Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 16, 1957 · Page 58
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 58

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1957
Page 58
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FIFTY-EIGHT 25-»uiWi«j Supplies Quality Lumber and Building Supplies The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company H Queen Si. PA i-MOO A Steel or Aluminum WINDOW by Truscon is tight . . . but it Can't Stick or Warp The Cumberland Cement ,,'Ond Supply Company Rgai ilS N. Cenlre St. PA 4-2600 ln : Stock! Corrugated 'Metal CULVERT PIPE * thru 108 Inches SUPER CONCRETE CO. 405-11 Henderson Ave. PA 2-4260 •;.,.. Sale ; . •-'. ' Odd Windows ;,- • 30% Off - ii £ , Anderson Flesivcnls '•* Anderson Casements' ." Standard Double Hung :. Colonial. Picture .Windows And many others -BUCHANAN Lumber Co. 549 N. Centre St. PHONE PA 2-0650 OAK FLOORING SAVE— SAVE-SAVK NKW LOWER PRICKS DIHKCT FROM MANUFACTURE!! 75/52 x 2-4" O**r Hed iH-ir l\. 15/32 * 2'i" Clear White .. 22 ^c ft. IS/-" x JV select Red 22c II. 2S/M x 2>i" Stlccl Whkc , , 20r H. Ii/32 x 2", 1 * Cam 1 Red, While 17c ft. 25/32 x 2'*" Economy . . . 9^c It. 1V-32 x 2U" Cr>tn i Btr Shorts 12c ft. Flooring — Kiln- dried, end-matched, bundled and graded In accoidanct wiUi National Association Hales, ALLEGHENY HARDWOOD FLOORING Everett, Pa. Phone 202 26 — -Help Wanted SURVEY Interviewed. Intelligent, alert people wanted by research organixa- lion (o assist on opinion interviewing, -No soULriR. Car preferred, not ^ssent- Ta.I Men or women, interested, In cur•rent events. Neat ajj[warnnci.'. ^vai *Me for 10 tlavs slatting week or May 27, Write box" 825 AX c /o Time J -Mews. CANVASSERS No car necessary. We will supply transportation. Low pritcd novelty Items/ s«ll themselves on sii>M. Extra high commission*. We will - train you if nrre»ary. Apply Key- ttcine Home- r-urnlshlng (,'«., 150-V .Mechanic St, between g anil 10 27-Femate He!p Wanted WAITRESS Wa tiled at Hifaiirjjer Restaurant. Route 40, six miles west o EXPERIENCED LICENSED BEAUTICIAN Experienced Restaurant Worker 18 N. George St. 1\\O women for II eM an rant voric. U\e in, One tintd acceptable. DJal GR 8-4IRK. GIRL wanted, with general knowlcdne of bookkeeping amt typing. Write Box 821- A c/o Times: Of fFcc. GENERAL Office work incfudint: ivp. mff. Sternly employment. Replies confidential. Write qualifications giving ase. etc. Box K2*A c/o Times .Yews GIRL to live in PitL'.tmrBh and help l.iVe care of hvo children- Private room, nice wages. All modern convenience, PA 2-3243. F uri : R I ER— exper Jen crri \n slteral ions and repairs. Write Box 334-A c/o Times- r\ cu's. SALES