The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri on March 17, 1952 · Page 15
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The Kansas City Times from Kansas City, Missouri · Page 15

Kansas City, Missouri
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Monday, March 17, 1952
Page 15
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THE KANSAS CITY TIMES, MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1952. ISM 81 lit II Conference Athletic Leaders to Go Ahead With Plan* for Spring Training. AGAINST A. C. E. POLICY Subsidization, Recruiting, Scholarships and Over-emphasis Also Discussed at Meeting. Candidates for Missouri All-State B Honors. ;-;,1 Chicago, March 16.(AP)— The Big Ten will hold spring football practices this season— an issue with the American Council on Education’s stern sports control program that was ignored today by the Western conference s school presi dents. ____ The presidents, in an tin ^ MUNCRIEF IS ONLY BLUES" precedented meeting, refrained from mentioning spring grid drills in their official statement. Athletic leaders immediately went ahead with plans ... MARQUIS SIGNS FOR '52 HOLDOUT LEFT. to -hold them under the unique circumstances. Little Is Accomplished. Thus, little was accomplished Manager Selkirk Put« Rnrlers Through a Rugged VI nrk« out—Pitching Machine Set I p. Lake Wales, Fla., March 16. Bob Marquis has agreed to —at least publicly—to iron out terms and that was the good an athletic policy based solely ¡news today as the Blues re- on recommendations of the Assumed training under pleasant C. E. The A. C. E. banned,wealher conditions, spring football drills. This waSj Although outfielders and in- the only actual difference be-*fielders do not report until Tues- tween the Big Ten athletic pro-'day. Marquis had not signed, gram and the A. C. E. s. Manager George Selkirk was Conference faculty represent concerned because^ the fleet out- * 15 re III? II Fifth PUcf to John W.iker 1" Attendance Boost Shown, Receipts Are Up and According the Single* of City Meet. NO CHANGE IN DOUBLES to the Avid Baskethall Fan, the Caliber of the Teams Entered Was I op-Notch. The Meulmester Bfother*, Al and Bob, Keep the Lead With 1,329. F ROM every angle, the“now stands a! eleven victories fourteenth annual Na^and four losses, tional Association of In- Purcell a Standout, tercollegiate Basketball There are many fine memories tournament which ended Satur- carry away. Bennie Purreil day night at the Municipal Au- 0f Murray was one of the best ditorium was a whale of a sue- all-around men in the tourney, io? ICess. and he justly received the out- 705 Attendance was up, receipts standing player award. Forrest 704 showed a gain, and best of all—Hamilton of Southwest Missouri in the eyes of the basketball iansjcarVed a niche with his 2-handed —the caliber of the teams was jump shots. THE TOURNAMENT LEADERS. SINGLES. John Walker ... Maurice Kirwan 754 Bernard John S. Ramsey 711 Grindmcer ... Randall Miller .. 708 Art J. Schuman Edward Carey .. 708 DOUBLES A1 MeuSmester-Bob Meulmester............ 1820 J. H. Gcrdon-A. Rothgeb.... ...................... 1325.— »..,, u Walter Bute-Tony Roth.............................. 1319 „ i «-- Taka if frnm those J C (Spider) Maze Ol South* Frank Nteme.ver-John rasrone ........................... 1312 high ClaSS. lake 11 Trom inose *'• 1 . Aivm w#iton-Etigene Brown.... who have watched the tourneyjWest Texas prooaniy was me Robî. M. Kepgan-VVm. J. StrongT........ ALL-EVENTS BIG CLYDE MAY BE BUSY \ivin'waiton ...1978 since its inception in 1938, the best ‘ big man of ihp event Art j. schuman 1998 Ronald cosby ....1964 _/ and jhp although he was listed as only Geo. Iaubacher 190,3 John S. Ramsey 19571 quality Of the teams ann me > competition last week was the b best: since the war. ___________ The crash of hails against c. U.’S M’LEOD MIGHT GIVE heavy pins produced more than LOVELLETTE TROUBLE, Coach Brsnnan'* Horned Frogs. Southwest Conference Winners, Meet aKn*as Friday Night. Another angle won’t be forgot* ten and that was the almost thirteen hours of bowling thun-j Can i bange Tune Now. unprecedented display of comic der in the pits of the Rockhill* When you talk to veteran hall handling and stalling by Bowl yesterday hut no major* tournament followers, they al- Portland