Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on January 31, 1952 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1952
Page 2
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TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, JANUARY 31. 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker West Pointer Fresh Vegetables Show Declines, Cited For Ad j Meat And Poultry Changes Minor Future Plans For Candidacy Of Truman Still Remain Open Solicitation (By The .Associated ?r?«*) Retail prices of several fresh WASHINGTON _ W - A House ^« ^ ^T^owm* subcommittee- said today it is feck- ing R way to make "indiscreet" West Point alumni conform to the "same code of honor" required of cadets. The statement was made in a "watchdog" report sharply contemning a. retired genera! for "cheap and tawdry solicitation of government contractors" t-o advertise in his areas enjoyed .favorable weather and more shipping sections began supplying distant markets. New cabbage and lettuce led on the downtrend. Also lower were carrots, cucumbers, egg plant, peppers and tomatoes. New government limits on retail unofficial directory. The subcommittee o WeTt Point "a"lumnrP° tato P rlce mark-ups resulted in the House Armed Services Committee pointedly compared the activities of Maj. Gen. R. M. Danford, retired, with the recent football scandal at West Point. He was one of three officers who last year recommended the ouster amon S of 90 cadets for cribbing. It said Gen. Danford. as secretary-treasurer o! the unofficial West Point Alumni Foundation, had circularized 10.000 government suppliers with a letter containing "subtle and veiled suggestions" that advertisers could profit from the defense effort. In New York. Danford issued a statement savin? the letter went put "without our knowledge or approval" during the summer of 1950. and that "corrective action" was taken a year before the subcommittee made its investigation. He said the letter was "immediately stopped" after it was brought to his attention. The foundation publishes a register of graduates, a quarterly magazine and programs for West Point athletic events. (Continued from Page i) He added the bill did not get anywhere in that 80th Congress. There has been speculation that Truman might run for the' Senate against Kem if he decides not to widespread reductions but these de-! seek another term in the White pended on many varied factors and | House. Truman left open the door were far from uniform across the i to that possibility at his news con- I ference last week. He did not indicate, however, how' seriously he might be considering such a course. nation. Margarine eased one to 3'-j cents a pound, reflecting lower prices recently on vegetable oil ingredients and sharp market competition the margarine-makers. Some Cuts Lower Meat, poultry and dairy product prices showed little overall change from iast week-end. Food shoppers could find beef rib roasts off as much as six cents or more a pound in stores featuring them as weekend specials, and similar temporary reductions on fresh hams, lamb shoulder roasts, pork loins, broiler turkeys, sirloin steaks, stewing fowl and frozen sea foods. Butter dropped around two cents a pound early in the week but rallied later and appeared likely to end up about where it was last week-end in most places. The reductions on which potatoes at retail depended on how previous markups of individual stores compared with the new limited ones mark- DiSalle Successor In Mind On other items, Mr. Truman said ne has a successor in mind for Michael V. DiSalle as price administrator, but could not announce it now. DiSalle is resigning to run for the Democratic senatorial nomination in Ohio. The President said he received! Truman Avers Congress every message sent him by Maj.! by price stabilizers ups vary with the size Crewman Killed, Another Hurt In Train Wreck MONTGOMERY, One crewman was W. Va.— (#)— killed, another was hurt and four others escaped injury in the wreck of a coal train in Paint Creek Hollow today. Samuel L. Garrett, 61, of Montgomery, veteran conductor of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, was killed instantly when he' apparently tried to jump from the locomotive cab. All but one of the six crewmen were riding in the engine cab, one of the workman said. every message sen m y .~ _ , , ,, Gen Frank E. Lowe when Lowe. Can Probe Any One was in Korea as his personal representative. The President would make no other comment on. a recent interview quoting Lowe as saying some of his messages didn't get through to the President. Lowe was quoted as saying the break between Truman and Gen. Douglas MacArthur probably never would have occurred if the President had received all his reports. Truman said he had no comment on what General Lowe had to say, but he said emphatically he receiv- WASHINGTON dent Truman said UP) today — Fresi- it is the privilege of a congressional committee to investigate anyone it wants to. This was his comment at a. news conference on the decision of the House Judiciary Committee to investigate the Justice Department and Attorney General McGrath. The committee, the President said can even investigate themselves, if they would like to do it. Judge Decides For Gamblers After 'Abuse' SAN FRANCISCO— (/P)— Federal Judge Louis E. Goodman says it's not dignified to threaten a witness thus: "Why in Hell- didn't you come through clean? When we get through with you, you will wish you had." Whereupon, he acquitted David N. Kessel and William (Big Bill) Fec- lart of charges of contempt of the U. S. Senate. The two gambling figures had refused to answer questions of the Kefauver Crime Committee and were cited. Goodman ruled yesterday the men were within their constitutional rights in refusing to answer. "No doubt these men were engaged in gambling," Goodman said but— "If the constitutional privilege becomes unavailable because of their occupation,lit becomes a short step until It is unavailable to some because they are Democrats or Republicans, Catholics or Jews." Judge Goodman did not identify the senator to whom he attributec the remarks. Present at the closed hearings were Senators Kefauver fD-Tenn); Tobey (R-NH) and Wiley (R-Wis). The subcommittee, headed by Rep. l^^ how the £pud5 ar£ sol(J (bulk 3 maxA.