Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on July 17, 1963 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1963
Page 5
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Life Begins at Forty Postcards An Ingenious Communications Device By ROBERT PETERSON Grown children often attempt to justify their delinquency in writing to aged parents by contending that they simply haven't the time. But, of course, this is fibbing of the first order for it takes only a minute — sixty second s — to address a postcard and then write 20 or 30 words to let parents know you are thinking of them. Try it and see.. The ordinary stamped postcard is an ingenious device. It may seem commonplace compared to such recent communications miracles as Telestar, but unlike that orbiting satellite a four-cent postcard and a minute of time permits us to thank friends for small favors, tell the minister we liked bis sermon, order a gift from a department store, summon a television repairman, notify the President what we think of his Cuban policy, invite an old friend to come for dinner, or ask the next-door neighbor to puleez keep his pek- inese quiet at night. In like manner it permits sons and daushter s away from home to fulfill quilldy and with negligible expense the filial responsibilities of keeping in touch with parents whose chief joy in later life may be the interest and affection shown them by their offspring, Three national magazine,; recently had articles on retirement housing documenting t h e importance of equipping elder living quarters with such safety j features as non-skid floors, ex- i tra grab rails in the bathtub, j non-sea Id valves to prevent I burns from hot water, firm ban- nisters on stairways, lower kitchen cabinets to reduce the need for stretching or standing on chairs, electrical outlets placed three feet above floors to eliminate need for stooping, and elimination of door sills which may cause one to stumble in doorways. These and other safety features make eminent good sense. 1)ut why should elder s be singled out to receive their benefits? Considering the statistics which shout that more accidents at all ages occur in the home than anywhere else, it would seem that these sensible safety feat u r e s should be incorporated into housing for men and women of all ages. Dieticians are alway s urging humans to include variety in their diets, and I suspect the reason is because they're really not sure about the content and role of nutrient s in modern vic- jtuals. They figure that if you nibble a bit of everything, you will stand a better chance of getting the components essential to health. But dieticians who devise foods for man's best friend say nothing about the importance of variety. If we can believe the ads, canine food specialists have j devised a complete food in a single can which dogs not only find irresistible but which contains everything the animal needs in the way of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Now if science can do thi s for four-legged animals, why can't it do the same for the two-logged variety? If there were a single type of prepared food' on the market which tasted good and which scientists could assure us contained all the elements essential for human health, I think it would prove a huge success for millions of people are interested in eating properly but find it difficult to assemble at mealtime all the components constituting a complete and healthful diet. MARMADUKE If you don't get a different caddy, I'm not gonna play with you anymore! Wednesday Is Holiday LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) — Transylvania College students will have a midweek holiday beginning witli the 196-1 fall term. No classes will be held on Wednesdays, a day set. aside for faculty meetings and student counseling. President Irvin Lunger said this would result from a change in the academic program under which the average student would carry four 4-hour courses instead of three 5-hour courses each quarter. Students thus could work off all required courses their first two years. A modern railroad passenger coach costs about $200,000. \TR\ HOMt OF Bent* VAIUES For Over 45 Years DISCOUNTS RIDE AS YOU MOW! DELUXE 24" Discount Price 177" with operating trad* LOW EASY TERMS Forward, Revere* and Neutral Big 21-inch "Easy-Spin" Starting POWER MOWER Disco unf Price Powerful 2'/z hp. Briggs & Stratton engine, rugged steel housing, smooth, even cutting. Other Power Mowers Choose from Rotarys, Self-Propelled, Riders, Reels and«€!ecrric. Prices as low as. 35 97 Buy on Low, Easy Terms SPECIAL 75' HOSE Extra Length! Extra Discount! 