The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1939
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1939 Here's One To iiis Gocloy Ca ii Lick BLYTJIEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Parker Hall Of Mississippi Standout 01 Year Among Pros By GEORGE KIKKSEV Untied ness Staff Correspondent NEW YORK. Dec. 14,-Take the wliole country from coast to coast ami pick the II best players — lump every All-American" tram picked and got the consensus—use any formula you wish but unless you delve Into'the National football League you slill haven't got i the best bunch o.' football playcib \ in the laud. ¥ The crcmc dc la creme of the gridiron Is named today by the Unltd Press—Ihc 1Q39 Ail-Prole:, slonal team. Before you think you can name n better clii!>, remember you'll have to have n passer who completes every other pass thrown, 11 fullback who ivhncks off 5.8 yards a crack, a pair of halfbacks good for nearly four yards oven time they start out on a journci a punter who averages over 40 yards, an end who requires two men to cover li(m, « guard who can nm as fast as a halfback. Thai just gives you an idea. The All-Pro backfleld is made up of Parker Hall, Cleveland Tuffy Lccimns, New York; Aiulv Parkas. Washington; and Bill Os maiiKki. Chicago Bears. U can do everything tint knit and take care of the baby. Hall, a rookie from the U. of Mississippi, ts the league's No. 1 player of the year. He can pajs. run and kick and that's putting it mildly. He completed iOG out of 208 passes for 1227 yards and nine I touchdowns. He was fifth In yardage gained, 458 yards in 120 attempts and was one of the league's best punters. Tlie two halfbacks, Leomnns and Farkas, are break away runners capable of getting away for a touchdown from any spot on the field. Leemans. famed for wriggling out of tackler's anus and running away, gained 420 yards in,12B attempts for a 3.3 average and Farkas, a power-runner, gained 547 yards in 139 attempts for » 3.0 average. Osmnnski led the league • in ground gained, ripphvg off 699 yards in 121 attempts for n 5.7 average. | Abo a rookie. Gsmr.iut.l \vns good enough to lake the Bears' No. 1 fullback job away from Joe Maniaci. who averaged seven yards every time he carried the ban. Mainstay of the line again was Alel Hein, New York Giante. center who made the first learn for (lie ninth consecutive year. Although 29 and playing his ninth year in the cash and carry ranks,. Hein continued his outstanding defensive play. 9 The two guards are Dan fbrt- I The PAYOFF he hold iho , (,i,is of , llu WH l(111Illi)) ( the Cilunis during tho Illness of | Jomi JlcGiw. (ho old Braves, tho uibs, Hi,. Hi-owns nud during Ills ' We! whirls In ChatUujooeo and unlllmore. when his major Icnguo days wore behind him. KAJAH KNOWS I'LAYKItS; 1.001) HANK WITH KIDS Hranol) mi-key did not give )lc- lor Hneluc n Imm ' ' HV HAUKV UKAVSON NKrt Service Kinds Editor It Is good lo lirnr (lint Kogers Hornsby, Forgotten Man of the '«— ". uuwuaii winter baseball meclings, Is to ho Hornsby's Bt ntus Blven more opiwrlunity ns n jnau- "'W of Die gmnc Imdershln . •"•-•j'j r ollo O f n nuiltl- who rcspeet his kliowl- . his quri!- hiu ' c ™ 1 ' , Inl .- h . ....... ;•' y s one of the Itii lion sby out. of the wintry, for iM'nlscrs of luscball flesh If ' y Is one of the Itiicsl up- Co guide n club In 1940 Horns!)) 1 stood leaning Ihe ciKnr counter in the lobi.y er n te lobi.y | tlii-otigliotu the nve days the dl», mond dukes WCIP in ' session nt I Cincinnati's Netherlands Wazii Ho- Id. Tew by the Kcyals Into n ct the big • Artiiro Oortoy \vades into Joe Louis fearlessly. The catch is that it's only a cardboard duplicate of the champion. In the Madison Square Garden ring, Feb. 9. the Chilean heavyweight will learn that neither Ihe Brown Bomber's chin nor lists arc papier-mache. maim, Chicago Bears, n holdover from last year's team, and John Wletlie, Detroit, a newcomer. Both are speedy and aggressive and stars at leading interference ana crashing through lo break up plays. i Joe Stydahar, Chicago Bears 1 again was the league's best lackle. He is one of the toughest linemen m the league to take out. Jtm Barbel-, Washington, having his best season in the five years he's been in the circuit, given , the other tackle berth by a slight •••••' vi.