Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 16, 1957 · Page 56
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 56

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1957
Page 56
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Page 56 article text (OCR)

' FIf TY-SER OUT OUR WAY EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND,' "MIX, THURSDAY, : MAY 1C,' 1957 Br R.,J. WiliUnU OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAOR HOOPLE Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Take* CX> V0U THIWK'S <3OJMA HAp- PEfJ WHEAJTHEkiPiSSEE . A'E W THESe T 51SSV-FAWTS-* THAT'S WHATTWEV'LL SAY/ /WP THEM JM W - • coi * - TH.M6-V.HY, AU- CV' Tl«l \Vt-LL-i;WC>^»J (.lOcrES WEAR THESV,'THCV RC' AR.< OF « AMO «> ;.\w VJOCD.SAW.'TUE eoc •'TABiE JEEM INFERIOR— AE& . Vegetable Garden Answer to Previous Puzzfe ACROSS 1 Salad green ' 7 Slalky vegetable JJ.Rcnls Vi Indian warriors 21 Swift 16 Parish in Louisiana 17 Western cattle ISPcrlaininj ' ""to a tissue (19 African fly (var.) 21 Mountain pa?s 22 Green i,- .vegetables 25 River (Sp.) .27O'catrix 31 Aecd ; 32 Skill '33 Mouths 3< Employ 35 Drunkard 36 Edge , 37 Number (p!.j 39 Compaq point •SO Hllip 41 Golfer's term 43 Clamp -Is Exacting 4K Grates 52 Course of progress 54 Throw oiT tracks, as .1 (ram 55 Bay windows 50 All 57 Pesters 58 Shoemaker's term DOWN' 1 Shade trees 2 Tidy 3 Challenge 4 Small islands 5 Shifts 6 East (Fr.y 7 Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament <ab.) S Poetry muse 3 Tags lOWicfccd 11 California rockfish 12 Belgian river 20Expunger 21 Actor, Joseph 22 Look sullen 23 Otherwise 24 Arabian gulf 26 Press 28 Maize 20 Operatic solo 30 Sloping way 38 Frolics •SO City in 42 Anoint 4-1 Feminine appellation 45 Highlander 46 Weight deduction 47 Silkworm 49 Stated 50 Combustible heap 51 Winter vehicle 53 Fellow of Royal Society (ab.) 54 Social beginner 55 53 41 w STATION KDIA (PltUburjh, Cbkimil Z» TODAT 5:10 Thursday MovJ« 6:15 Roy Ilogeis 6:45 Nc\v.s, Weather 7:00 Code 3 7r30 Susie &:QQ Groueho Marx 8:30 Dragnet 9:00 Stardust Melodies 9:30 Tennessee Ernie 10;00 Video Thoauc 11:00 Nc'AS., LI: 15 Thursday Theatre I. M. LI:30 New* 12:40 Swing Shllt TOMORROW 7:00 Garroway 9:00 Storyland 0:30 On Location 1<S;OQ Garry Aloore 0:30 Woniaa'i Angl« 10:15 Of All Tb!D E * 1:30 Strjfce It Rich 2:00 Newi 2rJ5 Caitoom 12:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 Big Movie 2:30 Fathers Troubt* * 3:(K> Big Payolt 3:30 Secret Storm 3:45 Valiant Lady 4:OO Queen for A Day 29 30 50 51 WISHING WELL Rcgillered U. S. Palent Office. - 8 V . : ." I 5 A C E W J 5 A X R M 6 S 5 V 2 S 2 s. I 4 K 5 O 2 • r 4 E 6 R 6 C a R 6 o 4 T 7 S « A 3 I 4 F P 3 lit li E 3 K P 8 M 3 M S T. 5 T '1 H 5 G 5 B 4 A 7 H 6 K '1 R 2 n 4 A 3 G 5 O 5 O 7 R 2 R 5 V 6 'a s i 6 E 2 U 3 ' T 6 M S K 2 N 6 I, 8 E G If '5~ F. 8 U 4 E S T V I, 2 S 3 A 4 N 3 M 7 K 3 K 5 S 3 N 8- A .6 T 7 T 2 5 T 6 O 4 Y 7 E 2 E S L, S R .4 M 3 •A 5 y YOUR BALANCE- I'VE SOT IM M HSAD K?e THf?£e YEARS /MAJOR.'-"- IT'S *W.50/—- IF YOU PAV HOVi IT WOULD MS KcMEMSECi TO CUT you A SUIT I AiSHT FORSST AMD TR/ Ofj -itU A !l KAD [s! WIND A SPORTS ~ THE COAT A B!?|SHT JS'AVY SLUE OF ITAUAN SIL TELEVISION 11IGHLIG11TS TIIL'RSHAV. MAY Ths Time* U cot «*poiuiWo for l*t* 10:00 Video Theatre 11:00 News, .Weatier 11:20 Sports 31:25 Sam antf Friends 11:30 Tonight TOMokROW 7:00 Gjirowa* 9:00 Ultle JUjcaLs 9:30 Romper Room JO;DQ Home ' lUMPljce Is Right 11:30 TrulH,- Comequ'ces 12:QO Tic Tac Dough 32:3i) 11 Could Bo Yoa . 