Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on November 9, 1977 · Page 15
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 15

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1977
Page 15
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Page 16 Garden City Telegram Wednesday, November 9,1977 Garden City Telegram Wednesday, November 9,1977 Page 17 Cimarron Completes First Stage of Water Project CIMARRON—The finishing touches were being put on a pump house roof here Catch Suspect In Nebraska EMPORIA, Kan. (AP) - A 35-year-old man was to be brought back to Lyon County today in connection with the weekend shooting death of a 21-year-old Emporia, Kan., man. Kansas authorities went to Wilber, Neb., Sunday night with a first-degree murder warrant charging Thomas Chappell in the death. Chappell and another man were arrested by Nebraska authorities near a Wilber tavern. An all-points bulletin was issued for the car in which the two men were riding. Sheriff Daniel Andrews of Lyon County, Kan., and a Kansas Bureau of Investigation agent were to bring Chappell back to Emporia today if he does not fight extradition. The officers said they would question the other man arrested by Nebraska authorities. The victim was identified as Carl E. Heintzleman Jr., 21, of Emporia. His body was found Saturday morning in a ditch five miles west of Emporia. He had been shot three times in the back with what authorities believe was a .22- caliber weapon. At least two of the shots were at close range, authorities said. A sheriff's department •spokeswoman said Chappell and Heintzleman had both worked in carnivals and apparently knew each other. She would not say, however, if a possible motive for the slaying had been determined. Tuesday, marking the end of the first stage of construction of a new water system improvement project. The recently-installed water pump and its housing are included in a $400,000 project approved by Cimarron voters last April. The pump will serve a 500,000 gallon capacity water lower, to be constructed at the beginning of the next year. Also included in the im- provement plan are pressure reducing valves to be installed in the water lines. Materials for the new water lower are scheduled to arrive by Dec. 31, Superintendent of utilities, Ivan Wilson said. Universal Tank and Iron Works, Indianapolis, Ind., has been contracted lo build the tower for $232,300, he said. 1 Concrete footings for the tower are scheduled to be poured sometime Ihis week by L. C. Howe Co., Central City, Iowa, Wilson said. A spokesman for the Colby engineering firm that designed the water system • improvement project said he' hadn't received notice of when the footings would be poured. The spokesman, Jim Pickett, McKee and Associates, said the Howe company was supposed to notify the firm three days in advance of their work in Cimarron. He said if McKee and Associates didn't receive word of the work by Wednesday, nothing probably will be done until next week. The new water tower is expected to raise water pressure in water lines to 60 pounds a square inch, Wilson said. The present water tank rests on the ground and provides a water pressure of 45 pounds per square inch, he said. The water pump, which will become operational next month, is capable of pumping 800 gallons of water a minute into the system, Wilson said. The pump was installed and the housing built by Dave King Construction Co., Cimarron. Pickett said bids on the pressure reducing valves would be taken later this year. The valves will decrease water pressure on the south side of town, farthest from the lower, and increase pressure on the north side of town near the tower. That would equalize pressure water pressure through the city, he said. 