Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 7, 1969 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1969
Page 12
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»-ftMdy. Uhiuaiy 7, 1969 Retfio.idt Dafy fatH TELEVISION INREVflEW Br IICK OU IROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) —. '•Wtafi It An About, Worid?'-.! ABC-TVt weekly ooe^oor satirical revue tliat had its premiere Thunday night, tries Apples healthful for inosf persons •f OR. wAYNi e. Muwnun to be both hip and commerciaUy'JZr*, safe. jvanea It is a clever attempt tD play^'PP'* both ends of the show busmess world asamst tbe middle. Because of this attempt, howev AtUtudes toward apples hare from the saying: "An I day keeps the doctor awa-" to '"An apple a day buys the doctor's coupe." Much superstition has cen- 6:03 Qlbt lit Hen (C) (oO) Junri Ounpiiy. Q^HmHlmSmii m (30) O ant Mea 9w> (Q C90) Amts Moonhead, Blue'Cheer, Hamilton' Camp and Victor Stetle foesL e THE SIX O'CLOCK MOVIEJ -k 'SAIL A CROOKED SHIP' starring Robert Wagner QSii Otitck Mom: 'Sil * CnM Skif (comedy) •62-Rob- «t Wagner. Dolores Hart Ernie' t :30 Kovads. § 1 (Q (60) Mli*« (0 (30) I MuTs nmi! (30) "When Do We Get Itr- Bill Smith jounwys Is the timberlaodt of Oratoa to «e hot) the toMriiK Douflas Fir tan are harvested ai to*' (O liM (O Tales •( Wb FoK SilB^IMNt: -Ihe Buraim - and "PoBee Dog." 1:30 e S (£ iMv/hW tM- •ei Hoar (O » nttin er. it is difGcult to believe that f^^f '""'S. ^l,^ the contemporary social com-a""! ^'^, ^f"^^^''J^ ment in some of the humor is cure both'diarrhea and consU- really as passionate as it patiin. While I would not advo- pretends to be. This does not "te that a person with colitis that some of the groap td healthy stodcats added two or three apidct to their ae- custoined daily diet Itey kqX remarkably free bom upper respiratory disease and nervous tension. StioUsts who criticized this |stn4y beeane the stndenia were inot wtatrtyd irith contiul sob- ijeeti wto ate no apples idaceid grarfcr credOKe in a Bi stndy which diowed that of tira graops k adnHs with. Ugh blood pressure the group that regular-| ly'ate apples had a mari[ed low- erins of the Uaod' pressure. Dentists, who have > long .said that it yea can't brush your teeth but can eat an apple after a meal your teeth and gums wiU be the better for U. have recently come up with sound evidence that this is true. C — Often when.I take my dothe^ to the laundromat the water is not as hot as U should be and ndiher are the dryers. Is there any danger of infection if the previous user liad a con- ta^ous disease? A — Any germs that may be present in the linens are gotten out by a combination of me- chaidcal wasiung action, adequate washing time (10 minutes or more), the detergent and the temperature of the water. In community laundries, a temperature of ^bont 145 degrees is {adequate. Adding chlorine or olher germicides is rar^ necessary but. if ytm yriaibtt add one. several that da not cootaia chlorine are available. When Uakets . or' other woolen goods must be: washed they cannot be sabjecled to beat but they may be immersed Ibr five to 10 numitcs ia a 1 per cent sohitioo of a synthetic phe­ nolic compound, then washed at a temperature of 100 degrees. Incidentally, a survey of public health sources £uls to reveal any cases of transmission of commonicable