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Tucson Citizeni
Tucson, Arizona
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Till- TUCSON CITIZEN TUESDAY KEHRUAkY 4 PAGE THREE Plan to'-Educate the Entire World Flagstaff Man Protestec Against Making Grand Canyon National Monument Blanks For Property Returns Were Sent Out Today fey Assessor 200000 students from every country are now sending lessons to one school In Scranton Claire Property in Paradise District is Being Developed at Present Owners of Properties There Are Showing Considerable Activity Arizona Copper Shelter Made an Average Run in January fN'(f 44J CLIFTON Feb 1 At th- New Yoik-Arlznna property work is going along about as rapidly as uBual Development work continues to revei a fair grade of millln gore Secretory Degecai who spends the most of his time at the mlneB is expected to art Tv In Clifton In a short time when the progress ot the company will be made public 0' In v' 1 I tt fe Walter Doudna who has a bond oa the Gypsy Queen and several other Ims in the Greenlee district this week let a contract to Riley for 75 feet of tunnel -work on the Gypsy This claim Is looking exceeding well and Dondna has a chance to do well with It If copper advances a price He has artr'ady spent com sldtivjit time and money on development woik and doserves success County Assessor John Bogan today sent out notices to the taxpayers of the county that assessment time has arrived These notices state that the property owners should fill out the blanks furniahed describing the real estate and person-property and return the Jig within ten days to Che assessor's office The assessment rolls close on June 1 The notices state that all property must be wturnel at Its full cash value and a not of explanation says that by cash value" la me-rot amount at which the propp-ty would he appraised tf taken in payment of a Just debt from a solvent Under the bead of personal property Is Included automobiles bicycles and all kinds of work animals The personal property list Is supposed to be made out In the same manner as the real property list In the phamphlot Is Included the Arizona statutes relating to property assessments and detailed Information given as to how to return the assessment lifts A severe penalty Is Imposed for falsifying any return The provision relating to false property lists Is as follows: "3850 (Sec 20 If any person shall willfully make or give oath or affirm a false list of hla her or their taxable property under his her or their control such person shall be deemed guilty of perjury and upon conviction thereof shall be punished therefor as by law provided for the of perjury and any property willfully concealed removed transferred or misrepresented by the owner or agent thereof to vade taxation shall upon discovery be assessed at five times the amount of tax for that year which would cth-rwlse have been assessed upon It and the assessment so made must not be reduced by the Board of Equallza-ion and 50 per cent of the amount such additional tax when col-eeted shall be paid to the person or oersons who shall furnish the Information which reveals the property concealed transferred misrepresented and the remaining 50 per rent after deducting the usual per entage for collection shall be paid into the treasury In the same manner ag other Jxyz- -V-v i lie- "v's-w -wcnr v' (ikt PARADISE Feb Coy of Douglas who with others recently formed the Big Springs Min ing company and took over the Claire property while In town yesterday seemed to be very much pleased with his company's acquisition Since Hr commenrement of operations by the new company 40 tons of ore have been taken out and the purpose of Manager McCoy'p visit to Paradise was to let a contract for the of this ore to Ihe Southern Padflc depot at San Simon for the company s' first carload shipment Ten men are row employed by the company taking' down ore In a tunnel drifting along the vein now In 165 feet There is very little waste accompanying the ore The ore mostly of the silver-load class though in one place lead disappeared and was replaced by copper Ore belonging to the latter Class may be sorted out and shipped to the Copper Queen smelter but all the rest will go to the El PaBO smelter All of the ore carries gold several assays showing values at from 1 to 4 os The silver and lead contents of course vary but estimates from the several smelter shipments already made show that the pay-streak ore averages a least $39 a ton In one place there as 2 feet of )50 ore The gold values are the cause of mueh satisfaction to Mr McCoy who seems to think they will Improve with farther development The veins are vertical fissure veins that widen with depth The two walls are porphyry and porphyry-schist There are four vein systems each about 30 feet In width Between the py streak in eaeh of these vein 'stems there Is considerable low-grade ore which will not pay to ship hut which could It Is believed be economically treated on the ground bv concentration process j-v-J iJUt jfr I The A smelter has made a good average run this mon'h and will no doubt lie in the 1300 or 1400 column In tonnage The Coronado railroad has been la good shape and ore ship ments has been steady There Is no curtailment in production with the company It goes Just the same hether the price of copper it high or low The only thing that cm check the A is floods PA What Does It AY r1esn to You? PHOENIX Feb -Under th Impression that President Roose volt's recent proclamation creating the Grand Canyon of Arizona a na tional monument ousts the holders ot mineral claims Bass one one of the mine owners whose claims are located within the monument has raked Strenuous objections to the action of Roosevelt Bass owns valuable and promising I roperty near Flagstaff and was in that city last week enlisting the su-port of the people there In a move incnt Sgalnst Roosevelt's proclamation creating the national monument which Is about the same as a national park As his reasons for objecting to the aetkm Bass pointed cut that he had spent a large amount of money developing mining claims which he believes will make one of the biggest copper producers In Arizona Bass said that there was "no logical reason for penning up the millions In mineral wealth which undoubtedly exist! there" and in strong terms denounce the action of President Roosevelt At the ofBce of Governor K'bbey this morning a copy of the Grand Canyon proclamation of President Roosevelt was received and It shows that the creation of the national monument at the Grand Canyon will not in the least Interfere with the rights of Bass of hinder him In the velopment of bis mineral claims proclamation in so many words says that existing rights the matter of mineral claims shall not be In the Rast affected by creating the monument but that it shall no longer be legal to make original locations Inside the monument which extends for one mile on esch side of the Grand Canyon In addition to Bass there are a umber of mining companies and Individuals holding mineral claims long the Grand Canyon which will bo Inside the limits of the monument proclamation protects every one of these and there will be no need for the claim owners to change their plana For year work has been In progress In the Grand Canyon district and several tRues Important ore strikes have been made but as yet there are no producing mines in the district Experts have male flattering reports regarding the mineral possibilities of some -of the copper properties At Governor Klbbcy's office this afternoon It was stated that Bass will not have his rights in the least Jeopardized and that he need have no frar that the creation of the reserve will cause him any annoyance or financial loss Those who fully understand the creation of the Grand Canyon monument look upon it as a sensible step toward preserving this aieat scenic wonder by beginning before commercial progress attempts to utilize the power or In other way make money at the expense of the scenic grandeur of the canyon KINGMAN Feb 4 A holster has already been placed oa the Gladstone mine at Chloride where Gamcy is working a force of men It Is the intention of Mr company to sink a shaft on the ore to a depth of 300 or more feet and then open tip the levels as fast as IKtssible The mine shows fine bodies ot high grade lead ore In all the epenings Cummings who has been making an examination of the mines of Chloride and Weaver districts returned to Kingman Sunday evening and departed the following day for Tucson He was much pleased jwith the section of country visited and will return ina bout a month to take a look over the southern end of the Wallapal district and the other dis tricts to the sohth of Kingman Callahan the well known Coast mining engineer arrived In Kingman Sunday and departed the following day In company of Hutchison to the Expansion Gold mining camp where he will make an examination of the property and report to the company It understood that It Lc the Intention of the company to put in