'Lord of Land* to Be Presented at College Friday JCA ft MI-A NO I INSURANCE Bf We are a Professional Company looking for a Professional Person to otter an pxcellenl insurance sales and service career oppor- tunity. For more information please cafl 316-275-7328, Garden City Office. Forty-seven Garden City Community College vocal music students will be performing November 11 in the Civic Choral Union and Symphony's presentation of "Lord of Land," according to Carol N. Anderson, director of the college's vocal music activities. The concert will be at 8:15 p.m. in the college's Fine Arts Auditorium. Tickets are $2 for adults and $1 for students and will be on sale at the door. Each fall, Ihe Civic Choral Union and Symphony Association presents a concert which is co-sponsored by the college's vocal music department. The 5-movement choral symphony, "Lord of Land," premiered last fall and is being presented this fall on two campuses in the United States: Indiana State University and Garden City .Community College. A musical chamber group will open the concerl wilh a performance of Ihe Hayden Symphony conducled by Doug Bales, band inslruclor in Ihe Garden City school system. A woodwind quinlel, composed of communily musicians, will presenl Ihe French Suile by Frackenpohl. Following the intermission, Carol N. Anderson will conduct the chorus and symphony in "Lord of Land." Steven Gennetle, formerly of Scott City and now a Garden Cily residenl, will be Ihe fealured soloist. Members of Ihe symphony orcheslra are Palricia Acuna, Debra Merz and Bill Nolle, sludenls from Garden Cily. The chorus includes: Ashland — Slan W. German Clay Center —Thomas L. Carolson Deerfield —Michael G. Unruh Derby —Cindy Sumner Garden City—Alan Ackley, Jerry Anderson, Jody Bennell, Debra L. Blackburn, Linda Bocanagra, Mary Anne Bowen, Thomas Eddington, Jaylene Heine, George Hopkins, Roberl Krehbiel, Paul Kyle, David Mills, Julie A. Quakenbush, Joeva Tullle, Carol Waller, and Debbie Wiens. Hillsboro — Grisly Friesen. Holcomb—Andrea Larsen, Ken Pointer, and Suzanne Sigsbee. Johnson—Susan Daniels Leoti—Dwight Case Manhattan—George Furney. Oakley —Debra Kester Pratt —Leland Leckner. Russell—Marianne Laspisa. Satanta —Jill Hull. Scott City —Steve Gennett. Sylvan Grove —Craig Jackson. Syracuse —Joe Field, Smith . . . Intensive study Completes Judicial Session Judge Harrison Smith of the 25th Judicial District Court, Garden City, Kan., has just compleled an intensive three- week judicial training and education session at the National College of the State Judiciary, located on the Reno campus of Ihe University of Nevada. The regular fall session, held September 25 - Oclober 14, was designed to meet the judicial needs of the general jurisdiction judge. Topics of Ihe session covered evidence, courl administration, criminal law, civil law, sentencing, communcations, family law and judicial discretion. This was the largest regular- session class in the history of: the college with 108 par-E licipants, one observer and 15 : faculty advisors. They represented 31 states, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Marine Corps, Australia, Japan and Korea. During the three-week period, the judges attended approximately 78 hours of instructionand 32 hours of seminars. The instructional the National College is presented by faculty members chosen from judges, attorneys, professors and other professionals who are outstanding in their fields. They volunteer to assist in the training and education of the judges in this country and receive no compensation for their services. En/oy more products made with wheat! PRICES EFF. THRU 11-15-77 IN GARDEN CITY NORTHERN BLEACH REGISTER EACH WEEK FOR GIFT CERTIFICATES, A FORD FIESTA, 2 G.E. COLOR TV'S & 2 G.E. MICROWAVES. You Must Register Each Week To Be Elidible For That Week's Drawing. All Weekly Entries Will Be Combined For The Grand Prize Drawing. GET FULL DETAILS AT ALL KANS. SAFEWAY STORE! *100°° WINNER KATIE MADER *50°° WINNERS KAY BRECHEISEN MRS. JIM OWENS WEEKLY IN-STORE DRAWINGS HELD EACH SATURDAY NIGHT IN ALL 57 KANS. SAFEWAY . STORES. WEEKLY STATE-WIDE DRAWINGS HELD ON FRIDAY ONE WEEK LATER. 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LINCOLN VERSAILLE Ib. $2^9 SAFEWAY MEAT OR BEEF SuperSaver , 2 _ oz . 680 STERLING BRAND Super Saver CURE 81 HAMS BONELESS WHOLE OR HALVES SMOKED SAUSAGE •gffl&iig ».. S 1 49 'SAUSAGE W^L^G 'la*? 8 ! X .-M 33 Super Saver ^~"~—-—""^ ROASTING CHICKENS ^ffiM HOUSE BONELESS HAMS DOLO BUTCHER BOY WHOLE Super Saver $019 HONEYSUCKLE .