The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on March 27, 1919 · Page 17
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The Evening News from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 17

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 27, 1919
Page 17
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PAGE SEVENTEEN THE EVENING NEWS, HARRISBURG, PENNA, THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1919 STEELTON YANK 1EP0RTED DEAD WASHINGTON, March 27. The following casualties were reported today by the Commanding General of the American Expeditionary Forces: Died from wounds, five; died from accident Rtid other causes, thirty-four; died in aeroplane accident, one; died of disease, thirteen; missing in action, four; total, fifty-seven. The Pennsylvanians: DIED FROM ACCIURNT AND OTlrtm C.Vl SKS orpoivil GEIZER, William J)., l'hlladelphia. I'rlvntfsi BLATCII, Henry Hugo, Pittsburgh. KHLI.Y, James I'., Philadelphia. l.ANNEN, Ira .1., Houston. missim; i actio. I'rivute IVANT-JK, Gustave, Pittsburgh. The follow ins cabled corrections nr Issued as an appendix to the regular casualty lists at the request, of the several press associations: K1M.KI) IX A(TIO. PHEVIOrSLY ItEI'ORTEI) jMISMIKft I. ACTION Private UOCHNOUR, Claud U., South Fork. OUCH! CORNS! LIFT CORNS OFF ded, rnKvioi si.y nv.ponTED minsiu i action Corporal MOT, Hugh, Philadelphia. PrlTnt" DRAY, Thomas T piekson City. Hi: ION, Arthur M., Wansneld. PUFFY, Michael V., Philadelphia. KOINKKA. Anthonv, Gilberton. MO NT A WO, William J.,' St. Clair. MOTISKA, Josepvh E., Dupont. KOHbASKI, Vincent, Pittsburgh. WOC'l)KD SLIGHTLY, PREVIOUSLY REPORTED IH1NS1NG IN ACTION Private PKNOXR, Pliicido, Leechburg. WOlMir.l) (tWKHKK UIVDETKn-MliFJ. lHi;H(IVSI.V HHI'ORTEU MISSING IX action Irlvnte ROT-TON. Samuel, Philadelphia. THOMATIS, George, South Bethlehem. SICK l HOSPITAL, PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MISSING I. ACTION Private WKRZPKKK, Stlney, St. Claire. I IIRONKOl SLY HKl-OHTKI) WOUND- id (degree undetermined) Private BURNS, Charles Chester, Philadelphia. matiive CORPS CASUALTIES The following casualties were reported today by the Commanding General of yjhe American Expeditionary Forces: Killed in action, rfs; died of wounds received in action, eight; died of disease, three: missing in action, one; wounded in action (severely), one; wounded In action (degree undetermined), two; total, twenty-one. The Pennsvlvaninns: KILLED IV ACTION Private lTEIIi, Howard Allison, Clalrton. DIED OK DISEASE Privnte WALTER, Ilarrv Franklin, Srrelton. RELEASED FROM GERMAN PRISOX CAJIP Private SIMPSON. Roy, Hobson, Philadelphia. The following additional casualties were reported today by the Commanding General of the American Expeditionary Forces: Wounded slightly, seventy-seven. The Pennsylvanians: WOUNDED SLIGHTLY Corporals AMOR. Paniel Vernon, Altoona. DUNGEV, Frank E., DuBois. Private RARNH ART, Jlerritt J., Nelson. BARRETT, Edward E., West Homestead. BAT.ER, Philip, Philadelphia, HIFOEIK, Frank, Dunbar. FALKV. Leo 1,., Pittsburgh. HELKNTAK, Frank J., Delmont. GUUDBEKG, Harry, Philadelphia. Doesn't hurt a bit to lift any corn right off with fingers Only 7 Pennsylvanians in Two Morning Lists The following casualties are reported by the commanding general of the American Expeditionary Forces: Wounded (degree uncleter- mined 23 Wounded slightly 33 Total 6 J prop a little Freezone on an aching corn, instantly that corn stops liurtingr, then you litt It right out. It doesn't pain one bit Yea, magic! Why wait? Your druggist sells a tiny bottle of Freestone for a few rents, sufficient to rid your feet of every hard corn, soft corn, or corn between the toes, and calluses, without soreness or irritation. Freezone is the much talked of ether discovery of a Cincinnati genius. adv. ! WAS A GREAT SUFFERER WITH STOMACiTJROUBLE Was in a Serious Condition says Mr. S. Gumby, 