disease by a laundry. mean , that some individual moments weren't highly successfiiL It just means go on a binge of eating raw apples, recent studies have shown that apples are indeed a that not only the sequences!healthful food for most persons, were inconsistent-but the tone! The Pe**" and hemicelhilose and attitude of the show asjin apples being colloids help to fcJOQMK 1 (0 ffineMaiHIMi(30) m] TMBCR EN«ii« Ihai (0 Walter donkit*. § Whirs yr^y* « OO) WiidaW Nerid (I (30) "Eipleriw at Honw." £ taMicaBHM(Q Tw* er CiilUilif (Q 7 :30 a 0 CD no *M «M (0 SHVittwMH (0 m "tether of an Eaglf." aistfiaSiMttC) (SS) SigKSffiriaHaE m u\ Urn km ^ (GO) A near varieiir ihoa siuriM the WeUi siniar. QiiaM$iMK<Q'nKaiai fmam Kmr (imtm) '53-«uy Madim Fisnk loMier. Mil Miles. ~iTHOnrC CC)(30) 11401 ^Cma da la In (3(9 )lto«apl«ilFaip BOIM m (30) Sflsiabaa Qiest (60) Pet* Seegei's fuesis art Tha Near Lost mm "The Suirtaa Hob.' a*ms ka SWM SM <0 (30) ••Casda of the Duht.' Sap (0 (30) Dinnis Whohy hoA a gun iho* that Mum iw panels of eonleslaiits—eneeem- priaed of teaas and oae of adults over 30. S BaaaM OtMMr (ft (90) •oil.lhaOddi (Q (30) MOeSCBCK FiMv (0 TrUip? (drama) '66-Natalie Wood. Ian Bannen, Dick Shawn, enaiNr Mw DaA (0 (60) Don Adams, Bill Dana, Jackie Gayle, Vic Damoae, Delia Reese, The Collectors, Roman Polantki and Shane Tait (uest e@3)ffi>EMIT UTs Mala a M (Q (30) The popular day- (wstem) '52-Jofl HaU, Christine Larson. a ®(£)CSSpU« Mai (0 ffijKk La Laine (O W Sigebrush Theita SIEsiuJ-n Raleish SgfiD Wacky Races (C) §3 % Banana Splib (C) Q @ ^ ES Fantastic VDragi (C) IDUI Theatre: "Giant of the Evil Island" and "Fire Meidens tt Outer Space." The tint film is in color. SlWiMns pXTha Mil SM* (Q tirir ^fghf OMMtiK Tea Dais to Trim" (adventure) 'SS-Sterting HajpdM, Grace Raynor. ~Mtai tor Ijmg 1 /npwia (0 aOadMdig (0 rnaHWrtHriiMiii Up- (mysieiy) 'SS-Mickiil Rediravr Sheila Sim. gg ,^.N**ter« I ^^^11 hesls. |®(£)CBCM*i*i< ShqbMk Mum _ ItoMd TfeMtto: " DM EnchMitod Valley." UdOeSCen* HmMdi (0 CDAMricM BiiditoiJ IMMir Bir •« 0* (MSlini) '59-Rob«t Ryii, Burl Ives, Tina Louise. David NebMi 12M Hmr (dnma) '48-Fndric Mnch, Ann BIyth. aoesaHippiiiigco ia @(£MikrOid [(0 OMMir "HH Tlmr (mysliiy) •eo-Robert Knapp, Unda Laenon. OHm: 'AoMSlhi PadRcf (id- venture) '42 — Humphrey Bepit QMim: "Ihi Hadtak if la­ ta DUNT (dnma) '39—Chirte Laughton, Maureen OUan. tiffli Aear | MS nighttime aith holt Monty HalL tor TMT Uh (O (60) _ . piaMiM (60) "The Pill Plus jMBTte Urn Hdito (R Ten.- Dr. Keilh Beiaidi dtwoMS W UN fibm of birth conhol pins, aith • vie> taaerds llMnHiid saml mns «d mnim nlitierakipt. t :3Ba ®S )Sna Can M Saaili (Q (30) "A TOM in T«- ler." Pirt i of tan puts. QHNa(O(30)TidM||trs. leCSeiK PairiaiH to iMite (C) (60) "This Is Shrim Aleichem." i (0 (60) Ka)'3itMmtbtDarfc and tht| in tbi Homt.' ard Siks gM em •M(30) F« (30) "TWAid RsaConriadBim- d. (60) "iMdini 01 (acstem) '58—Geone MontgMMry. SIQatot tor Advartan (0 _ (O-MshtolMaAr (wesbm) '54 - John Payne. ^pGiiMit ThiibK "Sitrch fM ffilMday (0 Brum vs. Washington Stati CMipn at Pullman, WaihinitoR. -StaanTAl SnttilHKO 3M PaCSffiBab Hipe Desiri SMk^ThiflMlnundsefthi lOHi annua) dassK— eaa the richest ($122,000) and mod popular pia-imatiur goH pnaented today and^tonor- roa from Indian Wells Country Clufc in Palm DMrt lOJOOMaar (0 -DMtor to thij ftoaMT (comedy) '55—Dirk Bogar baaeih More. Kiy KendalL mA Bnin vs. WaAinitoi Hus- Uei. ffn WMliia|toB..Dick Eriaq alls tti adtoa. S UnCtab (Q HMto :(0 'Sca<Mbi! r (rausicaD '4»-JHni Haver, WiHar Brennatt. @(l)8S )e"MS (0 u-JiaM*^ f-r* * ^ (dnni) '43 — Mharim H^Aom, _ (0 San Jon State meets the University of the Pacific 1 li 3J0aSH Hial aiP (£SP>a OMIM^ TM (0 Oiris SchDikel ind Billy Wdt cill thi KtiM fraai DWMT , Oito- ladi. SSQItoM (0 4 «ailM<K "Ha Mia * Ohto•mar (Mstern) '49 - Randolph Scalt John irelend. eiWiaid«M(C) Tiah (0 well. Curiously. "What's It All About. World?" is outwardly a more amiable and good-natured show than ABOTV's HcLu- hanesque premier of several nights ago, "Turn-On"—and, forj all we know, may be more successful in the ratings. But it must be said for "Turn-On" that its serious comic view of the world we live in never varied from its singleness of tone. ! The host of "What's It AU! About, World?" is Dean Jones. solidify the liquid contents of the intestines and neutralizing the chemical irritants that cause diarrhea. In a three-year study at Michigan State University, The Lighter Side By DICK WEST , WASHINGTON (UPI) an actor-singer, and the schizo- Gjghty-six House members are phrenia of the show starU with sponsoring legislation to enlarge him. Despite his turUeneckl president Nixon's Cabinet by shirts, he seems positively square when contrasted with the remainder of the program. There were several high spots to the hour. One was a deadly satirical sketch in which one of (hose jazzy, idiotic vkleo hosts interviewed a hip nun who had gone into show business. As the perfwmers. Dick Clair < and Jenna HcHahon were superb. If the series has a secret weapon, however, it is a nine- year-old girl, Bayn Johnson, who dkl a positively miraculous song-dance-and-comedy takeoff on Shirley Temple, and who is quite a trouper herself. She has appeared for one-and-a-half years in a New York stage lampoon of 1930s musical movies, "(hurley McDimple." As a vUeo performer, she is hot copy. Terre Thomas, daughter of Danny Thomas, appeared on her sister Mario's ABC-TV series, "That Girl," Thursday night as a nun, and made dear she can have a show business career any time she wants. She sings beautifully in a straight forward manner, and has warmth, vibrancy, looks and an easy way with dialogue, straight or funny. The Thomas girls are an absolute natural for a television remake of "The Dolly Sisters." Weleem* Guest HOLYWOOD (UPI) - Burl Ives will play a return guest jstint in an episode of the "Dan iel Boone" series starring Fess Parker. wmewtL ctHBUt, coiiwomnoN 123Ciio««trwl «7»4331 Daily 1 Comp. Show 7: IS Sat. Cant, fram 4:4S Sun* Cdit* frMR 1 p «iii* Adult PwfTMii 16 #r wsr A WHvn CMHS MooucnoN Tacftnioiei^ Panmoun Psctn SUA Alwincalar JanoFmda 'VARIARELLA" Spec. Kids Mat. Sat. 1 2 Big FMtvrM • All SMH 50C vtrnmii ttlSBMB '•Ma har (i firt -57 - J*i P»|a* Oandl O SANTA ANITA RACE OF if THE WEEIC-140.000 SAN PASQUAL HANDICAP eSiahlliicalMim Gvdaer DiekieNa Md JoikM BWK pliy It Ihi GQMMS Geir MK CouBby Gtab la KtofdM. toMici actaafhaMpBMdtoglQtokc CMiriiMr Md M Happto Riipk mm aad Jtoi St Me. nt niiaHniHi fiwi SiatHf •iNMan m \Km.