The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 6, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 6, 1930
Page 7
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1930^ NEA Service Inc. Jft UURA U)U BROOKMAN JllliTII CAJIKHOX. ixi o <. .tril-tark (.uJill.fclc,,. b,ig Kt .<t» • iitililirt li)r olb.rr «lrl« I. |k,'.|.- Uvr hiMTUftr »hr iH'nm ruimiiiiMl-' railvt- [iFmul h*> i>rUjifr nffNlr*. .*l|T||Ul K-VHIUT.'.. V«r".|lv!!; ilhn I. ri-trrvri) nnd nMldh«i-r.' iH'mmr. lnlr r r>li-il |,, ,) lr ,.| r | aft llKlvH Itrr [11 i:ilcr dltmi-r ulrh him •indllii. >.'H,CM:I.-.I r m luirrn ••!•<], nr.rpi, lln. Invlmiliiii. (inlBhl. n*u ,bn» nvlrd on n ithlut. f«r- '•""it* niurv nnil «i uf ,. mirn.ltj '"» Il'c-Klrt. Mr l« liinriy ,,,,,1 M, i-Mlitri-n —Tltxv. is. r.nM .11'Mini, l^-:iri- l:<il!> r. nil } rrnin I: r. |< <i Mm- iilRM., inii-r itM Jnnlih fcrrp'.-;i r.ij.lrr -, ,:, iilmrnt 1. '"A.! 1 """ 5 ° l!l " «l"im "Hr i-nlln yhrtr I. n,, nrjiiiiirnl far. furrn ftirin fit nfirt-n .|br Ktrl -In. V.W'''!--*"' "'J^ '» """ » re " -liidllfi. »<»,« |tlrlurr-«f kraitllul. .«»>. KrilKhl. l-'nr inn wi-i-li. Ar- rruir- liikva .liifllKi in illnntTft. or>n- l-i-«« niiil |i|;i)s ini'l „, ||,,. rn ,| „,, <,IlMC .HL, icr In warrr Win.? Mil- .r^rri'ji. ' -'-, yJ -..• u Mi\V (ill US tt-ITH/TIIK ST'UIU •-< ' ''•' "I 1 !!!';. niurnlni; niter Judith hail .. MfoiiilsTii 10 hccnme Arthur KtiiKli:'* wife slio \vutc lo facu j dri.-aiti.ivi>-,-!!). .Tlie.dlniwilant chit- r- v . lorln& < I ih e alarm.cinch uroined ty her ut 7. - •• '. : . JinHih shut Uio-alarm o\, liireiv <Vnvii/:l:t!. i-uyi'i-s and ijirjis! an? tuiJl to Hie llcor. Then she reoiein- bored.;. -......_ She'hnd agreed to marry Arthur Knight! A vision ut ibat scene In tlie rcV-jTitluii rrom last nlglit bcal ill uphll her claycil, halt-iliiubttng mltiflif S!lc ran- .m'fult I.; Knight's nrinsr.!.n-.v i-c- '-ad l:,-;r| her. klsslnf. Hrr a'-Miii ami araln. murmuring i; .:i l-i- :;:In;v.1 her, liial B ii c w;la j-.-ii-Ji-r-i n.".)-.-,! [i.-irc. (fiat lie [overt her, P:-I--II hci :ind vvuiued her to I)S Ills v. :•-.; _ ''-n.! v :';<. tan;! went i, judlib's I. . M:i:il in (relieve—that pk-iure. s:iPsn.i liusdf. loo. half-sobbing, '>-'_'•:!•!; i" l!:e man's shoulders as returned Knisht's kirscs. She Ji.-ril ijHnn-c-. 1 limi to stroke her lovely !:::•;:•. in put lier arms snotliinsly. P;-i>:u:!;lii.^ tl:at from nmv un everything Hi the world \vas to kn bena- tiful -and hnpjry. Would u, ef not -lisilliii remenihercd how sbq had nald xr.u:\ ni-iii lii.uiiy r .|,h a ,- ]li!pk 6n-.tie' ; a hiss ai;d tho man's strong arm*. al:uut her. Siny was Eijing'to'tjcionie Stri Ar- iXoiv she was thoronshly p.wake, V-'oi:i!i;;'iiis l:m slie_li;d ever been able-to sleep throusli Ihe nlgh'l There, had ireen huurs. of course In which she lay sleepless and loss- iii?. She remenihercd them too. With n unnnd she was out of tied, n'warc lime ivas Hying anil that subway rushes do no! wait for sen- liineuL "Tint; coffee was bplljngiMicn she had finished at tho dressing table anil pulled the gray-blue jersey over her htad. Ono Dual glance she stolo'into the mirror. The mirror was.crooked and distorting "By-by, Old I.ooktns Glass!" J«. ditb Cameron said aloud. "Wo won't lie, here much longer!" Then she sat down for.