Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 9, 1973 · Page 15
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 15

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1973
Page 15
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M:WS -iri;i{,\l,l), I 'liniimu Cilv. Mil.. SiiiKliiy, SciMcmlicrO, \m I 'liKcSB Maw, Bass Boys Here Tonight Holy Cross Rally Pays ON MAT CARD — Rocket Monroe (left) wrestles Steve Lawyei', ;in(l Norvell Austin (rif^^ht) fncesTlie Mongol in tonif^'ht's vvrestlinf,' niMtches at Rainbow harden. , Sophs Pace Virginia Win C'HARLO 'rTl -:SVllJ.E, V a. (UPI) —Tailhju'k Rjiynioiul Keys ran 24 yards for one touchdown ami (iiiai'lcrbark ScoU Gai'dner passed ciKht yards foi' another as the two sophmores led the Univei'sity of VirKhiia to a Hi-O victory over the Vh't,dnia Mihtary Institute Satur'dav. Seven minutes aftei' Keys scored from the24 and with only seconds left in the iialf Gardner hit flanker Mike McGuj^an in the left corner of the end /.one for the only othei' touchdbwn. One of |)rof ess iona 1 wrest lin).^'s most colorful teams, Maw Mass and the Hass Hoys, will be seen in act ion in a taf^ team nialch toniuhl at Rainbow (larden. T he family will take on the foi'midalile l(.'am of Ken I.ucas and Mike (Califoruia Mipi)ie) noyette,'wlio have a bi^; , followirif^ of local fans who will no doubt be rooting for them lo win. The liass clan attracts capacity crowds wliei'e(.'ver it appc'ir's. The Hass Hoys use rouf,'h tactics and are not .Still anollier match that is '.'ii'atinj^ lots of interest pits Rocket (ihc Mai ^uificcnt) Momor' ai^airisl .Sieve hawler', another' rou^h newcomer who is not particular how he wins his matches. Monroe, merrrbei' of the famous Morrr 'oe family that includes Sputnik, I''lash and .Jet, is another aiiippU'i who can f!,o either' way and fr'etjuerrtly does. Nor'vell Austin, a HIack wr'esller' fr'om Allarria who has ab'cady established himself ,'is a faviM 'ile lier'c, will face The Morif^'ol, another' r'ouf^'h athlete par'licirlar' how they win Iheii'* who hides his iderrtity behind a matches, and they j^et a lot of mask. AMHr <:R.ST, (UPI) - Quarter'back Pete Vaas thr'ew two touchdown pa.sses lo halfliack Tom Rock arul I 'an for' a thir'd Satur'day fo carr'y Holy Cr'oss fr'om a l.'i-O deficit to a 30-28 viclor'y over' Massachusetts. Vaas was destr'uctive in the first half, corTipleting 14 of l(j passes for' 175 yar'ds as he led the Cru.sader's to a 2,'M,'i lead. The Minute Men .scor'ed two four'th jjer-iod touchdowns but they wer'en't enouKh. 't ii unorthodox help fr'om Maw, who is an accom|)l ished wrestler' her'self arrd vi'r'y much on the r'ou^h side. Lucas has Ix-'en a consistent winner her'e in the past, arrd his partner Boyelle can wr'eslle either clean or r 'OUK 'h, which will no doubt be an asset irr a match with the clan. Rock Riddle, blond touf^hie who maira^es to >j;et his hand r-aised in victor'y in near'ly ever'y nratch in which he compc'tes, will take on Ricky Star-r' irr one of the other duels. Rangers Hire Martin By .VllKK KAIU N UPI Sports Writer ARLINGZON, Tex. (UPI)Texas Ranger- owner' Bob Shor't, who said he would fh'e his own mother to hir'e l^illy Mar-fin, Saturday named the contr-over- sial- former Detr-oit and Minnesota skipper' to lead his own tr-oubled team and .said doing .so ensures the success of the franchise. Short said he had talked