Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 28, 1971 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 28, 1971
Page 5
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ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUES., DEC. 28, 1971 Page 8 Holiday Greetings Among the organizations that spread Christinas cheer in the community was the Independent Insurance Agents of Estherville who delivered boxes of fruit to the Emmet County Farm and to the Estherville Police Department. Accepting the ap- Pollution Everywhere pies and oranges at the farm were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Krough, managers, on the right. Agents, from the left, are Lee Barnes, Stan Young, Claire Bringle and Bruce Barnes. (Daily News Photo by Stan Brotherton) Junk in Antarctica MCMURDO STATION, Antarctica (AP) — Where man goes, man pollutes, and this pristine white continent has not escaped the consequences of human exploration. But now an anti-pollution conscience is greatly diminishing the insults that man has been wreaking on this environment. For 14 years at this main U.S. base in Antarctica, trash, garbage, beer cans, plastic containers, old tires, abandoned machinery have been floated out to sea on melting ice floes, soon to sink to the bottom of McMurdo Sound. In places, divers report, the seabed is becoming a highway of litter that crowds sponges out of living space. For 14 years, raw sewage has been piped into the Sound, hard by the shoreline of Ross Island. This summer season, a $175,000 incinerator capable of burning 600 pounds of material per hour is going into action. Next summer a sewage treatment plant, costing $225,000 and using chemicals and bacteria, is expected to make sewage sterile for later disposition into the Sound. This station is on land that lies free of snow in summer (when it is winter in the United States) so landfill sites are being sought for compacted cans and other non-burnable trash. Field parties going into the snow-free dry valleys 60 miles from McMurdo are equipped to bring back all their trash, garbage and body wastes to keep those areas free of contamination. The measure fol- JVeti? President For Christmas ROME (AP) - Italy got a new president for Christmas and a political crisis that may mean the end of eight years of Center-Left government. Giovanni Leone, an affable 63-year-old Neapolitan politician, was elected by Parliament after 15 days of voting, talking, screaming insults and a little fighting. Leone, a Christian Democrat, won as a man of the center. Although partners in the government, his party and the Socialists split over the presidential election and fought bitterly. Observers think it will be a long time before they can get together again in another government. Avanti, the Socialists party newspaper, accused the Christian Democrats today of a move to the right "that included the Fascists in a repellent and mongrel embrace." The Socialists charge that the neo- Fascist Italian Social Movement, the MSI, which gave Leone the kiss of death in the last election seven years ago, this time gave him the election. Premier Emilio Colombo's government, Italy's 32nd in the last 25 years, will resign, possibly this week, as it is required to do upon the election of a new president. lows some years of disregard concerning such waste disposal. And studies are under way concerning putting mini-sewage treatment or disposal plants at such places as the South Pole Station, 800 miles to the north, where now sewage is piped out to sink into the snow and ice two miles thick. Some thousands of years from now, the movement of the ice will deposit it in the sea. There are those who say man-made pollution is of no great consequence here, because man occupies only a few areas of the 5 ! /2 -million-square- mile continent, and that penguins contribute more body waste by far than man does to the sea. Conservationists and ecologists reply that man can do something to reduce the impact of his waste, while animals can't, and that penguins don't drink beer and throw away the cans. Further, they say, discarded paper and clothing, much less cans and plastics, may last for many years in cold waters possessing fewer organisms than warm climes to act upon biodegradable materials. Ecologists worry too about ef­ fects of increasing tourism, limited so far to shipborne visits to places like this, in terms of litter and sewage and possible disturbance of penguin rookeries. While actions are being initiated to control some sources of man-made pollution, there are others beyond control. DDT and other pesticides have been found in penguins and other aminals here, and scientists are finding and wondering about the effects of traces of lead, and other metals borne, like the pesticides, on the winds from distant civilization. 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