The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1941 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1941
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) -COURIER 'NEWS- THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1941 Hollywood Fashion Plates Golden Gate Fair Site Is Considered Ideal F o r Naval Training SAN FRANCISCO (UP^—Treasure Island, in the middle of San Francisco Bay and the largest man-made island in the \vorld, has been taken over by the navy for the duration of the present national defense emergency. The island was the site of the 1939-1940 Golden Gate international Exposition, but for the next four or five years, at least, it will be used as a seaplane and small craft' training base. Navy officials found the island an .almost ideal location for the purposes for which it is to be used. In 'the first place, it is entireh surrounded with navigable wulei except for the small ramp thai connects it with the San Francisco Bay bridge and which brings it within 10 minutes from the ccntei of the city. Buildings AIT Usable The navy also was able to mil-1 ize 17 of the principal buildings of the exposition and thus save greatly in construction expense, nnd what was even more important, -time. The navy was able to move in immediately and expects to :hnve j its first contingent of 1.000 men in training within a few months. Eventually, it expects to train 5.000 men at, one time there. Of the 17 buildings which the' navy will take over, three are permanent. They are the administration buildings and the two vast hangars of the Pan American Airways. The latter will continue to operate its Far Eastern and Australian Clipper services from their ; permanent base at the south end : of the island, but they have consented to have the hangars usfid as barracks during the navy occupation. The remaining 14 buildings include all the major exhibition structures of the exposition and are of vast proportions. They are not of -permanent construction but; have weathered the three years of their existence so well the navy is confident they can be utilized, with proper re-conditioning, for the four or five years they will be wanted. Site Deeded to - City Under the terms by which the state -deeded to the city the 400 acres at the bottom of San Fran- Male," there wasn't any such character. She isn't absolutely necessary to the action, which is mostly hair-breadth escapes of Walter Pidgeon—a big-game hunter who has stalked and missed u shot at an unnamed European political figure and in turn is himself hunted, ;but the escapes arc most exciting, and decorative, with Miss Bennett giving him shelter in her cheap room. ! The "Ow, naow-" dialect will be ' startling, coming from 'the soft mouth of Miss Bennett, but .she has it down pat. Queenie Leonard, not so long ago :i British musical star whose specialty was raucous Bockney ballads and skits, has been her coach. They worked together for '10 clays before the picture started, then rehearsed on the .set before each scene, slinging '1 sye's" and "Wot's this 'ere's? Shi- plans to take a vacation after "Man Hunt," wait and sec whether audiences like her in a new type. If they do. she'll hold out lor more character • parts. FUNNY BUSINESS MIND YOUR MANNERS •„ T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF, get another student or several others to share in the invitation? Answers 1. NO. 2. No. This is very rude. 3. No! 4. It can be .done, but wrapping the gu .min paper is preferable. 5. Yes. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(b). Hit Song- Writer 'Dies Poor LONDON (UP) — Frank Leo, famous composer of "Where Do Plies Go in the Winter Time," and 1400 other song hits died -a poor man because he scorned jazz and would not write It. He left only $1,112 — a oiim which at one time he earned in less than a month. "An Apple a Day" at 92 PHILADELPHIA (UP) — David Clapp, 92, points to his old .age as proof of .the adage "an apple a day keeps the doctor away.' Clapp says he has not been ill during the .past 17 years. He credits the apple-a- day rule with his longevity and line physical condition. HAPPY RELIEF FROM PAINFUL BACKACHE Many of thoeo gnawing, nagging, painful backu.cbe3 people blame on colda orslruina uro often caused by tired kidneys—and may bo relieved when treated in the rij;ht way. The kidneys are Nature's chief way of tuk- iiig excess