university in humbling changes were made in anotheriways rPraI! Tha sreat games £™,ne’Thee highly week end of the men’s city,teams of pre-war days. Now amu*s*inR to spectators,’ touched championship bowling tourna- they can change their tune and off a wave of discussion among ment. talk about the 1952 tourney. coaches and others close to the John Walker who shoots with With Southwest Missouri State game. Was Portland justified in Plvrie 1 ovellette of Kansas williine m- ana r* ieam 01 ine of Springfield clinching the title resoi-tin^ to burlesque tactics Clyde Lovellette ot Kansas win pogtal T nati lea p at p o when it had the Pipers down and face another good big man when¡the j^kliM alleys, hit th? high Í ,11 out? Coaot’ Jo<‘ Hui,nn of Ham: the Jayhawkers begin their thirdiScore 0; tbe singles with 707 ■ < tourney T'üine didn't think so, and he had try for an N. C. A. A. basketball which gave him fifth place! gn'rVanatta^Bearrw¿re° n°it £ "l,.mbt'r ol suPP°rlers in that championship Friday night in Rolling with a thirty pin a game ^n\nv ,,hsam.p J statement of the week fielder figures prominently in tauvm aim atnivuv ’',l the 1952 picture, lacking guidance from their Las( s(.ason hp was „hout half ta lives and athletic directors. presidents, proceeded with their original schedule of spring practices. The presidents, in a statement that no athletic rppre- tentative would attempt to interpret or comment upon, praised the A. C. E. for its endeavors and said they were “impressed with the suhstan- the ball player he is capable of being due to a leg injury i suffered during a season of winter ball. The injury was irritated during spring practice and again after the season opened. As a result Marquis played almost the entire season under a severe handicap. Blues fans saw him as an ordinary NORTH-CENTRAL MISSOURI AREA CAGE STARS Norman Stewart, Shelbyville; Daryl Flint, Martinsville; Charles Denny, Fayette, and Lionel Smith, Madison, are the four leading candidates from the North-Central area for Missouri all-state class B honors. Smith (center) has one of the state’s best scoring averages, 29.7 points a game over a 26-game slate. Denny (tipper left) paced Fayette to an undefeated Tri-Seven loop season, while Stewart (upper right) set an area free-throw record during the 1951-52 regular season. LnampiuiiMup rj.uav Si^n ttmir im ten Siven any chance of winning- canSatC"L^air.Vi”nnthwp",' frame marks of 205, 269 and 233 Ithey would get past the came „hen Coach Vanatta re- 'snnrnvvpm ^ gcratch ihirty wag 61^ [second round. but DO farther, ceived the championship trophy: tial area of agreement between outfipfdpr and average hitter, the A. C. E. report on athletic Actuallv he figures to be a top- policy and the regulations of f[ 0'utfielder and .300 hitter, the intercollegiate conference He me o{ the fastest men (Big len*. jn baseball. They noted ‘with gratmca-, During a jong distance phone t»on certain conference stand- conversation Marquis told Sel- ards are higher than those pro- kjrk bjs |pg jS as good as JralW?é new after a winter’s rest Therp was encouraging word posed by the A. C. E See Some Action. !that he looks forward to a Four major lines were listed year, bv the presidents on which they believe action is the Big Ten: 1. The elimination of sub »idizatjon of athletes. 2. The elimination of re- u cruiting methods that are con- the pace will be trarv to conference regula- morrow. tions. “Iron Mike.” a K..; 3 The granting of special chine has been set up and it „-ademir favors to athletes, will be put to good use when he The overemphasis on com- full squad leports. With conference. . F A miss in the last iramp 0f Big powers like Hamline, Mur- “They’ve been calling us a Just as Lovellette has domi- the final game prevented Walker I ray and Southwest Texas loomed Cinderella team all the way, so nated the pivot field in the Big from a possible chance for sec- *n most consideration. I m going to hold onto this fro- Seven George McLeod, the ond place. Working on six But to watch an underdog out-phy.real tight, and I just hope Hnrnod Frocs’ 6-foot 7-inch 215- straight strikes, he obtained ^ move steadily along with dis- it doesn’t vanish at midnight.” TLZ f hJc nr^ilPd ina 7-pin count on his first play of fine basketball and final-; It was 11:55 as he glanced at