-u lire- minute breakfast, finished tho last droii'of coffee and started for the door. She hail not reached' It before there was a rap. "Who is it?" "It's me, Miss Camerou- Sarau." " . ' Jmlllh recognized the voice of the middjo-ascd servant whose function It was lo provide the "maid t A'ow Judith pullet; the door b.ick "Good morning. Sarah," slle said Sarah stood in the doorway, a . vaslg.ho.ird Iwi in her arms, """or yon. Hiss Cameron," Here eyes n-erc brighter than u> ."For mo';"-. .. "J .guess'they're, noivero. It's.a tloTvei- shoji'.name-pn the lag. Oiily, my! ain't It' uri elegant package, though"!" "• :; v. : ;••',-• . • • '•' Tlie girl'untying 1 the 'wrappings. A "Oob! l ' : <_esqaped her lips as she drew away'ttie. green, tissue. "Look, Sarah, looli!" .It was thu mob^ exquisite corsage of violets Judith had ever beheld which .sue raised from tlio'bos. The. rich, dewy perfume of the hlossoi'us was Hko a poem. Quaintly outlined with a Icco mflle nnd tied with-'ribbons. the bouquet was certainly a perfect lovo token. . * "Oh, they are lovely—they're beautiful," Judith murmured, feasting her eyes on Ihc flowers. "What can 1 - do with them, Sarah? -Whore'll I put ttwm?" •"^iren't? you goiu' to weaT"cm; Miss Camera J?" ' "No. -Not this morning I'm afraid. 1—I couldn't. Oh, I dou'l want them to die!" . "Want tr.e to put 'cm in the 1ce box, Miss-Cameron? They'll keep perfect there. Won't take up much room neither." '. ,"Would you, Sarah! Oh, that's sweet of you. Here—" Judith extracted ihree or tour of Ihc : violets ami lucked them into BarnJi's Mouse. "Now then—I'll liavo to run like everything. I'm i Ric (joodby, Sarah. Thank you a lot." "Bye, Miss Cameron." : '•'• * - * + .-''•-• 'PEN minutes lalcr Jndilh jammed into Ihc ertd of a subway car. omntly Ins's taskn Immediately. Hut her eyes \vcro brighter Ihan UBiial'anil lier cheeks slaycd warmly iilnk all morning. • : She did not sea Adelaide nu.lge .Mitel lint Eho heard her stage whisper. "Frcsty's warming up!" Suddenly Judith Cameron decided upon linmedinte action. She turned about, eyed Adelaide Conway calmly, then "arose and walked tq'Miss Tnpper's bfilcc. the Elaliun. She, was live- nilnules late in reaching her desk at the office and raw that Carla .Morrison Iiad her eyes on.Ilie clock. ' I Judith pinned! into the morn- "No.' Miss Tupper. And 1 wish lo leave jit the end o( tbe week, I KOU14 llko iny dual pay check ucit Saturday." Mlss'Tupoer mopped a drawer shut.