GIRLS .Men'5 and Women's Alteration Girl. Xxp*rienced preferred. Good salarv. Pleasant working conditions. Apply in p«r*on. MAURICE'S DEPT. STORE F'rostfaurp, Sid. GENERAL OFFICE WORK, tvping re luired. Give a E e. marital status, ex penence, references, and salary «?x- pccfed. Replies confidential. R O \ 835- A. c/o Tfmps-N'ews. 2* — Mole Help Wanted WANTED - Men to do public contact work (or Albany Countv's m o%l modem, fully established Memorial Park. Kxrxrience not hcccssxrv In. come equal that of most executives Apply 1108 National Highway. Mon' day thrnujh Friday. ONE Of AMERICA'S i.AnOEST~ CORPORATIONS NEEDS 3 AnnI IIO.VAL JIEX TO COMPLETE ITS SALES ORGANIZATION" IS THE CUMBERLAND AHEA. S100 1'KH T1KEK DRAW AND COMMISSIONS IF YOU QUALIFY. YOU NEED NOT QUIT YOUR PRESENT JOB VNTIL YOU PROVE TO VOtR- SKLF THAT YOU CAN DO THIS ONE. EXPERIENCE NOT NECKS- 6ARY. YOU WII.l. HECEIVK TRAINING AT COMPANY EXPENSE. SEE: MR. G. VV. STKV- ENRON AT FORT CUMBERLAND HOTEL. WEDNESDAY ANI> Tiiuasn/tv. < TO s r. M ONLYI (INQIMRE AT DESK). PITTSBURGH Plate Glass Co. WORKS NO. 7 CUMBERLAND, MD. Applications are n<iw being received for job opeiiiuys m the Maintenance Dcnartmeitt lo be filled in the early part 0} this summer, flourlv rntcs of pay for Ihe Dcpl: " 28-Male Help Wanted SALES REPRESENTATIVE -' \Vn arp (akint apj>licatloni (r-r * lean to demonstrate, icll and K-nirc Singer Seulnf Marlilnc-s fltid vacuutn cleaner*. You \vill be trained and uoik here In CumilK-iUnd. This ^ -Is a permanent poiUton con- r.tttiaif of salary, i'«mmls»fvn plus In- W'fltn-* monthly bonus, liosj>![al In- Ujj In a gotut rcliabl* firm, *jirf if you nave good rtlprcnccA. feme in today ajid fill out an application. Singor Sewing Machine Co. 65 Baltimore St. 29-Sclesmcn Wanled ccs. Guaranteed Salary paid weekly plus co/nmlssfcn. j^pplj-: BurtcyX Hi- 40. La\'a1e. • • SALESMAN iv;antfd--au7o"paits7^aTa7> : , commit on, bonui. Writ* Box; «33'A c/p Times-News, 31-Si>uotlons Wanted workers, household, nursing, etc. call FA -M%2. Tn-Siatc Afiem-v. Lawn mowing &• >-ar«l «-w1c. AIJ kinds. Catl PA 2-Q148 after 5 P.M. \OM\tt, with 2 >car old MR, uatits house work. Live in, IHal PA 2- 32-lnstructJonj LEARN TO DRIVE - Dual Conlroli. Automatics, Straight Sbifls. 3 lo 9 lowarti Twl«g, 151 Bedford PA 2-7333 34-Lost and Found _OSr ; -_ Ajonday ei-Mlnjr. green and .yellow parser Answer* lo name • 1 hirpy." He^ard. Dial PA 4 0638. .us* — Female Bo\er, hrind)e col- orfrt. 