Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 26, 1967 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1967
Page 5
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Large Forces of Red Chinese, Russians Facing Each Other By JOHN WEYLAND (Associated Press Writer) KHABAROVSK, U .S .S .R. (AP) —Khabarovsk, the biggest Soviet city near the Chinese border, is full of soldiers. "Our people know the border is well protected and because of that they are not concerned," said Boris M. Minevich, president of the planning commission for this region. Mintvleh told fortign reporters that although armed Chinese and Soviet guards are facing one another there have not been any "significant" incidents. The border is about 35 miles west of this city of 400,000 on the Amur River. The reporters were taken to the tJssuri Sanatorium, located about 10 miles from Chinese territory, to see for themselves that life was going on normally. Nothing was in sight there to indicate tension. The staff and 500 patients behaved as if they were undisturbed by the proximity of the Chinese. But along the way and in Khabarovsk itself the military was more in evidence than anywhere else visitors have been allowed to visit in this country. The Kremlin's basic strategy apparently is to mass such strength along the border that the Chinese will not dare try anything. Squads of border guards and regular troops march through the city. Small groups of uniformed men were encountered again and again. They were off duty but their preva ence indicated big co"n- centrations. The border zone is off limits and information about weapons and troop displacements is a military secret. The Amur River forms the Ihinese-Soviet border along >art of its course and there has >een trouble about movement of the two nations' ships. A joint commission set up to •egulate navigation broke off its meetings. 'The Chinese raised questions about the frontier," Minevich said, adding that they tried to GASTASPEJi FDRHAUPWEEN Tuesday, October 31 STONE'S K.C.BIdg. —Carroll rimes Herald, Carroll, la. Thursday, Get, 26, 1967 claim islands considered Soviet territory. Soviet ships, according to this official, are continuing to use old routes. These are along the half of the river nearest this country's shore. The Chinese use the other half. Minevich talked tough about what would happen if the Chinese tried to make good their claims to Soviet territory. Peking insists much of the area on this side of the present border should really belong to it. "We all know what would happen if the frontier was violated," Minevich said. "History has shown what fate aggressors suffer." Bombers Hit Power Plant Inside Hanoi SAIGON (AP) - U.S. Navy bombers raided an electric power plant near the heart of Hanoi today, and two pilots reported shooting down a supersonic MIG21 just south of the Communist capital. Fliers from the carrier Oriskany bombed the power plant 1.1 miles north of the center of Hanoi, continuing for a third straight day intensified U.S. raids on bridges, rail yards and MIG air bases around Hanoi and Haiphong. The U.S. Command said results of the latest Hanoi raid were not yet available. But it announced earlier that 10 more MIGs were destroyed or damaged on the ground during strikes Wednesday on the Phuc Yen air base 18 miles northwest of the Communist capital. Tass, the Soviet news agency, in a dispatch from Hanoi said American planes bombed and strafed the center of the city. The dispatch said five U.S. planes were shot down and several American fliers bailed out. The U.S. Command made no announcement of any plane losses today but said three U.S. fighter-bombers were shot down Wednesday in the raids on Phuc Yen and on Hanoi's mile-long Paul Doumer Bridge. All three pilots are missing. The stepped-up air war in the North again overshadowec ground fighting in the South, bu South Korean infantrymen and South Vietnamese militiamen reported they had 300 to 350 enemy soldiers trapped in three pockets near the South China Sea coast 200 miles northeast of Saigon. Incomplete reports said 33 o! the enemy had been killed so far, while Korean and Vietnamese casualties were light. The U.S. Command announced that American casualties in the ground war rose slightly last week and were more than double the South Vietnamese casualties. U.S. forces reported 193 killed, -949 wounded and seven missing, while the South Vietnamese said theirs were 81 killed, 355 wounded and two missing. It was the second week in succesison that American casualties exceeded those of the South Vietnamese. U.S. officials said 1,227 enemy were killed last week, compared with 1,562 in the previous week. In the intensified U.S. air drive against North Vietnam, American fighter-bombers flew 125 missions Wednesday and attacked the previously hit Hoa Lac airfield in addition to the raids on Phuc Yen and the Doumer bridge. Pilots reported damaging one MIG on the ground at Hoa Lac, 20 miles west of Hanoi. With nine MIGs reported