The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 14, 1959 · Page 7
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 7

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 1959
Page 7
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Club Forecast CHOKER. . . Eight strands of graduated cdor in beads, crystals and pearls give a new dressy look to the classic shirtwaist dress. Bangle bracelets repeat color. BIB. . . Chalk white beads in a bib necklace give the desired bulky jewelry look to a basic shirt dress. Big matching pin is worn on belt; bracelets add final note. COLLAR PINS. . . . Pairs of pins In graduated sizes add just the right accent to new shirtwaist collar. Sfiirf Dress Sfarfs New Jewelry Mode By DOROTHY ROE Newsfealurcs Writer NOW THAT the dress is established shirtwaist as the top fashion hit for spring and summer, 1059, the question is— what kind of jewelry to wear with it? Fashion changes have kept the jewelry designers in a dither for the last few seasons. They had just turned out millions of three- yard strands of beads to wear with the late and unlamented chemise when along came the Empire style, and everything had to be changed. Big, ornate brooches and dangling earrings were the prescription for this phase. Now waistlines are back to Your Problems, By -Ann Landers- Dear Ann: The woman who signed herself "Just Tired" is, in my humble opinion, "Just Feeling Sorry For Herself." How would she like my schedule? Get up at 5 a.m. Fix breakfast The trouble /ery • nosy. for two parents. children and Get children two aged ready school. I work 8 hours so I must get myself work. During lunch hour I shop for food, see about car trouble, pay bills, do errands f o r j children and parents, arrange for house repairs, lawn care, and eat 1 u n c h (sometimes.) Get home at LANDERS 5:30. Love and pet the children. Listen to their problems. Cook dinner. Do dishes, dren and help them Bathe chil- with school work. Do house ing and" ironing. o my office and near church. is the She's landlandy is always the cleaning, wash- Tell children a story. Answer questions 'about God, what time is it in China, do stars fall, and should they play with the little girl who comes to school dirty. I pray with them, love them, pet them, and tuck them into bed. Visit with parents briefly, and get my clothes ready for the next day. Go to bed 'exhausted, but prepared to jump up at the sound of a cough or a cry. Crawl out at 5:00 a.m. ready to start another day. I'm not complaining. I'm thankful the good Lord has given me the health and strength to do it. I'm signing GRATEFUL my letter — JUST Dear Grateful: Thanks for a wonderful letter. Your life is demanding, but it's also rich and !irst one to get to the mailbox and t's amazing how much she can learn by holding an envelope up to the light. My girl friend says the woman is probably steaming the envelopes open, but I don't think she has time for such stuff. I can't figure out how she knows so much about my business because she's told things to another roomer that could only have been learned from reading my mail. Can you figure this out? What do you suggest, short of accusing her?—SPIED ON Dear Spied On: The snoop Is probably getting at your, mail after you've opened it and left it on the dresser or in your 'desk. If you don't wish to move, lock your mail in a drawer, get a post- office box, or ask your friends to write to you at the office. Dear Ann: We are two 13-year- old girls who did a foolish thing and are now sorry. How can we make up for it? Our English teacher was absent from school for several days. We found out she was sick with virus flu. We looked up her number in the phone book and called her, not to talk — just to bother her. We did this for five days. One night we phoned 11 times. After she'd say "Hello" we'd ask if it was the dog pound, or Duffy's Tavern or some other silly question. Now that she's back we feel like criminals. We think she knows it was us, and we feel crummy. Should we confess or hope she doesn't know, and let the matter drop?