3 years rtd. . Howard.' itcluro: 2 »»' rkin ' 2?J St ' hl *> 1 ^l- t PA 35-MisceIloneous St>TU) TANKS CL^ANKD S25. Modem equip t. IH-Slate Disposal Service Write or Pnfne l^nacon'mg HO 3-«8| WELL DRILLING 2J yrs. r:x|i. stnrfcrn Ktt-cl equipinprxt Pumi. Installations. G.lvanlMd ci,in« ,. V CAnpEMKH WELL DHILI.IXG P. 0. Box 35?. Cuinh.. I'h ![K 6.3300 • T^' '-OCATION -<lllAl)F.S LANE IIOUT CONSTRUCTION Shovels. Doii-rs. Tnick5. Grader, Rollers. S'.ooe Sprtadi-rs. Fill nirt Plione PA 4-M75 or PA 2 6327 SHOVELS — DOZERS Mobile Cranes. Back Jlocs, High Lilts. Compressors. Pavlni; Kreakcrs, Drills ?n?» % F -J 1J1 " R ' a Tr»il<T!i !ole Ira.lers, Trueks of All kinds. Fil SLf'iind and in^tei ial ITV ftorr more (fto, 200 Piece! o/ £0!/ip!7ie(T/ ro aerte vo-j/ reerl/' BAUGI1MAN CONTRACTING Kf. 40 West. Diol PA 2-45S« F.Tcai-nthiri Kulhlozing Asphalt Drfreiropi — Parking Loti Fill dirt Top soi Orrie Sensabniigh I'/l 4-5053 Septic Tanks Cleaned * 2 " LF.HOY KKX.NELL Hjndinan 111-H.5: Cumberland PA2^ii4 I'OWKIl DIGGING, ditcne' doe sen >ic laMu loslalM VV.Her C. Groi den. Sedforii Road. Phone PA 4-1032 Block Laying, Cement Work PHONE PA 2-2699 Ctiert Fill lo. Driveways' R. n. JOHNSON. RT 5. PA 4J1J6 Fl i'r?,95S- ••A^l-NR. SAXDINC. FIN ' S '"™- , » r« estimates. Charles Ml. Sat-anr. Phone CO J-1601 HAND OR POWEU. 11 O-\K ST PA 2-mj. YOUn burial plot _ rjel, j op , o f, headstone erected and slraisMencd J6-Wafeh, Clack Repairs. - FAST, EFFrClENT WATCH REPAIRS JOHN NEVVCO.MER 215 Virsioia Ale. P A 2-S55S 37-Metal Weatherstrippinq (Jefiance Weatherstrip Co FREDERICK C. IIA/S DIAL PA 4-0910 38-Moving, Storing GRAPES TRANSFER Dial PA 4-5622 MEDERS TRANSFER. LOCAl UONG DIS-1ANCE AUEN1 NORTH AMERICAN VAN UNES PA 4.J9WJ BKNNETT sr;; c r DHOMP P & o cT7f\ Alit.\T. MAVFLOWEH TRANSIT LOCAL. LONG DISTANCE MOVING M^VUHN TRANSFER PA 42770 JOHN APPE1 TRANSFER LOCAL. LONG DISTANCE MOVING AGENT KREYVAN LINES PA 1 1623 39-Painting, Paperhanging PAIMIXG— EXTERIOR. J.NTEHIOR ,", KE : ESTIMATES. GET THK BEST! I. L. W1LBERT p A 2 .fB9s PAINTING. SpoiUinjr. Uoofinc. Com. Hide repairing, rcment and block work. CuararJeed! Kuho and Durr. J'APEnnANf.LNG - PAIXTISC GENERAL REPAIR PHONE PA 2-S754 v 43 — Piano Tuning Hiono Tuning & Repairing Laurence Gn(litrt PA-2-1633 ROBERT w MORELAND. ASFT Tune!. Repair. Stnool. fnurcn. ttotne _ Piano, PA 4108* Used Piano,. 45-Rodio Service GUARANTEED RADIO SF.RVICE Speelallzinj nome L ,mo r>«w OOI.AXS » II N Genrt, St PA LSi5< 46- Television Seryice Humbertson's STRAND rv Sllef A. Service RT. 4*1 IjVale PA 27220 Open 'til 9 . UNITED TV We repair all makes R»d,o. T-v it Bedford SI PA «.