Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on June 26, 1974 · Page 15
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 15

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1974
Page 15
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SHOP AT SAFE WAY...TO BE SURE! Margarine Fleischmann's Corn Oil. Cubes—Mb. < Peanut Butter Loura Scudder's Old ^ Fashioney K Aluminum Foil Kitchen Craft 2,5 Sq. R. 27 "til Had Kidney Boans Salad Beans Red Kidney—15-oi. or Sarbonio—1 B'/j-oi- 4-1 Scope Mouthwash Super Size—24-ox.'' Med. Grade AA Cream O' The Crop Carton Doien Mayonnaise Nu-made—Quart Barbecue Buns M^rs. Wright's 1^ For Hot Dogs or Hamburgers 8 Count Grade AA ButtCr Lucerne Cubes 1-lb. Carton 35 Fried Chicken Banquet, Frpzen 2-lb. Mustard French'-s Pure Prepared 24 -07. Dill Pickles Zippy Whole 48-oz. Sipaghetti Sauce ftagu—151/2-91. • Mtkj, 43* Lemonade Froien Concentrate Scotch Treat 6-01. 14 tor 50c) Each 13c 81 Cat Food 9-Live,s—6I/2-OZ. or Tuna—6-01. 61 Frozen Foods Valencia OronlfJuice Birds Eye Awqke Italian Frtiitlces Oh Boy. •( 01. Each—6 Count' Ice Cream Sdndwich ri"cor 79< C&W Concentrate— 807. Concentrote—)2oz. Sara Lee Brownies Bridgfo'rd Bread Dough Downy Flake Hot Slices 13 O!. While 16 oi. Loaves---3 Pbck White Bread-l?'/; o;. ) $1.10 Fudge Bars Eiltimo . 6 Count 51< Smoked Hams Shank Half Everf/day Needs Tomato Catsup Town House—26 oi. ' Worcestershire Sauce Nalley Beef Stew 69< - French's—lO-oz. Big Chunjc -24 .oi. • $1.05 (Town Hou 'ii —24-ox?88c). Jell-0 Spoon Candy Dessert Mi<—Req. Pkq. Junket Danish Dessert Rospberry—4-OI, - „ 1^ Sugar Replacement G,anura"d-5o° Dial'Bath Sodp S 01. Bar * Mac. & Cheese "™'^i:19< Ci^aee&Tea Yuban Coffee Liptoji Black Tea Instant Coffee Safeway Coffee Pre-qround—Bog Edwdrds^ Coffee co.fees-^.ib. $2.35 $3.44 • - Ground—2lb. .(Instant—<-oi. $1.75) Bulk— It-oi. lylJB—lOoz." (iafewoy-19 -OI. J1.65) MJB Coffee MJB Coffee Donuts Ground—2-lb. {l-lb.$1.39) Ground— 3 -Jb. (Edworcji—Mb.^$3.15) $2.39 $1.89 $1.55 $2.01 $2:13 Mrs. Wright's Miniotur. Donette Deli,ghh-,-9-oi. Cello 52< Ground Beef Regular Grind I ll Juicy & Full of Flavor LUa Chuck Steak blade Cut, Beef Shoulder 11. USDA Choice Grade » LD-- SlicedBacon Safeway Smolt-a-Roma 1-lb. (2-lb.Thick^liced-$1.37) p|jg^ n t r%\ A 'B'cnd of Ground Beef ond Te«l.ired iJeer rlUS ' Hyd'alcJVcqeloblcPtolen-Lb, • Xverqooii- Lb. Sausage Itallan Slyle. Rcqulor or Hot'—tb. In > Bonok-ss Beef—Under Blade Pot Q .nUCk KOaSi Roast. USDA choice Grade- Lb. Stew Beef Boneless. USDA choice Secl-Lb. , r» • or T-Bone Steak rOrterhOUSe USDA choice Beef Loin-Lb. r'kllfL'Qlanl^ Boneless Bee( Under Blade V.nUCK .9feaK . usqa choice Beel-Lb. Rib Steak Smoll End. USDA choice Beet-Lb. Chuck Steak Borielc'ss BocI Under Blade—Lb. Rib Eye Steak U^DA Choice Bcel-^Lb. X 100% V Hickory Smoked Sirloin Steak ^199 Round Steak $108 Boneless, USO4 Choice 11. Grade Bisef, Loin-Top LU b Foster Farms FRESH j L Fro,m California LD. Gliuck Roas Beef Shoulder Blade Cut = USDA Choice Grade 1 45 Full-Cut, Bone-In USDA Choice Grade < Canned Ham ^O^^ Safeway or Dubuque ^ Wdnor House, Froien I L U.S.GradeA LU. 1 8 39 ,65< n.39 n.44 >1.19 ^1.39 fl.99 iV.49 M.89 «1.49 $2.59 Beef Wieners (skiflesl^BMfVraik" lioi. 5?c) 73^ Sliced Bologna saiewi,_ilb. 88< Calf. Liver Tender & piovoriui-Lb... M.79 Canned Ham cudahy -i'/rib *2.49 Holiday Ham Cudahy Conned Hom~3lb. ^4.79 Assorted Chops ' Pork Loin-Lb *1.29 Pork Picnic „ Shoulder Arm—Lb. 69< Whole Hog Sausage Me&Hoi -Lb 89< Pork Leg Fresh Ham Rump or shank Podlon -Lb. M .09 , Pork Roast Loin,Sirloin Roast-Lb. M.09 Slicec^ Bacon pioiterstyie-Lb 98< C-.._- D_1 ji- -Foster farms. California Grown •• jja/' rryer rartS Breasts. Drumst.cks or Thighs—Lb. 007 49< ^.99 99< 39< 99< <3.49 *1.29 Rath Breokfosf. Reqularor Hot—l-fb. Manor House Boneless, 3i/j-lbs."Each Plantation—Lb. Roger Royal—6 oz. TrQphv Brand Cooked & Petsled— 8 -OI. CqlHornla—Lb. ' Sausage Rolls Turkey Roast Turkey Breast Chicken Livers Shrimpmeat' Shrintpmeat Corned Beef . Sofewov Bondess Brisket-Lb: (Corotd Bottom Roun<i. 3 t^_1 Pounds—Lb. J1.3») «o.