pound center has prevai n ^ in thp tPnth framo. On his ly iiain the top honors, was just the clock high up in the arena. the Southwest. second ball Walker rollPri past about the best thing the average Trophy No Dream, McLeod was the scoring stand-jjhg pjns. piping Up onjy ()ne t0 fan could imagine. It s nev er, But Southwest’s triumph wasn’t out among conference teams as finish with 203 scratch. ¡quite as thrilling when the fav- a drparn^ j| was rpaj and rjg^f. he dropped in 419 points for aj One of the best singles score orite comes through. fully earned, and what more can 17 5 average as the Frogs swept made over the week end was Springfield became the fourth a Coach and a team ask? won ,,, the hest record m T C U shot b-V George Gallaher with Missouri team to win the crown. So the Springfield Rears will to tne nest ret rami. .. • ™ Southeast of Cape Girardeau mark time until March 29 when on in 1943, Tarkio in 1940 and thev return to the Municipal 23s while Russ Woods, F. Petty- c • Maurice Kirwan wun ¡ oh . joiiii Warrensburg in 1938. Auditorium to meet the N. C. john and E. West split third with T. C. U. Team Strong. Ramsey’s 711 is still the best Coach Vanatta has brought A. A. champion in the first 22s. High merchandise winners Both Lovellette and McLeod runner-up score. five teams to the tourney, four round of the Olympic play-offs, i were Geis, McCullv, Wood, C. are expected to get plenty heipj Play in the tournament will be of them from Central college of And you can bet the “Cinderella Benanti and Kailin. ¡from stellar teammates. Liule resumed next Saturday with Fayette. His tournament record Kids” will have plenty of hackers. .singles and doubles. [:■■ "--'r-iTrrr--- ——m : — -------------------— — g The tournament scores: olhpr shooters, Michael with a srorr of 24. Boh Nelson his;.nrv .1 twentv-one victories 69£, sh®‘ la,e Saturday night. So and McCullv split second with hls,m-v twenty ne vtcto . Thp leader ln thp smgle* is w< Ti. ...hit. Wonric f P piiv - against three losses. Maurice Kirwan with .54. John W Russ Wood and Bob Nelson won the Covey races. # IN DISTRICT CAGE MKKT. Johnny Ethridge, a 5-foot, 8r¿- ineh speedster joined McLeod on the Southwest all-star line-up.s Ethridge was voted the most -¿«»jn ••• Four Qnartrrfinals Games Msted valuable player in the Southwest's first pre-season tourna- r>ÂÏ ment, which Texas Christian an- Handicap ........ nexed. Coach Rvron (Buster) Bran- Tf*niRlit nt St. Joseph. tRy Thf Star * Own Srnirr.) St. Joseph, Mo., March 16 SINGLES. 175 239 30 30 *205 269 236* 181 30 31 ST. LOUIS BOWLER HIGH Leading N. A. I. B. Scorer,. 203— 617 30— 90 233— 707 190— 607 31— 92 FIRST PLACE IN LEGION TOURNEŸ TO J. DWYER WITH 731. GIG I T F TP Julian. Southwest Mo. ..5 46 16 13 toa Hamilton, Southwest Mo. 5 45 14 16 104 Totals 26$ 212 221- 699 UY HARRYMAN of Fort1 Scott. Kas., won the four- n v\ iucii uirv lnt'iK v\n.- r.ww..-»..-« - — - - rXni-K - TV at FI- 1 In* 111 ^ v*. ^ indicated by from Boh Muncripf. He may be;!ene^rb park yesterday st- J^ph district basketball seniors, besides McLeod and persuaded to repoit. aftprnnnn Harrvman hit a 24 in tournament, sponsored by tha Ethridge-Ted Reynolds, a 6-1, Roberts ( 60 S»-Clarence Andorsor. an uneventful dav on afternnon. Marivman n i a ^ f , 17- nnnnH forward and Harvev '541. 11 . 51 . s. s. schiickeiman t524t-N. p qoi^rk ’the «hoot-off to defeat five other ocal Y. M. C. A., will move into D5-pound lorwarn, ana Liarvev 109Q Ra Kincaid ,559i ^ Play in the men s division of the nan probably will start two other seniors, SINGLES AND DO! Bl.ES. (Singles scores follow bowlers name in parenthesis t. 10 A. M. SQUAD. It was ¡the practice field. Fromme, 6-3, 170 pounds, the Boi» Miiiavic <6i.i» 1221 . Leo Dowimg-c. r ■ — — ,. * Ì-. 10 ... . á "* 1 . 1 1 Orti M a n a I < t McCormick and Goldherjr. kansa« Citi. Roll I.2ÍS to Take the head in the Pott hies. Poison. Whitworth 3 40 19 JO Mare, southwest Texas 5 37 19 14 Beshear. Murray state 5 3 4 14 14 Ik*, soutbwe Mo. 5 3« 9 Jt F ritsche, Hamline ..... 3 32 in 2 Purcell. Murray s.tate .5 2R 12 13 Henning. Lawrence T'h. 3 26 16 8 McGllverjr* Porttand 5 24 19 1 » Lampley, Murray Mate 5 27 13 12 Johnson, Portland ..... 