„«; CUMBERLAND ELfcCTRIC CO. rv KrMeet on all makes- Guaranteed Nite-Sund»r «crTice tvaltabl* PA 3-6191 Zenith TV AUTHORIT-ED 'juimii i v Salt!l & S(irv , RF.INHART'S. PA25SW. 3 am. 11 p.m. 47 — Rcol Estofe for Sole MAVBURY POl^M) REALTY REAL ESTATE BROKERS PHONE PIEDMONT 6I>M 47 — Real Cifatc For Sale . Alteotion House Trailer Owners Vour monthly 1 rent will pay (or a Lot. *'4! down and (15 tier monlli Ineludlns ell. wa'ci and electricity services, sewer lap. paved street. Site of lor. W > 120'. ^.Located near Mc.Mullen: Blvd., 2 miles ftoin Cumberland. IJOU'ARIJ Ol'CMA.VA.V. INC. OKIee 519 N. Centre. PA 2 06SO, Evening, <lia] 1>A 4-3230. FLOYD P. GKACK HEAL ESTATE Rldgeley, VV. Vu. Phor.c RE 8-9203 PARK HEIGHTS i Suburban IKLnK "\iti Ci[.v funveblenc. es, 6 room home u-iih det^L-hed 2 eal £arafce. 80 K lia cornel lot wjtb lots "j Irees. Jinmccliato occupancy. Call • Oill, flscnl. AJodr) on Hraddwk Road, SELLING your house is our business f'Vorse U'alngotd Real Kslale. Ctark LARGE .homeslles. beautiful trips Groutug area. 100 ft. frontage. 5600. rash or terras. I'A 2-t>3*7. coiuvrny HOMK. s .VII.ES FROM •IHE CITY. TEN ROOM BRICK HAUL FURNACE- BOXWOOD 11KDGE. MO AfJlES OF t ROVHD OPIl-^ANNAN. PA 4 MOO, 58 S 5 Room Bunaalosv, Bath, Furnace. '?i r . asc ,l n' 5 " IM - M V Sa "« e Ro»<l *» mile on Route 40. Small Grocery Business, stock and ixturfs. Off-Sale lleer License. Terms. South Ctimtwrlanrt. J. S. IfUTTON, Realtor ! Rlclkeley. IV. Va. RF. 8 8700 , iriDERN COTrAGE. 1 m i!e north e( to.. Ashb) on Patterson's Creek l-onu lease on ground, too II. water front. Ideal for children lo'swim and tiOi. Easy lerms. I'hone PA t-\Kh afle. 6 n. m. 93 Brant Road, Cresaptown 1 PA -1-050! MfHJr-.R.V 2 benraom ho.ue - kitchen, rtmelie, spacious livinj room, good ocatlon In LaVale. Phono PA M232 i UIJIHABLE . Large Collate. Deep Creek, beautiful waterfront Fasily aei-essible. Conveniences. Suifable Wnler. summer. PA 2-5697 evcninss. LOIS tIN ELDER ST.. all street im- provemenls. SJ?5 e?<-h. Phona Treiber Heal Estate. PA 2-6231). Bath Furnace. <A mile [rom under' 1 pass. Ijil 100 x 150. Dial PA 2.1SM ' RANCH type ) 0 |; 1W \ 110 fl.. Bedford Hoad stction I'lione I>A 2-1S1S. 41 f 1 .»""VLA.\D AVE.. S room hriek, \- M- 1 Eas '•"•""«. sarase. vene Han blinds, screen;,. Phone PA 4-3660 i ROOMS, ball), modern kitchen, hot.' cold water, tarje basemen!, new [urn- ace-, clcctrir, phone, mall, school busl service, located 1 mile off Route 51. ?*K1 . ° w Oltl '»*'». ™»ne I'Ai 2-7454. Apply: Theodore Robertson.' Route 1. Oldtown. Md. 596 Dowq To Veterans ' 702 HILLTOP Urive, 6 room linc'k bunealow. 3 bedrooms Enrage. I'i baths. Phone PA 2-23±2 BUILDING 8s 8. a feet high. 2 'win: yows. h£hl fixtures, desk. Kxeellent liu- Lf«ed Car Lot. c.-il) 7J3 Frosthurs t.ood price for quick sale. SS.3/5. 3 Bfdroom J9.930 Srlit I^ve J10JOO. Mauk Construction. PA 4-42SC HUNCAUJlV-nv* ™Sr s r~ba!hT citV build.nss. Drant RnaJ. Cresnplown -A CO.MW.ETK RANCH tound.nion and lot, nowlins Green. Call alter 5:00 p. in.. FrostburR 358-J. 6 ROOM FRAME. EXTRA. I OT 53 .c./"^ 2 " slr "'- ^'»ke us an offer! 