-. Thirst t$uenehers Hi-C Fruit Drinks Weldiade Grape Drink Hawaiian Punch Cranberry Juice Cocktail Wyler's Drink Mixes kool-Ald 42< 53< Concentrate—32-or. $1.33 Oc^gn Spray—48 -02. 96< Mokes B Quarts—24-oi. Can 99< Drink Miit. Makes 2 Puarfs—Envelope 'j. {Siig<ir'Swfl«tan«d; Makes 1 Quart 12c) . /f riiMMia TM^.^ ' Sweeleneti Drink Mix Oil- runny race Makes2 9uarts-Envelope /4< Plums Nectarm^ Son+o Rosa Large, Sweet and Juicy Lb. 39< 72 Size and Larger •Lb. Party Ice Pgrty.Prido, Ju»t Right for Bavsragsi—7-lb. Bog 39< Please turn In Your i^ennies Pennies are scorce. This makes it difficult for the stores whefre you shop to mak(9 change' on your purchases. Please put surplus pennies bock in cirtculation. Peaches Sweet & Juicy 72 Size & Larger—Lb. Strawberries Driscoll Variety • 12-oz. Basket—Each Seedless Grapes ^^-^p- Lb. 59 Golden Ripe Bananas 2Lbs.29< Ring Cherries f-i^? Northwest ib.%%< Valencia Oranges 5^ Bag79< Grapefruit 5 ibs. U Green Onions °' R»<'»|'«-B-CI'" 2 tor 29^ Charcoal Briquets 10^73* Kraft Cheese Whiz Polish Iceberg Dills 5^^" Bean Salad Caesar Dressing Shoestring Potatoes Fresh Salads ttoUday Planners Chopped Ripe Olives Town House—4 '/2-o2. Underwood Spreads ?oV<^h1cveT-^w)1y!r.' 63< 75< 77< 59< 77t 29* 47* Spread—8oi. Aunt'Janes Pickles— 2H;0i. Marinated—17t /4 -'oz. GiraVfJ's—lOoi. (Nu-mad»^-»-oi. 4Sc) Bell Brand Fren'chies^-oz. Lucertie, Potato or Macaroni—15-oi. (In 1l<« Doir» Cat<) More iiotiday Needs Suntan Lotion . Sea &.Sk;—•toi. Coppertone Q.T . Tanning Lotionr—2-oz. C:lm l<°dak C124—12 Eifpoiure Ro instamatic him (20E >poior.s«i.}f) Kodak CI 10 Film _.,.].2 Exposures—Roll Color Slide Film Kodak CXI35—20 Exposure Roll $1.49 Polaroid Colorpak Film Type-108—Pock $4.19 Shell No-Pest Strips Each $1.65 $1.39 $1.45 $1.14 $1.15 Spaghettios Each Franco-American 15 -01. Can 24< Retrigeraied items Cream for Whipping Lucerne—'/! Pint Sour Credm ^4^^?;:^ 22* Lucerne Onion Dip For Chips-B-oz. ' -Avocado Dip Calavo'— 8 -01. 59< Soft Margarine Mrs. Filbert's—t-lb. Tub 55< Sliced American Cheese s ngk w?a"p°l« oi 63* Bonbel Cheese Marshmallows Lauqhlnq Cow—8 -OJt. Kraft Jtt.PuH . Poly »a«—14-«t. $1.05 35< Cook-Out Suggestions Charcoal Lighter Fluid Paper Plates Brocade. White, 9 Inch—100 Count Aluminum Foi) ^"=57ttu "a "7 «t-^ Kraft Barbecue Sauce Pork & Beans A-1 Steak Sauce Sweet Pickle Relish Wilard-32-oz. I801. Town House—16-az. • 5 -01. (1»-oi. I7e) . Iced Tea Mix Zippy-12 -OI. N«ftea, Envelop*! 10 Count (Canterbury 95c) 55< 73< 55< 47< 31< 49< $105 Liquor • Wine • Beer Bourbon Whiskey T^.^n^ittri^^U Blended Whiskey, 80 Proof—5th (</, Gollon (t .2S) Chrlslion Brothers Wine—5th Coldbrook ChateOu Lq Salle Mateus Rose Imported From Portugal—25ot. Italian Swiss Chianti Pabst Blue Ribbon b?.;, 12 oi 'can,-(.pack Brown Derby Beer ,BrlVn^n"to ''c'iHc, $4.99 $3.29 $2.25 $3.39 $2.09 $1.32 $1.27 m (Liquor Available at Storei Marked L Only) GIN or VODKA $J25 Slanton'V Gin or Kovldna Vodko, N Proof Vi Sdllon Ifems efftd prices in this ad are available June 26, 1974 thru July 2, 1974 at all Safeway Stores lisfed below: [UKIAH «5|l.Jttilt||fS WILLltS MS S. MalM LAKE PORT IMS Main. WE ACCEP1 fOOD STAMPS YOU CAN ALWAYS DEPEND ON ^^ SAFEWAY

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