The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 14, 1959 · Page 10
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 10

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1959
Page 10
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OTTAWA HERALD Tuesday, April 14, 1959 News Briefs JPvt. Garry A, Nichoff, 18, son «f Mr; and Mrs. George A. Niehoff, Quenemo, finished basic Army administration courses at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. He received training in .typing, rec- oord keeping and clerical procedures. Emery Green community club will have a program of music by Ottawa Barbershop Chorus Friday evening at the school. Refreshments will be fruit salad and cake. Chappell Cleaners, CH2-3832. Adv. Harry Wood Sr., RFD 2, is reported by family members to be progressing satisfactorily in Ransom Memorial Hospital where ho is under treatment for a broken hip. Marvin Kncedlcr, 19, Baldwin, has been cited on three traffic counts: speeding 50 mph in a 40 mph zone, speeding 81 mph in a 70 mph zone and driving a ve hide without having a valid dri ver's license. He is to appear in Franklin County Court Friday. He was cited by Deputy Sheriff Lee D. Hughs last Friday. Stock Car Races, Sat. Nitc, 7:30. Adv. Members of the Ottawa Scrtomn Club attended a stag party last night at the home of Gerald Smith, 903 S. Sycamore. Dr. H. N. Flora will attend a hree-day post-graduate course o he American Ostcopathic College of Proctology starting tomorrow al Kansas City, Mo. Rummage Sale City Audit. Wed April 15 Princeton Ladies G.A.R Adv. A recent stamp is the 4-cen t\rctic Explorations Commcmorn live, blue in color, which comes in sheets of 50. At the top is shown the upper portion of the globo with North Pole emphasized with a superimposed design of a man find sled. Below is a view of nuclear powered U. S. S. Nautilus. Coming from out of town for the funeral of Mrs. LL'lie Harris were Mrs. W. E. Nelson, Burlington; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Shibc, Kansas City. Kas.: Mrs. H. B. Grimes, Prairie Village; Mr. and Mrs- Joe McCann and Alfred, Arcadia, Fla.; Mr, anti Mrs. Louis E. McCann, Ft. Bragg, N. C.; Mr. and Mrs. Harold McCann and family, Overland Park; Mr. and Mrs. Dean Peters and Murl Thompson, of Topeka; Clarcnco Hornbeck, Great Bend; Edith Admitted Thomas Preston Webb, 16, 708 Massasoit, has been charged with speeding 80 mph in a &) mph zorte. He is to appear in Franklin County Court Saturday. He was cited Saturday by Deputy Sheriff Lee D. Hughs. Santa Fe carloadings for week ending April 11, 1959, were 24,596 compared with 21,070 for the same Poplar; Mrs. ] week a year ago. Total cars moved rence; Monday, were 36,544 compared with 30,570 for the same week a year ago. Drake's Bakery—fresh butcr rolls, donuts, pies, cakes, cookies, wedding cakes and birthday cukes. Adv. Terry Goodman, 18, Cimarron. pleaded guilty in Franklin County ?22 S. sycamoi Court yesterday to charges of weight, 7 Ibs. reckless driving and having no valid operator's license. He was committed to 21 days ,in the Franklin County jail. He was returned from Cimarron Sunday by Undersheriff Joe Ferris. In the Grange sewing contest judged Saturday by Miss Rose Shular. Mrs. Glen Steelier and Mrs. Ruth Mitchell, nine of the 47 entries received blue ^ribbons. Contestants were from the Hawkins. Fidelity and Pleasant Hill Granges. Judges at the high school on May 2 will be Mrs. Bill Ransom, Mrs. Harold Crawford and Miss Mildred McKee. H. D. Smith of Smith Used Cars, 426 N. Main, reported to police that someone using a nail or other sharp object cut long gashes in the rear deck lids of 1055 Ford and 1954 Chevrolet sedans parked in front of his busi ness. The vandalism occurred sometime Sunday night or early Monday morning. Gilbert Elmer McConncll, 51, Wellsville, has been charged with transporting property in a manner not exempt on the highways of Kansas without a certificate permit, or license duly issued by the Kansas Corporation Commis sion. He is to appear in Frank lin County Court on Saturday. 11 was cited by Highway Patrolmai Harold R. Bennett yesterday. Ellis Piano Tuning. Ph. CH 2-4431 Thompson nnd Mrs. Ezra Johnson, Pomona; and Mr. and Mrs. Oden Thompson, Michigan Valley Hospital Notes OIIS POLITICIANS IN VICTORY — Following campaign Hpeeches at Ottawa High School Monday, undent council officers were elected with the Bull Moose party winning all hut Hie presidency. Chcnrlng (from left) arc treasurer Allen Glenn, vice-president Thorpe Nolan, secretary Joyce Thornburg and president Dennis Smith. (Photo by Lloyd Ballhagcn) Mrs. Harvey Nicholson, S07 Ash; Mrs. Lizzie Powell, (104 N Poplar; Mrs. Ray Cooper, Law- Births , Mr. and Mrs. Herb Dowdy, 1310 S. Poplar, son born Monday, weight, 7 Ibs., 4 oz. Mr. nnd Mrs. Acie Reeves, Princeton, son born Monday, weight, 9 Ibs. