Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 8, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1969
Page 2
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Dofly rock CHtlSTIAN 4M0 MiniONAKV ALUMtCI CHURCH 301 Cajoa ftiwt Bev. Gene heaer, i Snday sdwol 9:30. llonslss wDTslUp U:00» CALVABV MPmr CenMT «( BartoB Baad aid Alabana itnet •ITMtL CHtlSTIAN RIMUaiO Concr LnsoBia aad day. JnHnt Vigh. Jr.. patter. Snaday teteoi U:IS. lIoniBS wenUp 10:00. nb- ject. "ne ChriitiaB Ai Oaf." YouBf peoiile'* aodely U:1S. EvcaiBg aerviee T:00, fobject. "The Mtrade «( Ibe Inearaa-I tiaa." CHRIST THE KIN6LUTNIRAN Moraiaj -oiAJp U:00. fub-pailor. ^ ^ Bev. Eocene B- P»«itai. pa««r. )ject, "RewanUaj Repair." fuadajr »el>od 9:30 Cfanrdi and CoHoa. I Yooac petple's toeWjr 6:00. Mortfaj w*ipl0j30. Soada; sdMol aad Bible daat Exam aerrice T.OO. wbject Y OUB« people^ •odefr jJ ^OO. 9:lS. The B«-eUtioo of Jejail Eveains jeniee 7:00. Candle- Momiag worriup «:09 aad OtxiA." i^lW OwmanaiaB. 10:30. sobject, "Stront Wbea Weak." Vouae people's aodetr 7:00. FIRST RAPTIST OWRCM OF MENTONE lleotoBe bonlcTard near Craf- too svcsoc* StsMlay school 9:4S. WESTSIDR CHURCH OF CHRIST (OrMian) 149S W. Olive. Hedlaads. Ted Hurlboit, mioister. Sunday school 9:30. Morains worship 10:30. sub- jeci, "Jesus Looks to Youth For a Good Deed." John 6:1-14. Rec- iETHANY REFORMED TOS CaJoB sHceL Eer. DaaaU|p|||ST EVANGELICAL L. WcesMt, paitar. Soaday aebool •:«>. Uoraiiif worship 11:00, subject, ~Cover-Up Youax Peofde. Eveidnc ser\ice 7:00, message TEMFLE RAFTIST 611 E. Cypreai areme. wmam B. BdL pastor. Academy of Christian Trainiai 9:00. Sunday school 10:00. . ^ Morniag worship U :00. fob- by Mr. Bob Kraninc of Torest Monunc wtirthip U :00. sab- ject. "FamUy Aftiir." Home Oaafte«ace Center. Spe- joct. "Tbe Sin ot Unbelief.'* | Evcnins service 6:30, subject, dal music br Mist Aleia dark. Young peojdes society 6:00. ("People Who Uve In Glatt Evening service 7:00. subject. Hcuset." HI6HLAN0 AVENUE "The Presence of Cod." „ CHURCH OF JESUS OF LATTER DAY UINTS - IREDLANDS WARD I 640 Sooth Center street ; Redlands ward — Bidiop Deaa H. GKcn S ajn. — Priesthood meeiiBf 9:30 a.m. — Sunday sdMOI 3:00 pjn.—Sacrament raeeiinc Race rebtions Sunday fo w QDseiTeo Bace Hflatiwit Sunday it to be ohtcrved by mcnbert of the Temple Baptist church tomor-| row. IMr observance will be a part of tlie ffift^*! »tnpfiy«i« _ „ .J ,idac«d upon Bace ReUtioBs by ttreet. Bev. Andrew Yonns,|diurcbes throughout the South- pastar. en Bapiiit Conventian. &*^p »:.5. sub- " «• Jf-gS IS? tSSii ject: "Building the Omrch". momeBtam and snppart| Young people's society 6:00. Evening service 7:00. subject: "U Your Back Toward God?" BROOmOE FREE METHODIST San Mateo ad Bev. Wcdey L. Keller, pastor. ftmHjj ff^ftfti 9:4S. Moniing worship 10:50. scr- BMB by^gaest qt^kcr. Bev. C E. Grifllth. Yooag people's todety 6:00. Evening tetilce 7:00. sermon by gnett weaker. Rev. C. E. GriffitlL ^tetri^ General Ba^ ^^^g^ NAZARENE Dr. John P. Forqlb. interim East Citrus and North Grove LUTHERAN 1307 W. Cyprcia. Sunday sduwl 9: IS. Morning worship 8:00 10:45. subject: Response". FIRST RAFTIST and firoin more cburcbcs ucta ytMr^ and is aimed at strcngtbeafaig tile idatioBsliip •w^wg Cbris- tians from ail radal backgrounds. FordgB lindeata attCBdSng CaUonia BapUit College in BivenUe are to be special (udts the BMniiiif widiip "The Expectant'service. Bepresenthig several racial back^tiunds. these students tachale Chariet Bladde of Liberia. Oriando Vaeaflor of Bo- osnition of Scout Sundiy. SSlh Redlands Second Ward - Biib- AmiversaiT of Scouting in op XOe A. Sorensoa L'.S.A. Youth Night 6:30. Area youth sing at Golden Valley diurdi 8:00. Evening service 6:30. SALVATION ARMY 838 AlU street Lt Oriin Jackson Sunday sdxwl 9:45. Holiness meeting 11:00. Salvation meeting, 7 p.m. Wed. Bible study and prayer 9:30. 