5 28 11 21 Miniers, Portland ..........5 27 J2 Î6 Kileen. I,awrence Tech. 3 29 7 10 99 95 83 81 74 68 67 67 67 67 6# 65 -Ir-LoH1 The nitrhers hard and shooters who had tied him on {he quarterfinal round here to- " ‘”1',”‘"; '''“’ Rr,an Kenneth Fr> (474. 1127 . Ray Mandi . 569 .- orKed the pitenpis natn aim vpantar pvent The other forward—as vvell as hi van ,nhn vvaiker . 707 . 1231 . otto schm* pare, increased to- 4o each in me leguidi pout. morrow' night. ... - .. > .*.^-,.. 1 ,,.. ,r.oo. n-tn r i-,nr.A»!t f » Knocking dowfn pins at a dizzy J. Dwver of St. Louis 4 other pitching ma- ubo Dr. 4. rrtition in athletics, especially machine in operation it will be £ . national basis unnecessary to use so many Point No. 4 was assumed to pitchers during batting prac- mean post-season games, par- tice. tieuiarlv the Rose bowl football . game. The A. C. E. has recommended that all such contests Don be ahoiished. The Big Ten’s Rose bowl pact FÌnncn liu'. 220 and 222 for a scratch total b*es and singles on the sched« » *-.i , « in H ip from °re8on* M°" wiH. °PPosf opponents to an average of 49.4 vi a PHKh.K,wlMH, the only ticket on him. elf i « Joseph Mokin club in the 8 points a game while compiling a ca i &rhrapd«*«-Keid ....... »I I /iwiotsf , Wilbur Rcau&n-Marvin Sfciiipltr 1059« of flfiT 3 nfi wifh si vl v%foiir ulC, o clock contest. 61.3 offensive mean. 1 individual mghs: joim waikcr 2:19 ^ an(l i n 111 Sl*xi> ioui I he two other quartet finals Meanwhile Kansas was travel-/1^^^1: RaVpn Kincaid-Bob xiiijavic 404 . ... tilts tomorrow will find the 8te\v- jner at a pace about ten points no wratcin, 46« no bdeapj. with ... ,r _____ rr.i t i «...1 ... squad leaders: »Singles» . 2,761; C. J. Marklev Legion Post, Cuba, Mo., 2,750; Falstafi Beer* ph, Mo., 2,745. second week end of the ment will be rolled at the next Saturday and Sun- nth the team event, dou- Derfoy event. In second money were M. B. Branch. Pete Beliington, L. L. Gerhold, and A. Z. Patterson on A. A. ü. TOI IÎNKV RESl’LTS. ili TlTR\FR 4FTEK NO. BO. 4" each rlhe 46 s in third plate t^e Morris Plan elub, and Forest fin were John Cates, G. D ‘ ( ; citv. Mo., stacking up against ag» Ion William« 1« Foe Jn Friday M. I. VVotfcnbarger, John J*isk Gop{z a q The Goetz club 57. with the Pacific Coast conference» has two more years to run. The Presidents did not exprès« an opinion, as to what will happen after that. Xilïht Garden Bnul. New York, March 16.(AP) and William Sagaser. Hogers Hits 25. reached Ihe quarterfinals downing Farmington, Kas., 54 ference game, a '«»rhips, la,* 6!, Camper. 54 ir» Vogati »616», 1236; Onl M'ilhams , . , . to .it) net 1- 1353*-Jv O. Marshall <601», 1166; John hlgll Singles nai 91 vpar Dr. J. J. Rogers had the only to 41\ Tn a free-scoring battle, sion to Arkansas, and dropped '***¡r%£0 ."SSÎkhfid 1 V vm : bhi bu^hi si Gil Turner, sensational .l->ear- o ctraitrhf in thc first hojds conquests,outside_ contests to Manhattan. ^.SaAn^nskvKa\ff^nEd(fi 9 T 2 h?KrTst 1 *R 7 JÀ- ïrz ih hííátr welterweight Tu.pnty.five of the Derby race OVPr Guilford, Mo., and Savan- 52 to 65, and to Oklahoma City, , 593 »,( 1059 ; Handny . 525 .-J 0 P . . twenty-five straight in the first.stewartsvdlle old Philadelphia “* * makes his second »ppearance at while Ike Stewart and William nahf Mo. Madison Square Garden Friday Sagaser registered perfect scores Th^v' stres«ed that the four jn the feature bout of ibis . the second twenty-five pnt* , ncpHed “prac- I Ernie Simmons ,ir., won the noirPs outlined neenpn P1”'’! week’s boxine program. > , , . . tiC4h7e^af%UftnuhvT7PVn Turwr! unbraten in »wnty^^h« ^ to lTo In th7 rtiffpronrp fÄÄI* hari mOSt aC'Ua' Wilbur Hf»gati-Maivin Slemplt* 1059. rvf Individual lligbs: John W a 1 k. <e r 239! , pins handicap headed the field 731. artsville. Mo., Oilers opposing „ game faster. The Jayhawkers -dr7uoi83i‘ k . ij * 1 "i'.Siidui wilk" M. Gartner, another St. Louis T®g!f'*•'*' J""n'‘ finished with an offensive aver- l231* ^ a[> entrant, went into second place , Coorj. Grrrlfy, Col., 56, Kclho Barbaqut, age of »0.5 and held foes to a Wm. Hopper <589»-John Gartman (610», w^h 666, which included a San Diego Marines 70, v 4 ficiire 1187; Harry Boatman » 595i-DUkt' Hodges handicao of fiftVT-fo!ir T>in« His Grasrt 5 <, llgult. <615», 1192; Oiin Koelkenberk i574i-TiI)\ ” '*‘1. 1 Ut pill. . ill; jussell Ulfttri»'. I>enver, bv The Frogs lost only one con- Jones »599». 