-THE DIRTY normal and the shirt dress is tops, so jewelry does another about-face. As a matter of fact, designers are having a field day dreaming up new ways to change the look of the basic shirtwaist with switches of jewelry. To dress up a simple shirt dress, nothing is more effective than a jeweled choker necklace of multiple strands, worn close about the throat, with bracelets to match. Another effective choice Is the bib necklace, made of half-a- dozen graduated strands of beads, pearls or fake jewels. The idea is to fill in the V of the open- collar neckline with an effective splash of coordinated color. Plain bangle bracelets, worn J. B. MICKEY COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTOSTATS CH 2-1937 839 Wost 5tK several at a time In differen harmonizing colors, dress up th bare-arm look beneath a push up cuff. New and popular also are bi shirtwaist pins and matchin earrings. Fasten the pin to th belt. Or add a feminine touch t the shirt collar by wearing pair of pins on the left collar flap This is an idea started by co lege girls and quickly adopted their big sisters. , tl. Women'* Club n., Mm. Kintnott Tnylor TIAOOFKS, Mm. nniy Curry AUKIKLD OAnDKNBHa, Mr*. «, 0. Shickftr UCHTKn W.S.C.S., Mrs, If A Beau- chump IAIN STREET United Presbyterian Church circle*. No. 1, Mr«. J, V. Burr; No. 2, Mm. S. 8. BcrcAmv, Evening, Mrs. Tfrt filrnln V.M..R of Flr»t Unllfrt PreibyUrlun C! lurch 1RM 1 MKTHODtHT clrelM, Debornii, Mm. W. H. Twymans n*bck(ih, Mrs K. F. Fockelp; Porcns, Mm. Rnlph W«lnh«lmi>r; Martlm, Mm. B. 0, Still'| nulh, Mm. Lloyd O.iuRlmrihy| Edhir, nt church ••" MRST IlAfYIST circle*, K»lh«r Gro«m- imin, Mrs. K. K. Unify, TOllopn -Urnon. Mr». Wnynd OllWund; F.leenor Slim- »nn, Mm. Ben Park 'inPT CHRISTIAN C.W.F., Group T, Mm. O. W. nmvklnv Group Jt, Mm. Hd Cr.iwfmd 'IRST MKTHOniHT Clreki>: TJcVinrnh. lit church: Rrbekuh. Mr«, V. V. Kochrle: Porci.', Mrs. Ttnltih Wolnholmflri Miuthfl. Mm. JO, O. With! Hull!. Mm. Uoyrt nnuglmrthy; Kethcr, Mrs. Hnr- old Miller. Sodalettes Zigzag Club members, the Zig zag Zoras of Paola, nnd scvcrn non-members went in a chnrlorcK 3us yesterday to Knnsas City anc Mission where they visited fabric shops. Among the 32 going were Mrs. Ray Bloomer, a guest, nnc Mrs. J. W. Burkdoll, both of Ot tawa. Open Door Class of F i r s Dorothy Gray MASQUE FRAPPE KRAMER DRUG STORE 134 S. Main CH 2-20BF clhodlst Church educational de- nrtment held a politick supper at e Carroll Whiteford home Satur- oy evening. Nine were present. iridge Luncheon Several OUawans attended a ridge luncheon in Lawrence yes- crday, given by Mrs. Don Blair or her sister-in-law, Mrs, David talr of Kansas City, Mrs. Blair ill move to San Diego, Calif., in unc, to join her husband, who has Irondy gone. Those from Ottawa were Mrs. ohn Lamb, Mrs. Bruce Spears, Irs. William S. Bowers and Mrs. obn Sheldon. Don Blair nnd David Blair are ormcr OUawans, sons of Mr. and Ars. Hale Blair. Shnounce Pinning Mr, and Mrs. R. H. Tinberg of Sidgwick announce the recent formal pinning of their daughter, Pa- tdcla Ann, to Mr. Jarrett Clinton, son of Rev. and Mrs. John Clinton of Ottawa. Miss Tinberg Is affiliated with Phi Mu and Mr. Clinton Is affiliated with Delta Tau Delta at Baiter University, Baldwin. At the announcement Miss Tinberg, wearing an aqua bouffant dress and friends wearing white, served punch and a three- tiered white cake decorated with pink carnations. The table decorations consisted of pink mums nnd aqua napkins engraved with the names of the couple. Th* OTTAWA. HBftAUJ Tuesday, April 14 ( Melody Music Club Mary Louise Story entertained Melody Music Club last «}vehi i at the home of her parents,, Mr., and Mrs, William Story, Members played piano solos and Pamela Weber, a guest, played a solo. Carolyn Bowers was awarded the prize for practice hours by the club sponsor, Mrs. R. L. Stevens, Mrs. Story and Mary Loulse.served, refreshments. Seven members and 10 guests were present, Linda Corlls will entertain th« club on May 11, Because of unfavorable weather conditions which prevented many of our customers from getting to our Garden Center last week, we are extending our Spring Opening through Saturday, April 18. Come in and visit us. Register your guess on the Money Tree. YOU may win! Free shrubs to adults. Candy and Balloons for the Kiddies. WILLIS 5th and Cherry GARDEN CENTER Smorgasbord EVERY WEDNESDAY All You Can Eat $1.60 NORTH