Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 14, 1954 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 14, 1954
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY. APRIL 14, 1954 During the Russian blockade of Berlin in WS about fil cent of the careo air lifted into the city was coal. ALTON EXTNtNG TELEGRAPH Alton Woman Identifies Mystery Birds of Jersevvillc JERSEYVILLT: » of the niisraforv hirrts. which spent the past writer at the Campbell Floral Company one mi If west of ,Ter- sfyvillel. \vas established here Sunday afternoon by Mrs. \VeS- ley Hanes of Alton. The hrovvn nist marked, thnish like sineers are Carolina wrens, the largest of eastern wrens. They are hest desrrihed as rusty brownish red above, whitish, washed with rusty, he- low, rusty bars on wings and fail; sharply defined c.-hife stripe over rye. Rnish heaps and woodland thirkets and tangles air the preferred habitats. Th.^ir sone is loud and tinklins: in units of YOU are cordially invited and urged to attend GOOD FRIDAY DEVOTIONAL MEDITATIONS 12:00 noon to 12:30 P. M, GRAND THEATRE, Alton RIO THEATRE, Cottage Hills WOOD RIVER THEATRE Sponsored /or Fi/fh Year by COUNCIL OF LUTHERAN CHURCHES : three syllables. The species in summer raneos in the eastern , I nited States, breeding f r o m .Florida and the r.ulf north to i New York and Illinois and \\est I to Central Te.-,a«. | The pair of birds at the Camp' bell Floral Company entered the 1 Ki-een house there last autumn 'through a small hole In an o\er- | head pane. They spent the \\int: ci there and apparently adopted ! the place for a nermanent resi- j dence. They built one of their | nests in a vase on a v.hat-not i shelf in the front oftke of (he j manager the pa.-l i\.r> \\eeks. I The females laid her .-Hitch of j PSES and the process of inrulm- | lion is now underway. Virgil Campbell, proprietor of the floral company reported Monday morning. The male bird is busy carding food to the female on the nest. Campbell reported the CKKS are very small not much larger he stated than so many peas. Identified by Alton Wnnmn A number of bird lovers visited Hie Campbell place Siimlax. their interest aroused in publicity given local papers In the birds the past week. A^number of Alton and St. Louis residents were among those taking a look a I I he birds. Mrs. llanes, uho eslablish- ed their identity, reported that a similar pair of (he Carolina wrens look up their home at the Hanes place in Alton several .\ears ago. They spent the winer in the vicinity of the H.tne* dwelling. Mr. and Mrs Hane< filled * burlap bac with hne wood shav- mc'= and suspended it in a sheltered part of a ponh. The birds tunneled into The sack- and spent the cold weather in the warmth <>nd sccuritv of this shelter. Mis. Ilanrs reported that the meat of black walnuts is a faxor- erl \\mtei dirt of the species. How do 'hey crack the walnuts? They ju«i follow the squirrels .'aliouf. ^tirl. when Ihe squirrel discard* Ihe shells of the nut he has eaten, there is always a r)iiantn>. of Ihe meal that the j animal's teeth have not been Hhlc to eel. The birds with their i adequately long hills devour I v, hai remain!- In this manner does one factor in nature assist in feeding another and utilixe in (its entirety A l\nq of food en- jjo.'ed by both animal and bird. | RrmiRh! Walnut* foi- Pair j Mrs. llanes hrou-'ht some i cracked walnuts to thi Campi bell place Sunday as a treat for i Ihe pair of wrens there. "T h e walnut meals are a favorite food j of the species during the winter," j she said. "]n spring and .summer, they feed on various insects". The Carol in i wren does not j care loo much for the company j 01 other birds, Mrs. Ilanes re- I ported. j In the illustrated encyclopedia i ol American birds, Leon Augustus Ilausman. Ph. D. describes Ihe sons of the Carolina wren in the following language: "The Carolina wren is one of our fin| esl singers. From the top of : some vine (angle or bush, sometimes from recesses, he pours out his loud, vigorous, cheerful, markedly accented strain." Mrs. Yea mile Knrthn Kin h Hcaib PTA At (icnlfrcv School PAGE And when I npmnl hem After Smnll Slarl fiance during most of the show." It may he Some connotation for onre MMj * rrr * * Kloanor Rv ftOB THOMAS 1.AS Vfcf.AS. Nev. ,f-Sis years apo. n frightened little dancer KY Mrs orthrPare^t ^7 T^''"' ^ " nl « h ' ^ h ™ «< •»* r^f "i^r, rs ,-sr ^-K^trs ™x^x^£.