Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 8, 1969 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1969
Page 6
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OtOr Focti UEAf MR. AND MRS. JAAAES TYLER PiieM by Oe*eU Wn. krien Tyler-Hagar vows exchanged in chapel on U.C.R. campus De YoungVan Grouw betrothal told Xr. aad Mrs. Cbrcace L. Van Gnww. Uiai Nevada street, Douooe the encaceneot o( ttaeir daosbtcr. ChenrL to Beraard Oe Youag Jr.. aw of Ur. and Mrs. De Yomit. U4 Tcrraciaa boole- \-ard Cheryl {radustcd from Red* jUnds Uch Kbool in US7 and is 'atteadinc Calvin Qdlete in I Grand Rapids. Midi. She U the isranddanfhter of Mr. and Mrs. Stev-e Van Grouw Sr. of Redlands and Mrs. W. Kooing of llanfon). Her fiance is a 1963 (e of Redlands hish school. He also at- :<tended Calvin CoUcsc and is navr * i enrolled at San Bernardino Val- .* I Icy CoUesc. He has sen-ed with t ihc I,<.S. Army in Korea and at iFort Hood. Tex. His grandfa- iber is Dirit De\Vit. 903 West! foTte weddine are in ' f''"©'' KingHam ^'^'""'^ gives Camera Br^akfad dub spends day of fhe races Breakfast ciaib mmbn i sncst« spent "A day at the raccsT* ThunJay, boanliBf s diartercd bus isr Ibe Santa Ani- :u race track. LnncbeoB was served in the Regency Rooni after which the races provided color and cxcite-| ment for the aflemooii. Mrs. Glenn W. Emmenoo, Mrs. Frank PcUner and Mrs. Jidni W. Sessnns were wimen in the Daily Double event The President's Cup Race prizes awarded on the bus were won by Mmes. Charles F. Dill, Delbert C. Fowler. S. Wesley Break. Karp P. Stockton, Robert K. ScboUoo. WilUam E. Hi iard. Malcolm Chambers. [ Mmes. Glctu W. Emmerson. James M. Kenny. Fred W. Gowland. James B. Fox Jr., Roy C. Hill: and guests Mmes. Earl Bandy, Bailey Peyton. Edward Scbindler. Richard Leonard. Harold Marcolt and W. C. Miller. CHERYL VAN CROUW Charleoe Itagar and J a m es Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hagar of Redlands and the bridegroom's parents are Earl Tyler of Red- Unds and Mrs. Robert Matbes Ts'lcr. both of Redlands, eX' changed marriage vo»-s last Sat ^ urday in a ceremony performed Colorado' in Watkins House Chapel M the -nie bride wr« her asters University of Cahlbnua, ^^-ItiooTAeagih satin di«ss with side, campus with Rev. i both dj«ss and train trimmed in I/nidermilk ofGeiating. i j^gg ^ accented with pearls Tbe bride is the daughter of tfH09 Vlffof «»KUAKY»- L «M MinHiiiiy David MMMtMMry RMidirUw WiUiaM E. C M AMrod Craer Franda D. Hunt Ruttr Water Tarry Millw War HolKday WWUm MrMS ILMLCIarte T MH •aharidc •ill Slawart FEBRUARY M Fete Baobr T. C. Mclntiiw Jaaquin Carcia E. E Mm Rebart l^t F. Claik, Jr. Tarry Mcimire WMtom E. Cmk Hapmr BiriMay II S. state and sequins. Her cbapel-length bouffant illusion veil wu four- I tiered and she bdd a bouquet of wliile roses and caniatiaas. Mrs. Sharon McElroy. sister of the Inide. was matron of honor, wearing a pole green Ooor- icngth dress «ilh kmg white laoe sleeves. Her floncrs w «re pink itises aiMl camatioas. The bride's brother. Everett Hagar. was at Uie organ to play (be nuptial music. The spacious reception room! adjoining tbe diapd was the' setting for the wedding reception. The newbit'eds. now liting near (be San Bernardino Valley College campus «1)ere both are Church women hear falk on • drug problem ! Narcotics and tbe widespread use of drugs in the city of Redlands was the subject of a talk by Lt. Edward Olmos of the Eir'Ki &t .^.n ^'^'^^'^"^^ST^ S^mr^bl.:^ church Wednes- hers at their meeting tUs week, "f- , , Using club members as mod- As a soluUon to this ever-m- tU. Mr. Kingham demonstrated I ''•"togproWcm. U. Olmos rec- bow to set up UghU and flhis- ommcnded educaUon through trated various types of ugwing tjf s«*ooU on the dangers and club program used in portrait votk. effects of harmful drugs and STAN KENTON At tbe'busineumeeting pie- ^^^fl enforcement of tbe law. ceding (he program, club pre»-| Plans for the traditiona] thrce- ident Ed P. Harman announced day Citrus Festiral were an' ibat tbe February ITih meeting nounced at the business meet jnill be in the board room of ing. The festival will begin on Redlands public schools inftead Friday. April U. with a Fashion it tbe UigooU school auditorium Luncheon. Highlight of the is previously scheduled. i luncheon will be a style show by GuesU for the evening were Esther Page's. Tbe Orange Mr. and Mrs. Harold Grey. Mr. Bkusom Lane Shops will feature and Mrs. Roits Miller. Mrs. R. Sifls. fancy foods and a gallery R. Ifulcbinsoa and W. Bevcriy art from (he studios of kcal Molony. I artists. Social hour hostesses were Saturday's event will be Mrs. L«»is Geib and Mrs. Ken TEMPTING TINY CHARGE — Inez Ramirez, left, and Debbie Race try to coa.x a smile out of baby Michael Westerfield, son of the David Westerfields, 1362 Paige lane. The girls are getting a head-start on the class they \vill join nc.