1127; ja»*k- wiihams <611»- scratch total was 612. Other ivyo.. Bluebirds 38, ,T—-- ’«'»*- ■"--*• ”**" • MePnerson. Kas,. A merit**n Legion 68, were: Memphis. Tenr. Air Base 38. Mo 519 VM Panelshake Siding. Portland Ore. 72» R. Anderson, Dps Moines, ap. 642; L. Rothstein, St Hi- UhU!11. S78. 64 handicap. 642; P. Soriana. .helia (551», ' 3054; Joe Gra> -John' Hainje Kansas Cin, 543, 9« handicap. 641: M. „ 597». 1197; H. c. Schmidt <5451, John: Ora we. Kansa»« City, 576 56 handicap. 632; Sotllh* Komano »575»-Clyde Livingston (604 >. 1166; H. Stout. Kansas Citv. 523. 108 handicap. mt'TV n rrn 111* rpA*f Dt AID ~ * , ^S’JIpu. jr. tfi05»rLouts Guitlou. TII. 631; IV. Mortim»'or. cUha Mo.. 842, *6 TITlirj TO •MTI I (Ml HLAIK. west conference teams early in <5,1». 115S; O. L. ThocmarUn »567»- handicap. 62S; r,. Caluza. Kansas cit'. («4 Rav-lnr Sinilthern rilripnrp w«^r 'fi14'. 1099; Frank tax * TL , i„ v«., nr ihe season* — Bailor, ciOUinern 1574 »-Albert Reed »475». 1163; Joe Alter- nmk CoMorrt rvfpmrrl m Nrw or-Mp|hnftist sn() Rjce_bu, tt»l»5XNliWSf,'<ja lean.« 1 oiirnpy, 3 and 2, js'mrrc Hoimnd those tpams a to* no»; Aiv»n Kaufman 9*?<; lint- non iiAi and H. Goldberg,' Kansas (ity, nineteen years in organized rollpd the top srorp in the dou scores Joseph. ,41 to 66. K. U. defeated three 142 hand;cap, 626, The team of 8 greed upon objectives : tier from Worcester? Mass. Wil- bU^ ^ state- ‘^"m® a[so boai;ti; an impressive jöng T*un'over H. B. Davis and and son of Missouri's lieutenant Frogs downed those teams a to- »io»; ai yin Kaufman 226 <io»; boo ito*. New Orleans, March IR.(AP) lai of seven times and were a 399 110 scrat’chi-rcc^ rVihuiam?-jnmon Jim Tom Blair, Louisiana shade more impressive doing so.j« Squad_ ijcadcrs; (Stingiest On*>-1 »ay Cleaners, Springfield. Til, 54 Graham Plow hoys. Abilene Tex v«. Ceio- radn Interstate Gas , Colorado Springs, postponed. Sweeney Auto »’orrtpan» Cincinnati. 0.» vs. Boh Soeli Fords, St i.-ouis Sheridan Exporter«. B'ilmgy Mont. 79. Towers Hardware, Jacksonville. Fla , 63. „ Chuck Dressen, manager of V. ormick Brooklyn Dodgers, plav ed Simmons’s handicap made , I tier from WnrcPStPr MASS. W 11 -1, . means of securing such enfnrce ment, ,1b^,rXresidrcT^ontt V-p recorfi bavin^ iost only nine J. W. Robie who also scored per- governor, won a 3 and 2 victory jngr between the schools. In the HJ-jn”uj ment said, ne p e. »• • sixty-nine fights. ' i feet 50 ’s bv means of their hand- over Dick Collard, jr., New gridiron season K. U, broke a « 541 » 1 * mi. . J . 1 _ L! - ^1.. Lho ‘ 1 . t 1 . 1 _________ « , i*.. __ 1-.-* vlnf Anitnrr KlDSf , Alvin Kauf- him a perfect .10 and he had the State university golfing star. First, Meeting for Two. v,i''.n ms "ble,) lKk It will be the first cage meet- 2:30 p. m . squad . E, Hutton-J. Patterson (5301 1,3 41* H. *64 4», P. Rogan »54SLJ. Newton 4Un i ................. rs--- . Iim.»us uv Jitcou au» ».**«..«. -------- ** *« * —------------- — -- ... ;• ,.L?46*. J?«4!’ Matula (5341-Haivey to meet again m the ture to consider these Ralph Aigler, facultv gentatives from the x --„„c su«u.. ******__ ______________ of Michigan, said that the Big knocko,,ts and has beaten such took the .410*gauge shooters into day' ¡finals in the second year of the ¡KJ-n i.imV Wm. Kinjr '<*4 1 GCha's.'>iimp Moines, with 1,193. Ten now has acted to place ltse former champions as Lew Jen- camp with a fortv-five shot with Collord, with an even par 7113 *year*old meet, bowing to In* G^oii^r\' 562 *-Bob The leading teams in the in full compliance with the kins> Bob Montgomery, Sammy the smailest shells. to Blair’s 74, was 2-up at the diana, 42 to 60 in the windup nor- — A. C. E. s policy requiring a ^ngott and Ike Williams. The Warming up for the Interstate end of the first eighteen holes, game. , hoiwhi ( 622 » nr. e. TpubPi 16231 i.ii3.{Ames la.. 2 919; Metz student’s normal progress to- <fight Ls schedu|ed for ten rounds, * plyer and Target shoot which But Blair settled down in the K; l* »ii.i^ciyde^hiveLf^^ Citv, 2.798; El lingers. ......................................................