Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 17, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 2
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15YEN ING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, MAY 17, 1957 Baby Pulled From Pool, Surgery Proves Futile FORT WORTH, Tex.—«*—His puppy and a split-second decision by (he family doctor prolonged the life of a 15-month-old boy after he was pulled seemingly lifeless from a sCum-covorod fish pond behind liis home. But the tot. Slevie Grant, died some eight hours after an Officer Held On Charge Of Plane Theft ALEXANDRIA, Va wv-T!ie KBI emergency operation was performed to restore heartbeat. Stevie was found floating in the pond by neighbors who heard Ihe frantic barking of his dog Ginger, a rust-colored cocker spaniel. The dog was tugging at Stcvie's rompers. Ttie boy was given artificial , respiration by Ins grandmother while an ambulance was called. The doclor wlio delivered Stevie to .Mrs. R. F. Grant immediately massaged his heart until it started beating again. Doctors estimated it had been slopped for about 10 minutes. "We tried to get the owner to cover up that pond," said bis grief-stricken mother. "We knew something like this would happen but the lady said she wanted,the sun to shine on her lilies." Illinois Pastor iN'nnied Al Presbyterian Meet OMAHA Wr-A 62-year-old Illinois minister today began a yearlong term as nominal head of the nation's largest Presbyterian denomination. He is Dr. Harold K. Martin, pastor of the Second Presbyterian Flood Peril (Continued from Page 1) Santa Fe employe fell into the near Sclman. has reported that Army 2nd U. «Ab "NCTON - If, - Development of a new technique for Donald B. McCoy,-charged with accuralcl S' locating the most common kind ol congenital heart stealing a'$6.500 airplane here defect was announced today by the Public Health Service. May 6, surrendered lo FBI agents The new method is designed to pinpoint the location nf VmW May 6, surrendered to FBI agents at Dover, Del. The plane crash-landed near Ocala, Fla., and was described as a total loss. It was owned by Paul F. Zimmer of Alexandria. An FBI spokesman said McCoy, was fatally overcome by gas in their cellar. Officers said heavy vain generated an old underground carbide system used years ..u ;..,<,. i.. r. UIIIH iiiiiiicuiuu:!)- a S° ft)r lighting and that the wa-' made an incision in his chest anil lcr alltl carbide apparently mixed to form the gas. A 9-year-old boy drowned in swollen Sand Creek near Curtis. 'A motorist was found drowned in liis marooned car south Hennessey. An 8-year-oId girl was killed when the tractor on which she iwas riding with her mother slid :imarron near Sclman. n " ' ul spoKesman said Mcuoy, An elderly Okeene farm couple 27 - has bcen ab senl wilhoul leave vas fatallv overcome by gas in! from the 93rd Si 8 nal Batlaltion at that let blood leak Iron) the lefl to the right chambers of the heart. It involves injecting a dye chemical into the left side of the heart and then measuring its concentration and the lime it lakes lo pass through liny arteries of the earlobe. In a paper prepared for the an FI. lluachuca, Ariz. Officers said "' a iia]n;i pit-iiaieu iur me an- he came lo Beacon Field here "ual meeting of the American Col- May 4 in a rented automobile and lege of Cardiology, a team of sci- told. Zirnmcr he would buy the enlists from the National Heart airplane. He gave Zimmer a $500 Institute said "conventional tech- check, which Bet. Alvin Sanders of Fairfax County Police said later proved worthless, „ Saunders said McCoy flew off in of (he plane, saying he would have a mechanic at Dover check it. Mc- off a wet bridge northeast of Watonga. Church of Bloomington, 111. who yesterday was elected moderator of the 169th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in'the U.S.A. The average citizen knows just about as much about what's going on at the national capital as some congressmen do. Coy returned to Beacon Field May and told Zimmer he would keep e plane and that his father mild send the remaining 56,000 ithin I wo days. The rented aulo- obilc was left at the airfield. The FBI said McCoy was in cus- dy of a U. S. marshal at Wilington. Del, where he was to arraigned on federal charges taking a stolen automobile and slolcn aircraft across state nes. He faces a grand larceny 'large in Fairfax Counly, police id. Protect 3 ways! (*J*L. _ - ' * fume-Resistant.