- • "Very well," ah« said sharply. Judith turucj her back, sitilllni; lo thluk how Mr. KnlRlit hart been "dlsuleiucd." Tin mofld nassecl very quickly, and she Iwamo serious. ' After all, liad'sho really heard tho Insl of Kalhryn K. Tupper! When evcntinilly llio woitinn should hear tlwt Knlslit nnd Judith were 10 wed—! '• '• . The tlrl slmddcrcd. » •'•"•' gllK did not ECO Knight during .llio iuurnliif hut at uuo o'clock sliorlly afu-r lie- return from luiich.ahcro was a leleiiltono call. Only rarely did Judith Caiutron receive telepliono messages nt Ihu onice. Sho eyed the. Instrument. suspiciously, tliun picked up the ro- ceirer, "lletto!" . ... "Judith? I hope the flowers raid | 'fiood mornlns 1 to you— i'vo been , wauling lo say it myself, dear." . "Oh, but they did! Thoy'rt *o- beautiful, Where—ivlicr^ arc yonl" ]' -.f'Now. you're being • cautloun. nren;t you?" . Tlio man lauslicd. "Npycr iiilnil. Over an Forty second Btrccl. Out to lunch; you know. J liaii to hcar' f your voice. Judith." A low laufh reached him over tho wire. . "Thai's better," Kn'liiht cdalln- ned. "Let mo hear you'laiifih. 'And I wanted to tell you, Judith, I'll bo calling; al C:30." "Al 'CiSO." tho girl agreed. "Thank you very much." 'You couldn't say more tlian 'thank j-oii'7" ho coaxed. "You dun't really think I should —now—do-yon?" "Oh, you're right, dear. Vuu'ro rlnht. Until tonight then?" "Yes. Goodby." "CocdUy." The alicrnoon dragged. Judith filed away tutors, wrote oilier and made ncal tarbbns. At.last II was llvo inljiiitcs of (Ive, Hiie put her work aivay. went for tier wraps nnU hurried out of Hie oflice as usual. . "The door of Mlss-Tupper's -offlce was alivfiys open but Judith knocked. "Yes—what Is II!" Kalbryn Tuppcr adjusted her spectacle:! ami when slio ja\v who it wns Elanillng on tho threshold she frowneil. "Well, Miss Camwon?" "I wish to give notice that.I am leaving," said Judith. "Well!" Interest indeed could be read on Katlivyn 'flipper's face. She leaned forward, eyeing tho girl closely. "I hope," she smiled -wryly ,'ou haven't found Iho work unpleasant here?" "Oh, no. -Miss Tnprior. I—have oilier plans." The answer.seemed to displease the woman at Iho desk. Sho wenl on tartly: "I'm son-)—that !s--there have been a few things. Jliss Cameron of which I had intended lo speak'. Since von'ro leaving It won't be necessary. However—Mr. 'Knight has been displeased. Under these circumstances, I cannot. with ; clear couscierco give you a rccom mendalion—" "It's quite unnecessary, thank you." "Indeed? I suppose you'vo just inherited an oil well?" Tho sarcasm and auger were unconcealed ..aip.M SHO>VS THE WAY An hour and a half later when Arthur Knight railed for her Judith was ri-ndy. wearing tlio great Imuch of violas [iltineii ( 0 her coat. Thero waa im taxi (onlglu bui n himdsomo maroan-liiied town- car. "Why—Arttur!" she exclaimed. "How gorgeousl" Ho helped Judith Into the car. caiiahi, her close and kissed her lips tendcrlf before ansircring. Then: "1 hofe*-t!iat you'd like lt." : sahl Arthur-Knight. "Wbero shall wo go, dear?' "Am I to decide?" "I want yo'i to." " ' Judith's eyes twinkled. "Then I'll tell you." she snlil. "Let's go where we hnd our vcrv first iliiuicr together." "Judith!" Ho held her near again, deeply pleased. "One moment here," exclaimed Knight. "Shut your eyes, young womnn. Slim them!" ; She knew what It was going to bo, of con: so, when she opened (hose eyelids. Judith knew—but tlie sight exceeded all drcanni. On tlie third finger of her left tinml Gleamed Iho while lire of a solitaire. The Jc-.rsl was'dazzljng. ' "Oh, Arthur!" the girl cried. Slio caught her.breath. Then, hesitantly, as though each word hurl, she brought out the rest: '.