The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 25, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1936
Page 6
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(ARE,) COtfliffift WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 193S Stellar Chickasaw Stars ; | Will End High School j Careers Fricky _BY i P. i Three BIylhc\ille Chlcka-aws will hang up their cleated shoes :HI<I. moleskins, as far as high school football Is concerned, after the' game Friday night In Memphis, with the lee high Geneinh of Columbus Miss They are Captain Byron "Hie Blpper 1 Walker, center and full- ' On the Outside—Looking In "BY DUKE" Friday Nljlit's Oame , •Rpcctlve merit. 1 ; of tliu two tennis, The Blythevllle Clilckosa'wii will particularly In connection with ?-facing a real football learn last year's Ill-fnted attempt to when they collide with : Hie undo-. bring (he teams, co-holder's of the featcd Lee high 'Generals of Co-. 1935 slate championship, together, hinibus, Miss., Friday night ill Personally we hope Mr. Wiley Memphis hums whereof he writes and Mint Tlie Generals were tied by 1937 will sue the Zebras nnd Greenwood, Miss, (later beaten by .Chlckasnws doing llic-lr own bal- thc Chicks, 13 to 7) this season' tllng, with Mr. Wiley, ourselves after winning the 1935 Mississippi nnd nil oilier sports writers simply state championship." Bill, every- onlookers from Ihe press box <p r o- thlng except the score pointed' lo vldcd llic I'lne Dlnff nlhlellc com- llie Generals having n lieller tail) club Ihnn the Bulldogs. Both leams should bo keyed up for Ihe battle of the season Friday night, We believe Ihe Chicks will come through. Even Ihe low of averages nnd, strong opposition _ r , ure not sufficient to keep them <8ok, Onell Craig, guard, nnd away fiom their 20th straight ilc- mittcc 1ms turned the press bos hack over to the sports writers). Jfld general, and Max "Flash" ftnlchlns fullback *} Craig and Hutchins complete ijieh academic courses >t inid- ^rm and are expected to enroll _to' higher mslilutlons. Walker §111 lack n few credits to receive Su5 T shcepskln In June, bill should he return he would hot be ellg- lory. But there Is no reason for expecting a one-sided score. On rawer and on the field the tennis appear to be evenly matched. Thats the way It should he. If Hie Chicks lose we'll nllbl. Hut we will have lo sec Columbus turn Hie Irlck before we believe II. And we suspect that '*,(Wa~ for athletics because of|somc 1,500 other Blythevllle sup-. •reaching Ihe age limit of twenty- poiteis feel the .same way about 'Jone It Is rumored Craig wlll|it. ><ast his lot with the Bason Ti«Jers of ^Louisiana State university, .Bairn Rouge. Scouts from Vand- 'ertrtlt :and Tulane have bad <>>••>• "' "5 oii Hutchins for some Ume iVnnderbilt has offered him nn m • •letlc scholarship whether the Hope It's So, Mr. Wiley Our good friend (though fiomc- llmes Ihe target for our pen as we arc for his) Eugene Wiley, spoils editor of Ihe Pine Bluff .Commercial opines Hint llic 44 to Grgenles ha\e made n proposition iH victory of Pine Bluff over For*•--not been learned. Walker plans j rest City and the 32 lo 7 victory make up some work In the'of Blylhevlllc over Forrest City indicate that Ihe two victors nre nuout equal slrenglh. More important Wiley hints thnit Flue Bluff fans should not, be silv- pi-lscd if the name DLYTHEVILLE looms In large letters on • next year's Pine Bluff schedule. Wilay, who hns "been wanting to get the A Come-Back Jonesboro Champions newspaper lays claim to (he "comeback championship" In bchnlf of the Jonesboro Sutherland Also Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Baylor lo Cop lij- JOCK SimiKRJ.ANn Head, Coarli, University of I'lllslnirgh A rmy - Navy, Those ' ' two Ramcs headline llu list of contests that mark the slrelcti drive of the Golden Hurricane. Recalling ihnl tlie PlTTsnuKGll, Columbia-Stanford. 