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Gilmorc, 222 S. Sycamore, son Lorn today. Dismissed Mrs. John Bures, Williamsburg; Monday. Mrs. Louis D. Mumma and baby son, 720 N. Main; today. A Negro Family Receives Support NORMAL, 111. (AP) - A Negro on whose lawn a fiery cross was burned said today he had received dozens of telephone calls from residents supporting his move into a white neighborhood. Eugene Alexander told police yesterday he found a partly 42 Categories Are Listed For TV Awards HOLLYWOOD (AP)—The Tele vision Academy has come up with more acting categories-42- bul !| 3U rncdTive-'foot cross in"his7ro"nl fewer snafus than usual in the| yar( j Clarence R. Klrklnnd, 20. Wil liamsburg, was arrested and pi in jail at 11:40 last night on charge of being drunk in a pub lie place. Memorial To Taft Dedicated WASHINGTON (AP)-Presidcnl Eisenhower dedicated a towering memorial today to the late Sen. Robert A. Taft. He praised Taft as a man who gave generously nd unstintingly of himself "for e good of all America." Eisenhower honored a former olitical rival and ally at ceremonies al the base of a 100-foot ell tower erected at the foot ol lapitol Hill in momory of the Ohio senator. Taft, Eisenhower said, was a iberal in championing individual ights and the symbol of conser- -atism in everything affecting the national economy. Former President Herbert Hoo- er and high government officials also participated with Eisenhower in the dedication. Hoover depicted Taft as a man who chose to die with his boots on rather than lo desert his post. He called Taft "an official with a social conscience" and said: "He not only would not desert his post, he never deserted his people." Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Speaker of the House Sam Hay burn (D-Tex) arranged to accept the marble tower on behalf of Congress. llth annual Emmy nominations. The nominations, announced Monday, put veteran actors Robert Young and Waller Brcnnan in what amounts to the best- comedian category against Jack Benny, Phil Silvers, Danny Thomas and Bob Cummings. Milton Bcrle and Red Skelton, both weekly funnymen, were passed by in that category. Fred Astaire, who sang and danced on his show, finds himsell competing for best single perform ancc by an actor against the dramatic performances of Paul Muni, Christopher P 1 u m m e r Mickey Rooney, Robert Crawford and Rod Sleiger. But most of the nominations pretty well fit the various acting categories. Probably the most interesting race for the viewers is that for best actor in a dramatic series. It is strictly a fast draw to the finish among three private eyes and three Western heroes. They arc: Raymond Burr (Perry Mason), Craig Stevens (Peter Gunn), Efrcm Zimbalist Jr. (77 Sunset Strip), James Arness "My next door neighbor sen' ier boys over with a cake las night," Alexander lold reporters "She said we were welcome," he added. None of the calls received afle the cross incident became known was threatening or unfavorable Alexander said. Members of the Alexander fam- agement Committee, ily did not see the cross aflame, Kennedy Labor Bill Approved By Committee WASHINGTON (AP)-The Senate Labor Committee majority snicl today the Kennedy ,labor bill would provide effective remedies for labor and management evils without weakening the bargaining position of honestly run unions. The majority report said the bill represents "a major attack on the abuses and problems identified by recent investigations" such as that of the Senate Labor-Man- Truck Driver Is Wounded By Shotgun Blast KANSAS CITY (AP) - Jack (Jake) Henderson, 37, a truck driver who has been opposed to the Teamsters Union leadership here, was wounded last night by a shotgun blast fired through a living room window. Pellets entered Henderson's legs, One was found embedded in his chest and one in his abdomen. "Whoever shot him could have killed him if he had wanted to," Wayne Gibson, head of the police homicide unit, said today. "It undoubtedly was a warning shot." Henderson's condition was reported satisfactory today. He was under heavy sedation. "As of now this man (Henderson) won't give us any informa- ,ion except a lot of talk about government investigations." Henderson had sought unsuccessfully to have" the National Labor Relations Board here hold a hearing on an unfair labor practices charge he brought against Local 41 and a trucking company for which he formerly was employed. lie accused the union and com pany of collusion in his dismissal. The NLRB regional office here, said it could not find sufficient evidence to justify a hearing. Henderson also had been in touch with the McCleilan committee of the U. S. Senate in connection with activities of Team.