AMERICAN COFFEE SHOP Air-Conditioned It may be tough to be gun every minute of When you add dried herbs to salad dressings, let the mixture stand for half an hour or .so at room temperature before using; ;his way flavors have a chance to develop and combine. rewarding. under the the day, but who ever said a life of ease ever made anyone hap- I frequently hear from people who have every convenience and comfort, yet they are miserable. Their days are empty and meaningless because no one needs them. They flounder without direction or purpose, constantly battling boredom — and losing the fight. Such people would love to trade places with you. Interested? Neither am I. Dear Ann Landers: My husband is one of those people who can always be depended upon to say the wrong thing at the right time. For example when we made a death call last week he said to the widow, "I was shocked to read in the paper that Albert was only 64. I thought he was much older." Last fall when a cousin of his passed on he said to'the young daughter who was to be married in a few months, "Too bad your dad couldn't have lived to see your wedding. It would have been the happiest day of his life." Everyone started to cry all over again and I could have cheerfully gagged him. I asked why he always said such dumb, uncalled for things and he claims it's because he's nervous and can't think straight. Please, Ann, what should a person say when making a call on a family who has lost a loved one? -MR. MALAPROP'S WIFE Dear Wife: If you must say something "I'm terribly sorry" will do, but a pat on the hand or a warm caress has the s a m e meaning. No words are necessary. Your presence says it for you. Dear Ann: I live in a very nice rooming house which is convenient DOGS Dear Dogs: Confess and get it off your mind and conscience, telephone games are for 3-year- olds and should be played with dime-store toy phones only. ALWAYS FIRST QUALIFY One Huge Table Remnants All new and of the new spring and summer patterns. Hurry for yours. April White Goods Pencale Sheets .\ ^"' G Herb Flavoring New low price Penney's famous silky smooth white luxury percales! White or colored! 81x108 72x108 — 1.88 $' Special Selling Rayon & Orion Blankets BUDGET PRICED! GIANT "SPECIAL" GOLD CROWN VALUI 12.2 CU. FT, 2 Door Model — Giant 86 I,B. ZERO FRBC/ER Automatic Defrosting Refrigeration Section Model FD-122-59 NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK APRIL 12-18, 1959 Some titles in stock Mrs. Bridge—Connell Exodus—Uris Twixt Twelve and Twenty —Boon Only in American—Golden Dear and Glorious Physician—Caldwell Kon-Tiki—Heyerdahl Children's Books (a wide selection) Another Penney first! Plaid with 3" satin binding— 90% rayon 10 % orlon! Beautiful colors. Drastic Reductions Ladies Spring Coats * With your operating electric refrigerator, if is not more than 5 years old, is of popular make and in good condition. EASY TERMS - 24 Mos. to Pay Big Deluxe 11 cu. ft. Frigidaire New 1959 -- Model DA-11-59 FRIGIDAIRE FOOD FREEZER SPECIALS TJFD423-59 Family Size — 12.3 cu.l ft. — 430 Ib. Freezer — Dependable — Long Lasting — $300 Food Protection Plan. One large rack of Dusters or wool Shorties — Broken sizes but a real buy! Sample Drapery Length! * 61 Ib. Freezer * 16 sq. ft. Shelf Area * Overnight Defrost Setting * 5 Metal Door Shelves * Porcelain Hydrator * Meat Tender Chill Drawer * Five Year Warranty * Sheer Look Styling * With your old refrigerator, if it is not more than 5 years old, is of popular make and in good operating condition. Didde Office Supply 308 S. Main Ottawa, Ks. z yds. long—Plain or Floral design and several to choose from. FRIGIDAIRE Washer and Dryer Special BOTH FOB ONLY During This Event Modi 11 WS-M and 00& Regular Price WASHER Only Your Best Buy Is FRIGIDAIRE DRYER Lowest Price Ever Only 449 95 Exchange 199 95 Exchange Exchange \\ EASY TERMS - 24 Months to Pay BONUS TRAPES W* oner you mor« In trad* became we always hive buyers wilting for our used appliances. Bonus Trade /off service HARDWARES APPLIANCES Phone CH 2-4565 116 S. Main Awird-WiioiRg Servici Our high standard! of fait, tffi. dent service have earned tht FRIQIOAIRE AWARD OF MIRITi Award of Merit

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