Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 31, 1952 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 12
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD, THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 1952 Here's A Tasty Winter Dish - \ BEEF-CORN CASSEROLE, served with imKvMnal bakers of can- 1 died sweet potatoes makes a hearty wintertime meal- Wonderful wintertime eating — bread crumbs, i pound ground beef, eating — this combination of beef and corn 1 teaspoon minced thyme, 1 tea- Mrs. Casey Stengel Puts On Blue Bonnet -Scores A Hit! baked in a casserole, and served spoon Worcestershire sauce, IVi with individual candied sweet po-j teaspoons salt, 2V4 cups cream- tatoes. I style corn (1 No. 2 can), 2 teaspoons Beef and Corn Casserole | prepared mustard. Vt cup finely Two eggs, H cup milk. 1 cup solt j chopped onion. . _ j Beat eggs; stir in milk and bread crumbs. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Turn into a well greased one-quart heat-resistant glass baking dish and bake in moderate oven, 350 degrees P., for 1 '4 hours. Candled Sweet Potatoes (6 servings) Six tablespoons butter, 6 tablespoons water, *i cup brown sugar, 6 boiled and peeled sweet potatoes. Cook butter, water' and sugar in I a one-quart heat-resistant glass j saucepan, stirring occasionally, for i about three minutes or until a thin I syrup is formed. Cat potatoes to thick sMee-s and arrange in six heat-resistant glass custard cups, five-our.ce size. Spoon syrup over potatoes and bake hi moderate oven, 350 degrees P., until mast of the syrup has been absorbed by the potatoes, about 30 minutes. Tasty Beef-Noodle Casserole' :. (About 6 servings) . | Eight ounces nctodles, cooked 1 . 2' tablespoons butter' or margarine,.! pound ground beef chuck, 1 me-1 onion slices and cook about five minute-s. Put cooked noodles in a well greased two-quart casstirole. Add meat and onion mixture, tomatoes, peas and seasonings. Stir lightly. Cover .and bake in moderate even, 350 degrees P., about 30 minutes. Bacon-Corn Meal In Waffle Mix As a mid-holiday letup, try something light but unusual on the family. We give you bacon-corn meal waffles. Beat lightly 2 eggs and 1% cups milk. Sift together T * of a cup of bread flour, 4 teaspoons of tartrate baking powder, a tablespoon of sugar and '.i teaspoon of .salt. Ingredients Mixed With Milk And Egfs Add slowly, mixing well, 1 cup of yellow corn meal. Combine all these dry ingredients with the eges and milk and stir in 5 tablespoons of melted bacon fat. Cut into halves 12 slices of bacon. Heat waffle iron and place a piece of bacon on each section, pouring the batter over them. Cook the waffles until crisp and serve at once. Easy-Do Apple Cake To make an easy-di apple cake, brown fine dry bread crumbs in butter or margarine and mix with brown sugar; arrange the crumbs between layers of applesauce in a serving dish and refrigerate for several hours. Serve with swirls of sweetened whipped cream and a bright garnish of red jelly.. You'll Enjoy Oatmeal Popovers fill with creamed chicken, ham or tuna fish. Replace top and serve as a luncheon dish: Note: These may also be served pain with batter and jelly as a breakfast bread. •' Oatmeal fritters are made of two cups of cooked oatmeal. Served with syrup. and crisp bacon they, too, make a fine luncheon dish. Oatmeal Fritters (Makes 10 to 12 cakes) Two cups cooked oatmeal, 1 egg, beaten; 'A teaspoon salt,. V4 " teaspoon