- :' .. "Arthur — there's something — something I've got to tell you!" (To Ilo CohD'aucd) HtCt. HA 1 . V.iLLXCU'LL H^VE. PLEUTV Or OTHLR TO sviovi -AWM ~T tfK. CUE Oil THE PIMIO.CM3, ct-B3x WID ru \'OO DO^'T GtT VHNC MJD D'.Mu \icp. SHE'S -^r t. COWUE 07 WCE.XS EIR A. i P\ WEAUKV BuLMNE. W VOU 'l MfvKSl USt OF WLQ.VIO:!'/. OP * ' saw IDEA,. I'LL DO IT I SHOW HEP KIVICi VOU l\ i.OJiN UKE. MOO DO K New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. G. (iP)~ O|>eii High lav Close Jan 1675 ICT9 ICG3 IGG3 Mar .... 1704 1707 1632 1G33-3.1 May .... 1128.1733 1718 1718-19 July .... 1744- 1749 1735 1735 Oct 174G 1740 1738 1738 Dec. . 1750U New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 6. „., Open High Low Close •Kin 1G97 IG90 1G36 1680-87 Mar .... 1707 1710 11(12 1702-03 Mny .... 1737 1739 1735 1725-26 July .... 1750 1756 1742 1742-43 Cct 1769 1762 1751 1751 D CC 1717 17G2 1762-G3 Plumbing-, Steam, Gas and Hot Water Heating by "AL"thePlumbei (A. (J. AitVcnl Phone 894-W 316 N. 9th. WERT He Maket : Em See Royal C. Mills Public Accountant And Auditor Specializing in Income Tta, Bookkee^lnj Phone S! Bld«{. Blythcville, Ark. IN Till; ORCUIT COURT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, A»K\\. BAS FOll -n,K CIllCKASAWlIA Ul'JTHICT. Ill the manor o( ustllloii ot Chi- ctgo Mill ft Umiucr Comnsuy »nd other owners ot real i>ro[i- •rty to eslahllsli a dralnnsjo dls- trlcl cBibracliig porlloim ot Ihu Ciilck»»iiivl., 1 Witrict of Mlssli- iljpl Coniuy, Ulto.Cltjr Dlnrlct of UslBhMd County »nd o( I'oln- •oil Comity, nud urcllmlimry report of engineer thereon. ' , Nollce is heroby given 11ml tho report ot Iho preliminary sumy ot * proitosi'd JraltmEP.dliilrlct iwtl- tloaed tor liy Chicago Sill) «i:J Uimbor Comiuny nnd olher own- *rs o! fea! iiropcrty onibriu'liis portions ot tho Chlckasawbn Dls- Irlcl ot Mlsaisslpiil County, the tako Clly District of Cralgtail County 1111,1 ot Polnielt County wai duly filed irlth Iho unJortlgncil m ClcrX ot the Circuit -Court ot Mlsslsslin,! County, Arkansas tor th2 C:i!cta!:!wb;i Ulslrlcl, on .S'o- vcmVer 23. 1'jao, nnil publlcntlon of notlrt' onli'reil OH snld day and a «uni!!crnpHiHl order tor a cur- reeled pnWlcailon was mnjo l.y tho jiild roiiTl on Uoccmbor M 1829.4-lKMIi heliiR regular uiljuiirn' cd days ot this court, inul by tho «ald EiipplementAl ordor thn court directed iho undersigned ni Clerk; to puMfeU this notice, nnO fiseil the 20th dny of' Jnnrary. 