- - * - * ' two berth m 1943 when !t lost eight 117, .......... ,ncflnu 97 «. Pnctnffi^ baseball, sixteen of them as a bles with 1.218, C. Marklev and third baseman. W. Mortimeyer, Cuba, Mo., fin- ~ : ms ishing in the runner-up spot with St. Elizabeth Cage Tour- 1,198. Robert Best and Orlo Best; of Arnes, la., and P. Soriano and J. Tapavilla, Kansas City, tying for third and fourth places with 1,194 each. Fifth position went to J. Isles and D. Chenoweth, De.s‘ nev Results. ( Final*j. 18 AND UNDER DIVISION St. MtehafTs 57. Man s Bo«* 4 8. 19 AND OVER DIVISION. OI«» Xosmiih Motors 56, Jim Taylor’* P.fK'kels 36. EXPERT TV SERVICE Dorian (659) 1,054, Art Tagtrnpyer <5661- X.mfln px»pnf nrp- Bp«t Flertrirs Harrv Grifsbv, jr. <5981 1,212. Luthpr mail eni aie. rsest JLiet irits, HoIwpII (6221-Dr. E. TPtibPl »6231 3,113. AlDCS la 2 919* MetZ RpCr risrencp Sperk 15301-Frank Sprrk .567» ’ 1.145, Clyde Shively (5651-H. Hagen (570» Kansas City, 2. <98; FllingCrS, Another top pout tanes piace starts at 8 o'clock tins morning,afternoon round ana was two"r;;ipp a'Äpr 1 ?JdUid„«! Wrt.- H Tr»«d,i. St. Joseph, Mo., 2.795: Postoffire tomorrow night at Philadelphia w|th the tee-off for the Interna-¡under par and 2*up at the end pia.vprs to military .e Boh nonan (30| Kansas Citv 2 776- when Clarence Henrv. third «h.mninnshin there were'of twentv-aeven. going undefeated in Big Six com- aya* M.w.;H.r,,r sms ass iT" Jff- ”b.?an*.as,'L: Ju ,V. ’ ward a degree as an athletic eligibility standard. Requires “CT Average. «tuhstantialiv this requires ranking heavyweight tackles such progress to he both "quan- Harolrt J<4»nson. highly rsgsrd^ titative ber nf hours beitpr Also on tap for tomorrow night H. R, Peterson of Dillon. Mont scrap between Joe Hiestand of Hillsboro, O.; par forty-six shooters partiripating Blair had tree trouble, and petition. (10-srmtrhi. 440 <lO-hdrap.i. Sqund leadpr»«; »Singles» Fnh Donan 659 The Diner Cafe, .St. Joseph Mo., 301» FROSPF.CT 615 8. IV. BLVI», _ . _ in a special 15-flyer event. Seven conceded the tenth, hut won with! Tw« «ther «.iSÄ'A" "ÄTWö. ’ ”V' (iri rP£rard to the num- H^bt heavyweight in a 10-round of them were ahle to down 15,¡par on the eleventh and took Oklahoma in ann Kansas A. Tmnwein git.m-w. s, b *»*» gvui iTed Renfro of Armstead, Mont, “qualitative * (a average.) Algier said that the Big Ten be required in the fu Us a non-title the twelfth with a birdie. State last year, missed They tied the thirteenth with crown by a single game, and the fourteenth with Sandy Saddler, featherweight Fred Etchen of Sun Valley, Ida- birdie threes, WINS IIS N. C. 1* T. c ; amf . also will he required in the m. :king, and Tommy Collins at Bos- ,ure to file with Commissioner | ™Vpflnpsfiay night ,hp radin.TV ^ (JU* ' 1,S . • i „„. show will feature a 10-round istered of academic rrrn s a , „ibout from Cleveland between trance credentials ^ a2“ Danny Nardico, Tampa, Fla., within thirty da\s after they jand ¿iok WagnPri New York. have been certified as eligible j — ......^—.......................for athletics. The Big Ten also voted for a “no poaching” regulation that would prohibit any conference school from making contact with an athlete who had already been approved for entrance and had established residence at another member institution. “There is one other point I wish to make clear,” said Aigler. “There is an indication Federal Duck Stamp Sales Total 27 Million Dollars. Washington, March 16.(AP) —Nearly 27 million dollars has been received from sale of feriqral duck hunting stamps in seventeen years, the Fish and Wildlife service said today. The figure covered sales up to last June 30. The service said it had ex- Collord took the short fifteenth SI, Fr«nH*. Pennsylvania, Downs hole when Blair’s tee shot About fifty-two entries are reg- stoPPpd behind a tree root for the International ¡which Blair hU on hi* forward moving the ball but ten ho; and Ernest Jelley of Kansas City. Fnynla Baltimore, «6-52. Troy, N. Y,, March 16.(AD the ii 16, win Farmer (644*—Wait Farmer j »580» 1089. W L. Purdv »683»—Cbay. Savaga »506» 1172 Jr»e Fhilbp« »555»L. C. Phillip,« »539» 1134, Marion Maethe« • 560» -Ciarenre Soot! <496* 1178, Ed ramp’ bell <576*— M Hansell, sr. <607* 1156. P. Battles »5481—J. Rsthbun »534* 1176 T. Dolan <5541—0. Rink »495< 1154, P Brown »5651- F. Turkovirh <507* 1221. Orvi)]# Riser »615» John Weaver «6141 1200, Roht. Walker »540» -Ted Wieland »545* 1176, Frank Lasker* <6051--Al Lasker« «564* 1371. Geo. Falli.s ¡5581-Harold Flyer championship wdiich starts>WìnK» Francis of Pennsylvania, Myer* <5561 1150 , E*ri wiiiouthby < 56 . 