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The Raleigh Times from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 5

Raleigh, North Carolina
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Wednesday, September 11, 1907
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THE RALEIGH EVENING. TIMES: WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1907. UK'S MARKETS fif WIRE .Strong Stock Market. (By Leased Wire to The Times.) New York, Sept. 11. The stock market opened strong. Union Pacific started a point higher and first prices showed gains of In Greater Northern preferred, Northern Pacific and Brooklyn Transit. St. Paul opened 14 higher, Atchison and Southern Pacific 14 higher. Smelting opened 14 higher and gained in an . Amalgamated opened lower, but recovered and was unchanged. Reading, exceptionally, started out 114 higher and reacted . Greater Northern ore opened 14 higher and Ontario and Western 14 lower. The favorable developments In the financial situation yesterday, which fur the time being were overshadowed by the break in the copper shares, found better retleetion in the trading this morning. For one thing the details of the city bonds sale, which were not known at the close of business, made a much better showing than when a full account of them was published this morning- Instead of the lather mortinree result indicated by the first bids made public yesterday the transaction turned out to be a really brilliant success. The quotations of 102, at which the new bonds "when issued" left oft yesterday on the curb market were raised quickly this forenoon to VC. Tlie stock felt the stimulus of this very satisfactory financing more than anything else. It took more notice of the decision In the-Pennsylvania, two cent rate case which had been Ignored In yesterday's more exciting happenings. j On tile other hand a further break in copper metal In London .this morning caused a renewal of liquodatioii in the copper shares and held the upward movement In check. (irain and Provisions. (By Leased Wire to The Times.) Chicago. Sept. 11. Wheat de clined to 1 V4 at the opening on ' selling by commission houses influ-I enced by the indifferent reception of the government report abroad, absence of frost in the northwest and clearer conditions, and prospects of ample elevator room here. The opening in cotton showed little change. Oats opened tip to lie oh.' government estimate. . Opening: Wheat. December,' 0914 to 09. Corn, December, r ft -to Oats, December, fv2 ',' to ',&' Pork, nothing doing. Lard, January, S. 7 5. Ribs, January, 8.15. Wheat closed 2 ff? 2 H-Sc. .lowor. Corn was off 1-SGf 3-Sc: oats were 1-Sc. off to l-2r(i'5-Sc, higher, and provisions were '.unsettled." Local longs were heavy sellers at the out-Ret and prices were carried off sharply. It was shown beyond a doubt that the market was in no condition to take care of increased offerings. The weight of the long wheat was felt. Tuoro was a lack of new buying power for the moment. There is ext remely rough weather in the Canadian Northwest, with two inches of snow in some sections. The corn market was a big one. It was weak early rallying with wheat and on covering by shorts. The southwest was a big seller. T:ie oats market was a small and narrow one, not inviting the general speculative trade enjoyed for some time past. Provisions wore' quiet throughout the day and prices were easy. Quotations today tire! Wheat Open. High. Low. Close. Sept.. ... 93 9.14 9214 92 Dec. . . . . 9!t'f. !)0 V. !7V4 "'' Mnv . . . .1.05 1.0.-, 1.021.0:! Corn Sept.. . . . f : f.2 61 Cl Dec. . . . , 69 f9'4 59 59 May . , . .." 00 fcMC 69 ''6114 Oats Sept.. . . , r.3',4 r..iva r,2 mi Dec. . ... 52V4 R2V 51?4 r,2',i May .... 53 53 6.1 52 I'ork Sept...'. . . ..... 