Valley Times from North Hollywood, California on December 6, 1947 · 13
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Valley Times from North Hollywood, California · 13

North Hollywood, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 6, 1947
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- I M - ? 1 i agjn'ni 7 fcffiSi-a ri r -f f iciey ryjm e,L teil'1talcD ,tA sty -xx- x y ' S ' ? , ' s'-' S-'' ' ' " X. " P s " 7'0' ! v v ' ;Capt, Boycott1 Rousing Story Of Old Ireland l ernloiy ki J A.rULur Jank Production. Released by Universal- Inte national, showing at the Studio City and four other theaters. By FRED BROOMFIELD Two well known but different methods of settling political and domestic problems are shown in J. Arthur Hanks historic and highly entertaining saga, Captain Boycott The people in it are divided into two forces, one trying to gain their objective by passiveness, and the other by physical force. ' It is a story of the rebellion of the people in County Mayo in the early 80s, when the land was capable of giving prosperity and peace, but produced only poverty and hate. This account cf Irish folks in revolt tells a thrilling story in which fists fly more frequently than bullets. At the start someone pushes a bailiff down a bog hole. In those days it was known as murder. Early Day Rent Problem It is the introduction to rebellion against rich landowners, the richest and most arrogant being Captain Boycott. He refuses to reduce farm rentals, his workers are regimented, and his tenants evicted. Finally government troops are sent to County Mayo to preserve law and order. In those days, just as today, the government has plenty of time and most of the peoples money. Naturally the troops have a good time while trying to decide which team they are supposed to play on. .It develops into a grand show, containing a great deal of comedy, some tragedy, battles with landlords and a horse race that starts but doesnt finish, and then a riot. Homespun Irish Logic In homespun logic and wit this story is more Irish than Paddys pig. To catch the meaning of all the sharp questions and answers youll have to leave your popcorn in the lobby. The brogue is awful thick. There, is so much taking place, so much1 being said in strange tones with stranger meanings, that you sometimes wonder whether this is straight drama without a plot or vice versa. Altogether, though, it turns out to be first class entertainment, and perhaps for the first time in your life there is an opportunity for you to see a reporter for the dignified London Times reposing in a very .undignified position, under the table and definitely in his cups. In his sober moments, very brief, he is shown dressed in pin striped pants, morning coat and tall silk hat. There is some excellent acting by Stewart Granger, Kathleen Ryan, Cecil Parker as. Captain Boycott, Alastair Sim, Mervyn Johns, Noel Purcell, Niall McGinnis and Maureen Delaney. Robert Donat as Purnell is very good in a brier scene. panion picture to cott. This memorable occasion will delight thousands of moviegoers who wanted to get a close-up of the wedding. It shows the procession of royalty from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey, escorted by troopers of the Household Cavalry mounted on their black horses, and return. It is a mighty demonstration of loyalty and affection by millions of spectators. There is a close-up of - the huge wedding cake, the Yeomen of the Guard, Horse Guards and every other branch of the British services. One young man seemed terribly bored by all the pomp and pageantry. Five-year-old Prince William of Gloucester is shown being rebuked by Princess Margaret Rose for yawning while having his picture taken with the honored guests inside the palace. $ A I ROYAL WEDDING The wedding of Princess Elizabeth' and Prince Philip, the greatest event since the coronation, is shown in Technicolor as a com- Producer Fisher IS Stalked By Lions During Filming When Joe Fisher, who brings his rare color movie of Englands royal family touring South Africa to Burbank High school auditorium Thursday night, Dec. 11, as the second event in the Burbank Globe Trotter series, was taking his movies in Krueger National park in Africa, inquisitive lions stalked his auto, then finally came up to look inside the closed windows. Fisher says that Kruegers animals are kept apart from humans through the law that prohibits automobile travel through this vast natural preserve except with all windows closed. In this way the animals