Mar-tin, 45, out of waiting until next season to lake over- the Rangers and that the new manager -would he in unifor'm for Texas Satur-day night against Oakland. "Billy Mar-tin is the most exciting and best manager- in baseball," .said Shor't who less than 24 hour-s befor-e had fired While Herzog to make r-oom for- Mar-tin. Short said Her-zog's disnnssal was made almost mandatory because of the poor- cjuality of play, the worst won-lost r-ecor'd in major league baseball and the lack of attenrlance at Ar'lington Stadium. o"This spells at this date, the success of the franchise," said Short. "If I could have anybody 1 wanted to manage this team, it would beBillvMar'tin. Martin was fired by Detr'oit General Manager James Campbell last Sunday after- what Campbell said had been a ser-ies of incidents which wer'c detr-iriiental to the club, including a dispute between Martin and American League President Joe Cronin over- the of .spitballs. Before he was fii-ed, Martin had been suspended for thr-ee days by Cronin for' publicly condoning the of spitballs by member's of his pitching .staff. "I'm not going to make any gr-eat promises," said Martin, dressed in a mar-oon jacket and slacks. "I want to see how muchspride this team has and I will be tr-yrng to win for- the r-est of the season." Mar'tin, who managed both Mir.nesola and Detr'oit to division penn:urts, said he had or'iginally planned to sit out the r'est of the 197.3 .season, birt had l)ee n convinced by Shor't that it was in his best inter-ests to take over- the Rangers immediately. Shorts .said that when he announced llerzog's dismissal Fr-iday night he had not yel convinced Mar-fin to take the job. "He called r7ic in about the seventh or- eighth inning of last night's ballgame," Shor-t said, "and saifl he had talked it over with his wife and was r-eady to take the jiosition." Punt-Pass-Kick Slated Registr-ations for- the ar-ea's 13th annual Punt, F^ and K i c k c o m p.e t i t i o n f o r- youngster-s eight thr-ough 13 year's of age will r-emain o|)en through Septenrber- 28 at the Boys' Club. The contest will be held Sept. 29 at 1 p.m. at Tonnny Oliver Sladiunr. Nationally, rrror-c than 1,200,000 youngsler-s ar-e expected to lake jrar-l in this yeai-'s pr-ogr-ani which is co-sponsor-ed by the National Football League and the For-d D e a 1 e r- s of A m e r' i ca . Registr'ation blanks and local CO ui |U' t it ion details ar'c available at Cook-Whitehead For'd. Punt, and Kick has atlr'acted mor'e than 9,.350,000 par'ticipants since its inception in 1961, in addition to the enthusiastic .suppor't of high .school, college and pr-ofe.ssional football coaches acr' the countr-y. Scoring is ba.sed on distance and accuracy in p u n t i rr g , pa ss i n g a n d placekicking. Conipetitiorr begins at the Local level on .September- 29 and subseciuently moves to zone, distr-ict, ai-ea, divisional and national levels. Noenlr'ance fee 01' special e(|uipmeirt is r'cciuir'ed. Tliei'c is no body contact and par'ticijiatioii does not imi)air' a youth's amateur' slarrding. SPECIAL SAT. & SUN. DQ: HOT FUDGE BROWNIE DELIGHT Reg. 65' SPECIAL 43' To bo spucilic, thin is tliu IriiiioiiH DQ I lot P'odije Hiownio f)(ili(|ht riiiwio with ci bi() mound ci( (lee/ei liesli Ddiiy Queoii holweeii two lndr ;o biowniui) siiidlherod with whip port liippiiuj, ( rfiMchod with iK.h, hot liulcjo, iinti lopped with