a milling plant and at the same time add a large amount of machinery for the purpose of operating the mines as economically as possible For the use of the mine a big White automo bile will be purchased and will run bitween the mlneg and Kingman Dr Godshall Vante tip from the Needles Wednesday evening and visited the mines of Stockton Hill the following' day At the present time the company is not doing any work on the properties although It is thought that within a short time the Banner group will be started up with a large force The properties of the Arlxona-Mexlean Mining Smelting company In this county are among the best mines in the territory At the smeller the lead stack running full blast and turning out a large tonnage of rleh lead bullion This week one hundred and fift Ions of lead was shipped to the refinery from the smelter The Tracy Engineering Company this week received two condensing pumps for the power plant that taxed the capacity of a big flat car These pumps will be used In connection wltb the big engines at the plant and are supposed to effect a great economy of fuel The plant Is fast assuming shape the big boilers A good first class building nd one engine having already been lot between Vniversily aud'aet up Owing to the nnn-arrlval of depot for $350 Jarty Icsv- the structural material for the roof ing town work hag been somewhat delayed on inside work owing to the heavy rains of the past week It Is un-I derstood that a part of the plant will be ready for power transmission by I the time the Gold Road company Is Flegant new 5-room brick 1 modern batlis sinks hot The Citizen Sale 160 acres good land for WOO Less than two miles of 1'nfverslty high school and grammar school Sale Sale The New England company has completed shipment of the Copper King ore which was stored In North lifton Additional ore shfpmenu amounting to quite a number of carloads are being made from the Antle-tam Should the price of copper reach the lS-cent mark the New England will be very much alive Con-Iderable development work Including the straightening of the shaft on the Anlletam Is being done by the company Operations at the Copper King have practically ceased No matter what your position may be whether day laborer or office manager if you are in that discouraged line of men who get the same pittance week after week without pro-pect of anything better it is time you appealed to the International Correspondence Schools For 15 years they have been qualifying dissatisfied workers for better positions and higher salaries No matter what your circumstances are they will qualify YOU for a better position a higher salary and a safe future The way is plain easy and sure for earnest men It puts you tinder no obligation to find out how we can do this for you Simply send us a postal card requesting information State the occupation you wish to rise in Can you afford to neglect an opportunity for advancement INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS BOX 799 SCRANTON PA Read Word reached Clifton this week front the Gold Belt camp that gold ore of good grade was encountered In the bottom of the shaft on the copper claim The shaft has reached depth of more than 265 feet and the fact that the gold was struck at that depth Is most gratifying to those In charge of the property The Gold Belt management has been expecting to make several Important discoveries for some time and it now scents that the assets of the company will be greatly enhanced by the addition of more excellent gold ore For For ONLY THREE lilts MORE OF THE FREE DISPLAY IT 110 CONGRESS STREET SEVER MORE MEMBERS FAX BE TIKKX IX THE DIEEEBKXT CLASSES OVER ONE HUXDHM) FREE LESSONS IX SPANISH tITFX YESTERDAY PERSONS WISHING TO JOIN CLASS HAD BEST COME AT ONCE AS CLASSES ARE FAST BEING FILLED SPECIAL PRI-t LS DI KING THJS DISPLAY INTERN ATIONtL CORRESPONDENCE SCHOOLS lit T)NKHnS STREET Bryan and Cortelyou To Speak at Dinner NEW YORK Feb Tbe Mis-kjuiI Society of New York has secured noted speakers and otherwise arranged an elaborate program for Biannual dinner at the ITaza hotel to-ight Foremost among those slated to address the exiled Mibsourians an William Bryan Secretary of the Treasury Cortelyou and Chancellor Day- of Syracuse University GKITDEIL 11 ESIlRUGIt II Mi: Dot GA EE For The Shannon one of the most substantial copper companies In Arizona has made a steady run during the past month and no douht will touch Its usual average mark The big furnace has been handling ores rapidly and will make a good