never get the scent of man. In addition to the shots of giraffes, lions, wildebeests, zebras and other animals in their wild state, Fishers film shows the brilliant pageantry of South Africa entertaining its monarchs. This is truly living history, and comprises a film seen only once in a lifetime, for probably never a'gain will there be an occasion where native groups will perform their danbes and present their festivals for the benefit of one movie. - Ccnsolelle Pianos KIMBALL Mahogany Walnut Maple Bleached Finishes Small Deposit Will Hold for Xmas Del. The Home of Fine Pianos 12328 VENTURA BLVD'. SUnset 2-5240 Open Wed., Fri. & Sat. Eves. Till 9 P.M Douglas Kennedy To Greet Mother Douglas Kennedy of North Hollywood is deep in gala plans to fete his mother when she arrives for the Christmas holidays. It will be her first visit home since she went as a volunteer teacher last June to St. Michaels mission (Episcopal) for Arapahoe Indians in the tiny town of Ethete, Wyo. The Warner actor, currently playing an important featured role in The Adventures of Don Juan, Jerry Wald production for the Burbank studio, is proud of this method chosen by his mother to pass the time since the death of his father, Dion W. Kennedy, noted organist and composer. , , 'ih ' h P It y V . S H Ay A j V X'X v. AA 'A A A ? -t s . WEVE COME A' LONG WAY TOGETHER This was Mickey Mouses greeting to his boss, Walt Disney, who celebrated his 46th birthday at the Burbank studio yesterday. Special tribute was paid Walt by radio and screen personalities for his tremendous achievement in the entertainment field. As Mickey said, it was. a long and hard journey for Walt from his Kansas City paper route, breaking a path through several feet of freshly fallen snow on bitter cold mornings to deliver his papers, to the majestic home of Mickey Mouse in Burbank. Walt received congratulations from various parts of the world upon his birthday celebration here. German Film Singer Signs For L. A. Opera Eliza La ' Porta, soprano and well-known star of German UFA films before World War II, recently signed a contract to sing with the Los Angeles Grand Opera company, and will make her initial appearance with the local company on its first Sunday evening concert of Highlights of the Opera at the Wilshire-Ebell theater. Miss Ea Porta was born in Rumania and studied in Italy. While appearing in starring roles with WfsgWS . "mm 'Emperor Jones' Matinee There will be a special bargain matinee at 2:30 p.m. Sunday of the Eugene ONeill play, The Emperor Jones. It stars Morris Buchanan, young Negro actor, and is directed by Sam Sebby. Edith Jackson produced. Fairbanks To Film 3-Ring Circus In Miniature The nations only miniature three-ring circus, complete with animals, clowns, band and midway, will be the subject of Jerry Fairbanks newest featurette. Constructed by William R. Colvin, who will be pictured in the briefie, the little big top contains more than 5000 individual wood carvings, each representative of an animal or artist of a real circus. Many of the scale miniatures perform mechanically. Film Classics will hold a preview of "For You I Die, starring Cathy Downs, in Paris, Texas, next Friday night. Paris is the home town of Jane Weeks who has an important role in the picture. The song Kansas, by Milburn Stone, nephew" of Fred Stone, is ! being adopted by Kansas as the State song. John Ford has set a deal for Fortunio Bonanova to play important roles in two more of his productions, following his good work in Fugitive. Valley Dance Trio Will Stage Ballet In Prevue Tonight Mme. Kathryn Etienne, internationally note'd ballet dancer, tercher and choreographer, will produce an original ballet for the Claude Lapham Talent Prevue at the Hollywood High school tonight Stars Should Aid Beginners, Says Cathy Cathy Downs is crusading for a new and constructive idea, that stars and featured players should pick out at least one relatively new player who is potentially a star and sponsor his career. Her choice for stardom is Paul Langton, who plays opposite her in the Film Classics release, For You I Die, produced by Robert Presnell Sr. and John Reinhardt. There is a lot of tlent in Hollywood which, for various reasons, has not had the recognition it deserves, says Miss Downs. .By that I dont necessarily mean that such players are unknown. What I do mean is that they have not received the rewards, from the standpoint of publicity and better assignments, that they should rate commensurate with their ability. Thats why Im proposing