48 2 Now you can own a hose that will reach most any part of your lawn,., and at a big saving! (45-ioe-2» Solid Brass Hose Nozzle 4 Discount Price 39 Rugged, adjuslabte nozzle. (441M-IJ Transistor Radio Battery Discount Price 19 Popular 9-Volt (54-413-1) Salad Bowl t Discount Price 28 ea, Polished hardwood. Lustrous finish, i Tumblers 6 FOR 53 Decorated 12-oz. plastic. (M-154) OTASCO OtUMOMATUHilumTCO. 308 N. Main BR t-760t Garden City, Kansas Thes« Price* Coo4 At All OTASCO Stor«»l FISHING TACKLE Spin-Cast Rod and Reel 3 44 1-piece rod with screw-lock reel -•seat; level wind reel, adjuslablo drag. (6M16-M2S-*) Push-Button Reel Adjustable drag, ' aluminum cover, 10-lb. test line included. (62-132-9) 2" Spin-Cast Reel 3 33 Push-button with adjustable drag. 9-lb. test tine included. (62-133-4) 2-Pc. Floating Minnow Bucket and Dip Net 10-qf. lead-coated steel bucket "I 99 & minnow dip net.(«2i3-i;Wi| | fj ' SLEEPING BAG Full-Size Weather-Proof Only Water reptHenr, vinyl bottom, side zipper. Moth- proof DynafiJ insulation. 36"x81". 1-yr. warranty. (43971) Handy 5-Piece Aluminum MESS KIT Discount Price I 23 Fits together in one compact unit. Ideal for camping "cook outs." Aluminum Canteen (Qt.) 1.13 THERMDs CAMP STOVE Burns Any Gasoline! 2 Burners 21.88 Value Modern, compact ityle carrying case. 4 to 5 firs, continuous cooking. 22" long; 14" wide. O O O a o < Cuban Peasants Yearn for Life of Pre-Castro Days IDITOR'S NOTE _ What is it like to be n Cubnn in Cubn these days? George, Arfeld, (Jie Associated Press man in Havana for tww years, talked to some peasants before he left for another assignment, and Hives his report. By GEORGE ARFELD Atioclnted Pratt Staff Writer The Cuban peasant, once n cheering supporter of Fidel Castro, today mulUys increasingly against the i'omimintst regime which has made a joke of land reform, while encroaching day by day on his way of life. Slill as appallingly poor as before Mm advent of Die benrded nilor. most peasants this correspondent met during his slay in Cuba yearn for a return to the past. They sny that then, at leas' I liny were free to do as they pleased. "Things have never been so bad before," a (IS-year-okl retired cattle 1'iromnn said, shaking his head. "Fidel has turned (former dictator Fidgoncio) Batista into a saint, \y c. mparison," eomm >ni- cd a Malu.ZKS Province squalU'i "ilad Kaiirtu loon satisfied with stealing only three, maybe fmir million pesos, maybe all wn'ild have gone well,." the squatter added. Vor the poiirj'tit, ife In the back- lands is rou^h Shortages are lai more acute than those expert- need in Havana. "Havana It paradise, compared .0 Orlcnte Province," n Negro peasant safd. .Milk, bi'Cl. rice, bread, orai sugar, arc frequently absent from country store shelves for long periods. Take the case of Plpo Diaz, a Pinar del Ilio Province squatter, who lives In a thatched wooden hut with his wife and five children. Tribute to Bark Icy FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — An outdoor drama, "Stars In My Crown," will be shown at Kentucky Lake Stale Park this summer. It depicts a century and a half of life in Western Kentucky, seen through the eyes of Albcn W. Barkloy, the late vice president. -Whether buyina or selling uso Telegram Want Adsl He claims lie has had no beef for almost n year, because peasants are forbidden to slaughter their steers and no meat Is being sent from the cities. The whitewashed hut lies up from A brook, between n |>nleli of corn ami some native potato plants. Pipo's children romp around the hut clad In faded cottons. None wears shoes. "For more limn a year now there've been no boots or shoes for us VuaJIros' (peasants). If you want boots you have to join j tl>e