^™*^™ officers elected v.ere- Mrs .1 R T, t- .. ,- Oules. vice preside,,,: Mrs „£ ^J*£ ^ p J^ £ P™ ^ lr ,;^,r i>: " nd Jnhn lh " """"«"' "•»"• ™»" -,,.„ ,,' , . reservations are the'toughest to reo B e Vd ,' ' " K T' P " „"': ' RP| ' Thp «""•>• *'"«*"-»• m-onfc. iar Fa, J? * ; „ "" • Rrr ^"" K in the million.,. She is M« F I M v ", I1 ; rSlf10nt;1 "»' «»r of a current movie hit. t« ' and Dr I*' I? \ ^''"^ KRIT "'" Sho hfls p ""«^ «<• u" 0 V ' "' rns ' i fors from TV ' m "v««. "Ifrlp. and Thn cl . r rn ' lhP StHRP |0 krr P np l' h«SV for 8 Ihe slate of officers was pre-: decade sented by the chairman of the i R,,t she's scared !on" ln ."nr,r mm " IW<1 '•° Vfl rm " ! "" «"""•' s ° hftrt '" « h " ^^ - e'e , H r "°, nommatio " s ! •" Now York, because I wa.< ac- l\:r ™*'™. h . P .' 10(11 ' '^intstomed to the theater." she re- her tcj know that (leorgc M. Cohan Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily 1 : r . , report*. Tn some Southwest Pacific island areas, however, the pri<« i« twice that. HEADQUARTERS FOR MOUNTAIN VALLEY WATER • HALF GALLONS • FIVE-GALLON DKMUOHAS HORN & HORN, Inc. BOt 1TMOX ST. Dial JUfiM W K ITRMVKR Olin Industries, Inc., is a living example of the many benefits of the American free enterprise system at work. More than 19,000 men and women in 14 different states earn their living in the Company's 18 locally managed plants... plants built •nd equipped with a portion of past earnings and with the money entrusted in the enterprise by the Company's stockholders and other investors. The many individual skills of our employees are combined in the manufacture of high quality products in eight different fields for the use of our fellow Americans. In the healthy atmosphere of onr free enterprise system a company can become strong and capable of achieving the multitude of benefits that The produce income and prosperity for all of ua ... for employees, and the communities in which they live; for stockholders; for suppliers from whom we purchase materials and services-, for the government to which we pay taxes and, thus, for the nation as a whole. The money which enables the Company ro make all of this possible comes from the sales ol its products. Below, we have illustrated what happened in 195V to an OLIN Sales Dollar-a dollar produced by the •ale of Olin products. We feel you should have these facts so that you will know how a typical American company can produce so many beneuts for to many persons. 48n cuts-wire spent for RAW MATERIALS, SUPPLIES and SERVICES we purchased from thousands of companies in order to manufacture our products. 32n cents-were paid to our employees in WAGES and SALARIES. 02n cuts-wen expended for the Olin RETIREMENT PLAN which is paid for wholly by the Company, for group insurance and other employee benefits. 08n cents-out of every dollar were spent ID direct TAXES to support our national, state and local governments. (This does not include so-called hidden taxes paid by the Company for the materials it bought) 02n cents-were set aside to replace WORN-OUT EQUIPMENT. 03n cents-were RETAINED for the FUTURE GROWTH of the Company to keep it strong financially. 02n cents-were paid in DIVIDENDS to our stockholders. $1,00 OLIN INDUSTRIES, INC. fVfty PAY ALMOST JVfiY A M t • i r A n AN Ot IN PRODUCT & IIMtMl MUI|J1S|U MMMUMIIU fl»»»Ui»!j nnmm U»»i« Mf| Ont of a series of Informative Messages from Olin Industries, Inc. \\as R| proved I niation. William Fafhin? presided al the meeting in Ihe aben.e of the president. Cieoi-Re Ada.r. Plans for Ihe annual ham an>l asparagus supper to be heir! m (he Hvic Center on Thursday. May 13. were discussed. The cnmmit- lee chairmen for the supper are Mrs. Karl Mi-Michael, kitchen; Mrs. John Webb, dininx room: and Kd Young, lickeis..A pota- i lo 'hiox-ie will he held just prior i lo Ihe supper. The school chil- ; dren will be admitted lo a movie , by hrinsinR polaloes, which uill i be used for Ihe supper. j Open house