Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 17, 1957 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 6
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Girl Scout Troop 13 Hostess Woman's Club Mrs. Grable, Staff, Preside To Mothers At J-II School Holds Annual ' At VFW Auxiliary Meetino- Meeting, Tea ' & Girl Seoul Troop No. 13 of lhe Johnson Heights School, held its annual Mothers Day party Monday evening in lhe form el a program and parly al the school. The advancing of (he color guard ami. lhe pledge lo the flag opened (lie program. Jeneen liitey, Jill Ullery, Marion Wasser, and sang "The Ash Nancy Scolt Grove." new staff of officers presided at EVi ,•„,,* ,„ . , , „, r , Approximately 165 members lhe meeting Tuesday night of the r UwVlCW YY »JU. Ad(.l 10 Landscape and « ucsts attended the; annual Henry Hart Auxiliary. VFW, at 1J„„-„„ T 77 D r\r T T/ J r -i meeting and lea of lhe Woman's the post home, tlCuTS 1 CU./f, OY '// LaV alC Library Civ >c Club yeslerday aflernoon al Mrs. Mary Moore, retiring jl/fiVo ~ ' AI ii, , <!„„ *< A r",i « the Woman ' s ci «c Club house, president, gave her report for (lie 0"oi A he meeting Monday of the Repor t s wcrc given by the vari-past year and read the blood =•"='» Homemakers Club it was ous c ), airmcn an( | aew members bank report for Mrs Rosalie A style show was given by the whole Iroop and narrated by Joy Mathews. Included in the show. were Nancy Scott and Sue Waga roller skating nor. who fouline. ** A 1 - lap dance was given by Garland and Beverly Brown to Hie music "One of These Days," A flule duel was presented by Susan Wilson and Susan Lower. Mrs. Audrey Plummer, leader presented the girls with thi badges they had earned. ."After Ihe closing Girl Seoul songs, refreshments were served Attending were Mrs. John J Long, Mrs. Harold R. Brown ant Beverly Brown; Mrs. James Gar !and and Judy Garland; Mrs Raleigh M. Shobe and Janis Shobe; Mrs. Joseph U. Wagner and Sue Wagner; Mrs. John A Lower and Susan Lower; Mrs Ktta Lower, Mrs. Blair Ullery Karen and Jill Ullery; Mrs Charles Davis and Pamela Davis .."lira. Marlin King and Marleen ing,-. Mrs. Devon Manges anc Homemakers To announced thai a donation of \veie introduced. $1,000 has been offered by Sears to lhe LaVale Library if all or. .. .„ . ... neac gamzalions will make eontrlbu- Mrs ' Mrs Joj Judy ' and Slarr Menges; Harold Mathews and „„_, Mathews; Mrs. Herbert Roland ,and Joan Roland; MM. Lillian Scott and Nancy Scolt, Mrs. R. .Ralph Willson and Susan Wilson; ;Mrs. C. Harry Griggs Jr., and .Carol Griggs, Mrs. Harold D. Linn, Barbara Linn, Mrs. Wasser 'and Marion Wasser, Mrs. Hummer, Mrs. Riley and Jeneen Hiley, Miss Collins, Jane and JoAnno Beery, Linda MeMichael and Diane Lewis. lions. The club voted to give chrysanlhemums for Ihe landscaping of lhe library. Mrs. Carl Belt will read the collect, and Mrs. Douglas Smith read the iistory of "Fairest Lord Jesus," hymn of the month, Routine reporls were given by Mrs. Thomas Gifford and Mrs Homer Carlton. Roll call was answered with each member describing an older woman she most admires. Reporls wcrc given o] tha county Homemaker Chorus pageant; HWSC tea, June 4, al the Woman's Civic Club house, 515 Washington Streel; the County Council of Homemakers winning the table selling first place award at the garden club meeting; and that 12 books were read during ihe monlh. Mrs. Gilford and Mrs. Carlton were elected delegates to College Park in June. A demonstration on growing old gracefully was given by Mrs. Edward Shaffer, county family life chairman. Jt was followed by a quiz .on the lopic. Mrs. Finley Thompson read an article on Whistler's mother. Mrs. Margaret Belt and Ann Lee Williamson were visitors, uioure gave guts lo Mrs. Helcne "•""" "' *•«"""* ^a Bujac and Mrs. Elizabeth Nave Glve Thoe But Th V "'-- Goldie Speis, installing s P° nsive readings riflitn IK** AK*.....