Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 7, 1969 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1969
Page 6
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Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landen: My bus-; band and I bave been manied 2S years. As a young man be wa* nice kwkinc, but notbins spectacular. During middle age, buwever, be bas filled out, bis bair bas turned grey around tbe temples, and tbe dirty dog is LOW a very bandsome man. Also, be bas developed a charming manner wbicb is immensely appealing to tbe ladies. The problem is that tbe worn-; en will simply not leave himi alone. From 15 to 60, beautiful and bomely, drunk and sober, they fall for him like crazy. I used to laugh it off but it's not! funny any more. Tbe women in' our sodal circle, both mothersi znd daughters, are becoming so! aggressive tbat I am concerned. | Furtbennore. tfaere are so| many beautiful (Uvorcees run-] ~ning loose these days tbat I need some advice on bow to bang on to what's legally and rightfully mine. Any suggestions? — LXX. Dear LXX.: K you've been married 2S years, your husband must be at least 4S. He is, in my opinion, old enough to protect himself against aggressive women, from 15 to GO, beautiful and bomely, drunk or sober — if he wants to, that is. And if he doesn't want to — you can't protect him. Honey. Dear Ann Landers: I'll make this real easy for you because I know you have a zillion letters to read. Just put a check in one of these spaces. Yes or No — My cleaning lady has worked for me for four years. She's tbe world's dumbest cluck but I don't have the heart to fire her. Besides, tbe next one might be dumber. Last week she asked me how to remove a wine spot from my best tablecloth. I jokingly said, "You'll probably bave to use a scissors." She took the scissors and cut .out tbe spot Should I make her pay for tbe cloth? It would be two days salary. Yes or No? — STILL BOILING Dear Still: No. U after fbur jvars you haven't learned that this woman takes everything you say literally, then you are dumber than she is. Dear Ann Landers: My husband's hobby is photography. Jack is a wonderful photograi^- er and bas won several prizes. He has taken many pictincs of me — some with dotbes on, others with dotbes off. Jack plans to enter a nude of me in an important exhibit this spring. There will be teveral cash prizes. Tbe photograph he bas in mind is really a seminude. I am partly concealed by a bath towel Jack insists tbat because my face is turned from the camera and tbe lighting is heavily shaded no one could recognize me as the model. I say a stranger wouldn't recognize me but my friends and family might « I'm very upset about this, Ann. He says I am being foolish. Am I? — UNSHIRTED HELL Dear Un: Put on a leotard or ? bathing suit and tell Jack to take some more iHCtures. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of| Redlands Daily Facts, endoang a self-addressed,- stamped en- vdope. Variety of vines for growing on unsi Iris society meets Thursday in tOverside Deeorofive Window Shodes • AU Kindt • AHSlyItt Always the Newest REDLANDS SHADE SHOP (20 Oranae Ph. 7n -5l02 Tbe Inland Iris Sodety will meet Thursday, February 13, at 7:30 p.m. at the Victoria Savings k Loan Company Friendship Room, Riverside Plaza, Riverside. The Speaker will be Arthur B. Day, of Chula Vista, a Regional Vice-President of the American Iris Society, and the new head of loth Region, which includes Southern California and Arizona. His- Program is titled "A Visit To the British Iris Society." Mr. Day bas been around Iris all his life, but it was not until 1932 when he saw a catalog that bis interest in them began. As a career Navy man, he had to wait until 1955 before be had time to grow them. Since then he has worked dosely with tbe idants and is now hybridizing them, with his goal an everblooming tall bearded Iris. Tall beardeds are his favorites, espedally the rebloomers, but he likes to grow all Iris. He is