15.4214 Oct ..... Jan. . ... 15.70 15.77 15.70 15.77 . Lard Sept.. . . . 8.97 8.97 8.97 R.97 Oct. . . . . 9.10 Il.lO 9.05 9.07 Jan. . . . . S.75 8.77 8.75 8.77 Itibs Sept.. . . '.. .... .... .... 8.52 Oct. .... 8.(10 8.A5 8.60 8.62 Jan. .... 8.15 8.17 8.12 8.12 Chicago Llve-Stock. (Ily Leased Wire to The Times.) Union Stock Yards, Ills., Sept.. 11. Hogs Receipts, 23,000; tnarket slow, steady, Be. higher. Mixed, B.70 to C.60; heavy, 5.55 to 6.25; rough,' 5. 55 to 5. SO. ; Pigs, 5.50 to G.40. Yorkers, 6.55 to G.C0. Cuttle Receipts, 18, 000; market steady to shado higher. Beeves, 4.00 to 7.20; cows, 1.25 to 5.50; Texas steerR, 3.7G to 5.00; calves, 6.00 to 8.00; western steers, 4.00 to 6.00; t.tockers and feeders, 2.60 to 5.00. Sheep Receipts, 18,000; market steady to strong. Native, 3.25 to 5. SO: western, 3.25 to 5.85: year lings, Clio to 6.30; lambs, 5.00 to 7.05; western, COO to 7.70. "VIIK VOU WANT THE I1EST HAMS TO ROIL BUT SHAFER'5 AT AI Jj GIlOCER8.M Xew York Cotton Market. (By Leased Wire to The Times.) !ew York,' Sept. 11. While the near months received fair support at the opening of the cotton market, late positions were under considerable pressure, in an effort among traders to anticipate the revision which is to take place this afternoon. Later 'the whole list turned stronger in response to buying by commission houses. Opening: September, 11.70 bid; Oetob?r, 11. SS to 11. X9; November, 11.!):! to 1 1. 9 r; December, 11.95 to ll.Hfi; January, 12.01 to 12.02; February, 12.01 to 12.0B; March, 12.11 to 12.12; May, 12.21 to 12.22. Open. . 1 l.SS .11.21 Higl Low. 11. K5 11.95 11.97 12.09 12.09 12. IS 12.21 Close. 11.81 11.91 11.77 12.0:! 12. OS 12.1:1 12.17 12.22 Aug. . Sept. . Nov. , Dec. . Feb. ... Mch. .. . April. May . Clos; I point 11.99 12.01 12.11 12.12 12.21 1 2.1 S 12. SO .12.01 . ; 12.12 .12.1 t . 12. I X .12.21 id steady s higher. one point, lower to Xew York Spot Cotton. :". (By. Leased Wire to The Times.) New York, Sept. 11. Spot, cotton closed 13.03. Liverpool Cotton Market,. (By fable, to The Times.) Liverpool, Sept. 11. Cotton spot demand increased Willi prices easier; middling, 7.2(1; sales, 12,000 bales, of which 11.S00 were American and 1,0(10 for speculation and export. Receipts, 2,000,-. of -.which 200 'were American. Futures opened easier and closed steady. '. Opening. Closing. September'' ..... .fi.Sil " '1.75 Sept. -Oct. O.'IB . G.651& Oct.-Nov. COO . ' 6.55V4 N'ov.-NeC. ..... fi.riOVa Ifec-Jam. ..... 6.32'.- "' fi.49 . "Oun'.-Fo'b: ..... 6.12 fi.4S Feb.-Mnrch '...; .6.52'4i.52 ..-.'. 6.48' March-April .. 6.32VArf-'3 fi.4S',i April-May . ..... fi.r.S'.i , fi.lil Xew Orleans Cotton Futures. ( Hy Leased Wire to The Times.) New Orleans, Sept. 11. Cotton futures ranged as follows: Sept. 12.00 12.00 12.110 12.53 12.24 12.47 12.32 12.31 : . . . .... . . . ; 12.19 12.27 12.31 1 2.1 S 12.19 12.30 12.3 1 12.19 12.21 ....... .. 12.23 12.37 12. IIS. 12.31 12.32 . , . . .. 12.35 V . .-" V..V.;.; 12.39 Oct. Nov. Dec. Jail. Feb.:: Mar. April May- . ....... "-. V .V 'V.-. .' .--' Mikiki't clos.'d barely steady. Raleigh Cotton Market. (Reported by Charles 13. Johnson & Company.) Rest grade, 1314 to 13c. Oft grades, 10 V6 to 12c. Receipts today, none. Xew York Closing Stock List (liy Leased Wire to The Times.) Atchison . so 14 Baltimore & Ohio ... .014 165 1 1 1 23'2 ,21 66 20 137 IDS 17 70 10 1 120 95 20 120 S5 10 13014 1114 126 Canadian Pacific. ... -, , ', . Chicago & Northwestern . . Colorado Southern .. .. Denver & Rio Grande . . . . Denver &, Rio Grande pfd. . Hrie . ... .". .'. . . . . lllionis Central .... : . . Louisvillo & Nashville. . . . Mexican Central. . . . Missouri Pad lie. . , i -., . ". . New York Central . . . . Pennsylvania. . . . .... Reading .... . . Rock Island ...... , . . . St. Paul . . . ..... . . Southern Pacific. . . . . . . . Southern Railway I'niou Pacific. ... ... . Wabash . . . . . ... . . . . Great Northern . . . . ..'