* VITOUZED or... Gives your home yean and years of, <risp, clean beauty—add* dollars lo Hi valuel PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY 317 Henderson' Avenue ~c iii Dover. Futures Rise oved upward again at the start eavy rain in the growing area. British 13. New Technique Locates Congenital Heart Defect FRANK CAREY niciues, involving the sampling of blood from right heart chambers, sometimes fail to provide sufficiently accurate pre-operalive information." The earlobe was chosen as a measuring spot because light can be passed through it. The passage of the dye affects a beam of light which Irips an "electric eye," thus giving a measurement of the dye. The government scientists said such measurements can be used to locate with exactness the position of any defecl between the heart chambers, thus facilitating surgical repair. Declaring that such defects may cause, the heart to overwork and ultimately fail, if not repaired, the to pinpoint the location of holes eceive exhausted blood and send to the lungs for oxygen. Thus, the blood leaking from the ft side will be sent through the ings again. And, if it contains , T e, the lime it takes to pass trough the earlobe can be mea ircd. Compared with blood now ifi'out of a normal heart, the ill be a lime delay. This, plus Iher faclors. can be tied in to cate accurately the point of th< cfect inside the heart. The dye is introduced by thread ig the injection needle harmless ' down the patient's throat and in > his windpipe. , , scientists said well'over 1,000 per- ""• stieiuiiib saia wen over i.rjoo per- McCoy's wife and three children sons, most of them children, die every year in the United States from such causes. The dye in the new technique CHICAGO, Wi — Grain futures is injected into the left heart chambers —the side containing gam at me sian *- 11 "" i " 1 -'' ;1 —""= aiue uumaming the Board of Trade today, on newly oxygenated blood which or. uying influenced by continued dinarily is pumped into the body'- ^^A...:«» — tlRRIlf>% if tllfirtt ic n Aafnnt ~,~ 41 tissues. If there is a defect in the partition between Ihe lefl — — fuLiuiuii ueiwuen ine leu anc The Rock of Gibraltar has been right chambers, some of this left „_:.:_!_ crown Colony since side blood will now intq,the righ chambers whose functions is to for home "Puritron removes Smoke & Odors relieves Sinus & Asthma helps relieve Hoy Fever. ELECTRICALLY $39-95 II for office Removes Odors and Smoke Electrically . . . your office, kitchen, nursery . . . any room with limited ventilation . . . con have a constant supply of clean, fresh smelling air. Aids Allergy and Hay Fever Sufferers . . . pulls in all the air in an average size room, 5 times an hour . . . washes air with ultra-violel rays. Puritron's Fiberglos filter removes pollen; relieves ollergy sufferers. Stops Kitchen Odors and Smoke . . . from spreading through the house or opartment. No expensive installation necessary. Eliminates Exhaust Fans . . . and their costly installation. Just plug into any no-volt AC outlet. Only 7Vi inches high, 9'/ 2 wide and 7 inches deep. MEDICAL ARTS PHARMACY 33 North Liberty Street Phone PA 4-3730 — We Deliver BALTIMORE ST. at GEORGE Phone PA 2-3700 HOURS - Monday 9:3O Weekdays 9:30 - 5 Saturday 9:30 - 6 GET SET FOR THE RACES FRIDAY NITE SPECIALS 7-9 ONLY Suez Action Gets Backed In Commons LONDON (in — T h e House of Commons gave the Conservative sovernmenl a 308-259 vote of con- Tidcnce last night on its Suez policies. The vote, winding up a two-day debate on (he British-French alack on Egypt, defeated a Labor Motion to censure Ihe government for "damaging Britain's prestige and economic interests." Had it lost—which nobody expected—the government would have had to resign. linU Facing Trial WASHINGTON (INS) — T h , en ale has approved a rccom lendation that Edward A. Hintz irrner banker jailed in the llli ois slate auditor scandal, b roseculed for contempt of th enate. Rescuers (Continued from Page 1) through the