^ ter Union officials in Kansas City. Police received reports that after the shot was fired running footsteps and the roar of a car Boy Rites JUNCTION CITY, Kas. (AP1- A very small man bit an even smaller dog today. John Dean, the 18-month-o!d son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dean was playing inj his yard when the neighbor's puppy stuck his head through the fence. John took one look and sunk his teeth into the dog's ear. It's doubtful there will be any legal action —as would be if the situation were reversed. John's father is the Geary County prosecutor. speeding away were heard. Neighbors . told authorities they saw a man about 30 years old run to a car where another man was in the driver's seat. The machine sped away. Henderson was sitting in a rocking chair, watching television. Nearby on a divan his wife was holding their sleeping 17-month-old son. A woman neighbor was about to leave after a visit. The blast came through screen and the glass of a window but neighbors reported seeing it burning Saturday night. The cross had been soaked in oil, but char marks indicated it had burned only briefly. (Gunsmoke), Richard Boone (Have Gun, Will Travel) and James Garner (Maverick). Many Pay Phones Are Burglarized KANSAS CITY (AP)-Burglarh ing of 107 telephone booths in Missouri and Kansas since Dec. 1 was reported today by the Southwestern Bell Telephone Co. An official said the burglars usually wrecked the telephones and damaged the booths. Pay telephones outside of buildings were Local Markets hardest hit. The company estimated the Beans 2.05 Wheat 1.84 | .90 80 Barley Rye White and yellow corn 1.00 Shelled •• Oats Milo 1.05 .70 1.70 Buttcrfat 53. .50 Straight Run Eggs 17 'Iraded Eggs 24, .21, .17 Heavy Hens 0!) Cocks . 05 Light Hens 06 equipment and^ installation losses at $7,500. No estimate was made of the money taken from the coin boxes. Southwestern Bell report ed losses greatest in the St. Louis, Kansas City and Springfield, Mo. areas. The burglars also were active in Sedalia, Mo., Johnson County, Kansas, and other places. Evidence indicated some of the burglaries were carried out by a team. As many as four isolated booths were burglarized in one night. But, it went on, "no bill in the committee's view can be writlen which will close completely the many avenues which the criminal can devise to carry on his nefarious activity, without at the same time wrecking important institutions, violating cardinal precepts of law and undermining the principles upon which a free society is based." The report was made public by Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass), chief sponsor of the bill. It is expected to be filed later today. Minority views also will be filed by Sen. Barry Goldwater (R- Ariz). Senate debate on the measure will start Wednesday or Thursday. Sen. Everett M. Dirksen (R-Ill) joined Goldwater in voting against approving the bill in committee. The measure would require detailed public financial accounting by unions, specify that they must hold periodic secret ballot elections and limit terms of officers, place controls on trusteeships by international unions over locals, and ban persons convicted of ma- eight feet from Henderson. He was Ihe only one struck. A police report said someone placed the shotgun against the screen on the front room window of Henderson's ground floor apartment in the 400 block of the Paseo and fired. Henderson has also been battling the administration of Jimmy Hoffa, international president of the Teamsters. In December, 1957, Henderson was one of the rank- and-file rebels who testified in a federal court in 'Washington that Roy L. Williams — Hoffa's chief lieutenant here—was not legally elected a delegate to the union's convention in Miami Beach, Fla., the preceding September. The McCleilan committee has charged that the convention was "rigged" with many improperly accredited delegates. Ike Proud Of GOP Frugality And Efficiency WASHINGTON (AP)-President Eisenhower has singled out three words which he says Republicans are proud of-thrift, frugality and efficiency. "Whenever you apply these words to federal activities and spending, Americans will listen to this, you attentively; because today everybody knows that everybody pays additional taxes for political extravagance," the President told an audience of Republican women Monday night. He also had some political advice for the seventh annual Republican Women's Conference, holding a four-day meeting here. Noting that the nation has more registered Democrats than Republicans, Eisenhower said: "We Republicans need simply to work Lwice as hard." Eisenhower said jokingly that he has never been accused of being a master politician. But he said he has learned that women voters outnumber men and if the GOP women get out the vote as they did for him in 1952 and 1956 "the results again will be victory." Eisenhower said federal spending should be determined by necessity, not political