The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 14, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1939
Page 3
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14, 1939 What Do Wives In Shields , Harem Talk About? Clothes BLYTHEVILLF; (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS 'Hie Sheik's uoat-hair lent, forms u backdrop for the smiling faces o[ Die Hoffman tivins of SI. Pan). Minn. Pictured in colorful °Arab cos- lunic-i are the former Ruth HolTmim (Mrs. Dmi-rlns Brooks) nl left, nnd licr sister Helen. lly NBA Service NEW YORK— It's an airy life for the three wives of Sheik Agil El Yawar, a top man among the Bedouins. So those Hoffman twins found out last summer when they lived in the Sheik's harem for several mcnths. He keeps the wives in a big blii'.'k goat's hair tent 100 feet long without any sides. When they want privacy, they put up screens. The screens are useful, too, when winds bloiv across (he desert- sands. The Sheik only comes to his .stay wives. The Hoffman twiijs are in New York finishing their second book. It's n continuation of tlieir first, which somebody described as lie- ins "as if a couple of gay Vassar girls had sat up all night" re-wrli- ing Lawrence cf Arabia." harem once every months, , Riilli nml Helen Hoffman, (he beautiful St. Paul twins who won year with their English- Miss Pauline Hamra Heads Education Group CAROTHBRSVILLE, Mo., Dec. 14. —Miss Pauline llainra of Carutli- crsville was elected president of the newly formed Pemiscol Counts 1 Branch Chapter of ihe American Childhood Education Association. . _..„ The organization meeting irashcld lives in a j at Haytl, Mo., with CO Penriscot : we ever County grade school teachers and hours principals present. Miss Hnmra Li a member ot the CJaruthersville grade school faculty. Other officers named were?" Mrs". third vice president; Miss Connie MrElyca, Uiiyll, srerotnry; Miss Hand Me Adams, Steele, ireasinvr; and Mr;;. Carrie .Spt'er, llrasgiulo- rio, piiMic-.'lilcits representative, The next meeting of th:> chapter will be held at l)ras:iiiulo;lo, Monday. Jan. I. nnd the tn|tlc of tin; program will be "Child i«bor." The orgiinrmlon Is prlnnirlly lor B)':ule school teacliers, bin is'open to prhK-Ipals. superintcmk'ins, parents and nil ixwule interested in the education o: young children. Tlie main organization ol the American Chii'.lhoud fducal;on Assovln- llon 1ms headcpijrier.s in Wii.sliiii|>- ton, 1). C., and Is allilimed with the National Kdm'auoti Association, which is coiisUlcred one ui i},e top- ranking IcacheiV or^ini/i'iions in tht- Unilt'd Stale*. Employes Of Graber Store Entertained. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Cn-abcr en- lertiilned the 30 employees ol Ctrnber's store and two out of town guests, Johnny Lane and Mariun Click, o.' the G'iiitilhmvllle store, \viih a dinner purl-, last ninht in' Ihe nine Room ot the Hotel Noble. Tilt; Chrislnin.s colors of ml and KIWII were used in dfcornthiB the entertalnint; room and also In the Ihrca t-onrsc turkey dinner served at MiiiiM luble.s lighted by red and green tapers. Christmas greenery added color lo ihe Inbles. After dinner, Julim Oilden. assistant manager of the store, made a brief .speech before Die gifts were taken from the. Chiistnus tree and distributed. Mr. Graber ivas presented :i Cilnd- stone bag and Mr. Oilden