- out ne saia empua.wutu.iy nc icuciv- - _ * j of the led every message ever sent by him.! Violence Keported Hebert <D-La.), said the "hapless and luckless" cadets involved in the I mass cribbing dismissal at West Point were "made to pay a frightful price , . . but paid their debt in full." Atlee Attacks Spending Slated For Austerity Plan LONDON — OP> — Former Prime Minister Clement Atlee accused the Conservative government today of demanding a blank check from Parliament to carry out a sweeping new austerity plan. The Labor Party leader said the plan, put forth to save Britain from bankruptcy, asks blanket approval of "any act whatever" that would ease this country's gold-dollar shortage. He told the House of Commons sarcastically: "It would include. I imagine, the sale of the Magna Carta, the British Museum, the National Gallery and even a few colonies." "It might even include sending the prime minister to earn dollars by making States." speeches in the United Mrs. Cugat Gets Decree, Charges She Was Slave SANTA MONICA, Calif. — (fF> — Mrs. Xavier Cugat won a divorce from-her band leader husband after testifying he was jealous, ill- or 'packaged), what type of potatoes are involved, and so on. Best Buys Listed Major chains and independent markets listed these items as among the best buys for the coming week-end; Grapefruit and oranges, lettuce, tomatoes, grapes, celery, broccoli, greens, frozen sea food, canned fruit juices and canned tuna. The Agriculture Department headlined honey and canned and frozen citrus juices as the week's most-plentiful foods for thrifty buy- last season's honey record 250 million Truinan Raps (Continued from Page i) three definitions for the word pathological in the dictionary. (Webster's new International Dictionary, second edition, gives the meaning of the word as "morbid: due to disease; as pathology," which is denned as the science of treating diseases.) The President would not give permission for reporters to put in quotation marks his words character assassin or the word -pathological. News conference rules forbid direct quotation of the President without his permission. His comment today was the most caustic he has directed at the Wisconsin senator by name, although he has denounced McCarthy by implication many times. McCarthy began in 1950 a series of charges that the administration, particularly the State Deparment, has been penetrated by Communists. Mr. Truman has contended his administration took prompt action to get rid of any Communists. The clutch pedal of the average of virtual slavery." She" charged i automobile should have at least one mental cruelty. ^ ch ol free movement before iu The former 'Lorraine Allen, 33, said yesterday that when they were dancing together he would smile, call her sweet names and at the same time pinch her or dig his nails her hands. ing. It said crop was a pounds, and stocks of white clover, sweet colver and alfalfa honey, especially suitable for table use, are abundant. Here's the department's national list of most-plentiful foods for February: Eggs, dried prunes, honey, fresh oranges, canned and frozen orange juice, raisins, pork and pork products, canned tuna, buttermilk, cottage cheese, nonfat dry milk solids, dry beans, almonds and pecans. tempered and "kept me in a state begins to take hold. American Indians used . totem poles for tombstones as well as for idols. Ashes of cremated were placed in the poles. braves CAIRO — (#") — Cairo newspapers published today unconfirmed re ]orts of an outbreak of violence in Syria and the assassination o Nazam Bey Koudsi, former Syrian premier. Crane county, Texas, has thi smallest population of any county in the United States. Federal Agencies Warned On Influence Peddlers WASHINGTON _ (ff) — Senate. McClellan (D-Ark) said today thi Senate investigations subcommitte "has put government agendes on notice that he will not look on them with compassion" if they get tat trouble with influence peddlers. McClellan is chairman of the Sen ate Expenditures Committee and member of its. investigations sub committee which told the Senate known influence dealers should b barred from further business witr the government. Atomic Garbage §een As Possible Weapon Tension Hurts School Pupils WASHINGTON — </P) — Radioactive strontium — a "garbage" of .tomtc energy production — shapes p as a possible prime candidate In .ny. use of "radiological warfare," he Atomic Energy Commission in- icated today. The AEO made no reference to adiological warfare — that is, the use of ray-emitting atomic poisons apable of being released in the orm of dusts or sprays. But it did say studies' indicate hat of all the by-products of atomic fission, radioactive strontium s potentially the "most hazardous" o living