.. Miscellaneous, Amalgamated Copper .. .. . 64 Vi American Car and Foundry. American Locomotive.. . American Tobacco .. .. .. . . 39 ; . 53'i . 81 . 33 . 95 '4 . 97 . 45V4 . 23 . 50 . 25 . 87Vi . 29'4 . lit . 31 . 94Vi . 76 . 20 American Cotton OIL. .. .. American Smelting .. .. .. American Smelting pre'. .. Ilrook vn Rapid Transit.. , Colorado Fuel and Iron.. .. National Lead.. .. . .. .. Pacific Mall.. .. .. .. ... People's Gas .. .. .. .. .. Pressed Steel Car.. .. .. .. Sugar .. .. ,. .. .. .. .. tinited States Steel .. United States Steel pref... Western I'nlon .. Va.-Cnrollna Chemical .. .. Ctt4in Seed Oil. (By Leased Wire to The Times.) New York, Sept. 11. Cotton Reed oil prices ranged oh follows: f Or.en. Close. September . RWiSf 54V4M55 . nitiri2 r.ifi53 l)ctobr .. November leeember January . Fcbruury . 44(ft -1..V4 K '4i , 41ilir42 41!S4'ri42 , 40 4114 40i41',i March 40 4U4 41 (ii Market closed steady. POLICK LOOKIXO HHt HIGH-STAKIOS C.AMHLKH. (By Leased Wire to The Times.) 'Met uelien, N. J Sept. 11. Dr. Freeman, the husband ef Mary E. Wil-klns, tlie author, nnd James Dunne, a friend of the doctor, were nrrostod charged with Indulging In a game, of crnps In which high stakes were played for. The doetor was rolensod nn $1,000 ball. The authorities are looking for two others. STRIKE IN SIGHT (By Lease! Wire to The Times.) New York, Sept. 11. Following; endorsement by the executive conir ' mittte of the Western (Tuion Tele- ! graph Company ofiUrs ia charge of j the strike situation 'said today that there would be no chango in their plans. S. J. Small, national president of the telegraphers' union, said the same tiling. He said: "There will he no change. Our motto is 'Stick,' and we think it a good one. We know us-well as the companies' themselves to what, ex tent the strike is crippling them and knowing that we are right in our position we are not seeking compro mise or paying any attention to bluffs." "Did Samuel Gompers come here, for the purpose of aiding in a settlement?" was asked. "He did not," Mr. Small replied. 'He came here in part, to confer wit 'i us and I had a talk with him last, night, but that talk was entirely on the (luestion of procuring funds to prolong the strike." . '-"" Dr. Barefoot Begins His Practice. Dr. J. J.-Barefoot, a young 'physi cian of Wilson, and a -'graduate of the University medical class of last year, has arrived in the city and will make Raleigh his home, immediately taking up. the prnclice'of, his 'profes sion. Dr. Barefoot is a. popular .voting nihil. He made many friends while j attending school here the last, two I years. Dr. Barefoot will be associated with Dr. A. W. Goodwin, with rooms at. 201-205, Carolina Trust building; DltlLLIOD 11KUK IX'lWil; WAS IX iTY TODAY, Mr. J. M. Lizenby. of Rock Hill. S.. C.. nnd Mr. Jonas ('n'diMian of- Dur ham, two comrades In the civil war. wore In Raleigh tiMla . . They were both -'members of Con'paliy A, 33rd. North Carolina regiment. -.dpt.- R. V. Cowan.-'Mr. Lizen!y had not been to Raleigh since lsill, .when :'. lie . : di ille.l here with his 'company; Today he is visiting the ccenes (if ills yolitb. lie Is on a yislt to his - daughter in Durham and ran over, .to-Raleigh.. Xew York .Money Market. New York, Sept.. 11. Money on call 3 (it 5 ; ruling rate 5 per cent; time loans easy, sixty days 5 1-2; ninety days 5 'i-iiitC; six months 0. Posted;, rates, sterling exchange, 482 l-2i 486 1-2; actual business in bankers bills at 485.45 jt Lsri.nO Tor demy nd and 481 .90 1 4SV.95' for sixty day hlls. Prime mercantile paper unchanged. London bar silver ouiet . .3-10 decline, at 