9 a.m. — Priesthood meeting U:30 a.m. — Sunday sebod 5 pjn. « Sacrament tneeting TRINITY EFISCOFAL (Butrage Memorial) Seullwast comer Fourth street aad West Fem. Robert H. Larkia, Rector Holy Eucharist 8:00. Ho^ Baptism, sermoo and jdnircb school (family sen-ice) CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHRISTi ^ RadlaBds boulevard. Rev. William Van Pcurtem, pastor. Soaday sdiool 11:20. Moraing worship 10:00. sermon by Rev. C. Boomtma. Subject "Doubting Prayer." Young people's lodcty 6:00. Evening service 7:00. sermon b7 Rev. C Boomsma. Subject. "Amazing Love of God." meeting. Friday, young peoples meet' tng 6:00. CHURCH OF COD "HOLINESS" Mtotleran Comer Clay and Western S. L. Bladcwell. pastor. Ben H. BrakebiU. Teadser aad Supt Sunday school 10:00. Morning worship 11:00. Evening serWce 7:00. nursday Bible study 7:00. LOMA LINDA ST. JOSEPH THE WORKER Rev. Josq>h Saoj, pastor. Sunday Masses, 8, 10 and 11; a.m. Weekday Mass, 7:30 a.m. Novena to Jesus of Prague. Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. Confessions Saturday, 3 to 5:30 and 7 to 9 p.m. FIRST METHODIST One East Olive avenue. Hev. H. Mike Fink, pastor. EMMANUEL MISSIONARY RAFTIST UOO Occidental driva. SECOND BAPTIST CHURCH Ninth and Stuart avenue. Charles C. Connor, pastor. MENTONE ASSEMBLY OF COD Turquoise and Brighton. Wayne Mart, pastor. JESUS NAME PENTECOSTAL Rev. Bob Riece, pastor. Sunday school 10:00. ST. PAUL A .M.E. Sixth and ffigh streets. TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH (SauHMni) 300 E. Fenntylvaaia LUeONIA AVENUE FOURSQUARE CHURCH 1126 East LngODU. Rev. Kenneth R. Bronning, pastor. UNIVERSITY METHODIST 910 East Cotton avenue. Bev. Robert B. Perry, paster. BAHA1 FAITH 1007 College Avenue 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Adult Bible study 10:00. Coffee hour 10:30. Morning prayer and sermon U:00. Junior and Senior EYC 7:00. Journey in Faith 7:30. CHURCH OF CHRIST 1031 Ohio street (comer of Brockton and Ohio). Don Hesterley, minister. Bible study 9:45. Preaching and communion 10:45. Evening service 6:30. Tuesday Bible study 7:30. CENTRAL CHURCH OF CHRIST ICOO Roosevelt Road. Claude E. Parker, minister. Sunday school 9:45. Morning worship 10:45. Evemng service 6:30. Wednesday evening Bible study 7:00. MT. ZION MISSIONARY BAPTIST 1202 Orange street Rev. Charles L. Hopkias. pastor. Morning worslup 11:00. Wednesday service 7:30. REORCANIZED CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS Fourth and Clark streets. REDLANDS FRIENDS MEETING (Quakers) Meeting for Worship Sunday, 10:00 a.m., U4 West Vine street THE BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH OF REDLANDS Old-fashioned — Fundamental Independent 831 Clay street Pastor Phil Coulter. Sunday schocd 9:45. Morning worship 10:45. Evening service 7:00. UCRED HEART CATHOLIC Soutlieast comer West Olive avenue and Eurdta street Rev. Henry W. Eeane, pastor. Rev. John J. Keenan, associate pastor. Sunday Masses at S:15, 7:45, 9:00. 10:30 a.m.; nooo and 5:30 pm. O)nfessions Saturday from 3 to 5 aad 7 to 8:30 pjn. FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOO 1445 Ford Street Ford street offramp. Rev. Uoyi L. Recce, pastor. Sunday school 9:45. Morning worship 10:50. Evening aerviee 7 :00. Wednesday 10:00 prayer and Bible study. Thursday 7:30 famOy night FIRST CONGRECATIONAL Northwest comer Cajoo street and West Olive avame. Rev. Harry C. Suttaer. pastor. Sunday school 10:00. Morning worship 10:00, subject: "A Lincoln Message". FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Cajon and Vine streets. .Minister: Mark Lewis Andrews. DJ>. Morning worship 9:00 Southwest comer West Olive jjy],, yit, chew of Hong avenue and Cajoa ttreet Bev. Kog^ ,gd