systems. And the AEC added there is rea- ion to believe .that radioactive strontium — if "carried in dusts or 5 prays" — would be absorbed by plants from the soil. The AEC said ray-emitting strontium and other byproducts are created in the operation of atomic furnaces and in the explosion of A-bombs. The commission, added that protective measures in its atomic centers and isolation of its own atomic weapon;: tests kept release of these potentially dangerous things within safe bounds. But "to prepare against contingencies," said the AEC, research of their effects on plant and mirieral life goes on constantly. Saying that radioactive strontium has a "half life" of 25 years — that is, it takes 25-years for one half of the radioactive energy to disappear — the commission's report declared: "If animals should eat plants containing large quantities of radioactive strontium, 1 the material would lodge in their bones and injure their blood forming organs. "It would appear in cow's milk and, from this source and from leafy vegetables such as spinach, could be taken directly by human beings." WASHINGTON.—Wl—A group of educators has'found that children are more seriously affected by international and national tensions than most people realize. In a 260-page year book, the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development says: "What are signs of the anxiety of our age? "International tensions; the armaments race; fear of unimaginable Prosecutor Wins Shoplifting Case By Tight Squeeze NEW YORK.—(/P)—Can a Persian lamb coat be hidden inside a woman's girdle? "It is physically Impossible to do such a thing," said Defense Attorney Carson D. Baker yesterday at the trial of two women accused of shoplifting such a coat by con- cealtng it under the girdle one of them wore. But Assistant District Attorney James P. McGratton picked up a girdle entered in evidence. He wiggled his 180-pound frame and finally twisted the girdle over his hips. He picked up the coat in question and stuffed it inside. Then, as he strutted back and forth before the jury, the prosecu- destruction; the disturbing rise of;tor asked: "I leave it to you to de- inflation; understaffed and over-jcide whether it could or could not crowded schools; organized attacks be done." upon public education; pressures and adjustments within our own society. "These and other stresses play upon boys and girls, upon youth and adults." • The association, which is a Department of the National Education Association, adds: "Each, generation has its fond memories of the way it was reared, forgetting much, cherishing what is remembered. Most people want the same kind .of experiences for their children that they had when they were young, plus much more." -. Sixty minutes later the jury found • Margaret Walker, 30, and Mrs, Leary Wright, 47, both guilty. Navy Commander Arrives WASHINGTON — (fl>) — Admiral Lynde D. McCormick, newly named supreme commander of Allied forces in the Atlantic, came to Washington today to receive his "initial instructions." Anachoresiphobia is a fear of backing up and is one reason why improper backing up leads all other causes of trucking accidents. Greenland is the world's largest island, with an area of about 84,000' square miles, according to the En- cycloperla Britannica. SEE — the BIG NEW '52FORD on display FRIDAY at the St. George Motor Co. Cumberland'* "Friendly Ford Dealer for over a Quarter of a Century" urniture SHOW V O rAi E 5 E B See how mahogany isjiews again. We show you how it can be friendly as well as elegant in 10 of our 35 room settings. And remember, at Millenson's, there's no fee for an interior decorator's advice on how to furnish a one-room apartment or a 6 room home. C O Pri E S A V E on hundreds of pieces. Save on a superb 9 piece dining room set by famous Bernhardt. » It's sale-priced at $595. Save $70 to $110 on loveseat beds in your choice of elegant fabrics. You pay just $169 for these convertible decorator pieces, while Millenson's sale is on. Customer Parking Lot across the street from our store. You ere invited to park your car on this lot free of charge. It is maintained especially for the accommodation of our customers. CHICKEN, as you like it! Green Giant Peas 2 N3 , 03 37c NibletsCorn 2 ;. 35c Apple Sauce ••••• 2 "' 23c NEW WINDSOR Green Cut Deans 2 ":„,' 25c Sauer Kraut T" 2 •*» 27c COUNTRY DRESSED Breasts , b 85c Legs & Thighs , b 75c Wings ....... ib35c Back & Neck ,„ 23c on your 1i FAVORITE COFFEE TENDER LEAN Cube Steaks ......... «• 98c OUR OWN MADE Pure Pork Sausage "»• 55s WHITE UlY Cheese Food 2 Jo* 89c ENDS AND PIECES Sliced Bacon 4 b - 89c PARKAY Margarine • 3 »" 89c USE COUPON ON BACK OF EVf RY PKG. OF GOOD Heinz Baked Beans 3 '.'- 47c LUZIANNE COFFEE 3-lb. CAN $2.59 Mb. CAN 89c DOMINO SUGAR 10.1*0 93c GERBER'S NOW . . . STOCK UP ... GET \J ON EVERY PACKAGE OF HONOR BRAND FROZEN FOOD FROZEN Rich Whip Topping - 45c DOLE FROZEN Pineapple 16 ;;, 36c DONALD DUCK Orange Juice 2 ™ 35c 'the TABLE margarine Heinz Tomato Soup 3 ":J 35c Heinz Ketchup 14 b :;,.25c BelmontMilk 7:!91c 12 ].'; 35c BUTTW WHITI HOUSI Apple Butter lake Herring 28;: 19c $2.09 6 2< 23c LIFEBUOY SOAP 2 for 23c Large 29c CUTS WASHDAY TIME IN HALF Giant 59c SILVER DUST Large 29c Giant 59c Sweet Juicy Florida ORANGES 8 L 49c New York State POTATOES 15 i 73c Iceberg Lettuce 2 »< Pascal Celery io "« Bunth 27c ! Fancy Slicing Tomatoes lb 27c Tender New Cabbage 2 ">•• 19c Fancy Red Grapes 2 *•• 29c 30 WINEOW STREET FREE PARKING

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