Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on September 9, 1973 · Page 6
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 6

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 9, 1973
Page 6
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NKWS-HKRALI), Piuuima City, Fla., Sunday, Scptemlior!», 1973 123H'.5THST. An Irresistable Force? 1 763-7621 Panama Cky, Florida \ Florida Freedom ]N }ew«Fpaper This newspaper is dedicated to furnishing information to our readers so that they can better promote and preserve their own freedom and encourage others to see its blessings. Only when man is free to control himself and all he produces, can he develop to his utmost capabilities. We believe that .freedom is a gift from God and not a political ^ grant from government. Freedom is neither license nor anarchy. It is ^: self-control. No more. No less. It must be consistent with the truths ^ expressed in such great moral guides as the Coveting Commandment, § the Goldep Rule and the Declaration of Independence. Your Horoscope By Jffane Dixon THE FAMILY LAWYER SUNDAY. SEPT. 9 Your birthday today: Getting off from a stalled phase or a setback seems to be the achievement of the year. All things are up for renegotiation this year at some time or other; you may as well be flexible and prepared to deal openly. Relationships run rich and strong wherever you've chosen well. Today's natives often show talents as writers, actors, tellers of tall tales to fit the news of the day. .'\ries {March 21 - April 191: Let this be a casual, pleasant Sunday of as nearly uneventful quality as can be managed. Express yourself by quiet action rather than an excess of words. Taurus j April 20 - May JOj: Follow the community weekend customs, leaving commercial activities out of the picture. The image you build by just being your natural self is helpful when you do resume business. Gemini [May 2l - June 20]: Staying put and striving to become a better person offers rewards, as contrasted with rash activity or hasty travel. Provide a gentle environment for social progress; cultivate romance. Cancer [June 21 - July 221: Whatever you hear by way of rumors or incomplete news, stay on the accustomed rounds of your Sunday observance, reserving for yourself freedom of choice and action. Leo [July 23-AUg. 22]: In bringing pleasure to those you cherish, you can forget financial concerns. You'll be all the sharper when you get back to them tomorrow. Better terms with neighbors are nearer. Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): .Nothing quite settles into final resolution this Sunday, nor does anything run to crisis if you remain serene and peaceful. Interesting activities to keep you on the go. Libra |Sepl. 23 - Oct. '^21: You will be strongly tempted to take some action to improve or toi-minalo ii lingering condition, with results beyond what you plan or expect. Find time for reflection, prayer. .Scorpio iOcl. 2:'. - Nov. 211.- Long-hidden reactions come out where you can observe them, speculate what must have happened. Make this an easy Sunday. Give thought to picking up neglected contacts, and short- range plans. Sagittarius INov. 22 - Dec. 211: Whatever your neighborhood, its faults and shortcomings are apt to come to your attention. Leave for a visit elsewhere, or concentrate on your own family and its probably noisy doings. Capricorn |Dec. 22 - Jan. 191: For the gifted, this Sunday is a potential leap of creative achievement. For all, this is the time to do and see something different. Even the familiar can be re- experienced in a naive sense. Aquarius |Jan. 20 - Feb. 181: All things considered, it's as peaceful a Sunday as you're likely to have for many months—make the most of it. Religious activities deserve your special attention and support. Pisces [Feb. 19 - March 20]: Be introspective; turn your attention and concern onto yourself. Find what ypu lack; move to supply your needs. Time for prayer is now; the guidance you get is for all time. Truth In Insurance Filling out an application for life insurance, Edwards came to a question about his health. He said he had a clear record, falling to mention that a doctor had once given him aspirin for a cold. After Edwards died, his family