5 * ■’ _, u,r tvjto Q tnW»c with E«rl Cox <577» 1121, Hujro Kratz <5951— paced by Maurice ¿»iokcs wun l(tf> Ba1v 1252 A! iStaah ,57 4,_1 R this morning and continues fof f%,ord( now two down, 8)icpd|twei»«y points. * . L /if flit» t a 1 hnnr* in- sv- I OAT , his drive on the sixteenth.hole quarterfinals of the Catholic; Inand missed the green on his vitation tournament b\ ô owin n„ , j, qrinrnaeh «hnt fr»r a fivp orivintT LOV’Ola OÍ BaltiiTlOIC, b6 t . , ««„» h the next three days. Wins in Owl Shoot. E. W. McKree won the second approach shot for a five, giving Loyola rion Maethes 241 (101, W. L. Purdy 607 (301. Doubles. P. Brown- F. Turkovirh 403 »10 Marion Maethes-Claience Soott 450 hdcap.l. Sfjuad leaders: »Singlesl W. L. Purdv 683, (Doubles) Hugo Baty 1252. Gun club' yes-ltory. , »• rr.»»«* | h . ». Hun f «’,*«.. ,,M: terday, breaking twenty-five . »1« TEN CA«E €H4\«B mr mart- JSBSS- J V « nrv.AAIU. ! ter maiK. ... , , <6341 1129: Carl I^and <6231-Harold In the final period, Loyola ral-mavfd«on «6211 316.3; John cooper « 521 » lied to narrow the margin to 52-jw- **"•*»> ■*>3» »'»^ **•■»- Aldn,h shoot on the Owl Handicap No. Blair the hole and a 3 and 2 vie- to"'Ah*; „ 2 at the Owl vps.itorv. St. Francis led at ine over the country that the A. C. j pPndpd §21,626.072 as follows: - - .. A _ ^ 1 : L» æa . Ah** ah 4 - k* I e% 4 - 4 rn : m m a « E. report abolishes athletic scholarships. This is not true, but In fact it permits them,” GEHRM4W IN HALF MILE. Famed MHer to C<*m|*eip Saturday In tho fiarden. New York, March 16.(AP)— Asa Bushnell, secretary of the United States Olympic committee announced today that Don Gehrmann had accepted an invitation to participate in the! jnt0 effect on July 1, committee’s sport carnival at j through last June 30 Madison Square Garden Saturday night. Gehrmann. who withdrew from recent meets at Cleveland and Buffalo, N. Y., because of his wife’s illness, chose to compete In the half mile, one of six track events on the program that includes an exhibition by world and Olympic figure skating champion Dick Button, ITALIAN RACFJt IS BEST. Syracuse, Sicily. March 16. (AP)—Alberto Ascari of Italy to- gay won the 324-kilometer Grand Prix of Syracuse in a Ferrari 2,000 cc displacement racer. $358.809 for the Postoffice department for printing and issuing the stamps; $2,038.551 for law enforcement; $4.006,. 420 for land acquisition; $13,598,488 for development, management and administration of migratory' wildfowl refuges, and $1,623,803 for waterfowl investigations. Actual receipts from the time the duck stamp law went 1934, were listed at $26,909,141. All waterfowl hunters over 16 years of age must buy the duck stamps. The fee was $1 a stamp until 1949-50. Now it is $2. The service said It is now operating 196 refuged totaling 3.122.ZM acres which were established primarily for migratory wildfowl. In 1934. at the beginning of the program, the service had forty-one such refuges totaling 911,039 acres. Fsuit ’ £&* y ! Dial BA, 5500 to? «tar Want Ad Dept, «ervice. Direct lint te Ad Taker—That’» BA, 5500.—Adv. targets straight. Russ Wood defeated J. C. Smith and Ja.y Pen- Conference Officials Vote an 18- dergrait in a shoot-off for second Game Schedule for Xext Season, money after all had scores of 24. Third place scores of 23 were Chicago, March 47, but Stokes batted in two re- 16.(AP)Big bounds and the Pennsylvanians it mflH in k a T ^crocein« Tpn ba^tbaH coaches today!pulled ahead, non Garner Chariev Renanti aPProvpfi an 16-game cotterence St. Francis will meot third- anH Palmer Whiteside Renarti srhf>dulf* for 1952,1953 to replace^^seeded St. Joseph’s of Philadel- taking the shoot off. ’ * the 14‘8ame card of Past sea*iphia in the quarterfinal Wednes- w^wr^VJ," jf cTi ,'"'lPr thf rnnfprpnrp's ovpr-all games are scheduled to- Smith McKree Benanti and 22-game limit, Big Ten teams morrow. Howard Kincaid. S'h pro^ tion team winners were John ^ames with non-1 ague oppo ______ Slot-Kincaid, Whiteside-Art Free- r,P!