IU„ Boberg from Finland. Mitt Boberg to pretent a vocal tok>. The others in the group win bring their personal Chrittian testimoBiet. In addition to the students from CaBttonte BapUst CoDeie. Samir Nimri. a gndn- ate student at tbe Univefsity of| Redlands. will participate in the service. Mr. Nbnri it a native Ivan B. Bell, pastor. Sunday sdiool 9:30. Momiag worship 11:00. subject: "On Uw and Order". JunkH- Baptist fellowship 5:00: Bureer-break 6:00: Senior high BYF 6:15: Junkir high BYF 6:30. Eventag service 6:00. subject: "American Youth on Mission in Japan". Miss Nancy Bell. Adult Forum. CHURCH OF RELIGIOUS SCIENCE 402 Churdt street Eleanor M. SaffeQ, minister. Sunday school 10:00. Momfaig wonUp 10:00, subject: "The Pathway to Perfec- Uon". MENTONE C0K6RE6ATI0NAL COMMUNITY CHURCH Southwest comer of Beryl avenue and Mentono boulevard. Bev. Vincent B. Wayland. Sr., pastor. Sunday school 9:30. Mcming worship 10:45. subject: "A Matter of Christian Coocera?" and "Meeting Life's The Alliance Church 301 Caien Strtef Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. "REWARDING REPAIR" A.Y.F.'s 6:00 P .BL Evening Service 7:00 p.m. "THE BOOK OF THE REVELATION" Wednesday • .7:00 p.m. Prayer and BiUe Study Rwr. Gene Beezer, Minirier 793-1494 11:00. subject: Requirements" COMMUNITY BIBLE CHURCH I.O.O.F. Buiidinc Cilrus and Olive avenue. Rev. Clifton W. Lesley, pastor. Sunday school 9:45. Bloming worship 11:00, subject: "Tbe Acb of The Apostles." Evening service 7:00, sermon by Sang and Frances Boone, missionaries to the Philippines, subject: "Jungle Trails", iUustrat- ed with colored slides. STATE STREET CHRISTIAN 604 E. SUte street Rev. Maurice F. Lyerla, D.D., Sunday school 9:15. Momiog worship 10:30, subject: "Ut's Give God a Chance". Young people 's sodety 6:00. UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP CHURCH OF REDLANDS 1515 Fi»d Street. Sunday school 9:45. Homing worship 11:00. sermon by Rev. Dr. <>eorges S. Cooke, subject: "Bdief. Faith and Religion: Traditioral and Rational". UNITY MISSIONARY BAPTIST Amarican BapHO AstadaHtn 1059S Nevada street Paster, Brother B. G. WoodaH Sunday school 9:45. Worship service 10:45. Baptist Training class 6:30. Worship service 7:30. Mid -week Service Wednesday 7:30. EVANGEL TEMPLE ASSEMBLY OF GOD 1202 Orange G. W. Dunagan, pastor Sunday school 9:45. Morning worship 11:00. Evangelistic, 7:00. Thursday BiUe study 7:30. ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC 1005 Cehimbia street Rev. Ricardo Meza, pastor. Rev. J. Edmund Andre, atsistant Mattes Sunday 7, 8 (Spanish) 9 (chiMren's), 10 and U a.m. I and 7:30 p.m. Weekday Masses Monday. ntesday, Friday, Saturday 1 a.m. and 6 p.m.; Wedccsday, 6 p.m.; Thursday 8 a.m. Confesaons Saturday 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. Spiritual Emphasis Wtek FEBRUARY W» Tiai9 •f StfvicMs Sundays 10:50 a.ra. k T:00 p.m. Wedneaday 7:00 p.a. At IrnksMt Ficc MHMbt Chvch Sm MUM I ToMssee Streets ii Redliidi Tbe fcOewioK qwdal tmioat will be hdd • Homes (Namea aad Addietae* to be amwupced Uter), 7:30 p.m. MONDAY (Bereant S.S. CUti) Middle aged. TUESDAY (Young People, ages 13HIP) THUBSDAY (Young AdulU. Married Ic Single) FRIDAY (Cbnrch-Builden Oast) Adult Bilde CUu SalOTday: The HiB win Biaat iB tta Cta^ at«:MpA..igralbd.« W. U KEUn ridp. mm nuia HOPE PROTESTANT REFORMED CHURCH 403 West Colton. Rev. C. Hanko, pastor. Sunday school 11:45. Morning worship 10:00, subject: "The Keys of The Kingdom". Young people's society 11:45, subject: Romans 7:19-25. Evening service 7:30, subject: "Mercy Rejoicing Over Judg ment". IMPACT OF REDLANDS (Uniled PmbytMlan) Clement Jr. High School. Bev. HaroM Hud^th. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST SCIENTIST Northwest comer Fourth and West Vine streeU. FIRST CHRISTIAN REFORMED 1135 CHiurch street Rev. Henry Radini, Pastor. YUCAIPA CALIMESA CHURCH SERVICES YUCAIPA VALLEY PRESBYTERIAN 34558 Avenue E. Rev. Wendell G. Wollam. Church school 9 :25. Morning worship 11:00, subject: "Journey Inward, Journey Outward". Junur high youth 5:00; Senior high and college 6:30, Rev. GtOTge Graham, chaplain. University of Redlands, speaker, "Revolution on Campus". PRINCE OF PEACE LUTHERAN (Wis. Syned) Hughes Funeral Chapel 33629 Yucaipa Boulevard Rev. Hugo Wamke. Moming worship 8:30. Sunday school 10:00. UNITED METHODIST CHURCH OF YUCAIPA Adams and Beech. Rev. Vickrey Dougherty, pastor. Sunday school 9:50. Moming worship 9:00 and 11:00. Young people's sodety 6:30. YUCAIPA VALLEY CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE Avenue H at Second street Rev. W. H. Burton COMMUNITY CHURCH OF DUNUP ACRES tFundamental-lRdtpwident) 12717 Fourteenth -street Rev. Albert TerwiUiger. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST, YUCAIPA 12505 Fourth street. Sunday service 11 a .m.; Sunday school, 9:30 a .m. Children cared for durisg Sunday church service. Wednesday evening testimonial meeting, 8 p.m. Reading room, 12114 California street Open daily except Sundays and holidays 10 a.m. to 4. GREEN VALLEY BIBLE CHURCH 12152 Bryant street, Yucaipa. Rev. Paul Buser FIRST ASSEMBLY OF GOD Rev. Ronald C. Haus, pastor. Comer of Second and B streets. Sunday tefaool 9:45. Morning worship U:00. C .A. 5:30. Evangelittic Rally 7:00. Wedaetday. 7:00, family ai |kL ST. ALBAirS RPneOPAL . Avenue A and Adaou. ' Bev. Peter Wallace, VIear. Scrviect' at 8 aja. aad 10:U. of Jordaa. aad It a meaiber of | the Temple church. Drctsed bi their native dothing, the young people will also visit in tbe vari out departments of the Snaday Schocd. Kansas pastor to be Free Methodist guest JUv. C. E. Griffith wm he the guest speaker tomorrow at the BrooksMe Free Methodist church. San Mateo and Tennessee streets, at the 10:50 a.m. and 7 p.m. services. Rev. Mr. Griffith was a farmer in Kansas before entering the ministry. He graduated from Central College in McPherson and then attended Greenville College in Greenville. DL, graduating from there in 1961. In August of 1961 he was appointed pastor of the Lan-reocc' Free Methodist church in Lawrence, Kansas. While pastor, he attended the Nazarene Theological Seminary in Kansas City graduating three years later. He has conslracted a new church in Lawrence and has also been active in youth work of the Kansas (^inference. Own iHOwy used agaiiisf fcim? Sunkist says farmer lacks church voice Many farmers who are: staunch dnaxhmen are vsidag frustration at thdr inaUHty to make themselves heard at the poBey-makkig level of tbe cfanreh says General Manager D. M. AadertOB of SunUtt in Ua monthly letter to memhert of the citrus cooperative. Sun­ Utt bat huadrcdt of grower- laemben here. Tamers are waklenly reaSz- ing that Ibeir fiaaadal tnpport of the dmrdi may be at least partially nted to attadc them hi a maaner wUeh they con- sUer eom^etdy ontsUe tbe sphere of reUgfcw." Anderson says. Hb statement foDows: "Farmers have long been cestfidly adjusted to reality in many activities. Necessity has bniq[bt him doser to other: fields of interest where he h a s often formed political coalitions of mutual interest "It has come as a distinct dMck to many in agrjcnltnre to find iU rdaUons with a lifelong friend have become cruelly strabted. Farmirs — rightly or] wrongly — have traditionally kMked askaaee at politics but the support of their church has never been bi doubt Urbanifesl CX)MBINED SERVICE — Rev. Charles Connor, left, pastor of the Se<»nd Baptist (±tirch and Rev. Robert Perry, right, pastor of the University Uni- tefl Methodist church, look over the program for theii' joint hymn sing and feUo\vship service