The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 7, 1952 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 7, 1952
Page 11
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PAGE TWELVE BLTTMBVTLLB (ARK.) COURIER New Hawaiian Supper High For Versality By CKCMI/y BKOWNSTONF. AMorfaled I'ress Fond JMUor Give a Hawaiian lunrh nr .-.iiiiii /or four for plca&nni. summer cnu tnmmrnl, Mahn your lablr ! the i-; If you want lo make planvarfh, - j her* 1 are sornp Hawaiian phr.i^es ymi . i might find If fun ro u«* on r,hem: piece a seasonal nnp ny combining j A I/in A—L-ilornlly, love ami nl- fresh frill's nnd vepej.ililps -lemon*.' feeilon. U^ed FIF n welcome or a. /rrjBh pinrRfjplf. Minmier squash, ,• poodbvi:; .1 j-'nvtiMj,', fffpplanl, tomnlne*. ciirumbm, ruiri ; ALOHA NUI NUI -. A SIPJII IIJR grape*. Surround ihe r'nnis ami ! "fllnhn" lo ynii. vPKClAhlfts with lf)W of prom |o,ivr* : HANAU!-~"Happy Hit Hiday!' \.a jrivr !he f^ellnc nf luxurious fnl- GIANT nUJKBK.KRIRS artd In tr»am ire the ilflirlou* ehlft In »rtdlfinUi n( this AK }\>xr niurlirrrr I'ar/aU Pt« wi(h cot«nuU Fish, Seafood Lighton Budget Plentiful On Market And Easy to Prepare Blueberry Pie Is Tops for Party Fare; Easy to Bake B) OAYNOI! MAIIIIOX' ,\KA Fonrt and .Marked fvlllor Those plump, juicy cultivalnd l(v CAVXOIl MAUJIOX XKA Fond nnd Mnrkets Kdilnr ri.ih nnd seafood nr*> plentiful not', easy on the hudi>et and make pood summer entiti*. You'll find thej '"'""I." fo!lmvin£ recipes welcome during I" _ the*e hot days. ,Celery Snlmnn Loaf One 1-pounrJ ran <2 niips* salinnn wiUi jinre, flnkrri, 1 'i cups dry brrfid crumh. 1 ;, ',4 Mip rninred Ereen i pepper, 2 eRfis, .slightly bear en, I j can il'-i nips) coudon.sed cteain ol j ' ] celery ' ° OKOLK MAI^UNAI — BolUjrns up!" a toast. What tn serve? Htnrt off -Ait-h your fi*i'f)i'tt<* first-coiirfip hf*vprn«e | find an nvoradn mix r/i spread rm i rratriers or nipll)a toast. Go on (o i HnwflHan Ribs nnd Rjre Molrlfl wfln R fo.'i'efl pre^n snlnd; or make (he salad one ol Mtredded src-en rflh- bnge. For rirwprt fierve n fruit .sherbet with cookies. Hawaiian KihM Ingredient*: ? pounds fresh pork p i e . The rilllnu cnl]^ for Lee crmm MWtMtJhs. 2 UtalMpooiH fortified i /rtit flavored ceJntin, K )ant blu e "*" f " ^"P s«(JAr. 'i cup rioyj berrieR nnrl slireddM ro.-omil. Cnronul ItliM lierrv IMrFall Pie fork tinUI dough I* moist enough to hold tORedier. Form into a bsiH. bh,cbnrrl,i .^.u.u, no, in _ the \ ^^^^^^^ "' *"' I mnrknt, make '.vondorful small rri,-n' fier\ f ed a.^ Is with ire fln» or In f rll lt, ,,„„. *w hri^ ! "J!, 1 "! r <">". )i< _».,<! dHleht to family mr-nls. j ^"^ J, 1 , j p .s n re< tpe tor n new pnrinft ,,,.«,,., c> i m <'i/p r-hopped onion, l :: <peok-d nnd min'cd), '; lenspoon pepper. 1 tnblp-iporm relery Frerl. 