opportunism. "No one has ever spent himself into prosperity; many have spent themselves into insolvency," he said. Jail Preacher In Theft Case COVINA, Calif. (AP)-A preacher jailed as a theft suspect was quoted by police today: "As God is my judge, I don't know why I did it." Officers said the Rev. Donald j W Thralls, 26, admitted stealing $4,000 worth of power tools rom Covina High School in March 958 and from a Covina garage he next month. They jailed him on suspicion ol burglary after the tools were recovered at his home yesterday. A lathe, drill presses, electric mo;ors, etc., were in his garage. Pel- Ice quoted him: "I was minister at the Brethren Church, Covina, until six weeks ago. I had a congregation of 200. "I quit because I didn't think it was right to try to straighten out other people's lives when I can't straighten out my own. I could lead others but not myself in the path of righteousness. "I've been an ordained minister for the last two years. I was graduated from a small college in Kansas. I'd rather not name it. 'I have a lovely wife and two children. They knew nothing about •1 was trying to figure out a way to take the tools back. I seldom us'ed them. It's a psycholgi- cal problem with me. I don't know why I took them. "I had no financial problems. I had no troubles at all. It's too deep-rooted to understand. "When I was in college I'd take books out of the library just to see whether I could do it without being caught. But I'd return the books later." Try To Figure Sooner Thirst OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - How much legal liquor will Oklahorn ans drink during the next two years after being legally dry for 51 years? That's the question faced today by the State Board of Equalization. The stae had prohibition until last Tuesday—and there are no official records on Oklahoma's Two Russians Arrive Here Two Russian women, currently ouring this country, arrived in Ottawa at mid-morning. The two, Mrs. Olga Khvaleb- nova and Mrs. Nina Oriova, wera accompanied by an interpreter, Janet Schonwald, and Mrs. Verne Alden of Welisville. They had been scheduled lo arrive here last night but were delayed in Kansas City. The delay forced a change in their Ottawa schedule. After visiting the high school, they were entertained at a luncheon given by the Business and Professional Women. On their afternoon schedule was a visit to -Ottawa University, a coffee at the home of Mrs. Henry. Parker, a stop at the Harold Johnson farm and dinner tonight at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Park. County Gets Would Follow Adenauer Policy BONN, Germany (AP)—Ludwig Erhard said today that if he sue ceeds Konrad Adenauer as chancellor he will follow Adenauer's basic principles on foreign policj but may engage in some different House Space Committee today. Claims Rebels Hold Lama TOKYO (AP) — The Panchen Lama, the puppet ruler of Tibet, and Premier Chou En-lai of Red China contended today that the Dalai Lama is being held in duress by rebel elements in India. Both spoke at a reception for the Panchen Lama on his arrival in Peiping, the Red Chinese Capital. Chou told the guests, Peiping radio said, that the Dalai Lama was being held outside Tibet and that the Red Chinese were "greatly concerned" about him. The Panchen Lama said the Dalai Lama, temporal and spiritual ruler whose government has been deposed by Red China, was snatched by the rebels when the Tibetan people were progressing on the road to socialism, and thatj the act was a "betrayal of the; motherland. 1 ' soon a new aircraft reportedly! Actually, the Dalai Lama asked jor crimes from serving as union officials for prescribed periods. It also would require public reporting by employers on sums spent to influence workers on their bargaining rights and would make some Taft-Hartley law changes sought by labor. Begin Tests On New Aircraft WASHINGTON (AP)—Army researchers plan to begin testing Irinking capacities. The forecast is important. The state legislature needs to know low much revenue can be expected from the sale of liquor to prepare appropriation bills for the next two years. "There are hundreds of factors involved in this," said budget officer Burton Logan. "It's going to be a tough job." Gov. J. Howard Edmondson proposed a $2.50 per gallon tax on liquor. Edmondson presented a financial program for highways, schools and mental health in a speech to a joint session. Sen. George Miskovsky of Oklahoma City, one of the repeal leaders said he thought the $2.50 tax was too high but several others disagreed. Some legislators be lieve the tax should be based on an average of the tax collected in the bordering states— Missouri Kansas, Arkansas and Texas. i ax residue Franklin County got a check his morning for $60,499-97, as • lalf of its portion of the 1958 sales ax residue. Treasurer