31 t-ld. New York bar silver, fj 7 3-4. Mexican dollars, 52 5-8. CHARGE WOMEN WITH SELLING WHISKEY. Several warrants have been issued for women in the red light district charging them with sidling whiskey without, license, and they will be tried this afternoon before Police Justice Badger. As a rule, where whiskey is sold at such places the proprietors are sharp enought. to have United States license, for-tins' fear of Uncle Sam is far greater than of the state courts. There are very few blind tiger cases in Raleigh, but the police occasionally run up with one.: Even in the city of Wilmington, where i.iore tiro between sixty and seventy saloons blind tigers are raided occasionally. The women arrested are Bertha Brown, Maggie Pick, and Gladys Wfhster. Hubbard Bros.'s Cotton Letter. (Special to The Kvening Times.) New York, Sept. 11. After so sharp a break a steadier market was in order today and with minor fluctuations the market has shoA'n a steadier undertone due to a covering demand. It Is to take a fresh view of the situation at the decline ns the short interest has naturally increased on a weak market, while spinners have bought a small amount of hedges on this basis. A revision of the differences will be made this afternoon after the close, which also checks business as the recent demand for the low grades and the offerings of high grades puzlcs e rue ns to the decision of the committee. ': Liverpool was the weak position and should show a somewhat steadier tone tomorrow hubbard nnos. CO. $1)00,(100 MOKTGAGK OX VIlMilXIA RAILWAY. (By Leased Wire to The Times.) Arvonla, Va., Sept. 11. The Franklin i Trust Company of New York, has recently had recorded in tlu clerk's ' oflleo of tho Flnvltinna county court liottsa a mortgage upon the Virginia Air Line Hallway in tho sum of $900,000. The mortgage is due in thirty years, with interest at 5 per cent annually. PACIFIC STKAMKU RKI'OHTICD ASIIOKK. (By Leased Wire to Tlie Times.) Lor Angeles, Cal Sept. 11. The Pacific Coast Lino steamer Santa Rosa Li reported nshoi'j at 8nn Pedro.. The Btenmer U lylnff In nn easy posit Inn. It Is reported, and will probably be pulled off at high tide. TTMMrwmn FiTTT"ramTyriiiWflitiii,Mniiiii mi ii mi mnriumi l - Imoerial I ; ImGOLO LABEL M Pill-- PRIVATE- 3 1 V : FAMILIES v I r HOTEL GIERSCH, COItXKR IIAKfiKTT AM) SALISBURY STRKKTS, RALEIGH, N, C.". '.'.'";-;:' Large Rooms, Beautifully Furiiished. Hot and Ccdd Water, Comiectiag l'ath-Rooms. Gas and Kleetrict Ijiglits. Location the Most Central. Cuisine acd Service Kxccllent. R. F. GIERSCH, EUROI'KAN PLAN. BOND FOR SEVEN MILLIONS DEMANDED (By Leased Wire to The Times. ) ; 1 Chicago, Sept. I I. t'Vilerul '.lu-.'lgi' Grosscup has ialinnited . l)ial. tin' Standard Oil Company of Indiana, probably will be 'reipiired to furnish a bond of $ , 000, ;i(IO. instead of I ,-OOO'.OOO bond, the. bond deemed sufficient by. the attorneys: for t lie trust. A siikiui i"S possi.; HI XTING WIKII-BIIATKR. . (liy Leased Wire to ''The'. "Times.) : Leesburg, Ya., Sept. 11. A posse In eonnnand of the "sheriff is In pursuit, of Krnest Copeliind. .if Hillshoro, who is charged with beating his wife and his mother while he wis drunk. . His wife Is iir. a crilicul condition. He Inilleted serious injuries with a flub,''. breaking.-' her leg and fracturing her 'collar' .-bono and several ribs. His mother, who fried to Interfere, Was. struck with the club and seriously hurt, Neighbors' who came to llielr rescue- were attuckej. Copelanil tin.-il-ly inade: bis escape into Clarke county and has Hot yet been arrested. WIDOW H' ii:.. LKAVIS lMKS IX WASHIXtJTON. '(By Leased Wire to The Times. V . ..'Washington.'