\t week at the YVVCA. This is a sL\-session class, "Tips on Tots," cosponsored by the YVVCA and Junior Women of the Contemporary Club. It will start next Saturday and registrations are being taken until Friday. (Facts photo) Tips on Tofs' babysiffing class to start at Y\Y Registrations are now betag accepted for the four training sessions in mastering the techniques of babysitting offered by the YMCA and known as 'Tips ncth Girard. Kenton and UR ^ kmmA^ p ^flw 4nr Cratton FT A ".oiiege campus wntrc ooui are OUfluS rCWWjr 'Wf ' . . students, have postponed (heir _ *.#%fi#.or* flOnOrS feOCner, wedding trip until Easter vaca- MOnOO/ COnCcfT »J A Candlelight Dinner featuring a;an To(s." program, follon-ed by dancing in; j,^ six-week course is open to all junior high boys and girls in- Per«»s plamiing to attend (hej P°^* president Monday combmed concert fea- C C. Shawver. past unit luring the SUn Kenton Jari Or-|p^j^ 3,^ Schmal........ •'^ "'hausen. sixth grade teadier. the bridegitwm's grandmother U Hedlinds Symphony Bana are,,^ ,1^ rcciplenu of honorary Mrs. dive .V. TrodeU of San »>e«>8 «» purdiase ad- j^j^ aKmbershira. at Crafton Bcraaidino. vance tickets. Schools PT.A. meeting iion. Both graduated last June Ifrom Redlands h'igh schooL The bride is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Egbert Smith of Mariette. Mich., and Kimberiy hall. Following church services on ! Sunday, the congregation and friends are invited to the Citrus i Festival coffee fai the patio. TickeU for the hincheon and dinner will be on sale eariy m March and reservations can be made now by calling church office. •Gay 90'$' direcfor schedules leadings Esther Glaser. agreed to direct Vucaipa's annual "Gay 90's" show (his >-ear. anixNmces pre-fryout reading sessions for Monday. February 10 and 17 and Wednesday. Feb- niaiy 19. in the Yucaipa de- mentary school auditorium on James Jorgenfon. University bami director, said the program is expected to attract a capacity audience and those already fc.,|hokliog UckeU wiU avoid walt- are ivaSable at the University's^ Public EvenU Office. The popular Kenton Orchestra «iU share Uie Memorial Chapel stage with the talented Symphony Band in a unique 8:15 p.m. performance. The double Hoars "f,,^', (he op^rtunity to hear the con- 10 10 p.m. To be a musical «>"»;! ™t ^ U,e outstandtag ^^^'Jllt^^^iiSr *«^«nl!^rSrBand. along with the Miss Schm.lbaufen's early in- Wednesday evenhig. Mrs. Robert Chambers. P.T.A. council president. »to presented Mrs. Shaw\'cr's life membership, introduced tbe well-known square dance caller. Jim Bess. He called several dances, while a set from Mrs. Shawver's square dance class performed on the stage. Mrs. Chambers also cited her service to the unit and the council and her readmess to help on numerous commiHrcs. POLLrS POINTERS By FaHy Cramar terested in learning how to care for children in a constructively responsiUe manner. YW membership is not required and all who enroll will be assessed a one dollar fee to cover the the;cost of materials. Classes begin Saturday. FebrU' ary 15. at 3:30 p.m. and will run consceuti >dy for six Saturdays. Mrs. John Rundles will lead the first session. 'The 'IK Sitter." Representatives of tbe fire and police departments will conduct the second session on "Handling Emergencies" and the American Red Cross will lead a session on First Aid for the third session. "Baby Care" will be considered at the fourth session con' DEAR POLLY - My husband uses a clean pair of brown cot ton work gloves for polishing and cleaning his shoes. One ::^II!