put in a claim for the insurance. But the company refused to pay off, charging that he had not told the whole truth in his application. And in a court test, the judge agreed with the company that the policy was null and void. The family didn't collect a cent. QUOTES I couldn't quite understand the President's comments about being ultimately responsible for Watergate, but not being to blame for it. —Sea. Sam Ervin, D-N.C. "Anything you defer because of the cost of (borrowing) money is going to cost you more later, if you pick it up, because of the inflation factor." —Businessman's comment on banks' high intersst rates. "There can be no shortage of cash in either family. They do say the bride's mother is positively rolling." —London Mirror's comment on government's expense for Princess Anne-Mark Phillips nuptials. "YOU have to become a person's friend to make a buy; you eat his food, sleep at his place, and when you bust him it's a personal thing. But a friend of my sister was found dead in a bathroom with a spike in her arm. I don't make the laws; I enforce them." —Professional undercover narcotics agent Analysis of the question must begin on the well established premise that the grand jury has a right to every man's evidence and that for purposes of gathering evidence, process may issue to anyone. —Judge John J. Sirica on ordering Nixon conversation tapes. Plainly, that was a harsh decision. But it was handed down almost a century ago. It is hard to imagine a court today throwing out a family's life insurance on such flimsy grounds. While you arc still expected to tell the truth in an insurance application, modern courts would judge your answers more reasonably. In a recent case, an applicant for life insurance was . asked whether he used liquor to the point of inlo.xication. The man said he did not. Actually, however, he had been somewhat intoxicated on two occasions during the previous five years. Was his answer wrong enough to invalidate the policy? No, ruled a court, ordering the company to pay the family's claim. "An occasional use of intoxicating liquor," said the court, "does not (make) a man intemperate." Moreover, most life insurance policies now include an "incontestability" to further protect the beneficiaries. Under this, the insurance company has only a limited period—usually, two years—to quarrel with answers in the application. After that time the validity of the policy is beyond challenge. Still, even the incontestability clause won't help if the fraud is extreme. One man, sickly himself, sent a healthy friend to take his insurance examination for him. This fraud, discovered after the man's death, was held so basic that nut even the incontestability clause could save the policy. A public service feature of The Florida Bur and the Americiin Bar As.sociiilion.Wrilleii by Will Bernard, TOTHE VOTERS AND RESIDENTS OF PARKER COMPARE THE CANIDATES. CHECK & COMPARE THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE CITY OF PARKER. COMPARE THEIR QUALIFICATIONS THIS SHOULD INDICATE TO YOU THE BEST QUALIFIED CANDIATE AND WHO IS MOST INTERESTED IN THE PEOPLE OF PARKER. AS A WHOLE. THIS SHOULD INDICATE THAT£ARL GILBERJIS BY CHUICE. WHAT EVER YOUR CHOICE, GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE TUESDAY SEPT. n, 1973 PAID FOR BY CITIZENS IN SUPPORTS OF QUALIFIED, HONEST AND PROGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT. PO. POL ADV. Publiahtd IJaily •n4bund «y ay florid* Fmdom Nawtptpan Inc. Second Clau PoUafa Paid It pAnama City, Florida: P.O. Box t<Ji40, ZIP Coda 32401. Direct SiicMSAor to th« Pnoama City Ncsira. \icmber Audit Bureau of Circulation. SUBSCRIPTION RATES HY ( AHIilKK: Daily And Sun. day, 1 year. 131.20, 6 Mot. $15.60, 3 MOB. $7.80. 1 Mo. $2.G0, Daily Only, 1 Year $2:.