\ faaas -siy laMus'ttaam tattaaaiea KMI Fna SiMit Daily l:lt tat « sm IM CrislapiMr Lao ' DiQCski Hos Ris #H nvM iHV wiiiia Color CoJiif "THE MAN WHO FINALLY OIEO" 1HESOUND OF MUSIC" Color Co4iit "lANDOLBO" creating a Department Consumer Affairs. As I understand it, the proposed department would do for consumers what the Commerce Department has done for businessmen, the Labor Department for workingmen, the Agriculture Department for farmers and the Department of Housing and Urban Development for city dwellers. But let us not be discouraged by that It could be that some of the programs which haven't been overwhelmingly successful in the other departments would produce the desired result when applied to consumer problems. Take, for example, the attempts by the Agriculture Department to solve the farm problem by paying farmers not to grow things. That i^ogram may have helped to some extent, but thus far it has fallen short of bringing about an agrarian Utopia. If, however, the proposed new department were to adopt the same approach—that is, if consumers were paki for not buying things—all sorts, of problems might disappear. Each consumer, as I envision it, would be assigned a purchase allotment, along the lines of the acreage allotments assigned to farmers. Siould he exceed his quota, he would forfeit his benefits under the program. But if he stayed within the allotment, he would be paid for not buying the things he would otherwise have purchased. Right away this would lessen the danger of a consumer getting rooked on a transaction. Which seems to be the No. 1 consumer problem. Most of the, consumer lawsf now on the books were designed to protect the consumers from sharp dealings in the market place. This way he would protect himself by avoidmg the market place. I A secondary benefit would be I an easing of the inflationary pressures now besetting the economy. Strong consumer purchasing power is the chief reason for .the inflationary spiral. If the consumer spends less, prices, wages and so forth will drop accordingly. Ttiirdly, consumers would bank the extra money, which would ease the credit squeere, which would lower interest rates, which also would benefit the economy. Considered in this b'ght, the Proposed new department could be a great asset to the country. Stranger things have happened. Moy 9»r ID sta LONDON (UPI) - Britain's trouble-plagued Queen Elizabeth II may finally get to sea in late March, an engineering firm said Wednesday. The firm that built the turbine rotors that caused trouble on an unsuccessful voyage to the Canary Islands in December said its engineers had found the trouble. Rejects COMMM BOISE, Idaho (UPIV-Sen. Vera Brassey, R-Boise, Wednesday moved to substitute the 10 Commandments for a 2,000- word resolution to set up a code of legislative ethics for state lawmakers. The Senate turned down the pnqiosal. • MEXICAN AND AMERICAN FOeOr - PIATinUNC THI TOK IN POM - ATMOSPHIRI - SIRVICi mmi ISM No. Oraata I ffBR NO LIMIT TO CLASSIFICATION Automotive • Houses for Sale • Real Estate • Houses for Rent Miscellaneous Etc. (anything) FOft TUB PRltB Of OFFER GOOD NOW THRU FEBRUARY 28 PRIVATE PARTY ADS ONLY NO COMMERCIAL BUSINESS ADS — PLEASE It's simple to place your Classified Ad — Just stop by the office at 700 Brookside or just pick up the phone and Call... Classified advertising appaaring in the Facts must be placed in person er by telephena no later than 4 :30 p.m. the prevTotis day.

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