** v iii vi$ ' flUJM I.L-IJIMIJ:.-, in;| Blve the Knjuh mueli ol a tumble, ii' l 5 trouble, out one ruinous bnscbiill li[]\ire stood there ndiiilrlns him, He was Orover Clcvclnml Alexander -rlicra." Mild Old Pcle, "was Iho linest rtelil-hand liHler of Ilieiii all. "I'll never foruct the lirsl time sn\v him. i :;alcl to myself •Ilere's a recruit. Guess I'll let 'niui lilt one.' lie did ami i spent 10 years trying lo (jet him onl." It wns Ales whom Hornsby waved from the bullpen (o strike out Tcny Lnzwii with (lie bnse.s ii:l) and give tbc Ciirdlimls the ions cm! of the money In (heir 1320 world series with Hie Yankees. HIUKEV KKJIAINS IN JI()HN'J)ln"S COliNICU Hornsby ran Branch Rickey out of his Job ns nratiiiger of the CiirdlimlK early In 1025, but (1ml didn't stop the man wlio built • • • and who runs . . . the fnr- 1"iie St. r,mils National Leayno system from uolng (o but fcr him. It was Rickey who welcomed Homsby buck lo the Red Birds when ho was let t>o ns manager of Ihc Chicago Cubs In August, 1D:W. It was Rickey who first rule AA club. Homsby is a skillful Imiidlor jf young pluyers. n e operates one ot Die larfjer linsebiill schools In Hot Springs each aprhiB. H novi'r has been bascbull short- t! '"t got Rogers ftornsbj- . l Holers Homsby realized the truth old axiom, "All liovsc plny- nod over Bruiser Klnard, Brooklyn. IJOn iliitson, Qreeii Bay's great i -- .,.v n ^., „,,„ m^uimi™ pass catcher, and Jim Poole, the | Hornsby's conlmct as mnnagcr of Giaiils' de-Iensiyc slur, won the'" 10 Browns with tlie late PhiH-is end berths ivlthoiil, mi nrgtiineiit. ''" "" '"' """ ' Hutson, who holds or shares every , pass catching: record in the league ' grubbed 34 passes this lie Cntesby }3all. And It was Rickey who ccn- vinccd Hector Racine, president of u --------- „* |^,. >K j k ,, nijj ftKilSUIl IU] IIIC a total of 846 yards and six touch- i time downs. H takes two men and sometimes more to stop him. Poole, n One receiver, blocked three punts the past season nnd l.s a standout. for • the Moiitren! ciiib, th'ut the SQVCU- you ers must dif He also must know lliat can'i bet horses and keep mlnrt on niiyllilng else. And Honors Hornsby cnly has to torsel. about horses to be n tro- meiulous .SUCCMS In Montreal nnd is way brick to u, c i,| g \\ mc where an outstanding baseball llitui-e like him belongs. Hrillsli Children (let Tin-Ill ONiiON lUPi - when not stniidliii; '»" in the sludio.5. a.n.c. radio iidors mid actresses arc -K and entertaining evacuated children In Die cmmu-y, in;- twccu engagements Ihe slurs are uillcted In (he same houses m; the children. Are Guests At Banquet members ol coach John ICd James' s<iuad of Junior Well Papooses were enloihilned <H ii foolbnll banquet given In ihclr honor at Ihe Rustic Inn lust nlghi. The Junior* were t'nosts of n lii-oup consisting of 0. W. AllllcX Tom Little. I). J, /Mien, K, V, Blumeyer nnd llnrry W. llalncs. Olli- ITS who were guests n.1 Hie banquet were Coaches Jot Ulldy and Mitchell nest of Iho Chicks, Conjli Jnmes ol Ihc Papooses. S. K. Clnr- ictt, Junior high superintendent, nnd Krmik W. Lcnhy of Stevens Point, Win. The toys were addressed bv Conch DJIily and aiijierlnteiKtai'l Clurrett and brief talks won* also made by Couch James, Mr. Haliwii, Coach Host, Mr. l.cnhy mid viirl- tus members or the team. Kuril Riiesl was presented with n souvenir picture or Ihc teimi inndc by Hie Cornier News. The folkm-lni; members, of the Hind nrc lo receive Idlers: lJ;i- liuid Wiurlnnlon, Hobby Wnlden. lurry Halnes, Jr., Clri<K«ry Alklns, HiiBh Doiilcr, Eliliei' Slonc, Edgiir National League _ j .......