Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1954 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1954
Page 10
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I»AG£ SIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Fof Prompt and t>rpcndiibl» Repairs . . . Take Vnnr IVntrh Mitt .Irwplr.v In Bn.\M)F.NBV.R01.n > S First, C'lnra Rrpnlr Dppnrtm*>nt ^i| Current Events ** I 0*1 Alton Lake fc3U , flnrf Roamm' the Piasa Country With HAROLD BRAND BRIKMRGER'S 215 MASA DIAL 2-.1B2I Your Jeweler Wanl Arts 1'lshcrmjin | Allhouph Harold T'.M>--nrl 1*12 j Bo//a St.. bus hprn n tViorlpf- '• atcly SHI rpssful fisliPim|in foi j years, hr hns lo Irarn Hut 1 sport ovrr aunin at thr lipfrinrlinc if Unison fi'lu'd li«n hour* irt I'insii ("rock without iprfivini; a nib- lilr. ;ind Ilicn lif wrnt lo A iif;ir- liy l.'ikP and (islird nnollihr fivo Iwiif! unsiicr-r'ssfnll.v. FINE HOUSEHOLD DRYCLEANING MAKES A HANDSOME HOME... AND A HAPPIER FAMILY! To match the sparkling bright faces ol your family, a sparkling clean drycleaned home. Our "home beautiful" specialists bring out the rich color and full bodied texture ol your drapes, spreads, curtains and slipcover! Call us today for prompt, courteous, pick up service. • tenderers • Dry Cleaners • Rug Cleaner) OUR "TRUCLEEN" DRY CLEANING Will Moke Vour Clothes 6 TIMES CLEANER FREE PICK-UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE 909 EAST BROADWAY DIAL 3-8g77 find » ;di lifrl IH^iMnn until in p.m. .•ill' 1 ! rlft-jrlrrl In try hi" lllr!< Of th' 1 fitfil of Iffniv St . whfir he iMi'il until ?.!!0 /i.m wiih- niit n innlili I'rvpitr xo rnu< h unsiii i f*v(iil fnii'-fnlrfll'-fl effort. IIP i« mm P f|' ¥ trrmirK''l Ihnn p\fr In Mill ll SOI1IP fish KOf>n ("t.'i|it>rp h;n P l/frn f;ml}' film- lilnl In Srnirh .linimy Mnrvl L.ikc 1 . irJKiilnil Clolflfn Kok'PIV .">'!'', Alliy SI. \r)ir> has fixlifl Ilirrr ollrn fliirini; Ihf uinlnr month*. HP Ifiivlfd ;i ilirpp-iwuiml • nlfMi nt HIP fool of Ilfniy SI. in Hi' 1 Mississippi i-JviT » frw A 'i ip o\ IT HIP \-,:\-\i'l' rntl In ihrjr i';iliin on L/ikf 1 npar IViris, Tron . is plwn- nrd hy Mi nnd Mis. Krnnk flodo of Alton TliP rniiplr nr- fjuifpd l)ir> robin ;i fp\v yrnrs nc" "rid found flint fisliint; IhPi'p is fxfplk'nl 'I'hpy fillpd n flrrp fifo/o wilh K f iiii r ' fish in n shoi I j limp, hrirln I'plnlnd. i 1 i C. C. (Srotly) Mfi«ilii-P. 'J'JKi ; Hnllnml Avr., \\'hosr (iroprrly \ iidjiiins Hop Hollow, snid Hint | \ nn occnsions IIP ''nn find rlinlrn mushrooms in fhf hollow. How- ; PVPT, IIP scf'lfs Ihpin in dlstnnl silos nlso. has romine H-armfr \vr.tthpr. arp rpflfiy fo clp»i?rf flip ^nft com- ' forts of Ih^ir pa>-y t hairs and platform forkr-i* to BO forth: mlo Ihp CfP.1l finlrinrn •-• j Many of thpm plan la/.y fi-hint; tri|)«. advpntiiioir- hoai rii|r-«. all- : day pir-ni'-s arirl olhpr afitn ili^s. LalPi . <. oril p will \vadp in kiiPf- dppp mud or hip-dr-'-p -\airr in puc-liif of fi-h O»hf|s uill r rank :in outboard motor fn; a solid hour to ridp fivr ruinutr"-. Pir- nir fan« will ofi^n pal vo murh that thr-y nearly huivt and arp in misery. fV/iilr) it hr HIP "off-your ror k- pr pxprrssion oii^inatpd IIP- faiisp of the nvprly-cnthusia.«lip actions of ihp forPiroing spnilx- men? j | Prairi^loun t. Miss Klein is a junior »t High Srhool. Brandparrnf.«, Mr. ami Mrs Frr.d and family of Lltrhfiplrt in honor j omprPd n band and rhorim ron Knorhr. | 'A thrir «on. F^du-ard's ^onfir-! Mr. and Mr«. Krluard OI«=P- ; rr ""' r " 1 "' thr> I -' l)th ' ?ra " Churrh. > \-r-llp, Dalp H^rnhardi. Mr. and Hilly S<hwalh spent Sunday at Mrs. Wilfred GOPIK-I and «ons • K r »lla. Mo. Mr. anrl Mr«. Cli/ford Hnno and! Judith Klein ac rornpaniPd slu- larnily V.PIP gur-is Sunday of dpnt* of Siaunfon High S< hool fo Mr. and Mrs. f ;i!t>p|t N'cimPirr' drronfipld Saturday uhprp IhPy WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14, 19JJ4 Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Best and \ Lutheran Church Sunday «fie|i» daughter, Shirley, attended con- their nierp, Janice Suyo, wl» firmation services at Mt. Olive ponfirmed. Mr. nnd Mrs. Mis. Mi. Mi. nnd Kd- Kd- Ku- Kr- IJrrr.v ol dun Cluh Rd , si-orr'd hrnvily in lnndin« hliiPKlll (inr) cnippiP In ;i slough wrsl of Itnrdln rlurini; HT! p.