1930^ ns Ike ihiy tor llio hcsr!:,g of c(M jirellmlimry report- of the cufitncer as Morcsild, and .r." and ^11 objections nnil lomou- slranci'3 tlirrcto, and to dalor- nilnu.. v:hclhcr or not the dnihmsc dlslrtct iic-tllioiicil 'for should | iu cstnbllBliod iiuilcr. tlio laws governing #Hcrnatiro Eystcas ot dr.itu- n»*o jlhtricls in ArXniisau, nnil to isakj ouch order and Judgment 113 tho iimirl m'riy doom proii^r in that Announcements For County Court Clttk MliS. JOHN LONQ. F'OH KALK ; ruit 3AL&—Pox Terrier puppies, rca-suiiflblc price. I'lione 893. 514 Eitit- Davis, , .5i)k7 Tlio said preliminary report nlatop thai the following real estate lends, together with'all citlci) or towns, town lots, rail- roailB, iramroaiU. telcrtraph anil .clcilliciio lines ami other Improv iKcntB rm Diich hmls, will bo h3iic- f.'tled by the iirojiosed Improvo- I:'.C;I(.B and should bo Included wllhln tho proposed dlslrlei, to- wit:;'. liy TOWNSHIP 12 NORTH, ^4 KA.N'GK 7 UAST. Alt of sections I, B. ij, 7, S, 3, 17, IS, « and 20 and all that icrt ol Sectip::a 1, 2, 3, 10, 10, 21, M r.-'nl 30. Korth end West of, tho South nad'pasl right of way lino ot the IsvcjJ of Drntnngo nislrlcl Nnmbsr ScvJntccp of Mlsatscippi Coun'.y, Arkenfas, along (ho rfelit <V/—t) lir.n:^ ot night Hand Chute nt !,!;• Uo Ilivor. IK TOWNSilll' 13 NORTH, jj 'KAXQIi 7 KAST. A[( ot said Township 13 Xcnii. Rcri a 7 K.ut, except lands uv;ucd by tn) l .U._S. Qovcriuncnt. ii'TOWNSHIP 13 NORTH, | - "RANGE g EAST.-- .' A? drjgc'clions'2, .3, •!, 5, C r.mV 7, rld-alUlJ:at part of Sections i ,T.:ds)J.2, North nnd'Wca cf iho S-cuHL r.nd I-^isl rlghl ot iv«;- llr.o ot tjie leveo of Dralnnjic nistricl Xniitber Silicon ot .Mi33l»r,ip;i! Cauuly, Arkansas, along tlio right (West) bank of Right Hand Chills ot Little River, and all ihal part nt Sections 6. U, 10, 11, 17, IS, 1'J, SO and. 31, North nnd west et tho Sn::IIi nnr! Kast right ol iv.iy iir.e •of the levca of Drainage District Xi-'.imiGr Seventeen, of Micci::iinpi Coudty, Arkansas, along tho rliriu (V.'S'JI hank of Highl Hand ChutD of IJUllo River. IN TOWNSHIP 13 NORTH RANGE 3 EAST. All that part of Section 0, North r.ud -West of Ihe South nnd Kasl rlRii.l. of way lino of Hie lovcc ol Drilgage District Number Sixteen, «: Mississippi County, Arka3E23, .-slciu (ho i-lglit (West) bank of Right Hand Chute of Mttlc Itlvcr. IN TOWNS1]IP M NORTH > IIANOB 7 KAST ' All of Sections I, 2,'3, 10,1. li, 12, 12. 14'. ID, 21, 22, 23, 21, 23, 25, £7. 38,;32, 33, 3), 35 and 30; tiio nf Scctlo.'i -I; llio i:ssl Ilrlf;: ii-ul tho Ka:t Half of tbo Sr.i:s[u/esl Quarter of Section 'J; lin: Oiast Half, tbo Ko;itlu:cst 0:i-:;tcr, the East Half o! I'-.o .'.V-.-lcwcsl Quarter, and Ihc Sojtli- ivjst- Quarter of llto iVorihvre^t C!:i--rlcr ct Suction 10: the fcsl i:~:r aad ' the "Kant Half cf llio Eonthwcst Quarter of Section 2U; 1 C,K Hast Half, tho Eonltlwfsl Q:'ir ler and the Kasl Half ot Ilie Nr.:;lr.vcst Quarter of Secllnu 20; t'.'.y SouthcKst Quarter of Iho rr.-:Lheast Quarter of Section 'CO; s-f. nil thai l>arl of Sec:lon :!1, csi.jpt (lands owned by the li. 3. Government. IN TOWNSHIP 14 NOHT1I HANRK S KAST. AH ot said Township 1-1 N>rlli i'.