1930 football season. And few'games hold the glimbui Hurricane of those combats, which see a pah was swept out of the stole nnd of traditional rivals facing" c'acn district title pictures early in the other In the service contest, nnd a campaign by Hot Springs nnd new Intcrsectlonal series start, the Blytlievllle a Jonesboro sports 'result of the 1934 How Bowl gam writer finds considerable consolation In the fine showing the Hur- hns made since In winning Palo Alto, bclwcc?n the Lions from Morningside Heights and the Indians from all its names save llic Scarcy Bamc, a 0-0 lie. He quotes Lowell Manning, The giimc between the Cadets of West Point and the Middles of Annapolis, attracts, tlie attention of Jonesboro coach, ns .saying the the nation. Here is a classic, : one current Hurricane is the best Icam that grips the Imagination of every lie hns ever coached with the ex-1 football lover In the country, as v'eption of (he 1932 Pine Bluff well as every service man in Amer- cainplonshlp claimants. And since ' cn "nd abroad. hand 1n| Army was booming aloiv^' lownnj claiming n " unbeaten suason until It rah Manning has had n coaching other Ulle teams nt I'lne Bluff, his statement shows plenty of respect for' the' 1930 Hurricane,., iei so as to enter colleife ,jj£vl fall, probably at the, Unl- -ywersHy of Alabama, where Gene •"BlaoJviMl, llersliel Mosleyi anfi 'wmriiie Tipton, former Chicks, arc 'SpJdenls. t2 A H three have contributed much 014 the success of the tribesmen •storing the iirct three years In *T934, the first year under Coach Tfiafney Lasllc, all three were members of the squad Walker '•Ras a tackle, Craig a blocking agck, and Hutchins a halfback, •Walker and Craig plajed icgu- SRIy but Ma\le did nol see .aiiough "Jtr" Former Luxom Player Shines At. Chattanooga I UJXOHA, Ark.—Thurnmn .Scott, school together on the play- former Luxora hl e h school foot" g " ° r lwo ye '. lrs ' il Into Colgate and then Notre uame. Yet It still Is a good football team, nnd Monk Meyer Is a good enough back for any .conch. ••••",•-' Navy No Pushover . Navy has been defeated by Yale. Princeton, and Pcnii, but not very badly. The Middles have contested every Inch galncd'agalnst them this (ajl. In tlie ; Harvard and Notre Dame games, which tlicy.'won, they showed signs of coming out'of their early season difficulties, with Snccc Schmidt, a great all-round: ; back. and Bill Ingram, another.''carrying Stan/ford outfits put on -(football 'ashloir shows In Ihe east at the expense of Army and Dartmouth, respectively. The smashing victory over Red CAgle and the Cadets led lo the adoption of the Warner system at West Point. MaJ. Ralph ssn went to pnlo Allo to mike n close study of Warner methods during llic Cardinals' spring practice the following year. Timers Look Best In 'I'ulane, I/ouIslana Stale faces the final barrier In Ihe way of & Sugar Bowl Or Rose Bowl bid. The Tigers have one of Ihe greatest all- round leams In the country, very well balanced, For this reason II must be given the edge over the Green Wave. Texas Christian and Southern Metliodlst meet aaaln, but this year no Rose flowl bid awaits the winner, nllhoiijjh Ihe .southwest has a host of friends on llic coast. Became of Sammy Baugh, this looks like the Chrltslans' game. Auburn meets an improved Florida team, but Ihe 'Gators are no vet In the class with Jack Meagr- cr's Plainsmen. Bofton College Touch Jloly Crow hod bsttcr watch Boston College. Gil Dobie has n habit of pulling one upset each year. un;l >>ls jrl»hl t« the on«. I'll vote for Holy Cross, with my fingers crossed, G^ir^n In th2 feature of the'day In Geori «la. Georgia Tech hns been very Inconsistent Ihls fnll, slumping badlv after a brllllaift start. Georgia has been 'Improving of Inle. making up for n ooor earlv "ason, Because of offensive strength, however. HIP edge must be given lo droreln Tech. Nebraska has a hard game in the Or-30011 Stale buttle, pspcnlallv af- the trio lo Portland, Bad wen- NOTICE TOR PUBLICATION. Department of the Interior,.- ,-; General Land Office nt Washington, D. C., October 19, 1030. '/;; Notice is hereby given- thai Frank Keltey, of Dell, Arkansas, who, on September 3, 1931, made [lomestead Entry, Number 022910, 'or 8W'/i Section 24, Township 15 establish claim to the land above described, before Carey Woodbitrn, County Clerk, at Blytlievllle, Arkansas, on the Ninth day of De eember, 1930. Claimant names as witnesses: Ian Watson, of Dell, Ark. S. T. Freeman, of Dell, Ark. Marlon Koehler, of Dell, Ark Frank Rlley, of Dell, Ark. D. K. PAIIROTT, Acting Assistant Commissioner 4-11-18-25-: Coconuts spread to all pnrls of the globe by floating. NOTICE FOU PUBLICATION 1 Department of the Interior, General Land Office at Washing Ion, D. C., October 19, 1936. Notice Is hereby given tha James Edward Kclley, of Dell, Ar kaasas, who, on September 1931, made Homestead Entr Number 022917 for SEW Section) 24 Township 15 N: Range 9 5lh Principal Meridian, has filed notice of inlenlion to make