114S Cumberland street, Harrisburg. I was a great sufferer with stomach and intestinal trouble. After eating would bloat badly, had pain in stomach and under shoulder blades. I often got dizzy and was very nervous and shaky. At times would suffer from ft smothering sensation. I was in a serious condition. Sanpan had restored my wife to health, and she kept at me until I started to take it. and I must say, it restored m as quickly as it did her. Sanpan is sold only at Keller's Drug Store, 405 Market street, Harrisburg. Pennsylvanians are: WOUNDED DEGREE UNDETER. MIXED) Private DEAM, Chester H., Birdsboro. WO UN DED SLIGHTLY C-nutuhi DTJNKEL, John R., Altoona. Private SEIHF.N, Nicholas, Pittsburgh. SMITH, Frank Fred, Williamsport. The following casualties are reported by the commanding general of the American Expeditionary Forces: Killed in action 8 Died of disease 29 Wounded severely 14 Total 61 DIED OF DISEASE Corporal GOCHENAIER, William R., Went Clmmuerabura;. Private ANDERSON, William C, McAdoo. WOUNDED SEVERELY Private COLEMAN, Aaron, Adams Town. WOODMEN FAVOR 50 PER CENT RATE CHICAGO, March 27. An assessment about fifty por cent above the present rate for new members and a limit of $1.50 a month on each $1000 of Insurance for old mornbers, is recommended ia a resolution ap proved by the head camp of tbe Modern Woodmen of America in session here to provide means for meeting pressing financial claims on the order caused by the Increased benefit payments as a result of the influenza epidemic. The recommendations for an Increase in rates will be placed before the next annual meeting of the organization after a referendum vote has been taken from all active members. MOVIKK R.K1TACK MOTHER NEWARK, N. J., March 27. After Mrs. Eleanor Lyon had gone throufiri a court fight to be permitted to sec'ier son by a former marriage, and had won her case, the boy sent his Inother the . following message: "No, not today. I am dated up for the movies. V Drops $5 Gold Piece in Gum Machine; Whoopee! CHICAGO, March 27. "Whoopee! Kong-wah-lung, kl yunk yippee." Jim Loe, laundry worker, gave vent to the above and lots more. At the same, time he pounded on a penny gum machine on a b station. The station agent became alarmed, telephoned the police and called all available L watchmen. "What's wrong wid ye?" demanded Officer. Coulihan. Leo repeated his former remarks, frantically waving a stick of chewing gum at the officer. "He's got his tutti-frutti all O. K.," commented Coulihan. "I wonder what's the matter with him." In desperation a representative of the gum machine company was called and opened the machine. Among the hundreds of pennies nestled a shiny $5 gold piece. Lee saw it first, annexed it, then in perfectly good English thanked all concerned and went his way, chewing away on his gum. WHEAT HOLDINGS SMALL Reports indicate that the farmers in Pennsylvania are holding 14.5 per cent, or 3,758,831 bushels, of the 1918 crop of whoat, compared with 5,796,444 on March first last year. Tries to Mail Letter at Fire Alarm Box INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., March 27. A negro woman attempted to mall a letter here recently, her act costing the city nearly $150 and a lot of firemen their morning nap. It was like this: A fire alarm came in and all the down-town apparatus answered. There was no fire. Assistant Chief Hoyle found an aged negro woman standing by the box. "No, sar, dere ain't no fire. Ah just mailed a letter, that's all," she told the chief. The chief then ex plained to her that the fire alarm box was not the place to mail letters. Assert Arco-Valley Didn't Kill Eisner MUNICH, March 27. "Who killed Kurt Eisner?" may become as famous as "Who killed Cock Robin?" The Arco-Valley family declares that none of its members are missing . and that the murderer of the Havariun Premier must have had in his possession a visiting card of the