Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 31, 1952 · Page 9
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 9

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 9
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. THURSDAY, JANUARY 31, 1952 NINE Your Horoscope Look in the section in which your birthday comes and Ilnd what, your 'oatlooSc is, according to the stars. For Friday, February 1, 1953 ItARCH 21 to APRIL 20 fArJfS —MaJT be reason for change of plans, and more quickly than expected, especially in business. Do &H smoothly, safely as you can. Aspirations for big gains may have to be curbed. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus*—Don't be hasty In scolfin? at opinions that oppose yours. Seek more knowledge, ask the why of others' Ideas. You may gain points you had first overlooked. MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Influences different from what a: first glance you may surmise. Tricky problems need careful handling. A more realistic viewpoint will a:d in working for more lasting results. JUNE 22 to JULY 23 fCancer)— Sensible amount of leeway useful for attracting advantages. You can Judse better with unbiased mind. Your opinion is valuable, if used wi'.h recognition of others' knowledge. i JULY 24 to AUGUST 22 (Leol—Keep i sharp watch on trends. Don't make only snap judgments. Study, seek sound advice. i Stars Indicate you may have to work hard. perhaps faster, to get by really -well today. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo) —Likely some surprising circumstances. Day net wholly what you had planned for? Be alert, survey what's going on, what's successful, what isn't. Act smartly, and with tact. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —Your ability to function abl7 under strenuous conditions will stand by you. You'll move faster than anticipated with wise methods and forethought. This is the topnctchers' way. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor- pioi—Our civic leaders, clergy all ask us to think seriously of our nation's affairs. Favorable aspects for intelligent, unselfish activities. We all have a stake in the future. , NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 (Sag- ittarius)—Indirect Influences could be most helpful if you are in rifciit mood for accomplishment. What you. do now will be big la.ctor sooner than you may expect. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—You can easily handle many of your problems by getting an -early start and consistently trying. Have^ this spirit and humor that goes with truly successful endeavors. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquarius)—Hold to consistency. What may appear negative may be actively good, what seems favorable may be the reverse. We suggest caution, slow-but-sure action, bloodiness tabu. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 (Pisces) — '. Need a Jolt? Give yourself one. Realize your advintagea and real issues, often the: wrong -sl:int or viewpoint misleads greatly i when we are, or could be, • on the right road. YOU BORN TODAY have many advantages that should garner good results, but you must take- the inititatlve more often. Sometimes lack of Incentive, laziness, restlessness — all are hazards to the best way of life. Know your faults, aim to correct them. There Is always a big chance for you to achieve. Scientific research offers you a great field; also could be persuasive lawyer, writer, able teacher, artist. May get along especially well with Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius. Birthday of Victor Herbert, composer; Sir Edward Coke, noted lawyer; Clark Gable, actor. • The United States has a production capacity of approximately 105 million tons of steel a year.. City Investigates Black "Snowf all" "Black snow", that fell on South Street and'Stewart Avenue last Friday is being investigated by the City Smoke Abatement Department, George M. Hitchcock, engineer in charge, reports. Samples of the flaky material, which resembles lamp black, are undergoing laboratory tests, he added. Hitchcock said the samples indi-. cate the residue is from a highly volatile fuel. Last August, heavy deposits of "black snow" fell overnight in the South End. The current nuisance, Hitchcock said, was deposited during the day. Approximately 25 million cows contributed to U. S. milk production in. 1951. It takes 9.77 quarts of milk to make .a pound of butter. Unemployment Feared In Malaya Rubber Plants PENANG, Malaya (ff) — Rubber dealers here fear that widespread unemployment will result from Indonesia's banning of the'-export of some grades of rubber to Malaya. Marry factories in Penang-, as well as in other cities of the Federation and Singapore, are devoted almost entirely to the reprocessing of crude rubber brought in from Indonesia, SUPER MARKETS 100% Self-Service Meats Cut, weighed, irinmied of excess fat and pre-packaged in clear, sanitary cellophane and displayed in clean, white refrigerated cases. Why wait? Wait On Yourself. All sales unconditionally guaranteed. LEAN SLAB Acme Just-Kite Quality lb. 39c Sliced Ib. 45c Beef Fresh Ground Daily ... 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