5650 down on 5 room home, hath. ' Mr^ C i°t- t ?5- Bctl ' old - °" nci lc!l '»""•' MIl.Lf.\'.SON Real Estate PA 4. 5MD 48-Roofing, Spouting ROOFING, SFOUTI.VO SIDING rhree yean lo pay Guaranteed won Andrew Witt. Poor* CO 4-54J6 New Roofing, Palnnng, ftutters Metal Wort, all upoj. Estlmalei free » yrs Eip Alei J Schjl. PA 2.55p:| III MES Home improvement Co , general contracting In roofing J M and Inselnric siding. Also Aluminum Sid- L ns «. X ° d< " 1 " 1 Payment. Phone PA 2-ISD1. PA 4-3395. 337 Davidson St ; " - 8iq!din£,..Conlraclc,r. .JtHiru-Manrille Inselbric SidinB. Hoofing. Block laj- Alcoo Aluminum Siding By Ihe Square 01 Complete Job No noun P»yincnt 5 yrs. to "Pay Cumberland H9me Ijuproventent . HOOF Repairs * New nooU SMnB e Slate Buill Up. Hot Asphalt Coalings E w Abell. PA J.JBII. tOOFING, SIVIttO. Painting. Spoot: , g ;. C "" il1 repairs. Call Cumb PA *-31S4, llyndmao 137-R-S. ! Fre« «ati ROOFING, sictne Alt makes. Roof ; painting, repairs M moj. to pay Mi o Brewer, BilUriRrr. MH l-h CH 5-3SO] ' 50-Upholstering L'PIII>I^TER1NG Tn.ek Seats i Conv nmdow screens made lo order. Alum- mum pcrccninfi t molding available. OEO BRAGG, LaVale. Md. PA 4 4BI1 HOSSELT'S Custom r->T]o!stering, Furnitura . . Repairs. Awntnitf & Tarpaulins 111 Frederick St. Oldest, most reliable Dial PA2«I5. Over 15 jears In cllj UPHOLSttRliNG John rroxcll, 221 _ DAnajO& PA 4-3094 CUSTOM MADE FURNITURE Recovering and Spring Repair C. E. Erode 555 Greene PA 2-iasoj UPHOLSTERING rS^ 01 " AUTO CONVERTIBLE tOPS* TRUCK SEATS • - TARPAULINS HASTINGS ALUMINUM AWNINGS Ceo S Warner I Jot Va A»e. PA 4^0774! 51 — -Vacuum Cleanerj"'.', VACUUM CLEANERS «»™ S'SS-vJEg-AtJ-Si^' ABfJ v &F&FrS&&j#» HOOVER VACUUM . CLEANER SERVICE PA 2-5070 1302 VA AYE. Display Classified BEER POPULAR BRANDS- : . Reg. Bottles . '. . .2!59 Throwaways . . . 2.99 ! Cons 319 German-Export 2.99- FREE DEUVEHY • KLINE'S Liquor Store JOn N. Mcch. PA 4-37 10 4 i.S M« ( \ I ^S» Ho | BVKNINC- TIMES/ CUMBERLAND, •' am., THURSDAY, MAY;,.ie, ;:mi ;.- ; 2-4600 for a W AIN'T AD Taker Tin BUND MAN Says: ."There ii no wisdom . • tike frankness!" Storm Doors Storm Windows Jalousies JOHN E, SHARP & GO. en Highwoy PA 2-7620 Dliptoy CkmifiH DUptay Classified CUMBERUND PAINT & GLASS '«« CtHTflt Di UPM . OIJ22 WEEK'S WHITACRE'S . . -1 4 S.rvl» I llN.M«WtSl. In 4 S.,,k. BA t 97 On &sr.rA:-&-£f9O Delicious (Beautifully' \ RIPENED BANANAS FRUITS Vegetables Poiatpjis H ACER'S SUPER FRUIT MARKET -NARROWS LOVtR'S L€AP MRS ' K> ROOFING and SIDING Call PA 2-5100 for Oil Stoves Donated