will be held at the school on the date of the next PTA meeting and work of Ihe pupils will be (in display. The room count was won by Mrs Kenlon's , third grade. A group of safely films on Safety to and from school, safely on the school bus, and bicycle safely, were shown by Horace Wollerman, the supers isor of audio-visual education. Refreshments were served to Ihe group al the close of the Meilora Girl Hoiiorrrl On 18th . marked between shows. "Rut when I played the MocHmbo (where she scored her firsl hip hit). I was er Hull. Hostesses are Mrs. Martin Robot-Is and Mrs. Monroe Klliott. To I ml or RO Surgery MKTORA. Mrs. Clus Oi-lh entered the (.'nrlinville Area Hospit«l Tiiesrlny where she underwent surgery. Dedication Service MKDOUA .A dedic.ation service will be held at tho, Kemper Haptist Church Sunday moning al 11 o'clock. Rev, Rohert Cfllli- son will be In ihaige of the dedication ceremonies. The church has undergone extensive Improvements, A special program of music and readings will be given and potluck dinner \\ill follow the service in the Kemper liall. MKDORA. — Miss Myrlle U, : i Johnson was honored with a sur- j j prise parly Saturday evening at , ! American Legion Hall in Medora ' j In celebration of her 18lh birlh-! riwy. The hostesses al Ihe party included Miss Shirley Slraub. : Mrs. Floyd Da IT, i\|'rs. Lloyd | Rowker, Mrs. Henry Kricker and son, Alan, Mrs. W. K. ' Johnson Sr., and Mrs. W. ]•:. ; Johnson Jr. The entertainment included a scavenger hunt and games. Twenty-eight guests were present. Attcml Birthday Dinner MEDORA. Mr. and Mrs. f. L. Christopher and Mrs. Nellie Christopher attended a birthday dinner Sunday honoring their lit- lle granddaughter, Mary Jane Christopher, who was seven, al Ihe home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Miles Christopher of Shipman. The child's maternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Freemont Reader, were also present. Kemper Clan* to Meet MKDORA. The Sunshine class of Ihe Kemper Baptist Church will meet this evening at Kemp- tuitmtu MlUiyuiM 'Kill HMi»U| ltd Minus yutu Ilull IIM FOSTER'S PRESCRIPTION SERVICE DAILY 9 A. M. to 10 P. M. SUNDAYS ond s HOLIDAYS 9 A. M. _ 1 P. M. and 4 P. M. — 10 P. M. EMERGENCY PRESCRIPTIONS DELIVERED AT ONCE If You Request Our Prescription Service Your Doctor Will Be Clod To Coll Us PHONE 2-2832 230 East Broadwa; Alton, Illinois No orhrr liwn mowrr nflm tn many limf and money. saving eomaiif srll nharp- tner im) many more. Properly firet ue catting ttion inrl lion »«nrre jftti, ol pcrlm mowing perlfuminct. 16" and IS* cut MadtU for Ev«ry town volut Ihel hoi n<v«r «t Thu prerision-huili, ea»y-handling, economical power niowei it produced hy the maker* of rhe world » best l»wn nriower* Jt* deptfi.Uhl. powrr-packed firig^t & Stratton 4-cycle engine drive* wheels, reel *nd ih»/pen«. Exdusiv* Je»tui« provide cnHuring trouble-tree prfoimjnc*. H. K. JOHNSTON HDWE. CO, IVfC IWWW - IUA1. j-B6«l STATB * BBOADWAV. WK Gl\K F^GJ-K RUSH! Start your Easter parade with Bond's lightly priced breath-of-spring fashions Can-can ruffles taffeta rustle's our standout Nylon pouff petticoat 3.98 Crarker-crhp nylon taffeta under- acorn] by layer* of ruffled nel! What could hr prettier under >oui lioufl'unt Spring fii?liion>... or riiMrr to rare for-just dunk, lei dry and WCHI-! \\hile or navy fcilli coiiirast jiipirij;; S, M. L. Delectable holiday frills on our miracle Dacron batiste blouses 3.98 En»ter-*urpri»e pjrtce! Magic Duel-on hatiote wathep and dries in n flash, need* no ironing, refuses to wrinkle! (A) Embroi- flcrcd Incc blouse in «nowy white. (B) Carnatioh blouse, piped and (lowered; white, pink, blue. 32-38. Swoop up a wardrobe of Bond's proportioned "Sheer Allure" . nylons fifi/12 ^lunumr »|ieer« 1.35 pair 3 pair* 3 90 60/15 *ejf or dark *eara 1.15 pair 3 pain 3.30 5 1/30 daytime sheers 1.00 pair 3 poirt 2.90 15-denier demi-toe geamle>» f 1.07 Highlight on high twUt ... for more elasticity, longer wear. duller finish! Monterey taupe or Capri beige. Short, 8%'<H/ 2 ; Me- •liuiji, <M())/ 2 ; Uiig, 10-11. 'Seaui- le«» in Medium length only. 117 W. Third St.

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