— *_ n._ was led fav Mrs. R Mrs. H. T. Robinson .,_ ...„ pledge lo the Flag. A moment of prayer was observed for Mrs. •*«•-»•., ..,.,, u ...., s Hcacox and Mrs. G. Bates offic er, gave ihe charges to the Chaires thanked the club for the new officers, and the obbligation flowers and card: of Mrs. Heacox. Mrs. Chaires, fine arts chairman and slate crafts chairman, distributed nine state and 33 dis- Woman's Association of the First Presbyterian Church will hold a rummage sale in the fellowship room May 23 from 1 to 9 p. m. and on May 24 from 9 a. m. until 4 p. m. The Ladies Auxiliary to Can- Ion Allegany 4, Patriarch Militant, 1OOF, will meet lomorrow at 7:30 p. m, in lhe 100F Temple. An Irishman, William Brown of County Mayo, founded the Ar- geptine Navy in 1814. Mrs Paul M Fletcher in ' ^ Crable announced that Jncedtetcardp™e will be^ y M Da ^ WiU "t held - Sa ' Ur - rii«.nnlin,, P rl fnr th» * „.- da >' Ma >' 25 . w "ll M". Nave officers. She staled Ihal any one AnnouDcemcnl w-as made of lhc Bertha Ric interested in attending the adult * s ' nc ' c J canl Pm ent t( > he held committee. , ,. °. rtlaV 9H HT KVrtCTll,,,.*! nnlnttntnf Personais Mrs. Hattie Eichelberger, 529 Dilley Street, is visiting her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Eichelberger, Tim- mqnsville, S. C. Mrs. Georgia Robertson, 6 Fayelte Street, is a surgical patient in Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Chloe Reynolds, 420 Maryland Avenue, is a delegate to lhe Eastern State conference af "n Concord, N. H. nighi at 7:30 at the church. ' A' EAT BETTER FOR LESS WITH THE MODERN FOOD PLAN! How do we do it! SIMPLE ARITHMETIC ** If we con save you 25c on every dollar you spend for food, and your present food spending amounts to $100 or more per month. Then figure it out for yourself. We save you $25.00 or more each month. This savings applied on the purchase of the freezer pays for 1he freezer within o short time. We hove proven this to hundreds of families in this vicinity. Under no obligation to you. Let us see if we can prove if fo you. PHONE PA 2-0920 FOR FREE FOOD ANALYSIS OF YOUR FOOD EATING AND BUYING. IT MAY BE THE SOLUTION TO YOUR FOOD PROBLEM. CALL PA 2-0920. NO OBLIGATION. INVESTIGATE NOW. EAT BETTER. LIVE BETTER FOR THE SAME MONEY YOU ARE NOW SPENDING ON FOOD ALOKE. TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, FRIDAY, MAY, 17, 1957 bank report for Mrs. Rosalie Thc w< Eversline, chairman. During the , n Scn year, 89 pints of blood wcre "If Falr In the absence of Mrs. Albert ^ ear ' ss P'«<s of blood wcre "if Falrl ' le «' Avenue Methodist eacox. president, who is ill, donated by auxiliary members. Cnurcn - The meeting was open- Irs. James I'itkethly presided! Jn complying her term, Mrs. £. . b i' singing "We Hear (he lu la iu, *~ "J «"«•»*«* j j ni;iiiui;i 3, . presided. In conipleling her term, Mrs. £f led the Moore gave gifts to Mrs. Helcne *.'