tomorrow at 3 p.m. at the University Methodist church. The service will featiuc the churches choirs and soloists as well as congregational singing. The combined service continues a tradition going back for more than a decade. Rev. George Smart named Calimesa Baptist pastor Rev. George W. Smart has been called as the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Calimesa. Rev. Mr. Smart has been serving as interim pastor of the church, 940 South Second street, since September. Tlie installaUon service will bo held at 3 p.m. tomorrow. Rev. William Powell of tbe Baptist convention office in Los Angeles will preach the sermon. Dr. Vickrey Dougherty, representing the Yucaipa Valley Ministerial association, will bring the greetings. Mrs. Opal Schultz will be the organist. George Graham to be guest in Yucaipa Rev. (leorge Graham, chaplain to the University of Redlands, will be the guest leader hU"'Ind'"Se G R!U ^ ofte .I^Tl^a^^^- « andjful state and federal legislafors v 'ScVp ^v 'aln^Tr^Vterl^n ^J^^'^^^t^^^^l^!:^.^^^ ^'j -e encouraging agriculture aware of dwindling political might cynically refer to certain musde ... it's been a matter large sections of tbe country as of simple statistics with farm: the "BiUe Belt" but the farmer population decreasing — urban Uving in the "Belt" didn't mind, devdopment banooning. . . . Po- He fdt comfortable and secure lideal^. the farmer has sue- with his church. "Apparently the farmer has also lost reUgious musde. apt necessarily hi tbe country churches, but perhaps in the re- latkwship of flie country church with its urban afCliates. To some this seems analogous to the changes in political strength. "It sesns dear the current positkm of the church — regardless of denomination — fai the IHment grape boycott has been dectated by a group within the church which was dot sufBdent- ly interested in its rural members to offer them an opportunity to present their views before the position was taken. 'Tanners are suddenly realiz- hjg that their financial support of tbe church may be at least partially used to attack them in a manner which they consider completdy outside the sjdiere of i religion. Fire bombing of retail stores, destmction of merchandise, maiming of clerks and .threats on customers, seem far I removed from the church. However, diurch supported "nonviolent" grape boycott has been alleged to use such "persuasive methods." "Another thing overiooked by farmers is the fact that the churdi today is run like any other big business — must be to succKsfully compete with other influences. The man who attends church for spiritual' guidance but who takes no part in tbe business affairs of his church probably has small voice in its policies. Surprising to many is that an appointment with a church leader is often harder to come by than a con- Iference with a corporate presi- I dent ' "A recent meeting in Wash' ington of agricultural leaders — 'many of them staunch church- I men — voiced unanimous frus- j tration in the inability of t b e I agricultural layman to be heard I at the policy-making level of the church. One man wryly stated his opinion, "It's as if the church had many mouths but a I single ear." "Fanners everywhere are beginning to speak up. Charles Shuman and Allan Grant — national and state leaders respectively of American Farm Bureau Federation — well-respected laymen of their churches — are speaking out Others are taking up the cause, questioning fund allocaUons, asking the church to take a second look at .some of its bed-fellows. Still more must do so. In certain areas, the church is beginning to listen. Perhaps it really has tvo ears. "In the meantime, agriculture is lookhig closely at its own position. Prominent and thought- graduate work at the University uf California and Berkeley