final three-year proof, to establish claim N., Range 9 E. 5th Principal Meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final three-year proof, to to Ihe land above described, before Carey Wood burn, County Clerk, at Blytheville, Arkansas, on' the ninth day of December, 1936. Claimants ns witnesses: Lon Watson, of Dell, Ark.' S. T. Freeman, of Dell, Ark. Marion Koehler, of Dell, Ark. Frank. Rlley, of Dell, Ark. D. K. PARROTT, - Acting. Assistant Commissioner 4-11-18-25-2 A deer ordinarily sheds Its anl- ws .during,, the breeding season. rienceo travellers knw/ tat a pleasant nicjhl's rest awaits them in St. Louis ot Hotel Melbourne. Soft comfortable beds; every luxury; and very fine food ot moderate cost. looks .like such nn end might finally be Attained allei futile newspaper '•:controversy over Ihe re- action to receive n let- Goes To Center -".When J. \v. Purtle graduated £oflch Laslic needed n' center, so last .year Walker was switched to~.ilu> middle of the line where lie^hns been even greater than ^ti, tackle Craig injured a knee early last season and was un- itble' lo play regularly. He dt- jggea the quarterback chores with Alfred Meredith and' easily earn- Pd^_n letter, Hutchins Improved S.jS*nt deal and alternated •ftlth Sojner, Besbarse at right" half*«k.-.He was considered, a first of course, received r"This1 season saw the trioi climax their careers .nith brilliant • per- (yfmances. Walker, considered by expejis -the ,most promising col- tege-j prospect m years, ft cinch Oj^-All-Eouthern as well as state Spoors, has been the spark plug «*-4he Chlcljs. His tackling and Slacking h'nve been vicious and deadly. Because of his tremendous speed and power.,he has been Used, In the backfield where 'he ljas"scored seven touchdown's and added two extra points ' Tlie 'fine work 6l Craig Hutchins has been less spectacular.- But they, too, rank among the tops in their lespeclivc |wsi- tlons. Cialg has called signals nnd master-minded from ills guard position, has been a tower of , strength , on offense and defense, despite a damaged .knee; linger and, . first and has .outplayed every ent been . His selection of plays excellent all year. ha " . Hutchins received a setback • ut star, Is continuing to shins the attack burden on collegiate gridirons with the' I don't expect Army to 1 get away University of Clmtlnnooga eleven, to such n (lying start ns n, uiu „ Mississippi county grid follow-' V l "' ll r ago,'but-I'll give II, a slight ers will remember Scott ns. the C(| B C - • .' ' outstanding player in the 13-13 Stanford Is at the Polo Grounds tic gninc the Luxorn Panthers i f 9 r n " engagement with Columbia, played with tlie Blyllieville ; Chicks 'which is nh outgrowth of the Rose four years ngo, one of the biggest Bowl Gnme of 1934, which saw upsets In llic history of county football. ' ': ' ' ' Scott stood out particularly In the 6-0 victory of the .Chattanooga mi rindcrrntcd Lion -humble- the Cardinal sophomores. • ' : tiny Thornhill, who played, with me nt Pittsburgh, lost his sopho- elcven over the Mercer , college lnor<;S ll ? ls season, but his ; array eleven at Chattanooga on Nov. 7. Scott did Ihe major share'of the ball carrying in the touchdown won the. gnine nnd paign when he was foiced to ha\e ciurled the ball ovci the Mercer the beginning of (he current cam- 'drive that his tonsils removed But in the goal line to clinm the dilve last five games he has comei On two occasions Scott ran the hns come along nicely, and he has too many men for Columbia this trip.' LOU Little lacks material nt Mornlngsldc Heights.' ': This Is Stanford's first nppenr"- nnce in the east since 1032, when Pittsburgh'repelled,the Red Shirts, M\cr conditions might hamper the Huckers, bnt I still tnlnk that Dana Bible bus enough stuff lo win fairly comfortably. Baylor and nlc«. both of whom hns caused trouble in the So>'th- 'I'ost Conference, provide another Interesting 1 battle, with Bavlor! laving a slight edge over Rice, the alter without n pood passer, a fatal handicap In that country. "Choral Speaking" Taught STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (UP) — 'Choral speaking" has been inlro- :luce<l among women students of; Pennsylvania Slate College. Thirty girls are being organized Into n speaking choir which will become available next spring for perform- inccs before clubs and other groups. They will recite and dramatize poelry. around remarkublj fast, scoring,bull deep