aeida and poisonous waste out of tlie blood. They help most pcople.pass about 3 piulaft day. If the 15 miles of kidney tubes and filters don't work well, poisonous waste mutter 8taya in the blood. These poisons may eUirt uagginu tiiickuches, rheumatics piins, loss of jipp and energy, letting up nighta, swelling, pullinesa under the eyes, headaches and dizziness, j-'re- (juent or scanty passages with siiwrling and burning (sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your dnjgRist'for Dnan's Pills, used successfully by millions for over 40 years. They give happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonous waste from your blood. Get Doan'a Pills. Tesl your knowledge of correct hocuil HSHK»: by answering the .fullowin^ questions, U»en checking agiiinst the aulhori- rlative answers below: "Who slack Ural pin into Lake Erie? It's rusting.!" one's chewing gum in the bowl oi u drinking fountain? •1. Is it all rigiu to tnrow gum away without wrapping it in paper 1. Is it- good manners to push ' if you throw it in the gutt.r-r? ihcad of a line and expect to bi 1 5 should a student hold a door .served before those who arrival for a woman faculty member it" ahead of you? | nicy happen to reach the door at 2. Should college students put •. <>bout the .same time? on their wraps before the profes- What would you do if— sor dismisses the class? I You would like to have one oh 3. Is it .good manners to lea voyeur professors to dinner at your fraternity or dormitary— <a> Feel that you could not invite him as it might look as though you were trying to get a good grade? (b» Invite him, and if possible Dr. W. F. Brewer Dentist BlytlievUlc, Arkansas SPECIALS! Extractions Sl.OO •Full Up'r & Lower Plates S25.00 (Extractions Included) WIRING No Job Too Small or Too Large! FREE ESTIMATE "No Argument—Our Service Is the Best' WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP Wiring—Fixtures—Appliances 110 So. 2nd Phone 3U At Stud RED MCDONALD DARE Reg. NO. 13503 This Registered 5-giutcd Combination Harness Stallion .will make .1941 season at .Blylheville Fairgrounds. For fees, bookings, or information write "' W. L. TATE, Blytheville, Ark. Joel McCrca'fnnd Director "William Wellman rush through Hollywood studio street apparently none "loo happy over 'the tall star's picture being snapped in his nightshirt. -But it's all right—he- \\vears it in a new movie. HARRISON IN HOLLYWOOD .Cisco Bay. • the must become a Lucie Neville is piuch-hitUntc 1 for Paul Harrison, now louring army camps and defense industries. ••BY -LUCIE NEVILLE NBA Service Staff '.Correspondent HOLLYWOOD — Joan Bennett, with her hair a medium brown and her voice pitched to a Cockney whine, is trying to show Tans a different Joan Bennett than the imposed before the final script okny. "I'm not allowed to put my hand on my hip in any .scene," .she said, "nor carry a purse that swings from a handle. No silk stockings, just cotton ones. Also, it seems that tam<o'.shanters aren't worn by nice girls, so I ;get a beret, The .proof of real respectability, though, is that there's a .fragile, cultured-rpcavl heroine of I sewing unachinc :in my room. island eventually city airport. Arrangements were made between historical hokum you've been seeing. In "Man Hunt," she cats .fried fish-and-chlps with her fingers, smokes cigarete from u tattered paper pack, carries her money in :hcr stocking and is a good-hearted but pretty vulgar youn .tuxe; -^ i- " - ' The 20th Century Fox camera the navy and the city whereby the . nn d set crow (a hand-picked gang former will contribute much lo the;formerly assigned to all Shirley development -of the island as an! Temple pictures) says the actress airport. already has shown them some- The navy will use 'its influence j thing different. They haven't in obtaining 51,680,000 WPA funds S EC cn an family resemblance to for construction of the airport,j,the Bennett clan of much-publi- wliich will go forward while the cited temperament, except that — island is being used by the navy. The navy will need for its own use two runways, one 4.100 feet long and the other 3.710 feet in length. These will be built imme- .peculiarly — she does perfer her Wii.rn! dressing room to the set, whicl- is an uncomfortably accurate copy of London's damp clammy docks. "The studio won't get any fashion sittings from my wardrobe, because I have only two changes, a skirt and .sweater, and :n. 