliation IT IS THEREUPON, this 30th day of January, IB52, by the Circuit Court for Allegany County. Maryland, sitting lr Equity, ordered that the Plaintiff, by causing a copy of this Order :o be published in some dally newspaper In Alle- Kany Counly, Maryland, once a week for four i4t successive weeks before the -3rr day of March, 1D52, fjivlr.g notice to said absent Defendant of the objective anc substance of t! suit and warning him to be and appear in this Court. In person or by solicitor, on or before the 30th day of March, 1852, and show cause, If any he has. why the relief prayed herein should not be granted as prayed. JOSEPH E. BODEN. Clerk nf the Circuit Court of Allegany County Maryland True copy: Test; Joseph E. Boden. Clerk. Adv.—T—Jan.-3l-Feb.-7-U-31 Breakfast Brigade Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 58 Lubricate \ Popular 59 Born Display Classified Eat At . . . Happy Hills Farms Restaurant 228 BALTIMORE AVE. Take Home some of our HOMOGENIZED MILK—20c quart American breakfast item i Equally popular a' breakfast 9 Goes with either of first two 12 Exist 13 Greek market 14 Be sick 15 Saline water 10 Siberian Mongoloid IV Compass point 18 Paleness i 20 Rounded and cylindrical 22 Preposition 23 Flower 24 Endure 27 Weight of India 28 Mimics 32 Island (Fr.) 33 Oriental porgy 34 Breakfas* drink 35 Painful 37 Bustle 38 Biblical high priest 39 Equal 40 Footlike part 41 Breakfast cereal 42 Froster 44 Symbol for selenium 45 Extend 48 Musical dramas 52 Affliction 53 Lariat 55 Mineral rock 56 Social insect 57 English royal family 60 Worms 61 Pigeon pea VERTICAL 1 Yam spindle 2 Scope 3 Breakfast is one of the s in a day 21 Measure o' 4 Conductor's wand 5 Cultural media 6 Folding b«d 7 Musical Scriptural compositions 8 Nostrils 9 Facility 10 Pith 43 Honey producer 43 Fencing positior .... 44 Boxes paper 23 Peruser 24 Speech impediment , . 25 Century plan' 45 Bird 26 Withered 46 Corn bread 27 Small ear muscle 29 Wharf 30 Girl's name 31 Epidermis 47 Plexus 48 Siouan Indian 49 Crucifix 50 Operatic solo (Continued from Page 15) Hospital where he was admitted following a paralytic stroke Tuesday. He was a son of C. L. Long and the late Mrs. Bertha Long. Besides his father, he is survived by his widow, Mrs. Bertha (Porter) Long. A native of Vale Summit,' he had resided here the greater part of his life and was a member of the Frostburg Fire Department. Services will be conducted Saturday at 2:30 p. m. from the residence. Interment will be in Frostburg Memorial Park. Warren E. Shaffer Services will be held tomorrow for Warren Eddington Shaffer, 66, who died yesterday at his home, 315 Fifth Street, at Stein's Chapel at 2 p. m., with Bev. Donald Brake, pastor ol St. John's Lutheran Church, officiating. Interment will be in Hillcrest Burial Park. , Among those survivors are six sisters, Mrs. Mollie Sapp, Newburg, W. Va. Miss Lucy A. Shaffer, Kingwood, W. Va.; Mrs. Ethel Edwards, California, Pa.; Mrs. Clara Pen-ill, Willard, Ohio; Miss- Grace Shaffer, Kingwood; and Miss Freda Shaffer, Kingwood. Crawford Services Services for Mrs. Hattie E. Craw- ThomM Retmrlal FROSTBURG—The body of Sgt Francis D. Thomas, 23, son of Mr and Mrs., • Arthur Thomas, 169 Spring Street, who was killed in action in Korea September 27, 1950 has arrived in the states 'for reburial. Graveside services will be conducted at Arlington, Va., Monday February 4, at 2 p. m. Sgt. Thomas served with the infantry. Besides his parents, he is survivec by his wife, Mrs. Mary Thomas, and children, Keith and Gale. Members of the family who will attend the services ire Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomas, Sr., Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Thomas, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. ieorge Pugh, and his widow and children. Walter E. Racey ford, 80, who died Sunday at City Hospital, Baltimore, were held yes- :esday at Stein's Chapel with Rev Kenneth Grove, pastor of Emmanuel Methodist Church, officiating. In- ierment was in Queen's Point Cemetery, Keyser. Pallbearers were Jack McHugh, Lawrence Arnold, Thomas Matlick, Scott Stahl, Marshall Landts and 51en Stroup. ' Charles J.. Simpson Services for Charles J. Simpson, '3, of 1112 Bedford Street, owner of Simpson Company, wholesale con- 