Into Mcrcci tcnltory 7 -°. l» Uw flnnl,start of the, cam- 13 touchdowns nnd averaging only foi the Moccasins to fumble ' ", s " for • bo f h clubs - That was more than 100 sards a game by nwn> chances to score The '""' """""" '" ' rushing.' Hh 145 sards against " Forrest City last neck was Just one shy of the combined yardage of the other backs. - He scor- 4G ynrd line • and ran It' bnck lo | Mercers 37 yard line Three passes, nltli Scott on the throwing end of two of them, nnd line plays advanced llic ball to within Ihe 10 jaid line and Scott can led it. over the goal line on nn off tackle Piny. I Scott was nn outstanding player. In bnskelbiiinis well ns football | the last , contest In which that ,. , . -. -'op • directed''.the-'Palo Altoa'hs. time he-took--a punt on his own' 5. rnn ! i ° 1 ^.' 5 fr^* ls ^.P 0 P: Warner, "' lt)28 "'"' 1D31 ' :Warner r drlllcd ed three of flic touchdowns Running fiom • halfback without much show, Maxle got his chalices at fullback when Leroy "Broncho" Brown : was Injured In the Greenwood, Miss., fracas, nnd • made gcod from • the start. Brown is well now but Is unable to the Manila boy fiom his . „ ..„ .._ _ Ma\ is an efficient blocker,.punts. Memphis with' "his parents*," Mr. " •"""• as vvcll ns lugs Hie niul Mis C S Scott, v,ho rciidc | nt IMS'York. " oust! while attending high school here, jou After ginduatliig he moved to and passes leather. Play Billiards! , Wholesome ^Recreation • . • • Moderately Prlcecl ' Blylheville Recreation ELECTRIC & ACETYLENE WELDING AT' BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co. PHONE 19 Before Von Boy Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE 2 H. P. Single Cjl (Other Sizes to 16 H. P.) HUSBARD TIRE & BATTERY CO. 145 $295 Come and Get'Em 1935 FORD V-8 COUPE, SpanisK Brown. He sure to see and drive this car .. 1934 FORD V-8 TUDOR SEDAN. An ideal family car 1934 CHEVROLET MASTER SIX SEDAN Try this one 1934 DODGE PANEL TRUCK Good grocery and dairy delivery unit 1935 FORD V-8 PICK-UP TRUCK A first rule Pick-up , LIBERAL 11. C. C. TERMS Call or Come in for Demonstration Phillips Motor Co. $291 $395 Fifth & Walnut Phones 810-811 . . 316 VI. 'Main •• - 'farnkf ; Honii "of litll'^' Pharrnacy ; : ' • GARNER.'' APPUm>N ' •MARVIN, 1 ' cilAPPELL '. .. * t • Doift lose w head tomorrow Use your head tonight . . . and you won't wish you could lose . it tomorrow! Show good judgment . . . in the whiskey you buy, in the way you enjoy it. Call for CALVERT. Enjoy it as a gentleman should— moderately. Give thanksforsuch fine whiskey this evening, thanks for such kind whiskey in the morning. Call for CALVERT! Colvtrt'l ThcnkigMng ond ll.cip. lookl.n by (omi>u« FrtncS th.l, H.arl Chotp.nll.t. O«t your In* copy, today, aMhe niaritt pa<Voj« itort ot karl CLEARJEADS CALL FOR WHISKIES "THAIVKS A MILLION" FOR MORE THAN A MILLION America has bought 1,130,000 Chevrolets during the past twelve months, thereby giving Chevrolet the greatest year in its history and the greatest measure of buyer preference it has ever enjoyed. i The builders of Chevrolet are thankful for many things, but moat of all for the warm friendship of the American people. And so again at this Thanksgiving season we say,"Thank yon, America," for you have given Chevrolet a measure of good-will witli- •out parallel in the annala of modern industry. Consider, for a moment, all that you have done to inspire Chcvrolcl's appreciation during the past twelve months: You liavc purchased 1,130,000 Chevrolets; you have made Chevrolet your favorite car for the seventh time in the past ten years; you have given Chevrolet s[ror7g^r7rcfcrence in every section of the country; you have conferred this same high honor upon Chevrolet trucks by purchasing more than 205,000 commercial units; you have made 1936 the moat successful year in all Chevrolet history. And now, to dima* these expressions of friendship, you are displaying even more marked preference for the new Chevrolet for 1937. It is difficult tocxprcw adequate appreciation for gifts so great and so generous as these All we can say is, "Thanks a million" for more than a million cars in 1936; and all we can do is offer you the slill fi ncr Chevrolet of 1937 in return for the finest friendship ever bestowed upon any mot or car manufacturer. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPANY, DETROIT, MICHIGAN t Complete Co/ij - Compld^lu T|gur "Tku;

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