In Mexico To Save Tree* MEXICO CITY (ffi — The gov- v crnmenl is giving away oil stoves' to smnll landowners in some areas in a campaign to preserve " c forests. Forests in many places are being cul for use as firewood, although only dead wood is supposed lo be used for that .purpose. femes, tlie government petroleum monopoly, donates tlie slaves. They arc distributed by Agrarian Department officials, who explain at the same lime the value of trees to agriculture. 10 TIM WIITTIM eUAJANTU ON UIO* AND MAIttULS Alt Abavt S*«r« Own MODfRNIZMG CMtMTKAN "* ' » "r-- f *> '?* "~*« t. r,, SCARS, KOUUCK AND CO. 179 Baltimon SI. Cuiribeilond, Md. CONCRETE * POWER STEEL SEPTIC TANKS EXCAVATING STORAGE TANKS *—"•«• totafiotio., TRENCHING PILE BROTHERS ADMINISTRATOR C.T.A. NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE .VOTICE, That tlie subscriber has obUlnci Irotn me 0/ulians' Couri fl AUtiany County, j-j-land, Jetldrf of Adiriiniilj-atlon a. on the estate t>! Chailfs B. Robi. te late of Allcgany Counly, ilary- lanrf. deceased. All porsoni h»>-ln« .•lalms agalnil ihe deceased are hereby warred lo exhibit the same, with Oia vouehcri thereof duly authenticated, 10 Ihe subscriber on or before the 7th day ol November, 1957. They may otJieryi-lse by law be excluded Irom ail beoelil oi the said citate. All persons knowing themiclvM Indebted to laid estate are requested |o make immediate payment. Given under my hand this 7th day of May, 1357. EDWARD GEORGE BOXELL, Administrator e.t.a. Route ^4, Cumberland, Md. Adv.-T.May 5.16-2329 * NFW Fingertip CONIML CENTER-A flick of the %e Powtr Shifts the Spirujriir into action automatically ' IK AUTOMAIIC SPIJH1HSE douWe-fiiBes 3 full load of clothes in just 3 minutes using only 3 gallons ol water. Hot, suxisy rinse water can be used again! SPJ8ALAIOS® ACTIOX gets clotfws cleaner add orignter with no tangling,'less tuxi and tear. fttL the clothes get thing in ill par ts ol the tub! SS^B^lll Get thii ful|.feiru«d Eajy *^ ~ rV * 1 . • Srnndrier DOW »nj banish J.'.j»-.i.jijj itm ""nhdayworri^TwoIlig ~~~ -c »*'" HIM tublwork as a team, washing arxj riming two 9-lb. loadi at once. Qoifaes are apun 25% drier than anf wrings*. Easy lavej tune, work and hot .Mtei. too! H&NOY /ILL JtrKI OUIH FAUCETS SUIOMM1C Bill IINES Money Down-Easy Terms-Trade Now! '"We Service What We Sell!" SKELLEY'S Appliance Ports .Co. . 536 Pine Aye. PA 2-5115 R '"J : ~ Se " ! - rmp .. $2.63: cim>vd- s «„> r.mie . J>k « i Th 5 HAROLD R FLETCHER co B T — — — __ ^T AVENliB - 8 room brlrk. turnacc, titvt «-.ilcr heat. 2ii r* 2-1733. per hour — Machinists—Plant P cr h~r ^ ,„„,„, — Pipe Fitters $S.45l_J > .?l 1 liLi a ^15£. per hojr w * *'*' C « N " uuscri. .,•11,- i. t oome« Gua/antGrd R**UK — MlllrightS 12.45 lo you Vrar Mqulxle» «*)c per hour Kgiph.n Aggncr PA.JIIII x- Carpenter-Painter . »29' M P I>EB: J,* w<) r»<>ni htTmc. c"~ n _„ t, i l.