*?,•»;-' TURKEYS BASTED Super Saver PRICES EFF. THRU 11-15-77 IN GARDEN CITY TOMATO JUICE HUNTS BRAWNY TOWELS REYNOLD'S FOR FACIAL TISSUE VEGETABLE OIL ALUMINUM HEAVY 16-01. COLA COBBLERS ME AT PIES APPLE PIE KITCHEN TREAT BRAND SHERBET LOW FAT MILK $ CATSUP TOWN I HOUSE BRAND 26-oz. Botl. WHEAT BREAD JMRS. WRIGHT'S CRUSHED 00% WHEAT 'It WHEAT OZ. Loaf MONTICELLO INCLUDES: • DINNER PLATE • SOUP/CEREAL DISH • CUP-SAUCER • SALAD PLATE 7" Ea. ENCYCLOPEDIA KODAK COLOR FILM C770-20 & C726-20 FUNK * I WAGNAli'S 7H/S WEEK S FEATUHE VOL. 17 & 18 ANTHREEZE I I SAFEWAY BRAND Gal./ WALNUTS PIZZA'S LARGE EGGS MARGARINE BISCUITS MORTON COLNMMK MM. WRIBHT'S SWEETMILK It BUTTERMILK 290 PIE SHELLS 8 S 1°° CUTCORN BEL AIR • . . . 9-INCH 2-Ct FROZEN BEL AIR BRAND • *' '^"ffiwffiff^^ : ^YELLOW ONIONS SWEETSPAN.SH J.USSET POtATOES «u "»<»« :J«USSET POTATOES v LARGE PECANS 2ib,290 DELICIOUS APPLES ^"H WASH STATE lb 39C ib 290 DEUCIOUS BAKED NEW CROP DROMEDARY BRAND PITTED ',°£79C ACORN SQUASH TJM 49 BELL PEPPERS ,b.*1 09 CUCUMBERS SUPER SELECTS 8 p\° B ' 69C AFRICAN VIOLET ~ HOUSE PLANT SHORTENING NU SUPER SAVER 11-oz. Pkg. 56 DONOTS FROZEN AIR TANGELOS and Brenda Wesleman, Janelle Williams. Ulysses —Eddie Barb, Tammie Cole, Cynthia Jones, and John Reece. Wichita — Thomas M. Hanks. WaKeeney— Deanne Scherr. Southwick, Mass. —Sheri Szymanski. Tuttle, Okla. — Scherie D. Douglas. Payoff in Pumpkins BELLEVUE, Wash. (AP) — Back to the bank they came: 35 triumphant third graders who became both rich and famous in Ihree short weeks. With the help of a $100 bank loan, they made a killing in the pumpkin business. They reaped a 25 per cent return on the pumpkins they bought and then sold to fellow St. Louise School students. Last week the sludents returned to the bank lo repay the $100 loan and the 57 cents interest. What to do wilh the profits has not been decided. R N O 1 V O A D P N E U I E E G R N L R S S Y G COTTONELLE SPAGHETTI THIN OR SHORT CUT ELBO MACARONI SKINNER TOMATO Fill the Blanks Hobby Club Top Prizes Await Five Any boy or girl who wins a national grand prize in today's "R-R-Raw Power" puzzle contest can rev up his or her bicycle to make it sound like a roaring motorcycle. All that will be needed will be the prize — the "R-R-Raw Power" bicycle handlebar attachment manufactured by Ideal Toy Corporation. Easily attached to the bicycle and operated by a turn of a special hand grip, the device will give the winner's bicycle a new sound and character—that of a powerful motor vehicle going full speed ahead. One "R-R-Raw Power" attachment will be awarded for each of the five neatest and most original correct contest entries from any of the cities where this column is published. In addition, there will be 10 local qualifying prizes in each city, given for the 10 neatest and most original correct entries received in each locality. These will be grab bag prizes. Entries winning them will be considered in the national judging for the five "R-R-Raw Power" awards. To enter the contest, fill the six blanks in the puzzle above with letters that will complete the six words and, when read from top to bottom, will spell the name of an edible bird popular at this time of year. The word to be completed for the top row is something hikers may follow; for Row No. 2, a location beneath something; third row, things used by sailors; fourth row, royal figures; fifth row, a word that means without exception, and, bottom row, a word meaning not old. Print the correct letters in the spaces, then clip out the picture, paste it on paper, print your name, age, address and zip code number beneath it, and decorate the entry in any neat, original way with paints, crayons or cutouts. Finally mail it no later than day after tomorrow to Cappy Dick's Midweek "R-R-Raw Power" Contest at the Garden City Telegram. Names of the prize winners will be announced here and their awards will be sent to .their homes by mail. Judges' decisions will be final. All entries become Cappy Dick's property. None can be returned. TOMORROW: Directions For Making Special Drawer LinersI

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