baking powder, Vi cup flour. Combine oatmeal and beaten egg; sift together rest of ingredients, and add to oatmeal. Beat well. Drop Vt, cup for each cake into'hof fat Vt- inch deep in frying pan. Brown on both sides. Drain on absorbent paper: Serve with butter and syrup. Toasted Spice Cake Is Good Ah—one of the better provender. Toasted spice cake! Cream Vi cup of shortening. Roll: 2 cups of brown sugar until it is! very fine, and add it gradually to the shortening. Beat until fluffy, add the yolks of 2 eggs and then beat some more. Sift 2^4 cups of cake flour, meas-1 ure, and add % teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of soda, 1 teaspoon of] baking powder, 1& teaspoons of cinnamon, a teaspoon of cloves. Sift again. Add the dry ingredients alternately with 1^4 cups sour milk and a teaspoon of vanilla. Beat well after each addition. Pour into a greased flat pan and spread over the mixture this meringue: Beat the egg whites stiff and slowly add to them 1 cup of brown sugar. Beat until smooth, spread over batter and. top with H cup of finely chopped nuts. Bake for 40 minutes at 350 degrees. \, Wakes Up 'Appetites ^RIYAL DOG FOOD GOLDEN POPOVERS, made of left-over oatmeal, and filled with creamed chicken, make a delicious and thrifty dish. Smooth thin-skinned grapefruit with a russet tinge usually means juicy fruit. Believe it or not, light popovers can be made of leftover oatmeal! They are delicious, golden brown, and have a flavor that is particularly good when filled with creamed chicken, ham or seafood. Top Hat Oatmeal Popovers (Makes 6 Popovers) One cup cooked oatmeal, 2 egg yolks, 1 cup sifted enriched flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup milk, 2 egg whites, stiff-beaten. Grease glass custard cups or popover irons and heat in oven while making the batter. Combine oatmeal and egg yolks Sift together flour, baking powder and salt. Add with milk to oat' meal-egg mixture and stir in light ly. Fold stiff-beaten egg whites into oatmeal mixture. Pillhot custard cups or. popover irons ?s full of batter. Bake In hot oven (425 degrees F.) for 20 minutes. Make a %-inch slit in the top of each popover for escape of steam Reduce heat to moderate (350 degrees F.) and bake 35 to 40 minutes longer. Remove from baking pan. Cut the top off each popover and "There's never a doubt—BLUE BONNET Margarine always leads the leaguejn our house," says Mrs. Casey Stengel, wife of the noted baseball manager. You, too, will love the delicate, sunny-sweet flavor BLUE BONNET adds to bread, vegetables, any food you serve! And don't forget that BLUE BONNET gives your fam- dlum onion , s i lced , 2 cups 'canned | in year-round Vitamin A nutrition! What's more, you save up to 40^ a pound when you get BLUE BONNBT instead of the high-priced spread for bread! So buy BLUE BONNET and enjoy "all 3"—Flavor! Nutrition! Ecouom-e-el r Advertisement. (12 ounces) at least partly de.- Irosted, 2 teaspoons salt, 1 teaspoon curry powder. 1 tea-spoon prepared 1 i mustard, 'n teaspoon pepper. Cook noodles according to tlons on package. Meh bottsj; && ground beef and cook over d heat until slightly browned. AflW MJLKI YOVB roo» BOLLIBI ae rIBTBIB AMD BUT MOBS I VALUE PARADE W. YOU CAN-ALWAYS DO BETTER AT THE BOTH PUBLIC SERVICE MARKETS OPEN TO 8 P. M. FRIDAY J9L1C SERV1C ^PWrSrl^Sw ^P^Vvivxr^^Pri^^Pr^^^K" 1 \^P ^^ss^^ff% FOOD MARK 24 S CfOftCS STREET AND CRfSAPTOWN PHONE ORDERS CALL CUMB. 600 CRSPTN 6313 Save 15c Baker's 4in-1 INSTANT COCOA ARMOURS MILK • • 0 CANS / jC SWIFTNING J CAN JgC COFFEE . OUR LEADER LB. BAG 71 c SALMON FANCY ALASKA LB. CAN 45c PORK AND BEANS LB. CAN 10c SUGAR lb 93c on your FAVORITE COFFEE Silver nois n No. V.