--S^'^.!:!I'":J^\^ Slove U for appbing ihepolish biographical sketch. toM about Scout Troop 5 on campout ducted by a Public Health nurse and the final class will concern entertaining chQdrcn. teaching simple crafts, games and songs. At the sixth meeting on March 22. enrollecs and their parents and friends are invited to the the course will be compiled and made available to mothers in the community who need babysitters. Last year, over 90 boys and girls participated in the course. Registrations on a first-come. graduation ceremony. Those'first-served basis are due no who miss only one session with later than February 14. Addition- valid excuse will also receive al information may be obtained certificates. by calling the Y^VCA. 793-2957. Names of all who complete, Films available to public at county library Si.xteen millimeter films are available to the public through the San Bernardino County Library, particularly suited t» group discussion. Special interest groups such as art clubs, sportsmen's groups, churches. P.T.A. service clubs and senior dtizen dubs might find films a wdcome addition to their programs. Reservation for the films are made in advance and the films are loaned for an overnight pe- nod. They may be picked up ;ind returned to the local library i branch. Anyone wishing a list of tha League of Women Voters Day planned An update on the activities of Communist China and a discussion of new laws pertaining to menial health will highlight activities of the League of Women Voters' League Day Tuesday at the Holiday Iim from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Speaking during the morning sesswn will be Dr. William J. Moore. Redlands resident and chairman of the humanities department at San Bernardino Valley College and a consultant on arms control for TRW Systems. A graduate of the University 1896. both singing and speaking roles wm be filled for the show K ^idi is presenled each >'car as a scholarship fund benefit lord Jeffrey's 4_ ff^* RtstaMwf & CecktQis SERVING THE BEST FOOD AND DRINK SPECIAL DAILY LUNCHEON S1.1I ENJOY OUR HAPrr HOUR NUnday Tliiwgh Friday 4 H PM. ALL HOUSE DRINKS S0< HORS 0«BUVRES Om lor Host Richard Ketas OUR Dnm SPEOidS NKHRY iBdudet Soap or Salad ft Detsot of the Day MON. - tmmi Sifhrn THUIS. — Fritd OiAm RI.-CfilW Matitof St »otaCga^ SAT.-UQ M Sporanta^l TUES. - OM MUoMd 23t3 SIBLING AVE. SUN. - loot Ymmg Twbr am. famous sounds of the nation's Icadmg jazz orchestra. KenUm's group will perform numbers wying from the "Peanut Vendor" of eartier years to new hits such as "MacArthur Paris." Dee Barton wSl be featured on tbe drums, aloof with famous jazz soloists Bay Reed, alto saxophone, and {Jay Diversa, trumpet i The Symphony Band, eoodoct- cd by Jorgenson. completes a nine concert tour of northern jCalifrrsia on Sunday. This will |be it« first formal evenmg concert at home this season. Aiso performiog win be tbe University's Woodwind Quintet, organized this year. Proceeds fi«m the conceit wiD be used to defray expenses for the quintet's invitational performance in Honolulu. Hawaii, at the West-j em Music Educator 's Coa- ference in ApriL 5d Uie otber"^ for .huffing. Troop 5. sponsored by the Red- j of Redlands. forest in music and her desire to leach. Miss Schntalhausen conducts the Crafton School Chonis. supervi.'cs after-scbool recrealion. and also plays in the Commimily Symphony Orchestra. Miss Evelyn Ewert, accompanied OD the piano Iqr Mrs. Caroline Dyer, presented a n-hinisieal song to tbe tune of "Do Re ML" as a tribute to Miss Schmalhausen. Winner of the room count banner was Joel Byars. Mrs. Sbawver. Mrs. Robert Hebblewhite and Mrs. L W. Baum were elected to the nominating committee. Crafton dele-j gates to Uie 5th District annual March meeting wSl be President Mrs. Stephen A. Coffman. aad Mmes. Charles Fswler. Ricbard Staplelcn aad Lowell Knight Mrs. Jack Caboon invited those present to mspect a display of new books which are being added to Uie school library. Guest speaker. R. 0. Hanne- baiim of (be Red'ands Police Tins keeps his hands nice and: „^ Riwams dub went to; of sraduate work in Chine ^^^.