past president of tbe San Diego and Imperial Counties Iris Society. Tbe Inland Iris Society is a Sponsor of the Riverside Community Flower Show, to be held at the Riverside Armory on April l»-20, and wiU place the Iris entries. Tbe Society is encouraging everyone growing Iris to plan to exhibit flowers in the Show. Anyone having any growing problems is invited to attend this meeting and get help, and also to enjoy such a fine program. Everyone interested hi Iris is welcome. One of tbe qnestioiu moct" frequently atkcd of Dnneiymen by bomeownert is "What caB I fet to bide a post?" A bare post, no matter what it supports, cries out to be planted with stmelhing. How much more attractive it wodld be with a vine or shnib breaking np the starkneis of ibt line (and presence). A check with a local member ci the Cabfomia Assotiation of Nurserymen will reveal there are many vines available to improve tbe looks of a pillar or post A popular dioiee is tbe Star Jasmine. When it comes to enhancing tbe dotbes line posts, for instance, these serve nicely. In addition to doaking tbe posts with textured foliaige tbe shrubby Star Jasmme dispenses an appealing firagrance irom a myriad of small white blossoms in late spring andsum- mer. Roses — particularly, tbe pillar types — are ideal for improving the looks of a post The newer varietiec bloom and L>loom, and indi-for-inch ara without peer for providing a show of color. Tbe Guinea Gold Vine may be too tender for some inland gardens, but where it is sold its ^arge golden blooms and deep sreen foliage are worth a post in the garden. Hardier in winter is the yd- low-blooming Carolina Jasmine. The flowers and foliage are both small, but there is nothing insignificant about the effect this vine creates.., The leaves are a soft green, adding a different texture to tbe landscape. The plant in bloom is- spectacular. Spanish Jasmine and Cape Honeysuckle are two others, and l)oth are vigorous growers. They provide garden fragrance from bountiful blooms. There's no reason not to plant them on a post and train them up on a trellis or an overiiead eave. Most all vines will stand considerable cuttmg back, if they begin to take up too much room. For this reason, there's no excuse for putting up with a post that has been an eyesore, or postponing the planting of a vine that win create tbe beauty gardeners seek. VINES ARE VERSATILE — The Carolina Jessamine (Celsemium sempervirens) is representative of how versatile vines in the garden can be. It is pictured here, with its spiingtime mantie of bright yellow — and fragrant — blossoms highlighting a used brick planter box and lamp post. It adds beauty to the far icaches of the front lawn—without dominating the scene. Like many other vines, this glossy-foliaged evergreen win grow on a trellis, may be trained on the house or fence, and may be used as a ground cover, as well. (Photo courtesy California Association of Nurserymen) Hew Hat Wat Named The casual felt hat known as a fedora was named for thej leminine lead of the 19th-cen­ tury play, "Fedora" by Sardou. Though popularized for women by the Princess Fedora of the title role, tbe style was later modified and adopted by men. Vessels Answer ts Pmioin Putile iind> 41 Otherwise ACROSS 1 Vessel for «i j.k.~.-_i holding liquidi^^"*^' Wideimuthed fj^^^^^ (Anterican writer) ' 49Poem SlYdlow bugle plant 52 Mental image 54 Ancient jars 58 Small vessel 59 Unwearying 60 Poker suke 61 Simple substance DOWN 1 Ritual plate JNMTER CONDITIONING^ UNUMITED SOFT WATER SEWiSOfT... Water CondJ' Service ... !!l3 :'3U enjoy dear, toft meter, and saves you monejr. Best fcr bathint launder, dishes ... »here««r loa use wa'sr. You1l like our experienoed, idiaUe, courtnut stnica. SWidemouthed jug UFcmmina name 13 Paraguay tea MFoUowenof Oemocritus 15 Vases 16 Numeral 17 Unctuous substance 19 Have a bite -••I .Mucks l-:3 .ieBnsof access 26 Ingenuous 28 Stout cord SlSoutheni capital 34 Strong-aim nan (slang) 35 Judgment aSBuinedci^ ofCyira 39 Symbol