-i 4A_ £ cam £0C MORRELL'S PURE LARD 2 t, 39c on your' < FAVORITE COFFEE USE COUPON ON BACK OF MUSSELMAN'S Tomato Juice USE COUPON ON BACK OP EVERY PKG. OF EARLY JUNE PEAS 2 HONEY BRAND WHOLE COOKED the TABLE margarin* HONEY BRAND COOKED ARMOUR'S CRESCENT SLICED Havaeup COFFEE Sunshine HON A EY Graham HOKOR BRAND FROZEN FOODS Golden Cut Corn ............ " k o 21e Gre.n Peas Dcnold Duck ORANGE Juice 2<° >39>e 29c TOMATOES. f3'»j I!,.. j A » *' New Self-Service Market CRESAPTOWN : ; / Phono 5437-M • We Deliver • Fre:e P'»ifjj'jji;g.'': Open Evenings Thursday, FrM»y, Sa*ur.d:ay a;n:di A$o:h;(£a# i Hi. Annawr'( Star LncheM Fresh'Ground HAMBURG 49c , b Garden Fresh Vegetables and Fruit* at F. S. Low Prices Large Head LeHuce ........ 2 <=r 2Sc GalSf. Pascal Celery •••• L°^< smik 27 c Solid New Cabbag* ......... 2 ^ 19c Fancy CalH. Carirnto .-2 ^^-> 29c Oni»n,« ............... 3 it.. 29c JUICY GRAPEFRUITS 8-lti. JjA Bag 43C AT vm PIMILIC SERVICE MARKETS COYLE BROTHERS SANITARY MARKET • Self-Serve • Phone 1734 • Free Delivery • 232 Virginia Avenue '• Sirloin Beef STEAK lb 89c toott Country » SAUSAGE > 39c Sliced l«on PORK SIDE IB. 49c Smoked Bacon SQUARES Ib. Canned BEEF ROAST . can Link Ring PUDDING .7. Ib. Whole or Shank Half TENDERIZED »29c Lean Sliced AO* BACON ...r. Ib. WC Large Grade A Fresh EGGS . doz. Home Made PON HA14S .. Ib. HAMS Ib 57c Cold Canned i 1/2 49 C h " Lb. ™«7l» Small Tendtr Club Steak u,89c PURE LARD T-lb. pkg. 19c Mrs. Filbert's COLORED OLEO 4 pound Sf AA prints I-WV Michigan Dried NAVY BEANS 2 Mb. cello AE_ • ••• packages *WW Dried KIDNEY BEANS 2 Mb. bags German or Export BOCK BEER 2.69 Case of $ 24 Bottles Woodbury's TOILET SOAP 3 Red Ripe SLICING TOMATOES 25c ,„. • Make a PIE • Pitted CHERRIES 2 45c Cherry PIE MIX --33c Apple PIE MIX - -31c APPLE SAUCE 2 -27c Sliced APPLES 2 » 33c Fresh APPLES 4 25c Large Fancy Golden BANANAS 2 , b , 29c Honor Brand FROZEN FOODS Broccoli • Cut Corn 28c 16c Donald Duck ORANGE JUICE Honor Brand ORANGE JUICE 35c 45c SOUTH END MARKET 414 VIRGINIA AVE. • FREE DELIVERY • TEL. 738 - 739 [ STORE HOURS ... 7 to 10 daily (except Sunday) BACON Squares 1 to S lb. Fine Seasoning 22c, BACON Sliced Ends, lean 23c lb. •Liver pcrk - >iiced ................... ib - 27c Sausage packer * pork Pork Loin "^ '"^ r ° ait ° r Pork Loin Mn tnd r ° a>t PorK Loin c ° nier ' r ° a>t ° r ^ Salt Side Ican iirt ° ktd "> 39c • ^- 3ic ib - 45c ib - 35c Honor Brand Frozen Foods Black Eye Peas *° 31 c Honor Kale - k « 25c D, Duck Orange Juice 2 — 35c Nome Style Waffles 21c Welsh's Grape Juice 25c SOUSE Tub. Just like Grandfather made 39c lb BRAINS Makes a fine meal 23c,, rt'ltd 6 - 8 '"-39c Chickens ( Ro £T B °) * 57c d, popular brandt ., "" lb ' wholi or ttring »nd hctf Hamburger f '«' h B "- d «•. 65c Beef Roast •"••»• ' ib «• 79c Mackarel >oi> fuh b ° n ' i< " 1 ib 49c Carrols = a PRODUCEi- c - Tomatoes Head Lettuce - 13 Celery Apples AH Oranges Potatoes^ 15">"i'89c 2 th 29c "«- « ib 25c 2 "<^ 35c 2- ^49c 4 b 29c *>< 29c on your FAVORITE COFFEE Grantsv'leEggs the best on the ave. Grade A, large 59Q Grade A, Med. Pork& Beans 21c 16-oz Soap Powder POPULAR BRANDS 57c ' lo. pka>. Milk 7 93c (»» 6.35)

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