1 table.ijioon Uoitr, sliced plTicnppl*?. Method: Have Hie htilrhnr nil !he ribs into pieces 3 or 4 inches sqiuie rintf errvrk caeh .vjunre al. mnv^ra] •s. Mel1, ninri-arine in Wiin:'*|;nii i\ r er low heat. Add fiiinar, -soy FHIKJP. Combine (nprrdienU ns lis(ed and,' 0 ' 11 , 0 "; P' ir] ^- P^Pl^r. relerr .»f^!, mix. Park lifihlly into a crrascri, ""« "mir; fitir wclL Shpmer » mln- (Makes 9-Jnrb Slifll: One cup sifi^d all-purpose /lour, cte. Fit ream In mtif ; Jy intt} 9 ~ ineh P ie P an - Gently pn( 171 ' '" mil[ ~ f out air pocket*. Fold edfze to form rim; Mute. Prick crust >akc In hot ove.n M2& degrees F.) 10 to 1-a miniit«i. Cool. muelwwry Filling': Orj« pncVape orniiKc-flavored pelatin, 1 '4 hot water, J pint vfinHIa fee crram. ] ',i cupB Riant culttvntcd blueberries, shredded coconut, in hnt wfifcr in: loaf pan. Iti n moderntp- P.) about llimir or until done-. Pour nit extra jnlce and (urn oiit on n warm platter. Serve with celery crpam sauce. Easy Shrimp Creole (fl servings) Onc-nuartor cup finely chopjicd onion, M finp finely ctioppe.rt green pepper, 2 tAblesoonn sliort^nkng or oU. 1 can ( 1 '4 cups) condensed to- malo soup, nnp-nalf cup wnlnr. 1 teaspofln vlnegnr, rinsli of Tnhasco saurc more r If a hotfnr «nnce !s dpslrcrt*. rinsh of blnck pepper, I pound frozen or fresh shrimp, cookert, 3 cups cooked rice (1 cup uncooked K Conk onion and t?ree,n pepper im- Itl soft in shortening. Arid sonp, water, vinegar, Tabasco nance and black pepper. Cook ovrr low hent about JO minute*, jstlrrlng orcnsimi- ally. Add shrimp; cook ft minutes longer, Pour shrimp and sauce over hot rlre. Baktrf Fish FHMs with Tomat* Satire (4 MirvlnR* ODB antl one-half to 3 pounds flllel of flounder, or other while fi^h f 2 Unle.Kpoons huMer. mpllcd, t can (1 '4 cups) condensed tomato soup, 2 f.ahelspoon.i lemon Juice. Place fish n lightly ji fieri haktnfj rtish. Brush lop with melted butter. Bake Jn n modernte oven f?.7!\ deprew F.) for SO m!nnlr«, Place on R hot plattw. Hnat- smip and lemon 1 Juir*; POUT over fSeh. ules. Atirrintz several times. Plarp ribs in shallow bntlng dish; pmir snure over ribs. Hake in modornte <3M] P.) ovfn I hour. BnMe )-<a- ,«lonnily. Gnrnlflh wllh Rllcpd pine- flppJe. Mnkes 4 servings. Ma wall, in Rlrr M'lldx XiiffrcdientA: fi K'iblPspooiiB (orH- fipd t7iarR!irJi]f>, I '4 cups rire. nnp I0',i-ounre cnn condensed lioni'ton, water, 1 PRR, '/i toa.sfjoon sftlt, '^ clip Rhrnddert grp-cit pepper. Method: Tn sklllel. over low hrnf. melt, 4 tablespoons of Ihp ninrpnrinr. Add dry riet* and fry t/i a golden snoon j-an '* eun' — , ^ w .? uiblprnooivs colrtl 2 - n " art «««cepnn. Arid Ire crcnrn by nllk. (Omit salt if you UM Mil- 1 K 0011 '", 1 ?;, ^l" 1 "?, nnl " mc3 ' ert - .SHI. flour and salt. to^Mlier Cut n shortrtiinc uinil parUrli* are he ,siv;e of small prns. Sphnklr> milk >ver mixture, t^xmp IJQhtly with j Then chill until thickened, hut not set 'HO to 35 miinite.s). Fold in blueberries. Turn inlj> cnoled baked pie i ^holl. Chill until firm '15 10 '2ft mln- ' Htp*). Oarnish with blueberries and' rocunut. Meat Is Added Hct^'s f\ vnjiHlion In dt^vili-rl rciis lo feature m your ncxl picnic. Put i rrnrIy-fo-Korve nio^t through your 1 food ^rlndnr. thfn aild It to (lie, hnrdrooked cnq volk.s nnrt ninyoti-' nalsc. l A SUBSrtTUIE fO» MEAT , P4ACAftO«t -SPACHEni A ' PURS EC-O. NOODLES £M '• brown. constantly. . rice In larpn snncepan, Add bouillon; using soup can us me ndd 1 can wnfnr. Cover and until rice IA tender and has absorb- nnd ed liquid. Hen I P^R nnri enough to eornblnp Mell remaining 2 rnblespoons ninr- (?Firi»f* In skillrl. over low heat.; arid PRK and rotate skillet PO that eoaf. 1 ! bottom of pnn. Cook unlil firm. Remove from skillet and cut in long thin strips. Place Rrre per Jn .ikJJIrl nml rook IJKhMy.