()0, (i MOB. $10.50, 3 Mog. $5 .2r), t Mo. »1.75, Sunday Only, 1 Year, $12.96, 6 Mos, »6.4ft, 3 Mote. $3.24, 1 Mo, $!.0H, BY MAIL Daily &. Suaday, 1 Year. $42.00, 6Moa. $21.00, 3 Mot. $10.60, 1 Mo. $;)..'iO, Daily Only, 1 Year, $2G.'tO, 0 Mo«. $13.20, 3 Moa. $6.60,1 Mo. $2.20, Sunday Only, 1 Ye«r, $18.20, 6 Mos, $9.10, 3 Mos. $4.55. Ueprcwnted in the general advertising field by Ward-Griffith Company. Inc. 767 Thinl AvB., New York, N.Y. 10017. Bmoch offioeB in princinalcitlaa. Washington Window Bv STEVE GERSTEL WASHINGTON (UPl) -The deluge of books poking into every aspect of tlie 1972 presidential campaign is in full swing. There are good ones and mediocre ones. And bad ones. Then there is one titled "I^ear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail 72" by Hunter S. Thompson, national correspondent for Rolling Stone. This one is different. As Thompton puts it on the flyleaf, "This book is nothing more or than a scrambled ancount of what it was like for one human being to cover (more or less journalistically) a presidential campaign run by other human beings. "This is the way the campaign was for me and for the people it wound nie up with Thompson goes on to say that the year he spent on the campaign trail was a "special kind of High" though he adds, not "a hell of a lot different" than a year he spent with the Hell's Angels or running for sheriff on the freak Power Ticket in Aspen, Colo. (He lost.) This refreshing irreverence permeates the book. That's what makes it interesting, intriguing, and sometimes wildly funny. As to how much of it is a put on, this is up to the reader to judge. Near the end of the book there is a post-election interview with McGovern —which footnote No. 1 says is a "verbatum transcript of their conversation, totally unedited and uncorrected by the author, editor, or anyone else." In the interview, George S. McGovern makes it quite clear he feels that Sen. Thomas F. Eagleton, the man he took and then dumped as his running- mate, jobbed him. Thompson: "... It struck ine as kind of tragic that he would be perceived as the good guy." McGovern: "I know, it was really unfair. What he should have done, he should have taken the responsibility for steppitig down rather than putting the responsibility on me." Thompson: "He almost threatened not to, didn't he? As I recall, he wasn't going to do it McGovern: "That's right. That's right." Thompson: "Was it true that he actually told you at one point not to worry about those pills, because the prescription was in his wife's name?" McGovern: "He told me they were in his wife's name." McGo\'ern revealed in the interview that former Attorney Genei-al Ramsey Claik told him that the FBI had a complete medical file on Eiagleton, including the fact that the Missouri senator had undergone shock treatments. Bible Verse In that day the Lord God of hosts called to weeping and mourniijig, to baldness and girding with sackcloth; and behold, joy and gladness, slaying oxen and killing sheep, eating flesh and drinking wine. "Let us eat and drink, for tomorrow we die." — Isaiah 22:12, 13. SAM & mim HUDSON ANNOUNCE AS OF LABOR DAY THEY ARE NO LONGER IN ANY WAY CONNECTED WITH THE KONA KAI RESTAURANT WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRONAGE. PAUL SMITH WILLBEHERF WEDNESDAX SEPTEMBER 12 AND THURSDAY. SEPTEMBER 13 with a stunning display of iho wotld's finest fabrics for clalhcs custom tailoied by yMWVWVWV You'll have a brand new outloolc after you sec this presentation. Once again you have top quaN ity fabrics in depth to enable you to c)<prcss yourown personality with the clothes you wear. ^You can even clioose the lining for your coat ;liom dozens of altracllve designs and complete !the package with a hand made tie to match, ^'op It all off with custom tailoring for perfect fit and you've got (be greatest clothing value around today. There's just tia other way (o have ail the desirable features in your personal clothefc POWELL & COMPANY 'Mens Wear— "— 36*7 HARRISQN AVENUE DOWNTOWN, YOU CAN BUY THAT NEW GAS APPLIANCE WITH CONFIDENCE There have been reports of impending gas shortages, but you, the consumer, can rest assured that each and every gas appliance is a long-term investment in serviceability and comfort. We are spending $175,000 to extend our natural gas lines right now. Would we spend this amount of money if there was going to be a shortage of natural gas here in Bay County? THERE IS NO SHORTGAGE OF NATURAL GAS IN BAY COUNTY. DON'T CONFUSE THE WORDS 'GASOLINE' AND 'NATURAL GAS' wes-L floriJa gas 421 OAK AVE. 763-6511 Call US before you build or remodel. We'll show you how to save money and energy.

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