a fountain pen, by their employees. To Present Play At Gosnel! Tonight Tlie Dogwood Home Demonstration club will present a piny, "'ill? Last Half Day ot the Dbti'W School." at the G'wiicll s:hool tonight at eight o'clock and at the Yar'oro school the following Tucs- dav night at th? same hour. The chili lecentiy presented Ihe ulay at the Bimlctte school. PAGE TERMS • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON i'arjiblc.sol' llic Kin"-<!oni . Maude Carter, Deer ing, first vice Ladies High Grade Sixes 2>/ 2 lo ID, AAA lo C. ?<! lo SO val IIL'H. fame here bock, "We Married an man," explained. He 1 palace—"funniest palace saw," said the girls—six away, by motor, in a place called Slier Gat. The Hoilmati girls jnet' the R "« k "IT call it "Shake"- „„._, lliroueh "their" husband who, president; Mrs. Ethel Rushiiv when Jluth 'Huffman first'.married Cooler, jj'econtl vice president- Miss him several years ago was known Gladys" 1 ' Gi-Ihws, Canndy EwlVch tlirough their convertation with I ' friends as "Mr. Crooks," or "the ! ~~ Englishman," or "the Husband." Mr. Brocks has readied a more; ! informal status now. This year) Ihe twins'are calling him rjou-'-j las. HE'S HEAD MAN —AND LOOKS IT The Shake, one of the wealthiest men in Irak, is the. head of the Shammer tribe of 50,000 Bedouins. He stands B feet 8 inches tall, weighs 275 pounds, and I is very handsome, with black | eyes, black hair, and a black ( beard. Ages are seldom accurately remembered among the Be:loiiins, but. the Shake thinks lie must l:c j somewhere around 50 years eld. Last summer the twins told the Shake they would like to go Jive in his hnrcin for a while. They wanted to meet life three wives, they explained. So they started out. lo the harem, which is beyond the ncrtliern Tra!; city of Mosul. Besides the big central lent where Fatima, Zcnobia nnd Ko-v- kub (the wives) live, there abcut 40 other smaller tents clustered round about. It's a big community, and among the peo'.iic living there, apart, from Fattma's three children and others belonging to Kowkub and Zenobia. there are several sons anti daughters of Shake Asri). The rest, arc servants, shepherds and farmers. Among the children is the favorite daughter, who is 20. and is so modern that she has rcfus3d to marry. Of course .now she's distinctly passe. Nobody in link would marry an old woman of 20, it seems. "Jealousy?" said Helen Hoffman. "II doesn't exist there, as far as we could find out. It's pretty don-! gerous to be jealous. A jealo;:s j wife would pet divorced." | "It took us about two days to | win the friendship of Zenobi.i. Pit- \ lima and Kowkub," said one ol the twins. "Then it was jnsl like visiting with three girl friends, except of cotirje we were in the middle i:f a big plain and living in tent.s. We got to be very good friends." The wives just sit around all day. doing what the French c.ill "talking chiffons." Talk about that pretty dress, that nice way lo wear the hair, how pretty you' loo!: ,'o- day with thai ear-ring on. and so en. Bui lots about children, loo. Those wives weren't fat, despite the traditional idea that Moslems like fat ladies, the twins sa!3. Fatima was the youngest, niny'ae 25. The others were about 30. CHILDKIiN, ARE AIL-IMPORTANT They look much older than that, said the Iwins. It's all too true about how quickly .Arab women age. It's the children, apparently. Bui iicthlng is more important to i 3J2 W. Main a Bedouin woman than children.' If they don't finv'e them, lliey don't Read Ccurier Neu-s uani ads. Whilei, creamier— (fnulily-dctidnus THC DAINTY COOKING 1*1 "ift's i(U<WJ'" HY WILLIAM i;. (Ml.ltOV, I). 