'trench coat. But it's fun, after wearing ruffles and pearls for — how many pictures has it been? Anyway, except, in 'Me t\nd My Gal' and 'Little Women.' character has-, been practically the same sweet,; ineffectual thing." • "But the reason I like this Jerry; girl is that she does things and: then gets out of the picture; they don't drag her through unnecessary scenes. There's no pathetic death scene — I'm just eliminated cold-bloodedly .pushed out a window." NOT NECESSARY i BUT SHE IfEllTS In the original story, ''Rogue WHY SNEEZE ? diately. They will be permanent She has stumbled over cobblc- and will serve when the island re- stones slippery with mineral-oil veris to its eventual use as .a mu- fog and been slammed around in nicipal airport. I lunching taxi-chases. Unromantic Three more such runways will ( safety note Ls that the actress has be constructed by the city when the navy lease expires. Some of the more suitable buildings on the island will be used for machine shops and repair works. to be careful in close-ups with Walter Pidgeon, whose satchel feet occasionally stop on hers; affectionate pats on the head, as per script, can be hearty clouts under Brass Buddhas Cheap Now , BIRMINHAM. Eng. UP) — All the "genuine" brass Buddhas. ths miniarure inlaid temple bells and the sacred -bronze cows "of ex- , qui-ite Eastern workmanship" for I Miss Bennett's character of Jerry which Australians used to hasglc ! ns n "waif of London's notorious his ham-like hands. .151,UK PENCIL ROYS AT "WORK The synopsis of "Man Hunt" neatly avoids culling n gold- digger a spade. and describes AT FERRETS in the bazaars of the East arc now going cheap in Birmingham, where thev are made. East, End. The actress has been j pretty amused at the censor bans Mother and Baugliter Rrirtcs LONDON (UPi — Brides at n double wedding at St. Clements Church. Ilford, were 57-year-old Mrs. Hetty Sandgrove. mother of six children and her daughter. Gladys May. 22. The mother was j given away by her rid CM son. the | daughter bv her vouincst brother. ] Read Courier News want no - New Unctcr-arm Cream Deodorant safely Stops Perspiration THEATRE UTXORA Phone 42 .Mat. S:xt.-Sun. 2 ami 1 r. IH Every Niphl 7 I'. M. Always We - 20c v LAST TIMES TONIGHT 'Public M Ho. 1 TOILET with "Hremla .loyce. Ralph Bellamy Also Shfirts VRIDAY-SATrUDAY 1. Docs not rot dresses, docs not irritate skin. 2. Nowaiiingtodry.Canbcuscd right after shaving. 3.-Instantly stops perspiration for 1 to 3 days. Removes odoc from perspiration. 4. Apure/whitc.greaselcss,stain- less vanishing cream. 5. .Anid has been awarded the Approval Seal of the American . Institute of Laundering for being harmless to fabrics. 25 MILLION jars of Arrid Lave been sold. Try ajar today > ARRID At all stores (-tiling toilet goods CESAR ROMERO cj ffie Ct'tco Kfd" • -J Shcilo Rycn • Robert Sterling Chrii-Pin Merlin • Jon«t 8e«<hcr Edmund MccDonotd • Jacqueline A 20lh C«nh»ry-Fox Picture GOES ON SALE FRIDAY, APRIL 18 A, M. KREY CO Chapter 12 "Drum:- ct In Manclm" • « 98% free of soap dust that causes sneezing LIFEBUOY ° ^DEHGHff Ul TANGY SCENT BlythevilJe. Ark. LUX SOAP FACIALS LEAVE MY SKIN -FEELING SOFTER, SMOOTHER LOOKING SO FRESH/ FAVORITE FOR F/Wf THINGS FRE£ BIG CANNON ISH TOWEL SILVER DUST 3For25c COME IN fOR THlSt BARGAINS-AM OUR OTHER SPECIMS C. Abraham Gro. 305 W; Ash St. Baker's Gro, & Mkt, 32-i N. 2nd St. !. M. Bentley Gro. 2018 W. Mai51 St. M. F. Brownlee Dell, Ark. Eurke's Grocery HOI) IS 7 . 10th L S. Dowland 6M S. Franklin Eberdt's Gateway Gro. •Highway IS J. F Ellis Gro. Kroger Store 100 W. Main Liberty Cash Gro. 314 W. Main Cecil Lowe Gro. 530 N. Highway Z. A, McCuistion 213 S. First Moore & Bickerstaff Gro. '115 S. Franklin C. L Nabers' Gro. Main & Division J. L Mafaers Gro. & Mkt. Highway 18 Parks Gro. & Mkt. (51:; S. .First 430 W. Ash Eberdt's Gro. Ho. 2 W. A. Pkkard Gro. S. :Uikc St. 1044 W. Chickasawbu Farmers Gro. Co. 402 E. Main S. T. Freeman Gro. Dell. Ark. Gaines Market Piggly Wiggly Store 302 W. Main Rite Price Store 111 E. Main Safeway Gro. US W. Main esrge's Gro. & Mkt. 201 Ougan C, L F.ovey Gro. Wi) N. Sfxlh Hudson's Gro. :W9 N. iFranklin Humphrey's Gro, 501 S. Franklin 104 \V. Main 777 Gro. & Mkt 523 >\Y. Ash E. J, Spencer Gro. 701 S. Lake C. SiiUivasf s Gro. & Mkt. 130 E. Main

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