Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1954 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1954
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 1954 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Moilora MEDORA.—Mr. and Mrs. Har- VPV Byrnes and family of Richmond Heights. Mo., spent the weekend with her grandmother, Mrs. Bertha Rhoads. Miss Robhie Hardin of Omaha. Neb., spent the weekend with Miss Anna May Bowker. Miss Hardin is a former teacher in 1hp Medora High School. Mrs. Virgil Pruitt Jr.,* of St. l,ouis. and Miss Shirley Shannon of Ziegler, 111., were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Boxvker. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Harding took them to St Louis Sunday evening. Cpl. Robert Wise of Glenview, and Cpl. B. E. Kearney of Raleigh, N. C.. were weekend guests of the former's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Freab Wise. Mr. and Mrs. James Foster and Mr. Wise fook the hoys bark Sunday. Mrs. Melvin Bridges entered Alton Memorial Hospital Saturday for observation and medical treatment. Mrs. Frank Poli of Springfield is spending a few days at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Vincent Peebles. Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Glower. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Barnett and Miss Grace Shelton of Alton were guests Sunday of Miss Delia Clowei and H. L. Cower. Howard Alberts of Alton visited Sunday with his daughter, Mrs. Wayne Chism. Herman Maple of Peoria was a weekend guest at the home of his brother. H. L. Maple. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cline spent Sunday in Brfdgeton. Mo., at the home of their son, C. E. Cline. Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Tucker and Man-in Dean Bridges Visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Marion Boston at SmUhboro. Mr. and Mrs. George Holllday and daughter spent Sunday in Edwardsville with Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Carter. Mrs. Carter was baptized and confirmed in Trend Reversed Demos Pour Out In Foster Twp. AROUND THE CLOCK WITH THERMO JAC! It's a young idea . . . mix or match colorful THERMO- JACS to suit your springtime fancy! And for fickle springtime weather THERMO- JACS keep out the wind . . . keep off the rainl Guaranteed Washable! 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Applied !• • few rnhiuu*, vuikm U» Mbbltat »l*tai »uj> flr*lr I* »lM*-tl?«i iwrfwt contort Ett*«*. *ta*,ks. »ppl»-UIk. tout* " eolldly. Hermme to (mm or denttire*. 8mi«' r*-llnera can bit fnu. S •> • •otith*. Stay* *ati »Bd plhtbk-don not h«rde» and ruin pUt*. Peek right out whM Mpkrament to needed. No felly bother with itdhnlvM. Got Snot Denture Cushion* todiiyl t linen for opp*r or lower plefe* 11.60. Money hwk Jf «•» - ' while Gene Ellberg had 5. Klfmey l**fls Only Tn other contests on th\ Democratic ticket, Date Hilt polled 52 votes for clerk of fhc probate court to 15 for Marvin McClelland, Michael Klrlncy had 46 votes for county judge and Anthony Daly 34. and in the race for representative, Lelnnd Kennedy polled 159 votes fo 55.5 for Paul Simon and 34.5 for Lloyd Harris. A close vote found Donald McLean Sr., getting 52 votes to Prank Reidelberger's 50 in the balloting for senatorial committeeman with both nominated. Other Democratic contests found Ben Staten polling 44 vote* to 38 for Alvln Fields for state central cotnmitteeman and James Monroe getting 63 votes for state senator to 11 for Frad Craycraft. All other Democratic candidates were unopposed In the primary. In the county contests on the Republican tikcet, W. J. Emde was favored over Dallas Harrell by a vote of 46-15 while Everett Ing polled 30 votes for treasurer to 22 for Fred Johanntosettel and 6 for Charles JuhgelS. Miller Wlfiii Joe Miller had'St votes for precinct commlteeman while In the race for representative, Edward Groshong had 70.3 votes to 94.5 fpr Ralph Smith. For senatorial committeeman, with two nominated, Charles O'Nell had 24 votes, Wilfred Halhe had 22, M. U. Darner had 17, and Rudy Donbrow 10. 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See TV paje fw time *n<| jtiuon. Plymouth headquarters for value »•• your ioe«| cla»«ltled l«l«phon« dlr«otoryi look iintf«f "Automobile*" Willing Workers Of Medora Feted MEDORA -Mrs. Milford Ryan and Mrs. Elise McCrellls were hostesses to the Willing Workers Class of the Baptist Church Monday evening at the home of Mrs. Ryan. Seventeen members and one visitor were present. Mrs. Dale Smith conducted the devotions and Mrs. Paul Gorman had the Bible quiz. Games were In charge of Mrs G. \V. Oompton and Mrs. Truman Bow. ker. During the business meeting It was reported the class had sold all their rugs. The class also voted $25 for the offering Mother's Day, which goes to the Carml Children's Home. Refreshments were served In keeping with Easter. Others present at the meeting were: Miss Jessie Barnes, Mrs. Gilbert Hart, Mrs. George Strauh Miss Vella Wood, Mrs. Charles Slnmk, Mrs, Hope Chlsm, Mrs. Robert Kirehner, Mrs. A. T. Wilton. Mrs. II. F. Shields, Mrs. Anna Carr, Mrs. George Barnes and Miss Virginia Chlsm. Easier Market Stimlii.r MEDORA - The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Melhodjst Clwch will have an Easter market Saturday from 10 a. m. till noon at C. N. Bartow's Shop on N, Main St. Birthday Dinner MEDORA • A dinner was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, Nllwood, honoring members of the Johnson famlly.whose birthdays fell during the month ot April. The honored guests were: W. E. Johnson, Sr., his daughter, Myrtle Lee and his son, Charles Johnson. Mr. Johnson and his daughter's birthday are on April .13, nnd the son's on April 17. Mr. Johnson wns 84 years old and his daughter 18. Relatives attending the dinner were: Mr. and Mrs, Stewart Moore nnd son, Alton; Mr. nnd Mrs. Lloyd Bowker nnd fnmlly, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wiley Johnson Jr., Mr. «m! Mrs. W. E. Johnson Sr., and daughter, Myrtle Lee, Alan Frlcker, all of Medora and Mr. nnd Mrs. Johnson and family, Nllwood. 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