'ectioners, 116 Henry Street, who died Tuesday afternoon in Memorial Hospital, will be held tomorrow at 0:30 a. m. at Right's Funeral Home. The Rev. Dr. Walter M. Michael, ormer pastor of Centre Street Methodist Church, now pastor of riendship (Md.) Methodist Church, ill officiate, assisted by Senior dajor Elmer Wall, commandant of he Salvation Army. Graveside ser- ices in Hillcrest Burial Park will e conducted by Ohr Lodge 131, F. and A. M. Pallbearers will be George W. Jrown, Leroy Kimes, Charles E. WINCHESTER, Va. — Walter E. Racey, 65, retired farmer of Clarke county, died January 26 at the home of hia son, Sgt. Walter A. Racey, Sampson Air Base, N. Y. Services were held yesterday at the John H. Enders Funeral Home in Berryville, Va., with Rev. Percy White, pastor of the Berryville Methodist Church, officiating. Interment was in Green Hill Cemetery, here. Born at Columbia Furnace, Shenandoah county, on May 7, 1886, he was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Landon Racey. His wife, Mrs. Rosa (Houndersheldt) Racey, died several years ago. In adidtion to his son, survivors include two other sons, Howard, Berryville; and Raymond Racey, Detroit; five brothers, Joseph, Pennsylvania; John, James, and Ed Racey, Romney, W. Va.; liam Racey, Kirby, W, sister, Mrs. Otis McKee, Cumberland. State Income Tax Method Details Given Comptroller Explains Plan Of Computing Amount To Be Paid (This Is the third !n a series of four articles released by J. MIHard Tawej, ' state comptroller. In the previous articles Tawes explained the liability for filing returnj and exemptions.) Maryland has what is commonly referred to as a "classified Incoma tax," according to Comptroller J. Millard Tawes. Under the law, income is segregated into categories of "ordinary ncome" and "investment income. 1 * Ordinary income consists of salaries, wages and compensation for per- onal services, rents (not including: ground rents), royalties, and income rom trade, business, or profession. Briefly stated it includes income rom sources wherein a certain amount of personal services ar» . pent in its acquisition or produc- ion. The rate of tax on ordinary- income is two per cent. Investment income consists of dividends, interest, ground rents and annuities. The rate of tax on investment income is five per cent,.Tawe» explained. Computation of Tax Two methods of computation are available in the law to the majority of resident individual taxpayers. The optional method of computation Kight Services 11 Merriment 19 Land parcel i 12. IS IB 32 3? 39 Sb sa •i % 3 2t> 17 IS 4% Jto 36 Iroquoian 54 Paid notices ii Indian newspapers M 13 16 W m m m. i 7 to 5 W/ 27 « 37 0 b m 23 'M t 7 io m. a 8 m, m m. w. 21 Zb W m i 3 11 17 » 38'" 1 <W ii a u 10 30 50 II 3) 51 ji mlth, Robert M. Shuck, Howard 'andegrift and Albert Wiebel. Wood Services ELKINS, W. Va.—Services for rthur A. Wood, 65, retired supervisor of the Monongahela National Forest, who died Monday at his home here, were held yesterday at the Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church, with the Rev. Warner DuBose, Jr., officiating. Interment was In the Maplewood Cemetery. Joseph Samuel Palmer ROMNEY, W. Va—Joseph Samuel Palmer, 77, died at his home in Points, W. Va., Tuesday, Born In Slanesville, W. Va., November 17 1874, he was the son of the late Frank and Mary (Fishel) Palmer. Mr. Palmer had been a farmer In the Points area for 42 years. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Ollie CAbell) Palmer; one Ralph A. Palmer, Points; two daughters, Mrs. Grace E. Davis, Points, and Miss Edith L. Palmer, Romney; and one brother, James W. Palmer, Romney. The body will remain at the Sombs Funeral Home, here, until services tomorrow at the Presbyter- an Church at Three Churches, W. Va., at 2 p. m. Rev. Robert D. Goshorn, pastor, will officiate. Services for William Kight, former maintenance engineer for the Queen City Brewing Company, who died Sunday at his home, 418 Beall Street, were held yesterday at George's Funeral Home. Rev. John Bayley Jones, pastor of First Methodist Church, Frostburg, officiated. Hiram Lodge 103, AF and AM, conducted the graveside services at Philos Cemetery, Westernport. Paul J. Uber was worshipful mas- ;er, Howard Peyton, senior warden; Earl G. Hock, junior