. Sept. 11. Mrs. Cassandra F. Lewis, I lie widow of .Gen. Joseph' H. Lewis, who commanded the famous Confederate organization recruited in Kentucky, known as the Orphans; Brigade, died lit. Providence Hospital yesterday, in the Tilth year of her age. - 'Mrs. .v'wiii ciime'to Washington two years ago to reside with her sis ter. Mrs. M. F. Wickliffe. The remains-will be taken to Frankfort, Ky., for Interment Friday, DRUDE GOES TO FIGHT THE MOORS. (Special Cable to The Times.) ':: Purls. Sept. 1 I. Di'iiuitches. from Casii liUmca 'slate, that Gen. Drude, recovered from his illness, is preparing to take tlie offensive against Hie Moors and that news of a light, may 'be expected. It Is planned lo drive the .Moors still further back from ('iisa Blanca. The armistice failed Utterly. Itelnforcenients will not be sent to General Drudo at this time. BURIED TO DEATH UNDER TONS OF COAL Scott Haven, Pa., Sopt. 11. John Metik, John Benselanghi, and Moses .Alorlysls were killed this morning In Ocean No. 1 mine of the Pittsburg Coal Company. , The first two were crushed ,to death by n full of coal, being Completely buried. The latter was electrocuted by coming In contact with a live wire at the man entrance to the mine. JAP AMBASSADOR TO ttKRMAXY RKSIOXS. Berlin, Sept. 11. Tho Japanese ambassador to , Germany, Count liiouyo, lias taken farewell of the Imperial chnnceller, Prince Von Btto-low nnd will leave immediately for Japan, Ills successor lias not -been announced, although It is asserted that Viscount Aokl, Japanese ambassador at Washington, will bo transfer rod bore. l'roprii'tor.' FACE SERIOUS CHARGE Three Negroes Being Tried for Highway Robbery Said t ) ll:ie ; Jtae Xe::r noon Will aminalioii lease. Asi.illitl Waller Mac-.ialcig!: All of Aft, r- CoiiMimcd Witnesses Ill for l)- Tlie trial of' Nam Ittddiek, Have Poo! .'linl Henry iiohinson, 1 bree young negroes wlio face the "'double -charge ' of asas'ult and liighuay rolibery, was begun toilay'at noon before Justice of the Peace Ye.'irby. . H will take all. of tlu4 afternoon to linish the case as none of tlie witnesses' for 1 tie . 'defense', bad been examined when -.court convened lit o'clock. j Walter Macliae. colored. . was: as-: saiilled' near .Meilioil on (he night -Vf .August 171 h and was .robbed of $::.!i."i. He. claims (ha.t . there were (lye or six nie in tne, parly lull lie only recognized tlie negroes, named above. He was fearAilly beaten 1 r. C;ipehait having testltii'd today to 'the 'fact .thai ivhi-'n be examined Macl'ae lie bad sev-i rai bad gashes on ids face and one on tin' back of his head. When be readied, him ho '.was 'unconscious.' MacUao came very near tovlnir. his 'right eye. and had a bandage over it today. ."Mr.. A. II. Thiesscn. of the weather bureau. ' was .placed upon tlie stand and test i lied that on flic iiinlit in nues-tlon there was bright, union light. . Several lawyers '..are employed on each sidi' it-"lna.ld 'that the three negroes w ill . endeavor to prove an alibi. WARRANT APAINST . M clMflllM JlKMIOTn ??tlTimiUUllV UIUUIIUULIJ In the case of the Stale against I). (!. M.inguni, of Barton':! Creek township today,, tlie warrants were dismissed by the consent of-ihe prosecii-l ion and defense. Warrants' were sworn out by Justice of the Peace , O. I.. Parhani charging -'Mr. Miingum with assault on W. (!. Allen, county Miperiulond-ent (if Hie roads, and asking that he bo put under a peace warrant. .Another warrant 'charged Mr.. Mungiinl with obstructing the road superin tendent in the discharge of his duties. The case was to have come up before Justice of the Peace Parham, lint by iinitiial consent. It was transferred lo Justice of the Peace II. II. Huberts today. There was a movo for a continuance, but Justico Roberts declined to put off tho case. Then, with the consent of tho defendant and the prosecution, ho dismissed the warrants and taxed