*f^e lot. £ixwl v.orhK^Tl^Hlc per Hour lion. Plinnc PA VXtta a(trr S p , .. JnF.'.UTIFVL TiDme*;fr? ^i"- «*. applicants must be qualified'- Gr"*" fotomar Park, Journeymen i>i order to re ceive coiisideration. For further information call PA 2-S500 or write: Director of Personnel. r modera ir no coat ied M n emenls or ___ ElXi K OF' TOWN-4 , Mm h unca |<,»". bath, lurnacc. full bascmtnl. inside farjc*-. jjrd. $5SOO. Opie Annao. S8 N. Crnlre SI. PA 4.p2fX> .25 or ever, lor pirt lime wrk.l MAPLF.SIDE, new hilek bunralow, 3 bodrooms. lame l,\\ng room, kiteri. e-n trilh birch cabinet, earAzc id laicc basement. 214 Ma,,sch,isctls Avc ...,.-. m^ ^, v>ii, fui f/^/-i tiRic worn, Ave clfhli, 15 to J:3o AM. Some drivljiR ! --—— Pleue fin rclercnrci in applio.jl-AVAl.E, modern 5 car repair KaraB.. lion AppTy ^13A, cx'e Tlme4-.\>««. { 2R ^ 30 - run jourscH or r^nt o>n. ,'ANTKn elde7m^;r~r;~kVnr^TTkl '__? 1 ^. 2M - '.*<**. < bedroom home. WANTED Oderly canlen »orli. Apply ~7w."'f../"";i '"" M x 'i* lnll>V" n»m, AMitf 1M Federal ,«,„,, „„*,„ kj ,chcn. sun mrtor, ' full bJMmcnt. j^ balbi. PA 4 11M. Air Conditioning By Buy Call your dealer AIRCON gineering A Supply PA 2-7269 Woody > GURLEY'S J 54 CHEVROLET,d,or,. '52 DeSOTO, Joof ,,„„ , •quipped $449 '51 CHEVROLET MMr -w . Sodio CHEVROLET CHEVROLET PLYMOUTH DODGE dfo ond hen! DODGE GURLEY'S Used Car Greene NOTICE THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. Thst - ifc subscriber bas obtained irom th« Orphan's Court cl Allegtny Coun:v Marjland, letters TcitamtnUry on lha estate ol Bessie .««» Cunninsham 1 2 '« of Allegany County. Mao'land, defeated. All persons havlnj el«ims against i the deceased are hereby warned to t exhibit the tame, mth the vourten thereof duly authenticated, to the subscriber on or Jieloie the 18 day ol by October. 1937. They may otl.rrviu IN MOST MODERN SEAT COVERS DELUXE "See Thru" Hiovy Ii Caug» Clear Plastic Tailor mode for mosr '57 cors Regular $49.95 .,. 51Q.95 Installed FREE CUSTOM MADE Plastic Fibre Reg. $19.95"' $jA.95 Installed FREE It . DuPont Nylon SEAT COVERS General Motors Fabric! Reg. to 535 . $1 £.95 Installed FREE ID pt »^ sxat I Washable Terrys That Stay Put! HigTi qualily Connon T«rry «lolh f tailored lo ftl i.Jei and bait. Grctn, bEuv, giay. Regolor S8.95 rRONT 01 SEAR 1757 Ford 1 Cuilom T.rryi Continental Jetspun Shockprooi-Colorfosr-Sparkproof Water-proof-Long-wear ing B(ue-Gold-Red-Green Regular $49.95 Installed FREE Custom Saran Plastic Value to 29.95 In,la!I.