Baptist Divinity School in 1950. He earned his doctorate in theology in 1957 from Central Baptist Seminary, Kansas City, authoring a history of the Nevada Indian Missions as his dissertation. Mrs. Smart is an alumna of (terdon CdUese, and served one term as a home missionary in Maine under the Congregational-Christian Conference. The Smarts have two children: Richard, a sociologist at the ! University of Colorado and Car-! Yucaipa Valley Presbyterian Church Sunday at 6:30 p.m. Rev. Mr. Graham, who is a minister in the American Baptist Convention, will discuss with the Presbyterian youth group the theme, "Revolution on Campus", examining the complex factors contributing to the current student disorders. Chaplam Graham is a gradu ate of the University of Redlands and of Andover Newton Seminary in Massachusetts. He has done further graduate study at Boston University, Union Theological Seminary, New York City, and is a candidate for the doctor's degree in the Old Testament fidd at the University of Chicago Divinity School. He has served Baptist Churches in Massachusetts and Iowa and has been University Chaplam m Redlands since 1963. He currently also ser\-es as counsdor m Juvenile Hall. llBifariaii strvictt "BeUef, Faith and Rdigion: Traditional and RaUonal" will be the sermon to be delivered by the Rev. Dr. Georges S. Cooke tomorrow at 11 a.m. at the UniUrUn Fellowship Church of Redlands. ISlS Ford street Viators are welcome. vlirector of the Tahoe Indian Parish in Nevada. A native of Glendale, California, he was ordained to tbe ministry in 1936 at Georgetown, Massachusetts with degrees from (lordon 0>Uege and Divinity School. Smart did further to support a labor relations program which will recogu'ze the farmer's unique production ige on Second street in Cali- problems. If churches need two mesa. ears . . .?" Nancy Bell to talk about Japan project Miss Nancy Bell will be the speaker tomorrow from 6-8 p.m. at the Fu^t Baptist church. 51 West OUve avenue. She will talk on the recent Youth Caravan to the Orient which was composed of members of the Baptist Youth Fellowship of Southern California. Miss Bell is a recent gradu- jate of the University of Redlands. The major work of the youth in Japan was the consfaruction of an outdoor chapd at the youth camp of the Japanese Baptist youth. While, in Japan the group lived- in private homes. ' Bethany Reformed Church SUNDAY, ra. f "Cev«r.Up Yemig PMpIt" Msmini Warship 11:10 a.m. Church School a.m. Special Yeuth Service 7:00 p.m. Mr. Bob Kraning, guest $p«»k«r, staff nwmber Fortst HomB Cliristian Cenfennc* Grounds. Special Music, Alexa Clark. 705 Cajon St. Phone: 793-1966, 792-1271 Fsf Daily Inipiratitn Call 712-1211 (24 hours) Rtv. Dsnald L Watmhoff. iMinisttr Mr. Claranca Zylsiro, DirKtsr'af Youlli and Evangaliim FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 4lh AT VINE Maik L AMrmn, D.D.. PattH Mrs. caarltt Htartll, DiiKlar a< Mtcatlan Naar warshippinf in tha Prtsbitarian Annas BOY SCOUT SUNDAY, FEB. 9 Twa Saivicas: IM ajn. 4 1IM a.M. Sf rman by Dr. Andrews 'MEETING LIFE'S RBQUIRiMINTS" Church School and Adult Saminan S:4S A.M. All Aia waleanw! MUSIC OUT. Prof, iamat Jtffantan, Dir. EIraiffl sat*, AuX Oinctac organist: Jalf Rickare f f Are You a Religious "DROP OUT ARE YOU "FED UP' with the church that turns the pulpit into a forum for preaching violent revolution, civil disobedience and the "new morality?" ARE YOU INTERESTED IN a church that adheres to the Bible and to the historic Westminister Confession of Faith, and is not entangled with the patrons of a radical "social gospel?" Then write or coff: Rev. W. E. Lyons, Orgonizing Pastor REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SfMd « P.O. In 302. Yaeripo »7<«047

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