n chuity. Now, lliiil'ii Sciiiiiiixlillyiiilius' Dairii Queen I; •CHr6'AU.'S0 To DAIRV QUEEM' DAIRr QUEEN m I, Sth $1. - Ivthmi Hi-Way PANAA^A aiY, nOdlDA 32401 1/ 'i ("I AM . (I (liiii . rm 11(11 ur, I 'll oil I) t) Ciiii) t I')/1 A .I. II I) Cuiii The firing of Hei-zog was a shock to both player-s anrl area fans, and, although Short admitted it would not be a populr'ii' decision, he believed it was one he had to make. "If my mother was managing the Rangers and I had an oppor-tunity to hir-e Billy Mar'­ tin, I'd fire my mother," Shor-t said. Short said Martin would have a multiyear contr'act and Martin said he did not fear' for' his job if, by this time next year, the Ranger-s had not shown r e m a r' k a b 1 e improvement. "I'm a two-trme loisei," Mar-tin said. "So I don't wor'i'y about things like that." Mar'tin said he expected no trouble with any player's on the Ranger-s stiuad who might be consider'ed controversial. "Well, I'm contr'oversial myself, ar-en't r.'" Mar'tin asked. "I've always made this statement; Adolph Hitler'and Benito Mu.s.solini could play for' me if they had talent. What matter-s is the ability they have and not what comes oirt of their- mouth. "That's w4iat a manager- is for' is to handle peoj)le." Martin was fir-ed after- he led Mirmesota to the AL West title in his rookie year- of managing in 1969. He had guided the Tiger-s lo second place in the AL East in 1971 and the Tiger-s won the division last year- under' him. Mar'tin said he finally decided to take the job immediately so that he could evaluate his player's befor'c ne.\t year's spring tr'aining. "We have speed with thisclub and some good ai'nrs," .said Martin. "I'll be wor'king with (pitchirrg coach) Sid Hirdson irr evaluating oui- talent. But I don't want to ' make any comment about anybody on our- team until I have seen them. Ask meagaiirorrSept. 31." Clemson Edges Citadel, 14-12 CLEM.SON, S.C. (UPI) Fullback Smiley Sander's arrd quarterback Ken Pengitor'c ran for first-half touchdowns Salur'- day and Clemson weathered a four'th (juar'ter rally to edge The Citadel 14-12. oSander 'S romped 21 yar'ds in the first quarter for' orre Tiger' t 0 u c h d 0 w n arrd Pengitor'e slammed one yar-d for- the other- tally in the second pc/riod after The Citadel had turned a bad snap from center into arr ear'ly (i-Olead. Fullback Billy Pairre scored the first Citadel touchdown, skipping around left end from the four. The Citadel had taken the ball a play earlier on the three by nailing Clemson punter Mitch Tyner who had barely gotten his hands on a high snap. Tr-ailing 14-6 in the fourth quarter. The Citadel scored again following an inter-ception on an eight-yai-d fr'om quarterback Harr-y Lynch to flanker Rod Lanning. The Citadel's bid for a game- tying two - point conversion failed when Lynch fumbled the center's snap and was tackled behind the line of scrimmage. Gobblers Lose To W&M BLACKSBURG, Va.