cf HONG KONG (in »I)-Communist China accused California Gov. RonaM Reagan today of trying to suppress "the progressive wave of student struggle' on the University of California Berkeley campus with "fascist measures." The aeeusaUoa came m a brief report by the official new China newi ^isncy on Reagan's declaration of a state of "extreme emergency" !at strife-torn Berkeley. No longer Treeless City' San Franciscxins join in program for tree planting Rcridcab. membenof ftt hne fuUr woikMl tocether • FnodMO to stm the eiitiei ttat usMi to eaU the aty by the G«ldca Gate "The TMui aty." "Goiaf back a few yean. Saa Frandsco was ftequcntly referred to by some of its oot- spoken viators as a Ttedess City,'" Brian Fewer, of the de-! partment of puUic works, said. "HK hire kMdc was obvious only to some peoide, indudmg the ceiriy-fbrmed Street Planting Di- visioa of the Oept of Public Works which promptly moved to nrrect the situation." be stated. In the span of just nbie years, some 75,000 trees bave been planted in San Francisco, according to Mr. Fewer, who is Landscaping and Tree Planting Supervisor for the Qty and County of San Francisco's Dept of Public Works. One of the first steps taken by the new diviswn was to establish a pilot program, where dozens of trees — many of them strangers to San Francisco — were planted m many sections of the city to evaluate their adaptability and devdopment A booklet was compiled, fol- lowinc the evaluatioa studies, listing recommended trees for San Francisco. The Bank of America recently printed the city's (revised) third edition of the booklet And, Mr. Fewer says, tbe pitot tree program will contmue bidefinitely with new trees being added to tbe list More than lOO species and varieties of trees bave been planted for trial purposes in tbe past 10 years. How has the community responded to tbe tree program? Initial response was slow, supervisor Fewer says. "Following the publication of tbe first booklet we set out to mterest proper^ owners and businessmen to improve their surroundings with tree plaatincs. We first had toiierviee has been pobBeiK the reqnireiBeiils a(| nhis and noic and the plaathig ordinance, the need for more trees in our city and the help tbat the Planttog Dtvi- sioD could provide," he pointed out "Plant a Ttee Wedt" was started, boooring Lather Burbank's birthday on March 7, whkh is also (^oniia's Arbor Day. Each day of the special week was designated for a special interest — such as homeowner, busuiess, industry, schools, etc A poster contest was originated m tbe pubUe schools, with tbe theme of tbe contest being to improve tbe city by planting trees. "The Jos. Scblitz Brewing company not only planted trees arotmd their facility, but have also hosted an annual awards dinner for the last five years, Mr. Fewer added. "Tbose selected for awards might be homeowners, business firms, architects, schools, or merchants. Tbe company also conducts an annual slogan contest to add further mterest and attention to the tree planting program." Mr. Fewer indicated his Division offers recommendations and instructions to individuals and groups interested in plant- mg trees. Neighborhood groups interested in improving city properties (traffic islands, unimproved streets, and gore corners) also receive help. The Dept. of Public Works now will saw, cut and remove tbe concrete for a heighbortiood group interested in planting — at no cost .to the owners. "This ty owners are takins of it" Fewer bidieated. The growing eatfansiaia hy Oie public has been fdt at City HalL Tbe budget reqntst for fimds for new plantings wu recognized and the amoonts increased each year: From $18,000 the first year to $25 ,000 to $M,000 and then to $60,000. The next year the comirtete budget request of $500,000 was allowed. "Many of our nuin traffic ways have been lined with street trees," Mr. Fewer said, "and the long traffic islands along our main arteries have been landscaped." "The Division also assists tbe Redevelopment Agency