~"Se S Kast. IX TOWNSHII' II N'ORTI! KANO'K 0 EAST All ot Sections 5, C, 7, S, 17. IS, 1':, nnd 30, and all that IKK ct Kcdtnns 4, 'J, 10, 20, 21, 2a. 31 cml 32. lying West of Ihc Kjst ri;i:t of way lino of Hie leveo ot t)".:nagc District Number Sixlecn, r! Mississippi Coualy, Arkansna, al-::ig the right (Wcsl) bank' ot Bis Lake and Right' Hand Chute ot Llllle River. 11V TOWNSHIP IS NORTH RANGE 7 KAST. All o! Secllons 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, II. 12, 13, 14, 15. 10. 22, 23, 21, K. 2G. 27, 34, "35 ami S6; the Nerllicast Quarter and the Kast ;j;:!f of iho Southeast Q;?arler of Kcctlon 21; the Ea^t Half of tho Kan Halt sud the Soulhwesl Ci'.i.irter of the Southeast Quarter cf Section 23, and ilia East Halt ot ihe Kast Halt and the North- v.-cst Quarter ot the Northeast '1"."ter ot Eecllo-.i 33. i., i'oV,'N:;niP 15,-NOin'll ' I1AN11K S KASV A'l i'f ji.ilji Ti>i-/nrh!|i 16 Narlli, -• -::.i fi Ki»\. IK TOWNilllll 1 1G NOlt'J'il, liAMtll-J I) KAST All of Ksctiuna C, 7, IS, 19," 20, ::>, 30, :n .n:il ;:>. mid nil Hut iviri ;f IJri-tloii» 4. G, t;, [ii, 17, lil, 25 ".nd o3, lying ^-ent «f thu Kial light cf \vay lino of tho lovop ot Jnlr.aijO 15lslrlct Nuiulicr Sixteen, M!!:si:siii]il Connly. Aiknnajia, nlons tbo \V»«l bank of nig I/iko. IN TOWNSHIP 1« KOJiTH, !WNC!E 7-E/.ST. All of Sectloiu 25, 20, 27, Si, 3ti »in;.56; all of ihni part of Sec- I lot! a 22,' 2.1 nr.,i 24, lylns In. tbo iltnlo of Arkansiu; nil ot (bat parl :i[ tlio Kaei lull ot Section 11, lying In (ho Stnto ot ArkruiBsi; Iho Kual Unit oi Siiiition 28;" and Ibo Katt -Half of Section 33. IN' TOWNSHIP 16 NORTH. RAW1K S KAST, All ot Sections 35, 20, 27, S3, ZD, SO. 31, 32, 33, 34, 55 and 30; nnd «ll thai imrt ot Suctions 10, 20 21, !2, 23 nnd 24, lying IB the Stato )t Arkansas. . ' IN TOWX.SIHP 1C NORTH, RANGK 9 EAST. All ot .Sections 20, 30, 31 nnii 12; nil thai part of Sections 13 tnd 20, lying In iho state of Ar-; nil that part of Section fl, lying In tho Stato ot Arkansas, • ml v.-03l of Iho Kail ilsbt of way lino of tho leveo ot Drulnauo nia- Iricl 'Number Sixteen, Mississippi County, Arkansas, along the West Hank of RIB Lake; nnd all tlmt prl ot Sections 2S nnd 33, lying West of tho East rlshl of way lino 3f t!io leveo ot Ilr,ilnai;o District Number Sixteen, Mississippi County, Arkansas, alone the West llnnk Df nig I.alio. . Also, oil pnUlc anil co,-|wr : ato ronds, rnllroads, tramroads, Iclegr-iiih lliios, lolophouo linos, power lines anil oilier Improve- ineiits on. lands described horclu- ODOVQ. Also Iho Incoriinrateil towns ol W;-- LcTichvllh 1 , Mouetto. and ay, all In llio Slato ot Arkansas. • . Tho said prollmlnnrf report Rives a general Idea of tho char- ncter and espcine ot the proposed district nnd sngKCSts Iho slzo anil [ocalloJi of ilrnlnago ditches, lovpes mil other Improvements therein. Mow. therefore, nil persons qwn- l!iK propsrly" within said proposed ItEtrict arc hereby notified ot Iho tiling of eald report and thai Iho itt'l Circuit Court for tho Cblch- r.:av;l)n. District of .Misthslmil nsuniy has scl Iho 20lb dny ot ;ann:ry, 1030, for tlio lie.irliiK l^crrnf and of ,tho matter of ca- tbo proposed dlatricl they may appear before said :Dart 0:1 said dnto and show cause [.i favor of or agal.