0. Uilltor of Ailv.incr Much of the duirm and per.sls- teii'.'y o! Ihe leaching ol Jesus lies In Ihe form in wlileli thai, tcaehina wns fc'lvcn. Above nil ihluus, i,it courte, is the moral and .spiritual worth ol the truth that Jesus ul- ttral. Hut noble truth ha:i been uttered In great volumes l»- (It'ep- nkliig iihllusopiicrs where It has t'i- rc-iiclied the musses of tho people or where It h;is bi.-en lost, Ci-rhnps to be worn anil worm-eaten on Ihe shelves of II- rie.s. c.sus put the (ruth In the vivid story form oJ parable.s, unit these have letiilneil nil ihe viinllly and freshness, after nearly 21) centuries and lifter die reading and re-rending, that would long a l!0 have ended us i-ommonpbee any hvwer or even more brilliant things. What were ini'sr paraWe.s of Jesus? They were storli'j- from. hie. Hill were (hey (nil- stories about actual persons and events? About lln.s, we do not know, but. It seems more likely Hint. il u . v W ere .stories termed by the imagination of Jesus to declare nnd Illiislrnlv the truth thill lie wished lo teach. They were true in the sense that they were lliincs which might happen anywhere in daily life. They were triie in their human content. * • * When we mid, for Instance (he story or the Prodigal Son or of the Good Samaritan, the truth of the story and its plain icaehliif do not 'depend.upon whether there was an actlml father and an actual son in such a .sllunlloii. or whether some man actually went, down the road from Jerusalem lo Jericho and was helped nnd cared for by n Cloail Samaritan. stories wore true In n far larger and deeper sense than as the relation o' mere tacts. Thai is why th t -y have applied so persistently lo every 'ago and race of man. Here in our lesson we have three parables of the Kingdom of Heaven, all designed to Illustrate Its nature' The first is llic parable of the soivcr, going forth lo sow his seed. It iiiialii lji> ciiiltil iiion tlu- iiiMiiWc 0 | i),,, UOHVO,., for n Ls luU'11,1,.,1 i<] .show how ihu dlffnvnl v.'A.vs in ivhlrii jji'iiplc «'nct to Ihc WWll.s ,l| |H,. „,.,, lyplllnl l>y [he tttffi'i'i'iit sorts ot y rou nil lulu I hi; M.OI! full.,. , Tlif M-Ml Mini foil liy the wnj'sldc wn.s ilcvimroii by ihi, birds; tla-'weil i Ihn! li'll on ,sh:illinv nuih with rock I f"n!crm-ml, hud u in^eii (,, m ih, l)»t ulMi iniickly u-ltlivri'il uth SIFTS for the entire family I.arcc srleclinn, Ulaclt. Wine, Hlue. i'ink, Ucil arid fios'c. LADIES HOUSE SLIPPERS n Medium 01- J.o» Heels. Si/rs 3 lo n. LADIES BLACK KID D'ORSAYS Sofl kid uppers. Hard Leather soles. Medium & Low Heels, Sixes -I (o 0, Widths A fo C. 1.50 and $1.95 iUUN'S I-'i'ILT HOUSE SLIPPERS Drown, ftrav. llrnvv Foil lln- ;:crs. IFnnl ro.ithr-r Snips, Kill:her Hcrls. Siics 5 In P.. MEN'S LEATHER OR FKLT IfOUSK SLIPPERS Brown, ^Vinr. ninvk, Paflil Snlrs, Siz« 6 In 12. CHILDREN'S HOUSE SLIPPERS Hoys' and Girls' Felt or Leather Drown, Red, Htue & Wine, A!l Si/.es THP F4M8IY ^HflF 3 s«K3a a rfijsaat, g WBEV& w Phone 23f is W n.s cliokcil Ui'tun- It tunic lo uny Bl'owth; bin .soini! MCI! foh upon Kooil nijiind mill yielded (mil. 