1:00 Close-Up 4:30.Club Sixt)' 2:39 Tennessee Ernla 3:00Matinee Theatre 4:00 Queen For A Day 1:45 Modern Romances 7:15 John Daly 7:30 Lone Kas£«r 8:00 Circus 9:00 Danny Thoraaj -9:30 Bold Journey 10:00 Telephone Tims 10:30 Star Playhouse 11:CO News, Sports 11:20 PremierPJajhouss TOMORROW __.-_ Jii)w.n Corner l:301jdies Thealra 2:30"Favorite Story; 3:00 Public Defender 3:30 Canior Theatra •1:00 Brighter Day 4:15 Secret Storm 4:10 Edse of Night 12: STATION WSVA TO DAI (CUnJard Tfrae) 5:45 NCW.S 6;00 Hardening Tjpj 6:15 News, Market 6:3» Bob CummiriRt 7:00 Groueho Marx 7:3<> Climax B:30 Doctor's Journal 9:00 Video Theatre 0:00 Tennessee Ernie 10:30 Beat Ihe Clock H:00 News, Sporls HtlS Mavleiime USA TOMORROW 11:00 film Theatre 11:15 Love o( Life 11:30 Search Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Lignt 12:00 Close-Up 12:30 .As World Turns 1:00 Malinre 1:30 Tcnnes$ec Krnift S'.OOAMinte Thca(re * 3:00 Brighler Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:39 Krfge o£ Night 4:00 Comedy Time 4:30 TticMrc Time STAT;O.V HTifi (TVishiojion, Chisnel 5) (Cumberland C&tlt 5> TODAT 5:00 >Wt Grant Show 6:00 Billy Jphnsoa 6:30 Fun House 7:00 Brian Dohlcvy 7:30 The Wliutler 6:00 Moviotimc USjf 3:30 The Falcon 30:00 Wrestling 11:00 News. Weather 11:10 D.C. MovfiMlme TOSIOHRoV 5:00 Karloon Ktob 10:00 Morntns -Movio 11:45 Frankie Laina ' 32:00 Music Hall 12=30 Afternoon Movie 2:00 Ladles Be Seated 3:30 Cartoons 4:00 Life with Eliiabcth 4:30 The Unexpected . STATION WRC " ICumberlanrJ C*blo 4) •TODAY 5:M Comedy Time ' 5:30 Stisic 6:00 Father's Trouble* 6:30 News. Weathar 6:45 Sports 6:50 Sam anrl Fricndj 7:CO Wild BUl HlcltOk 7:30 Dinah Shor« 7:43 NBC News 8:00 Groueho Marx .0 Dragnet 9^00 People's thojc* 9:30 Tennessee Ernie STATION WJAC (Johns town. Channel ft) TODAY 5:00 Comedy Time •• 5:30 Wild Bill Hickok 6:00 Sports 6:15 World Ktwt 6:30 Orzic and Harriet 7:00 Americao Legend 7:30 Dinah Shore „., 7:45 NBC Xcws ' r ' ' 6:00 Groueho Marx 8:30 Dragnet , 9:00 People's Choice 9:30 Tennessee "Kr'nie 30:00 Video : Theatre 11:00 News 31:10 Diamond. Theatra 7:00 Garroway 9:00 Romper Hoom 10:00 Home 11:00 Price Is Rifihl 11:30 Trulrt. Ccnsequ'ces 12:00 Tic Tac Dough 12:30 It Could Ee You 1:00 Th« Ansu-er 1:30 Feature Th«alr* 2:30 Tennessee E'rnie ' 3:00 Matinee Theatre • 4:00 Queen For A Day 4:45 Modern BomaDCCs STATION WTQP (W»*hfcr1on, cbftcnt (CnmberUcfl c TOD AT 5:00 Amos and 5:30 Margie 6:00 Cisco Kid 6:30 Spotlight 6:15 Newo 7;M Code 3 7^30 Sgu Prcslon B:CO Bob Cummin 8:30 Climax 9:30 Playnou.te 90 11:00 Th« 11 Report 11:15 The Late Show TOMOHKOW 6^55^To^ning Meditation 7:00 Jimmy Dean . 8:00 i'anorama Potomac 9:OC Caplain, Kangaroo 9:45 Cartoons 10:00 Garry Moor* 11:30 Strike U Hfch 12:00 Valiant Lidy )2:15 Love O£ LISe J2:30 Search Tomorrow 12:45 Guiding Light 1:00 News 1:10 Donna Douglas 1:30 As World Turns 2:00 Oar Miss Brooks 2:30 House Party 3:00 Big Payoff 3:30 Dob Crojby 4:00 Pick Temple Ranch STATION WHAL (WiJblnrtoa, timnej 7> (CumbtiJintJ C»bl« 4> , TODAY ' 5:00 atlckty Moan Ctub 6:00 Sky King 6:30 ToH-n'acd Country S:55 Weather. News - », * 6 * 8 4 5 6 j-j—j—j-- J S RI MAOEES NYY J-JERE is a pleasant little game that will give you a message every ~£ . £ '?.* n V menc . 