destroyed or damaged on the ground during-the first raid on Phuc Yen Tuesday, another shoi down in a dogfight that day and another probable kill claimed, a total of 23 Communist jet inter ceptors have been reported pu out of action this week. The U.S. Command has an nounced the loss of seven Amer ican planes Tuesday and Wednesday, raising to 714 th number of U.S. combat plane officially reported down ove North Vietnam. U.S. spokesmen said that a the main bridges in Haiphong and Hanoi and all but one o North Vietnam's six MIG base have been put out of commis sion by the stepped up air strikes. ENTERS HOSPITAL (Tlmei Herald New* Service) WALL LAKE - Mrs. Emm Schoneboom e n t e r e d St. An thony Hospital in C a r r o 11 on Monday. Social Security — Minimum Benefit $35.80 tor Those Retired at Age 62 By Charles Crawford Lady Astronaut . . . Valentina Tereshkova of the U.S.S.R., wearing her medals, takes a stroll around Pompeii's ruins in Italy, escorted by an unidentified woman. The Russian spacewoman was launched into orbit June 16, 1963, in Vostok VI and landed safely by parachute after 48 trips around the earth. Rights Group Student Cost $133 a Week (By Iowa Dally Press Assn.) DES MOINES — State Auditor Lloyd Smith Thursday reported that it cost $133.24 per week to maintain each exchange student under the state civil rights commission's domestic student exchange program. This program is funded by the Office of Economic Opportunity and administered by the civil rights commission's research division. Tht program was designed to provide 300 students, 12 to 18 years old, with normal intelligence but of limited cultural and economic experiences to make maximum use of their educational opportunities. These students are placed for at least one school semester in a new environment where they can further develop their interests and specific abilities. While the civil rights commission received a federal grant for $291,990 to underwrite the program, the state used only $113,897 of this federal money because the program got off to a slow start. Smith, in his audit report for the year ended June 30, reported there were only 15 students who participated in the program in the first' semester, and 62 in the second semester. Of these, three participated in both semesters for a total oi 983 "compensatory weeks." A total of $130,975 in cash and "in-kind" disbursements were made, Smith said. The state auditor said the average cos' per student for an 18 week semester was $2,398.32. The state's contribution consisted of "in-kind" service, pri marily foster home care. The state's share of this in-kind service consisted of $13,327 in foster home care and $3,600 for office space for the commis sion's personnel administering the program. A breakdown of the average weekly cost per student of $133.24 shows $10 went for the foster family stipend, $3.48 for medical care, $5 for student allowance, $13.56 for foster family in-kind service, $3.66 for in-kind service and $97.54 for administrative expense. (The Dully Times Herald lias made arrangement!* with tho Hex Molnes office of the Social Security Administration to answer questions for our renders about social security and medi- care. Send your questions in Charles (i. Crawford, Field K^p- resentatlve, Room 29S, Federal nulldliiR, 210 Walnut Street, DCS Molnes, Iowa !>OS08.) QUESTION: When a woman starts drawing social security jenefits at age 62 and is entitled to minimum benefits, does she receive $44.00 per month? ANSWER: The $44.00 minimum applies only to retirement Denefits if the individual starts receiving benefits at age 65. If man or woman elects to re- c e i v e retirement benefits before age 65, the benefits are reduced. The minimum retirement benefit at age 62 is $35.20. QUESTION: I am covered by Medicare and the $3.00 premium is held out of my social security check each month. When do I have to pay the $50 deductible this year? ANSWER: The $50 deductible means that your medical insurance will not pay anything for the first $50 of your covered medical expenses each year. You do not pay the $50 deductible unless you have medical Medical insurance per ,cent of your expenses, based on charges, after the expenses, will pay 80 medical reasonable first $50. QUESTION: 1 was d e n i e d disability benefits from social security because my disability was considered to be temporary. I am still unable to work. Am I allowed to reapply? file that Pri- BUY NOW! If you want to live in • $22,000.00 home next year now for $20,000.00 Buy it THE NAME OF THE GAME IS LIVING. EXPLORE A NEW HOME TODAY ANSWER: Yes. You can a new application or ask your case be re-examined, or to the 1965 amendments, you could get benefits only if you had a physical or mental impairment that was expected to last a long or indefinite time. Now you may become eligible if your disability is expected to keep you from doing substantial work for 12 or more months. APPLEW KNOLLS . 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