that each player established in the starring or top featured brackets get behind actors and actresses who fall into this category. Fortunate themselves, they should pass on some of their good luck to other players who have what it takes to hit the top spots of Hollywood. With their aid, no doubt many a player will overcome present obstacles and climb to stardom. Personally, I feel that Paul Langton should be among Hollywoods most sought-after leading men. His performance in For You I die conclusively proves that he is potentially one of our most important stars. I sincerely Valley Guild's 'Blind Alley' Big Success BY HAZEL FLYNN The Valley Community Theater Guild hit the bulls eye for the second time this season last night when It offered a surprisingly good presentation of a difficult melodrama, the erstwhile New York stage success .Blind Alley, in Canoga Park High School auditorium. This play, which chronicles a psychologists efforts at making a criminal crack up, is full of strong dialogue and fast action and the cast contains a number of parts which would be considered plums by almost any thespian. Thus it offered this talented Valley group of amateurs unusual opportunity for experience. They came through nobly and the impression created on the whole Is that they are rapidly being welded together to form a highly capable stock company. Tiber As Gunman Dominating the proceedings was Harry Uber in the role of the gunman who, with his gang including a blonde moll, took over the home of a psychology professor as a hideout. Uber was almost too handsome a'nd refined a type for this product of a slum environment, thus the fact that he played the part convincingly was greatly to his credit. In the role of Doctor Shelby who battled ' with the criminal mentally throughout the play and finally cowred him was James Kirk ... a more suitable type and a poised performer. Ellen Trindle also functioned skilfully as Mrs. Shelby, his wife. Almost matching Ubers interpretation was that of Audrey Farr as the hard-boiled blonde, and James Trindle and Iva Spates managed to rise above the rest in bits . . the former as one of the psychologists pupils and the latter as his Irish housekeeper. Gangster's Satellites The gangsters satellites were John Maida and Anthony Zizzi while Jo Abel and little Billy Gowdy were less important but none the less competent as other members of the Shelby household. The production was staged by Robert B. Hays with Harry Carr as manager. Lighting was by Jack Bartholomew. Blind Alley has three acts but only one setting, that of the Shelby living room, and it was exceptionally well done on full scale, for the Canoga High auditorium offered -a real stage. The Valley Community guild is ambitious to perform in a theater of its own some day and deserves to have it. The audience last night was disappointing, (probably due to the rain), but not lacking in enthusiasm. A capacity house is expected tonight when the play will be repeated. . w Saturday, December 6, 1947 VaTlyrmB HOLLYWOOD DIARY REBA & BOXNIL CIIURCIi 1 Fred Astaire dancing in slow motion! Thats the treat promised in MGMs Easter Parade. A portion of one of Astaires dances will be photographed in slow motion, slowing his steps down four times to provide a clear study of them. It took Astaire and camera expert, John Arnold, a month to perfect a -way to synchronize the action to the sound, which ontinues in normal rhythm. Mark Stevens leaves 'Thursday for Washington, D. C., and some Judo instruction from the FBI for his role of a government agent in 20ths Street With No Name. This is the pic which will be filmed on the spot in five Eastern cities. Deanna Durbin was surprised by crew members of U-Is Up in Central Park with a super birthday party yesterday morning. When Deanna walked on the set, she found a projector flashing against a backdrop a miniature airplane which was skywriting Happy Birthday Deanna. Robert Cummings is paging Hedy Lamarr for a co-starring role in his independent production, Lets Live a Little. Incidentally, Bob is very happy these days since he draws Irving (Bachelor and Actors' Group Originated in Hotel Suite The Actors company, which. In association with Shepard Traube, is presenting Gregory Peck, and Laraine Day in Angel Street at the Biltmore originated in a New York hotel suite last April. The birth of the new producing group took place when Joseph Cotten, Mel Ferrer, Jennifer Jones, Dorothy McGuire and Peck met to discuss an important problem: how to combine a movie career