^'^TSLser ^ctTtoae clean and it U easy to get into;Camp Hunt recenUy for its h «inrv anH Far E«tprn m-nnn. Tan^n inai gives service to tne all those cracks and crevices on monUily overnight campout men's shoes. Use different gloves for shoes of different colors. Ttie gloves are so inexpensive. - DONNA Polly's PivMtni DEAR POUY - Wa Hva in a havi* frailer In Wisc«. sin Mid wauM Vk» knaw naisfur High school PTA beard to meet Redlands high school PTA wini***^"'; ^^^Ji;^: meet Monday at 1 p.m. in "hehSS ^^r. IJwL"^™^ board, room of R^Uands public Sl, schools, corner of Orange and Lugonia. ^»»Msm »Ms»»i«»yM»»»»»»»''»»'»»'»»'''"'''''*''*'''''"""""''"*"^ AN EXPERIENCED STAFF ...our most valued asset The sacrfd responsibilitjr for faneral anangements cannot be Bghdy oitnisied. Onr Boensed staff members offer many yean of e^erienoe-lbe hmily's assur* of oomplete dependability. r.ttnn COKTNER 221 >pirMiu local youth, and the detriment of drvigs to mental and physical health. He eauiimied parenU to note any dunges in appetite, sleeping habits and speech pat tern, as they might signal the influence of drugs. He advised against letting youngsters carry a large amount of money to; schod and to other activities, so thai they cannot be tempted into buying illegal drugs. At the conduskin of the program the (Om on LSD. "Insight or Insanity," was shown. Facu Clairificd Ads Can Sen Anytldag CallTtMia winduws* EvflM wfcOM ftio waaHwi' is iMt ••• caM, many flf tho wifidnvt ffvsl bocMNO •f H M mdslura.-FROSTY DEAR POLLY - A cute and inexpensive bird feeder can be made by using a large pine cone, stem side down, and the openings filled with peanut butter. Use a bri«ht-coiored ribbon to tie it to a tree branch outside the window. — MRS. R. W. DEAR POLLY — I want to tdl Esther to wet a washdoth, put a bit of dental cream on the cloth and clean her white plastic purse with this. Rinse and dry well It really worked on mine. — MRS. P. J. K. Each scout was assigned advancement problems in wild-j life, nature, cooking, knife and ax; map and compass: tracking, trailing and staOdn. He was then graded by Scoutmaster Richard L. Collier to ascertain if another step toward advancement had satisfactorily been achieved. Scouts accompanying the troop were: Alan Boggs, Glenn Mickle. Robert Lucas, Doug Waddin, Randy Pitts, Dwight Pringle, Ron Mickle and Jeff ;\riU, senior patrol leader. Dads taking part were T. R. Mickle, Bob L. Lucas, John Pitts and Ken King, Kiwanis Club representative. AAUW littfvturo section to meet Literature sectiaa of A.A.U.W. win meet Monday at 7:30 pjn. at the home of Mrs. Vance Aylor. 1116 Crescent ^leaker wfll be Jade MitcheU of the English department faculty of the University of Redlands who will speak on the subject "The Dark Symphony," a survey of the literature of the contemporary Mack community. Hostesses wiU be Miss Edith Beal and Mrs. James Piper. AFS student to be AAUW group speaker Elisabeth Hormander, A.F.S. student from Sweden now Uving with the Jack Linsk famfly, wiU he the speaker at tbe Tkiesday evening meeting of the Living Arts section AAXnir in the home of Mrs. Dooakl lliessen, 430 Jordan drive. Guests are wdcome. especially teenagers. MEXICAN AND AMniCAN POOOr Enjoy our Special Albondigas Soup sarved in a Soup Turaan ITS A SNAP |0 9at wrtra colli fer Dvfivr mwW^ FACTS history and Far Eastern ccono-. mics at Hong Kong University, Dr. Moore win review the cur rent revolution in China and explam some of the problems inherent in communicating with China across her cultural and political barriers. The afternoon session wiU be devoted to a pand discussion of the Lanterman, Petris, Short Act which drastically revises laws dealing with mental health care in California Partidpating on the panel wiU be Anderson Pollard, community organizational specialist with the department of Mental Hygiene; Dr. J. Philip Loge. director of San Bernardino County General Hospital; and Dr. John Bancroft, director of guidance and research for San Bernardino City Schools. Redlands, Loma Linda. Grand Terrace area. The Loma Linda Branch Library is located at 24887 Taylor street, Loma Linda, tdephone 7964G2L SAVE ^SERVi ON SOFT WATER' ERViSOFT has the best prices • Automatic Units • Exchange Service Call us ar-id See! Call 793-2359 Redlar-ids 612 Texas St. Open Sunday Bang on to Your Money! l£T BIOCK^ FIGURE YOUR Amwica's UrgMt Tax Service wMi Ovw 3000 Offices ' MwOl il BM Urn ISSCCiM • ajL M i PJL—Sat e . s-n mmi

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