tho costs In tlie case to tho prosecution. There were present a dozen or more wit-bessos for the defenso nnd two for tho prosecution. Col, T. N. Argo appeared for Mr. Man gum and Messrs. J. II. Pon nnd W. l)r; Jones represented Mr. Allen. it,. : : . . ',.; . CASTOR I A For Infant! and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bean the Stgnaturvof P.e it ordained by the Board of Aldermen of the City of Halelgh: Section 1. That, under and hy virtue of authority granted by an Act of the General Assembly of North Carolina, at its session of 1907, which said Act was ratified the 6th day of March, 19(17, and is entitled "An Act to allow the City of Raleigh to Issue bonds," an election Is hereby ordered and called to be held in the City of Raleigh on Thursday, the liCth day of September, 1907. ' Sec. 2. That said election Is to be held for the purpose of determining whether bonds shall be issued by the 'ily of Italeigh, in an amount not to exited One Hundred Thousand Dollars, as provided in said Act, for the purpose of repairing, remodeling, enlarging and Improving the present ("ily Hall building, and erecting and constructing therein a suitable, modern, well equipped Auditorium, and providing the same with necessary equipments and furniture, and to furnish better and more suitable accommodations for tho Police Justice's Court and the City Jail or Guard House, accommodations for a Police Telephone and Signal System and sucb other municipal departments and purposes as may be necessary or proper, and for a hall or meeting room for the Hoard of Aldermen, and .offices for the Mayor, Chief of Police, City -Clerk, City Tax Collector and other city officers, and providing" the same with necessary and proper equipments and furniture, and for the purpose of removing the present market from said building arid purchasing lands and erecting thereon a suitable market house, and also to aullioi l.e the levy and collection of a special tax upon all sul.'iects iif taxation within said City, to provide a ..inking fund to pay said bonds at maturity and the coupons as they become due. Sec, 3. That for the purposes of said election there shall be a new reg istration of all voters within the City, including the territory taken in by the Act of the General Assembly of 1907, enlarging and extending the corporate limits of tlie City of Raleigh, which said registration, and the election herein called to be held, shall be according to the new wards and voting precincts created and defined In said Act, the limits and boundaries of which are as follows: First -Ward, First Division Hllls-boro Street on the South Halifax Street on the East, North Street on the North, City limiLs on the West. First Ward, Second Division North Street on the South, Halifax Street on tlie Fast, City limits on the North and Second Ward, First Division Newborn Avenue on the South, 'City limits on the Fast, North Street and Oak-wood Avenue on the North, Halifax Street on the West. Second Ward, Second Division-North Street and Onkwood Avenue on the South, City limits on the East and North, Halifax Street . on the West. .-" Third Ward. First Division Davie Street on the South, City limits on the Fast, Newbern Avenue on the North, Fayetleville Street on the West. Third Ward, Second Division Davie Street on the North, City limits on the Fust anil South, Fayetteville Street on (he West. Fourth Ward, First Division Hllis-bnro Street On the North, Fayetteville Street on the Fast, Davie f'treet on the South, City limits on tlie West. Fourth Ward, Second Division Davie Street on the North, Fayetteville Street on the Fast, City limits on the South and West. Sec. 4. That the polling places for said election shall be as follows, respectively: First Ward, First Division: Walter's Store, Jones and Harrington Streets. First Ward. Second Division: C. W. White's Store, Johnson and Salisbury t Streets. Second Ward, First Division: Rarnes' Store, Lane and Bloodworth Streets. Second : Ward, Second Division: Pace's Store, Pace and Person Streets. Third Ward, First Division: Victor Fire House. Third Ward, Second Division: Royal Knights Hail. Fourth Ward, First Division: Capital Fire House. Fourth Ward, Second Division: City Lot. '.. ! APMntod and eicc.ed registrars and 1 Judges of e tion lor meir . respective election precincts: I Precinct. First Ward, First Divis- ln,,: 'cgisirar, "l election, -C .M. alters, ji. ai. ranis-w.irth. Precinct, First Ward, Second Division: registrar, S. N. Lceson; judge of election, T. A. Arnold, John W. Rhodes Precinct. Second Ward. First Division; registrar, N. L. Barnes; judges of election, Sherwood Haywood, Shelly Swain. : .Precinct, Second Ward, Second Division; registrar, Richard Koonce; judges of election, Henry Little, J. T. Sharp. Precinct, Third Ward, First Division; registrar, M. R. Haynes: Judges of election, Bart Durham, K. W. Mer-rltt. Precinct, Third Ward, Second DI- vision; registrar, C. R. Harris; judges of election, W. O. Scott, O. F. Ball. Precinct, Fourth Ward, First Division; registrar, J. J. Lewis; Judges of election, J. M. Norwood, W. H. Rogers. Precinct, Fourth Ward, Second Division; registrar, L. O. Rogers. Judges of election, W. R. Warren, J. C I Harris. Sec. 8. That the registrars shall be furnished new registration books, and, after qualifying 'iy taking the oath of their office, shall between the hours of nine o'clock a. m. and sunset on each day (Sunday excepted) for twenty days preceding the day for closing the registration books, as hereinafter provided, open said books for the registration of any electors residing within the City of Raleigh and entitled to registration on each Saturday during the period ef registration, the registrars shall attend with their registration books at the polling places of their respective preclnots for the registration of votem; and on Saturday preceding the election, from nine o'clock a. m. until thi-M o'clock p. m they shall attend Mid polling plaee with their registration booka, whan and where aald booka . shall ba opan for the inspection of the electors of, the respective precincts for tha purpose of challenging any person whoso name shall appear thereon. The books shall be opened for registration on Saturday, the 24th day of August, 1907, and said booka shall be closed fur registration at sunset on Saturday, the 14th day of September, . 1907. Sec. 7. The polls, shall be opened on election day from sunrise until sunset on the same day, and no longer, and all electors who shall have resided for four months Immediately preceding the said election within the precinct In which thly offer to vote, and who are otherwise qualified according tq law, shall be entitled to register for this election, and all electors registered and qualified to vote for members of the General Assembly under the general election law, shall be entitled to vote In this election. Sec. 8. That the ballots used In thin election shall be on white paper and shall be written or printed. Sec. 9. There shall be two ballot boxes at each polling place, one of which shs.Il-be labelled "For Bonds," the other, . "Against Bonds." All qualilied voters who are in favor of Issuing bonds of the character, in the amount and for tho purposes hereinbefore described, shall vote a ballot on which is written or printed the words "For Uonds," and . all qualilied voters who are opposed to issuing said bonds shall vote a ballot on which shall be written or printed tho -words "Against Bonds." Sec. 10. That at the close of the polls on election day the registrar and judges of election shall count the. ballots cast in said election nt their respective election precincts and shall record . on blanks the number of votes cast "For Bonds" and "Against Bonds," and shall sign said returns; they shall appoint one of their number to attend the meeting of the Board of City Canvassers, as a member.. thereof, and shall deliver to him the returns made out and signed by them; the various members so appointed to bring In the returns shall meet at 12 o'clock m. on the 27th day of September. 