in street tree planting and maintenance, having installed some 500 trees in the Western Addition Redevelopment areas. More than 1,000 more trees are scheduled for this same area." Tbe San Francisco tree story exemplifies how residents, members of the business community, and Governmental agencies can cooperate and achieve goals in neighboriiood and city-wide beautification projects. For a free booklet which contains ideas on bow to beautify your city, as well as a list popular shrubs and trees for planting in the Goiden Slate, write: California Association of Nurserymen, 1005 8th St, Sacramento, Calif. 95814. mLLS HARD TO MYT Sd* things you no longer nat through mexpensive Claaified Ads and get quiek cadi. Dial 793-3221 now. Goldwater in toincifo plcfl WASHINGTON (UPI) - Sen. Barry M. Goldwater, R-Ariz., says a U.S. impoit ban oo small tomatoes from Mexico is "wreaking havoc" with relations between the two countries. He said the ban has caused a market k>ss of $105,000 per day at the Nogales Port of entry, and he blamed the "apparent whim of the tomato <rowers in Florida" for the ban. Snyder's Termite Control * Treatments and control services for ants, roaches, termites, moths, etc. * New, safe fumigation for drywood termites and other household pests. HOUSEHOLD AMD GARDEN IHSEaiCIDES FOR SALE! 11 EAST VINE STRBiT PHONI HMMI 9^hop 10 Sicilian volcano 11 Repose 12 Roman moralist 18 Behold: 21 Vitreous coating 22 Brownish color 23 Be seated 25 Musical mstztitiiciits 6 inner (comb. 27 Decontive fonn) veawl .. . ^ Tliveataplwe aBawaSanfeed SSBefare(prefix SAustraliaa SOAfasi^beiiwSSDiasedge bin! SlPotto 57 Spanish rherr 2 Manacle 3Masculine nidcname 4151 (Roman) 5 Possessive 32 Also 3o Furniture item C! wonl-, 37 Upper limb' 38.12 (Roman) •10 Calm 42 Thus 44 Enticing woman 45 Stop (naut) 46 Sweetheart 47 Prima donna 48 Nordic deity 50 Man's name SSFetmented bevcsi You dent lift a (in |ir. We eichanie taniis as needed. You simply par a smalt monthly char(e like your 'phone or liiM bin SQWiSOFT takes can of all scnrice Md maiatt- •ane*. Reiital fee can be applied tonrd pur- diaie. CMplittlyautoir. : tic VMif Cnadttioacis. Csr- mien pieof hesvy rcia- forcfd tinJt. Gasrc-lcsd 10 yuR. Piyir.eais to auitnvbu^ 612 TEXAS ST. Phone 793-2359 UStdDiKY This is the week Feed, lawns, this monlh !• live them a food start as Ibe w«elli*r warms up. Siialls and sbifls are active Ms' timo of year. Scatter sa^l bait in ttrale«ie Mdtof ^acw, such as ivy beds and •bra rM» /oaaa abauM be plantBd ri#« away, oipeciaMy 9 vev ei^ect' 9erty WeeM* Reeee slMe4y hi Ihe fetdes liMuM bo pfMM and sprayed by mm. at hurry » imm Tifri*. Shopping new home developments? Our computer saves you from traffic jams, endless driving and lost weel^ends. This computer card can lead you to newly- constructed Medallion Electric Homes in new housing developments all over Central and Southern Califomi& All the computer needs to know is what kind of home you want, and it will match you up. Thousands of homes are listed by size, price and area. At Edison we call it our SHE* program. SHE stands for Select-Homes- Electronlcaliy. And SHE can go to work for you right now. Just fill in the House-hunters Computer Input Form. In a few days you'll receive a computer printout of available new Medallion Homes that suit your requirements. Also, ask your local Realtor to show you his selection of Medallion Homes. Sure beats driving all over Southern California with a car full of kids and maps, doesn't it? And this service is free. Compliments of Edison. *T.M.R«g. (absolutely free) FBI out wd MB ta: SoaHMm CanoRHa EAM Cempany HooM SdKtim (Mvlea Dipt D>1 RO. lax 3S1, IM Ang««ik Cankmia Men ^ House-hunters Computer Input Fdrm I ^* ~ I AiaaOoda First Nime StiailMdMa Lett Nana Zip COM OFRCEUSEONLYDDDn dyer gpaclHc CownunWyeasliad •hMtarelbera: • Mawbarelbaliewa; Q Price of hoflw you sie tooUnp iBf tai SiaeetaMy Agseflwadafli Southern Cafifomia Edison

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