„..,,, uvii^ui; i/iiMin^j two men and champion was thn fines! manager - - available. Hornsby Is tha: , , . imd Uien .some. anything while MEYER BROS. IJlylhovillo, Ark. Buy Your Government Loan Cotton PAGE-SEVEN; Cnln, EdwArd McGregor, Jimmy Allen. jHck Hood, Hnrold Tlicmp- son, Lloyd lilomoycr, Hussoll Wilson. L. B. stnlford, Ohnrlcs Afflick, Tomniy UUlc, 'I'. H. Cow- way, J, T, Victory, Horscliel I3e- slmrse, Curl Hood,, players, ami Hugh /llklns, iniiimger. <iovrrii«|. Kvjicrt' Gunner MONTOOMBIHT; Aln. (UP)—Gov frank M, Ulxon of Alabama Is nil ardcnl hunter. When UIQ (jovcrnor ' Kcl n«'(iy to bag doves, quail, s or squirrels, he goes over to the army's tactical uliool at Max well Field here and Meets. shoots- at Wert Optometriit "HE MAKES 'BM SKK" O»«r'. Jot Isaics' Stott ('hone 540 DDJSBL AND TRACTOR FUEL OIL Number One Light Domestic FUEL OIL FOR Stove and Furnace PHONE DAY DAY NIUHT lljl> UAUNSDAIJ, RBF1NINC COHPOHATJON 'fit'K I'lrsl Oil Refinery C. B. Wood, I THIS IS lilt IDUl CHtllSlMUS OlfT-.-rott tvtKJONt 'V3tffJStt?SiS Fri. & Sat Ibis Certificate Is Worth $4.41 c illc Iho bwrcr to one ol our Genuine Indosliuclible S5.00 HQ-SAC VACDUM- /isiblo Ink Supply. You sco llio ink. Unlvcrjiil size lor ladies, me,, boys and The 1'en U'lilt ,1 /.i/o-T/rno Guiiru DBlUff Mm.v^.^Ji Just Received 45 More of these Wonderful IN TIME for CHRISTMAS calSs for Calvert! BOURBON, RYE, SCOTCH DRINKERS all agree: Calvert has all the fine qualities of a truly GREAT whiskey. We believe you will find it is smoother . . . milder, more mellow ... it tastes better. Because Calvert is master-blended! To please all tastes, give Calvert. in its gay gift pnck! CLEAR HEADS [CIEAR-HEADED BUYERS] CALL FOR Calveri THE GIFT PERFECT WHISKEY Blended Whiskey — Calvert "Rtwrve^ SLEi\'DEo WHISKLY — 90 P.W?'-*-6^"i Cr&r. A ci.' 'r^l St>y;is. COD,* J939 C&vi Di&Usa Corp., A". IVC. We got Ihe new 1940 model at tlic old 1939 price — as long as then lust . .'., t Again we advise you to get one at once if interested, ior each time we have sold, out and had .to. disappoint many of our customers before we could get another shipment. Come in and see this NKW Suite — like the old Suite but newer and more attractive. IT'S AN OLD American Custom A little more than three hundred years ago a small i— i— LU.». i- ^ ^| r Yj ' rtlaml nj:Tjc3*>i .mi^ii >>A^Uv t^-^^tA^jtf ^^ group of men . . . hardy, earn"estrearne*st7God4:ear'- ing . . . finished their harvest and prepared themselves for winter, it was their first harvest in the New World, and gratitude was in their hearts. We ol: today would see little in their lot. to occasion gratitude. Strangers in a strange land . . . with no luxuries and few comforts, menaced by hostile Indians and food shortage . . . those Pilgrim Fathers set aside a day of Thanksgiving for the year's, blessings. Thus they established a custom that is now older than our Republic . . , our oldest native holiday. Momentous changes have come into American lite. Growth has built a country which, more than any other in the world, gives its inhabitants soundly sufficient reasons for considering themselves blessed tfii^w - • . for returning sincere Thanksgiving. In the vast and many-sided development that pro- •o 1353 duced modern American life, advertising life, advertising piayed its part. It has been a vital ally of industrial growth and production; it has fostered honest dealing, helped to bring many comforts and luxuries within the reach of all; it has been . . . and is a staunch protector of the buying public.

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