. llrain of Earthly Care" and "We •"•--•— - , n /- Re. —„_ _.. missions led by Mrs. B. F. Harlman. ^niiHt:^ mauKcu me ciuo lor me "^" «ii"-^io, mm tuu orjrjiiganon ^speaker for the evening flowers and cards senl on behalf to Mrs - Grac e Cross, conduclrcss \ vas M|SS Grace Steiner, retired rtf xfrc n a n nnv and Mrs Nauo «h^;^ deaconess. Her talk was on 'The Experiences as a Deacon- Pa., auxiliary, transferred to the local auxiliary and were wel- Laura Mae Tipldn. Mrs. Crable announced discontinued for the summer. "£| "' ^ "• ,™ u " / lrs ' ? ave Catherine ( Mrs. William A. Douglas reported ^.f'™, ' r , , Pe ' S C a ' r " Walkins. M. on the district meetine and new ™ n cf "treslimenls. Mr , nnrn| , education institute at the Univer sity of Maryland, June 27 and 28, should call Mrs. Chaires, PA 20722. Chairmen ' reports included-financial by Mrs. Jmith; American ., Joseph Miller; art, Mrs. Arthur Fuller; -legislative, Mrs. Harry Simpson; literature, Mrs. Robert Bruce; music, Mrs. C. A. List; welfare, Mrs.. John Cookj hos- litalily, Mrs. William Ryan; pub- and Mrs. Bujac. Alternates are G. Morgan \i r c Phirl^i* „ ij- m •>,« ••«.»**'-'*ii*n,iii^ «»;»c acrvcu oy home, J ?rs. ^^"^ ^"WaS ^ ™*' Li » tllicum and ««• , . Freeland, Mrs. Elizabelh Valen icily, Mrs. Chairesi ways and means,. Mrs. E. W, Dove; and revised by-laws, Mrs. Fletcher. Reports also were read for the civic group, education and community service; and a letter of appreciation for the gift and flowers sent to Mrs. Douglas, past president of the MFWC. Guests introduced were Mrs. Tferman Gruen, Baltimore, former corresponding secretary of the state group; and presidents and members of the LaVale Century and Junior Woman's ^ivic clubs. Mrs. List presented Pelor Lukas, who entertained Lhe VFW Auxiliary, being held w 'th organ selections. —. .— , New members were introduced Club. It will be held jointly with the Soroptimists clubs of Triby Mrs. Robert W. Young. They ^, , ,,. ^ : . U J *ui.v ivuueiL n. young, ine^ ,^. EC i? lC r Ie10f ? ark Plare ^re Mrs. Newton Evar!,. Mrs n< +1, ^- i. ft. v - — ----- IYCIC ima. ivti^vLon r^vans, Airs. iu « ll; > ""u t\Ky*vi, t\ pariy non- Methodist Church will meet to- Joseph Feldstcin, Mrs. Donald or > n S new and retiring officers , . Grove, Mrs. Thomas Finan, Mrs. Plans frving Millenson, Mrs. Donald at l!le Girl Scout house. * ,„.,„ [ Sharp, Mrs. Fuller Whitworth, fur both and the election of offic- Miss Helen Tasker, Mrs. Robert crs featured the meeting Tues- Soldfine, Mrs. Wylie Faw, Mrs. da y evening at Central Y.M.C.A George Deal, Mrs. James Halli- Hiss Ol ive Hurlburt presided, nan, Mrs. William George, Mrs. *' ts - Blanche Ridgway was Carl Kight, Mrs. Wesley Taylor! clecte<1 President; Mrs. Ma.xine Mrs. Lloyd Mobus, Mrs. Lester Doak, vice president; Mrs. Doro Deneen, Mrs. James Hexroad, 'bey Green, recording secretary Mrs. Luther Hutter, Mrs. Earl 4Ir s. Clara Dougherty, corres Paul, Mrs. Raymond Smith, Mrs. ponding secretary; Mrs. Ruth John Ort, Mrs. Frank Maiden, Barnes, treasurer; Miss Mae Mrs. Allen Arnold, Mrs. William Tomilson, regional delegate and Fair, Mrs. Robert Meals. Mrs. Mrs. Fay Stillwagon, three-yea Arthur Verner, Mrs. Joseph director. Schriver and Mrs. Michael Beer- Others completing their terms are Mrs. Marjorie Kight, direc- Members of the Community tor and Miss Jeanelle Bonig re- bervice Group acted as hostesses gional director. The ballot was lor the tea. A large arrange mcnl of pink and blue shasta Edward Ryan. Mrs. Chaires daisies, snapdragons and ever- Mrs. R. E. Brockman Jr., Mrs' greens centered the table with Florence Nugent. Mrs. Willia- silver candelabra of pink tapers. Cooley. Sfrs. Ralph Isimmger. The committee consisted of Mrs. Mrs. Frank Leger, Mrs. Edward fcmil Miller, chairman, Mrs. Solomon and Mrs. George Tucker Mrs. Audrey Crahle and' her nd Mrs, Nave, chairman. Four members of a Hyndman, . Mrs. Richard Welker reporled on lhe recent 'zone meeting and Gaithersburg. ir-in sanir U was deci ded to have a straw- Mrs' N-.VP be "' y feslival lhis 1Jlon(h - N". .I"' _i.