31 1" 1 " 1 * designed to spell out your Jorlune. . Count the letters in your first name. H the number of letters is 6 or more, subtract 4. H the number is less than 6, add 3. The result is : your key number. Start at the upper left-band corner of the rcc! i«5 fi.'." check ^ery one of your key numbers, left to light. Then Mid the message th« letters under the chetked figures give you. C.1W. fcr VTillUo 1. Jfillrr. Bhlrftultd » Kiss r.Uwtt Eiirfkllt J-lfe , Real Estate T Mr. and • Mrs. George ,1. jchocnadcl to Mr. and Mrs. These people eoch won 1000 VACATION .from their Ford Dealer ,«••' (You can, too!) MRS. A. \V. ROLFB' R.D. J, Stojsfown, Pa. HERMAN' ROSENBERG 205 .VTWOOD ST. PITTSBURGH, 13, 1>,\. ransfcrs Joseph A. Becker, property at the intersection of Weires Avenue and Heavncr Street. Mr. and Mrs. Carl V. Weakley to Mr. and Mrs. Chester R. \Vil- mot, property in Dressman .Addition. Conda O. and Marion L. Smilh to Gunner N. and Margaret B. Gavclin, property at Hawlings. -Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Wilson to Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Cessna, property along Town Creek. Benjamin T. and Lois ST. Teeter to Guy Eugene Stonestreet, properly in Cumberland. A hcrpctologist studies about snakes. .VB>^___^_ |>V Question: Arc Fakirs Only Fakers? ANN ARBOR, Mich.—(INS)— Two American doctors are going to spend a year in India trying to find out whether Hindu fakirs are really only fakers. ' ,; Official Indian health agencies have approved the trip of Dr.' B. K. Bagchi of the University of Michigan, and Dr. H. A. Wenger of Ihe University of California. The two men plan to spent! their sabbatical leave year in India trying to find out if fakirs really 3 "third state of mind." or suspended animation, between consciousness and a coma. Dr. Bagchi. chief of clclroen- ccphalography—the study of clcc- STATION 'WlTBG , (Alloons, Ch»oael TODAT 5:CO Mickey Mousa 6:00 Cartoons 6:30 Penoa. Today 6:^0 Sports 6:45 News 7:00 Treasure Hunt 7:30 Sfit, Prc-stoti 8:00 Bob Cummlnfft •' S-'M Climax 9:30 Playhouse 90 11:00 News 11:15 Best Movies '. TOMORROW 7lM Jimmy Dean 8:00 Caplaln K* 9:00 Horizons 10:00 Morning Theitr» 31:3* StriJcfl « RlcA 12:00^ News 32:15 Love OI LU* 22:30 RFD W 1:00 NEWS 3:30 As World Twrai 2iOO Search Tomorrow 2:I5.C:mrJing Light 1:30 QiarlM Flmn 3:00 BIi P*jo« 3:30 3lnre Gurl " ^:00 Brighter D«j , <:IS Secret Stortn _\ «:3t> Edge Of Nl£j]| - Irical "brain wave patterns"— a | ' Automatic Washer i the U. of M.'s Xeuropsychiatric Institute, said: "For hundreds of years there have been many unverified reports of the ability of Indian fakirs to withdraw themselves from known manifestations of consciousness. We feel it is about time someone investigated whether there is a grain of truth in the reports. "Our goal is not to investigate the philosophical and spiritual implications of this practice, but' to try to put the fakirs' unusual i talents, if any, on a scientific •basis." Dr. Bagchi hopes an ' $8,000 brain wave machine he will fake along on the trip will give some ^reliable answers on just whal .happens when a fakir goes into a ; trance. Marriage Rate Rises Only Slightly During Leap Year Of 1956 NEW YORK-flN'sl-The gals gained.dunng Leap Year, but no by much. There, were an estimated 1,587 MO,marriages during the 1956 Leap .Year, as opposed to 1,542 CKM in the regular year of 1356 and 1,451,000 in 1954, according