<( S-| -J75 IHEE .... II Custom Front Blue, Red, Green Black, White. Reg. $r.95 57.95 3 PROTECTOR MAT CONVERTIBLE TOPS 3-PIy Reg. 559.95 CUSTOM RADIO To fit most cars Including 57's 95'Reg. $59.95 iSPEClAL '. . FENDER SKIRTS 510.9J $10.95 S 6« N«w '57 Skirli for Chevrol.l, Ford. Dodge, Plymouth ond Mlicury. Aho Ford Trutk,. Wheel Caver: Chromium platen ui(h Ihc "Spinner" type bar. Design cd for Ihc spnrl enthusiast For U". IS". 16" whul> SO»5 Only M.9S per XI ".o. Free Seat Cover Installations FREE GIFT with purchase of scot covers Beerman Auto Parts First Notional a... PA 4-0250 519-521 N. Mechanic Open Monday Evening Until 9 p. m. FREE PARKING aid ; be — , LU (rom all btncfft of tho eilaic. AH prrsonj knowing themes IndcbleiJ lo »aid crtat* are re- —ted to make Immediate payment Chen under my hand iJUi jaih daj of A piil, J957, EirciENK L. CL'NMS-GHAM, Executor, * 107 Independence St., Cumberland, Md. jiv.— T-Apr. « May j^-ifi AVSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE KESIDKNCE TEOPEBTV KNOWN AS NO. HO BOWERT STREET IN FROSTHUftfi. ALLEr.ASY COUNT V, MARVLAND. Vndtr and by \irtue t,I t dfcrei rf ti« Circuit Court for AlJejjany COUD[J ryland, pav«d in » cau.^. wherein , ca hcth Cronlcy is the mp Ncl] Cronlcy Thompson, el Ma f-J mp , e at, *r» the drrendam*. the* r^inR So. 4-20 tqutiy i n i a ,fl Court, the und«r- gnrd Trustees w>|1 wl( on Main Strftt KinithurR. Maryland. In dont ol tha unlcf Hotel on SATl'KDAY. >Mr ». 1MT AT 11 O'CLOCK A. M. All (hac crn&tn lot or parcel o£ pround k/.o«-n and distmzuuhfd «i tat °- * of Elocfe 15 jo nejin't Fir»t rtditJOD lo the To«n of Kroubnrir hich said let fronts 5<J fc*t on B/mrry treet and h a » an even drpth of J50 The xbo^c rf^scribfd prop^/ty In 1m- rovrd hv , lu-o-jiory (ram« dvcllinc ouse, known as .\o. 116 Bowery Sueel. ontaininR tichl rootnj. t«o balhi and sm»H basement. It doei not hav« fceiilnK *.vMem. Tenni Of Sale: t.b cajh upon date o( ite and balance upo.n ratlhcillon All I»M». et c ., anal | i^ » dj . J>led J( f the final raiirication of *»!* NOEL SPEIH COOK J. GLENS BEALI,, JH. ,EASY[ : RATED BEST: , a For All SKEIUV'S p. -> iwpin, Ay ,,f A <c- PROFIT-MAKING RESTAURANT For Sole or Lease Liberal Terms Pko*. PA 4-01 SO or PA 4-H07 RAILINGS WARNER'S '1S01 Va. A TRY PENNSY We Give SfcH C»r«« Sfarops "Building Material*" Paint — Lumber — Hardware NOTICE TV owners We hove moved to new, larger quarters in LaVole next to Drive- in Theatre where we ore able to give you Drive-In Service for Radio and TV! fltff CUSTOMER PARKING Open Mon. thru Fri. 9-9 Saturday') 9-6 tatals on's STRAND T-V Route 40 Weir PA 2-7220

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