mllilia or a government cooperative," PI|Hi says. "Everything It a mess these days," his wlte chips in. Sluv bends ovev ,MI (.pen charcoal Hi\ fanning t.he enilur.s on which ;!ie IH on meal finks. "Cookltut on— when we gel II—tastes like motor oil; lard Is poor and .mostly run- eld; they HIT nlwrys out of hard crackers. To get n tin of evaporated milk you have to obtain a coupon from Ilif Committee of the lit'fenso of the revolution," Lunch Is served: boiled com- meal wllli n luindfiil of chopped onion on top and boiled malangc, Hlack coffee, Why doesn't I'ipo raise more chickens and hogs, or plant more vtvtc.tablcs? "First of all," ho explains, "at the prleis the government pays us for pigs and produce we make no profit and are never .sure they will pay. Secondly, In case we harvest a surplus, they'll force us to sell it to them." I'ipo shows off Ids three-room hut. In (lie bedroom there nre two large bed*, one for 1i;e etuple and the Initial, baby, Uie other for tho three boys and the 12 year-old girl. In the llvlno room two rocking chairs I'n'iii each other Stiff |ios- Ing relative.-, and .startled infants peer from fiamed snpla photographs. A tnded picture of Castro torn fr,»n i magazine is tacked to tho wall "You no"er know wiio'li come around," I'ipo shrugs As it doc* with othor Independent farmers who refuse to toe the party line, the tfoverumon! is applying subtle, pressure, to force Pipo to join u cooperative or peoples farm. Unless he d r ns so, it will bo lit'irorislngly difficult for him to obtain feed, fertilizer, boot's wire und other farming implements. Page S ttntutan 4'U.v Tofptfrnm Wednesday, July 17, 1963 Sinco joining n stain tuoper'tt- live miMii.s growing what the. government determines dntl !hcn turning over n high percentage of I ho crop to the regime, I'ipo fools he'd "rather be kiltotl" thnn Imcklo nndor. Later hu concedes Hint with .i'x mouth'! to feed, mnybu lie \vill cvcnt'<r.|ty hnvc'lo «ive In. VIEWING THE ECLIPSE I On Saturday, July 20tlt."'« .solar eclipse will be visible, weather permitting, from most of the United Slates and Canada. Fnlllnu on a weekend anil comins in a traditionally holiday month, Hm event can, tic cxpccteil to attract n rcc* oril miinher of viewers, TheNT» also will be it record number of eye injuries (retinal burns), unless precautions arc taken to prevent them. Retinal burns from tho sun are like those from nn atomic blast. The normal cyo can tolerate onlv fleeting glances at the sun. Don't view tho ccllpso I li r o it q li colored ghMMut, smoked nln.HSc.v broken heir bottles, or otlior common oh- Jecl.v. .Siicli malcrlnl will wit protect the eye from serious dainace. The only safe way to view the eclipse is indirectly. Punch a U inch hole In a card about one foot square. Mold tho cartl at riftlit angles to the sun's rays .so that the image will bo reflected on n screen placed about 10 feet away. The observer's back is to the sun mid 11111.1 direct, exposure Of the eyes to the soaring rtiyj of the sun h avoided. UFUUNG PAYNE PHARMACY i. lOPGronl I1R6 6/62 nnouncma out 1 . . . NEW IN GARDEN CITY! MID-PLAINS FINANCE CO., INC. New Offices at 422 N. Main In State Theatre Building Complete Loan & Financing Service with Quick Confidential Action. Meet Our Manager LOANS FROM $ 25.00 TO '1000.00 OR MORE! Up To 24 Months To Repay OUR LOAN SERVICES INCLUDE: A liberal loan policy with quick, friendly, confidential,.one day service. Loans from $25.00 to $1,000.00 or more on cars, furniture and signature. Second mortgage loans on real estate and automobiles. Loans to consolidate all of your debts and reduce monthly payments, pay taxes, medical or personal expenses or any worthy purpose. Numerous loan plans with payment plans to suit your convenience. Loans made by mail and telephone to all surrounding areas. Even if you have one or more existing loans you may borrow cash. Come in and see us. Your Money Man RAY KANTOLA COME IN AND MEET OUR MANAGER. SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS MAY BE ARRANGED AT ANY TIME. A Kansas Company 422 N. Main FINANCE co;; INC Garden City, Kan$a$ Phone BR 6-766?

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