Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on December 27, 1971 · Page 5
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 5

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1971
Page 5
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United Slates is Lonely Holdout in Metric System ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, MON., DEC. 27, 1971 Page 5 Jealousy always a terrible mistake By Abigail Van Buren tffi 1W1 br CMCMO Trlbwit-N. V. News Svnd., Inc.] DEAR ABBY: Marv and I are in our early 20's, and have been married almost three years. Marv works about 90 miles from where we live, so he put an ad in the paper for a rider to share expenses to and from work. He got one reply. From a FEMALE! I saw her once and I don't want her riding with my husband. She's about my age, very pretty, and dresses real nice, only she wears her clothes very short. [Her dresses look like MY blouses.] I told Marv to keep advertising until 'he got a male. He said he wouldn't. I even cried and begged, but he insists that he loves me, I am foolish to be jealous, and until I grow up we will always have trouble. Abby, I can't help being jealous when I think of that girl sitting next to Marv nearly two hours every day in her short skirts. Should I keep after Marv about this? If you tell me to stop nagging him, I will, but if you say he shouldn't let this girl ride with him, I'll keep nagging him until he stops. I have been very cold to Marv and not much of a wife to him since this girl started riding with him. SILLY OR NOT? DEAR SILLY: I can understand your jealousy, but I think you're making a terrible mistake to [a] nag Marv to dump the girl rider; [b] punish him by being "cold" to him. Now is the time to be warmer than ever. The best excuse in the world for a man to crawl into somebody else's bed is because he was kicked out of his own. DEAR ABBY: My 4-year-old son is a very friendly child. Too friendly, in fact. If I take him to the supermarket, he approaches strangers with, "Hi. How are you?" If they are in a hurry and ignore him, or answer him curtly, he persists, "How are you? What's your name? Where do you live?" And he keeps it up until I demand that he stop. I suppose I should be glad that he is so outgoing and friendly, but I sometimes wonder if it is wise for youngsters to be so forward and aggressive with strangers. Should I try to keep him from being so friendly, or do you think it might thwart his personality? IN DOUBT DEAR IN: I would teach my child to REPLY when spoken to, but I would discourage him from getting too friendly with strangers. CONFIDENTIAL TO JACK C. IN CLEVELAND: You are right on target, Jack. Along with fire prevention, one should 1 M * reinUdeVI that every fitfme^sllould have i a fire extinguisher. I have mine hanging on the kitchen wall, and I hope I never have to use it! WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States, giant that it is, finds itself in a curious alliance with tiny Sierra Leone, Malawi and a half-dozen other countries on one world issue. Those three, along with Ceylon, Gambia, Guyana, Jamaica, Liberia and Nigeria, are the only nations left in the world without a commitment to adopt the metric system of weights and measures. Sen. Claiborne Pell, D-R.L, TV Tonight . . , says the United States may soon leave the ranks of the hold-outs. "The question is no longer, shall we go metric. The question is how we shall go metric," said Pell, who is sponsoring a metrication bill and urging Congress to reconsider what it refused to do 180 years ago. Some hearings have been held and others are planned, probably in February. Meapr North-South Shrine Game For Grid Buffs Presented by COMMUNITY TV SIGNAL CO. MONDAY JEANNE — Comedy — Jeannie turns NASA's astronaut chimp into a human (played by comic Larry Storch), but top brass want their monkey back. 6:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. GUNSMOKE - "P. S. Merry Christmas," or: How seven orphans, a drifter and the citizens of Dodge warm up the cold hearted headmistress of an orphanage. 7 p.m. CBS. HERE'S LUCY - Comic calamities start brewing when Harry gives Lucy a very unexpected $50 raise. 8 p.m. CBS. NORTH-SOUTH SHRINE GAME — Special: The 26th annual North South Shrine Game from Miami. North: Iowa State coach Johnny Majors has strong-armed QB's in North we stern's Maurie Diagneau (12) and his own Dean Carlson (10); Wisconsin's Alan Thompson (22) leads the ground game. South: Tennessee coach Bill Battle will feel right at home with his own star RB Curt Watson (31) and Ail-American DB Bobby Majors (47); Utah receiver Fred Graves (86) caught 45 passes this year. Frank Glfford and Don Meredith report me action (Live) 8 p.m. ABC. SONNY AND CHER COMEDY HOUR — Return: An operatic spoof titled "AUintheFamilius" launches Sonny andjCher's new season. 9 p.m. CBS. JOHNNY CARSON - Returns from a week's vacation. Tentatively scheduled Tony Randall and Joan Rivers. 10:30 p.m. NBC. ; 4 TUESDAM GLEN CAMPBELL — A family affair ... an hour with the Pat Boone, Dom Deluise and Campbell clans. Comedy: Dom as a weary Santa calling it quits; comics Gaylord and Holiday in a sketch about a speeder and a cop; and a spoof of singing groups from the Mills Brothers to the Beach Boys. 6:30 p.m. CBS. MOD SQUAD - A poignant drama reveals a tender relationship between Julie and an emotionally distrubed boy. Cameras follow the terrified child as he hides in the city— sought by worried police and a murderer who knows the boy will identify him. 6:30 p.m. ABC. HAWAII FIVE - O - Hume Cronyn returns as archcriminal Lewis Avery Filer, a brazen character who tantalizes McGarrett with phone calls about his crimes. In "Odd Man In," Filer uses his wizardry at disguise to slip out of prison — and into a $4,000,000 cocaine caper. 