showing The ore supply has been steady and few delays have meurred By getting a good start the first month of the new ear 1 908 should be a good one for the company With the excellent plant and a good average market price for copper the Shannon will make a handsome showing Delays caused bv new Improvements repairs nd floods are past history as these drawbacks have been overcome -A- Detective Escapes OF and cold water wired beautiful electric fixtures toilet largo screen porch blocks of 8 depot graded streets splendid neighborhood convenient to high school and University and grammar school Call quick and get bargains also ran sell you 4-room brick MURPHY 55 Congress St ittle Girl Bitten By Wounded Wolf WAPAKONETA Ohio Feb A young man who gave his ovtr as 15 A Clark of Ashtabula Ohio picked the two locks of the Cltv Hal! this morning and e-aped He was arrested on a charge of l'nit He wore a dte tive badge anJ carried a certtfliate from an In-cianapolts i MGHT8 OF IMtlhT Xu Mecp Xo Ikv-t Fence for the Sufferer From Kidney Trouble No peace for the kidney Fain and distress from morn 'c ight Get up with a lame back of baihake bother you all day Dull aching breaks your rest a ight Urinary disorders add to your misery Get at the cause cure the kidneys Doan's Kidney Pill will work the nre They're for the kidneys only James Duncan bookkeeper Tombstone Arizona ays: sev eral years I was afflicted wilh kidney disease and seemed unable to find sny relief I had pain in the small of niv bark whbh was made more aruf by stooping or lifting At night no back ached severely causing me to lose my sleep When I arose morn ings 1 was lame and sore and fel unable to perform the day's duties The greatest difficulty was with thr kidney secretions nich were mum oo frequent rausing mp to ri-e from five to eight ttinra during the night Hriing of Doan's Kidnev Pills 1 lioeired a box and after a week's t-c jwetved relief from the annry-iig symptoms I consider Do Sidney Pills a God-nd to thno a' Lilted with kidney trouble a-I wil always advie their use to anyone 1 hear ronti'aining of this trouble For sale bv ail dealers Price 50 rents Foster-Milbum Co Buffalo New York sole agents for the United States Rpmember the name and take no other letter Tone to the Market and Slight Rallies Take Place-Wall Street Gossip Fum-hfd By Frank Brien NEW YORK Feb 4 There was a better tone to the market and flight rallies are shown It now looks like the latest Presidential stre has been offset and we can go on an even balance for awhile There Is a better buying demand from abroad and some investment buying With valuations so low the dividend layers are very attractive For the balance of the week we should have a good market The banking troubles In New York seem cleared and with the closing of the known weak ones there is no further trouble looked for The Best Whiskey In the World as everylwdy knows comes from Kentucky The finest o( fine Kentucky whiskies is SunnyBrooIi THE PURL FOOD Whiskey Its commanding superiority is due to scientific distillate and perfect ageing Every drop Sunny E-ook is REAL GENUINE WHISKEY and this is proven by th Government which seals eachbott'e All First-Class Dealers Sen It SUNNY BROOK DISTILLERY CO Jefferson County Ky EL PASO Feb Lillian Wiley the 11 year old daughter of Silas Wiley of Lord'burg was taken through El Paso yesterday to Austin to take treatment at the Pasteur institute for the bite of a minded coyote The coyote had shot by some hunters and bad crapt down to the school yard at I Lordsburg where It Was 1 eing teased by the school rhildren until jumped to its frit and bit thj liltle i Wiley girl No symptoms of 'ivdro- phobia had developed when the girl was taken to the Pasteur tnstl'utc and the treatment is belng-givfn her 'to eliminate any danger of such developments i She Is the daughter of a former well known mining man of Lords-linrg who Is now In Mexico on a pro-pertlng trip IF IT'S A TRUNK WE HAUL IT FREIGHT MERCHANDISE WE MOVE IT Or Any Service Where Men and Teams Are Required tow RATES PROMPT SERVICE rAWEFVl MFN It Wo Handle Your Builnett Wo Both Lose Money TUCSON TRANSFER CO Phone 2111 Offloa SInth and Confrsil Strasta ALBFRT STEtNFELD CO BOSTON Feb 4 Coppers arp strong again and advanced nicely With the starting up of a number of mines whkh have bepn closed down a renewed activity will tak place should be puri Based now fn--a quick turn An ad In the want column your needs at a small cost i-1 11 -1.

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