\i rice, green pepper, nnd pnrt of shrrcJrtrd cay. Pack mixtui-e 5 lightly oiled 1 cup measure; turn out; on platter; repeat to mRkn 3 morel molds. Garnish mnlris with remaining shredded ejju. Wholesale Food Prices Reach Peak NEW YORK fff*— Wholrsal* foort prices, as measured by the r>i]nn A- Bradstreet Food index, climbed to; a new Iflft2 hlgb this week. j At Jfi.fiS the index compared wil.hj Ifi.fifl last week nnd $6.95 n year nfio. ; The previou.s liiRli this ycnr \viis .- Sfi,fi4 rm January 1, The low: JG.Sl I on April TO. I The record high for Ink Index \f> : 41.38. on Julv 13. 10-\8 llie. Index] represents the total cost at whole- \ sale of ntie pmmd enrh of 31 foods : ]» ponera) U*P. j This ^fek's rise wa^ ntlribnleti ; larpely to sharply hie her price. 1 ; for 1 leed rrnpj; a.s a result of drought; conditions in jrrn\Unp nrenn. ; Hichrr in wholrsnlP cosl Ibis irreX were rnrn. onts. bnnvs. nellies.; buUrr. milk nnd Inrnh.^ . LcAver were flmir, rye, hf-rf. Jnvd.' Mipar. rorna, rpgs,, pout OPS, slrcr5 and hoes. RID CROSS MACARONI PRODUCTS Guaranteed Better IN 3 BIG WAYS- OR YOUR -MONEY BACK- Buj and iry tmr Rerf Cro«n Macaroni product. U you don 1 ! find it superior in flavor, teiitir* and uniformity to any olhpr you hav« iver used, return the unused portion of rhf pitk^gt to your dealer. Full purchase pmt wiy W refunded promptly. MEAT Baftery Fed YOUNG FRYERS Quick Afral BOLOGNA 3 ,,,,1.00 Connlrv slylc SAUSAGE 3, h ,'UO Chuck Roasf U. S. Good Baby Beef Lb. Special! \>l\cl ICECREAM 10 m. Wclclfs GRAPE JAM PET MILK Cirral Xorthovn BEANS The Dainty Cookinyj Fat HUMKO i'.s. \n. i HP<I POTATOES No. 1 (irecn CABBAGE Qt. 3 f 01 440 3 ,„, 390 3,, 1S 690 10, ,,790 2^150 Frrsh GUOUND BEEF n, 490 I'rosli SPECIAL OFFERI I'ltl'.K! Two pounds of sugar with pncli 2o Hi. sack of Shililey's licst I''I.Ol It . . . plain 01 self-rising—"HI print lilies . . . 25 IBs. 1.98 .... to , 80 21-fonnt liox, Imn-KlMrl CLOTHESPINS Tcnlrt 'I'Jssuo CHARMIN Thp smile liltach PUREX ............ 2 Qts 330 1 .nr^c hnra IVORY SOAP .... 2 ta .,250 l.itnnilrv soap P&G 2, );irs 130 It Pays To Shop at Mays' SUPER MARKET 421 South 21st - '^VNXvssSjrolJ**^ 1 '*** COOK EAT MAKE EVERY MEAL A SUMMER TREAT AUNT JEMIMA Pancake Mix 1Q BOX Aw EGGS GRADE A 'LARGE x -DQZ. WASHING POWDER GIANT BOX 59 ^MVBKHPWMP 41 WAN SOAP LGE. BARS 25 MINUTE STEAK - - - ib. 89c FRESH Ground Beef - u> 59c TENDER FRYERS - - - ib. 55c FRESH SLAB BACON ib. 42c Heck Bones - ib. 20c SEEDLESS GRAP! 25c SEEDLESS Grapefruit-2 for 15c WHITE SQUASH - - ib IQc GREEN • CABBAGE • • ib. 8c FIELD RUN CUCUMBERS - ib. 8c MOUNTAIN VALLEY APPLE SAUCE CANS WHITE MINERAL WATER 45 Did You Know? Liberty Cash Sets the price and other* follow.

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