to an insurance company's ures. . Indiana and Oklahoma proved the "happy hunting grounds" matrimony-minded girls i afraid to. pop the question the selves. Indiana reported an up swing of almost 17 percent, while Oklahoma wedding statistics 11 per cent. Decreases of under five cent were noted in Nebraska Georgia, and two per cent d in nine o over 100,000 Man Loses Baltic Against RR WhisiJc BAKERSFIELD. Calif. (,fl — A one-man campaign against irain whistles on th<< Sanla Fe tail- road sparked a spirilcci debate in Ihe Bakcrsfield city council; "Every other night," said one [councilman. "1 get called out of bed with a complaint about the train wrjistles. How am ! going jlo get aiiy rest?" "Oust ihow many people have been calling you?" asked a skeptical member. • Well, 1 ' was Ihe response; "it's only one, but Vie sure calls a lot." .The,problem of the whistling complaints was dismissed. were recorded states. In cities „,„ iv there were increases in 74 declines in 29. The giant-sized cities, with pop ulations over a million, all at leas' held their own. with the esccp i lion of Philadelphia. While th<- [numbcr of marriages decreased in Philadelphia, New York City reported a rise from 68,615 in 1955 to 70.300 in 1D56. Chicago and Los Angeles reported a six per cent rise, while the upswing was two per cent in Detroit. Forgetful Merchant STERLING. Colo, wi - Police Chief Hugh O'Neal has a nomination for the absent minded merchant of the year. Police found the door open to a Sterling bust ness establishment. They notified the owner. The owner turned up promptly to lock the door . bui forgot his key. I.ITTUE~Ul^ With some people age makes them sensible—others just lack By Al Caff. , WE'VE FOUND T NO,S(JH-AN' ) PRINTS OF X WHILE WE IS * ENORMOUS Y ON TH SU3JECK FEET IM THIS I o 1 ENORMOUS AREA. HAVE / FEEirH/XS-Y YOU SEEN A A SEEN N1AH MONSTER H CHILE,T1NV, APOUND? A ARGUN'?- BIN GONE THREE WEEKS. SEEMS LIKE HE WERE SWALLOWED LIZARD OFOOZEliO^KE!! This naw§papt=>i- doubtlng the wudYumors (spread ixj storiesJn this newspaper) thataiienor- mou3, !lzatTd-m<L6 creature rrfo^^e^fgS?^- )Ke Eerie, sent Its oce • , photographer after ' With reluctance, distaste and horror vre are now forced to admit the eborq is true STEVE CANYON By Milton Conifl STCAAW ASKED HE IPZETIIEO If. KTllTi THAT POTEET IS (xfNS . TO 60 FORA OEIVt.'l MAJOR TCEC WILL. ' OUT THESE EVENINOS' . . I'LL, HOE£.VAH»v(w!PE THE PISHES ' ^o/in Prentice and Fred Dickenton ALONE ON me S7WOC6V CIRCe, COftSTANCE KOYCE HAS A SUPO£fl THOUGHT. BE A RARE SOMEWHERE... tf Dudley Fith CAPTAIN EASY CALO WAIT MERE- 6, WOIAEWT-1 r.'AWT TO SEE- WKAr HE'S UP TO! 41N<3ATORE AT M!t3NieHT E>*V. TRAILS Kf/3 CA'Rr TO THE WMERFRONT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES my Edgar Martin FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By ATcrrril Blotter SETUPSOQAS POR EVERVCVSJEJ . I HOPE 7 YOU APPPEOATE AU. Ite WSLL/THECEWAS GUZ,UMPA-.W-L TH' GUVS .. AM ?!<???£? E i"\>- !a —««/ -m- GRAND vvtE^iw HM> My DOUBTS/..SOMEHOV 1\ HIM AM' HIS HAT' &BOUT WA.S / HAD A FEEUNG \ Y'KNOW/ SUMPlti TH'GRANP ,[ VIE KNEW ME I OOP* I SMELI .. KECOS^^^2EDBV^ \EVHNOOCt-tV_ j'fl SOUU1MI-VDO? 1 SHE PASSED GREAT HEAVENS.COC? / ME UP TOO. PR\Y 7EU. N\E \WO ACTIMV THEYJU51 PLUMB D1DMT KNCAV WE MICKEY MOUSE eA\V3SH-..I K3.VT K,\i3\v \\HEKS IT COO'.P HAVE

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