(Lfo „ 1C Alma, Mo,f Bow* io 7Jon Church die and Pendergraft-McKree. Lutheran Final. T^e third shoo, on the Owl ^ « ^“IthieHc ST. LOUIS TEAM WINS. Handicap No. 2 will be held next » ^ Sunday along with the club class dirpctors ibe caches immedi shoots. A. West and Bob Nelson split first place Saturday in the 15-( The 18-game 1952-53 league target handicap at the Bob setup will permit home and White Shooting park with a per- home games for each member feet score. Second place wras|0f the conference, won by C. Adams and E. Blan-| Later today faculty represen- kenship with two misses each, itatives and athletic directors Elmer Foster and M. Woganjwj|i meet with the presidents of <4 70>-Lri» C Smith (5811 1184; Cha« OrldTTK* (5151-Jobn Griffith *586* 1173; Richard Kail <6i19-Ch««. Pipoingar »575* 1258; John Toffrav *646».John K. Ward »540* 1230: AI Wand a I <590*-Gpo Graelnv »5931 1214; Jamas Earp < 610»-John F Earp »563» 11*6. Walt Savmour f5Ml. Ch««. Connallv. jr. t605i 1117: Julius Bar* ♦ortcin »532»-D«n Chambnrlain <617» 1233: R W. Hagard-Ed S Bsrtalan 1215. Joa Sivjffliano-Jobn Sorra»itino 1092: Anthoov |y*Scalzo <630i-Aldo Giro »572* 1211; Frank iJimhracht (5631-WtHar iVast <543* 1132 fndivfdtial high«: Julius Barlnncin 232 *10*. Frank Lamhrarht 547 <301 and Carl I.and 5*7 (30*. Douhlas: John B caffrav-.Tohn F. Ward 417 <10-scr#tch), 481 (10-hdcan.l. Squad laadars: »Sinalast John B, Caf- frav 646. * Douhlas) Richard Kall-Charlas Pippingar 1258. 9 P. M. SQUAD. Josaph Xlanichia <633*-Tad Ix*monaco reat DODGE advantages you'll want 1 Easy handling! Shorter turning diameters for easier parking—easier driving in and out of tight spots. 2 Riding comfort! Comfortable, roomy cabs with extra* wide seats! Greater vision area, too! 3 Performance! Lightweight aluminum-alloy pistons! Chrome-plated top piston rings! 4 Power! 8 powerful engines—with high compression ratios. There’s one ideal for your job. 5 Safety! Rivetless Cyclebond brake linings (except air brake models)! Biggest windshield! „,4 , , . c*. t „.rtrt Josapn manirma ib<*-»»-*r« ¡xitnunitu Zion Church of St. Louis won, <^ 75 * 1097 , Sam F.una (5771-Mike Ix*mon- ♦ Ho Titthnran arpa hapkpthall <596* 1218, VV. M’, Hall <601I-R. C, the Lutneran area oasKeioan Richardson 10g2> «ronv Giawe rssii, RonaM ately set to work to draw up the championship last night at »St. e. Bauer .64 4 .-Art nowhi » 590 » 11 S 2 . p.ay new schedule which will open Agnes with a 59 to 48 victory £5r'p“ 'sosÎ-n.Î'bSTs, 5 ) 1 l'îla L: in December. over Alma, Mo., WiUiam Mirth, »ggfj most valuable play'er in the 1272, C. B. Gentry <5611*M. E. Holbrook rtonoH *7inn with <*«> 1165- J- pa,ma Hagerty tournament, paced ^Sîon ” U" : (623) 1280, Gordon L>»>ns (647« Oliver twpntv.two DOintS while his!Eoe& 0572) 1296. Mike Rebar <556l-Rich- Tweniy-ivvo jpoints vnuic ma ard Bartman l 2 d 5 ( Jesse Green brother Rudy tallied twelve. ¡,525I-Ed Zager *564» ll«5, Walter Lauren r>H 44 rt^H TXirtrtLrHrtff hitrh <473)-Bob Foster <540* 1134. h. C. Ross Clifford Diecknoii was nign ,a3 2 )-stot( wnson « 553 * 1172 , Everett for Alma with eighteen. Third place went to Holy Cross Dick (6111-Bud Simcox <5941 1209. Individual Highs: Fred Rhynetson 237 __________ _ ____________________ _______ _______ ��„„ II .. , . (10*. E. Ha cert v 60S (30*. split third place. Hi£?h merchan- Big Ten universities to discuss of St. Louis, which defeated ( 10 °^scratch 1.^477 * HO *bdcap ^424 dise winner for the day was Bob rontrol of intercollegiate athlet-Manhattan 51 to 45 Bob Wien- ^uadrv^.^gie^o^^^iico Nelson of Kingston, Mo. High ics jn relation to the proposals hold tallied nine for the victors.jr^w_________________~ protection winners were A. West recently accepted by the execu- Topeka edged Grace church of and E. West; A. West and Elmer fjvp committee of the American Kansas City. 5o to ol for the ^ ’l^EO Foster. H. Weigman won a 25- Council of Education, target race with 23. C. Adams was second with 20 and Bob Nelson third with 18. The 25-target derby yesterday was won by Ellis Michael of Polo, Mo., besting twenty-iive HOCKEY RESULTS. Ludïtnapoüs 5 . Cleveland 4 , Detroit 4 , Chirafn 0 Buffalo S. St. Loud 7 . Providenc* 4. Hershey S. Boston 2, Montreal 1 Cincinnati 2 , Flttsburaö 1 . Toronto 4. Haw Yoilr 3. consolation championship. In afternoon games, Alma trimmed Holy Cross, 51 to 44, |Zion roilted Manhattan, 76 to 127; Grace church won on a for-, Sfeit from Ramona. Kas., and Topeka toppled Omaha, 66 to 48. i REMANUFACTURIQ ii ENGINES ài LOW Ai UM WEEKLY SEE YOUR NEAREST DODGE DEALER

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