with a periodic return to the theater. The result of the discussion was the decision to bring first rate theaters to the West coast. This they did by putting on a season of distinguished revivals with all-star casts of movie names at the La-Jolla Playhouse, La Jolla, Calif. The project culminated with the current production of Angel Street. Proof that Laraine Day, and Gregory Peck are sincere in their desire to establish a living theater on the coast is the fact that they gave up their vacations to endure the Spartan lives of road actors, playing split weeks and one night stands in ,the damp North when they could more easily have been sunning themselves in the backyards of their Hollywood homes. the Bobby Soxer) Reis as hi director on his next pic,' One Touch of Venus. HAPPY HOLLIDAY The Lauritz Melchiors are planning something new for their annual Christmas party at their Mul-holland drive home, The Viking. Currently on a concert tour in Wisconsin, theyre -spending, all of their free time shopping for holly which will decorate both their gifts and their home. . . . Barbara Britton has waxed four records on which she tells Bible stories. Proceeds from discs will be donated to the Glendale church where she was married. . . . Henry Fonda leaves for New York December 26 to start rehearsals on his play Mr. Roberts. Mrs. Fonda and the children will join him this summer and reside in their home on Long Island. . . . Merle Oberon and her husband, Lucien Ballard, are reading scripts with an eye to filming them in South Africa. According to Ballard, a cinematographer, the Lake Tanganyika region offers ail kinds of scenic wonders. FLASHBACKS Jo Stafford is proudly displaying her new Kenneth Hopkins hat fashioned from Christmas Seals. . . . Bob Mitchum, currently on the stage of the Golden Gate theater in San Francisco, amazed audiences by bursting into song in the middle of his act. Idea went over so well that its a permanent part of his act. . . . Martha Stewart joins Betty Grable and Dan Dailey in 20ths Burlesque. This means that Martha will be doing two films at once, since Call Me Mister will be shooting at the same time. . . . RKO has sent a representative east to confer with Woody Herman, the bandleader. They want him to sign a one-picture-a-year deal as a musical director. Deal would be similar to the one which Dave Rose has with 20th Century-Fox. Julia Faye Doing Book on Hollywood Julia Faye, now appearing in A Connecticut Yankee, is doing a book on the early days in Hollywood. It wTill contain anecdotes and reminiscences and will be illustrated with rare old stills. Julia is a real pioneer. Shes seen In 300 movies all told, 53 of ;hem for'C. B. DeMille. She began ler career as the second lead in D. W. Griffiths The Fall of th Alamo. Work will be titled Flicker Faces. it a Is 1 RONALD SHIRHY - ? Reagan -Tempi e trnr- 0 h Actor To Emcee Christmas Party Donald OConnor will be master of ceremonies at the 22nd annual childrens party to take place Dec. 22 at Universal -International. , ' This years affair, which will be sponsored by the .Universal City club. Is expected to be the most elaborate ever held on this lot. Over 1000 children are expected to attend. The show will be a three-ring circus. Besides OConnor, Ann Blyth will sing Christmas carols and fourteen acts from the Burt Levey circuit and a band will entertain. Wriggly Stripper Enlivens Show Jack Present and Harry Zevin, producers of the laugh hit, Mary Had a Little, at the Belasco theater, are being complimented by colleagues for decorating their show with plenty of luscious figures including Mary Ellen Popel, Claire Carleton, Mary Roche, Marjorie Franklin, Olga Cornett and Lori Irving, the Russian Princess who develops under hypnosis into the wriggliest stripper ever seen in these parts. RORY CALHOUN ias maxwell ta. PENNY EDWARDS HARRY DAVENPORT . AIEK GOiru'S 1 ... . Srm Pb, k, CAb H.Him. tlllllj i " 1 W NO W. all III NORTH HOLLYWOOD PLAYHOUSE 11043 MAGNOLIA BLVD. NORTH HOLLYWOOD SU-2-4702 Thursday, Friday and Saturday Thru Dae. 20 75e Plus Tax Curtain 8.30 "PAGE MISS GLORY" Barbara Machado of North Hoi- believe that this excellent Film Visits in Your Own Home by St. Nick (Himself) Santa in Person in Your Own Home , Office, School , Factory , Parties YOUR CHILD WILL THRILL TO A VISIT BY SANTA NOW Call Now for Visits Dec. 4 Through 25th Special Xmas Eve and Xmas Day Visits STAGE SCREEN RADIO ACTORS Approved by the Better Board of Santq. Clauses A Bonded Service Santa, Inc. PHONE NOW FOR INFORMATION & RESERVATIONS GR. 5191 ELIZA LA PORTA the UFA company she still continued studying singing in Berlin. For political reasons she fled Germany before the war and spent two years in Panama City, where she was very popular as a radio singer. She has. become a U. S. citizen and now lives in Los Angeles. Also appearing with Miss La Porta will be -Mary Ellen Batten, mezzo soprano; Vera Bryner, soprano; John Cortay, tenor; Silvio Garavelli, baritone; Patricia Nathan, North Hollywood soprano, and Edward Ravell, tenor. The concert will consist of favorite arias, duets, and ensembles from the opera repertoire. Brown Visits Ratoff M-G-M Director Clarence Brown is enjoying a busmans holiday abroad. Hes been spending a lot of time with Director Gregory Ratoff on the Cagliostro sets in Rome, Italy. lywood, Donna Rae of Van Nuys and Lynn Petty of Encino will dance a Grand Pas de Trois Clas-sique. This program is a talent showcase primarily intended for motion picture, stage directors and producers. It is an annual affair. These young artists have won widespread acclaim from those whose business it is to seek out and evaluate talent. The Valley trio exhibits splendid technique and dramatic ability. Mrs. Sharp's Pupils To Give Recital Piano teacher Mrs. T. C. Sharp will hold a recital for her pupils, tomorrow evening at 7:45 at the North Hollywood Womens club. The program will be an all classical presentation. The pupils taking part are Suzann Hyden, Mich-ale Miller, Jocelyn Grover, Mary Lou Oswald, Deanna Greening, Harvey Watson, Barry Vejar, J. W. Collins, Jeanne Cohen, Buddy Fisher, Barbara Meschlow, Lee Trusty, Morris Sandler, Betty Saunders and Mary McNellis. Telephone Your Orders RUgby 6-2331 No Deposit X 1A lip , - TURKEYS Broad Breasted Bronzfe Ycur Choice of 15,000 Birds LIVE or DRESSED OVEN "HUMTSINGER TURKEY RANCH 9741 Reseda Blvd. Northridge M , 'NoX PHONE JUNJST.3-197: IANKERSHIM BLVD, FREE PARKINS ' NOW PLAYING CROSSFIRE" and ADVENTURES OF DON COYOTE" COMING SUNDAY "THE SPIRIT OF ' WEST POINT" also "FUN AND FANCY FREE" COLOR CARTOON & LATEST NEWS THEATRE GUIDE 5 SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6 SAN VAL DRIVE-IN 2720 Winona An. at S. F. Blvd. CHarleston 8-1710 "DIAMOND HORSESHOE and "LITTLE OLD NEW YORK" Coming Sunday 5 FIESTA and WHITE TIB AND TAILS ! TOWN San Fernando S. F Classics picture will give terrific impetus to his career. Jack O'Connor Signs Donald OConnors brother Jack has joined the cast of Are You With It at Universal-International. Jack is five inches taller and twenty years older than Donald, and has been a dance director. He will appear in several dance routines with his yonger brother. $1.50 Inc. Tax THIRD BIG WEEK! E3W13EWT3 Now Playing Wed. thru Sunday w NOW 8:30 WEEKS ONLY ON STAGE EUGENE ONEILLS IMMORTAL THE m Starring Morris Buchanan Pop. Prices: $1.00 - 15J - 2.00 plus tax Bargain Matinee Sun. 2:30 $1.00-1.50 plus tax 1642 N. Las Palmas Near Hollywood and Highland Phone GL-7191 HE-0764 UkS PALMAS THEATER X mm ;v i 7291 SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT" 5 and I, "LAW OF THE LASH" Coming Sunday SEA OF GRASS J. r REIIE M San Fernando S. F. 2124 k! I "THE FOXES OF HARROW" fc1 1 Maureen O'Hara - Rex Harrison v Coming Sunday ' J DEAR RUTH 4 "CAPTAIN BOYCOTT" Stewart Granger Kathleen Ryan 'St&M a- . CV if- DAISY KENYON" Joan Crawford Dana Andrews Henry Fonda San Fernando i "THE LOCKET" and 'GENIUS AT WORK' Coming Sunday ALELR DE AMOR and GODS COUNTRY ' 4 - "THE GANGSTER Barry Sullivan Belita EL PORTAL TS U. a-855 "IT HAD TO BE YOU" and 'THE UNSUSPECTED" Coming Sunday Foxes of Harrow 0 and Lured LA RIIHA S5 :"m "FOXES OF HARROW" and - "IT HAD TO BE YOU" gu ROYAL WBDDIMO J IV VMfTID AtntTS if PRINCESS EUZABETH h Oonow TFittfCdu&. OKN AUNIOHT SOX MTZ . K . OU& rruotoanr cuivte w oAtr 19 p. a. STEW4RT GRANGER KATHLEEN man. A VAH KUYS Iff " jUlIIJ "ONE OF THE YEARS BEST MOVIES! -lFE "ROMANCE OF ROSY RIDGE' and "DEEP VALLEY" Coming Sunday Heaven Only Knows and The Long Night LILLI iriiitv TEN namirwM3. VALLE a 12 so. 2-2272 "KEEPER OF THE BEES" - and "LAST FRONTIER UPRISING" Coming Sunday Call It Murder and The Racketeers iRIVOlMgRLSBI "KING OF THE BANDITS" and "JOE PALOOKA IN THE KNOCKOUT" Coming Sunday Grapes of Wrath and Tobacco Road Brtroduont (hazel brooks ANNE REVERE W.IS. am CONRAD Joseph iinyd 60Ff Canada LEE Produced W iX. 0Ml Sc. ir Mortal Artnti A c Umas i from TM L IgmBsUiU&SSEMk . . - W -S' downtown M Moimxooo NOW ! h- s a 1 A t -p I f 3- V v

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