7:30 p.m. CBS. CANNON — Crime Drama — An ironic turn of events: Cannon is tracking a man who's trying to vanish with the aid of a perfect plan T- devised by Cannon himself. 8:30 p.m. SEVEN SUMMITS - Special: Coverage and analysis of President Nixon's meeting with West German Chancellor Willy Brandt in Key Biscayne, Fla. Their discussion is expected to touch on European security and international monetary affairs. John Chancellor reports on this third of seven Presidential conferences with world leaders. 9:30 p.m. NBC. MERV GRIFFIN - A guest host (unannounced at press time) fills in for Merv, who's on a one- week vacation. 10:30 p.m. CBS. DRAGNET — Crime Drama- Friday,and Gannon search for the gunmen who blasted as policeman with a shotgun. 10:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. while, the administration is considering proposing its own bill, and Commerce Secretary Maurice H. Stans has endorsed the change. The switch to metric would involve measuring distance in kilometers instead of miles, weight in kilograms instead of pounds, and volume in liters instead of quarts. No one disagrees that conversion would produce confusion, inconvenience and in some cases, loss of money, but foreign trade difficulties offer a strong argument for change. With a metric system, American products could be designed and sold more easily to metric market countries which overwhelmingly dominate any economic chart. The system itself is more logical than the existing U.S. measures of length, area and volume because, unlike the present system, all are based on the number 10. Some sectors of the U.S. society, especially science, already use metric measure. Pell's legislation would allow 10 years for conversion. The first step would be a resolution committing the nation and setting up a metrication board which would prod step- by-step change. Although opposition has not yet crystallized, some argue against metrication on grounds it would cost $100 billion. Proponents see this as unfounded speculation. Such companies as Ford, John Deere, and Honeywell, which have some metric experience, have reported the costs are running less than expected. Though it might seem disruptive, a change in the way people measure things has plenty of historical precedence. The foot is based on 36 barleycorns. That was adopted to replace the old standard of four palms or 16 fingers after someone discovered that people with fat fingers produced a longer measure than people with skinny fingers. Farm Fatality BELLEVUE, Iowa (AP) Daniel P. Knake, 21, rural Bellevue, was killed Sunday afternoon as he freed a tractor that had been stuck in a farm I field near .here.,. '',]•„, Authorities said Knake died of a skull fracture after the tractor rolled into a ravine. Predict No January Draft WASHINGTON (AP) - Selective Service officials predict mat no one will be drafted next month. The officials say the Pentagon has not issued a new draft call for the first quarter of 1972, and since inductees must have 30 days' notice before they are drafted, it is almost certain there won't be any young men ordered up in January. Defense Department sources say when the new quarterly call is issued it probably will be in the relatively low 10,000 range, similar to the October- December period now ending. With the million-man Army due to be pared by more than 100,000 men during the next six months, there are indications the 1972 draft call will fall below the 1971 total Of 98,000. It could be the lowest since before the Korean War. Vietnam draft calls peaked at 364,000 in 1966. Jf One out of every four persons in West Germany own television sets. THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL Thru Friday, Dec. 31 24 x 36 Burlap BULLETIN BOARDS Assorted Colors 99 iiiBiBi "...and thank you for the doll, Grandma'.' A long distance call is the really thoughtful way to acknowledge gifts from relatives and friends far away. It gives you a chance to let them know their gift arrived safely and how much you appreciate it. It's a lot easier than writing and gives you a chance to have a personal visit, too. And the cost is very small. Just 75? or less for a 3 -minute, out-of-state station call to anywhere in the continental U.S., except Alaska, any weeknight after 5 and all weekend, if you dial direct without operator assistance. Why not call and make those Christmas "thank you's" right now? Northwestern Bell Ceylon Bowlers Win $1060 It all started at Ceylon Lanes. Bowling proprietor Clair Leiding looks over a check of $1,060 won as top prize in a State Bowling tournament for mixed doubles. Gerry Leiding and Mrs. Clair (Linda) Schmidt from Ceylon were top winners over 28 couples to go to the state. They qualified for the district tournament in November, went to Madison, Minn., and were 4th among five couples to qualify for the state tournament which was rolled off Dec. 18 at Lowry Lanes in Minneapolis. Christensen's CB&wnee READY-TO-WEAR COAT SALE DOWN GO PRICES AGAIN ON OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF FINE COATS. BUY NOW AND SAVE! All Sizes — Fur Trimmed Tweeds and Un-trimmed DRESS SALE A Large Group of Fine Winter Dresses Drastically Reduced. Out they go to make room for New Spring Styles. SPORTSWEAR SALE • COORDINATES • SLACKS > SKIRTS • BLOUSES » SWEATERS • JACKETS • OTHER ITEMS A Real Bargain Event Reduced Up To 50% Off SUEDE COATS AND JACKETS Fur Trimmed — Un-Trimmed Now 20% Off Regular Price CAR COATS SALE PRICED! 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