-ist. tho csLih- li:'.iin;nt of aahl district. V,'il]:u:s my hand as . clerk of l.l'.o tr.hl conrl and llio seal of said cDurt ch this Dacsmhcr II, 1223. V,'. W. HOr.UPETER, Cl::rtc Circuit Court Mississippi C-.-.-.:liy. Ark.inras, Chickssavv- la l''r:-.-:ct. FOB KENT FOfcREfiT-2-ftooM room house cl05e In on Highway «i, n -jji Oh«mb«rs: C j, i, i! , '-L"^*' comfortable (uniUhcd room. B arn gQ if dc jlrtl Cooley, Phpno 117, OpklO T-10 ''roowliouj!c,"Sod". «m coiwctitencet, 124 East Ky 8«o or call B. J. Bromn. Phono 78 or 610. FO« KENT-TWO iijiii iwiuse. kecplnc rooms, 116 Wi'st Ash sirecl. i,,bij VVANTKD VERY . competent slngb lady d? sires position as bookkeeper or cltrk. Willing to leave Dly htvlllc. Cnro Dr. Wilson, Phono 341. Inlt7 RELIABLE mwj'with car M D18- , .TKIOT FACTORY R«pr«i«nU. ' tiv«. In BlylrwviUo and v nearby , ecuutlM. NO aperiente necesiary, ' unasual opportunity lor advancement, Must be willing to start on .' reasonable baslj. 8YNOHO IJO- TOR8 COMPANY, B«lUe Cwk, Michigan, . . . jpj^ / WANTED-TO do. share Cropptng ' Address o. S, Lewis,' General delivery, Blyllievlllt, Ark. 6pW LOST LOST-MS6.36 Tiro on Main street Salnrdiiy afternoon, Heturn fo . 170B West Mt>ln. Reward. flpk9 . PKRSONAL ' W. J. KNOX repalra No.'3M West Main. (ood. Repairs by Bam Sickles,' 3. Broadway. i3pk Jan 18. ,„ Rrpcrf of In'u Condition »f Ihe First National Bank Dcrimbfr 31, 1W9 RESOD^CES and discounts ,..,'.,.,••' : . . Oycrdraflfl " " • ';' ," United states davcrn'mcnt'securttlw own'c'd'.'" "' Oilier bonds, tloekG, and securities owned Banking house, J7fl,000.ob, Furniture aud nxiu™',, Real Eslalc owned o!!ier tlian banMnij )i™ 50l Reserve with Pudcrnl Reserve Bank Cash and clue from banks ..I...,'."!!.! . Totnl ,.' MABtUTIES Capital slock (raid In ;. Sur])lns .. .-." , ...''•' Undivided profits—net Due to banks, Including certinedaiid outstanding ",',;, , ,.........-, Demand deposit's".',,'.'.', ; Time deposits '"'' 489.21 35,309.38 S4.M0.33- M.OOti.OO 21,709,18 . . 220^697.24 $1,137,823.91 .. $150,000.1)0 - - . 25,000.00 ' 185,887.3* 688,384.12 77,42858 Total ........; STATE OF ARKANSAS COUNTY OV MlSSISSim,- rs: I, A. E. Scott, OiiEhlcr of.the aljovc-named bank, do solemnly swear- tliat tho above s'.alcment Is true to tlie bcsl of my knowledge and belief. A. E. SCOTT, Cashier. T. J. Mttlmn, C. B, LcmoYis, Frank C. Douglas, . • - - ""..-..'~' " ulrectors." ••"»< '--'>' : ''-' Subscribed and'swoni to before me this 6th day ol January, 1830. _ _ ' ' ' INA 0. HUNTER, Notary Public. Have you RE-solved to Make this a } Happy RE-New Year? Keqi)iiiK the kitchen tidy is grcnlly facilitatec! by a modern built-in cabinet or ironing board. Come in and let us show you E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. •THE'GREAT DAY! ^ wvr / ««?'w

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