Roselyn Whirley said he amount was half of the. $120,999.94 sales tax residue the county gets for 1958. The first half was received Sept. 4, and distributed to the various taxing units. She explained that splitting the residue in half was a new plan. In the past, the state sent out the residue in one chunk, with the treasurer receiving it in June and distributing it to the schools in August. Now the first half is sent in September and the second half hi April. Of this last half, Ottawa city receives $7,589.99, the same amount it receives from the first half. patterned after flying saucers. Word of approaching tests of a radical type craft was given the tactical maneuvers. But Army officials said they Erhard, 62, who is economics could not tell details about t h e minister, set forth this view beforejcraft except behind closed doors. |dia, has been quoted by Peiping for asylum in India, saying it was impossible to remain in Tibet I where his followers are in revolt against Red rule. The 21-year-old Panchen Lama, elevated to the leadership of Tibet when the Dalai Lama fled to In- Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, cHp or wobbla when you talk, eat, laugh or sneeze? Don't be annoyed and embarrassed by such handicaps. PASTEETH, an alkaline (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plates, keeps false teeth more firmly set. Gives confident feel. Ing of security and added comfort. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Get PASTEETH today at *ny drug counter. the Foreign Press Assn. It was his first appearance before the press since Adenauer announced a week ago he will give up tho chancellorship to run for the more ceremonial post of president. Erhard is regarded as the leading candidate to succeed Adenauer. But he refused to announce himself as a candidate. He left little doubt, however, that he saw himself as a leading potential candidate. Soviet Machine Gun Is Stolen OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. —Police disclosed today the thef of a recent model Soviet machine gun and other weapons from the Oklahoma Historical Society. Authorities said the society's building, near the Capitol, hat been burglarized three times with in the past week. Other items listed stolen in DISCOVERER H.on Its way into a polar orbit. This Thor-Able missile roars up from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., carrying the satellite, Discoverer II, in its nose. This launching Is part of a program to put cameras Into orbit to scan the earth's surface. eluded a 50-caliber German anti tank gun, pistols, a hand grenade three swords, ammunition and a field artillery piece. The Army said the new craft s of flying saucer design that could revolutionize military reconnaissance in wartime. Brig. Gen. Frank H. Britton, di- eclor of developments for Army research, said the new craft is he result of a joint Army - Air 'orce program carried out by <WRO Aircraft Ltd. of Canada. Like other radically designed craft now being studied by the nilitary services, the AVRO ve- licle will make use of what is known as the ground cushion phenomena, Brilton said. This involves release of air under extremely high pressure from jets around the side or under the vehicle—thus boosting the crafl off the ground on an air cushion Earlier, Navy scientists had re ported that research is under way looking toward development ol somewhat similar machines for use as amphibious transports or assault boats capable of skimming over both water and ground. Rear Adm. Raw.son Bennett, chief of naval research, said another possibility is a radio - controlled flying platform equipped to search out and destroy enemy submarines. as promising full support for Communist control of his rebellious country. Chou and other high officials were at the railroad stalion to welcome him when he arrived in Peiping. Threaten To Lift Sugar Ray's Title HAGERSTOWN, Ind. (AP)-The National Boxing Assn. threatened today to lift Sugar Ray Robinson's middleweight title unless he signs for a title defense by the end oi next week. Arch Hindman, NBA executive secretary, said 13 members of the executive committee voted unani mously to set an April 25 deadline for a signing and a June 30 figh deadline. Hindeman demanded ac tion from Robinson a month ago. Call CH 2-4700 Record LACY — Funeral Services for William E. Lacy will be conducted from the Mortuary on Wednesday afternoon at 2:<W o'clock, Rev. Thomas Ingle officiating. Interment Hope Cemetery. McVey-DENGEL MORTUARY Ph. CH 2-2323 CRUSHED STONE AG. LIMESTONE FOGLE QUARRY Ph. CH 2-4864 or CH 2-3330 Serving Community for 30 Yrs. without a Price Increase! Stewart Memorials Standard of High Quality Since 1902 Gordon B. Noland, Mgr. 118 W. 15th Phone CH 2-3335 Across from the South Water Tower

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