warden; C. Albert Beck, chaplain; L. W. Hick, secretary, and Raymond L. Wilt, treasurer. Pallbearers were Arch M. Hutchinson, James W. Bishop, '&'• and W u- iSOmetimes TeSerred to as the "short . Va.; and ar orm> " i!: availabl <5 to those whose •income is from salary and wage sources and where the gross income does not exceed 510,000 of which not more than S500 is from dividends, interest and annuities. A tax table is set forth on th« . form and in its computation allowance has been tnade for personal- exemption and deductions approximating 10 per cent of the gross income to the maximum allowance of $500. After these allowances were made the remainder has been taxed at two per cent. The regular, method of computation or "long form" is available to all residents. It must be used by U) those whose rross income exceeds $10,000; (2) >y those having investment income n excess of $500; and by those engaged in a trade, business or profession or in any type of Billings, Elwood George,' John i business ' occupation, or profession Seckman and Raymond L. Wilt. Among those attending were Mr, and Mrs. J. W.' Holmes, Greensburg, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. P. K. Branthoover, Johnstown, Pa.; and Mrs. M. D. Jones, Baltimore, Floyd L. Brant Services for Floyd L. Brant, died Tuesday at the his sister, Mrs. Francis 60, who home of Kirby, Bobtown, Pa., will be held tomorrow at 3:30 p.m. at iStein's Funeral Home. Rev. wlnfield C. where expenses are to be claimed in connection therewith. It must, also, be used when a return is to be submitted for a period of less than a year or when credit is to be claimed for income taxes.paid to some other state, Tawes declared. Under the regular method of computation it has been necessary heretofore to itemize all deductions. At the 1951 session of the Maryland legislature the law was amended to provide an optional standard deduc- Hall, pastor of Mt. Savage Metho-| tio ". Tawes stated. As a result of dist Church, will officiate. The Mt.| thls change an objectionable feature "" ' " 'of the law was removed and taxpayers who are required to use the regular method of computation can now use the optional standard deduction which has been available heretofore to those who were ellgibla to use the optional method of computation. The taxpayer can now claim an optional standard deduction of 10 Savage Veterans of Foreign Wars of which Mr. Brant was a member, will conduct graveside services In Mt. savage Methodist Cemetery. Mr. Brant was a fireman for the C. and P. Railroad for 21 years. A veteran of "World War I, Mr. Brant received a medal for outstanding bravery in four major battles. Carl L. Grim FROSTBUKG-Services for Carl per cent of hb gro« £00, Z but hot L. Grim, 65, who died Tuesday at ! in excess of $500, or he They'll Do It Every Time HOTTEST ^ N WSTORV MAKES POOR PAPA DROOP- WATS MOM GOT ? RED-HOT P&KR-POr SOUP.' FOR SUPPER? RED-HOT >>••. By Jimmy Hatlo Jl/vfE SASHAYS Ofj-rrs 23 8ELCW"»We GETS 'FKDZEM UPHOLSTERING Trjxell 31S N Centra 8510-J Displey Classified I-AKGE Grade "A" counlry guaranteed fresh. Dozen 51c 3 Dozen BETTER CARS at LOWER COST 1950 Chevrolet 2 Dr. Sedan RAH 1948 Chevrolet 4 Dr. Sedan 1SH7 Chevrolet Station Wagoi 1348 Dodge Club Coupe, R&f 1947 Dodge 4 Dr. Sedan, R A II 1941 Dodce 2 Or., II * H GURLEY'S INC. 123 S. Liberty Used Car Lot Swi!l ' s Premium, 14 Ib. ovg. Hone >' B ' c " ld . "'"I 1 / W Eol, 14 Ib. 0"g Brand I lo Eel, 4-3 Ib. ova. Phone 2M 212 Greene St • INSIST ON « GENUINE FORD PARTS ST. GEORGE MOTOR CO. "Voiw fritndlf ford Demtr* S. Gtorg* St. Cumberland Phon. 580 *^N*^^ l SSS«'^^W*»*w^*fc^s H »^K^4'V4W^, $50 Cash for 30 Days Total Cost $1.50 Stop in or PhDnel Aetna Finance Co. 1 N. LIBERTY ST. - PHONE 5293 55c 57c 39c If aCOn S'i«d Suoor Cured, lb 39 C g | bs . §}.{)() Minced Ham ^^ « *«•- n>. 39 C 3»». $1.00 Sausage fr " h - A '" >! "'''i b -55e 2 lb * §1.00 Wieners Sm °" s ki "'«». »= 59c 2 lbs - $1.00 Pork Chops L «°" **•»»'• ">• 59e 2 lb - 81.00 Bacon Squares 4 »»• Sl.OO Pork Liver Teiid8f 3 IB.. $1.00 Sail Fish l ° k « »•"'<<* 5 it.,. $1.00 Pure Lard ' lb ^ 5 »>.. §1^00 OlOO Mfl ' Filbisr! ' i ° r Blue Bonnet Golden Quarters . *J tbi. Wl 4) A ** ' *!5 m. •T»U £r Juices. Orono :; G8 ;: n ° d " ruii .... Super Suds, Octagon OICO Kina Nul Golt! «n Ouarl»r» Potatoes Chickens f '« h °'."