-isl vvcpk. t^isl WPdnp.stlH.v, llprry »nd Jrwrll T. Mnxey, BIS l.cnnnrd SI., Inndpd 48 fish. On Sunrlny, nprry. f!. R. Mntinkpr, 118 Rpllpvipw Avc., nnd H. Jord(in, 1112 Cardinal SI,, PiiiiRhl •10 morn fish, A ir>-in('h. 1' a -pound rrnppir- was landed in HIP snmp wniors hy Berry on Mondny, alonR with II niorp Inrfjo crnppio HIH! hlup- Kill, ll Isn't neppssnry for nn- Klr-rs in pnjoy VRcntions only nni-r n yrnr nl rllslanl. silos \vlipn . Ihprp is such oxrollcnl wrilrrs rloso to home, cornmont- pd IJrrry. UK Tluil Tlntfl Acnlii This is n wonrlnrful SOBSOII for suminprtimc outdoor fans. They look forwHrrt to parh pccklni; lilossom, |paf nnd blade of crass with ciiRpr nnliripntion of HIP HERE ARE THE FACTS! PRAIR1KTOWN Mrs. Ar'hur f.sfril/crcr ffl Riipsis Sundav for 'linnpr in honor of thpir son. Kirhard s ron- fiPsprit IVPCP Mr. and VVillnm WohlmK. Mr. and Krid Kriu-h and family, and Mrs. Orvilln .Schjphp. arid Mrs. ArnnUI I^pnhpry family. Mr and Mrs uarrl J.spnbPCK Mr. tnit'. Mrs unrd Utsprunt! nnd «ori. ui'HP, and Mr. and Mrs. hnnll Hrupnp nnd family. Thp Liidips Aid fif Ihr l.ulhPian riiurch will hnvp H I usiness mpplinc Wi-flnpsflny at 'I p. .m. Mrs. llf-nry llrupno .sf)pnl Sat- ut'diiy wifli Mr. and Ivrl Nplmflcr of Mr. nnd Mrs. hnrl FmiK'is of Collinsvillp wprp Kupsls Sunday ol Mr. nnd Mm. Harry fJunkci. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Contnpy and dniiKliler. Mnrna, of P.unkn'r Hill spcnl Monday with fhclr Mrs. <;i GOOD FRIDAY APRIL 16 Is a Legal Holiday The following Building and Loan Associations will observe the legal holiday and will not be open for business: Alton Building <S Loan Association Citizens' Building & Lean Association East Alton Loan & Investment Association Germanic Savings & Loan Association Home Building & Loan Association Illinois Building 4 Loan Association Piasa Building 4 Loan Association Standard Savings 4 Loan Association Self-service HARDWARE A VARIFTY RABBITS IOc T 98c fHOCOI,ATK MARSHMALLOW EGGS . 6 fnr lOe CANDY EGGS .. . , 39c EASTER BASKETS . 69c ,, p EASTER GRASS . . - |Q C PLUSH TOYS MUSICAL PLUSH RABBIT . PLUSH RABBITS PLUSH BEARS MR. LOU FURTWENCLER 636 EAST BROADWAY . $5.98 $1.49-;; C I AD nml yli90 i, t , ALTON i We have three (3) regular shoe salesperson employees. Their average wages per week during 1953 were as follows: SALES PERSON NO. 1 $55.16 ...I SALES PERSON NO. 2 53.42 SALES PERSON NO. 3 51.55 We believe these employees are the highest paid shoe salespersons in the City of Alton- W. THIRD 8T.L ALTON, ILL. tarting the Day with an Hour's Rest It's about an hour from his home to his ofiTce — but he doesn't think of it as a drive at all. He iusi settles back in the'deep, comfortable scat — rests his hand on the inviting wheel —looks out over the hood in the general direction of the office — and starts to relax. Comes first, the ten-mile stretch of highway in the open country. If i be car were standing still, it could not be smoother or softer or quieter-as it loafs over the broad, winding highway. There's only the faint sound of the wind, plus the receding trees and posts and buildings, to give him a sense of movement. Almost before it begins, it seems, the ten-mile stretch is over —and a sign announces the city's limits. The soft pressure of his foot shifts from accelerator to brake —and the big car settles down easily and quickly to the prescribed speed. .And then begins the real wizardry of Cadillac performance. Stop and go-in and out-roll and creep ... all regulated with the slightest touch of toe and hand. Insofar as the driver is concerned, travelling the city's streets is just as easy as the open road-a little slower, of course, but just as calm and relaxing. And maybe a little bit nicer, in one notatile respect-for now there are drivers all about him- stealing glances at his beautiful car, and wonderilg who's the fortunate person whose name is on the tit e! What a car-for highway or street! Owners every, where say the hours behind its wheel arc among the finest hours of their whole day-restful, relaxing and inspiring. If you haven't as yet driven a 1954 Cadillac- you've been missing something wonderful! Bet er come in soon-for the most revealing hour you ever spent behind the wheel of a motor car, CADILLAC CO, 1610 E. BROADWAY JOHN T, BROWN, Owntr ALTON, ILL,

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