^_ e Catherine Groves. .Mrs. Mabel - Mabel . -Irs. Richard Welker, Announcemenrwas'madeof the SL^ °" r f ly , Bauer a " d , Mf , s - lislrirt nnna™ n «.nt .„ u» ^,^ Berlha Ulce were named to the May 26 at Frostburg. Delegates Mrs. Mabel Wade. The auxiliary will parlicipate in the Memorial Day services and parade May SO, and will hold a memorial service for its deceased members May. 28, conducted by Mrs. Nave, chaplain. A prize awarded for the evening was won by Mrs. Mildred Fike. Approximately 35 attended. Soroptimisis To Install Jointly With Tri-Towns A banquet and join! installation ot officers will be held by the Cumberland Soroptimists Club June 7 at the Alt Ghan Country Towns and Keyser. A party hon- will be held May 29 at 7:30 p. m. A New Memory Book for the First- Communicant ... lo ,eca,d l/ic memom-i of (Jiij Beautiful Orcojion WHITE LEATHERETTE $ «-• 75 GOLD EMBOSSED I' While in town. Visit Cumberland's only completely RELIGIOUS GOODS SHOP . . . -Ave Maria Shop 37 Frederick Street 150 N. CENTRE ST. IONA CUT BEETS 13 # 303 $1 RELIABLE PEAS 7 # 303 $•) cons A & P APPLE SAUCE DAILY DOG FOOD 13 i-ib. $1 A & P CORN WKo). K.Mtl ond Cieom Styl« | # 303 $1 AI The Women's Society of Chris tian Service met on May 1 at Refreshments were served by iubmifted by Mrs. Green. Her committee included Mrs. Bessie HanSs and Mrs. Berlha Lancast- r. Commitlee reporls of activities tor tha past year were given by Mrs. Ella Everstine, attendance and publicily; Miss Bonig, international understanding and good will; Mrs. DeHaven, publicity; Mrs. Stillwagon, venture club and bulletin; Mrs. Green, ways and means; Mrs. Alberta Lindner, programs, and Mrs. Ridgway, service objectives. The board meeting will be June 5 at 7:30 at the Y; and the general meeting June 7. Fort Cumberland ^ „ ., * American Legion, will hold open hcuse tonight and tomorrow night lo welcome visitors here for th Sports Car lo obsen Dancing Dial PA' 2-4600 for • WANT AD Ttfdf Mrs. Cooley Installed Head Of Sorority New officers for the cominglat the Corriganville Fire Hall.1 Chairmen' of commute* *3P IVPrrt tnctnllftrl • «» J ' /•.'_._ i t i .-. . * • . ... „. .. • . • I and final ans made for a square dance at e meeling of Alpha Chapter ot Jla Sigma, Phi Sorority at Ihe ime of Miss Kalhleen Helker, Valley Street, ixson presided. Mrs. Eugene The dance is to be held Friday AI Schwtnubai't will call figures. The new officers are Mrs. William Cooley, president; Miss Belly Slogrni/ier, vice president; Mrs; James DiehL recording sce- relary; Mrs. Edward O'RourkeJ corresponding secretary" and Mrs. Christian Frcy. treasurer. , ..... assistants are Mrs. Mcrill Barnes, social, with Mrs. James DtehJ and Mrs. Chrislian Frey; Mrs. Paul Poorbaugh, way* , ind means, with Miss Janei Stegrnaier and Miss Kathleen Hclkeh, «nd Mrs. Kcnnclh Norwood, program, with Mrs. O'Rourke. Protect Your Winter Wardrobe AGAINST MOTH DAMAGE AT-NO-EXTRA-COST FREE (ON REQUEST) "CLOPAY" Cedarized GARMENT BAG With «viry uiol<r loot or lull <l«on.d . ftttiti ONE-HOUR CLEANING SERVICE AT NO EXTRA CHARGE Given Every Day t ui*il 5p.m. (including Sat*j DRESS SHIRTS 3 50 C LAUNDERED ^^ %J\J (SAME DAY SERVICE) to observe Armed Forces Dav. OLD FASHIONED BARGAIN "SPECIALS" OWEN'S CANVAS OXFOHDS CHOICE OF BLUE OR RED — SIZES 6 to 2 — 3 DAYS ONLY . , WOMEN'S SOFT-SOLE HOUSE SLIPPERS.. 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