1907. In the Mayor's ofllc.e. and shall constitute the Board of City Canvassers, and a majority shall constitute a quorum; they shall, after duly organizing, according lo law, open, canvass, and judicially determine the number of votes cast in said election "For Bonds," and the number cast "Against Bonds," and shall judicially determine and declare the result of said election; they shall record the vote canvassed and determined by them and the result of said election on duplicate blanks, one of which they shall deliver to the City Clerk and the other they shall cause to be posted In front of the City Hull. Sec. 11. If a majority of the qualilied voters of said city 'shall Vote at said election "For Bonds," then the Mayor and City Treasurer shall have bonds prepared In accordance with the provisions and requirements of the Act of tbe General Assembly, hereinbefore mentioned, not to exceed In amount One Hundred Thousand Dollars, and of such denominations a they shall deem proper, having coupons attached thereto and bearing interest at rate not exceeding five per cent per annum, said bonds to be payable not exceeding thirty year from dato, and to be signed by said Mayor and City Treasurer, and shall be Issued in such amounts and at such times as shall be necessary to carry' out the purposes for which the same are to be issued, us hereinbefore recited, ud shall be sold, at the best price obtainable, after due advertisement, and the proceeds used for tlie purposes aforesaid. : Sec. 12. That the matters of selecting : a site and location for said Market, and all matters concerning the Issuing and sale of said bonds, the receiving, opening and passing upon all bids made for labor and muterial and all plans and contracts for the erection of buildings and awarding same, and the expenditure , of all moneys derived from the sale of said bonds, shall be In charge of and under the control of a committee of the Board of Aldermen, to be appointed by the Mayor, and to consist of five members of said Board with the Mayor, City Treasurer and City Attorney, and a committee of five citizens representing the prominent business Interests of the City, and to bo composed of the following named persons, to-wlt: R. H. Battle. N. B. Broughton, J. J. Thomas, B. R. Lacy and ("has. E. Johnson, -which last named Citizens Committee shall act and co-operate with said Alder-manic Committee, the two committees to constitute a Joint committee of the whole, and shall have in charge the matters and questions hereinbefore committed to them. I hereby certify that at a regular meeting of the Board of Aldermen held on August 2nd, 1907, the above ordinance was regularly and duly passed by said Board. WILLIAM W. WILLSON, i City Clerk. ' HUBBARD BROS. SCO. HANOVER SQUARE, NEW YORK. MEMBERS of New York Cotton Exchange, New Orleans Cotton Exchange, Associate Members Lifer-pool Cotton Association. ORDERS SOLICITED For tha purchase and sale of cotton for future delivery. Correspondence Invited. MONEY TO LEND On either Real or Personal Security In Wake County. - B. F. MONTAGUE, ' ' 18 and 19 Pollen Building, Raleigh, N. 0. , i Raleigh's Best Barbers OTEY and Son YarborougH Houao ( 1

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