Count. Which if it's true, leaves the identity of the slayer who was himself shot to death, unknown. Admits Robbery Charge, But No Further Trials Because Bench Erred TACOMA, Wash., March 27. Although he confessed to beating L. B.erquist, a taxicab driver, into in-, sensibility with a gas pipe for the purpose of robbery, George Pidd, a discharged soldier from Camp Lewis, is a free man. He can never be tried again on the charge because of a technical violation of the law by the trial court. Pidd was tried by a court-martial at Camp Lewis, found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment. Before he could be sent to a Government prison the sentence was declared invalid by the War Department because Fidd's wife had testified against him. He was "dishonorably discharged from the Army. Then the county authorities brought a criminal charge against him of assault in the first degree. When tried, he confessed his guilt, stiylng his wife wanted money to go to Portland. Late at night the jury declared it could not agree on a verdict and telephoned to the trial judge to this effect. The Judge ordered the jury discharged before he realized his mistake in discharging the jury when the defendant was not present. Taking advantage of this technicality, the defendant's lawyers argued he could not be retried and Pidd was allowed to go free with no possibility of his having to face trial again on this charge. Complexion Rosy. Headache Gone. Tongue Clean. Breath Right. Stomach, Liver and . Bowels jjti il Af '' J oweis regular. if 3 MORE DAYS UNTIL YOU CAN SEE I 'The Kaiser's Finish' SAY, POP And Neither Do They Mean a War Garden By C. M. Payne D -. f 1 )h4m-Ai?e.vcKrTW) l-Afl.-rVN -M?e. L f '"Ik ve 6onn) i -;U 1 v Ji tesi fe:o4.woi r-mm L H M cS; -jS?" POLLY AND HER PALS Pa's a Beilever in Completeness of Detail By Cliff Sterrett 1 yTTTfexiDS To Tail. OrlCML t wn fi MttXiAG- tteofcfeR- TRKiAia1. 1 jj! -I vtA y-.itWJr.. . IT I 1 ' j fill 'I n -i foAT' HERO f MAY AS h MtU. AZOV! -Tt. TUD3'. Til A T SON -IN -LA W OF PA'S Ma Has a Real Bright Idea By Wellington "THE DUCHESS Of DUBSHIRE SAtDTrlAT "totd: her per docket wrr she lfpV in OUR CPSB SHOULD NEVER 'JrZxK BE DISTURBED VHEN IT DROPPED c tTKrt r' ' " i WEU-rWHO'5 D15TUR6IN' J I T If vr -11 VlV Copngru, IW, bjr Nn.Apr Fciiart Strnn, Inf., GrtM BntM nghw tttrvr4. NO5H7DfffHE DLCHEHS ALc:l !5flD vrHftT"stfTO" WAS "TO HfE HIS INU IV5 TnfcEE O'CLOCK NOW, BNU THE L4TU-E PPKi S?. IA) ZSst SLEEPING. rJ 1 HEE? 7 OH TVC THOUGHT OF A ciCHEHVl post 50 (Mm, pa. til meed i vCii 1" , y 9 1 -M I WW ou TD WHEEL H(M OUY, VERY CWEfUU-T N TH ANO HE CAN H HftVE r3 NAP AND Hr5 AlPiMC AT 1 9 o h liiiMina 7 j -3-7 THE BIG LITTLE FAMILY A Lotta Talk, but It Was Cheap! Tv' L0VELE6T HAT To-DAV-TDID mMT IT BXDtV-BuTTl HH . Voo To h DEAR n-, THATS Too BAD-fYrtTHN' WtAlCrA KDVb TO -NbUR HAPPlNE.66 AM BRN(6 GLMXE6 To SbuR 3 Y Sfe7ZA ArTHIM' WHICH AN' ILTJra TH' LoWERr4' CLOUD6 -AlWTHlM'TFWr APPEAL6 "TO StiUR "THCTC NATURE - VWEtCOHE To tAV TjEAk. - "7 Y- . IF IT OoENT I m r 1 1 r m 71 ITJ . -7 r-" IN HOME, SWEET HOME Maude Gets a Letter From Her Doughboy! . By Clifton Meek MUOfe CoT A LE-TTEls-f ROM t TBrT Tu'MPiWr?T1 BOY THEJ2.E:! OM .SLUSM SEfcMSTo BE ABOUT MY PRIVATE. . T006AIO . PR-IVATE,' OIOY- S'PoSX.' AHYO00Y Thought IT WAS FI?OM TmiMG me Got to BEING CjTEO wS I S-At.MAVj! JF MEARS TAT ILL. BET ME'i-L. DftoP MIS GUM Am' MAkEA OWE Fora. TH' Kipv-t nriATl k ) MOSODYS LETTERS IMTE.R.EST TOOTS1E AMO VOOTS)E: Out TMEjre own iove i--rTf.I?5 1 MOME-S LETTERS AreE noSTJLY ALL BILLS' i JFASOLDIER AAO NOTM)N3 CLSE To ABOUT VVOU1.D iE ABOUT-i i . . 1 ;T iTuCr -- L V Itvs 1 c'v-i'- -r ill tviftc 1 j rvwa v- nets : . 1 ntun nN 1 " ' " ' 1 r. m fS tJICj COCOLATC ; ' A - TWEETIE A Pt?aSdK n I V. .) Kf.lE. FoR r-7T J ' MtGHT TMlHKlTViAS V Y . Jj. 1 T V.;. KV -'. 1" .t' 'r'T, coal Oie A gac I ii

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