'I'lif iiu'iinlng of this M'i'iiis U> be tJiut (lu> Klngilom of Dwivi'ii Is not somi'ihtn./ iimi | S foivnl upon us. i It CIIHU. S m .,,|. (o u .s, „„([ vvo i mvc tlip oiipoi-uinHy nf na-i!])tlii)r Oixl'.s I B race anil IjcvoiiiliiB nimiborji of llic l:lni!(lom; |j,u U nil Oi'|XMi(ki on mirstlvcs. \vluit sorl. of "croi I HIV «vv Do tin- .spi'ds of tr ! Mil (III US til Vlllll? i 'I'ho parobli- of i ho nmsliinl Kccil inul the paniijle 0 [ tln> anil the meal nn> told lo llhislnito Ilii- wuy In which Ihi; kllludoin grows, sllunlly yol powerfully, us 11 mnkc.i its way III ihe hearts 'of men. Tlu- jsii-able of l)». Ireasiirn lilildt'ii hi Ilic Held uiul or tin! nii'H'hniit's scck-liii! eooclly pearls llhistnites the siipivine value or the kingdom of i liiMivrn- Hint is. the khiKdom of CJoil's giiice Is the one ical slou Unit It Ls worthwhile for men to sai-rlllcc evciytlilnu else lo ob- laln. . ' U «o believe that, we ure ni lor the kingdom. The province of Qnebee.. Ciuia- <la, 1ms 342 women fai'incrs' dubs ' In Ii7 i>f Us commas-. Cause niscDinfnrt I-'or i|iilfk relief from (In. misery of eotils, take CG(i - Tnblols : Knlvo - Now Uio|is I Inn Xmas at our Stores—Coiupjptc stncli' ^oocf ihiiitrs lo cut. Ttirlceys, Chickens, Cunilics, Nuls i'rnils Gro- ceries—»cst Prices. We Deliver Anywhere. Old Time Ocean Spray Can ' Lhs. ,'Mc; 25 LI). Cans 50 LI). Cans :>;!.VT> Kin Pound SIM) Hi/. Feel 'I'o StitfHr Cure I!) Lbs. •Sek'clcd & Tested Boxen 24' Ciinova or niaxwell House Pound Can Fresh Hulk Shred, l,i>, Swansdown or Omejtn 12 Lbs. K.\lr;i Nice NHCK HONKS, EARS SNOOTS, Lb .......... SAUSAGE, Pure |Cc U 1c 2 . C. BEEF ROASTS.:ft. 15c STEAK . . Ib. 19c J5c Stamped Good That's Tender Compare the (he Difference Xtnas Hams . Ib, 2Hc Certified Us Hetter . . Ib. 22C Purest One 5 Lbs. 25c, 10 Lbs. Cambric, None Heller §5.!)5; 21 Lbs. ORANGES Large 216's Tree Ripened Dozen 15' IN HLYTHKVILLK Siorc No. 1 Where Quality A Ser- 111 E. Main vice Plus Economy Are Phone 231 Store No. Z .120 W. iM.iln I'lionc 767 mensss cum-: CTFAK .MIM"I'IO ^ILHIV Puritan Skinned,Half or Whole Center Slices tb. 35c; Ib. Loin or luiunii "JRi' I'diind Slii'cd ROLLED ROAST !;ft,,25 c KC iiBi-r i no Li). iy Armour .lars, ICn. AIKAT, Hramly I«'|nvor Sliced. MEAT (,'rcjiin 1 1,1). lio.v njiil HACK 1JONKS Cotmlry, LI). K. C. Dcef im Poutiil nnc ( c 'itll Dressed, 11). *»W, Kwick Krisp, i,li. n I' 1 IS II ,,, 29! Hxlrit Slamlm-il, I'l. Picnic Hams Tender Shank- less, Mild, Ib. 13!c Klnriiln's fc Fiill-o-.luk'C, En. I Yellow (;lohe iftt -I Lhs. IV U.S. No. I Itln; Itnsscds, 1 ' II) Ilia. Kuwlloss, ,-i fur 7f, Do/,. CfiiJLSFLOWER 15 OPANfcrQ Vlnrida's ^flHUUCd Uxlrii Liirue, Do/,. Kroner's Golden Itiiiu, l)ov. CRANUKKRY SAUCK Ocean Hnray 2 Cans TiiII Can HKANS, Avomliilo .IDI z 'sin!,) 7, "<)\i Kroner's I Qfs. Hnl-Oaled CnlT I'rcm-li .,,...1 )li. 'me. <:. Cliili 1 Hi. Can Z-Ic I round najf C. Ciul) No. 2«/ 2 , a 1'V 1'lc, C. Club Can XXXX or Hro\vn Con- -fCc fcelioncry, 2 Ll>s *W C 2/3 Nuts.2'His 7fic IW2 1 /) Ibs.' SI.2'5 2 Boxes l)c Luxe No. 2V 2 Can Lowest Prices 4 Large Cans 5 Small Cans JUICK, C. Cluli Jnmlio Can &RAPE J'JiCE C. Club Pints 15 l Wcsco 10 1 c 2 Lbs. I it 9 SKfi *5YRIIP Hlllc Vt Gal :!0c HlftV dlElUl Gal 57c CRACKI5RS tfl< 2 Lbs. IS Sect!loss, C. Club No. ZVt Can 7 Bars

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