night under floodlights and then on info the morning. The father worked with the rescue workers until he collapsed The boy's mother. Belly, 30 learned by accident of the boy's plight. She is a telephone operator in the Riverhead office of the New York Telephone Co. She heard a detcclivc reporting the boy's fall to police headquarters and be came hysterical. Friends drove her home. /„ cover. Dial PA 2-4600 for n WANT AD Tahrt Middies'Commencement Set At New Field House ANNAPOLIS, m - The Naval Academy's 117th commencement exercises will be held June 7 in a new $f,500,000 field house which is due to be dedicated jusl Iwo days before the graduation. The spacious building covers an area of 150,000 square feet and can seat about 11,000 spectators tor Ihe commencement. The building represents the first major construction at the academy since 1941. This year's graduating class will total 848 midshipmen, the largest class since 1954. Of the new officers, 568 will go to Ihe Navy 208 to the Air Force and 63 to the Marine corps. Another seven midshipmen will be graduated but not commissioned because of physical reasons and two foreign nationals will be commissioned in Ihe Peruvian and Philippine navies. The graduation will climax the tradilional June week program o'l parades, reunions, athletic and social events. June Week will gel started with a dress parade on June 1. Three other dress pa... . . - ~ -- - rat *es are scheduled during the It s interesting to loox at pack- week, including the June 6 color ets of flower seeds, but don't parade honoring the top midship expect everything you see on the man company. . The speaker at the graduation xcrcises will be Undersecretary of the Navy William B. Franke. • Traffic Toll Rises BALTIMORE {Si — The death f .two pedestrians has pushed iJaryland's highway fatality toll or the year to 179, compared with 177 for the corresponding >eriod a year ago. FREE BUY A 25# Bag of Starter and Growing Mash and 10-1 Day Ofd Chickl Receive 10 Additional Chickt FREE on May 21st SOUTHERN STATES Cumberland _ Coop (11 K. Mechanic — PA 2-5f40 ***************************** * BALTIMORE ST. of GEORGE ST. Phone PA 2-3700 HOURS MONDAY 9:30-9 WEEKDAYS 9:30 - 5 SATURDAY 9:30-6 FACTORY REPRESENTATIVE SEAT COVER SALE 17.99 SIMILAR QUALITY COVERS SELL FOR AS HIGH AS 24.95 Today, Saturday and Monday, only. For long-lasting beauty Wards Sarao k tough, duroMe, bvU to withstood frequent <*«, Hmr 1957 s*ylejf Yow choke of colon—designed to beautify car interiors. Fade and stain resident I For styling 1957 portems—plaids In chorcool, or eon or blue. Makes older car interiors look newer, fresher. Mattes MW ears look * *• For fitted detail Words Soron fits snuoly—J*e o gfevtl looks custom-made. Stays that way—eveo after years of service. Hoodxxn* (eothet- ette trim, full rayon bocks. For maximum wear Words SOCOH k o durable, bard wearing fabric—designed hi long-tasting Mrvic*a For easy upkeep Wards Sorati wipes dean in seconaSI Joi apply a damp cloth. Stain resistant tool Weal for families with children and peh, Saraa fa Wards beat woven plastic cover! j******* ****** * ***JHr**««««V*«*4, 4* * * * * *• * * * Pack your picnic lunch in a Word bosket! rttcio LOW 2.98 Big 18xlU12"size for lots of food! Stained oak hardwood slot cover, mople colored splints. Sturdy picnic bosket with fittings for 4 llxtl 4.98 Sloined oak basket, veneer cover—stainless flatware, plastic platej ond cups inside I SATISFACTION GUARANTEED AT WARDS OR YOUR MONEY BACK TUBE-TYPE BUCWALLS each hi sets of 4 WHITEWALLS ALSO SALE-PRICED REG; 9.95 SPLIT LEVEL COLA COOLER 7 QQ Sliding fodd Iray. I .** Golvaniied. USUAL 3.49 GAL; POUR-SPOUT JUG Defux. quoity-^iwl to thot of n«w<ar«<,uip rrM nf Nrw. 007 ft°*r gloss imula- fcl *' brui«»-r»»iskm« Sup«r Rayon cord body f,, D««p, ffal, <oW rubber rrwiti <»•• 4 rnw Hrti fot at tew at |4 DOWN. 'Mounts rrod, ,„ Hrw. REG; 98c FOLDING CANVAS CAMP STOOL 0O_ Hardwood from*. OOw Gel several, toy*! 1-2-3 tint, prfct *ecA f 6.55* TRUCKER$-«my Ward frock tire sale.prkad in May REG. 2.49 PORTABLE FOLDING GRILL 199 Sfeel; 10x livw Cooking surface. SHOP AND SAVE AT WARDS LOW PRICES USE WARDS CREDIT CARD *l-*35

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