«d *«••-<•" « i Rabbits F "> h """"i ib. jjJe Flour Pi " ibu " ° nd ooidm.dai 25 ">• b =s $2:09 Complete-Line of Your Favorite Brands in Liquors, Wines and Beers McDADC'S MARKETS 11 N. Front St. 316 Baltimore Av«. OPEN EVENINGS & SUNDAYS 4 '-$1.00 | ld 4 '- $1.00 it>. his home in Detroit, will be held tomorrow at 2 p. m. at the Durst Funeral Home. Rev. John E. Grim, lephew and pastor o£ Bethel Church of the Brethren, Farmington, Pa., will officiate, and interment will be in Frostburg Memorial Park. B&O Expands CContinued from Page 15) cooperation from all concerned,'.' Baker gaid. He pointed out that the B <fe O's cartoon-movie, "The Happy Locomotive," aimed at school children,- has been shown to more than 900,000 students of all ages during the last year. "It has had a significant effect," he said, "in cutting down mischievous pranks by children on railroad property." Malaya Rubber Producers To Study U. S. Methods PENANQ — (fl>) — Malayan rubber producers will ask the United States jovernment to send a mission here :o study rubber problems, similar .0 the U. S. tin mission which completed its survey a few months ago. it is not possible for America n^ itemize his deductions, said the comptroller. Gross Income With but few exceptions the gross income as developed in a federal return will be the same reportabla to Maryland. The instructions accompanying the Maryland form fully set forth the items to be included in gross income. The principal items of difference between the federal and Maryland laws are ; follows, Comptroller Tawes states; Under the Maryland law capital gains axe not subject to tax aud capital losses cannot be deducted. Interest received on bonds or other obligations of the United States government, of Maryland, or any of (-s political sub-divisions is not EUD- ect to tax. However, interest received on bonds or other obligations of other states and their political sub-divisions is taxable. Dividends received upon the stock of Maryland banks and trust companies and from national banks, both within this state, are lax exempt under the Maryland law. Dividends received from savings and loan associations whether federal or domestic, are subject to tax -under the state law. Dividends received in liquidation or dissolution are treated as taxable Income lo the extent that they rep ^•Jssra^r^-^rsr^sK delegation of its own to Washington and not as capital gains as under the federal law. Deductions Generally Items permitted as de- otrr OUR WAY By J. R. William. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE •ff VOL) BEEN WINDOW SHOPPIKJ'? WELL.I'P NEVER OF BELIEVEP SUCH A CLASSV DAME VlOULD EVER ASK. WELL, I'M ONTO IT NOW — SHE TO SUM OP, MISTAH MISf AH TWlSGS I* KfiErO A5 A •SlCKLe AN' HE GOT THETO HANDLE TROUBL& ALL SIZES.'•?*• He's DOVJ/O- RISV4T EASVTO SET ALONG WIF, BUT EF HE &1TS t MUDSE.-D HE'S A PL AIM EVEB.V- STAMPED& THE ROSTER Of THE TEAM. CHARACTER TWS FELLOSM TWIGGS ISM'T HE 9OM& SORT DIMS --STORE SDM ASAlU ABUZZ. with a view to bringing about "com-! plete understanding" . in the many i problems confronting the rubber L VJ . c " e ™"- v " ems Permiwea as ndurstry In Malaya auctions under the federal law are awo deductible under the state law; however, we do not permit the' deduction of income taxes paid to the federal government or to this state, operating loss carryover or carry-back. Limitations are also placed on losses and bad debts. The Instructions accompanying the Maryland form deal with deductions very fully. Salvation Army Board Officers To Be Installed Lt. Colonel V. J. Huffman, of Baltimore, divisional commander of the Salvation Army, will install the recently elected officers of the advisory board of the Cumberland corps, tomorrow at 6:15 p m at the Y.M.C.A. Henry W. Price, retiring chairman of the board, will preside over the annual board dinner-meeting, senior Major Elmer Wall, commander, will give a final report of the year's activities. Major and Mrs. Wall, who have been with the Cumberland corps since 1946, have been transferred to the New Orleans territory, and will leave this area in the next few days, pending official notification from Lt. Col. Huffman.

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