(UPI) William and Mar'y recover'ed four- Vir'ginia Tech fumbles and converted one hito a touchdown to defeat the Gobbler's 31-24 in their season opener' Satur'day. The Indians, leading 7-0, snatched a Tech fumble on the VPI 23 late in the second C |uar'ter' and moved in to scoi-e in five plays. Quar-ter-back Bill Deer-y car-r'ied it over' fr'om I he four'. Tech's most ser'ious thr-eat came whc^n they started the second half with a nine-play 80 yar-d dr-ive to make it 14-10. The Indians scor-ed on both subsequent to get back to a 24-10 lead after- thr-ee quarter's. The Gobbler's got within seven again on the second play of the final per'iod, a 65-yar'd pass from i-unning back Phil Roger-s to Ricky Scales. The Indians came r'ight back with a 76 yar'd dr'ive—12 plays and two major p e n a 1 t i e s against the Gobblers, sti'etching the courrt to 31-17. * PANAMA CITY 15th ST. GROUNDS, EAST OF PANAMA PLAZA lyRr 1^1 OPEN 3& 7 PM SEPT • W ^ SH0WS4&8P.M. SPONSORED BY PANAMA CITY SHRINE CLUB 1^ iW^nVORLD'S LARGEST 15 ELEPHANTS • 25 FEATURED ACTS JUNGLE BEASTS TRAINED 12 ACRES OF TENTS By DAVE HOOVER 150 PERFORMERS RESERVED AND GENERAL AOMrSSlON TICKETS FOR SALE ON CIRCUS DAY AT S H O W G R OU N Q S AND G. C. MURPHY CO. 459 HARRISON AVE. SPECIAL ADVANCE TICKET SALE! ONSAVE fl .OO ON ADULT TICKHS PURCHASED BEFORE CIRCUS DAY. RESERVED & GtN. ADMISSION TICKHS ON SALE NOW THUR SEPT. 12 AT BAY NATIONAL FACILITY BANK, TYNDALL, GARDNERS DRUG, MILLIVILLE, RESNIKOFF, IS E. 4THST. 2 CHIEFS TRUCK STOP 2320 W, I5TH ST., FISHER -STINSON, 756 AIRPORT DR., COOK GROSER, 9300 W, HWY. 98, HILL GROSER 15400 W.HWY. 98, _ 2 DAYS ONLY! Ted Williams 12- Gauge Pump Shotgun LimilfMl QuunlilicH Regular $140 Cheek these features: Recoil pad. • Deluxe walnut stock 28-in. modified choke. •Ventilated rib Sears Firearm and Ammunition Policy All guns, including BB and Pellet guns, sola only lo retifdenls of state where purchase is made (Proof of residence required). Ammunition may be ordered or picked up outside of the state in which you reside. No deliveries will he made outsid<" of the store. All sales subject to applicable Federal,, State and Local laws. Sears 12-Gauge Automatic Shotgun 139 88 Use Sears Kasy Payment Plan 2-Piece Lightweight Hunting Suit Sears Price 8.88 Camouflaged jacket and pants for all type.s of hunting. 12 and 20-Gauge Shotgun Shells Lisht Sport Load Limit 10 Boxes per Customer Check Sears Low Prices on Guns and Hunting Accessories 30-30 Lever Action Rifle 84.88 Browning 30-06 249.50 Browning 12-Gauge 262.50 410 Pump Shotgun 89.95 Gun Case 3.49 Truck Rack 2.99 SAVEHO to^l8 €raftisiiiaii Commercial Power Tools YOUR ciioicf: 49 90 EACH A. Powerful (iireular Saw with Cusv Ke^'ular $67.99 .S;i\v dcM'lop.s irurxiitiutrr 2-1 IP. Doiihic-iiKsiilalcd . . . trcod.s iio ij ;i(tiiii(litig! Hcaches iro load .sptH -.l of ,>1()() HPM. B. Heavy-Duty Powrr Kouter K<'guiar $64.99 Molor develops irraxirmun 1- II P. D<)iii)le-itr.sidaled . . . need .s ito ;.!;r(tiiii(liii{j;. Keaehe,^ 2,').()()0 HPM. !()()% hail Ireariir-.s. C. Easy-To-Han <nr Scrolhr' Sabn- Saw Kefi;idar $64.99 Autoiiiatic rej^ulator boosts power lo trraiiilaiii one of 12 speeds. Doulde- iiisidated irrotor de\(dops rrraxiiiriirri '2 -IIP. D. Heversihie '/2-lneh Drill Ixe^nlar $59,99 iMolor develops iiraxirriiini "^ii- II P. l{etno\al)le r<'ar Irarrdle r-olales lo four positions. Doidrle-iirsiilated. needs iro {jjromidiiig. SAVE *35^« Craftsman 65-piece Standard Socket Set Willi quirk rolriisr raU'hrl 39 99 Sel includes: '/i, %, Mj-in. dr. socket and accessoriop; 6 conibinaUon wrenches; 8-pc. ignition wrench set; 14-pc. hex key set; 5-pc. magnetic insert set; s()aik phig socket; tool box. SHOP AT SKAKS AND SAVE Satisfaction GuiinintiTtl or Your Money liach Anniversary Celebration DOWNTOWN PANAMA CITY

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